The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 4, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1939
Page 7
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SATURDAY, NOV. 4, 1939. PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER COMPLETE BATHROOM—Outfit, < sale. Inq. at Rogers' Bakery. Sci vllle. Tel. 182. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEN Brouse Along $jMm Row - - - Perhaps The Things You Want Are Here ^^ , , a..MoibJtJt*.,^^ * I LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Daily rate per line lor consecutive Insertions: Charge Cash Three days. 3 lines $ .81 * -72 One day, 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions takes the one time Insertion rate; no ad taken for less than basis of Ihrec lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by telephone, and if paid at The Daily News Office within six days from the first insertion wish rate will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and stopped before expiration will be charged only for the number of times the ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Rate per line for white space is the | same as i» !.'•»« of copy. Announcements Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 CUT FLOWERS—And funeral work. Tel. 672. Frank Nordinc, 810 E. Ludington Ave. , Personals 7 RIFLE—For siilc. 32 Winchester 8 Deer Rifle. Inq. B07 N. Rowc after m. or phone 1120-R. STRAPS AND HANDS—All sfjffl sizes, for all watches. Real prices. Hninilton's, 225 S. James. l ( Farm and Dairy Products \,j^>: RIPE HUBBARD SQUASH—For the pound or ton. Frank I26-F-I4, Scottville. «,! Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers KINDLING WOOD—For sale. $2 Mrs. Joseph Venn. 624 E. . PRATT AND DOMINO FEEDS—At; onahle prices. Bethke Feed Barn.. 1C5-W. Good Things to Eat APPLES FOR SALE—15c and 25c~a Mrs. Emma Schwass, !>{. ml. E., 1 S. of Button's Corner, R. 1, Ludl GET YOUK—Winter supply of app now. Very fine. Starks, Rod & Gold Delicious, Wagners, Spies. Win Bananas and Baldwins. John Han.srn. V, nil. N. Stiles Corner,, LudiiiRton. SPECIAL OIL BURNER BARGAIN. 1938-39 Model, brand new Duo-Therm. Was 599.51). now $12.M; 9,375 cu. ft.* lu-atiiig capacity, beautiful finish with rxtra large 18" burner. II. Smcdberg & Son, Custcr. MEN! WANT VIM? TAKE RAW OYS- concentrates and other InvlRor- iitors in OSTIIKX tablets, to pep up ; OVERSI7.K 12-14—And 18" Burners, used whole body quirk: $1.(M) sl/e. today sac. If nol delighted with resnlts first package, maker refunds this price. Yon don't risk a penny. Call, write "Sahlmark's Pharmacy. Automotive ^^S^S^S^S****^*^*******^**"^**^ Automobiles for Sale 11 I!i32 DOIXiE—1-door sedan. A-I condition. SILTi. 1933 Chevrolet coach, A-l i-nndltion: 1U32 Chevrolet coach. A-I condition. P. F. Srhaner, Scottville. Garages—Autos for Hire 14 GARAGE AT 210 S. JAMES ST. SiiMrr mi ;ill cars. Guaranteed work. It.iv Gunhrrg and Henry Gcnla. Me- — In Duo-Therm Oil heaters save fuel, give more heat and lasts longer. M. Smedberg and Son. in Custcr. SEE—The new MEADOWS WASHER at THE PALACE. Scottville. $39.95 and up. FRANK CLAVEAU. POPEYE Registered U. S. Patent Office SUSPOSE lOOS'PEEK AT HIM.KIKU5 CLAPTR/XP? ACROSS THE BAV FROV1 UEUTOPJA JSJ A^ _ SOUWTRV KNOWS) AS OLDTOP1A, A SHIPWRECKED PERSOM IS WASHED ASHORE. SAFEUV EATVOUR CAVIAR. MV VALUABLE- LITTLE. RA1SJ81R.D MOKJEV ROVJSOKJ ORCHARDS Flannel Suede Cloth rOHGOOOVl 1 4 AM SO GLAD • SEE LAND PENNEY BLONDIE Registered V. S. Pat»nt Office WOW DO VOU KEEP VOURSBLF SO CUBAN; MAMA"? WERE HAVING A SWELL TIME, MAMA ft' MOTOR—Or electric radio will p;for a Winchargcr. L. Kolbcrg, 2 8. E., !'/> nil. N. Scottville. 2 house.'" Mennllignr school. A SPORT ROAUoTER—In good Itlpn, will swap lor grain or any- g else I can use. Ranold Thurow, HOME ANt> GET CLEANED UP ^4 Jflh-8., 1 mi. W. of Scottville. S OF BEAN POPS—In a stack, threshed. Will swap for what lfltir£Lyou. C. F. Knudscn, 3!i mi. S. Route 2. er Cardinal THERE MUST BE—A reason why the ESTATE OIL IIEATROLA is leading the marhtt in sales. Find out before >mi buy. There arc plenty of reasons. See these marvelous stoves at W. E. HEADER A: CO., in Ct'STER. t'SED KEROSENE—Stove and Westinghouse Eire, range like new. II. Smed- B(rg & Son. Custcr. Repairing—Service Stations 16 Farm Equipment 61 ACETYLENE WEI.DINC—That's always rent ami we charge no fancy price, iit-lka Carage. llfl'-I S. Madison. .Take fJLYour Hat o The ,? PUHPS WATTB 5WTIH S- MAY TOOLS OOOOMANOCRS H. 8MKDBERO * SON- CUSTEK. Business Service Business Services Offered 18 FAK.MKKK ATTENTION—Dead stock removal. Phone collect. Prompt service. , MUSKKCUN RKN11KR1NG CO. Tel. j bcottvillc, I29-F-11. IMPROVE VOl'U VISION—By wearing R|.ISM'S |iri>|>rrly fitted and correctly adjusted. Chlniirry. St-nllvllle. RADIOS KIU'AI MttJ—Any make, rrns- on.ibli- prices, ixprrl kcrvice. Martin l.und Jr. IMiniK 39-F-2. I . I '1HK I'AKK STORE—Cldrr mill will run !;>>s and Thursdays until end of • Water Systems 61A .It'ST RECEIVED—The new TURBO- LIFT INIECTOR I'U.MI'S. They arc aj tried pump that we know will do the [ Job. No worklnc parts in the well. It] lias 19 outstanding features. See them i at W. E. RKADF.R & CO. In CUSTER. ] from Page 5) £•:Hallowe'en party in the ,gyfnnasium Oct. 25 which rijoyed by everyone who Candy and pop were 'reshments. .nasium was very nr- 'decoratecl with leaves, '/. and cornstalks. It very nice party. __, >: !QLASS PICTURES "fsdly was a great day in Custer day when taken by the'Camp-Publishing company of Ypsil$ijtv r; Each year the Senior class hsi''e their pictures taken and it^is a,n honor looked forward to ye.ry much as one of the rewards; for | four years of high | Schipipr Wprk. The class is &rij$busly' awaiting the returns of i the photos. — ' -jrejT,-, . \ FELIX THE CAT Rogistered V. S. Patent Office Specials at the Stores 64 SPKCIAI $30.(H> Inule-in on any square I tub Maytag toward a new model 32 Maytag. Complete spervice on any washer. Grotrmat's Wife Saving Station. Wanted—To Buy 60 P-P-PLACE G-G\VE«=> THE: t-l'M I Park Dairy ..5 13 .278 10 Willoughby .. 5 13 .278 10 Moose 5 13 .278 10 NOTICE—We pay the highest prices for twins. BROIIY* BROS. Tel. MO. (Continued from page 6) Commercial League Standings W. L. Hall Lamp 3% Hudson Mot 7!' 8 Hupp Motor l l /4 Kurd Lock 55c Kingston Prod Z\'a Kin&el Drug Willoughby Plumb & . Nelson Watch Case King's Court. .14 .11 .11 .10 Dot- r*n ILaSalle Wines ret. Lr£S i i^key pd ry & Mach Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating 20 MEN'S SflTS—Dry cleanvd and pressed; plain dresses. 49r. LndhiRlon Dry i Cleaners, .lames and Foster Sts. i Dressmaking and Millinery 21 ' IIKMSTITCHINC;—Stamped Roods, children's dresses, suits, floss & yarn. Needlework Shop. 211 S. .lames St. Rooms and Board Rooms without Board 68 afjainst the powerful brewery- | Birke's Shoes 9 men who hold so many records EI CC Tamper 8 they need a secretary•to take care of them all. You couldn't go far wrong on an al consisting of Hillman Clair of the Industrial field, Schoenherr and DF.MKADI.i: STEAM HEATED—Bedroom gpOOl', McKerty Or OlSOQlO; for Kirl or woman, for rent. Breakfast and use of lovely living room if desired. lni|. <I05 N. Rath. Employment ^^r^s*s~~r^r**r~~~~~r*s*s*^-^* help Wanted—Female 32 Real Estate *~ — — *~^* Apartments and Flats Commercial. It's fun w£tchlft_ "Poop" McKerty roll against i top-notchers. Who knows? ; Might even get him to take his Rent I coat off. Then if you want ! some real class on your all-star 74 j team, don't overlook M. Meyers <.|RI. OR WOMAN—Wanted for ccncral housework. Please write Box 188, stat- iiiR age, experience, etc. WANTED—<!lrl for Rencral housework, nvcr 2. r . vrs. of aRc. :oi family of 4. No laundry. Write XY/., Box 71. DOWNSTAIRS furnace heal 1I5«-\V. of the Ladies' league. We doubt, 10 10 11 12 13 .667 .524 .524 .476 .429 .381 55c 1V 2 4'/4 Leading Bowler^ Commercial League Big Five (15 or more games) Games Ave. 185.1 181.4 180.4 180.4 180.3 Birke's ...... 18 jcnoenherr, P and N . .21 or, Birke's ........ 21 son. Birke's ........ 21 ell, P and N . . .21 Industrial League Big Five ' (12 or more games) Hillmian, ' Weyenlberg. LeClair, Weyenberg Games Ave. S—5-room flat with bath -though, Whether She WOllld COn al. Inq. 105 Sixth St. Phone! ^' . . ornofo,, descend to bowl with amateurs. . :— j Is Really Good l.ARfiE APARTMKNT—For rent, very , Bllt millUS the kidding, reasonable and.In downtown location. | S i 1oulc j be a ma tch worth ' | Vogel, Nelson's Serv. Benson, Weyenberg V. Taylor, Camera S it Inq. at Reliable Tire and Accessory Co., S. Harrison. ing four and one-half miles to I see. This Stroh's outfit is really W \NTED—<:irl or woman for general I NEWI.Y FURNISHED—3-room. heated good and jaillS ill the Spectators housework. Small family wit), child. apartment with bath, in "K^ant lo- whcrcver it exhibits. Seldom does it disappoint. that (i]i»nii)R for IntclliReiit and rxprrienri-d person. Cood pay. Writi- .IRC- and previous experience. All in- j j-ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT— I Did you kllOW ff>nu;it ion held strictly confidential. Address M. U., Box 71, c <> News. Help Wanted—Male 33 BAKER'S HELPER—Wanted. One Who wauls to learn a trade. Must he over IK yrs. of ace. Apply Blue Ribbon Bakery. EXPERIENCED SERVICE STATION OPERATOR— Wanted. Station complet- "Russ" and hot water furnished, inn. Schoenherr of the flashy Plumb l.a K es..u's Bakery. (.05 S. Washington. , and Non rc h 3 n<nR . G-ROOM u'AKTMENT—Modern, newly m °i' e than anyone in the pins, CL? decorated, spacious sunny rooms, fireplace, built-in tub and shower, cupboards, stokrr, steam heat. Adults pra- Ierred. E. Abrahamson, 710 E. Foster Houses for Rent 77 ed. .-quipped. References required also ; MOI)KRN HOUSES—Kor rent at 20fi N. Mime cash. Write S., Box 71, Hiding- W illlam; 205 N. Robert; 703 N. Rath. ton. Help — Male and Female 34 1MEN—Wanted to cut bolls and some to skid. II. W. Potter, 110 Blainc St., Scottville. Olmslcad & Ncwberg. Phone 22 or 792 evenings. Real Estate^ for Sale Brokers in Real Estate R Albert Vogel of Nelson's Service is the kingpin of that department in the IL with 3,224 dead soldiers. This boy Albert has | been doing some very nice alley work this season. He figures up the averages for his league and it's only natural he'd want to have his name somewhere near the top. Seems that Russell's Beauty Salon and Electric Tamper have j the five leading lady bowlers divided among themselves. We'll have to tip off the senate,. mo- . 15 . 12 . 18 .18 .15 192.1 188.8 179.1 176.3 173.6 MARKETS AND FINAUfCE NEW YORK STOCKS (ClnsliiK Prices) Adams Kxpi ess .................... 9 ; !' t Can .......................... 108V2 Am Smelt Rrf Am Tel <fe Tel Am Wat Wks 12:'i Anaconda 34'a Armour of 111 6 5 / u Auburn Auto '!','» Aviation Corporation fl'n Borcten 20?:, Calumet <fe Ht-cla V,'a Chcs & Ohio 42',!; Chrysler 88 Colum G & El 1\'.\ Com'wlth South l?a Curtiss Wright 12'j, Elec P & L 8 3 i, General Elec 41 Gen Poods 44 7 / H General Mot 54'i McClanahnn Oil Mich Silica 2>/ B Mich Steel T 5',i Michigan Sug I'/H Micromatic H Corp 5V:> Midwest A'oras I 3 ,s Motor Prod 14 ','4 Motor Wheel 17>/ z Murray Corp 7 Nash Kelv 7 \'n N Y Central 21% Packard Motor 4','s Peninsular Met l a ,n Reo Motor 2% Rlckel (H W) 3'/a Stand Tube B 2 Tlvoll Br3W 2 Warner Alrcralt 1% THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME Stock Averages, Nov. 4 (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 60 Indust Rails Util Stocks Net change ... D.I D.3 A.I D.I Today ......... 74.6 Previous day 74.7 Month ago 73.5 Year aijo 76.2 1939 High 77.0 1939 Low 58.8 1938 High 79.5 1938 Low 49.2 Movement in Recent Years 1932 Low 17.5 8.7 23.9 1929 High 146.9 153.9 184.3 1927 Low 51.6 95.3 61.8 22.2 22.5 22.1 21.9 23.8 15.7 23.5 12.1 40.0 39.9 38.5 36.7 40.6 .33.7 37.8 24.9 THE MARKETS Hudson Mot 7 >,'« Beef, Ib. Int Harvest 62',;, Int Nick Can 40<L- 52.7 52.8 sr.7 52.5 53.9 41.6 54.7 33.7 16.9 157.7 61.8 LOCAi, Light rod kidney beans $3.50 Dark red kidney beans $3.75 Dark cranberry beans $1.75 Light cranberry beans $2.25 White pea beans $2.40 Ycllowcyc beans $2.50 Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up 9c Heavy hens 12c Plymouth Rock springers. under 4 Ibs 12c Colored springers, 4 Ibs. and up 10c Grain Shelled corn, bu - 56c Oats, bu 35c Wheat, bu 75c Produce Kggs 27c Hides DAV NOU <3O OVER. TO 3E.E HIS MOTHER.-LEAVE TO HIM — THES'LL DO »T TIME., N\V DEAR-SltiL, TAE&E ARE PUREW BUSINESS INVIEST MENTS. WELL-DRESSED HALF OF THE BATTLE VMHEM MOU OEALVMITH THE PUBLIC. •WHAT? MORE NEW SHIKVS AMD SOX? SWEETIE-PIE, VOU'V/E ALREADV <3OT ErslOUsrH OF THEM TO STOCK A STORE! A BIG-HOLE IN NOUR. SOCK AND THE COLLAR. OF THAT jSHlRT LCJOkS IT HAD THROUGH A SAWMILL'. BELIENJE ME. HE NEVJER, LOOKED LIKE THAT BEFORE HE WAS MARRIED .60 Harvest 62',;. I Horse, per hide $3.50 TMirk Call 40V- Int Tel &, Tel 47'a Situations Wantcd-Fcmalc 3C j FOR JKAK^ESTAT^ BAKOAINM^ nopo i y investigations commit' son, Nafl Hank Hlrti;. IM)HSK\V'i)ltK—Wanted, by day or hour. Call at 604 N. Gaylord or phone 743-M. \ Situations Wanted—Male 37 COMPETENT COUPLE—Want employment as caretakers. Phone 18-K-23. Business Opportunities 38 STOIIE AND KILLING STATION—Finest location on US-31. Owner leaving slate. A real opportunity for immediate sale. Home Itealty Co., Hin. 8, Nal'l Hank of Lndlngton Bldg. Farms and Land for Sale 83 NICK 10 ACRE fAllM— For sale, 3 mi. E. «f Liidincton on US-10, has house mid barn. Call at 405 S. Madison or phone 481-M, Houses for Sale 84 FOR SALE—Beautiful modern home in Scottville, good location, fine condition. Address L, Hox 71, c/o News. Livestock HOUSE—Wanted to buy a small house In Scottville. Address M, Box 71, c/o N*ws. "J'KAM OF HOUSES—For sale. Wt. 3,200. Also Dodge Tractor and Rhode Island Red imllcls for sale. Albert Nielsen, ;.'J£ mi. S. of Scottville. 2 JERSEY COWS—For sale, one fresh and other will freshen Nov. 10. George Thell, 2 ml. E. and V- ml. N. Scottville. SMALL THOROUGHBRED — Hanishlre pigs on sale at Scottville, Nov. 7, by J. F. Bender, Irons, Mich. li-WEKIC-OLD TIGS—For snle. Mike Hannah. V. mi. N., '/i ml. E. Hlverton Townlinll. Tel. 20-F-32. Merchandise •\XNXV^V^^*X »N^%X^XN-^>XS^N Articles for Sale 51 FOlt SALE—A number of gasoline engine washers, also heating stoves-. Lawrence Mallix, Scottville. SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be published two times for 25 cents. Each ad must bear name and address of advertiser. They must be accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The News, none taken by telephone. If ads involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, they will be run free of charge. tee. All the leaders are veteran bowlers so take heart some of you young ladies just starting to bowl. Bowling is just like love. It has its ups and downs and can be either very depressing or supremely exhilarating. And when you're inclined to be disheartened, just remember that Harry Hallett and your bowling reporter, who bowled the lousiest game of his life the other day, didn't get good in a day. That was a swell idea of somebody's putting an ash tray alongside the post between alleys two and three. Something like that has been needed there a long time. It's been laughable at times, trying to see some bowler trying to balance a cigarette butt somewhere along the ball rack or on the edge of the chalk dish. Industrial League Standings Kennrcott Corp 41 UKK & Myers B 99',-. Marshall Field 16V« Masonlte Corp 39 Montgomery Ward 54Tli Motor Wlvcl 17 Nash-Kclvinator 7% National Biscuit 23 VH •fatl Power & Light 8'/ 2 York Central Z\\'.\ forth American 23'.'« 'ackard 4 ! 'i 'eniiey (J C) 91 ',•• 'helps Dodge 42 3 n 'hlllps Pete 431,:, 'ullman WH Radio 6','n Radio Kclth-Orp 1% Reo Motor Z\'.\ Republic Steel 25 ! ,i St. L-San Fran >•, Sears-Roebuck 85','a iouth Cal Edison 25','a . Standard Brands 5 3 /\ I EXCELLENT MILK COW— Will swap for anything I can use. Tested for TB and W. Rotary 15 Weyenberg .. 13 Eagles 13 Recreations .. 12 Nelson's Serv. 9 Hansen and Peterson . Camera Shop Gas Corp. — Bangs disease. Mrs. Maud Kerr, Cus- Am origan ter, 1st place S. of Fern store, E. sldn "'"ciicau -* —- j Laundry 9 8 8 L. 3 5 5 6 9 9 10 10 Pet. GB .833 .722 .722 .667 .500 .500 .444 .444 Saginaw Beans (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) SAGINAW. Mich., Nov. 4.—(/P)—Michigan Bean Shippers' Association Saturday paying prices: Handpicked pea- beans, 2.60 per cwt.; handpicked red kidneys, light, 3.90; dark, 3.90; handpicked yulloweyes, 2.50; handpicked choice reclcancd cranberries, light, 2.50; dark, 2. 1.70-2.02'/ 2 ; Wyoming Bliss Triumphs 90 percent U. S. 1, cotton sacks unwashed car, 1.60; Michigan Green Mountains U. S. 1, 1.40; Minnesota Hollendale section Cobblers U. S. Commercials car, 1.20; Minnesota Red River Valley section Cobblers U. S. Commercials, 1.10-1.15; North- Dakota Red River Valley section Cobblers, 35-90 percent U. S. 1, 1.05-.15: Bliss Triumphs 90 percent U. S. 1, 1.20.30; Early Ohlos, 85-90 perctnt U. S. 1, 1.10-.20. Standard Oil Cal 28 Standard Oil Ind 27:>ii Standard Oil N J 48'/4 9 '.i Jnderwood El 50 I'nlon Carbide 88',' B United Corp 2% U S Steel Wabash Yellow T & C 2.15-G...F o4M 34 ..6Z...I.. 75 20% ot ronrt. 6 12 .3-33 9 DETROIT STOCKS (Closing Stocks) Baldwin Rub 7 ',4 Borg Warner 27 Bower Roller Bear 34 Brlggs Mfg 25 Brown McLaren 1 '' a Chrysler 90 Cons Oil -. 8>/i Consumers Steel 1 '4 Continental Mot 4 5 !i Det Gray Ir ITi Det Mich Stove I'.i Det Paper Prod l^i Eureka Vacuum 4 Fed Mot Trk 6 Fronkenmuth 2 3 .' a Gar Wood Ind 6 Gen Motors 55 Qrnhnm Paige 98o Bcnton Ilarhor Produce (Quotations in Cents) BENTON HARBOR, Mich., Nov. 4.— </P)—Prices paid here Friday on 3,147 packages were: Apples—Bushels, No. 1, 2',4 In. Delicious, 65-90; Wagencrs, Baldwins, 60-65; Winter Bananas, 40-50; Northern Spys, 50-60; 2',' 4 In. Jonathans, 65-85; Grimes Golden, 50-55; King Davids, 55-60. Celery—Squares, 50; bunches, hearts, 15; medium, 20; mammoth, 30. Detroit Produce (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 4.—(^—(United States Department o Agriculture.)— Apples—Michigan bu. baskets and bu. boxes TJ. S. No. 1, 2>/2 In. min. Winter Bananas, .50; Delicious, 1-1.25; R. I. Greenings, .50; Jonathans, . 65-.8S; Kings, 50; King Davids, .35-.40; Mcln- tosh, .85-1.05; Spys, .75-1.25; Wageners, .40-.50; Wolf Rivers, .35-.40; 2>/ 4 In. min. Jonathans. .50-.75; Snows. .60-.65. OnloiiT-50 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Mich, yellows, medium size, .45-.60. Potatoes—100 Ib. sacks U. S. No. 1: Ida. Russet Burbanks, 2-2.15; Mich. Russet Rurals, 1.20-1.35; Chlppewas, 1.35-1.50; Green Mts., 1.35-1.40; Maine Chlppewas, 2-2.10. Chicago Potatoes (Quotations In Dollars and Cents) CHICAGO, 111., Nov. 4.—(#•)—(United States Department of Agriculture.) Potatoes—Receipts 94, on track 315, total U. S. shipments 455; market, Bliss Triumphs demand good; slightly stronger; other varieties all sections demand moderate; steady; supplies moderate; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks Chicago Dairy (Quotations in Cents) CHICAGO, Nov. 4.—(/P)—Butter—Receipts 397,894; market firm; creamery- 93 scorn, 28',i-30; 98, 229; 91, 28>,V, 90, 2V',V, £9, 26'i; 88, 25i/ 2 ; 90 centralized carlots, 27 Va-Ri. Eggs—Receipts 1,840; market steady; refrigerator extras, 18',i! standards, 18; firsts, 17 \4\ other prices unchanged, Primary Room of Morton School Has, basion Gay Hallo we' en Party Fun' was Scottville. a last week-end guest of Albert Mr. and Mrs. James Blundel Sorensen. and daughter, Betty, were Sun-| Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ander- day evening callers, Oct. 29, at son and daughter, Leona .Arlene, the Bert Harley home. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harley left Tuesday morning, Qct. 31, for Florida. Center Riverton School Has Party CENTER RIVERTON.— Pupils of Center Riverton school enjoyed a Hallowe'en party Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 31. The windows of the schoolroom were prettily decorated for the oc- MORTON SCHOOL.— The primary room enjoyed a Hallowe'en party Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 31. At 2 o'clock an old witch visited the schoolroom, after which games were enjoyed and a lunch consisting of doughnuts, cider, popcorn and candy was served. The children also enjoyed a leaves. peanut hunt among derived from the of Victory, spent Sunday, Oct. 29, with Mr. and Mrs. John Lichte. usual Hallowe'en games, including bobbing for apples and a treasure hunt, in which each pupil found a noisemaker, and a masked parade. A lunch of assorted sandwiches, cookies, doughnuts, cider and assorted colored nut cups filled with candy was served by the teacher, Mrs. Lula McGhan. Mrs. Leona Goodrich of Scottville, former teacher of the Guests were Joan Brye, Carol) primary room, was a special Brye, Joanne Buck, Janice Wy- 1 ant, Marilyn Wright, Nellie James, Betty Blundel, Jean Swan, Jack Wicklund and Le- Moyne Morton, all children under school age. Burton Reed is a new scholar at the Morton school. He is staying at the John Bigsby home. Miss Marie Scanlon of Grand Hyde District Hallowe'en Party Hyde schoor pupils and their teacher, Florence Adams,, enjoyed a Hallowe'en party Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 31. The school was decorated in Hallowe'en colors and various games were played, such as pinning the tail on a cat, bobbing for apples and making the most words out of Hallowe'en. A lunch of cake and jello was served. , Club Organized . Four-H handicraft and sewing clubs were organized at Hyde school Wednesday, Qct. 25, with Miss Florence Adams'-as leader, Officers elected were: Celta Rybicki, president; Minnie Kowalec, vice president; Eunice Va?t- yak, secretary; David Rybicfci, treasurer, and Paul Rybicki, ne^s reporter, The girls decided to name their club the "Nimble Fingers." sewing club. ,„ I Mr. and Mrs^ wayland f lettner of Manistee were evening visitors at the home of Mrs. K. Jurumbo Wednesday, Nov. 1. Arthur Maynard, accompanied bv Mr. Brown, attended,-the Miss Marie scamon 01 urana recently installed Rapids spent last week-end at guest. Other guests were Mrs. Earl Hannah, Mrs. Thys Talsma and son, John H. Mrs. Howard Schwass, son, Richard, and daughter, Nancy Lea; Mrs. Patrick Murphy and Mrs. Ardin, stock* sTle^af ScotVvUl^TuiBaday» Wyant and son, Ardin. The school is enjoying a new oil-burner furnace which was the home of her mother, Mrs. James Scanlon Sr. Mr and Mrs. Frank Brye and daughters, Barbara and Joan, U, S. 1, 1.65-.85; mostly, 1.75-.80; U. 8. wf »ro cinnHnv Hinnpr cnipsrq Oofc 2, 1.30-.35; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs 85- ^ere Sunday dinner guescsucc. 90 percent u. s. i, burlap sacks washed, 29, at the Emmet Briggs home in. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Schwass and son, Phillip, were guests of their aunt, Mrs. Mary Gamertsfelder, of West River-ton, Sunday, Oct. 29. Oct. 31. Mr. and Mrs. Frank were in Manistee Wednesday. 1. People In the Hyde Pat Martin of Muskegon wasred or are en joying electric Fifty home exteriors white, less than

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