The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1894
Page 12
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i iighest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. DAILY AND WKEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SKNTINBI. Is the only newspaper In Car foil county tnat Is printed all at liome and It con Bins more local and county news than any othe two papers In tills county. POWKKS\t COLCLO, 1'rops. PBIDAY, SEPTEMBEH 14, 1894. KILLED n EARS, Wm, Frioker, a Conductor on the Main Line Instantly Killed this Morning at Maple Eiver, Saturday Wm. Frioker, a conductor on a specie! going west, was killed at Maple River at 4:30. The train was doing some switching at tbat point and Mr. Frioker in passing between the oars was caught and almost instantly killed. Tbe coupling pin was driven into his aide making an ugly wound. His hands were frightfully crushed and mangled and hie abdomen was bruised and torn in severs! places. Tbe sheriff and coroner were notified and an inquest held. The remains were brought to the city and taken to Woodring'e undertaking establishment where the body was properly oared for and was sent east to hie home at Boone this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The deceased leavea a wife and two email children to mourn bia unfortunate death. Mr. Frioker was a man about thirty yean old, strong and of excellent pby- aiqne and would no doubt bave lived to a ripe old age if he bad not met with an accident. He baa been on this road for about seven years, baving served his time at breaking and has been in charge of a train for some time. Tbe aoaideut is peculiarly sad and unfortunate, oc- onring BB it did without any special cause, more than train men are exposed to every day they are on duty. BARNUM AND BAILEY'S GREAT SHOW VISITS ODB OITJT BNDEB FAVOBABLE AUSPICES.—THE OKOWD EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE.—AN IDEAL DAY. Barnum and Bailey names carry with them all tbat is meaut in the way of amusement for thousands of people. Theaters never appeal to or draw forth tbe ebildren and tbe general public. 80 that it ie to tbe menagerie and circus that this portion of the population turn their patronage. Tbe streets today gave evidence of this fact, tor Btraugere for miles around miu- glea with residents to welcome the arrival of the "Greatest Show ou Earth." Manager J, A. Bui ley ie to, be congratulated upon the perfect system uud discipline tbut murks the tuovaoiout of tbe organization. From the tima of tb« unloading of the show up to the finish of tbe afternoon exhibition everything moved rapidly and quietly. With nearly a thousand people, four hundred IIOIHKK, herds of elephants uud droves of cornels it ia a big uuderlcViug to loud and unload upon the sixty cars tbut are necessary lo transport it. To feed Ibis army ia a job that requires skill for 2,000 meals are prepared eiioh any. The bones are simply as fine a display as baa ever beau gathered together, while the animate show excellent selection and splendid care. The street parade is far in advance of anything that has been presented here. Bright uud clean oiiged, porgeoue in golden decorations, open deuu of wild animals in large nnmbere.epeoiul (eaturfo (or tbe children and plenty of bauds made it a pageant: well worth seeing, When to ul^tbiu wus added the "Rulers of tht> World" whera these membera of royalty were all fnithfull represented surrounded by their guards of honor, all brilliantly uniformed proved to be moat interesting and instructive. In tbe Urge hippodrome OUUV«B the programme ia a* complete us it probably 11 possible to muke a circus entertain ment, Oaly the butt riders, acrobats, nueit gyiuuimls and clowns oau be found hero. T|iiu with fluemuaio, dashing ruoea uml Ilia riding of the ooaBUuku miikes liuruuiu &, 'Bailey's Ihe. taunt autibtuotorj outerkaiu- uent tbttt hue us yet b»eu here. AlillUlND. Hiai Wauitu Kail aud Eugeue Wug ner were united in marriag*W«doeeday ai 12 o'clock at the Lome of tLa bride iu this city. The wedding wns B quiet rfft'nir, only attended by the near ttjUitives of tbe contracting parties and Miss Edith Mscomber. Bev. Dr. Folsom per formed the ceremony. The couple let for Omaha on the afternoon train where they will remain a short time with their sister, Mrs. Joe Thomas, of that city. After that they will return to West Side where they will settle down to house keeping with the groom's parents. The bride is one of the best known ladies in our city and has a host of friends who will unite in wishing her a long and happy married life. The groom is one of the prominent young men of West Side, la., and is engaged in farming and stock raising and has a bright future before him. Tbe young couple begin' life under favorable con ditions and it is the wish of all who know them that their wedded life will prove a happy one, fraught with all tbe pleasure incident to a long and prosperous journey through lite. _ ODB Bora. A young lad was sent from Ft. Dodge one day last week to the insane asylum at Independence, where he now is in a deplorable condition. Tbe boy while a mere youth was a cigarette fiend and now lies in a felon's oell piling up imaginary cigarette boxes. This is a sad warning to the young boys all over tbe country but how little they heed it. Lessons of this sad nature are frequent. Las t even - ng as we went to the evening train we saw a crowd of small boys holding high carnival with tbe saduotive cigarette. Joy's if you must smoke in order to feel hat you are men, tor your own sake, it yon do not regaid tbe feelings of your mrents and friends, quit tbe cigarette. !t will dethrone your reason, destroy 'our vitality and make both a mental and > physical wreck of you. Oo buy a pipe ud a pocket full of tobacco and bide in he woodshed and smoke till you are il.iok in tbe face. Tbe pipe may weaken •our physical nature but it will rot kill r leave you what ie worse, a driveling maniac. _ THE SHOW. Tbe great circus has gone acd all that we bave to remind us of its visit is tbe roken side walks about the city which uve way under the weight of tbe heavy wagons belonging to the show. The at- endauce at tbe performances was not more than half what it was two years go when tbe same show visited our city. .'he manager says that tbe attendance lere was tbe smttlleut of any they have* ind this eeBEOu and tbat they lost $2,600, •ut be eaid be found no fault with this lity for they made more than thut when hey were bere before. The attendance u the evening was very poor indeed and urdlv made a showing iu the large tent 'he show however ia nil right und is ruly a mammoth nffiiir und bud it not been for the drouth, which visited this ooiiliiy,the mauagere would uot bave had mything to complain of for their ttttend- tnce would have been equally as large a* t wns before, for the Burnurn & Builey leopla are favorites wherever they go. Youn PAMBNTS. UTOIIC Newa. Railroad men bring iu the news from Vail of u young boy who bad a sudden uud severe lesson inculcating tbe oom- from Holy Writ, "children obey your ufumits." The boy iu question was uiimtsd Maurice Euright. Like tuuuy other boys he hud the bnd habit of jump- ug on moving trail. a. His father remonstrated with him but tbe temptation wat oo strong und tbe boy continued bis dangerous amusement. Yesterday tbe father gave him a severs trouncing for difiobfdieuoe. This made the boy hot under tbe collar as well as at the base of tli« spine and be decided to show tbe 'old utttu" u triok with H hula in it. He would ruu away from home never to re urn. lie started. lie ran to tbe out side of town where he attempted to board No. 1M which was coming euat at a good, stiff gait. He was thrown under tti* wheels uud bad one foot partly taken off, He wue taken to bis home, a sadder but r buy. The hoy was about 12 years old. Our. AuKtiHt 1 we will wtl our block of groottriwu, tfliitiu uud queeue WIUH at 01. wt for Htriotl.v uush. We have decided I u quit the grocery tiude, & Oo. S UNK livulw CUUU III lltittlUgU BlUU>|>» U' KG Cot ruruii KullUlug, WuBUlwUon, I). 0.. «uil ro wlllrecolv* (uur uu)iiuk u( Ki'i'H riKLU'i* WA-U JNUTUM, cvntuluiiijif uiultvr of niti'lul Inlore.t lilvo immeuuU nitlroba, umi »»y >vu»i» you »»w Hi In ZIMMERMAN'S LATEST PICTURE. This fa the latest picture of A. A. Zimmerman, the famous professional iyhe«l- n^ \vliose record is too well known to repeal. It represents him in the position oi making a standing start iu one of his recent French race*. PEOPLE AND EVF.NT3 Vieit Moore's shoo etore. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Call at Martin & Clevis' for Glidden barbed wire. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hattoii's. Qeo. Wetter, of Ida Grove, was a visilor to the circus. C. E. Reynolds spent Sunday at Scrantou visiting friends. J. J. Russell, of Jefferson, was in the city last week OR legal business. Miss Anna Wieland left for Omaha this afternoon for a abort visit. Diseases of the eye, mi; throat mid nose. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. The Holstoin district fair will be hold from the 24th to 27th of this month. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Dn. B, C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. D. Delaney, of Dedhnm, WRB one of be pleasant callers at this office Saturday. Miss Emma Russell left Hcndsy forNor- 'olk, Neb., to vieit her sister, Mrs. Kiuk- man. Boos & Laugblin are offering tbe lowest prices on carpets and oil cloth of any one in the city. Flour is 90 cents per sack at Mc- lagau'e. Why is it eo cheap? Because ie ia selling out. Bruner and Mast drove across to Coon Monday to see Ihe Olidden- 'errv ball game. Judge Macomber, of Omaha, spent Sunday in Ihe city with his brother, H. W., and family. John Stork, of Breda, was o city visit- r Monday and caMed at THE SENTINEL office while here. Frank I'atly came up from Ames Col- ege 10 see the show and for a short visit with his relatives. 11. F. Pusler, night wntch ol Arcadia, was among the mnny visitors to the show who visited this office. Miss Edilh Macomber entered Ihe liigh ichool Monday to do post-griidtiutc work u science nnd Carman. Tiio heavy wagons c'onnecle!'. witli tue ihow were hurd on tho wooden trossiiujn. Several were badly broken. Mr. and Mrs. W«nner, of Wesl Side, were in Ihe cily attending the marriage of their youngest sou, Eugene. When Ihe parade passed down Fifth street there was aa li.rgua crowd gut hcred as we h-jvo ovur seen in thu cily. MoLnguu has got some uwful good oofiipu und will Bi-ll tunch below un.v oue in Gtuioll, Ha ia tilling out. Alex Tucl and tvro of his boys drove up from Coon Rapids lo see Iho show nnd renumbered this office while in the city. Our prices on flour HID right, suits everybody, give it u trial and you will come back lo the Y«llow front for more. Tho tnorry-go-round was slrictly In the push ul) duy. The show drew lue larger crowd, but thu whitfl wan not lull. Mrs. Wm. Uuinphrey is enjoying u vi»lt with relaliviis in lllinoh nnd thu doctor Is trying his hand ut buch. Tho merry-go-round and tho circus bill boards have both departed und Iho city hue uguin assumed its normal condition. Mr. uud Mrs. Simon ure now comfortably BCtiled in their nuw home on Mutu 11 reel und Und they hitvu u very p!e»g. uut locitliou. Jiuvfi you bciird the UHWHf McLugau is a«lliug oni. Goods must be i>li uM uiiriiig the u.uuih of August uud don't you forget it. Ten dolliira lo nil purl of Knelund. Uivut ri'diu'tion in Btmumltip Uclieu lo nil part in Ihu world. Cull ul <>m:u. MOM.-S Simon. Tho rain, Ihu niuht boforo the himw ur- rivuil. wus u hleh.MUK I ' I lie ihotiHiinilti iu lh« I'ilv, lor il wiiti ony of tin lov.-iii-iii duyh pouuiblv. Juke /imboluiuii, of Hoone, wuu in the city today planing orduri for cou). llu kiiyl ttiuy »ro ul wotU duvvloiiiug their mine und il is proving nil they nil- '.icipaled, Tliu cimipuny hu» ulnppud consiilenible already and in a few mouths more will be prepared to furnish it in larger quantities. Mrs. A. C. Jen Us and children are in the city visiting Senator Rich and W. O. Rich and families. Mrs. J. is a daughter of the senator. Dr. William Wood burn, an eve and •ar specialist from D«s Moiuee will be at Dr. E»lify's office Sept. 19 Spectacles accurately adjusted. Mies Mamie Trate was tbe first victim to the light fingered gentry. She got touched" for a five dollar bill on the abort change racket. Woodriu/? is having a largo sign pointed on the side of bis furniture store. The sign is » large one and will present a very striking appearance. Hunt Bart says be could? not find the man Saturday who sand-bogged him two years ago, when Barnum & Bailuv's show visited our city. V. Hinrichs took the Sioux City train Monday for a few days' absence looking after the Joyce lumber yarda oDg the branch roads. Miss Minnie Nichols left yesterday for her home at Madison, Wis. She has been n the city several weeks the guest of her aunt. Mrs. Chas. Wright, Frank Dodson bad bis goods shipped to Perry, where he will make his lome. We arc sorry to lose him and his estimable wife from our city. Jno. Sol/or IB reported as being down with typhoid fever. His friends trust the HI luck may prove to he light and that ie will soon be with us again. Tbe first frostof the season put iu an appearance Monday night. It was quite, leuvy on low grouud but not enough to to do any particular damage. A3 the chime bells pnssed along the trtelfl they reminded us that "Sweet Vlaiie" was uot tabood as a chestnut by Ihe "grcHtftst thow on earth." T, A. E. Lyman and family are mov • g from the second ward into the build g formerly occupied by Frank Dodsou and family near Jud^e Paine. v Chime & 8'iuborn tens and (loffi-cs were ISIH! txolusivfly ou ths World's fair grounds, Etflettted for flinr superior quality. 8")d only by M«n.-ijiint. '•1. J. H'liri-s is reported us resting C|iiit.-<!y mid that his fever is somewhat lower. Dr. rLesslnr suys hn is getliuu; along as well us could be expected. Tim members of the South Side club enjoyed a very pleasant gathering Wednesdi.y evening at ihcir club room. The principal timntement WH* curds. Boos & Laimhliu have just received a car load of luruituiu und ure prepared ID meet the wunlfi of the trade us well I'H any furniture store in this section of the state. 0. W. MarUlny, of Grant township, Una been subpoencd no aou of thu petit jurors in the federal court, which convenes at Council Bluffs on thu i.'3i!> of this mouth. County clerk issued llroim-flWodM'Mlav to Murtin l> OslHirn und Miss Cluiu K'- liult, \MW» J Kollu-r and 'Ilieresi'i Burger mid to Eugene Wugunr uud Mies Juanita Kail. Mr. and Mra. J. C. Delutiuv weiuiiilhb ultv Weiluosduy on iheir way home from Odeholt, where they had been culled by the dimth of Mrs. Hreunan, a ulster of Mr. Debinny. .loHi'ph KKermuyer unrolled in lu« high school tortuy und will do gpuciiil work in science. Uthore iilfio unlured todoy und tlio enrollinunl Is now ^router thuu the teatlng cupucily. The countv clerk Issued liconges on show (Uy lo i'Ved Duvunporl und 5''-s Kiln HrUBh, of Olld^c • township, and in JobnTruhe and Miss A^ut Heugfonl <>f Hostile t.iwnuhlp. Thi>CiirrollN'ormi)l tulioo) klnrled Mon• dt»y on Uie full IIIIU'H worn will) u yood | alien liiucf. Thu schuol opuiu under | very fuv»iuhlu iMiidilloiib und thu year's work promised well. Tliu work on Ihe new wuler tank west of I be citv i» progressing wry rupldly. Ham ICiibicrly hut charge of it and tlluout;h it IB u very lurgu oue Ihu work will soon tie completed. Thu county trunturur'n otlice did ueurly ul much humus* Sulurduy u» u saloon. A crowd of tax layers thronged the office wfiiliiiji for no opportunity to settle with County Treasurer Alberlsen. When yon are looking for fine plush nnd upholstered furniture, piu-lor suits mid onk rhnmber sets, remember (lint Koos & Lauyblin oarry tbe finest line In Ihe city. IVeH'bHiH wnuii: \«n \n cill »* liis store HII<I PP« how fp«v goods yf'U c.uu buy fortiv- ilollure. Leiivcyniir Bucks und !i;iHlifetd nt liof::f, but put a double bos on your t>leii nr wngou. Al O:inm sii.fl wife niid Mrs E. N. Merc.htn t returned lirnm Hiitonliiy afler sevL'r.'il vein's iilisi'iuu- vi«itlnii friends in Cnniuhi n.'nl ijnjoyinf; tin. 1 summer on the St. Lawrence. The ladies of the Presbyter'uti church remembered Mlas Niln Kail very kindly and presorted her with some lovely presents, nsrdid a number rf her frieudy both iu the city nnd abroad. Farmers ooroe on, now is the time «nd MoLagni''s is tbi? pluce to ^P( same goode cheap to carry you over thin hurd tea- son. Lay in u stock for the year; yot< can eavft rnooey tiy doing eo, Billy Holmes is Rgatn in our city. He has been playing ball this season with the Des Moines league tcnm and ia now ' Inking a vacation. He is stopping with his wife's parents while here. E.M.Pardons returned to Perry Monday for a few days. He and Mr. Dodson nre well pleased with their new location Trade is opening up nicely and they feel encouraged with the prospects. Tbe Glidden and Peiry game of ball plaved nt Coon Rupida Monday WHS easy victory for Qlidden by a score of 7 to 12. Glidden is Ihe champion in base ball circles in this part of the state. Tbe business men have taken heart since the recent rains nnd have had their windows cleaned. It looks now us if the dust would be laid for n few days at east. Something entirely new for this se»s->n. A committee of the board of supervisors was in the city Tuesday completing a con. tract witb Dr. Kelley who has been ap- )ointed by the board to care for thu pan- >er»ickof this city and it the'.'poor louie. The F. E. & M. V. will give a special ow excursion rate to Hot Spring?,. S D., Friday, Sept. 21. This will be the most 'svornble opportunity of the season to risil this popular health and pleasure ogort. The following personal appeared in tbe .IbicBUO Tribune: "Qril write ran at Carroll, la , in care of general delivery, Irs. R. E." The person is unknown o us, but appears to bu desirous of heur- ng from Qril. J. L. Powers and family have returned rom Ohio where they have been for everal weeks yisilin;; with relatives. Ut. Powers enjoyed lUo vacation vciy much indeed and will no.w be ready for Business again. Martin Reinhart and ftn old friend of his by the name of Patrick Dflterick, weie in tlio city oullirf? on friends), dr. Duterick is a resident of Chicago and 8 in thifl county looking after bis farm nil »t tbe name time visit his old friends. The Perry papers mnke a big howl on he Gliddcn base ball club nnd especially in Campbell, the umpire. They say that (ickapoo Waldron and Ihe suite of Iowa lovvued their boys. Perry is uot well »loased with thu result nod (Joe.-; some mrd kicking. The railroad ia advertising rtdurud ales to the Carroll county fair for tlio 7tb of this month. Should anyone (nice idvantBge of the rates and visit our I'it.v with the intention of attending the fair hey will be greully disappointed, for the 'air is off for thie year. "Tut Trip Aronuil thu Horn" company ilayed to u poor house Wednesday night The company is a new oue and Uie management is poo' 1 , but Uie performance. WAS fairly good and dcscrvm n better iltemlunce tlmn it was greeted with lit Music Unl). Ch'is. Stonlman, of Bhcrlditn lownship, nnd his brother-in-law of Chcroknn couuly, were in tho city visiting their friends. Mr. Davis is well plunged w.iu his county, but says Ibut tue yield of grain is lurver in hia pull of the Mule his season lUun here. A 'hue load of Masons from ibis pluco drovo across lo Auburn Tueodu) evcuing lobe prufiuui ut u special meeting of thu uu of that place. Tivo cuuulduics weru luitliitud Into Iho luysteriua i>f thu order. Tho visiting brethren wero wtll pleased with tho reception they weru riven. Three suspicious looking chnracU'rx were "run iu" on show day but were released in Ihu evening us they had not lonu uuyihniK tu wtirruul Ihu uutliuriiius u holdiu(j them. The ruilnmii rumj'iuiy and show o-ich had u special duuctivu uud Ihe city authorities, inniictud hy the aheriff, kept too good u look 01111» iillow them to get In their work. Not n slngiu IT FLOATS BEST FOR SHIRTS. THE PROCTER & GAMBLE CO., OIN'Tl. instance of lawlessness wns reported. Slranfietosny not even a woman lost her pocket book. County Attorney Korlc was Called, to Glidden Tuesday to prosecute James Cornell, on Ihu charge of keeping a gambling bouse which had been made by some of tb« citlznus of Ihnt place. The justice bound biru over to tho grand jury which maels the lust of October. C. H. LeDuc lett Monrlny evening for Chicago to complete tbe third years work iu the medical oourjp. He will euler tho school for Paysi.'.i-ins and Surgeons Mr. LeDuc. is provinsj;to ho a good student and will no doubt, succeed at the profession when his college work is completed. Joe Coder cnme within one vote of being nominated for recorder by the Republicau county convention. Both Manning und Coon Rapids had it in for Joe and wlieu they saw it was necessary to cast tho full volt; of t'jair delegates lo defeat him. they showed tlieir hand and slaughtered him. Our stock iu complete, goods Urut quality, popular prices. Tbe tariff or silver bill cuts uo figure with us. Don't think bccuilffl we don't button hole you ou th« gtreet nod beg yon to trade with tin, wo don't want your ttudn. Wfldo, but think you nre wise enough lo ohoise the best, plflee to trade. Rwpectfully. E. N. MEBOHANT. The Glidden ppople foul justly indignant at the way their candidate for county recorder was treated. If a man wns ever deliberately slaughlered in cold jlood Codisr was in county convention iv Carroll And Coon UauiiU, and now towns ure counting on llioae fel- ows ut Ol'dilen to pull their candidates out of the mud, The Omah't board of education has :Iecled Dr. A. P. Marble, of Worcester, i'auiuao u jo jaiauub vj uum ajom jo; 'sun H't^u'IV upi -jtinpuojuiaadnt; Alia svt'-98UW superinlendent of (he Worcester schools, ind Supl. AniPitt savs that he Is very /enornlly regarded auioug competent school men us one of the n blest superiu- tendenU in Americu. The closing out PB!C of the slook of Iry n" () rts owned by tbo Oiirroll Dry Goods ('.niupAiiy is moelin« with unusual good success. Tue stock was large and he present manager is determined to ilis- iosu of it willioiit re mi id to IMLSI. I'he •iooner you uull ibe bolter linu thorn will in lo nelc.i't from, for tbusu goods uru :ointC vitrv Miiidly. Cull mil Im c,.i:ivin- vinced of (lie bnrpnins you nun get Suniliiv nioining about 5 o'eloc.k a stranger in alltiupllug lo ITO.-S Inuween a couple of frcilghl cnrs of a train on the main linu got his fool ciim.liI lieiween tbu l)inu|)iTB uud badly crushed. Mo LmucK uopeitr lo be broken ImUbii wound is very puliifiil. As Uo was without money the county look vhurgo of him anil Dr. Kelly has him at IIIH homo where ho in doing quill) nicely. iirnns Ijtiiighlln wont to Tomplnlon lo , HlH'iul the fiinenil of Ihu oldest son oC U. K. Dttrgin, co\inty Hu;iuryUor. Mr Durgiu wu« culled home during the M. n of Iho hourd bv llio surioua illnou of bin eon, but relumed Iliinkiiift him bolter. IJut tLu dUease, tuul of the lieuri, turned suddenly Wi'r>e and in a few hours Liu wns di-nd, Tli'i bercuvi.'il family lias (ho sympathy ol tlielrnmny frieiulg ia their lout. The largo nuw lank uelouKing (u tho milro.'id coinpniiy JHDOW completed ready to receive wuler. Jiibt an soon m the hiuna pipe ia cuinpleird thu Iruius will nil In; Mii^ilud frotu tbe uuw ljuli, Thu si'iiui pit'i* will Im |iliu-ud on I'm north «iilu of iht. nuiin hoc jusl at llm eust end of the coal houue. Tl o new well bag bueii fiirninliinu nil ll.e \vutnr tited hy ihu wmpiuiy >U Uiin ;>oiiu und il him never bctn loweinl un iuuli, Ti'U wull in nil right. "Awarded "Highest Honors World's Fair, cwder The only 1'ure Crcum of Turlar Powder—Wo \uiiuoiila; No Alum Used in MiHiou* of Homes—40 Years the Standard*

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