The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 6, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1933
Page 7
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eiys Crawford. c&niirtln* Of IM WflwL IM «B* AJI sh Mff. Ktdat mtich the y«a» 1& «onm Mrs. Pfltet ftSd ftorts _ent to Council Btufrg Saturday tttd visHed ttfttft ih* teitftwifti day m thft 0. S. Pttteell fcotte, .Mr. PHest And O, BY Hatchings Idrote tip Sunday pKOlnf And re* Itorned with them, I Leitore erawtfiffl Of Grlswold had Mrs. M. D. t*n* of Emerson [were West* in the Fred Pflest I home Friday. 'Mr, And Mrs. Wilt Oiit«f left {Monday by auto for Colorado to [visit over the Fourth with Mrs. {Oliver's sister, Mm. Cliff Trimble, [and family. , , Bora-"-Wednesday, June 28. I to Mr. and Mr*. Dale Read, a seven and one*halt pound baby girl. She has been named Phyllis I Joan. We extend congratulations. Miss Louisa Christie of Council Bluff* visited in the R. L. 'Christie home the past week. Mr. and Mrs. B, P. Rea and ;Mr. and Mn. Carson and daughter, Betty, ot Essex visited Tuesday evening in the A. H. Craw* ford home. Betty remained with -the Crawford* for a few day* |, visit, Mr. and Mr*. Ralph, Hanscom l^and son, Robert, visited in the F<Lawrence Reed home in Glen- Ifwood but Monday evening. Misses Jean* and Jacqueline who have been visiting the past two week* in Council Bluff* ,nd Omaha returned to the Ever- ,t Purcell home Monday. Valoro YArington of Vil- visited the put two week* the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vic 6k«fly Atrto** ^ W Otrttrffs Center « fe* tm.Wm MfSfer* L#or*. few be** tftftftg the past two IWgl ft fftv «r»t Bower tsfte. HMt Kb*«rtA Safe of Ratdotph tl ««*. teTatives in to*B this ^ KtetS fitnni, *fe «jp»fff&g vacation witfc Ire* thtdr two , Mr. *&4 Mrt. Q, S. Flckel, hew Wesley fHS EtAiVfeftft tfeAfrtft. MALVta*, tSWA, Jt^Lt ft, till PAGESEVfc* iM(aiL-.JBttfsa *.A.Aat..g uooper spoilt Wffa roWf Btfi¥t f MTO* Wtttef tfteraowft 8*r*& carted wire* Fter«Se% iftt&ffipwfife* Wltm* home •il Sarah wtt& »*> *««* tte!8*y fcffclit Hot If OAfft went to Eft***** W**n««Bt evenin* AM vfsfted *tta Ms inotfte* Wednesday Mght **NI ffcatsday, retomfng to his ft tJatesffoft ftvTfi&t *ve- lisj Virginia Hascall ot Em- ant Mrs. fcoy Vtett of Randolph visited relatives in tow* Saturday And Sunday. Mf. And Mrs. ttaiph Hanscom And ton, Robert, were dinner iuest* in the home ot his parenti, Mr. Attd Mrs. ttanseom, near Shenandoah Sunday. Miss Thelraa Scott visited last week in FAif agut with relAtlve* and friends. Mrs, LelA Mason of OmahA visited A few days last week with her sister, Mrs. Frank Robbing. Their mother, Mrs, EVA Van AUB- dale, visited to Omaha with her grandson, Walter Mason. Mist Edith Vlner who has been visiting Marguerite Young at Carson the past two weeks returned home Sunday evening. Marguerite returned home with her for A weeks visit, Miss Dorothy Mct&tyre ot Car* roll and Mrs. Gttstafson ot Red Oak visited in the Herman Schurr home Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter And daughter, Pauline, visited in the Cliff Parker home Saturday evening. Mrs. John Trybom and Mrs. Herman Schurr and daughter, Ruth Jean, were Council Bluffs visitors one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hathaway visited Sunday evening in the Harry Potter home. Ray Allely and daughter, Babe, of near Randolph visited in the M. B. Fellows home Wednesday afternoon. Miss Mary {Catherine Redman Is visiting in the Herman Schurr home this week. Mrs. D. D. Fellow* was a Malvern visitor Thursday. * Herman Schnrr and family celebrated the 4th ot July in Red Oak. Wayne, Wendell, and Jim Ord who have been working near Sidney the past week-returned home Saturday. i Velma Ming* visited Bat- evening ' ^ ~"- tow iltlng her .grandparents, Mr. Bd Mrs. B, HAQrd,- ? Mrs. Cora Gay lord of Omaha phd Mrs, R, F, Crawford visited '~.the home of >Cra. Gamer park- near Malvem Thursday , Mr, And Mrs. John Priest and ^daughter. Bonnie,, and Raymond lot Omaha, visited last week in the ' home of Mr*. R, |^,Delbert Qrd - mid, J^onard ' Tjaitor* were, Wednesday. , & B, Qrd WJBJI an Omaha via. tor Tuesday, Mrs. - 43*" Mr*. Waiter KeflennArger and dftufhter, Kite, Mrs. Ruby StfAlfht ana daughter, Darlene, wefe Elliott visitors Thursday. Earl, boris, Marlln, and George Bishop, tftten Tando, Florence and Sarah Cooper spent Sunday afternoon with the Hatfcelds. Lon Hatflelds, Met Berrtman*, and Bishop Brothers (peat Strn- dAy with their sister, Mrs. Carl Anderson, and family near Wesley Chapel Billy and Jean Anderson accompanied the Hatfields home for a tew days visit. Joe MeLalftt, Dean MtLatns, And Henry Jrims were guests to dinner Thursday in the Keener* spergef home helping Frank Celebrate his birthday annlvemry. In the evenln* Mrs. P. K. Llddell and son, Virgil, and Watd And Shirley Applegate called. Batty Kellenbarger* at titter* ton called on June Parker Tnee* day as it was the anniversary of her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Brit** drote to Macedonia Thursday be* ng called by the Illness of Dolph Scott. He was able to accompany them home. Mrs. Josle Applegate and children, Hariey, Ward, and Harriet. Mrs. Ruth Griffith and children, Gladys, Wayne, And Merle, called on Mrs. P. K. Llddell one afternoon last week. Their home is la Oakland. Ward stayed for a visit in the Llddell home. There will be an executive meeting of the 0. E. next Sunday afternoon, July 9, At the Presbyterian church in Malrern to elect county officers And prepare for the county C. E. Rally. Arlene Haldeman is spending a few days with Florence Green At Nyman. The Intermediate class had Eugene Ooode and Ward Applegate as visitors Sunday, We hope the boys will b« regular attendants while they are spending the summer in the vicinity. Ivan Kennedy of 'North Nebr. called on Arthur Nims one day last week. , ' Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Koxberg And Gall of Omaha spent the Fourth with the John Jame* lam- ay; * CHAMPION HILL IStTttb ir? B^yes, of t carte*; for ' Mr, An*j«ir«, : .Ai"'H'oj*wfQrd h and Mr, snd Mrs, Frank Mitchell ' Although some of our^ regular attendants were not present Sunday we had A goodly number fifty-seven, considering the hot weather. We hope to keep our Sunday school thriving during the summer and invite AU who can to come And help with the Lord's work, After all only the things ol eternity »re worth while. The 0, K, which has convened immediately after Sunday school for some time was changed^ to its regular Sunday evening schedule. Come and Attend the prayer «e next Sunday evening. The fol* towing officers f were elected for the wining year; President, Geor. gift Hatfield; vice president, Jean Kocherspergeri -secretary, Doris Bishop; treasurer, Flora AWen; chairmen of committees;, mis- Bjpnftry, Pearl McLain; lookout Wanda ffoehersnerger; social, WUma., Cooper} information, -Vel» ma Mcl*ln; L Mrs. ear) Jackson and children m m* A very pTetwrat Sfrafcfnt w*t enjoy** at the JFo* MeOrew ho»« neat Cottar* Friday. ft WAS A **<"• ttfilon of the relatives of Mrs. Claf fence Blsnop's mother AM forty gathered tor th« oe- Claretw* Bishop f Attfly. the only one of the older te**AtIoft hem* able to attead was flank Larson of Atlantic, the otftir* were cons- Ins and nephews, t*« guests of honor bdng Ate* Peterson of Greeley. So. t»k., Carl Peterson and family of ffttttWr*. Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Aftstey aftd ton of Los Angeles. Calif. The honor guests were here for Jfcst o*e day so the local relatives took tie advantage of A family get-together. it was A very pleasant event. Ice cream and cake were seiied. Walter Kellenhafgers entertained At dinner SvMay the Forrest Pickerel famny «t Emerson And Mr. And Mrs. Jt*s1le Kellen- fearget. Wo missed FrAnct* Ungry from Sunday school this week as he is usually lit his ftl*«. His bicycle UrtaeA tttrtJe with him and sprained his wrist so he is carrying it In A sling. We hope he win be able to be present next week. June Parker WAS a dinner guest of Wa&da Kochersperger Friday. The/ spent part of the day cleaning the corner of the church where their class has its meetings and did A little redecorating And rearfanglng of their furnishings. They nope it will be so attrACtlve that they wilt have A 100 per cent Attendance next Sunday. Imocene • S. E. Mills Lt£ntfiifi$ . C*tholtc Oititeh night or early Friday morning when the electric stortn and rain and tome hail visited this section of the country the corner of the tower of SL Patrick's Catholic church was struck by lightning, chipping oft a chunk of the stone Work. Fortunately no great damage was done. At this same time a corn crib on the Rogers farm east of town was also struck, tearing the end ont. Helen Haldeman" attended a musical recital In the M. B. church at Red'Oak Sunday afternoon. " !: Newt of Our G«t* Shock from Lightning Mike Hail, oldest son ot Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hall, and Miss Alice Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Smith, stole a march on their friends and drove to Rockport, Mo., Tuesday, June 2?, Where they were married. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith, the former a brother ot the bride. Wednesday the news of the wedding leaked out and about 30 ot their friends went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hall where the young couple were Staying to give them a charivari. After giving the young couple a Bfoke* Arm* in F*!t» Gerald, youngest Son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Martin, had the misfortune to fall over a scraper last Monday evening while playing with his -brother, Tommie, and broke his Arm midway between wrist and elbow. He was immediately taken to Randolph where Dr. Wm. Kerr took care of him and be is getting along nicely. Gerald, second oldest son ot Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Skahill. climbed to the top of their barn one day last week and tell from the top of it He received a badly fractured arm and some broken ribs, besides being brnlsed. This makes two ot their children with fractured arms as their little girl fell from a pony and broke her arm about three Weeks ago. Give* Birthday Party for Grandson Friday Friday, June 30, was Jimmie Sparks birthday. He was four years old and his grandmother, Mrs. Ida Cassell, assisted by his mother, Mrs. Mildred Sparks ot Omaha, invited a number ot his playmates in tor the afternoon. Games were played and the little folks had a real afternoon of R*al £*tate tfaftrfeti Record of instruments filed in the offices of the Recorder and Clerk of fidstrlet Court of Mill* county, Iowa, front Jane 1C, 1983 at 8 a. in, to June 23, 1933, et i a. m. Robt 1. May to Alba W. Dwyer (Q. C. D.) $1. Accretions in 19-73-43. Sheriff to 1. W. Caster (Shf. Deed) |t«S5.45. W# $TB$4 *71-40. E. E. Judah to Ulah Trfvely (W. D.) |1. Land in 31-78-48. Christ Hansett to Martin E. Hansen (W. D.) $10,620. N. Frt. % of NW% Sec. 2, N. Frl. % NE% 3-73-43. Wm. E. Wilson to Effie E. Shaob et al {Q. C. D.) *1 and V. C. Sec. 1-71-4 i. Harold Smith, Adtnr.. to Ulah Trively (Admr. Deed) $8800, SEU SWH 32-72-40. Harold Smith, Admr., to S. E. Judab (Admr. Deed) $2450. NE Frl. % KE«4 6-71-40 and 7.41 acres in 31-72-40, Subscribers Mrs. Belle Bowen of Lyons, Nebr. writes ut June 29 and advances her subscription to The Leader Another year. Mrs. Licxie Shields of Quinlan, Okla, write* us June 27 and encloses check to renew their subscription to The Leader. Mrs. B. R. Kranehell writes us from Albert Lea, Minn., June 28, and says: "Att pleased to enclose herewith money order for two dollars to extend my subscription another year. Couldn't get Alone without the old stAnd- •fcy. The awful heat and drought ha* very greatly injured and stunted the small grain here but the corn seems to relish it so far. Pasture* Are About burned up and the^ strawberry crop is about half, both in alxe and quantity. Would be pleased to see any of the old-Malvern friend* who may en an ,^-^Jpf^.., ---T--,,™-., .writes ; u* recently to renew .their subscription to Tbe ( ,l*esder. AU official county anjj town news U published in Tbe feeader. napped by a few and taken to town where he got cigars and candy to take back to the rest ot the crowd for their treat. The crowd was invited In and were being entertained when the storm came and the home was struck by lightning. Tbe bolt ot lightning went through one room, blew out the light, broke tbe window, tore tbe plastering from the wall, destroyed the curtains and tore the weatherboards from the side of the house. Everyone in the room was severely shocked but no one hurt which was indeed a miracle. candy and nuts were served. Jimmie received many nice gifts as a remembrance ot the occasion. Attended Reception for Rev. William Melville Many from here went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Matt O'Brien Wednesday evening to attend a farewell reception for Rev. William Melville, pastor of St. .Mary's Catholic church in Shenandoah, who left July l for hi* new field at Audubon. Father Melville baa been pastor for 12 Pld Ypn Knjoy That Pay'* v " After you bad caught your limit * of bullheads in one of Iowa's numerous good bullhead Ashing lake* and enjoyed the day immensely, did you clean the flab on the shore of the lake before taking them home? U so, did you bury the remain* of the cleaned fish or did you leave then tor on the banks to spoil in the hot mid* summer BUB that the &ext fellow who came along could not enjoy his day's fishing from the stench . Madge Parker sod daughters. ,Thj ol Sbemw Ah ,. BuiUngtoa attested the ice supper at qiifflsx Friday Y^Iffl* I*te;*tteftde4 the fhower arising from the place where cleaned your Ssh? Numerous re» ports of the practice of leaving the remain* of flsb tor on Iowa's lake shores have been cowing to the Fish and Game department, Thousands fl | Jowans. enjoy flsbr lag and the practice of a few in the abuse of their fishing privi* lege» should be reminded that are others wb» Joy the 4ea» and beaJtMal »«** doors, A clean epertftwap and fisherman Ifi^es a cleas $a«p, Fort y-nvo MlUltw PUte in Iowa for bua- 4rfdj ol flflbermen. Jt Ja every boat ow»e4 nr»U«'eyf4 bee» by Y»rtQB9 boat , Urerles 09 IftJfet fuJt the lake, wbjteb sp?tt*g to fTJP it to y«rl»»s the report el Jw anj Qftwe farmer* throughout tfcp state 8{ many «%»» birds's ne&tt, it &u& be. CAnstriLCted at a. $£!*£ &f thtft I* «**«*» to being carried on during present season. The man who boasts hi* sportsmanship is not a aportsman and the man who magnanimously con- «e4ec trivial points to create & food Jjnpreesipn while maintain- tag ajB-unf air advantage to neither a sportsiagn nor an honest fellow, We know men wh«i wjll enact sportsmanship before the tor a purpose; but wbo, 4fr»t; purpose is aervedi know not the meaning of the Qbief. Its Popularity opening of the season on fisb is Iowa waters bas not j-educed the number of buiUje fisberiaen, Buiibead flsblng has been ertremejy good tbjs season and reports cowing from bullhead tell of &n ever pf people fishing for bull bea4s, 10& Island Lake, pf the best th« Bt»te, has dally bag bUllbead here as well as in hi* own' town There was 'a very large crowd present He received many nice gifts from his friends and also from tbe ministers, KIwanlans, Elks and business men for bis years of wonderful service and cooperation. He takes with him the best wishes of a large host of friends from southwestern Iowa. Mrs. Jim Hayes who has been quite poorly for sometime was taken to the Jennie Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs one day ast week. She underwent a ma|or operation Monday morning from which she failed to rally and passed away. Several are cutting their early oats. Late oats look much better since the rain. Rev. Francis Doyle went to Council Bluffs last Thursday to attend the reception given Mon- slgnor McManus who is retiring from St. Francis to Mt. Loretta. Now One Woman lost 20 Us. of Fit Lost Her Prominent yb§ — Double Chtn—-Sluggishnesa Gained a Shapely Fijrure If you are fat how would you like to lose It and at the aatae time gain in physical charm and acquire a clean, clear skin and eyes that sparkle with buoyant health. Why not do what thousands of women have done to get rid ot pounds of unwanted fat? Take one-halt teaspoon of Kruschen Salts In a glass ot hot water every morning before breakfast and keep it up for 30 days. You can help the action of Kruschen by cutting down on pastry and fatty meats and going light on potatoes, butter and cream. Then weigh yourself and see how many pounds you have lost. Kruschen Salts are a blend ot 6 salts most helpful to body health. Best of all, a bottle of Kruschen Salts that will last you tor 4 weeks costs but a trifle. Ask any druggist for a bottle and start to lose fat today. It's the sate way to reduce but be sure you get Kruscben — your health comes first. adv. COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County. Glenwood, Iowa, June 12, 193S. On this 12tb day ot June, 1933, tbe Board ot Supervisors met in regular session, with all members present and acting. The minutes ot the meeting ot June 6th were read and approved. This being tbe day for the equalisation of assessments between 0»e,^psrd,at this .time takes up thi* matter and. ng changes: Silver Creek Township increased 40% Anderson Township increased Ingrabam Township 4 % St. Marys Township increased 6 % Saturday at about 7 p. m. Tony Hughes, living about six miles southwest of Imogene, took the children to Imogene. Shortly after leaving, Mrs. Hughes went on an errand to the barn lot and noticed smoke coming from the barn- Upon investigating she saw a heavy smoke in the corn bin and ran across the road to the home of Bernard Slater for help. While Mr, Slater fought the fire Mrs. Hughes turned the horses Out, With bard work they managed to get the fire under control before it reached the bay. The cause of the fire is unknown. When Mr. Hughes came home be scooped the corn out and found the floor was quite badly burned, T. F, Maher spent Thursday in Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mitchell of Los Angeles, Calif., are here vts* IMng with Mr. and Mrs, WJU Leahy. Mrs. Mitchell is a sister of Mrs. Leahy. Misses Susie Grayson and Sally Moody of Witehlta Falls, Tex., Mrs. T. H, Grayson of Emerson, Mrs, C. C. Maher and daughter, Anna, were afternoon and supper guests in tha Micheal Martin home last Tuesday. Two good rains fell here during the past week- They were very welcome and beneficial to everything. Misses Loretta Maher and Mar* Ryau spent part of last week in Glenwood taking teach, ere* examinations, Johnny Hughes returned borne one day last week from Walnut where ba bad been vlsJUag to , Mrs, T. "H- W**ft?» Jamw Howard vb» 1* &Ue«4» summer wbfKrt at Iffv» Al iOWA City, increased 2 % Plattville Township , . „ „ increased 2% Center Township increased 5% Deer Creek Township „„,.„ „ , decreased 5% White Cloud Township _„ increased 2% Rawles Township decreased 5% Horsed one year old Ingraham Township Plattville Township increased 12% increased 25% Glenwood Township „._„„ . Increased 15% Center Township increased 25% Horses two years old Ingrabam Township Plattville Township increased 15% increased 70% Glenwood Township „__,—_„_„„ increased 6% Center Township increased 35% Indian Creek Township Increased Mules one year old 5% Ingraham Township increase^ St. Marys Township _,„,„.„,,_,.„_„ increased 85% Indian Creek Township ,._,.,.,.„.,,._.;.—„ increased 12% Deer Creek Townsbip increased Afules two years old Ingraham Township Oak Township Increased 85% ..increased 17% Center Township increased 76% Silver Creek Township ,.„„._,.,_,.__ increased 17% Peer Creel? Township ,.,.,_ increased 16% tbree years o!4 Anderson Township ,„,-_,_„_ — increased 5% Ingraham Township „.„„„**,.„„,„,.„ increased 25% Oak Townsbip ..^increased 4% PlatMUe Township Qlenwood Townsbip . increased 15% increased 10% »;.„,„„.„ Center Township increased Silver Creek Township increased 25% Indian Creek Township „,-,„„„_,. increased Pity Town decreased yearn old 4 % f v *&*••-?•— - fewnsfeip 9 *» iacraated 80% tu Marys f ovnahip Indian Creek Township __»,„.— Increased 12% Heifers one year old St. Marys Township —„„. increased 20% Plattville Township . increased 17% Glenwood Townsbip decreased 15% Center Township increased 25% Indian Creek Township ..„„,,.—„_ increased 17% Lyons Township -decreased 10% Pacific Junction Town „_„, increased 26% Glenwood Town „-„„„.,„.,— increased 26% Steers one year old St. Marys Township »_»„ __»_ increased 5% Plattvtlle Township „.,,..,.,—„,„.. increased 76% Glenwood Township „_„„—„ increased 10% Center Township increased 25% Silver Creek Township __„-_-—..-_ increased 60% Indian Creek Townsbip „„„___ „ increased 15% Heifers two years old Ingrabam Township .„—„_,.,.„_.„_„ increased 6% St. Marys Township „-—„-,-,..„— increased 18% Plattville Township , , increased 35% Center Township increased 30% Steers two St. Marys Township* -. _— increased 20% Glenwood Townsbip —,.____.,,„ increased 50% Lyons Township -increased 50% Cows Plattville Townsbip ,, „.— increased 10% Center Townsbip increased 15% Henderson Town increased 10% Malvern Town ..increased 15% Hastings Town —increased 5% Cattle in Feeding St. Marys Township ,„-.,„„,._ decreased 14% PlattviUe Township „,„_-___,.-,_ decreased 8% Deer Creek Townsbip ,--_.„.,..., decreased 80% Rawles Township .,_,_,„ , decreased 80% Lyons Township -increased 25% Ingrabam •Township _„ ,„,„ increased 16% Oak Townsbip -.decreased 90% Center Township increased 85% White Clou4 Township ' 85% Townsbip ..decreased 8Q% Q leu waad Township ,,,„,„„„., d«or«§ae4 86% Creek Towa»btp Town 86% »« *M*iMBt SlIunaf»||M*' > If* 1119. slisstj i^T*N^frTf: w

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