The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 6, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1933
Page 5
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JUJ.T.&. 1933 PAGE ft¥I fit Le»S** tt to fit fci*t o* {If street iitirl «t ti »8i ifr« * fot frMrfft, et ft ty» ** *MF #*«*** '**** tloft pi**** **«*« 160 ftfid tell *i dl tt. W* *ftt i&ftteiat* tt ftit mBeb.. t*1es*e pfceae as wo* etefti it fhank you! _lSe*r«i* *8fc tt*Mc <tt »f. and Mrs. Leotisid fletchef Mid Mr. ftftd Mrs. Bnvll B«t« eafte dtow* frett Omaha smrdat and «ffe*t tt* day with Mr. At* Mrs. I. A. frteteher. they toe* « picnic tffftnef to the timber rof a pfe-fo«fth cilehtaUon. flmno ered at InB host* otttf, and Mrs Otto Leo northeast of Malretn Saturday evening to help Bruno Lett celebrate his birthday. the evening wan spent lit playing games and refreshments consist' Ing of Ice cream and cake were •erred. ^ Those present were the Misses Delia and Lucile Knot), Martha Ella, nosa, and Jo«ethlne Pontow, Ssther, Leona, Margaret, Doris and Ruth Lett, and Otto and Albert Belpold, Francis Robbin*, Edwin, Gerald, Robert, Ralph, dart and Arnold Lett, El' don, Pardon, Marvin and August Pontow, and the hostesses, Misses Erna and Gertrude Leu. The guests departed at a late hour wishing Bruno many more birthdays. BREEDERS SUPPLY CO, Party Lawrence Lisle entertained a group of friends at bis home near Hastings Monday evening. After dancing and games delicious refreshments Were served eomplet- ing the Jolly party. His guests Were Annette Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Summers, Phyllis Wilson, Marjorle Donner, Jane and Lorraine Fletcher, Dorothy Galliher Jeannette Luther ot Henderson, lames Beekwith, Jamie Summers Dick Hyde, Joe Robbing, Herb Benton, Bob Wilson, and Dale At* lensworth of Henderson. Picnic* On the A pleasant family gathering July Fourth was the one at the home of Mrs. Frances M. Benton when she enjoyed having her family together for a picnic din* net. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Benton, Marian and Robert, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Wolfe, .Doris, Maxine and Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. 8. J. Anderson, Dudley Conner, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Conner and their friends, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas and son. Jack, and daughter, Phyllis of Omaha, Mrs. A. A. Benton, Frances, James, Tom and Herb, Mr. and Mrs. Max Benton of Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. H, J. Benton and Gerald Van Ranseller of Council Bluffs, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Bum* mers shared their home and lawn with friends for a picnic on the Fourth. Those enjoying this occasion were; Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bummers and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Knight and son, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wearin and sons, Mr. and Mrs. J, H .Beekwith «nd son, Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Hlett, Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Baer and family, and Mrs. Zelma Fletcher and daughters. Others enjoying a picnic tbe Fourth were tbe families of 1. L. Donner, W. D. -McCausland, R. W. Salyers, 0. A. Rosenfeld ot Harlan, V. A, Helfenstein of Council Bluffs, and Frank Summers at tbe Summers home in tbe country. W.T1 tafc* trfr to Ktttfra* G. Kfft*sts*d frfrd Wff* •t finvptre. Colo., eoturtnt, of C. E. Sawett, *r« ***t o* a ttip to Ctt- eafco a*d are comfn* back thro*** Slattern, they Will stop at the Baerett* on the way hftet *ftd have hrvfted «r. **d Mrs. Esicrett to accompany them hack to Empire and spend the summer with them In this pleasant mountain resort. th«y *H1 be here atwtrt the first of next week and Mr. Eac- fett says they are going with them. Who Wouldn't? BROADCAST FROM STRATOSPHERE . DURING PICCARD'S FLIGHT AT WORLD'S FAIR ™*^ ^jjjar M. ^ . _ . ._ .... , . - . „.......-_;..—._-. .......... «^--.^i.^t~ a - J j.>*».r -; -mtaxaKis^vff^ff^sv^f!".^_-,.:^st.^ii\^.-£. r J.'y- " - - L_L:.. :__ .-;..••._.• . . - - • . •-:.;. : :fJi. hT«fettpt*a fef tte firw'tfra* to Jolj *n%» the baflowo that wrrles Settfe «M «W «* ii* Mccnfd twtffS ttafts tts a»»ft*»c« fr»m i of A Sentm Bf&fiert Hi Cottfteit Staff a the Anchor Serntt company ot St. Joseph, Mo. has appointed the Breeders Supply company 101 South Main street. Council Bluffs. Iowa, as distributor* for Ancho* product-, in western iowa and •astern Nebraska. H. i. McMurray, owner and manager ot the Breeders Supply company, announced that his aim and ambition will he to give the many Anchor customers in the territory they cover the best service possible and Will be prepared to give day and night shipping service. fhe Anchor plant at 8k Jo* seph, Mo. is the largest ot its kind in the world, tt is devoted exclusively to the production of anti hog cholera serum, animal and poultry vaccines. Wortd-s The marriage of Miss Violet gchoening, onty daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Schoening, of Mineola, to Gail Decker, ton ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Decker of Silver City took place Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at a pretty home wedding. Rev. O. C. Btermann of the St. John's Lutheran church at Mineola, read the marriage lines. Miss Gladys Pack ot Olenwood was the bride's only attendant and Jack Kirkendahl of Olenwood was best man. About two hundred cars brought a charivari crowd estimated at between four and five hundred people for the evening. Cards and visiting were enjoyed until a late hour. A lunch ot sandwiches, cake, coffee, lemonade, and soda pop was served to all. —Silver City Times. Oaks Sunday School Notes Oaks had an attendance of fifty-six last Sunday Including vis- .'{ ! at Special Prices NOTE; We have never made it a policy to under sell onf goods by forcing manufacturers to make wage slaves of their workmen, We believe in skilled, economical operation of our store at a small reasonable profit, The prices quoted here indicate that this policy saves our customers money. . _•_ M131 Shave Cream, big Milk Magnesia I pint ----- .. MiSl Solution 1 pint ___ „ Mineral Oil Genuine Russian . 1 pint ----- w -. Agarex Compound QQ r J pjnt^»- T -.»~--^' J ' ^* Hess Stock ' $120 Grape Juice 1Q r Sprfty, g»l .-.v* i pipt^ „*„„*•** fly Killer Household, pi- FljLKilter _ _ . 9 «;/* Dry Cleaner Easy to use. Bird Seed Hi Grade, 1 lb,»,..,'f Bathing Alcohol 25c Alco Bea?, ptt«.».*»'*' Mineral/Oil t - Genuin.e .RuB8ia»» 7 COLLINS Drug Co. The Recall Store TM pfbtteai tit Instairing th* ftrrtle bfeatfnistrnt appdrfltas to the gondels was not ens;. Accord- Jtnf to ti R Hi hwrtt of the Na- ttenii Sfe*dt*stlnf fSompany. there «MM ft ttttftttftd* »f detsns t» he w«fk«l ««rt i» »• W toake the effort r*>s«Ible. Ritperts iffdia broadcasting com- anles' taoofatoHlia worked day And Wfht to hat* the equipment ready for th* ftlght Mr. Hsnsott. who manages th« eotnpany's tech- nlcal operation* and engineering. pointed ont why the job was a tough one. "Patting th6 leading equipment !A the goftdola fof the purpose of talking back td the world would appear easy,* he said, "but when even the food that is carried 18 governed of the weight factor, the limitations imposed called for infinite ingenuity. Will N6t« Cosmic Bays. "Bear la mind, that to reach higher altitudes than man has ever attained, the stratosphere balloon must have a high gas capacity and t light load to ctrty. Many other things besides radio must be carried. tt ts planned to carry two persons, a pilot end an observer, and also a number of scientific Instruments. "Due to the rarity of air at altitudes above ten miles, tbe gondola iimst be alMlgbt and capable of retaining normal atmospheric pressure. Food and water as well as oxygen tanks must be catrled. A maximum of 100 pounds Is all that can be permitted for the radio equipment" These limitations' forced the use of the high frequencies of the abort wave band. In this case a frequency of 17,300 kilocycles hns been selected to carry the voices from the gondola. This will permit the maximum transmission with tbe minimum of weight In fact, the tr»n*mftt*r desfrfi** for thtt ptjfpns* *et|rhs tint stity pounds with wmt>im «]ntpm*nt ot power »n« anifnnt. and wilt fvsve »& scf&m «? three *«ts. which t* Wr* «fnfiv»tent of Mi* anwmnl »f etetfftettfr otetf oy the taU light of an antomohtle A r«*l»er hns ft fen been priwld- ed fof the observer* to k«p in trnieh *ttfi the t*««*d **«* This ytifVfafti nf the farftn ettnfpmrttt wm Ni MMWted on ft fr«rw*n<'> of ftlnFfoilfJtttct} ft,t«i klluejrtfi. «r k wave length of 4S roeifra. the weight will be About forty pounds. Pick Receiving LecstloAs. Because the ftfght m«J lost As long as twenty four hours, ir- rnnicements hate beftt mart* ta cr**r ffi* iB*t»nirfts fof *p»t nre** cnnrlns fro* tfi* fmtrown dwfn* tlte flfjtht the thre« firtist tmpwtftht rw««l» AoHnli »* ftlfht will f« the t«fc*-i><f. the point of nmstmoin srtftttite. and the retJirn to the earth, th* einet ttra* M these e»*nt4 t» pfoMettifttfnil. Which Wtll fceep ttft-- ehrlftwrtnf staff ctm stBntlt djrte? tetrtlrm. Ur. Hanson also discussed the pTtthiem of the selection of suit«Me reteltlng »oc*tio«9, so that »ne M niote short «a*e pick-tip [mint* will Always be within range of (he haltoon's minute transmit- ref during the flight The balloon may drift as far as three hundred mites or more. Pick-op points must trraniteft ft-fthfn rh»t rnrffni Ifi at! (flreftfons. Wfh mnt'i-i-rrt hy »trt> w the flattrmai f!fr,, tl i.-)»8tlnt Comfmnys ewfftfol mnro in Chl- engo. fn or^er tn nc prtnaretl to deal with fciwrffMirie* snch as iha 18* of fh« frtillfmn In desolate J* snrh n* northern SilehtgHn of Wisftinsfri. of even In owe of tht greflt l.ifee«. the timn.inn* of the flight—A Cfntirfy of Progress, the Srntlonnl Brt>nrtc««tlnn Company and thfl (Jhlcago Oaltf Mews—plan to follow tbe wnrw of the hallcott in a Ooodyear dlrtirlbte tlfld equipped with ft radio for the high- ef frequencies, which can relay and supply assistant* tf Jean Ptccard insp-cti newly^deslgned gondols, in which he or his to break record for a flight Into stratosphere. Insert is Lieutenant • v " • twin brother, Auguite, will attempt .Commander T. 0. W. Settle, pilot „ _ ** T 5*1* Margaret Both Rev. Wright and Rev. Grahmnes were with us and'Rev Wright gave a very'helpful talk Birthday Party Last Wednesday night following the young folks choir practice a surprise birthday party was given at Oaks in honor of Margaret Dodson, one of the choir members, A large group of young people were present and enjoyed games and refreshments OT sandwiches, pickles, cake, and lemonade, w, §ave more ih&» tfcs to The Leade? sv» bow many there * Senator PiUman, enroute for the economic conference, says that he is not for free and unlimited coinage of silver hut is in favor of a monetary reser which would be partly made up of the white metal, Sort of silver threads among the gold as it were, Who says things aren't ing? Just think of the hundreds of brokers who have gone to work. Next thing you know tbe army of bond salesmen wiU be bestirring Uself. One of <mr frie»4s who was sis years old when tbe World's Fair we? held in CWcagQ forty years ago says tbftt all be can remember of a th?e*4ay visit to tbe Columbian e*j»QsitioQ is that be got bis first drink of orangeade there, gucb is tbe pegged au4 we wo«l4 like to peg » few of 'em lose eaoui ' to net & »ew Pate Beaob eult, ~~T?'^ Wftui ft partasr W*Bt i "•-"" ~ to seu a from Bluffs Team Defeat Fitch Grocery in 11 Inning Set 'to, 11 to 10 A win, and a very excellent one, made up tor a string of defeats to the Malvern town baseball team Sunday when'tbe group defeated the Pitch Grocery nine of boiincll Bluffs 11 to 10, in an 11 inning game. Tbe victory came when Leon ard Anderson, in the last half of tbe llth, popped out a long ny to left field which enabled- Mulholland to desb across home plate from third for tbe winning score, The local club" were Jn excellent form and turned out one of the best -performances of tbe season. IB tbe visiting lineup were a number of stars who made a for* mldable group of opponents, Harold McRalu, former White Sox player, Roberts and Oiebl, formerly of tbe Athletics, were all i& tbe big time circuits and displayed & fast brand of ball In addl«Q» tbere was o»e athlete who bad, Q»ce alayed with the be- wbiifcered House of »avid club and two others from Mississippi Valley league, M»l¥ftrB itarted la tbe lead as the. game epe&ed, but lost this to tbe Bluffs team In tbe fifth wbea 8i» runs were b r o»?W te« By ex- tr&praiaary effort tbe locals tied tbe tally In tbe nintb an4 »eitber .Side worea until Malyers ferougW la tb& wJaaiBg number, aiea Bsyw of Straban, A n.ew* C9»wr fl« tbe local string, played faat ball at ^btt4 bfje a&4 tbe Malvers pUcber, one Jftsltwft 9f aub&« b&a<ile4 bis »»rt well. 4 80-04 «i&wd ftttsadesi tbe «awe, filling tbe ntw sbsae4 bleachers recently inaliltad by tbe t2y*$P*gwi^ Kittenballer* Play JEmerson Athletes Griidge Off Friday Booatew ArguroeivUMonday Even kittenballers are not al- ( ways the cheerful, pleasant fel- lers which one, from observation of them at play, would be led to believe. At least some part of their varied emotional capacities was evidenced when two teams took bat and ball Friday evening to play a grudge game. Captained by C. A. Johnson and G. A. Caldwell the two groups lined up and whammed away at the inoffensive ball for seven hard Innings with the result that Caldwell'a group claimed a 6 to 6 win over the other. High point In defense was reached when Capt. Johnson was put out after a brilliant base steal with the help of Cftpt. Caldwell who bad. at the time, relinquished bis place to another player, On Caldwell'B team: Earl P&ce, Gene Hertz, Paul Hertz, Frank zanders, Bob Burcy, Sidney Lar* aon, Carl Hertz, Harry Thomas, Ellis Graves, Clinton Fazel. John. son had: Ed Piper, Hurl) Benton, Quintes Walker, Gilbert Good, Arthur McCullough, Lawrence Hall, Cecil Butts, Lynn Mullen, Marvin Fazei. _ Locals Win Fourth Tilt withGlenwood Much Hittmsr Done m«n Wbaw Out 36; Score. 13*8 With mucb hard hittjng pf the ball — so hard »t one time tftat it feUed ft player — Mftlvern wp» over the Oleawood baseball club Tuesday by a i3 t» 9 game was fairly cjosft aw} was wUneswd py tbe crowd of tfte season. ejfcitemeut was furnished when a long fly to left field Qleu Boyea, aWe StrftUaa iu the side of tUe b,e»4, saedlcfti attewtlqa vat 8* re«»v»rft4 sfeestty wft» uaable 19 antab tbe Defeat Elliott Nine Close Tilt Goes to Mills County Club, 11 to 10 Newt Butts showed a new type f homerun technique when be whammed out a long high ball which plunked beneath a parked car and took several minutes to Jnd. This enabled the batsmen to leisurely encircle tha ba««» Vltbouf fear ,ot ^being Btoppedf Big Paul Hertz was in the box as usual for the All Stars while Dr, J. A. Kline pitched for the Firemen. A hard battle on ft warm day was shown on the Emerson diamond Sunday when the Emeroon nine nosed out the Elliott clut 11 to 10. The Emersonlans led throughout the game, but their opponents kept close behind and made the game consistently exciting. Bugler and Graham made up the Emerson battery, receiving excellent support from their field Engler struck out seven men during the UK and allowed the El liott batsmen 13 bits. Up for Illlott were Smith an< Elwood but these received no quite »uch able support. Smith threw a steady game, getting nine strikeouts and allowing eight bits, muil Meft4*y eveul»« ten WOB betb the Jt AH Stars Continue in Winning Streak AH Stars, able leaders in the fcittenbaij league, held that position Thursday evening when they battled the Firemen ten, winning 17 to 9. Tft9 Firemen, not so Ittcjjy la WtteabaU as they were last winter Jn volleyball, made a fast start, running in five counters the first inning, but lagged freia tben-on out. Firemen Take Tilt from Plymouth Ten With but few members of either team available the Firemen-Plymouth tilt Tuesday was won by tUe former group wheu they ran up a 17 to 10 tally on their opponents. Athletes were drawn Indiscriminately from the spectators to complete tbe two lineups. C. A. Johnson was In tfce pox for the Firemen and Mullen pitched for the Plymoutbs. Kittenball Pairing* Kittenball pairings for the week are below; Thursday, July 8: Merchants vs. All Stars. July 10; Boosters va. Firemen, Tuesday, July 11: Merchants vs. OHers. Team Standings Standings of teams in the kit? tenball league following play Tuesday evening are; Won Lo«t J'ct, All Stars --„,„,. 6 Q 1.000 Boosters _____ _,3 2 .COO Merchants -„ — ? 3 .400 Oilers .„ ..... -9 3 ,400 Firemen ____ —-2 3 .490 Plymouth* ----- 1 4 .800 did Ue »»!» wort at tbe 4»y, wbftmmlag out 88 Wt», aivldwl w to Authorized Chevrolet Sales, Service General Repairing Tires Owr trt Mills County Chevrolet Company

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