The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 30, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1933
Page 10
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10 TME13AKEHSF1ELD CALIFORNIA'S, MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 1933 SpecialAnnounccmenta For Rent—Houses For Sale—Automobiles SPKt'l.U. rc'Iuroil rnlfs. u-a lemons. No firslcs or eTp Plunu Hcliool, IBiiO Chester Lost— Found LOST— Tool boi. hot-icon \Vnafo nnd Jlakr-rsfloti! Hmior mil If j II. cl Sraroni. U'usco Oroamir i'lr ninno. 12 ; FOR UK.NT—One-Imlf duplex, 2402! Waterman Twenty-first street. Fully furnished. ' room 1C.',. f turd wood floors, I lib und Hhower , ins luitli. (limiRfl. NnclosPd bneU yiiril, , lots of fruit. No linen or cooking utensils. $32 month. AVntor nnd ' ynrd paid. Phono 707. Clmrlos I,. May. lj>_8 : j i"UH 11KNT—At OS1 Tnelfle. 3-rontn bouse, nicely 1 furnished. Orctstuffed. (laiaKo. Apply 1130 ' rtnkcr slroet. or phono 12,11 ,1. ' i If III IIKXT—li-romi nuVJrrn lot. sni290. $20; B- iid pajlns for; ,.„„„, lmn | 0rn houso. UlBhlnnd Park. Place for! : chickens. $2S. Water paid. Phone 38:1. "I'iiono 5420-11. j 1-80-H i LOST—Whlii evcTdni! hag eonTai7iTn~i[ Indies' wrl'l I KIW 4-room coltaeo In eourt. Kast llnliersficld. j Overstuffed furniture. Aulomnl.le healer. (In- i rftKo. T.arpo yard. Phone 1,",17-W. ' i I'Oll HUNT— Furnished 4-room bungalow, at 80ft I Twenty- fifth street, across from irautliorno | school. $1!) per month. j i I'ont rooms, unfurnished. no:i K street. JTJ. J M>ur rooms, furnished. 2100 P. strnet. $18. Three j rooms. furnUhed. 2107 I", street. $10. Pliono j . :itMi-\v. • I For Sale—Miscellaneous For Sale—Miscellaneous ItlUNP - Cusp mnlallllnu sfi'rnil l Chvncr may li«\o by lilentlijiim sd. !!I7 Sunset nvcnuc. _ ~ watch, (jiturdny nlglil. Oil I I7D2-W. Reward | ' Personals \VANTKO-N'nmes mrn-"omcn, 18-30. wlshlr.u steady fuluru nuvunimcnt ji.hs. Start JlOS.Ofl- S175.00 inonlh. tdinmon education usually suf flclent. Mill unrlleiilars »'Hli sam|ilp rmirhllll mr.l:. -\nply tcxlar. Address Hoi K-10, Th.' C'allfornliu:. l. r .7 »VM W1U. nol IIP respomlblr for my bills airalnst AKm-iii Knrins romimny, lifter this date other than those, ordered Hint signed for by Hit- undorslcnfd. i!. AcnMII. I/mil" H. AcnMtl. inn Financial »6 so T'!-:r; ?ioo rots i VEAH UNO TirtOKKr.ACiK—NO ttONUS) Mliilniinn Insm-inii'e »l ISoiird Rates IiivpstlEHlo and Be Convinced CON.SUMK.ttS crtnniT CO. A Uclliihlo Contst-Wldi- Insllluttun !• llnljcrfcldu Arcade Bldg. Phono 105:' 15S ITnMsm<;[> cnhln for bacholor. IS monlh. On Bnri lights. 110 Kail. Klghlh street. 1T|8 For RcnjU—•Apartments ! ln'IINl.Slll;l> aiisrlnirnn. Nineteenth and T). Over' stufful furniture. Prlililalr*. 3-room h(XIS«. ; I!000 Orange. Apply 5031 Nineteenth slrect. «ro- i eery store. Phune r,521-.l. 17H FOll IJ 1C N'T—FurnlMiPd iniidorn iipurt. nient, funr room.". Klei'lrlr refrlecr- nlor. Gunigc. .See owner. 1008 Trux- lini .'ivriiuc. Phone !!!!3fl-.M. 107 ; ITTll IlKNT-'J-roorn npnrlincnt. JIB miiiith. Water,; light und sui paid. 10'JK PnrMflc itreel. 1032 Ford V-8 sedan, $195 down. 1032 Ford V-8 coupe; $105 down. 1931 Ford 4 sedan, $125 down. 1930 Fortl 4 sedan, $100 down. 1029 Ford 4 sedan, $75 down. 1931 coupes and roadsters, $95 clown. Many Other Values. DO YOt; NEED MONEY? "Wo will arrange to refinance your car at lowest rates. Ask about it. USED CAH LOT Sixteenth and Chester. Phono 116 (Opposite Courthouse) 182 U«KD CARS PflOJt A DEP13NDABU3 DEALER 1932 Plymouth coupe, $150 down. 1!131 Chevrolet sedan, $125 down. 1!>ni Dodgo 10-wheol truck, $300 down. 1830 Fortl coupe, rumblo scat, $100 down. 1931 Ford sedan, $125 down. 1H31 Uo Soto 8 sedan, $125 down. 168 (CASH AND CARRY ONLY) 100, Hccleanod. lllshest tirade 100 LBS. HEN SCRATCH. »l.tO. 100 !bs. rcclcanod wheat. $1.00. 100 Ibs. lay mash (cotton bugs), $1.85, 75 Ibs. ROLLED HARL1CY, 60c. MANY MORE NOT ADVERTISED BAKlSRHFtELD GRAIN COMPANY Buker atroot und Truxlun Avenue 10-28-tf Over a period of 32 years our reputation remains paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. Wo continue to eell feed for losa than any advertised price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no Irlclts, no phonos. Business Is good. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. 4-4-tf AUTO QLA-SS SPECIAL Any size. .Door glass Installed, $2.00. ' Franklin Qltis-fl Company, 1404 Eighteenth Htreet. Phono 844. 1-30-tf Wanted—Miscellaneous WANT 12-ounco green ginger ale bottles, 15 cents dozen. Star Soda Works, 406 East Nineteenth street. Phono 126. - 157 AUCTION sale of W, C. Stapp. Household Roods, tools, RSI engine, etc. ITobruary 4, 1 P- m - *S3 Kentucky street. 100 TOR HAW>—Oood cornisated Iron, uicd lumber. H08 Chester avenue. Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous Merger of Two Great Standard Firms Nears WANTED—A one-way plow for lmr«e«. Ineh. 1'^lear Combs, Arrln, Calif. • Slr.o, 10157 Will HALn—25 tolls oat hay, on« young work hors« ami farm Implements. Call 2100 Twentieth Btroel. T'hone 1.1M-1I, 1S8 Foil SAbH or o«clun«o—Thirty battery ehar«or, ! will take smaller one as purl orlee; Walker Itollacar Jaek. bench vlso, electric drill, small radio, Weaver tiro .chtngor. 100D T\vcntlcth street. KOll HAI.K—Hadlo treasure Mndor, illio nwr. Cost J22S.OO. U sold at onoo, prlco $40.00. 1500 Nineteenth street. 15T Business Cards WOOD. Itrmcrnbor Peoples' Wood *ard. for drj, •sound UOIKI. Honest measure. Prompt delivery. 1'rlrcs right. Phono ?:iSS. 170 KOIl SAL15—One Morso-Kalrbanlts pressure pump system, also ono contrlfuRal pump with Century motor. Call 001 Km I California avwiuo. 158 USED CAJ1 LOT Next to Fox Theater Twentieth lit G. Phone 22S6 FOll MALK —Pulrcrlicd sncop manure, 'JJ cents a sack, delivered. Phone M7I-\V. 100 Al.I. KINDS of Jell ruolod berry plant!; artichokes and aiparaius roots. Shrubs at special prices. Telephone 8701-J-ll. John Ucnlu. Frultrale. 178 DR. \V. TOM POLLOCK A Valmor ChlroprHt'tor Also .rrAduate of other American tnitltutloni of ilruRleis hotting. Let I) I in help you. One ninnth'x aorricc for $13. OTQF Hughes Drug Store Ninoleenth ind C'hester 1'honc 1119-.T Poultry and Livestock run SAI.Ii -All kinds of wurk liorsos and mules. IMces rlRht. O. It. llooloy, six miles south of Old titter, at Connor's Station. 157 KI.OVD DUM.AP 52^ 20th Streol. Plu.iiu JIOl. IRS FOU ItKNT—Nicely l'imilnhpfl upnrt- j iiiont ut Tin; Kelly, three rooms and j hath, overstuffed. (,'ani(fe, rloso In. Arlults only. Very rniKunabln rent, fall 1305 I street. Phono -1093 or S63. 167 I KUUNISIfRl') iilroly, duplex flat. I'lno i lorntlon. iCTi Tl slreol. 157 ! For Rent—Farm Land ' AUTO pafnllnc. )13.'iO to 925; bndT and fender trork. ., Ih-lees right. Auto repairing. Tron« Taint and lleaalr ejhop, California anil Uakar. flione :i(J7l-«'. 1311 It.\NUK-llAIHKn, disease-free, parent stock, bis bone, mammoth bronr.e producing stock. Order | poults now. don't doliy. for early baby turks. ! Also oil and electric Incubators, electric brooders, brooding Torus, customs listening. 1'atcs i Turkey llaneli and nalchcr. Shaflor. Calif. 137 i KOIl HALK or trade. Ono male Toggenbcrg goal. ' from reglstcrexJ stock. I'honc 3801'. or Boi 8.1. Olldsle. 1S7 i FOll HAI.I5 On TRADE— One pure-bred Poland \ I'hlna son- and 7 pigs. Xlso SO feeders. Edgar i Climbs. Arrln. Calif. 1J7 ; HIVKRVIKW ILVTCHEHV. Baby chicks. 1leds and Horks. 10 days old. at day-old prlees. Few 0- veeks-old llncks. namuln. Hatching eggs. Hello avenue. North Cheiler. 158 PIANO TUNING ITactory Jst'slstered l\iner J3.50 Satisfaction Uusrsnteed Cini, A. ninu I'hone IQ09-M 930 Truitun Afenu* I : SWEDISH MASSAGE IA1J1MUT 8WBAT8 HlilJUClNO C'oloiile Irrigation IXSTITUTB OB 1 UVDKOTHEnArT K1S K street U a. in. lo 0 p. m. <non> iOII LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry tjenleo Unexcelled--Thm Is Uur dlosan Ten Ulffcrunt .Sertlcra and Zorlr Uderless Ury Ulcantnt C1TIKRNS l^UNUUY SIil..«nlh and O Hlrteti Phone SSI i GAS WASTAGE CUT IN 1932! (A»»ocMcd Pro»s Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30.—C. C. Brown, g*s ndminlitrator of California, In his annual report declared wastage of natural gas In the state during 1932 was reduced 66 2-3 per cent as compared with 1931. Last year the report said, 6.3 per cent of natural gas produced was blown Into the air as compared with 17.9 per cent In 1931. 1027 Star 0 coaoh, |55. 1927 Bulok .sport coupe, $125. 19U7 Bulck sport touring, $7u. 1931 Chevrolet tie luxe sedan, 6 ' w. w., trunk, 11,000 miles, $475. TOP PRICES PAID FOU AUTOS Chester lit 24th Phone 5828 168 MONKY TO W>.\N-VVe hart an unlimit ct money to loan on larni properly. I i>. 2'JS Jefferson street. ed amount XUIB term leat. sec I Phone -llSj-W. 17(1 Business Opportunities FOIt UK\T. niPItOVlCD FARM LAND •10 acres, nrur Arvin. i Jood pumpltiB plant. Tenant must Ijr nlile to finance lilmsclf. P.rtAXtvr TNVKSTMl'lN'T CO. 1S13 Cheater Avenue. Phone 11!OS 1-27-tf BXPER1ENC1SD service .station operator wanted for .station in downtown urea, good location. Will require JBOO.OO. For information call ."Oil before 8 a. in. and after 0 p. m. lot) HAVE client wants partner in (jooil paying business. Wishes to expand. Elmer F. Karpe. Phono 210. 1'jlT Eighteenth street. l-2S-tf FOR SALR—Country grocery store and service st.'itlon with 5 acres of land. One of the liest locations in Eastern Tulare county. A real bus- inefs corner. Box 91. • The Call- 10 ACIIKK for rent. Oooil projpe.'t for cotton, will take crop rent. Inquire 11D Monterey mien. 158 roll HKNT—10-ncro raneh. watered froro Buena vista canal. Comfortable house. Csn bo fin- iincwl for cotton. Apply 2120 Twenty-second slreol. llakenfleld. 1S8 i FOU 1113NT—Two-acre chicken ranch, : Vistn Park tract, $20. Will sell or trade. Phone G2«. Henry Elssler. 1-30-tf IDol Chevrolet sedan, new paint, good rubber, perfect mechanical condl- llon. Will accept, trade. Can arrange terms. See at 239 Qulncy street, phono •HS2-M. 159 CADIM-AC 01 sedan, $27.r,0. Blue Illbbun Oa- rage. 1010 Nineteenth street. WANTED at once, high-grade, late model sedan. Cadillac or Packard preferred. Have very attractive trade offer. Post Office Box 1014. Bakersfleld. 157 to Rent— Housea LATE 1930 Chevrolet club sedan for sale or trade; 5 wire wheels, all tires brand new, now Duco paint, can Kuaranteo mechanically. See It and drive It. Easy terms. 730 Qulncy street. Phono 3213-J. 159 CHINESE CITY forrilitn. IDS Contractors and Builders C.OOD rARPENTEH. • palnler and paperhnnjer. '.'cry reasonable. Da) or contract. Anywhere. IMione JKO-W. I"? Help Wanted—Male YOUNG married couple, no children, ; desire modern 5-room house In west ' part of city. Write Box 410-K, care Tho Callfornlan. giving location, rental, whether furnished or unfurnished. _ 157 JACK SEX:— If you are In need of a good used car, visit our market. We have reduced our prices—again—25 real bargains. Trades. Tortns. Trucks. PAT'S CAR MARKET Phono 1724 231G Chester Avenue Jack Btindy, Manager 158 For Property ; Automotive Service OLIVE I'ICIvEUS WANTKll. P U. EL TKJON. 138 MI;N—VOL'H OProllTVMTY. JOIN V8 IN A MOST l"Ni:SVAI, AM) SlTCK.SSFt;!. EN- TKiii'niPi:. niACncAUA UNLIMITED i POSSIBILITIES, oirr coMPt.r/rv; INTOH- ' MAT10N AT OJ>TK 1TIOM PACTOHY HEP- ; IlKSIATATIVn. IIOOM S. TAYbOK ARCAOK j 11UILDING. Help Wanted—Female I HKIIK'H a real opportunity. A eornforlnhlo ."i-rocm I house In Borxl condition, tvtthln a hutulreil feet \ or so of new hlffhuay, .therefore bound to Increase lu value, can he had for the amount nf I the loan against II which Is lets thsu J2000.00, { linkable In small monthly Installments. No do*in i psymcnt required If you can furnish references. Howard Nichols, Inc.. 150Q NlnolecnUi street. Phone 3SO. l-!M-tf 11ADIATOH HKPAIllS; NKW CORES ITlcoi at Koch llottom. All Work Guaranteed. C. N. JOHNSTON SHOPS KlnlitMnlli and O. Phone CM. 138 For Sale—Furniture HORIZONTAL 1 Articles o£ merchandise. G Prisons. 13 Golf club. 14 Sloth. 15 Market. 16 Masculine pronoun. 17 Form of no. 18 Finishes. 20 Fence door. 22 Northwest. 23 Aeslsts over obstacles. 25 Person affected with leprosy. 27 Completed. 28 Oklahoma Is a, Answer to Previous Pnzzle ___ ".1STa STI>NOUIIAJ'H1"U tor tencral office «orlc. Work ,'alf rlfiyj. u-ill im-hably develop Inlo full time •csllion. Write Itox S19. Tho Calltornlan. slf- 1118 nunllfle.allons and salary etpeeKd. I.',' )..\UY- While, rnnjsokecper. Tito adulta. Hoard. room niul rinall wage, lllvo ate. where you ean lie, lmemc»i'd. Address P. O. Hoi 1111, Delano. i.alir. 13" Is a nice hargatn In a r>-room modern houso for JM90.00. Terms, $37:, down. *2«.70 month. Nice. yard, all fenced: fruit and shade trees. Howard Nldiols, Inc., UIMI Nineteenth street. 1-30-lf 1 SINGER sewing machine, like now, ; us. I Seven-piece mahogany dining sot, J1S. i Threi'-pleco bedroom aet, $1S. Tb-»e-plecp living room net, full overstuffed, $33. 1VAX L. HAMM Phone 341. 1100 Eighteenth ,St. 15S 44 Lion. 45 Sundry. •16 Animal similar to a raccoon. largo producer 48 Arm covering, ot 1 50 Portugal (abbr.). 51 To eat sparingly. 53 One of a pair. 54 Hurrah. 55 Either. 57 Street car. 59 Southeast. GO Large room. Cl Instrument for measuring specific 30 To free. "1 Aches. 33 Coarse cotton. 34 Public auto. 36 Gaelic. 37 Coagulated. 38 Llncture. 39 To secure. 40 Insects which eat wool. 41 Small shield. 12 Born. gravity. 62 Half (prefix). VERTICAL 1 Capital of Manitoba, Canada. - In line. i! To decay. 4 Half an cm. 5 Light boat. 6 Helps. 7 Form of be. S Sack. 9 Verbal. 10 Fish-eating ' mammal. 11 Exclamation. 12 Catch in a gunlock, 18 Ages. 19 Largest citjr In Sweden. 21 Growing ot one part around another. 23 Os. 24 Male ancestors. 26 That which is educed. 27 To swell. 29 Cover. 32 Center o£ an amphitheater. 33 Surfeits. 35 Treaty port in China. 37 Mountain pass, 38 Smooth. 41 To lay a street. 43 Redacts. 43 Rhythm. 4G To drudge. 47 Pertaining t« air. 49 CoWort. GO Part of hand. 52 Beret. 54 To regret. 56 Second note. 58 Myself. 60 Like. Professional Cards JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT LNCOMU TAX SlinYICr. AUDITS. SYSTEMS Hulls 101), Professional UulKUlll I'hone 4661 DR. B. 13UZAN Palmer Oraduste CHIIIOI'IIACTOII 1'alnless Uyslem Cemplele tllecirotherspy Sertlce. Fool Cornetlont Hours. 10 to 12 a. m.. 2 to 0. r to 8 p. m. Uoouis 111-112-113 Morgan Uulldloi 1*11 Chester Avenue Telephone Ofil6 Lad? Attendant Legal Notice's NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPERTY- AT PRIVATE SALE No. 124,808 COLORADANS USE GRU6SIAKE PLAN I Society of Engineers Will | Assist Prospectors by Food and Equipment fAssociated Prat Leased Wire) DENVER, Jan. 30.—The grubstake, 1 traditional bundle of black bread and beans upon which countless western I fortunes were built, Is being extended i again to experienced but jobless miners under sponsorship of the Colorado Society of Engineers. Believing that there Is as much gold n Colorado's mountains as has over jcen dug, the society last summer proposed revival of the old-fashioned IN i THE 2-P1BCB orerstuffed set. J17..10; 2-pleco new Jse- quard relour set, $25; Iwln bedroom set. J2J.50. Davis Funilturo Kidimse, 2100 Cluster avenue. >l N<{ IB^> hetwetn iij and 35 Muit b>> rupahlr. .Small family. The Cillfurnlin. uiiMiDUmherod. i ! Write Hoi 30.'.. 1JO I , For Sale—City Lots CASH TALKS. Communicate with | -— | us before buying city or suburban I I'Oll SAM!—One Zenith cabinet radio, one | lots. Low prices will nstouml you. | automatic Ico boi. ono dresser, one Simmons ' Post Office 13ox 10H, Bakertifleld. ; folding day u«d, ono bedstead and sprints. Call i 157 i li. It. Ilannons. I'i miles north Artln. I,'i8 | For Exchange—Property ' Radio, Musical Instruments ' Wanted— Salesmen HAVE 5-rooni home closo to Bakers-i SPECIAL, SALE field, rented. No encumbrance.. Wjll j used pianos and radios. Real guaran- SIX rompetent talespcople. elpertoncod In real j estate or financial setllns. Muut ha*e ears. Commission basil only. WorlclTS \vho folloM' In- : itruetlurtb can make good Income. Address 1'ost ' uftlee DOT 1011. Tiakersfleld. _ Ki: WANTED — : Experiencccl washer. viT- ruum cleaner nnd radio balesm s«e Mr. Clary, »t 9 a. m. Baliersflnlil f llardwart.' Company. S015 Chester! avenue. _ MK.V WANTED— Fur Uf.nlelsl' routu of 800 consumers In and ncur elo of nnkersfleld, I'tiunMes of Kast Kern. Inyo and tmrlfl of Santa llar- linra. Rpllablo hustler can stun famine ?i3 • ->ccl;ly aiul InTCCic i'tery month. Write Immo .lialely. Hawlclsh Compiuiy. D«it. CA-4-B. Ooli- land. Pullf. _ SALESMAN' AND DlSTaintTOIl WANTKD I'Oll KKIIN fOl'NTV. K^il'KHIl-^-'rK NOT, \Kci;ss.\uv. iNQfiiu: nooM ais IIOTI.I, i MOROM;T. MONDAY. 7 to o i'. M. AND; Tty.snvv, 9 TO 12 A, M. _ Situations \V anted— Male KXrErilKNCi:D moid rulter nr itrorc'j .'lork. tan 21. Tithes posltlcn. loO Oregun alrccl. _ Situations | Wan ted-— Fcmjalc ^"^.RY UfinNtD middle ugoil woman wants uorlt as liouei'ltoepir hi wu>U holuo Mbcit L'ouplc \torks out. I'hwie 'Jt;:i::. rtotmi !I. 1"7 WOMAN wants litustnvwrli, In t-ountn. for «ido\M.T ur barholor. Vounif and emiablc. UUl) Nllfs _ ^ OMAN lr anu housework, hcu&erlcaninc or laun- itrj". 30 rrnu (tor hour. I'hime li.V-M J. U'ANTKb — Laundry work . t'nrefully itone. AUo housework b> day or hour. Mrs. Mubel Jad^ln. 21^0 I] street. 1'hohc :i:d> U, _ ^*'KV WOIIHY eulllnc. fltlliiB. mukln^ altcrallotu ijn drcbhfa. eonts ajnl suites When on.; ulili rrade ajul experience of -0 yi-.^rs. ean help you; Mr«. .Ja^k I'lenielia. IMiono ill'0-1 or 1735-M • For Rent— Rooms TO GKNn/r.MAN - Very <»-slrab'f room, reaso able. "1th buth. iTMulo entrance., use of ph'jn AUo vuruzc. Mubt bu acun tu be HHiroolalu rnoiie :!uia-M. i oxrhango for Baltersfleld home and assume small loan. Elmer V. Karpo. i Phone 210. 1517 Eighteenth street. ; 1-28-tf j For Sale—Automobiles 1MO Nash coupe, J"93. 192fi Chevrolet coupe. *l%. H'L'S ICssex Sport coupe, $05. 11)1!7 Chevrolet roailMer, ?G5. 1S2U h'onl Hi-dan, ?l!Ki. 1U29 Packard deluxe sedsin. ?6!>u. 1H31 B7 Buli'k Kcdan, like now. ?7Pii. M09 ElBhteentli stroot. Phono 831 1£8 DOL'OL.\KS' DBI'EXDAULBCltKAl'CAllS. 2105 I l!l-i! Fnrd touring: TUIIH good. Buy $20. l.sto IP"" Dwlgo "4" louring; i'uilnlns. A-l tlrt't: standard gearshift: A-l Kbope. Down. ^0. teed bargains at terms. Don C. Togeler building. low prices and Preston. Hotel 158 For Sale—Miscellaneous 100 pound* mush. In cloth baga, ?1.35. 100 poundw bcratch, |1.1U. 100 pounds cracked Indian corn, 11.20. QANN & ROSS. Oildale. Calif. 13 31 POR SALE—A-l baled dairy nuy. Cull i 10. Souza, liD"b L btreot. Phone H3S3-W. 167 OAK WOOD, all and lengths, ter fireplaces Hiul stores. Guaranteed quality, and prompt j delivery. Hears' lea Deliver). Phuno 1808. j 161 MVHT HNU.. Slimi rittei. umlej. rsih reel«ter». meat slleors. adding machines, freezer esses. Meat inuskut. stun-, restaurant equipment. 8ul* linker. 1711 6T X 51 43 fey N40 37 33 '20- 5£> IO 38 62. 34 5O THE SUPERIOR COURT OF STATE OF CALIFORNIA, IN AXD FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. In the Matter of the Estate of G. M. Jones, Deceased. < ! Notice is hereby given that under and pursuant .to the law made and provided, the undersigned, Olive B. Jones, Ruth Jones Wright and Olive : Jones Peplow, the duly appointed, qualified and acting cxecutrlces of the i estate of G. M. Jones, deceased, will | sell at private sale, to the highest and i best bidder, subject to confirmation of said Superior Court, on or after the 13th day of February, 1933, at the law i offices of Weber & Kldder, Room 1200 I Bay Cities Building. 221 Santa Monica 1 Boulevard, In the City of Santa Moni ica. county of Los Angeles, state of California, all of the right, title anil interest of said deceased at the time j of his death, and all of the right, title and interest that the estate of said deceased has acquired by operation of law or otherwise, other than in addition to that of O. M. Jones, deceased, at the time of his death, in and to all that certain parcel of real property, situate In the county of Kern, state of California, and particularly described as follows,, to-wit: The NWi of .Section 10, township 20 south, range 25 east, S. B. B. M. Terms of sale, cash, in lawful money of the United States on confirmation of sale, or part cash and balance evidenced by notes secured by mortgage Ion the property so sold. Ten percent of the amount of the hid to be deposited with the bid. Bids or offers to be In writing and will bo received at the aforesaid office at any time nt'tr-r the first publication hereof and before date of sale. Dated January 2B. 1933. OLIVE B. JONES, RUTH JONES WRIGHT, OLIVE JONES PEPLOW, Executrloes of the Estate of G. M. Jones, Deceased. Weber & Kldder, W. E. Byrne. 1200 Bay Cities Bldg., Santa Monica, Calif. Attorneys for Executrlces. Jan. 2S to Feb. 8, inc. INDUCEMENT Mother—Gladys, I saw that young ! Adams boy kiss you! I didn't think !he would dare to do such a think! I Gladys—Nor did I. In fact, I bet him a pair of gloves he wouldn't.— Vart Hem. ;rubstake plan whereby u prospec- .or would be outfitted by some interested person in return for a partnership in the miner's ventures. ^ho dea has grown to such proportions, :ho society reported today, that It has seen necessary to Incorporate It into a separate venture with the society n control. There Is no record of the fortunes that came back to grubstake rs in pioneer days from a $50 or $60 Investment, H. A. W. Tabor invested $60 with two miners who made him a one-third partner in the famous Little Pittsburg silver mine at Leadvllle. Tabor never knew how much money he made from the Little Pittsburg, but It was several millions. There are dozens, of other illustrations of what come of a grubstake. On the other hand, thousands of grubstakes failed to net the Investor a dime. The miner prospected until tho stake was gone and fouild nothing, so tho Investor lost. Tabor grubstaked hundreds of miners but received returns from a very small number. That was the risk of grubstaking. The society attempts to establish contact between responsible miners and small investors. The grubstake plan is explained In Its proper light— a pure gamble that tho grubstaked miner will find gold before his supplies are oaten. L O8 A.NOELE8, Jan. 80.—Merger of the Standard Oil Company of California and the Standard Oil Company of Ner Jersey—joining- of assets calculated to reach 12,000,000,000, Is Imminent, according 'to President Kenneth H. Klngsbury of tho Call- b fornia concern, before his departuw'to Hawaii yesterday. "Negotiations are progressing on. tho basis recently announced in a Joint .statement by himself and Walter C. Teaglo, president of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey," Presl-*i dent Klngsburg «ald ns'ho boarded the , now Matson express liner "ImrTlh*." He admitted that the resultant concern, If tho merger Is effected, will probably be the largest and most powerful single petroleum producing and marketing organization of tho world. Tremendous Reserves "Petroleum reserves of Standard OH . Company of California are the largest " In tho United States, while the vast foreign holdings of tho New Jersey company, In South America, th» Persian gulf region and In tho orient, are probably as large as those of any oil company extant," Klngsbury said. 1 ' "Wo believe urjlon of the two companies would bo of great benefit to the public. The California company's operations are chiefly domestic, while, those of New Jersey center In foreign trade." Construction Plans Klngsbury also revealed plane of Standard Oil Company of California to construct immediately a submarine oil-loading line offshoro from Its refineries at El Scgundo, from which tankers will load nearly a mile offshore. Ho estimated cost of several hundred thousand dollars. He expressed belief that his company's offer to purchase tho Richfield Oil Company, for approximately $22,000,000, will soon be consummated. On this vacation, his first In threo years, Mr. Klngsbury will be a guest at tho Oahu country home of W. P, Roth, president of the Matson Navlgar tlon Company, also a passenger on tho Lurllno to Honolulu with his family. CURTAILMENT GOAL IS California is on the verge of accomplishing the reduction of Its dally crude oil production to 4-10,000 barrel, according to officials of the Oil Producers' Sales Agency of California. A letter to those interested In tho industry, signed by Rush M. Blodget, general manager of the concern, today slated: "If we reduce our independent production to our share of 440,000 barrels dally we will have done moro than maintain tho stabilization of an Industry wo will have proved that sturdy —moral fiber still sustains tho California oil Industry. On January Vu Kottlcman Hllla East Kern Prospect Well Being Planned Plans for the drilling of a wildcat well In the Sand Cut area, 15 miles east of Bakersfleld, havo been announced by William E. Bendeler and associates. Camp has been struck and materials assembled on tho location on section 19, 30-30. Bondeler, It Is reported, holds a lease from tho Tejon Mineral Company, of which W. S. Goodfellow of Fresno and San Francisco is an officer. Tho lease, covering a half section of land, was obtained about a year ago. / Bendeler formerly was associated with tho Treasure Drilling Company, a Fruitvalo concern. had an underage of 3043 barrels, Santa Fo Springs had reduced its overage to 33uD barrels and Signal Hill had an overage of iiOIti barrels. Iluntlngtoti Beach, on the same day, showed an overage of 12,074 barrels, duo to com-t/ 1 potltlve offset conditions In the "hot spot" near tho fault. "On the night of January 26, how- over, wo received word that one of tho large companies, having thp. greatest 'defensive' overage, was leaof- Ing the way by getting down to IV allowable. Somebody had to lead tho way, and we are assured that at least five other producers In this competitive area are following. "Wo expect Huntlngton Beach to be down to Us field allowable by tonight, Friday, January 27. "If Long Beach and Santa F» Springs follow promptly, the situation Is saved, and California can then justly claim greater success with voluntary co-operative curtailment than many other producing states can with legal force." GASOLINE ALLEY Alley Alibis By KING TIOOM—AUjumfni: hMlx hot ttml ( -t,!ri of jiliwip, JIU wwnih. 2.M-1 K Mn-*M atfr. CONVKMI.NT anil clr? h ii Iwo rooms, uilh Ing I'ori-lt. 1'rlmo butli. !!31M Truslun imc. $lb. * roil IlKNT - Very tlcblruhlu trout room. Outi Hiltrunro. (Juraift). ("inol InciiUoH. IlrraKfuil ('cslfti!. 1 *«Qr» OriiJitlr '••(reel. I'lutnc 2'.!Sil-\V Mo If THANKS BUT I WOOLDM'T WAMT TO THANKS. BOVS. BUT HAT6 TO fZlDE WITH ANNBODV ELSE rr COST -,00 A CENT, GrJCLE COME OM. UMCLE BILL, AM' WE'LL GIVE "-/OU A RIDE IM OUR CAR. MOT ME. I GOT BMOUCH LIFE IMSURANC6. THE COP TOLD US WE D TO HAVE SOMEBODY OF DRiViM' AG6 ALOMC WITH US. N£S. WHO CAM \MG GET THAT'S OLDER? IF we HAD LIGHTS WE COULD DRIVE AT WIGHT OR W£AR FALSE WHISKERS. : U. S. Pal. 0*. ; Copynihl. IWJ > Trik »y The Chlcan Tribune. MH OIL FLOW HL (Astoclatcd Prens Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. SO.—Tho California Oil World estimates the state's .crude oil production for. If st week at 461,800 barrels dally, a'drop of 54BO barrels from the preceding week's average dully output of 467,250 barrels. The drop was chiefly due to sharp reduction of output at TCettleman Hills, whore the associated operators put .a three months' curtailment plan into effect, reducing their output 6DOO barrels dally, nnd bringing tho field's daily flow down to 04,100 barrels. Santa I>'e Springs curtailed output (1200 barrels and Long Beach 500 bar- j relB, while Mldway-Marlcopa Increased 1&00 and Huntlngton Bench 1000. Ventura avenue, Klwood and Hevorul others showed small Increases In output. i Output of IJOB Angeles basin fields totaled 210,150 barrels, a decrease of I 900 barrels for tho week. I •-•-# THE BUNGLE FAMILY Speaking of the Ex-Visitors By HARRY J. TUTHILL HOOM ami bosnl, II''.0 pe-r week. Com'ortalvt tuumi. iilcasmil fcurruunUliixs. Tree parking Alru iraiislenl dlnmrs. OU cents. 20i» Nln-- icrlilh street. Tclrlilion* U.17. 8 '.'7-;f For Rent—Houses XUW. MODEIIN IIOUSIS 1'UR HI.NT, CAI.ll"Ull- XIA AVIiNUK PAHK TltAUT. KKB II. I". SMITH. 1'HONB US. K'.'O CIlliSTKIl AVKKUK. 1511 ; IX)U Hi:NT-Mwlern furnlilwd bungalow, ulih parklnfi spaLV. AUu H-rooui apartment. ICCiU 1) ; street. !£7 U.VKURNISM1SD HOUSES KOH KENT 2S07 California avenue, J30.00 411 C street, S^n.OO 303 East Nineteenth street, J17.50 Mil Eureka. $20.00 BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1813 Chester Avenue. Phone 1-flS ' 1-27-tf KOUR-UOOM home, nicely furni.shed, $25.00. Five rooms, breakfusl room, lovely fenced yard, $37.00. Apply I fill Oregon, 1-28-lf ' UNPUHNISHIOU, bc-aullful. modern duplcl. In Aha Vlilf Tract. Kent JM. Water paid. iilo b Uul'ivy atreet. Phutir 4110-J. K'S RENT — House. Unfurnihlied. Moderate. C'lciin. Kuur roomi-, «luvi>lii|> porch. 415 K street. 1.17 OH GEORGE ISN'T IT JUST HEAVENLY TO HAVE A LITTLE PRIVACY IN YOUR OWN HOME? SINCE CLARA AND DERRICK LEFT, I FEEL EXACTLY AS YOU DO AFTER YOU FIGHT YOUR WAY THROUGH A CROWD^ WATCHING A PARADE. YES 6IR! AND WHEN I HEAR A BAND PLAYING HOME sweet HOME NOW, I WON'T FEEL SO MUCH LIKE BUSTING OUT. , CRYING.) ' I >/l WHAT KLEO DID TO PEGGY WASN'T HALF OF IT. THE ICE BOX DOOR IS ALL OUT OF SHAPE FROM THE WAY THOSE PEOPLE SLAMMED IT EVERY TIME THEY DIDN'T FIND IT FULL OF BAKED HAM, AND EXPENSIVE SAUSAGE, AND SO FORTH. AND WE DON'T HAVE TO SPEND THE EVENINGS NOW LISTENING TO DERRICK GO OVER THE CAMPAIGN SPEECHES HE HEARD ON THE RADIO. IMAGINE CLARA LIVING IN THAT WONDERFUL BIG GRUBBER MANSION WITH SERVANTS TO TROT AROUND AFTER. HER PICKING UP, THINGS SHE THROWS ON THE BACKS OF CHAIRS. SHE JUST LOVES THAT. CMC GOOD THING ABOUT A LOT OF SERVANTS 16 .THAT AT LAST DERRICK. WILL HAVE SOMEBODY .TO LAUGH AT HI6 GA36. "fa THINK OF IT! CLARA AND DERRICK. HAND-IN-GLOVE WITH MILLIONAIRES WHO, IF THINGS HAD TURNED OUT DIFFERENTLY,{ WOULD HAVE BEEN RELATED TO US. WHAT,/ V^ALIFE! WELL JO, IN A WEEK OK SO OLD MAN GRUBBER WILL GET TIRED OF LISTENING TO DERRICK, AND BY USING THE SKULL AND HAVING A LOT OF LUCK, | WILL BE RID DERRICK IN TWO OR THREE , YEARS. Oil Agreements J. N. Schmidt et ux to Paul !•. Kelley and Jauk llerley—throe-year lease (lovering portion of lot 29, section 29-27: dated January 14. 1033. Neptune Development Company, I-td., to Wank Goldman and 13. V>. Holslngton, first party owner of government permits, covering east half of northeast quarter and north half uf northwest quarter section 82, 28-27, and southeast quarter of northeast quarter and northwest quarter of section 6, 2rX-27, gives second purfea right to drill for oil on same; dfted January 24, 1033. , j Agreement between Elmer C. Bteav- -. Jens ot ux and Taft Well Drilling Company to extend drilling rights under lease for addition of fourth year, beginning on March 27, 1934, lease cffvera • cast half of northwest quarter section 31, 30-20; dated January 26. 1933. John H. Dougherty et us, co-partnership of Dougherty & Company, .composed of John H., R. J. Dougherty, Harry Ross, C. M. Armstrong, R. J. Dougherty et ux, Harry Ross et us and C. B(. Armstrong to Traders Oil Corporation—Quitclaim to southeast quarter of southeast quarter section SO, 2S-27.

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