Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 23, 1948 · Page 26
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1948
Page 26
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2t. IMS M"»» CMy Otote-OftMtto, MUM City. la. HERE and THERE Fertile—Mrs. Bernard^Bell and daughter, Delorls, and Dorothy Elthon drove to Mitchell, S. Dak., to visit Mrs. Bell's daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Beck. They will also visit Mr. Bell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cummings, at Wessington Springs, S. Dak. Corwith— New officers in the American Legion are Robert DeGroote, commander; Charles Abrams, first vice commander, Larry Frieberg, adjutant, and Phil Merriam, sergeant-at-arms. Hayfield—Miss Eilene Shannon Is here from New York City spending her vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs. Galen Hauge, and family. Kanawha—The Rev. F. R. Howlett of Los Angeles, Cal., has been visiting relatives here. He is a brother of John and Charles Hewlett. Dumont—Mrs. W. B. Miller was taken to Iowa City Wednesday for her regular check-up. Kanawha—Mrs. Agnes Kinseth and children of Eagle Grove were recent guests in the home of her mother, Mrs. Christena Nelson, and her sister, Mrs. Pete Evans and family. Crystal Lake—Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jensen and family of Texas are spending a vacation visiting his brother, Elmer Jensen and family. Carpenter—Mr. and Mrs. Theoder Vick and son, Emery, of Clear Lake visited recently at the Carrie Culbertson home. Crystal Lake—Tony Goepel of Evanston, 111., and his niece, Mrs. • Charles Falstitch, and daughter, Sheila, of Chicago, are here visiting his father, Charles Goepel, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Paulson. Dumont — Mrs. C. L. Witt and daughter Patty of Los Angeles, Cal., arrived for an extended visit with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kramer. Swaledale—Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hoskins and family of Zeering visited Mr. and Mrs. Milo Hoskins and Marlys. Clarion—The annual Richardson picnic and reunion will be held Sunday at the park in Webster City. Dumont—Miss. Marjorie Raber of Kellogg is a guest this week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Freese. Kanawha—Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ross of Galva, 111., were visiting old friends here recently. They are former Kanawha residents. Crystal Lake — Mr. and Mrs. Grant Rogeness and family of Hollywood, 111., are here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Roge- ness and Sanford and brother, Roy Rogeness and family. Dumont — The 18th annual Woodley reunion was held Sunday at Clarion. Over 100 persons attended from Hampton, Hansell, Boone, Clarion, Sheffield, Dumont and Lyle, Minn. Crystal Lake—Phillip Ingebrit- gon went to Iowa City to visit Donald Johnson who was the high school coach here last,year. Stilson—The Rev. Lewis Lint has returned from Clear Lake where he spent a week with the Boy Scouts at Camp Roosevelt. Dnmont—Mr. and Mrs. George Davis and family arrived from Indio, Cal., for several days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis. Bradford—Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Hamilton were recent guests of their daughters and families in Chicago. Fertile — Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rye received word that a daughter was born to their daughter, Mrs. Gordon Methus, at the Municipal hospital at Forest City. Corwith—Mrs. Edith Foster and 2 sons of Geneseo, 111., are visiting at the home of Mrs. Foster's sisters and their families, Mrs. Glenn Cashner and Mrs. Ernest Bonnstetter.* Swca City—Six year old Beverly Troff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Troff of Gerled, underwent an emergency operation for ruptured appendix at Holy Family hospital, Estherville, recently. Goodell—Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cory of Waterloo visited in the C. H. Conklin home. Garner — Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Drake of Elkhart, 111., are visiting with the Wilson White family in Ellington township. They plan to be here about a week. Marble Rock — Mr. and Mrs. Herman Niklos and son, Frank of Marble Rock, and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peterson of Charles City left for a fishing trip in Minnesota. Clarksvllle—Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Busching entertained at a reception in the church parlors of the Evangelical and Reformed church recently in honor of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Busching, who had just returned from a wedding trip • to Twin Pine resort, Whipholt, Minn. Chapin — Misses Viola Banker and Doris Collins have returned home from a week's stay at Clear Wesley—Ben Leu and son, Merlin of Hillsboro, Ore., spent several days recently at the home of his half-brother, Charles Kraus, and family. Rockford—Atty. B. C. Sullivan accompanied by Dr. R. A. Knight, Dale Witter and Kenneth Govro left for Eagle Lake, Canada, where they will spend a week fishing and sight-seeing. ' Ackley-— Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Clark of Kansas City, Mo., were recent guests in the home of Mrs. Bertha Gressler. Wesley—Frank Studer of Verdon, Canada, visited Studer relatives here recently. He is a brother of the late Amandus, Nathan and Gregory Studer and lived here years ago. Scaxville — Mrs. D. Skjervheim •nd Arthur of Seattle, Wash., visited recently at the Tom Torger•on home. Woden—Henry Meyer has been visiting relatives at Hastings Kebr., the past week. Plymouth—The bridge over the Shell Rock "river on the county line is being treated to new plank Iowa Falls—Mrs. T. H. Halsteen of Glendale, Cal., formerly of Iowa Falls, is spending several days with friends in Iowa Falls enroute to her home from Oslo, ^Torway, where she has been visiting reJatives. Wesley—Mrs. Esther Skow and her house guest, Augusta Swanson, a returned missionary, visited re- :ently at the Ben Josephson home in Boone. . Rockford—The Misses Marshia and Karen Kuhlemeier of Mason City came for a visit with their ;randparents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kuhlemeier. . and Mrs. Vincent Dwyer and 5 year old twins, Diana and John, and Stephen Dvvyer's infant daughter, Kathleen, all of Haywood, .Cal., are visiting the Margaret Benton and Kenneth Dwyer homes. Mr. Dwyer is warrant officer in the navy and is on a 30-day leave. Ackley—Mr. and Mrs. William A. Winter have returned from Minneapolis, Minn., where they spent several weeks in the home of Mrs. C. A. Berger. Swaledale—Mr. and Mrs. R. J. arr have gone to Two Harbors, Minn., for a vacation. Dumont — Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Weigardt and son, Ralph; Mrs. T. Westerhof and son, Ted, all of Davenport, and Mrs. Harry Wheaton and sons of Des Moines, were recent visitors in the Harold Misfeldt home. Swaledale — Audrey and Mary Ames of Farmington, Minn., were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Ames. Goodell—Charles Mikesh, Jr., is recovering from a major operation in the Steele Memorial hospital at Belmond. Marble Rock—Mrs. Nettie Pierson of Dubuque is spending a few weeks in the home of her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Galen Harris. Dougherty—Mrs. Annie L. Mullin visited in Cedar Rapids with her sister, Sister Robert Clair. Lake where they attended the youth fellowship camp. Lakota — Thomas O'Conner of Washington, D. C., came to the Steve Powers home to spend his vacation. His wife came several weeks previous. She is the former Catherine Powers. Joice—Mr. and Mrs. Roland A. McGirr of San Diego, Cal., are the parents of their first child, a son, born July 16. Mrs. McGirr is the former Helen Escherich, daughter of Mrs. Henry Kittleson of Joice. Scarville — Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Reiso, Mrs. K. Anderson and Andrew, were .among guests at the Mrs. Anna Singlestad home recently in courtesy to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Vermedal of Mason City, who will in the near future leave for Norway. Klemme—Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jost and Charles Bielefeld were guests at the Seabo Lamfers home near Kanawha Monday. Woden—Mrs. George Eden underwent' a major operation at a Mason City hospital recently. Plymouth—Mi-s. C. H. Lucas of Nora Springs visited her father, A. Chesebro, who is recovering from a fall Saturday while in Mason City. Bradford—Mrs. C. B. Jones has gone to Los Angeles, Cal., for a 4 weeks' visit with her sister and family. Mrs. Elmer Hackbarth ha charge of the postoffice during her absence. Bradford—Mrs. Marvel Bailey is a patient in the Ellsworth hospital at Iowa Falls. . FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wearers of false teeth have suffered real embarrassment because their plate dropped, slipped or wabbled at just the wrong time. Do not live In fear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH, the alkaline (nonacid) powder, on your plates. Holds false teeth more firmly, so they leel more comfortable. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug store. FOR fICK PCOPLE STOMACH AILMENTS, WEAK KIDNEYS, RHEUMATIC PAINS, ARTHRITIS, NEURITIS and. aucix complaints as Headaches, Nervousness. Acids, Toxins, Blont- lag. Lack or Vitality, Energy. Poor _ Appetite Underweight. Dizzy Spells. 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C.— "but as pharmacists, we know good medicine, and we believe there is none better than Geo-Mineral is a. supplement for mineral deficiency. Doctors, hospitals, sanatorium* know the value of natural minerals. We arc not sur- S rlsed at the many users who came ack to buy more and told us stories of amazing benefit. We recommend it to our friends, relatives, and beloved ones, and to every one wishing for Hetttr Health." Mail Order* to Above Address ^__ Add Ito Far GEO-MINERAL Retell Price 1 Bottle $1.10 6 Bottles $6.00 J03 NORTH FEDERAL MASON CITY, JOWA Polio Cases to 3,603 More Than for Same 1946 Period Washington, (&) — The number of infantile paralysis cases in the nation this year mounted to 3,603 last week, the public health service reported Wednesday. This is 1,011 more than for the same period in 1946, 2nd worst polio year on record. The service said the majority of cases still are being reported from 3 states—North Carolina, California and Texas. While 6 other southern states have reported slightly more than the expected number, the service said, there has been no "significant concentration" of cases except in the 3 hard-hit states. i Whether this year's totals will exceed those for 1946 at year's end still remains to be seen. In 194,6, the polio rise began later than it did this year. Thus, the service said, it is possible that this year's "peak" will be reached earlier than in 1946. On July 17, North Carolina's total for the year was 686, but in 2 days, 23 new cases were reported, bringing the total on July 19 to 709. (State officials said the number went up to 783 Wednesday.) Texas has had 810 cases up to July 17; California, 611. Other states reporting more than 50 cases for the year up to July 17 include Iowa 94 and Nebraska 67. Osage High School Hires Ag Teacher Osare—The new vocational agriculture instructor for the Osage high school j£ to be Gerald McGrane of Watenoo. McGrane has had 8 years of experience with his father in farming, spent 4 years in the army, and will obtain, his degree from Iowa State college, Ames, this summer. He will be available Aug. 1 to assume his new duties. McGrane was reared in nearby Elma, having graduated from the Elma high school. He is married and has a son, 4i, and a daughter, 2. Many physicians say that climbing stairs is likely to injure the health of people past their youth reports the World Book Encyclopedia. Hanlontown Elevator Has Annual Election Hanlontown—At the ovganiza- :ion meeting of the newly elected aoard of directors of the Farmers Elevator Co. Melvin Mitgaard was elected president, C. A. Brunsvold, vice president and Oscar Elves- ither secretary. Other members of the board are William Trail, Alfred Prestholt, Carl Brunsvold and Louis Severson. The elevator has planned a building program with a new warehouse to be built this fall and a new feed mill in the spring. 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