Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 14, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1933
Page 3
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' lOLA. KANSAS f V'' THE DAILY BE^ISTER TUESDAY lEVENING.i MARiJH 14. 1988. • Mrs: Mary E. LaRue returned ^Saturday afternoon itrp||(]i9# month's "Visit at hfer home laT^alporalso, Inil. While there she was the j guest pi relatives and friends. Mrs. IjiaRue {has been living with her niece Mrs. • ;W. O. Lenhart.the past year. —PHONE 1175 for Plumbing and Repair Work. lola. Plumbing Co. Misses Dorothy and Marguerite Whitaker of Ponca City. Okla.. were -week-end guests of Miss Roberta Fronk. Hi-Gradq Inside Wall Paint Covers welland Wa.shable , Only $1,75 Gallon SHANNON H-^RDWARE Phone 29 THE NEWFANGLES (Mom*!! Pop) G. F. Klink, mantiger of the Kansas Btate Grange Business association, and C. A. Dorsey, secretary of the Chamber of Commeijce. attended a I meeting of the Pottawatomie Grange last night at Greeley. RUG BARGAINS! —Heavy grade 9x12 American Oriental rugs, guaranteed to give 'extra long service. Only'$27.00. A. R. ; Sleeper Furniture Go. i ' " ,• J. H. Lamoreau,returned last night from a two-day visif with his daugh- :ter, Mrs. H. C. Melton and her family', In' Kansas City. Mrs, Lamoreau .and her daughter Lolita. who accompanied him there, remained for 'a longer stay. -Meek's POLLY ANN CAFE Invites Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Norih: rup and Uieir daughter to be Uioir guests at dinner Wednesday. Featuring complete Chicken or Steak Elinncr with Pmnpkin Pie • and : Whipped Cream. Phone 790 Mrs. R. C. McKinney and lier daughters Misses Maude and Mary MpKinney and her grandchildren Rob)ert and Mary Alice Bndgley visited Siinday with Dr. and Mrs. E. C. MCKinney in Parsons. Dr. McKinney is a grandson of Mrs. R. C. McKinney. SPRING LS HERE Have your Suiis. Coats, and Dre .s.sos •, Cleaned and Pressed 35c All kinds,of, re^pairing and alterations. .SPOTLESS CLEANERS in W. Madi.son Phone 7&7 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leo Porter of Atlanta. Ga..' announce the birth March 8 of an 8':.-pound son whom ; they have named Robert Lee-.Jr. • Mrs. Porter before her maniage was i Miss Vivian Kemp, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kemp of lola. HOVS, THERE KNOW TO EW' AND ME TH«r.>MH£M VOU EKBPr SEAMS FOR ?OUR/^ • • / 1 BUT -THE eEfeNS AiHT ^a:i I CAM STAWD-^^^OST AMY OlEti 9V»T WHEM) POP TRJ60 TO JA»A THAT .$1© 7A->MEEK cro8 ocmn KAy; GULLET ,1 WMO STICK THEJft. MOSPS IM ! AlSeAtTAs >A6iE tHREE REiLATlONS JL)S A** IIOUGH S T»>^<IHG IM BED •ST OF MY UFE QUIVERING NERVES Yield to Lydui E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound When you are just oh edge . . . when you can't stand' the children's noise . , . when everything id a. burden . . . when you are Irritable and h\\i<i ... try this nicdl- cine.,98 out of 100 women report benefit. I It give you just the extra energy you need. Life will seem worth living again. Mr, and Mrs. M. K. Bagnall moved to 309 South Oak Monday from 206 South First street. —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office over Brown's Drug Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149. Miss Ruth Dean ret/umed Sunday night from Springfield, Mo., , where she visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Palos over the week-end. She was accompanied on the trip by Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Ennis of El Dorado. NEW SHIPMENT of Wood and Coal Ranges. Latest designs and colors. \ —iS22JO np-i Free Dcllvijry. Easy Terms. W. H. WOOD FINE FX'KNlTUREv 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 C. L. Kendall of'Topeka, state manager for the Northwestern National Life Insurance company, was a guest today of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd N. Kelley. —ELKS' St. Patrick's Day Dance Friday, March 17. Music by Johnny Hartung and his 12-piece band from Parsons. Tl;iis dance open to those who have invitations from Elks. Admission 75c; A splendid party .has been planned by a committee composed of Logan Reynolds, chairman,' Paul Reed, J. L. Parkhurst. Walter Pees, and Harold Kindig, appointed specially for this dance. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Jones received word late yesterday afternoon from tl-.pir daughter Miss Margaret Jones, tliiit she and Mr. and Mrs. M. J. ! Rumsoy and their daughter Ann and i^heir son Judson. with ' whom she ' lives "in Los Angeles, 'Calif., were ;safe. The Rumsey family formerly i resided in lola. Mrs. Rumsey is a ! sister of Mrs. Ray Bell and of Dr. SELf" SERVICE M.^RKET Bncon, Sliced. 2 lbs. . '. 25c Frankfurters, per lb 10c Kraut, 6 lbs. for 25c Hamburger. 100'; pure, 4 lbs...25c Fresh Brains, per lb 10c Sweet Breads, per lb 20c Beef Roast, tender, per lb 8c Mi's. Letha Johnson, who has been a guest of her sister Mrs. M. S. Lewis and Mr. Lewis the past three weeks, returned Sunday to her home in Gamett. LIQUID—TABLETS—SALVE Checks Colds first day, Headaches Neni^leia in 30 miqutcs, Malaria in 3 days. 666. SAL\fE for Head Colds Most Speedy Remedies Known TEST IT YOURSELF B. P. S.—Best Paint Sold is really just what it says. Take a quart B. P. S. White and'a quart any other, spread the two yourself side by side—if B. P. S. does not cover better and go faitlier—it costs you nothing. SHANNON & SHANNON HDW. Phone 29 Mr.s. Emma D. returned Sulurday from Hutchinson where .she has spent the past,two months wltii rclailvrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Ol.son and their .son Richard, and Mrs. Keith Zclgler brought her homo in tlieir car and remained for ;i week-end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Drake in LaHarpe and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Liinigan. Mrs. Olson and Mrs. Zcigler are daughters of Mrs. Bishop and are sisters of Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Lanigan. -—must go on. We were interrupted by the carpenters repairing our stdre ho we must hurrj our sale by further .slashing of prices to make room for new No need to .savTtiore. Here ;u-e a few. itom.s priced that talk out LOUD;-; 2pp Pair Ladies' New Spring Shpes .. $2.00 ^ Pair Ladies' Health Shoes ......$L69 140 Pair Ladies' Shoes ..... 69c 74 Pair Ladies' Shoes ..... 99c 62 Pair Children's Shoes .. . .... .49c 14 Pair Boys' Oxfords $L69 45 Pair Children's Shoes 89c . j95 Pair Men's Oxfords, Friendly F^ye and others . $2.89 23 Pair Friendly Five Boots $4.50 4 Paiir Men's Ball Brand Rubber Boots' v. .... \ $2.19 5 Pair Boys'Ball Brand Rubber Boots .$1.69 70 Pair Tennis Shoes .19c IDEAL AQOT SHOP 5 West Madison The ^qme of Good Shoe.s lola, Ks, W HAT IS THE NAME OF THIS FAMOUS ' CHARACTER OF 6R8EK MVTHOLOGY? "IAM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD" N AME THE SOURCE . OF fms. (Answers will be found on Page 4) Mr. and Mrs. W. P. McFadden had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bldwell, who live near Lone Elm. —A. R. Chambers. M. D. Office Mittelbach Bldg. Pho. 303. Res. 377. Roscoe Richardson went to Kansas City today to purcliase spiring merchandise for the Richardson store. QIALITY Plus QUANTITY It's time to plant a garden. To buy your seeds here is the surest guarantee of success. BRIGHA>r HDW. CO. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Edwards and their daughter Carolyn spent Sunday at Moran as guests of Mr. Edwards's parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Edwards. —You know and I know, and everybody should know Antrun has Wall Paper moderatelv low priced, at 219 North Jefferson. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stroup and their son Adrain Dean, and Mr., and Mrs.W. H. Hamilton and their son Don visited Sunday with Mr. and Mr,s. D. D. Powers in Predonia. Mrs. Stroup and Mrs. Hamilton are sisters of Mr. Powers. HOOSIER CABINETS —Genuine Hoosier cabinets, regular $45.0 v.ilues for $20.00. pearl grey finish only. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Pctherlin sind Mr. and Mrs. Royal Fetherlin moved to 811 North Jefferson Monday from 515"North Washington. MENU FOR WEDNESDAY Chicken with Dimiplings iind all tlie trimmings —2.5.C Whole.some Food. Courteous Serv- . ice, Delightful.. Surroimdings KOZV KOVE 117 West Street Mr. and. Mrs. O. P. Odor, proprietors of the Odor Grecniiouse. received a. letter Saturday from their son William H. Odor of East Saint Louis. Hi., informing thein that he knew lola was still on the map as he had just worked a cross word puzzle printed in the March seventh issue of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and one of the questions wa.s. "A city in Kansas with four letters." The correct answer was lola. If You Get Up Nights Make This 25c Test . Plivsi'c the bladder as you would ! ine bowels. Di-ive out impurities •nnd excessive acids tliat cause ir- i ritation burning and frequent de- siie. Get a 25c test bo.\ ql BU- KETS. tile bladder physic, from any drill;- store. After four days ijf you lire not relit-ved of getting uji niglils K<' back and '^ct your money. EU- KETS. containing buchu leaves, juniper oil. etc.. act.s pleasantly and effectively on the bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. If you are bothered with backache, or leg p.'iins caused from bladder disorders you are bound to feel better after tliis cleansing and you get yoiu" j-ecular sleep. Brown's Drug Store and Wallar's Palace Drug Store say Bukets is a best seller. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fees, who live in Country Cliib district, had ^ their guests Sunday Mr. aQd Mrs. C, V. I*aDow of Predonia. Mrs. LaDow is a sister of Mrs. F«es, FAIRMONT'S Pasteiirized. Blilk; "Health ia Every Bottle" The flavor is particblarly delicious. Children prefer It Ask your grocer or. phone 91 Mrs. H. W. Brown and her son Herbert Jr. will return tonight from a few days'! visit with Mrs. Brown's father, 1. H. Kasbeer, in Kansas City. NEW SHIPMENT —Of Gold Seal Congoleum Rugs and Floor Covering. Curtis's, 10 N. Washhigtoh. Mrs. Earl Sheffer of Elsmore underwent an operation for the removal of her appendix this morning at St. John's hospital. Any Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed 35c ABLESON CLEANERS Phone 105 One Day Service If Desired Mr. and Mrs. Han-y Jeffers asd their daughter Catherine and their son Dale returned early,this morning from a short visit with Mr. Jeffers's uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wellington Jeffers in Centerville. SIONT McKINNEY GROCERY & MARKET Poll Parrot Polish for floors and furnitu,re. 50c size for 35c 25c size for! 15c Gold Dust Scouring Powder. ;per can 5c Syrup Pepsin, 60c size for 50c FREE DELIVERY 110 S. Wash. Phone 173 , Mrs. E. M. McGuffin was informed of the safety of her son Harold McGuffin. who lives in Wilmington, Calif., a town located just three miles from the place shaken the worst by the earthquake. Mr. McGuffin was formerly a carrier salesman for TOie Register, —Ask those whom we have been privileged to serve. Sleeper Mortuary: Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Stafford re- ceivcfd word from their daughter Mrs.iJ. W. Iscnberg. that she and her husband, who live in Pomona, Calif., were safe and their property was not damaged by the earthquake. SAFEWAY STORE Wednesday, Bread and Battter Day 1 lb. Butter (Fairmont. Richmond or Clover Bloom) and 1 lb. Loaf Bread for 21c —Fresh Fish— Halibut or Salmon, lb 18c Mrs. J. W. Hud.son received a telegram from her sister Mrs. W. H. Hopkins and her family of Clarc- mont, Calif., telling her that they were not injured.during the earthquake, that the first shock came while they were eating tl\eir evening meal and tlic tremor broke all the dishes on the table. The Hopkins family were former residents of lola and Moran. > > ATTENTION;: While the readjustment on your income is heinK made :. .USE YOUR CREDI'T tot Service, Tires, an^ Varts, SHELLY MOTOR CO. .314. N. Jeff,—Phone 80 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. McDonald were informed this morning that Mr. and Mrs. Ira E. Patterson, who formerly lived in lola, but now live In Seal Beach, Calif., are safe, although the I grocei-y and meat market which they own was badly damaged. Mrs. Patterson is a sister of Mrs. McDonald. STOP BMBREATif Thousands of people afflicted with bad breath find quick relief through Dr. Edwards Olive. Tablets. The pleasant, sugar-coated tablets are taken for bad breath by all wlio know. Dr. Edwards Olive Tablets act gently but firmly on the bowels and liver, stimulating them to natural action, clearing t^erblood and gently purifying the entu'e system. that which dangerous calomd does without any of ttei badiafter effecta Olive Tablets brines' no griping pain o.r.any disagreeable effects. Dr. F. M. Edwards discovered the formula after 20 ye^s of practice among patients afflicted with bowel and liver complaint, with the attendant badbreath. dive Tablets are purely a vegetable compQund; you wi 1 know them by thdr olive colbr.. Take nightly for a week and note the effect, 15c, 30c; 60c. for (}hl.fkc»&i» Dli_ trtarilc bcric«f.-ccuea *nil toue> SOU vt vtxxeart tn^moM THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE CO. C. O. COGHILL. Itonager POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Cases and SuppUes start '^onr Chicks Bight USE PILLSBURY STARTING FOOD Old and Reliable-^E^bllsbed 1811 Comer Manne uicl^'Klm (Just West 6t tlie ^ater 'Tower) Capital UOBIZOJNTAL 1 Chart 4E.\istiiig in name only. 11 Logger's felt boot. 14 Custom. 15 Sandy. 16 River. 17 Spanish shawl. 19 To diiicrim- Inate. 21 Reason. 22 Devoured. 2S Lassoes, 2C Asp. 28 Otherwise. 31 Pled of Hamelln? 32 Contraction never. 35 Prophet. 36 Chemi<|al compound. 37 Slovak, 3S Searches diligently after. 40 Measure of area. 41 Tract of land at the mouth of the Nile' 42 Timber tree. X HW^ TO ADWVVT TUW ^^tYOMES GOT TWE BEST OF AAEySUT I V1\SH NNE couuo (?eT ALV M^V ;;POIA HtRe,WtHOUT THENV Ti^iNKlNCr THM" TVA&Y GOT OUR Kl ^NMY 1 • .. ViOT A•CH^^«:El \ME GOTTA POT UP >N\TH THEM OMTiU OWE OF WY BIG OEPVV-S COKES u\if\\mn\<.K...MW.. e,t933_BY SERVICE. INe.[ [ BEC. U. S. PAT. OTT.J .'Vns^ee %^ Previous Puzzle 44 Chinese money of \ \- acqount. 4G Young sal inons. . 49 Old card game. XiZ Sides. 53 Caricatures. 54 Iniquity. 55 Variant of -. "a." 56 To eject. 57 Beret. GiiSIab as of jnarble. 59 Device for regulating speed. T VERTICAL 1 What is the name of the huge unused nitrate fixation plants on the Tennessee river, U. S. A.? 43 Empty. 9 Onager. 10 To ogle. 11 Study hour. 12 Irish tribal society title. is Toryism. IS Peremptory. 20 Advised. 22 Beasts. 23 Large nocturnal animal. 24 Pieced out. 26 Mineral springr 27 Before. 29 Gold monetary unit of Rumania. 30 Japanese coin 33 Measure of cloth. 34 To devour. 39 Helix. 41 To dedicate. 2 Toward sea. 3 Of what country is Lima the capital? 4 Back of the neck. 5 Native metal. 6 Myself. 7,\Vithin. S Negative. 44 Begging vagabond. 45 Eaglei's home 47 Deposited. 4S Vessel for heating liquids. 50 Ceremony. 510unlock catch 53 Footlike part. W. H. 4chter, T. H. Stoddard, J. A. Fryer, and W. F. Seneker attended a sales; tax meeting last liigbt at the state house in Topeka. —Any day and any hour. Waugh Funeral Sen'lce. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. CulUson returned Sunday to their home in BartlesvlUc, Okla.. after a visit with their daugliter Mrs. R. F. Fife and her family, and their son Frederick Culllson. : Atchison—Making his first bid for college grid fame here Is Bill Rockne, eldest son of the late Knutc Rockne, former Notre Dame coach aod playqr^ He was one of 40 who reported yesterday for spring football practice at St. Benedict's college. He is trying out for a backfield berth. Richmond. Ind.—Herbert Van- netten believes he has a prize,bit of money come out of hiding. He reported a motorist paid for ga.soline at his filling station with a silver doUar minted in 1798. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS I (Prom the Office of The lola I Abstract Co., 108 W. Jackson) «^ « March 13. 1933. .J. Q. Rolx;rts and Nora B, Roberts to Karl H. Lust and Edna M. Lusl, husband and wife, all of the E. '.• of that part of Jackson Avenue herctloforo vacated l.ving west and adjo^iing lot 56 in Hillside Addition to the City of LaHarj'e. Kanstis. $1. J. ! Q . Roberts and Nora B. Roberts,} his wife, to Karl H. Lust and Ednr^ M. Lust, husband and wife, ai! of lois 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6. 7. 8, 15, and 16, all ih block 1. North Midland Addition jto Lanyonville, an addition to LaHarpe, Kansas. $1.00. W, N. Gray, husband of Cora Gray to Cora Gray, wife of W. N. Gray, all of lots 3 to 8 inclusive in block 6 in Sunnyside Addition to the City! of lola, Kas., 51.00. Bertha Geery and E. W. Geery, her husband to Flora B. McCam- blevj lot 5, block 97, in the Citv of loloi $1 .00. LOCAL FRODUCE liggS, JBi-sts «5C Eggs, seconds 7c Eggs, thirds 50 Eegs, ungraded ...7c Hens, J^o. 1 6c Hens, No. 2 4c No, 1 Springs, W'z lbs. up 5c No. 2 Springs 3 Q Butterfat, lb 14c Cocks 3c Geese, lb. 3c Guineas, each 10c White Ducks, lb .' 4c Colored Ducks, lb .• 3c Hides, per lb -•. Ic Mixed Com, bu 15o Yellow Corn, bu 15c Wlieat, bu 28c Kafir com 13c Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Mar. ^14. lAP)— Eggs 8':... Hens 7-9. Other produce unchanged. I Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Mar. 14. (APj—No hay, receipts too light. | Kansas City Grain. i Kansas City, Mar. 14. (AP)—Rel» ceipts, wheat 4 cars; com 7 cars; oats 2 cars. , Not enough sales for quotatioivs. K. r. Livestock Close. Cattle: Heavy steers slow, steady to weak; best offered Scaling 1387 los„ $5,00; steers, good and choice, 1100-1300 lbs.. $4,25-6.50. Sheep: Lambs strong to 25c higher; sheep strong; top fed lambs $5,25; lambs, good and choice, 90- i 98 lbs.. $4.75-5.25. , ' Hogs; Unchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 3,500; hogs 4,000; slieep, 6,000.' Chrysler 6 Coupe • . Fprd Coupe, '31 Pontiac Sedan Plympiiih Siedan F6rd'29^CQacH Essex Sedan Chrysler 58 Coach; Model T Roadster fiOSS ARBQCKLE GA8A£S! ' QHB¥SLEtt-PL ¥MOtI19t-' " Sales—Serviee--¥ar(a SWAPFER'S COLtHM^ BALED PRAIBiE HAY—For cattie, grain or hedge posts. S, W. I^ust.,^ Phone 662, LaHarpe. ELECTRIC BROODER—Disc hair- row, mowing machine, to swap for calves. B. T. Barber. 207 Nortli street. TRADE—Sows ready to farrow for com or baled hay. Jacfc Smith. Phone 953-11. ANNOUNCEMENTS strayed, Lost, Foimd STOLEN—Set Community plate silverware, hiitial "G"; also ivory jewel 'box. Reward. No questions asked. Phone /a27. 417 South Ehn. AtrtOMOTIVB An les For Sale. SALES SE S E Plymouth Dependable Used Cars and TrudM ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone. 301 Cash—Tra^e—Terms PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cara SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 Kansas City Livestock. Kansas Citv. Mar. 14. lAPi— lU. S. Dept. Agr.V—Hogs: 4,000; 140 direct; slow, steady to 10 lower than Monday's average; top $3.75 on 170230 lbs.; good and choice, 140-350 lbs., $3,35-75; packing sows, 275-5oQ lbs., $2.59-3.25; stock pigs, good and choice, 70-130 lbs., $2,50-85. Cattle; 3,000; calves: 250; light weight fed steers and yearlings strong to 25 higher; other lulling classes steady to strong; top 1069 and 1200 lb. steers' $5.75; stockers and feeders scarce; steers, good and choice. 550-1500 lbs., $4.00-7.00; common and medium. 550 lbs. up, $3.255.00; heifers, good and cbolce; 550900 lbs., $4.00-5.75; cows, gpod, $2.5085; vealers, (ntilkfed), mediimi to choice, $4.00-7.00; stocker and feeder steers, good and choice $4.005.75. Slieep: 5,000; a few opening saleii killing classes steady to strong; 71- Ib. Kansas spring lambs $7.00; best fed lambs held around $5.25; lanibSr Rood and choice iX) 90 lbs. down, -$.4.75-5.25; good and choice, iX> 0098 Tos.j $4.75-5.15; ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs.. $1.75-2.'/s. (Xi—Quotations based oii cweS and wethers. 6 Auto Accessories, Tires, Bute JUST WRECKED—4 Fordsons, '28 Pontiac; '27 Dodge coupe for sale, lola Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. Regular GAS—Wholesale— 5 ',6e Federal Tax Paid—40 gal. $2.60 VINE OIL & GAS CO. State and Lincoln Sts., lola' TEXACO PRODUCTS-— Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars.. Logan Reynolds. 307 West Street. Junction City—The bodies of private Henry Jefferson of the ninth cavalry and Mrs! Lottie Gaston, a maid, both Negroes, were found yes-, terday in a room at the headquar-' ters of Major Charles S. Kilbum' at. Fort Riley. Their throats had been slashed with a, knife, and investi-! gators expressed the belief it was a case of murder an^ suicide. A court of inquiry was called for today. LIVE STOCK 21 Horses, Cattle, Vehicles COWS — Just fresh, and cows to freshen soon. J. C. Butcher, West Street road. CHESTER WHITE GILT—And seven fine pigs, $12.50; far­ row soon. H.'Peet, mile north of LaHarpe. 2 YOUNG MARES —Past 3 years old, wt. 1400: prairie and alfalM hay, and kafir corn, C. H, Bake« eU' miles southwest'of lola. — . . ..^.j poultry and Snp^^ CUSTOM HATGHING— $3ifW per case; less than case lots, Ic {tor egg; chicks, 4>i.'C an4 up, Tayloi^t Hatchery and Produce, 201 Squth Jefferson, lola, Kas. Have-you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Use the Claiwiflpd columns I OUT OUR WAY By WiUiams Oe M«€.SUS SAW , VJE. HADM'ER «=fvJ^4 OOT OB 0>U ,.WO AUU W/O ul O •ER BBE.N \N1 BED 8 ETO CvA\Cv <\M<=.'& V<\SJ \MR\UOr OUT- They've Stood the Test" of Time Established 1906 Williams Monument i Works 301 So. Wash. lola, Kas. ^^^^ CA \NiT .VMR^T^ A i-'eTTEC? &-/ -ra' UGHT iNj -Ti-\' '=ro\je-^ To MO 'vj E.TR' P APER , iw-otio OTv-\' P EM. T £P -T'lAlO — KSO~ MO-WA\T— X CA\tslT Te,U.,VvJ^T^AOv-.T -TASTiM \-X - ASi'" TH^T I ^ MvGtHT BE WA'ST im' MIGHT , BABY CHICKS 100% from flocks Mood tested and certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ads about oiir 90% guarantee on Custom Hatching. Ali heavy breeds 5 VJO Ass't Heavies 5c Custom Hatching l%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIKS (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles §outh on 73W or , L. E. Steele Supply Co, 'Talk Chicfcs vfitH WlUson" CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modern Buckeyes,; set ea. Mon. Have purebred blood tested chicks.. Lcev; 4C, big breeds 5c, assorted. 4c sell Hatchery, Gas. PbonQ B9 &-3. COOMBS HOLLYWOOD Trapneist- ed Leghorns. If you want lArge white eggs get our chicks;'250-^00 egg breeding under Kansas ri^cord of perfovmaripe supprvlsidn; 200- egg flock average oil our fkrm at .Br0ns9n; Gettthg 90 to' lOOfe daUy production in special mating at this time. Stmfldwer* Hatchery. _Brpnsoh-Oa3 City. MERCHANDISE 2« HonseboU. Goods NEW AND t/SElD Furniture. Store packed. Henhinger's Furnitur.0 Store, West Madison Ave, SOMETHING NEW and dilferenb: Coal, wood and gas ranges. 'Terms: Trade in old. Save at Curtis Furniture, 10 Nortl^, Washlpgtoh. .' -' 2 aiGHTLY USED Dining Suites, ' priced, right. We trade.'Free dB' livery. W. H. Wood Ftae, Euml!- ture, 202 •& Jeff.. Phone 190^. . , 29 nfodtinery and Tools 1 GOOD USED Janevine snlkyplow, 16-inch, $25. Allen County Implement Co. " 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers GARDEN SEEDS—Full line of bulk garden -seeds, also flower and field seeds. Brownie's. KANOTA SEED OATS— 15c R. L. Works; HiBnboIdt, bu. SWEET CLO'VER bushel, re-cleaned; B. F. Bayard. ' Real JElBtate F^^Bqit 37 Hoawi. V«r- Beat FOR REajT— Hoiises, gocS locaaoQ.

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