The Courier News from ,  on June 9, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from , · Page 9

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Tuesday, June 9, 1953
Page 9
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PAGE FOURTEEN KLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEW» TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1958 Congress is Wary Of Korean Truce Plan By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) —Congress members, wary of possible Communist trickery balanced liabilities against assets today and found little beyond the paramount saving of lives to approve in a Korean truce. Without notable exception the lawmakers expressed hope that the Republic of Korea government will accept an armistice and avoid what some of them said otherwise could become a dangerous situation for American troops on the battle line. Unanimously, legislators who commented were happy that the Shooting seems likely to stop within a few days. But there was evident dissatisfaction with the truce terms, mixed with a realization among the legislators that a cease-fire will bring little, if any, decline in American expenditures and will offer no solution to pressing Asfatic political problems. Senators Ferguson (R-Mich) and Maybank. (D-SC) joined in throwing doubt on the possibility of making any material savings as i result of cessation of the fighting. The two, both members of the Senate Appropriations Committee said in separate interviews they expect immediate requests for U. S. economic aid in Korea to eat up most of the economies that might accrue from halted military operations. Ferguson said the situation will have to be surveyed to find out how much prompt rehabilitation can be undertaken in line with President Eisenhower's promise to South Korean President Syngmtin Khee that the U. S. will continue economic aid to restore Rhee's devastated land. "South Korea largely has an agricultural economy and there is a limit on what can be spent in a short space of time," Ferguson observed. High Costs Maybanfc said rehabilitation costs are likely to be high. The pending Mutual Security Administration bill would provide ill million dollars for rehabilitation on the limited scale possble whle the fighting still was going on. There have been no official estimates made on aid costs in a truce period, but lawmakers believe any peacetime restoration of South Korea would involve expenditures o billions. Military costs may come down by an amount represented in nctu al war operation costs, but Chair man Bridges fR-NH) of the ap propriations committee said he does not foresee any appreciabl cut in armed services spending Ferguson estimated savings migh be l'/ 2 to 3 billions in the nex year. Maybank said a full complemen of American troops would have .to be left in Korea because no one could guess whether the Commu nfsts might decide to attack again, "We can't reduce our military power," he said. "It was only because of it and our possession ol the atomic bomb that we got truce at all." Chairman Wiley fR-Wis) of the Senate Foreign Relations Commit. tee found little that pleased him in the truce terms, although he said U. S. military negotiators "contend that the asets do indeed outweigh the debts and that this was the best truce that could be arranged under the difficult circumstances." No Honor He said many features of the ,ruce "very obviously lend themselves to Communists." Comment- ng that the U. S. will honor its agreements, he added: "But the entire Communist record proves that a Communist will honor an agreement only so long as he feels it to his advantage to do so and that, thereafter, he will break the agreement with utter disregard for his contractual obligations." The South Korean ambassador, You Chan Yang, told a news con- crence Inte yesterday that "up to this minute" his country was determined to fight on alone, rather than accept a truce which would leave Korea divided. He acknowledged that this position was "possibly subject to change," although there had been no sign of any change early today. Yang denounced the proposed truce as appeasement of Communist forces and predicted that if signed it would bring on another world War, Outside Washington, Gen. James A. Van Fleet said he was in agreement with the truce proposals, but wished "we could have whipped the Chinese and returned U. S. prestige in the Far East to par." Van Fleet, recently retired after commanding the Eighth Army in Korea, said in an interview at Seattle the U. S. had lost "face" . in the Orient by not winning a military victory, but he added that j he present course now appears he best possible solution. He Indicated he had altered his advocacy, expressed at Washfng- on hearings in March, of a full- cale effort to drive the Chinese Reds from Korea. Back in Congress, Sen. Hicken- ooper (R-Iowa) said the imminent ruce doesn't settle much — "it ings down the curtain just where went up three years ago." He aid some details are "unsatisfac- ory as far as I'm concerned." Rep. Burdick (R-ND) said any eace that does not have the en- re approval of the South Koreans s a blunder, but Sen. Green (D-RI) aid the United Nations went to /ar to stop aggression, not to try o unify Korea by force of arms. Rep. Keating (R-NY) snid the Igning of an armistice merely will nark "a shift in the nature of mergencies." THE INDEPENDENT—After one of the now-famous White House luncheons for senators arid representatives. President Eisenhower and his guests form an animated, amiable group. That is, all but the legislator taking an independent stand at right. He is Sen..Wayne Morse of Oregon, who won headlines by bolting the Republican Party during the convention !o become the Senate's only Independent. One Confederate Veteran Shows Up MOBILE, Ala. (/PI —A happy, 107 year-old Confederate veteran, whose only disappointment is that the last living Union veteran is not here to join him, was guest of honor today at the opening of the annual con- CONFERENCE ROOM TO ALTAR—Giving up his position as controller of International Business Machine's World Trade Corporation, George M. Morrison, 39, is going into the ministry. Shown above with his wife and two children, Morrison says he'll .return to Toronto, Canada, to begin three years' study at Emmanuel College. Morrison is a graduate o! the University" of Toronto. Shorty, Grandma Say They're Making Out Okay for Present LOUISA, Ky. (ff) — Grandma I talk Him. We talked to each other. Sproiise, 87-year-old housewife, had . The publicity won them a honey. to coax her 56-year-old husband to ... moon trip Io New York and gave Grandma her first look at the ocean. pose for a picture yesterday, their seventh wedding anniversary. "Shorty can be mighty stubborn," she explained to the photographer "What would anybody want with that? It \vns all over the front of waiting in their two-room mountain | Coney Island. I wouldn't want it cabin at. nearby Cat Hollow. here, I can tell you." But she was quick Io praise her Shorty, who doesn't talk much spouse's cooking and gardening, did say he no longer tends a tobacco adding: "Shorty and I are making patch but still has a good stand of out all right.' Asked who proposed before their marriage in 1946. she replied: | year," he observed, He didn't talk me and I didn't | have a gun." corn and a "kitchen garden." "Squirrel hunting was good "but I didn't WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD A Slice or a Trucklood Special Prices For Picnics and Parties OTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Sf - Blytheville Underground Terrorists Are Arrested JERUSALEM (/Pj—Police arrestjii 18 men last night on charges r.:' membership In an underground f er- vorlst organization. Atty. Gen. Haim Cohen asserted the group had been linked with a series of recent outrages against institutions and build- irgs throughout I:,rael. Cohn said the organization was uncovered after several men were errested in an attempt to blow up the Ministry of Education as a demonstration against a proposed unified education scheme. The attorney general declined to tepiy, however, when asked whether he group was responsible for the February bombing of the Soviet le- ra.tlon in Tel Aviv Shortly after the .-last Moscow broke diplomatic relations with Israel. Cohen said police had discovered documents proving the existence of he underground organization and Reds Score Defense Pacf TOKYO (/Pj — The Communist Peiping radio said tonight that a mutual defense pact offered South Korea by President Eisenhower "will place an outstanding obstacle in the path of a peaceful settlement of the Korea question." The broadcast said the defense pact "would run counter to the object of the political conference to bring about the peaceful unification of Korea." The Communist statement added, without elaboration, that "full settlement of the prisoner of war question now still depends on -whether the American side is able to carry out quickly the provisions of the agreement" signed Monday at Pan- munjpm. several small caches of Illegal arms. He declared the documents indicated the plotters were "nnti-cvery- hing," including communism, the sale of pork, military service for *'omen and Russian books. NOTICE OF BED CROSS ANNUAL MEETING Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of the Chickasawba District Chapter of the American Red Cross will be held in the Red Cross Chapter House. 224 North Second Street, Blytheville, Arkansas, on Thursday Evening, June 11, 1953, at 1:30 P. M. The purpose of that meeting Is to make an annual report of activities carried on during the past year and to elect officers and board members to direct the operation of the said chapter for the year beginning July 1, 1953, and ending June 30, 1954. j Kvery person in the Chickasawba ; District of Mississippi County who j lias contributed one dollar or more ! in the past twelve months is a' member of the Chapter and each member is urged to attend. E. J. Cure, Chapter Chairman. 6,V>;53-6,9|53 Lcaiilngr Ports New York. London, Hamburg, Antwerp and Rotteidam ar; the world's five lending ports olassi- ied, in order, according to tne net registered tonnage ol foreign ships entering them A 1953 CMC Pickup 1565 delivered locally See what you get! 105 HP Valve-in-head Engine • 8.0 to 1 Compression Ratio • "6-Footer" Cub • 45-Ampere Generator • Double-Acting Shock Absorbers . Recirculating Ball-Bearing Steering • Self. Energizing Brake! • Synchro-Mesh Transmission - 6-Ply Heavy-Duty Tires. *Model KM-SI DUAWtANGE TWCK HYMA-MATtC tmd olkor t «quipni«nl, occossories, stola and local laxos, II any, additional. PncM •ay wry slightly m adjoining communities du« to snipping charoos. All pricm subject to chango without notico. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 E. MAIN STREET, BLYTHEVILLE vention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Gen. John B. Sailing, attired in a smart grey Confederate uniform, flew into Mobile last night for the 58th Confederate reunion. He is the only one of four living Confederate veterans able to attend. Sailing told newsmen he was sorry that Albert Woolson, 106-year-old Union veteran of Duluth. Minn., wasn't here. "I wanted to meet that Yankee," he said. Gen. Sailing, an enlisted man In the War Between the States, acquired his rank of general by virtue of his age. Queen Hit, Her Opera A Bust LONDON «n—Elizabeth II was a smash hit at the opera last night but Benjamin Britten's version of her namesake didn't make out nearly as well with London's music critics today. The occasion was the gala premiere of Britten's coronation opera "Gloriana,"' based on the story of Elizabeth I and the Earl of Essex and dedicated to the newly crowned sovereign. Today's Elizabeth and the People Must Know, New Law Maintains SACRAMENTO, Calif. M — The California Assembly last night completed legislative action on a freedom of information bffl which prohibits closed meetings of local governmental bodies. The measure requires 24-hour notice to newspapers, radio and tele- 200 Mexicans Excommunicated . PUEBLA, Mexico dn— Archibshop Octaviano Iwarquez has excommunicated some 200 Roman Catholics in Tlaxcala for stoning their priest's house. He said the ex-communication also applies to "their children and their children's children." Roman Catholics in the small Mexican town objected to the sending of a statue of their particular saint, the Virgin of Ocotlan, to another town for a religious celebration. No one was injured and no damage was done to the priest's home bulk of the royal adults headed the most glittering audience that has lacked Covent Garden for genera- ions. "All the ingredinets ol a proper royal celebration were at hand except a suitable opera or even a good opera," commented critic Cecil Smith of the Daily Express. Most of the other critics agreed. Adams Appliance Co. Inc. vision stations of any special.mee ing The provisions do not apply state agencies. The Assembly agreed to the Sen ate amendments and sent the bl to the governor for his sxpectei sir-nature. In addition to the regulatory fea tures the measure carries this state ment of policy: "In enacting this chapter, th Legislature finds and declares tha the public commissions, boards an councils and the other public agen cies in this state exist to aid in thi conduct of the people's business, is the intent of the law that the scions be taken openly and tha their deliberations be conductec openly. "The people of this state do no yield their sovereignty to the agen cies which' serve them. The peoplo in delegating their authority, do no give their public servants the rlgh to decide what is good for the peo pie to know and what is not good fo them to know. The people insist i remaining informed so that the may retain control over the instru ments they have created." Closed Meetings (members only) Tues 8:30 pm Open Meetings (Public invited) Fri 8:30 pm AA CLUB ROOMS 111 EAST MAIN ST. Write for Free^Booklet ana other information. 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