The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 31, 1933 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 1933
Page 2
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-,-".- \ - > - ,-, -~T • '.-> ,"---; f,>\->->vt\:ti «•"»!* '•'*? ''••' <;#"•<•,cr5)*^»' $y< v««<iy& ^^I^H^^'i?!* ^ M *^l^ |Pl ;*^ v ISf^^ v. , , - •> _ , .' . ' '' i k. *"" ' 1 I ' THE BAKEHSF1ELD CALIFORNIA!*, TUESDAY, JANUARY 31. 1933 SENAIt NEAR SIALEMAJE Big Jam Causes Leaders to Threaten Night Sessions lo Obtain Action (United 1'renn Lrnncil Wire) •WASHINGTON, Jan. 81. — Semite business WIIN in a Jiim today and lenders threatened night sc.sslons to obtain notion. Prohibition repeal, 3.05 per cent beor and wine, and a J600,- 000,000 unemployment relief bill await attention on the Senate calendar. Repeal and rellnf advocates fire mannux'- crlnR for preferred position when the the treasury-post office bill Is disposed of. In four duyu since tho Democrats abandoned a spectacular but brief "taxpayers' filibuster" to balance tho budget, the $961,000,000 treasury-post office bill has not been cut a penny. The nearest approach to any eeonomy was tho Senate refusal to add a $240,000 ocean mull subsidy to the bill. Would Cut Subsidies Senator McKellar, Democrat, Tennessee, had pending today an amendment which would reduce air mall subsidies from ?1»,000,000 to $9,000,000. Senator Gingham, Republican, Connecticut, president of the National Aeronautic Association, said It would wrack 90 per cent of the commercial air lines In the United States. After long debate, Chairman Hale of the appropriations committee announced he would seek a night session tonlgftt. Senator Bliiine, Republican, Wisconsin, will move to consider repeal after the treasury-post office bill Is passed. ' Ills colleague, Senator Iji Kollotto, Republican, Wisconsin, wants at that time to ta"ke up the La Folletto-Costl- j?an $500,000,000 unemployment relief bill but expects repeal lo take precedence. Blalne Appeals "If we don't pass u repeal resolution before March 4," Blalne said, "Ihcro won't be any repeal until 193o. About 40 state T.,egislatureH will not meet again after this winter until 1!'3r,. If the convention system Is substituted in the repeal resolution for ratification by stats legislatures, wo won't g-e'l repeal until J!>37. Legislatures will not call special elections to chooso convention delcKHtOK. That will hnvi; to wait for the regular state flec- tions." 50 IN SNOW TRAP SAFE <*> ; * Mnnorfnfed t'rem Leaned Wire) VISALIA, Jan. 31.—Fears for the safety of approximately 60 residents of snow.burled Eshom valley and Hartland lessened today with the return here of three rescuers, who said as far as they had been able to learn, everyone there was safe and supplied with food. Suffering previously had been reported In the area. The rescuers, whose failure to report on schedule led to fears they themselves had encountered difficulty, were Deputy Qame Warden E. C. Vail of Vlsalla and Deputy Sheriffs Ca'rl Ensign and Jack Hill. Among their discoveries was that Mr. and Mrs. Murray Wood' of VI- salia who had not been heard from since about January 1, were safe In a cabin at Hnrtland. The Woods, they said, expressed surprise that fears had been' felt for .their safety. ' TO AID OILPRORATION Oklahoma Supreme Court Strengthens Hands of Commission '. ROLPH, ILIJ • NEW ACI OF MERCY SACRAMENTO, Jan. 31.—From his sick bed In St. Francis Hospital In San Francisco, Governor Rolph wrote a personal letter to Pat Nobles, a ne- gro under death sentence In Folsom prison today, granting him a reprieve until April 7. Nobles had been sentenced to hang Friday for the murder of Walter Vons, a negro, In Los Angeles. The governor wrote Nobles he "wants to give every chanoe to prove you were not 'In tho Texas 'pen.' If you can only prove that I will give you another hearing." At tho time of his arrest in Los Angeles, Nobles is asserted to have said that he served a term In a Texas prison. Later ho denied this statement of having served a prior term In fl'nitcd rrcif Leaied Wire) OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 31.—The Oklahoma Supreme Court today placed a powerful new weapon In tho hands of tho corporation commission to enforce proratlon. It held the commission could shut down wells by District Court Injunction for oil curb violations. Greatly broadening the powers of the corporation commission In oil conservation, tho high tribunal reversed a three-judge District Court decision and held tho lower court sho.uld have on- Joined overproduction of the H. P. Wllcox Oil and Clas Company wells In tho Oklahoma City oil field. The Supremo Court did not rule today on the Russell Petroleum Company's case seeking to abolish military control of the oil curb setup In Oklahoma. Tho opinion in the Wllcox case, appealed by the attorney-general after three district judges hero, refused to act on It on the grounds they had no Jurisdiction, was written by Chlcl Justice Fletcher' Rlley and concurred In by tho other eight Justices. Critics of military enforcement declared this new ruling might decrease, If not eliminate, the necessity for national guardsmen In the city field, since a shutdown of any properties oould not be obtained by the corporation when curb rules are violated. PERMITS U:P..RY. TO Jiavl The Texan EX- PUBLISHER KILLS SELF SUMMIT. N. .1., Jan. 31. (A. P.W- George R. Holbcrt, B.'i, <i former president uf Town Topics Magnzlni', died hen; today from a bullet wound which nolicc «:iid was self-inflicted. prison. The records of tho prison were destroyed by fire. — +-*-«• R. F. C. Lends State of N. Y.J>6,100,000 (Vnitrd 1'rffs Leafed Wire) WASHINGTON, .Inn. 31.—Tho Reconstruction Kinnncfl Corporation today granted Nuvv York state ail enifrgenry relief loan of $0,100.000. It wns the first loan of federal funds made to Now York state to alleviate uiifiniejoymont and destitution. (United Pre»» Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 31.—Unification of the Union 'Pacific ,Rallroa< with Its subsidiary lines was approved today by the Interstate Commerci Commission. ""The. lines Include tlv i Oregon Short Linn, the Oregon-Wash j Ington Railroad & Navigation Com ' pany, the Los Angeles and Salt Lake ; Railroad Company, and the St. Josepl ; and Grand Island Company. The Union Pacific proposes to pu through tho unification by leasing th subsidiaries. Tho commission ruled that the Unloi Pacific should purchase intervening lines at prices set forth by the com mis.slon. 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Conway, pattor of ths Madison Street Methodist Episcopal Church, %\aa Indicted today by th« Grand Jury that Investigated charges of an attempted attack on an 18- year-old girl. The pastor surrendered to the sheriff. The Grand Jury Indicted Mr. Conway on charges of assault and battery. The pastor Is soon to face a church trial on charges of Imprudent and unmlnlsterial conduct. OUT OF ARROWHEAD! WILL BE SENT I United I'rcm Leased Wire) ' LAKE ARROWHEAD, Jan. 31.—The last of 2000 pleasure-bent southern Californlans who craved a bit of snow and winter sports only to find themselves trapped by a raging blizzard, moved to the warmer lowlands today. Road crews bucked 15-foot drifts In a 24-hour battle before they wore able to clear roads and dislodge COO snowbound automobiles. Giant cauldrons of. boiling water were poured over the machines before they could start down the mountainside under - their own power. The only casualties reported were a few cases of nervous exhaustion, frost-bitten fingers and toes, and two (Associated Frets Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 31.—Labor department officials today said that If the 200 Chinese seaman who arrived in New York yesterday came as transient passengers they will have to leave that way and not as crews for American steamships, as Intended. To clear up the case quickly, the Immigration sen-ice has detailed throe separate boards to pass upon the status of each Chinese. The decision of the boards of Inquiry is to be binding unless appealed to the immigration headquarters here. The Chinese were carried to New Vosk on a Dollar line steamer, al- 800 Others Endangered ' at Folsom; Rainfall Is Responsible (United Prea» Leafed Wire) FOLSOM PRISON, Jan. 31.—Rainfall which had loosened a layer of rock nnd earth at the top of the 120- foot cliff was blamed today for the two disastrous landslides In the Folsom prison quarry that crushed three convicts, to death ant) endangered 800 others. Panic stricken prisoners at work In the quarry had but a brief moment to dash to safety when the weakened layer, estimated . at 400 tons, broke from tho cliff with a, dull roar and came thundering down. The dead were: William Hughley, 36, negro, native of New Jersey, sentenced from San Diego for burglary. John Mitchell, 28, sentenced from Los Angeles for robbery. Survived by a sister, a Mrs. Roberson, St. Louis, Mo. Austin Jackson, 32, negro, sentenced from Alameda for burglary. ... Panic was near as. guards sought t< quell- the fear-stricken prisoners am restore a.semblance of order. Mitch ell and Jackson seeing that Hughley was trapped by a small slide, rushed to hits aid Just as a second tremendous slide ""came hurtling down. They were crushed beneath.huge boulders. The prisoners were hastily marched to their cells while guards and trusties, using drills and dynamite, began a search, of tho debris for additional bodies. The death toll was not definitely determined until the convicts were checked 'into their cells last night. IELAUNCHEDFOR RAY RILEYTAX RAN (United rreis Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Jan. 31.—State Controller Rny L. Rlley and Fred E. Stewart, director of the tax research bureau, today launched a state-wide "educational campaign" In behalf of the "Riley plan" of saving tho state of California from bankruptcy. They will be aided by 19 senators and 37 assemblymen who have returned to their districts to tell the voters why they have signed as coauthors of the bills carrying the plan Into effect. First meeting, Rlley said, will be at Marysvllle February 9, followed by others at the Los Angeles state building February 14, Fresno, February 17, and Sacramento. February 24-25. "This is a logical program," Controller Rlley said, "to meet all the (Aiwociatcd fret* Leaned Wire) MONESSEN, Pa., J*rt. 31.—Jo'hn Q. Parke, «7, the "Paul Revere" of the disastrous Johnstown flood in 1S89, died last night after a Illness. •.-,-•• Parke, then an engineer, and -a little bind of workmen labored frantically against hopeless odds to strengthen a weakening dam In the Conemaugh valley near Johnstown on that fateful day—May 31, 1889. Then, as they saw their efforts fall and the dam'started to crumble they hurried down the valley spreading a warning. . .' A few hours later the dam was swept away nnd a gigantic wall of water roared down the valley. More than 2000 persons perished In one of the world's greatest catastrophes, (Associated 7V<Ht« Leaned Wire) , WASHINGTOX J(ln. 31.—The nsscr tlon that the 'allotment plan would place wheat bread and pork too hlg> in tho nation's cupboard for the con sumor to reach them-was put befor a Senate committee today by mllle and livestock associations. The Senate agriculture commute was told Vy Fred J; Llngham, of Lock port, N. Y., representing the Millers National Federation, that the publl would turn/ 19 substitutes because o the Increase which would'result In th cost of wheat flour. .' Shortly before. Will J. Miller of To peka; Kan:, expressed the ' opposltlo of the Kansas Livestock Assoclatlo to the bill as It relates/-to hogs, ex pressing fear that, the bill would fore up tho price of pork so high a larg part of the hog production would be come unsalable. •»*» STAR 5T STAND TRIAL Drawing Meld to Be 6ffense Against Religion by Public Schools , / problems of unemployment and tax relief, equalization of cost of government, and avoidance of an overwhelming deficit reflecting Into California's financial structure." The Rlley plan would limit real estate taxes to 50 per cent of the cost of supporting the state government, with new revenues provided from a gross receipts tax on all forms of corporate or personal Income. carbon monoxide victims who were j i e( , ci jly as transient passengers, but to promptly revived. The motorists, who - •• • • had been 'attracted here by a winter bports carnival, huddled together In their stranded cars to keep from freezing. Two Quarters Seek to Help Mrs. Judd (United rrcfa Leased Wire) PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 31.—Winnie Ruth Judd looked to two quarters today for support in her fight to escape tho gallows to which nhe has been I condemned for killing Agnes Ann j Lerol. Wlille the Phoenix Ministerial fnlon was anticipated to act in her behalf with" a resolution asking for clemency, the United , Press .learned that a similar .resolution was to be presented to the state Legislature today. It asked tlia't Governor B. B. Moeur and the state board of pardons and paroles moderate the. capital sentence, .. . «• »» 1- Mr., Mrs. Olson Freed of Murder become members of the crew of two steamships Ono group of 166 were to IK: trantfetred to a steamer now tied up at n New Jersey wharf as Its crew. Twenty others wore slated to Join tho crew of n GSraco liner. Their entry wns protested to the la- tor department by tho Seaman's Union. FACILITIES AT PEDRO MAY ft] WED fA.i*ociated pro/is Leased Wire) 'ai.-rNavy WIFE ILL, CAUSE OF 0.0. (United rretf Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31.—Gerald Craig, former University qf Southern California gridiron star and World War hero, was under court order today to stand trial, charged with attempting murder of his socially prominent wife, Ethel, who had pleaded for his acquittal. ' "Please dismiss this action as I love him," Mrs. Craig begged District Attorney Huron Fltts, who Ignored her request when she asked Municipal Judge Joseph L. Call to bind the suspect over for trial at his preliminary hearing. Judge Call acquiesced and ordered Craig's bond continued at $10,000. In pleading for her husband, Mrs. fAmineliHed Prfim Leatcftt'lre) . '" SOMKRV1LL13, Mass., Onri. 81.—All unlor Red Cross, activities stood dls- ontlnued in ' the public schools -of Somervllle today- by unanimous 'vote of the SomervillB'; school committee. Distribution of the January ;l«sue of <1 ( 'The National Junior Red Cross T Vews," a publication by. the Amerl- * :an Red Cross, also was ordered sup* ressed iat last night's school com- . - nlttee meeting. A drawing- In the current issue of the "Red Cross News" vas denounced by school committee-- nen as "sacrilegious," and the bans wore placed on the Junior Red Cross ictlvities and the national publlca- ' tlon "until an apology from the pub- A ishers Is forthcoming." » Insult to 30,000,000 The "offensive" drawing, termed by Commlttectnan Louis H. Connelly "a cartoon that Is an Insult to more than 20,000,000 Americans," depicts u prlest.A In vestments administering the .sacra- ; ' ment of communion to a donkey, held on a string by a small child. Tho drawing shows the small child, In Spanish costume, and la used to Illustrate a children's story of Spain. The story tells tho tale of a small Spanish boy, whose donkey became 111. The lad loved tho donkey dearly, and, • fearing tho animal would die, took him to the parish priest . for communion. The story continues to tell how tho sacrament of communion was given, and the. donkey lived. Drawing Protested Protests against tho drawing were first made to school committee members by parents of public school children, among whom 15,000 copies of the magazine are distributed. Connelly ci-iirgcd "the wanslbilltlos of many people have been offended by this cartoon, which'can only ba Interpreted as r.'dloullng the groat central act of worship of a great religious denomination." He added: "This is tho compensation we receive for our work und contributions lo the lied Cross." George J. Mo run, president of tho Stimervllle board of nldtrmon and 9*|j offlclo membr-r of the school commit-* tc'e, declared the publication of the drawing was "un-American and not to be expected froin tho Red Cross."' MAYOUHE OTHER OFFICERS FACE CHARGE (United Prcta Le.a»ed Wire) MUNCIE. Ind., Jan. 31.—Mayor George n. Dale and three other city officials, including two of the mayor's sons-in-law, were named today In 26 indictments returned by tho county Grand Jury charging conspiracy to commit n felony. ' Besides the mayor, those and "I am sure that. If allowed to, we will always remain together." a DRASTIC NEW PRICE. r - DAVCD A - • Geta bottle today—100 GEN- Qjenume BATtK Aspirin UINE BAY ER ASPIRIN tablets at the new price. On Sale Today. At All Drug Stores. (A.**oclate<i I'resx Leased' Wire) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31.— Albert and Iilbbio.Olson. aceuHed of the murder of CharloH Hi' Scull, wealthy Miperlriten-' clout of to. iiuwnpnn*r ettRnivInK plant, were acquitted by ft Jury of nine men and throe «'omen ut Iho conclusion of their Hocohcl trial, today. Previously, In a trial without 'a jury, the couple was .convlctpd of first de-. won an appeal . for .. , flcl'ulH said, a study, wan being made to ascertain whether .harbor facilities at San Pedro., Calif., eo'uld be enlarged to proVlde-7 auoommodtitlons for warships. '••' ...... The matter WO.B betntf handled by Admiral t,eli?h, commnnder-tn-chlef of the United States fleet. No conclusions have been 'reached, officers mild, except that the department had concluded It had no money to spend on tho project. >. was a .possibility that ar- i nintsements ml^ht ,be niadu for- Los and Long Beach' : to iild.lri.lne (Astociatcd Freud Leafed Wire) NEW YORK, Jan. 31.—Consideration for Mrs. Younjr, 111 with a heart ailment, In the reason behind Owen D. Vounc's refusal to bo considered for a position In the Roosevelt cab- inot, his friends said today. In a letter to the president-elect the General Electric chairman said the '.ondltlon which led him to announce last May that he would not accept the Democratic presidential nomination still prevailed. This condition, his friends explained today, is -bin wife's Illness and her nervouBncBK over his entering public life.. Aim. Young, it was said, has not been well, since- the., death .several years .aso of their son John, killed Whllar rescuing 'it- -doe -from an approaching railroad train. At YOUIIR'S office It was learned he had Informed the president-elect of Ills position In a letter. - Raisin Growers to Study New Plan (United Preis-Leantd Wire) FRESNO, Jan. 31.—Plains for reorganization of San Joaquln valley ral- sln growers under leadership of the Fresno County Farm Bureau were to be discussed here tonight by directors of the bureau and of the defunct California raisin pool. Some members of the bureau board were understood to be "not fully convinced" that organization of u co-operative should be undertaken without definite demands from growers. . tjroe murdnr but a now "trial, t program. .-..-.• . ., •• ,••••,• Both the Pacific and. Atlantic fleets at •present arc based lit San I'edro but there ,1s room In the harbor for 'only a small' humber"'of ships. The nre at sea Off thu -harbor. larger facilities hre needed,' It wab- Kiild, on Hcqgunt of the difficulty In tnuispo'rtlnijr men- and supplies between ships arid shore; • nnd Glenn Butts, secretary of the fire department, who married daughters of the mayor, and Cary Taughcnbaugh,^ city attorney. The officials were charged specifically with attempting to collect $10 each from city firemen for use In a "defense fund." Among tho firemen mentioned In tho charges was Chlft Carl Taylor. , KIDNAPED AND SLAIN NANKING, China, .Jan. 31. (A. .P.) W. S. Lang, well-known Chinese newspaper man, was kidnaped and murdered today by gunmen believed i to be members of tho "Patriotic Society." born 'of the current trouble with Japan. His hody was found near tho tomb of Sun Yat Sen. . Two-Year-Old Child Devoured by Eagle $800.00 Cash Offered For Name of Movie Actress Reward Will Be Paid Everyone Who Submits Most Suitable Name (United Prena Leased Wire) IIELSlNOPOR3, r • Finland,' Jan. 31.' Hones and- pieces of rlothinR found yesterday in thS nest of a roynl eugle 'in the topmost brunches of a fir tree solved ths disappearance In August, I'JSI, of the 2-year-old son of a farmer ;m the eastern Finnish frontier. The remains 'of' the eagle's victim were found when the fir tree was cut down. ' ' ' ' ' NO TABLETS ARE GENUINE BAYER ASPIRIN WITHOUT THIS CROSS E R Demands Quick Pa^age of Emergency Fkrm Aid (.Inundated Prrits Leaied Wire} Jan. 31.—Prompt passage of an emergency farm W ASHINGTON, ... relief program, deslonad to'suspend foreclosures and east the agricultural mortgage situation, .was urged before"* S«ii»U banklrig «ub- committee today, by Senator Robinson pf'.Arkansas, the Democratic leader. ' ' ' ' ' Appearing to give an explanation of a farm cr«dlt measure sponsored by him, Robinson told the committee the current Congress' time was so limited It may be found impossible to work out and pass at this session a permanent measure relatfng to farm- mortgages: • "In that view It Is suggested that th« committee give consideration to preparing and passing an emergency measure," Rpblnso'n continued, "pending the enactment of more permanent legjslqtlon. "If foreclosures can be suspended, the committee and Congress can take more time to work out a more permanent program." Robinson suggested that as an emergency measur* th« commlttM consider favorably the bill of Senator Hull, Democrat, Tennessee, providing for: • '• A two.year moratorium on farm mortgage payments, Interest and taxes delinquent 12 months or longer. Authority for the reconstruction corporation to lend up to '91,000,000,000 to help tide farmers over the emergency. SHIP SINKS; CREW SAFE ,SAN 'PEDRO, Jan. 81. (A. P.)— A radio message to coast guard offices tere said' today that the coast guard jojit Xjn. '.804, a speedy rum chaser, apparently In pursuit of a vessel off ^an Diego last night, exploded and winU ^but »fhe crew of four. BUO- eeded in escaping in u dory, 4 « » HABEAS CORPUS .BIRMINGHAM, Ala,, DENIED Jan. HI. (U. or one p.)—Habeas -corpus proceedings leaking to. transfer to the Juvenile Court arrange'toond for R6y Wright, 10, p of httie negroes Hocused of attacking two. white girls n'ear Scotts- noro, lla., were dismissed today by Judge John P. .McCoy. > ' CURB POSTMASTER-GENERAL WASHINGTON, Jan. 31. (U. P.)—A resolution calling upon the postmaster-general to 'pyMpouw all major changes in-air mall, contract*, und, schedules until the new administration takes office win' favorably reported today by the House post office committee. < for Throats From Hollywood domeB an extraordinary announcement. A movie actress is In need of a name, and $800.00 In cash will be paid toy the best Huggestlon. You can give her yours, or any other name you think of, It may mean $800,00 to you. This movie actress, whom you have probably seen on the screen of your favorite motion picture theater, Is the fteautlful Jidith lloark. Like most of tho stars, she prefers to use a name other than her own, and In order to help her obtain It, S800.00 hi cash Is ottered to anyone who IB quick In sending In the name selected. Mlas Roark's publicity director sayu, "Most any name may win." H may be your very own, a name of a friend or relative, or u coined name made up by you. Readers of this announcement are urged to send their suggestions for a name at once, because $200.00 extra will be given .the winner if name la mailed and postmarked before February 5, 1933. Just make it easy to pronounce and ea«y to remember. But send it right away, or you may bo late for the promptness prize. All entries must be sent to tlw Publicity Director's office, George Blake, Studio M-721, 1023 N. Sycamore Ave., Hollywood, California Only one suggestion for u name should be submitted by each contestant. -Everyone ID Invited to Hubnilt a name, and in case of ties, duplicate awards will he given. Of flcials say that any name may win the $800.00, even if submitted on a postcard or scrap'of paper. If you «nn IIHH 8800.00, here l» an oppor geation at'once. ...Ingredients of Vicks VapoRub 'MEDICATED COUGH DROP I AUTO GLASS SPECIAL (Two Weeks Only) Any Sis* Crystal Doo'r Glass Installed for 12.25 Trlbble Glass and Mirror. Works 1908 Nineteenth Street Pho.n« 314 PUICHARD AUTOMOBILE SERVICE 2308 Chester Avenue Installation of singer Self Locking Valve Seats Wledenhoff Motor Tune Up

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