The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 21, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1894
Page 1
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7-01. X71TT. NO. 22. CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, SKVTMBER 21, 1894. WHOLE A T 0. 910. THE STOCK dF THE CARROLL DRY GOODS CO WILL REMAIN ON SALE ONLY A PEW DAYS LONGER. ***. .^ggood.^glb.*.*.P-ggyg™ •• *"*£,•*£ out of ^ Suoh . Dress Goods. Silk Firrish%enrietta, 4«-in. wide,..'..... Cashmeres, Imported Goods, Silk Finish, •' t Colors,38-in. wide 50-in. wide, all wool Surges. . ' Crepe, all wool, 38-in. goMa Armure Rctfal, New Styles-all wool, 44-in. wide, black and colors. 1.;.. Granite Cloth, all wool, 384n, .wide, Elegant new goods 7. Jamestown, all wool Sergei Black-and Colors, (no better) Jamestown Basket Weaves ., Jamestown Hop Sacking, all wool. 38-in Lamb wool Plaids, (goods that will wash) .. Nuns Veiling, all wool. Laporte Woolen Dress Flannels, 28-in. wide 54-iu Berlin Suitings, all wool, in colors.... 54mDreBS;FiamielBj . Trimmings. Linings of all kinds, findings of every descnptipn^Braids, Jets, Velvets, Trimming bilks, at lower prices than have ever been quoted to you. Buttons at 5c., lOc, and 15c. pejr card. Handkerchiefs. Ladies' Hemstitched.. " Fancy Border Embroidered . " ,, H " forma ptto* 11.2 1.25 1.25 1.00 .85 .75 .60 ,85 1.00 .85 .60 1.00 .75 Wool Muffl cheaper Chiffon...... Initial... \ mdsbf Kerchiefs, Silk Mufflers, fflA -3. Ties, Windsor Ties, etc;, etc! you have ever bought them. Every Amcle a GENUINE BARGAIN .07 .10 .20 .25 .25 .15 Pries now. * .75 .60 .75 .75 .62 .65 .48* .43 S .65 > .72 .55 .86 .77 .65 White Goods. India Linen ; Former price Embroidered Swiss, 45-in. wide .!.'.' r» ** J* • " 2 7-in.wide '.'.'.'.'. Dotted Swiss ...' Nainsook Checks, Plaids, and Stripes/at ridiculously low prices to close at once. Villa Kid Gloves Mascotte Kid Gloves .....'..'. Ber jtha Kid Gloves, worth$1.25 '.'.'.'. Othefknakes of Kid Gloves at the same sweeping reduction. Silk Gloves Ladies' Kid Mittens,' Silk Mittens,' etc.'' Shawls. Pepperell 94 Bleached Sheetfeg .... . 94 Unbleached Shifting !. Fruit of Loom 44 Bleached.. % .. Lonsdale 44 Bleached .......!..".'.!" Hope 44 Bleached .04 .05 .13 .15 .15 .07 Cloaks and Jackets. Ladies' Jackets, good value at old price . size 36, brown Tan, Gray.... ..' " Russian Blouses, Fine Cheviota.... " Capes, Silk Astrakan, Silk Lined, Elegant '* v M Capes, Silk Astrakan 3 , u Light Weight Jackets, worth up to . Misses' Jackets, Blue and Tan , Children's Cloaks, at 50c. on the dollar. Corsets. Beaver Shawls, very fine. good. Reversible Velvet Shawls. Blanket Shawls...... Camel Hair. Dr. Warner's "333" " French pattern " Coraline '.« a 4 in hand ....... < High Bust Health Perfect Waists.... 6.50 16.50 8.50 8.00 4.50 2.00 2.50 2.00 1.00 1.35 1.00 1.00 1.35 .85 .95 2.50 .75 .50 1.00 |{ff h ti Weight Summer'siiawis'!!.'.'!'.!!!.".' Shoulder Shawls ' Millinery Goods. Our entire line of winter and summer shapes, Flowers, Plumes, Tips, Ornaments, Trimmed Hats, not at cost, but at price. 2.00 1.50 1.00 .45 12.00 9.50 1 .00 .50 7.50 9.00 2.25 .60 Prloo DOW '1.25 1.10 .89 .25 8.90 6.90 5.35 7.75 5.70 6.90 1.65 .35 Ostrich Tips. o> Black and Colors. 5O of their value. The opportunity of years. The time to buy. Underwear. A few pieces of Ladies' Fine Cambric and Muslin Underwear to close out at less than one-naif the real value. Heavy underwear—Ladies', Misses', Children's and Gentlemen's, at less than cost, tariff off. Remnants. All odd yards, good goods, and cheap roods (ire thrown on the REMNANT ta)le. Lvery piece a big bargain t -, „ ,„„„. • I i "* v " •"•"ijr i/io^ci a uijj uurgam i Come at once before the lines are broken. Two doors east OI JrOStOfflce. Store open until 9 o'clock every evening. T. D. YATES. Agent. Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. W. 'SUADbic, ftulilonabla JUIlllnerjr. MlflS ELIA TU1>D, Millinery ana Fancy Good FINANCIAL. NATIONAL BANK. Cor. Main nod Klttn Street*. WOHTHWK8TKBN BUILDING AND LOAN i street I. J, A 3. 11. MATLOOK, Hftli Street. HARNESS. ETC. L. T. ANDKUSON, HitrneM und liurae Clotlilnii, _ Trout*, Valises twd Seivliw imoBlnw, "*' WINES AND UQUORQ. 11. ' Hiuon, Fourth 8ir*«t. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. ft I'ATTKHSON. W««U Mill*. T . Tank* aud Vva>t>»- JOB PRINTING. DAILY HKN'TINKL, Adami Street »«t> Equipped frllltlllg OfflO* la W««C*(tt low*. Professional Cards, L. MMITIN. U. K. MAIITU. MARTIN & MARTIN, 1 LAWYERS { wm i>«»«w* »» "Me Md JtJISULsJJSv* Teuprul uourtn. (•Pl'rompi HtumUou tJlvBO to collooUoue, JloUryluomeo. omoo m Meu«»u Black, GREAT WAVAL BATTLE. Japs and Chinese Fight Off the Corean Coast. GJSO. w. n LAWYER, OOtca on iifat Hour (Jur/uun taink tJ Will i>r<mt!cu lu ntuu »u4 f«4oralw>t»|». MAOH A UOYT LAWYERS. lu it«t« B »»»»», ovw oourw. UKvt (. w ATTORNEY &l LAW, F, M. DAVENPORT, ' BKOAGEME.NT LASTED 811 HOURS. Both Bide* SiiflTurcd Reavjr jjoeios Iu Killed and Wouuded—Several Ohloeiu GralMn Sunk—Report* Are Ooqfllotluff, Bat It tomtit th» Cl»lnv»e Oat the Wont of the Fight—Othur Forolfa Hew*. LONDON, Sept. 20.—A dispatch filed at Shanghai »uys the Cblnoao claim they iefeatod tho Japanese fleet. It It addod, tiowover, that tbla olniiu la not entirely •indorsed by the 'wrespondont at Port Arthur, which HM uorotw the Gulfoi Joroa from the scouo o( the engagomout. Ho says bo hive seen aome of the Ohluftw iffloon wtio took part In tlw battle and bat they oviduotly believe their fleet had been victorious. Some naif a dozen Jap- <uu»e wa»hl]is put Into Port Arthur. All were badly damaged and lull of wounded men. It will require confide* iblo time to make the vowou terviceabla. rUeOWneso northern squadron, under thu command of Admiral Ting, left Por Arthur last Friday, having under oouvo even transporte. All the troops o board the transport* were Hunanoto an wort of them iufHutry, Thar* wera aUo u number of urtillorymen, with thei batteries on board, Sovoral Eiwopeani Accompanied the fleet, The object of the expedition wu to laud the ti-oopa near Wiju whenoe they woro to bo oout to tho front, Notblu! WMiieou of tho ouomy until th« inoutU or the Vatu river WM reaouud, Tnen a «<wt of wurships was reportea to bo in night uud beuriiitf down for tuo Chipe«B pquadron. Slgmds were boUtod on the fliiguhip ordering the truusuorU to make with all powlble speed for « plaoe of safety. Biguiils were alao get for thu Gliiusae fleet to cluur foi action, This order was promptly obeyed, In the meantime tno Japanese squadron was ooiulug up rupldly, nmklntf direct for (hv Ohluwe vestote, Tlw truusuorU had run iu toward* «hore and hurried prmi<t< rations wore made to tend the troop* Whore. Many of thwm were landed before the battle commenced. . Tho Oheu Yuen, one of the mast powerful vessel* in the Chinese uavy, fired a came in range'of her guns. The fire \vii promptly returned and soon the Chan Yuen was hotly engaged with two larg Japanese cruisers, one of which is said t have boon the Chiyoda. Tho other Jap. anese vessels got into tho positions they desired and the flght then bewiino gen oral. For sis hours tho battle was waged furiously. Nearly all the vessels on both sides wore engaged for tho whole six hours. Tho splended cruiser Cbih Yuon took A prominent part in tho engagement Her Krupp and Armstrong guns wuru well served and she poured hot anti well sustained fire from her auxiliary battery. Onp of tho Japanese vessels discharged a torpedo at here. The missile sped well from its tube and struck the Ctilh Yuon fairly. When it exploded it was apparent that It hod dono great damage, for the Chin Yuen began almost immediately to settle. Her crew, however, •tuck to their guns and dolivojod soms effective shots before their vessel sank. Twp OrtiUon iUii Acroiiud. The belted cruiser King Yuen met a similar fate, being struck wjth a torpedo and sinking shortly afterward. Many of the crows ol both vessels went down while still standing at close quarters. Only alow ol those on boiirfl wer saved, and it is reported 600 offlcoru an men were drowned by the foundering o those two vosMls. After tho Chlh ITnen and the King Yuen hod gouo dowu th orwlsew Yang Wei und CnaoYungrau aground while maneuvering for poal tiona. They were helpless and a do- struotito Hre was poured Into then) from the big guns of tho Japanese. It Is estimated the total Chinese loss Ii killed and woumlod was 1,500. it Is re. ported the Jupaiu-aa loss was 1,000 kllletj and wounded. Up to the time of tho seudlijg of the dispatch it was not possible to learn the names of the Japanese vessels the Chinese allege were destroyed In the engagement. linillcul* UaliioU 'flii-M So«u. KNiiAOKs, Sept. 80. -Tho result of the federal election*, lu>W to replace 85 members of tho laudsthlug, was that 10 members of tho Right, seven members of the Moderate Left and four .UtuttoHls were elected. Tho Hadioate gained hree seats, r Doming Howie Cows, Sapt. ao,-'fhe American min- ster to the republic of Colombia bus ar- Ivod here from Bogota, auixnite to tho Inited State*. It is 1 Will^Fp IBMW* •• 1.4** SPAIN IS IN NO HURRY No Advance Made Toward a New Commercial Treaty. CUBAN PLASTEB8 IK BAD SHAPE In a Slate of Paulo at llio Proapcou of La*. lug riielr I'rloolp*) AUrkel Fur 8og»r 6|mnl«b flaverument forced to Glvu Tlinin Knllnr — Coaiuli Kaeogaltett by CIcvoUuU— WMblu«tun New*, WAHUINQTON, Sc-pt. 19.— So far as cun bo ascertained tUe Simnish government as yot has made no formal advance to- wiml the npgotintion ol a now conuuor oiitl treaty with the United Stutwiuvl al- tliougli a woveiaeat iu that dlroc-tion is exiiected in tbe nea? future, thu subject is so bosot with difflcultios, the outcome ot thu negotiations la extremely doubtful. The reotprooity "urruugoiasut" iu was styled the conipuot negotiated with 3i)i»lH by Secretary BJttluo to diatiugnfih It from Iprmer tre^Uot, has fallen through since (be new tariff act wtmt into operation. U was not iwuueaury /or either government to "deuoimce" tUe othor or serve jjotlco of ita dotonuination for tUU wai done by the not. Each gov- eruuu'ut coutenta iUulf with a uotiue tu ita revouue ooUeuton, in the uase of tho Uultixl States, that of tno new dutiua imposed by the t«riff. «nd lu tho oiwe of that tbe p)d dutlus must be ox nototl from imports from the United Stated. I by properly conduct military opemtloua and that lie vonld probably receive etill greater puaUhment. "If ChrUt C«me to Oou^-om." WASJUKUTON, Sept. 10.— The n-cently publielwd book entitled, "If Christ Ciuno to Cougress," has been dotuitied in the mnilfl pending im investigation by tho poatofllco departmeht of the alleged ob- Bconlty of tho publication. Thu author is M. W. Howard of Alabama, who expects to be nominated for congress. Ooanulii KecoKuliotl by Cli>»elaail WABULVJTOW, Sept. 10.—Tho preslden hivs rect>guiaed Hans Goia, consul of Uor many at Tacomu for Woshlugtoo, am Chung Ting OWp, consul general of the Chiuoao empire at Sun Francisco. Q' UuuiKo Will UMltfit. WASIIINQTON, fiopt. 10.—Sui»rvising Arohituct O'Uourko said that iu response to the request of Secretary Curllsln he expects to hand in his letter of rosiinia- tiou. mmlMiuC UnjurTnrUa. WASIIINUTON, Sept. 10.—Major Thomas Turtle, one of »ht» best known oftkvrs of tho oiiifinoer cort» ol the army, died hero, aged 00. Oovvrnor Altgiild libimri»r thu «<m of the Hovernor nf Iowa for thu 1 I on of ,M .1. l)o,i.,, UJ ., ,,, u i« r wm . st , a Uilvago ami wanted In llnrdm i-ouuty Iowa, for «ruuU lurvuitv. Tho tjohlU-rtt' Itvunlun nstfoplatiou ilo- olde<l lit WaukoKnu, Ills., to tiolit iu i-u- union >it V. r -'iy'» l/aki' ^n, iW mi(li.V, ^IBE INSURANCE^^TJ t^^s^^s^^s^^*^ G) BKMAPLK INSURANCK la Ilia beet ^ompiinlosmt ilia lowest rates. It pay* to have the bent. Boltot huve uolnsuir. MOO Ihaii to be limured In an imrolUWe ooni|(aiiy._ Tho boot cowiiauleacuu Ijo tho asaortton gpatu while thu arraugeweut u thttt it wtui uuiatisfautury to her, beyond muwtUw tlw rovewlou to the old order U still muru so. The Cuban sugar plaut- «>rf, aliwidy in bad itraita, are iu a state of ubuoliitepttuJo at the iiroauvot of tho low of their principal uiarket, the Uui». «wl Htutus, and are briuglug to bear snuh pressure ou the uorttN by luouumttls auil urguut lupioaoututioiUi of various kinds iuaUuobuanlnu govenmiout Is obll««l ;o move fur (heir relief evon at asiicrl- loo of a pwt of tho revenues derived from iuurwuud duties ou Auiaricuu -•—« *•.,.» nutUrul, |n;r JMou, «ad ii SootJjU* aud Jug Nwvliw.. Ifiir this j>urrx* irci'i FiHriti " only modi.ulue w Vunxf or >*uiiUi>tiiK ASiuNajotj, Sept. iu.— \ disuatoU torn Charles Pouby, the Uuited BUtm ouargu a'ailaij'os at Peldu, to the state ctouartmeut suys tho smijoror ol China iixs dojirlvad Viceroy LI Huug Ohuug ol wo of Wa 4«vorttlw«a for Wa (»ti uw to H. W. MADOIHIBEB OFFICE IN THE BANK OF CARROW,. Luultad nmounU of rallitblo Itmuninoe, in tool mutual (tompnnfe*. Kstl&oie.l co«t, •bout one lialf (Do present boatd r»U». If jou want reiiaoiiabla rutes on good Inauriuici), tako out a i>ulluy from the oiiljr non-boAM otUcu lu Iho uliy. . C. GRIFFITH, Ager.t. PARTIES iu Gniiu, Frovisious and WATCH B. C. Co., Chicagc Uk« pot vurv, M"iw» u » In UHidoiiuood, Wom»nhixHi, suit MoilU'i-Uood, t uv|j(urul» «ud t)i-*ix* ui) iTio Mbuii*t«\, "m'dowii pwrwiirkCH) aui) dolliwoi ulUiyiuud' ilahcd all Nci'vouu \Vculitutu? FJII. IKUUI, lly»t«vlm Gbon<a, ur St. VR • UttiuiOi kwrvot* uU uim»tur*l Ip. uuu-IUMS of uuiiibJy fuuiXloa «u\i O7 CARROLL. IOWA. Oapital,^100,000.00, Hurpluu, 4t5.UUO.UO. -now |V»^.>..»M > « W »IU_|W| U1IU«U^». For tbow about to Uwooiv saoUiori. lll» • -.—-»• W ^ WMV 0. 4. MAST. - u. w. WAvn.Bd. I). 1. WUTTI.KS. J. K. UrtffllU. w. if. alum**, eww**iv • wt *\ >V V f* iVViVW I for It \HUKM tlw ptUu* MM ( of cbUdurtu, »lu>rti>nt» "]»" vio* V. UlUrtob., on**. w«itsrsti>ttM, wallow,

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