Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 18, 1955 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1955
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MO- FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT 'AD Taker ?.*.• y»< Swing And Sway Keeps Fox Away * WENTZVILLE. Mo.-MNSl-An all-night disc jockey in St. Louis does more than just entertain late stay-uppers and truck drivers. •f-.A .turkey farmer reports the music keeps the foxes away from the range where the turkeys spend the night. - Farmer Jack Gross piped music from the all-night radio show to the range and keeps lights on all • night. It does wonders, he says, of his ]0-acre turkey range where Gross raises more than 4,000 birds • year. ; Mean elevation of the. North American continent is 2000 feet, Africa's is 1900 feet. Marriage Licenses James Howard Radclife, 803 Trost Avenue, and Jane Chappell, 431 Cumberland Street. Thomas Llyon Deneen, Cairnbrook, Pa., and Mary Elizabeth Persuhn, RD 1, Hooversville, Pa. Benjamin High Dorsey Jr., RD 1. Homewood Addition, and Donna Jean Carr, RD 1, Hyndman, Pa. Student Cop CHADRON, NEB.—ONS)—Professors at Chadron State Teachers College may hesitate to give a low grade to Harry Guzman, a senior student Guzman is working his way through college as a traffic officer .in the Chadron Police Department. KITCHEN Animal Fair Antwer to Previous Puwlt ACROSS 1 Tiger, for instance 4 Male deer 8 Rabbit's tail 12 Constellation 13 Bewildered 14 Food fish 3 Tropical spider 4 Speed 5 Italian spider 6 Responds 7 Light brown 8 Pursue game 9 Heal 10 Unfasten * . • v jy yijiasici* 15 Evergreen treejj N CWS agency 16 Flags 17 Sorrows " 18 Resilient 6,000 Fish Stocked In City's Water Supply lakes More than 6,000 fish have been stocked in Cumberland's two lakes, according to George M. Hitchcock, superintendent of the Evitts Creek Water Company. The fish from the Bellefohte atche'ries of the State of Pennsyl- ania include 500 channel catfish. 29 Playing cards 42 Indian iu iivi. ••-••- iy nams ,. ,. 20 Vegetable lats 23 Singing voices 31 Mor f . . . 21 Born 24 Obligation eomtertablt 22 Conversation 25 Wing-shaped 33 Sea 24 Fruit 2 6 Chemical term 38 Tidier 26 Norwegian city27 Cuspidors " 27 Musical 28 Prong directior 30 Evades 32 Latitude line 34 Resinous oil 40 Entices 41 Defeats 43 Eager 44 Heredity unit 46 Nick 47 Roman road 48 Periods 50 Biblical name NUMBER 9 here are some suggestions from Reddy's Home Ser-. vice Advisors, hints tested in company kitchens arid offered for your bomemaking use ..'. . v i Coffee, kept; in : the can and placed in your home freezer, will keep its flavor better and longer. Ground spices also retain their quality in the freezer." To soften brown sugar which has hardened, place the box of sugar in a 350° oven for 20 minutes. Use immediately. . .•'.'"••'••. '.'•'•..••''•• • '•. ..'' •'. ; Lemons.will stay fresh; if they are placed in a glass jar,"covered; with water"and covered tightly. To prevent juices from cooking out of fruit pies, place a strip of dampened cloth around ^dge of pie, or place a four-inch stick of macaroni upright in center of pie. . ....'. Did-you know that the housewife who doesn't own on electric dryer carries about three tons of clothes to and from her clothes line every year. And, remember, lots of clothing and house linens need ho ironing when you use an.electric dryer. Corduroys, nylon snowsuits, crinkled fabrics are examples. Turkish towels retain originalfluffiness, do not have harshness of line-dried towels. ' To freshen rolls, place in a paper bag, twist top of bag closed, and heat in 400° oven for 15 minutes. Or, place In deep well cooker and heat -at low temperature. For a free recipe book, "Reddy's Recipes," or a free home canning book, "Reddy for Home Canning," just drop a card to the Home Service Advisor at your POTOMAC EDISON CO. 35 Perching bird 36 Musical syllable 37 Moral wrongs 39 French summers 40 Parasites 41 Nocturnal mammal 42 Dutch city . 45 Glandular 49 Assesses too highly 51 Siouan Indian 52 Mourn 53 Dispatched 54 Seine 55 Roman date 56 Wiles 57 Seniors (ab.) DOWN 1'Eating, place 2 Seed vessel \l _ 15 w ff 50 p 57- 18 lour [•ope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars, /.' .'"'. For Saturday, ^Noytmber U, 195S M^RCH. 21 to. .APRIL 20 (Aries)—A sromising day for. wholesome and sturdy effort in-unselfish and useful activities. Avoid quick temper and a sharp manner f you wish helpful cooperation from others. • . '-.'•.-. . APRIL 21 to. MAY 20 (Taurus)—Al- hough this day sponsors difficult and aborious tasks, it also encourages wholesome recreation in leisure hours, invites study and other-activities heeded and enjoyed by good-living folk. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Heed advice to Taurus now. You can enjoy some : hea!thy pleasures even though you have work to do. Control emotions, look at things from others' point of .view, too. 'JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Avoid 'moods;", doubts and f tar. Show your innate ' fine judgment -and-good humor (you have an abundance o£ both) and do important tasks £irjst.J.Then take time for rest, recreation. JXJLY 24 to AUGUST 22 - (Leo)—Your Sun and Saturn in "auspicious aspects. All worthwhile activities should yield profitable, pleasant returns. Mars' position warns against ill temper, impa- .icnce. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo)—A healthy outlook for healthj thoughts, doings. Plan action according lo your ability, to deliver. And, remember, you do need some - lime for rcsl and recreation, so allocate tasks with that thought in mind. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Lib ra)—Personal affairs have improved as pects, can bring happiness, contentmeni if thoughtfully handled. Stimulating Sun and Saturn rays should prove inspiring OCTOBER. 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor pio)—Do not strain and you will accom pllsh more'now. This is for irrl tatlng discussions, bickering. H IS prom islng for you Industrious folks with sense oE humor. 1 " • ' NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 2 (Sagittarius)—Difficult tasks, hard work They are favored, so you need not worry But it is important to your achicvemen not to fall prey to ill temper, fears. For ward—with a smile! DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Cap ricorn)—Steady application to imp'ortan matters win earn you time ior rest and pleasant diversion when you need them jnost. You have sound sense; use it. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 2 (Aquarius)—A good period for miners masons, agriculturalists, farmers, flor ists: dealing in all items in public de mand. Give some time to private plans family needs."Have a cood day. . FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces! —Heed Libra and Taurus now. Much-de pends upon how you emphasize you pleasant disposition . and falrmindcdncss Day will yield in proportion to the eifor put in to it. Resi. too. YOU BORN TODAY: If your natura talents and capability arc developci daily and used as they should be, you can be a highly useful, likeable, admired individual. You are suited to commcrcia enterprises, make wonderful surgeons dentists, military lenders and organizer: n public fields of *noe»vor. Control » endency to domineer-or w»nt your waly o UM exclusion of others. You have gifti for music, writing, oratory, : politics Jteriiry. ibility ii also inherent. Don' eopirdize health; learn how really t elax. Birthdate: iTas. - A. .Girfield, 20th U. S. pres.; Ferdinand de Lesseps, cana Charles I, King of England. (King"Features Syndicate, Inc.) THE PERFECT GIFT SHAVES CIRCLES AROUND ALL OTHERS FACTORY DEMONSTRATION SAT., # $7.50 Trade- In FOR YOUR OLD ELECTOR RAZOR SUNBEAM... SHAVEMAST&R shaves you in a circular motion CLOSER, CLEANER SHAVE'S in less .timi than any other method, wet or dry. 'That's •\yhy more men have switched to thie Modelr.VV , Shayemaster than to any ; other electric shayer —men with oil types of beards, all ..ages.and occupations. Ask .your dealer about the 14- day Home.trial offer. 9-11 N.CCNTRC Start your Christmai Layaway at "LB" The big catffsh are scavengers and will scour the bottom of Lake Koo'n for food. The "cats" used to stock the reservoir were from 12 to 20 inches long and will grow to from 30 to 40 pounds in time, Hitchcock said. Also placed in Lake Koon were 1,000 lake trout and a like number of golden perch. Lake Gordon was stocked with 1,000 spot cats, 1,000 sunfish and 2,000 black bass. A healthy fish population, Hitchcock said, is necessary to main tain the high quality of the water supply and the fact that the lakes provide good fishing grounds is just a pleasant dividend. . Meanwhile expert trappers are busy on* the watershed, eliminating predatory game. The First National Bank Cumberland, Maryland . To: The Employees Officers ! Shareholders . The Second National Bank of Cumerland: It is with a great deal of pleasure today that we extend to you our most sincere congratulations upon the formal opening of your new and modern banking house. Such an improvement as yours is important and beneficial npt only to the great institution of banking but to the community as a whole. Forward looking business organization s are the heart of a community's growth and it is indeed encouraging at this time "of Cumberland's economic rebirth to see our banks keeping pace with today's changing business methods dnd activity. Congratulations and many thanks to you for a handsome addition to our community. . . • -•' ; - , ' / '...'. '...'-;. •'. •.• "''-'.-.' : ' , •• '.-•:- • ' 1 ' ..- \ •'..-. . • ' • ' The Employees, Officers and Shareholders First National Bank of Cumberland Thunderbird looks; this Ford has aplenty. And it has the mighty' Thunderbird Y-8, too. All this, plus new Lifeguard Design! .A look at this Thunderbird-inspired •56 Ford plays hob with your heart. Here: is a beauty just begging you to get behind •the wheel. ' : Take your place! And place your foot on that hair trigger called a gas pedal. A nudge and you're off—Ford's new Thunderbird Y-8 engine* melting,the' miles, makingmolehills out of mountains, making.your driving more fun than it ever has been before.' ; ...-' And go where you will, -how glad you'll be to have as your guardian Ford's new Lifeguard-Design. Ford's new deep- center/Lifeguard steering wheel, new Lifeguard double-grip door ilatch'es, new Lifeguard safety rear-view mirror, new optional Lifeguard padding and Ford seat belts—all combine to keep you safer in this -56 Ford.-Why not come in and Test Drive it today! : '*m Fairlane and Station Wagon models You could Love Ford for its Price Alone!

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