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The Woodstock Mercury, and Windsor County Advertiser from Woodstock, Vermont • 3

Woodstock, Vermont
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tan l-iiT TassT b9 b5 readers will lo tbe behalf of (he surpassing wisdom of the The New York irnnsrrtpt says that a gr nth-man in that cwr, aged forty -nine it. is tbe father of 1 1 children, ansae of Ik recollect that Sylvester W. Sheldua, the pot tn worship; and she bears pr.xaaly on her war we rs tba: te I Ley wvum iam ikb JJ half eagle, corned ia a hurry at the "glo a brn in eer iirtu of the el be last wards the p-rt ot salety where she nJI be imiimI uudtrllie nroterlu.n tLr Coit-tim- ly, fcnrope, Aa, Air aa naps six Bundled feet, tot a long titae it hovered over the city, and was visible till obscured bv the darkness of the evening. About two o'clock this looming, the aeronaut, and Mr. Edge who accompanied bios, retaraed to Castle Garden, having descended in safety near Newtown, on Long Island ry mtsi, i be gefliei mmskj 1j ti, old.

repobiicM ssotto espunged. uoo and the Laws. The ether paper referred I GM jim mfA, X. lo, is me ti.LE itie nia i-i j.te ana or me I Cuom Hoose officers, postmaster, govern The p-jbhc are nisr4itf Rrk ment clerks, kt. courting me peupi i their far or tad aid, electioneer- re.

i. purporting tn be Half and Q-4 nt. Eaglrs the new eis-in. Thev ace rrmaikalJv well executed, and be escaped from hi Keeper, ana ibu rewsra ufflW was off red for bis apprehension Said Sheldon had rinded pnrsoit until! recent-If, when be was discovered ia Canada, if am rightly informed, surrendered up by the public nuiiwruie there, and conducted back and lodged ia lbs prison ia ibis town He will probably tabs bis trial at the Circuit Court of the Untied States, which sets ia this town on Whigs with ide-pr j.I l.ranag aa tan hack tbe santio Pubims Usrw, which tbe last of the Rnnw ns has canned to be stricken skb the cap of liberty from tbe American coin. TheCavTiri Tiox aod tbe Kjh-(- tree Wi.ig emlleaas.

Wb so ha, a u4 to fly to tbe defence of the one, under the banner of the other. T. Sptc. are snare mflk-wli to be detected, by unacquainted anii gM, Mian nine- leuiii. of tbe vaiuW4 counierllit banknotes) ja- ght tae ano her aii.f.c, to beguile and deceive the er-Utsnad shortsighted, and makes proselyte to MartiB Van Buren, whom they have proooua-eed the "irgiriaaafc nucwr" of Andrew Jaek- tw.

ctioaee Demoerate, who are shieh are now tn circulation CaitrJ States. Trent. the 3d of October next. Smtlamd Ihruld. PnttaOtU.MII.

THB CaSDIOATEt Coimeidemee. It will he perceived that the BW WU lBeir t0 far on and fr party imeres, initials of the fmir candidates for Congrew, placed in nomination by the Anti-Jackson party, of the city ati.l county. j. il li A roinrideni-e worth noticing, and auMti- JEriml Skip. We have already alluded to an Sfaip.stated at the last dates to be eoa-struetiBg at Paris.

The following fact relating to 8 at contained ia the foreign papers. Tbe principal projector is a Mr. Lenuox, au officer of distinction in the French army II is apparatus ia thus described. The balloon i 134 feet long, 34 feet high, and about iia feet wide, its ends being in tbe form of pointed cones, and is designed to raise a weight equal to 6500 pounds. The car, instead of being suspended, as usual, at some distance below the balloon, is to be placed immediately under it.

so that an impulse may be communicated to it by the cronaut. Thirty persons may be accommodated in the car, which, though very narrow, is sixty feet in length, and is crossed by seats of wickerwork, at regular distances. The balloon is covered with net work, the end of which terminate al the point where the car is attached, and rope ladders are affixed to the net work, so that the aeronaut may visit every part of the exterior of the ballooa, in order to make repairs, if they should be necessary. At each end ofthe car in a rudder, and on each the expense of the people, claim to be strict disciples of Thomas Jeffersoa, and uodeviaiing followers of bis injuactioas. To show the ut ter faUity of such we copy an ex- ciou.

we trust of the success of the good cause thus: rTatinoiigh, arjr, fnsprsolli Go wen. tract from a Circular, addresseo to me omcc-holders by the Heads of Departments, during Mr. Jeffersoas administratioB, by his order, ia which their interference in elections was lpoiAtdly comlemmed. It was id tbe rollowmg I words Pridnt of the United States ha ol dUaatisfaction officers of the Geuer- I al Government, taking on various occasions, Lactive parts in the election ol toe puuuc of the General or of the Washixgtov, Saturday. The Senate Committee on the Post Office assembled in this city yesterday, for the purpose of pro-ceetlirg, according to the order of the Senate, in the further prosecution of the examination of the abuses in the management of the Post Office.

Proent, Mr. Grundy, (Chairman) Mr. Ewing. Mr. Kuiglit, and Mr.

Southard. The remaining member of the Committee (Mr Robinson) is not known lo have arrived here. Yat. Intel. State Governments.

Freedom of Election be ing so essential to tbe mutual inuepenueiice oi and of the different branches of lite government, so vitally cherished by liost of our const itutions, it is deemed mpropt for oificrrs ui.rii.iui.iu w. ri TTl VE CiV THE UNION, to attempt to .1 ry .1 t- UotUrol or INFLUENCE the free exercise of For thr Laditt.An importation is eipnsj ed in the hip Wahinlon, from Canton, which will have tbe charm novelty, at least a Cki near lidy, with lilth fieti It is even so Yankee euterprize never lags behind) any demand, aod as little feet are all tbe rage though Ml itnin tbe reach of all just now it has occurred to one of our Eastern brethren, to show how little feet really can be. The lady will bare a Chinese attendant wiih her, and receive company in a parlor, furnished a la Ckimoite. She wili need, are arc sure, a spacious tpart-ment. Ttr graph.

Lo OrricK. We understand that a new Loan Office has been in this city, which is to continue its operations until the li -t Monday of October. It loam out nothing Imt gld, otlierwins called "Yellow Jarkcts." The persons to whom tlit'e pieces are loaned, are required to give bond, with security to lie approved by the Gram! Commissioner, that they will return them to the office every evening that they will exhibit them during the day to at least ten ierioiis. It is said that a severe penalty is imposed for non-performance. The Grand Commissioner holds his npiointmcnt directly from the Kitchen Cabinet, and hat given bonds, with secnaitjr, to restore all (lie Yellow Jackets to their legal depository in the cnlinarv tlemrtmcnt within ten days after the first Monday of October there to be placed under lock and key.

N. B. It it reported that, on settlement on Snturday night last, two Yellow Jackets were missing. Great consternation was ex-eitcd, as it is said, if they are permitted to remain nut one night, there is no knowing into whose hands they may fall. Md.

Political Examiner. Steamboat Accident. We learn by a letter from a friend at Hartford, that the Steamboat Water Witch, which left that city at noon, yesterday, for New Fork, struck a snag, when nearly opposite Weathcrsficld, and sunk in fivo minutes. The rlerk of the boat succeeded, after an uncomfortable hath, in rescuing some valuable packages from the cabin, and every exertion was mado to save as much as possible. No lives were Inst.

The bow ofthe boat was run on to a sand bank, so that she was not entirely underwater. The lady passengers suffered principally from fright and the loss of their band boxes. Bosl. Tram. the elective right.

This I am instructed there-tv. nntifv to all officers, within anv depart Mjcic piain racn. uo ine i-Jiti i'rmuer, 1 1827, John M'Lean, the Postmaster reported to Congress that the Post Office Department whould he able to supply all the wants ofthe country in respect to mail accommodations, and within a few years pay into the Treasury an annual sum of According to his statement in July there was in the Post ment, holding their appointment under the au side a wheel, to which arc attached canvass paddles in light iron frames, so constructed as to present to the air a flat surface or a sharp edge, and made to revolve by means of handles. In order to cause the balloon to ascend or descend, without throwing out ballast or ex pending gas, small balloon is placed under thu principal one, by which, according to the quantity of external air admitted into it, difference of thirty pounds can he made in tbe weight opposed to the large balloon. The paddles are also arranged in such a manner, as to enable the aeronaut to tack, when the wind is unfavorable, by rising or descending in inclined directions.

Another method of directing the movements ofthe balloon is said to be kept secret by the projectors. Witb a favorable wind, they expect to travel at rates varying from ten to thirty leagues an hour: if between two opposite currents, to advance at the rate of from two to five remain stationary, waiting for a wind; and when the wind is directly against them, to tack, after the manner of birds, by describing curved lines up and down. The material of which the balloon is made is prepared in such a manner, as to preserve the gas for fifteen days. Mr. Lennox proposed to ascend with seventeen other persons, on the loth of August, and expected, if the wind should be favorable, to reach London in six or eight hours.

thority ol the l'restUent, directly, anu 10 MM them to notify all subordinate to them. The rirhl nf anv officer to Hive his vote at elections as a qualified citizen is not meant to be res trained, nor however given, shall it nave cnect In bia nri ml ice but it is txnected that he will jjj -mm: Fimm tit Bmttm TrmMtsipl. KATRST fSOM CI Bolt. Messrs. Toplifl have Liverpool paper of lite 2 lib Aug- Their political intelligence is not ins noi taut.

A dinner has been given to Mr. O'Cunnell, at Waterford, at which he declared that tbe Dublin meeting (a High Church meeting, lale-ly'held) bad set the example of agitation, aud he, by the blowing of God, would follow it up. The French packet L'E-taft tte, sailed front Dover for France, Aug. 20, with Prince Talleyrand and suite, who embarked under a salute from the guns at llic heights. Madeniost'illc Taglioni has quite rcover'd from the attack of cholera she had at London, aud has returned to Paris.

Dun t'arlos has imt yet been expelled Spain, hut there is no prospect of his remaining there, except aw a fugitive, much longer. Hodil is proceeding against bis adherents with a spirit sufficiently sanguinary every prisouor made is forthwith shot. Advices from Gibraltcr, of the 9th ult, states that the cholera had ceased, and that clean bills of health had been issued. At Madrid, on the 8th ult, M. Martinez dc la ltosa laid before the Chamber of Deputies a treaty with the United States.

Accounts continue to be received of a desolating famine in the East Indies. In Bundle-cand thousands had died; the famine was so great that even mothers had been seen to devour the dead bodies of their children. In Cashmere, it was calculated that upwards of 25,000 persons had perished. Distressing Mor.TLI1 v. Early in August says a letter from New Carlisle, Ohio, published in the Cincinnati Journal, two families, from Adams CO.

Pennsylvania, on their way to I'h I ii stopped here to speak with seme of their old neighbors who had previously settled here. Some two or thrcetMtheir children had been sick on the way, and detained them in their journey. During a stay of a few days, one of their children died of Cholera In fantum, which was scarcely buried when anolher sickened and died with the same complaint soon alter the burial of which, another was attacked on the Sabbath, the 10th of August, and died the same day with a fully developed csso of cholera. The day after, another sickened and died with the same disease, which mocked all efforts to remove it. The parents both of one family were attacked; the mother died, and the father is convalescent also two other of their children, which were all they had, sickened and died ono with cholera, and the oilier with cholera infantum.

The father anil two children ofthe other family sickened and died ofthe same complaints, viz: the father with cholera, and the children with cholera infantum leaving only the mother and one child ofthe family. So that the two families of 1 1 persons, have only three remaining alive. Another family resident in the village, on tha 11th of August, took into their house the I a west of the above mentioned families; when a'most immediately upon their reception, the family into whose house they went, one alter anolher, sickened and died; until the father, mother, and two sons and a daughter, were nil swept off with the same malignant disease. i not attempt to influence the votes of others, nor inl um nart tn the business of electioneerimr. that being deemed INCONSISTENT WITH Til SPIRIT OF THE UT1U, unil of it duties to it.

Modern Democracy. A huge pole has been raised in Phladelphia, by the Jacksoninen, up on the top ol which is placed a wooden image of General Jackson. In the same city a few since, parcel of Tories pelted a pic-ture of Washington with rotten Office a surplus in its favor of 289, 140; and Major Barry, his successor, admitted, when he took possession, that there was a surplus of $230,489. In December, 18 )2, Mr. Barry reported to Congress that on tbe 1st of July in that year, after paying all expenses, there was a surplus of $202,81 1.

During the last session of Congress the Com mittcc of the Senate reported, that on the 1st of April, 1834, the debts due from the Post Office amounted to $1,433,600 that the Postmaster General had borrowed from Banks to the amount of $488,600 and that Mr. Barry was of opinion that he could get along with hit department, provided Congress would advance from the treasury $450,000. Instead, therefore, of producing an annual income to the treasury of $300,000, the Post Office, on the 1st of July, 1834, was insolvent to thu monstrous amount! Every thinking man will enquire, what has become of this annual income of What has been done with the $188,600, borrowed from Banks? what has been done with the additional sum of $645,000 which ought to have been applied in payment of debts? Why is the Post Office indebted to the amount of Those who are best able to answer these questions will not answer but the committee, after a most laborions investigation, and after an examination ofthe unwilling agents ofthe Extratt of letter from MistintippL My suspicions, formerly expressed to you, as to what would prooaoiy uo me course oi our to have been well founded. The wooden 6word of the harlequin ma- gician has been laid over the shoulders of our Chivalry. The Boston Journal gives a most ludicrous account of a duel which lately took place at Antwerp between a couple of young men, one of them an American and the other an Englishman.

Both belligerents were shockingly frightened, and shot olT their weupons so enormously wide of the mark, that one of the balls penetrated the Zenith and the other the Nadir, if the historiographer ofthe transaction writes truth. One ofthe spectators of this most valorous passage of arms, an American sea Captain, begged of the parties militant, if they fired their death-doing tools again, to let him get behind one of their honorable carcases, as he was persuaded that this was the post of safety. Courier. whole-bog governor, who stands ready to O-Lbey the siglal. Faithful to I ho service which "knows no nay," Gov.

Runnels is about to call the members of the late legislature together, The Cholera. -We regret to Fearn from the Charleston papers that the cholera prevails with great mortality on the plantations adjoining the Savanna river. At our latest dates there was no case of the disorder in fhe city. N. Y.

Spec. whose regular term ol service hns already expired, but who can In constitutional provision, be convened in case of emergency. The present "case of emergency" is to elect a U. Senator one year before it is necessary, and to place in the Senate a Creature of Van Hu ron instead of a lcprcscntativc ol the people. Pest Office, havo furnished the public with The powers are aware of the great change Dreadful Shipwreck.

A letter from Picton, Nova Scotia, of the llth Sept. announces the wreck, on St. Paul's Island, of the British ship S) belle, bonnd to Quebec with 316 emigrants, all of whom perished. Of the crew six were saved. jhvhich their absurd measures have produced among our bone and sinew since the last elec tion; but they hope the members of the last le- islature, elected on local questions, and over whose election the personal popularity of the Ithen governor elect had much influence, con Cincinnati, Sept.

18. The Powder Mills, situated at the West end of Fifth street, near Mill Crock, exploded yesterday morning for the third time, by which accident there was on man killed and another wounded. tinue to wear their collars, and will vote for a candidate "according to order." With this view Runnels himself will be opposed to old Poindexter! Ay, laughable as it may seem, 'tis no more funnier than true. But the cloven foot of Van Buren is too visible in the transaction to leave him any chance that this sapient scheme may succeed. Ho will find that the people are not to be used up in that sort of way, and that the legislature in this case of'great emergency," will vote as they are "To all Nations, Languages and People, Greeting: Know ve, that Nimrod Mur-i'Uree, ofthe City of Nashville, and State of Tennessee, have discovered perpetual motion.

N. MCRPIIREE. Nashville, Aug. 27, 1834. We clip the a1 ovc from the last number of the Nashville (Tern.) Banner, where it appears as an advertisement, without note or comment.

Probably Mr. Murphrcc has succeeded in handing himscif over the Cumberland river, or a barn yard fence, by the straps of his boots. We advise him to send his pretensions on to the next Congress by Col Crockett himself, whose motto is ligo ahead!" Mobile Adv. instructed, and thus overthrow all his hopes of a Senator ol his own trom Mississippi." Death of Mr. Crawford The Hon.

Wm. H. Crawford, formerly Secretary ofthe Treas tacts sufficient to convince every reader, that there has been gross negligence, mismanagement, and misapplication of the public money. Hear the language ofthe committee: "The extra allowances of E. P.

Johnson, on one single contract, as has been shown, consume the whole revenue of Indiana. "The extra allowances of contractors in Virginia fall short but $335 of swallowing up the whole revenue received by the department in that State." "In North Carolina, the extra allowances fall short of the tiett receipts for postages $600." In Alabama, the extra allowances are to the nctt proceeds for postages as two to one." The allowances thus made to favorite contractors over and above the sums contracted to transport the mail, amount, within the State of Pennsylvania, to $40,220 in Virginia, in Alabama, $40,105 in North Carolina, $28,2 10. These are only a few instances by way of example. Hear what the committee say as to the contingent expenses, and incidental expenses. "No law appropriates money for these expenses." "The Postmaster General at his mere discretion selects the object of his patronage." "In the year commencing July 1st, 1832, embracing the period of the last Presidential election, they amounted to about 00, being a sudden increase of near $20,000 over the corresponding expenditures of any former year." Notwithstanding this exhibition, made to the Senate and people ofthe United States, ofthe defalcations in this department, President Jackson "takes the responsibility" of retaining Mr.

Barry and thus the people's money is continually used by the Office Holders against the people to secure themselves in office. To these facts it must be added that the Senate, by unanimous vote including the friends ofthe administration has pronounced guilty of improper and illegal conduct! New-York Mv. SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, ff Woodstock, Vermont TUF. subscribers appointed at meeting of the citizens of Woodstock a Committee to take measures for the establishment of a SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, in tliis town, have the satisfaction of announcing to xhs public that they bave engaged Mrs. COOKE, late Principal of tbe Young Ladies Seminary at Middlebury, to takn charge of the Institution.

The School will bo opened on Wednesday the 15th inst. by Mr. Cooke and such assistants as tbe number and wants of the pupils may require, will be immediately engaged. The ordinary and higher branches of female education will be assiduously taugbt and in additton to the means of instruction usually furnished by such institutions, full courses of Lectures on Chemistry, Natural Philosophy and Dotany will be given by one ofthe Professors ofthe Alcdical Institution, who is in possession of an ample apparatus for that purpose. The Committee are unable to state specifically the terms of tuition, but pledge themselves they shall not diner materially from those charged at similar institutions in this and the neighboring States.

For any information relative to Mrs. Cooke's talents and success as a teacher, the committee beg leave to refer lo the President and Faculty of Middlebury College. BOAKO in good families may be obtained on reasonable terms. DAVID PALMER,) JOB LYMAN, Committee. JOHN A.

PRATT, Woodstock, Oct. 1, 1S34. ury, died at the house ol his iriend, Meriwether, about a fortnight, since, while on a circuit attending the Supreme Court of Georgia, of which he was senior Judge. Mr. Crawford commenced active life as a school-master.

He was a man of strong passions, but of great talents. He rose into high stations bv the Frauds upon the Government. The Staunton Spectator states that thirty-seven bills of indictment were found against persons for perjury and forgery, at the late session of the Federal Court at Clarksburg, for the offences connected with frauds under the pension laws. Temperance Convention. A General Convention ofthe members of the temperance societies in Virginia is to be held at Charlottes-villo on the 30th inst.

A Mr. Hillard has manufactured a penknife, which lias 873 blades! in consideration of which the Dublin Committee presented him with a medal valued at 50 guineas. If he had made 873 penknives, he would have hud a better claim for it, and the community have been benefitted by his labors. The Mayor of Quebec recently stated at a public meeling, that the Ciiolera had carried off from fourteen to fifteen hundred residents of that city during the present year. The appearance of the Cholera at Augusta, in Georgia, and its spread on the Savannah river, have produced great consternation.

A single death by the disease at Augusta, and two cases in a boat on the river, had caused many persons to send away their slaves and depart from the city themselves. On the plantations on the river many ofthe slaves aru falling victims to the disease. The Middlesex Antimasonic Convention, which met at Concord on Tuesday, unanimously nominated the Hon. Heman Lincoln as a candidate for Congress, in place of Mr. Everett, who has signified his intention to resign New-York is about to ask for the establishment of a branch ofthe National Mint, in that city.

The calico printing establishment, near Ger-mantown, occupied by Mr. Lindley, was destroyed by fire on Sunday morning last. St. Paul's Church, at Angelica. Allegany county, was consecrated by Bishop Onderdonk, on the 30th ult.

Wm. E. Frothingham, a lad of only twelve or thirteen years of age, has been sentenced at Newburyport to ten years imprisonment in the State Prison, for attempting to kill his cousin, a young man who slept in the same room with him. He has repeatedly threatened him, and watched his opportunity for some time, sleeping with a razor under his pillow, and finally made the attempt to kill him, by cutting his throat in a horrible manner, and leaving him for dead. The young man, however, force of his own exertions and the energies of his mind.

He was the democrat caucus can- iidatc for President, against Mr. 4dams, in 1824. When in the Senate of the Union, he Mdy opposed the destruction ofthe old United States Bank, and was the firm and able and unchanging friend ofthe present institution. laving so long presided over tbe financial de partment ofthe government, he well knew the necessity of such a bank a necessity which will recur with ten-fold power, and command a new bank into existence, should the present Infamous Outrage. A base attempt against the person ofthe Hon.

J. G. Watmough, was made on Saturday evening last, at Philadelphia, by some wretched Tories in the upper end of the county. Mr. Watmough was in attendance at a publio meeting of his constituents, to which he had been taken by Daniel Filler, Esq.

of Kensington, in his wagon, and while he was speaking, some miscreants took out the linch-pins from each axle-tree ofthe wagon, knowing that ho intended to return by the same conveyance- The consequence was, that soon after the wag-on left the place of meeting, it was upset, and but for a wonderful interposition of Providence, both the gentlemen inside would have been killed. This is a most outrageous and diabolical proceeding, and it is earnestly hoped that all good citizens all who are not in the pay of the British King will lend their aid in ferreting out, and bringing to the punishment ofthe laws, these bloody-minded opponents of liberty. Phil. Gazette. Outrage.

Judge Baird was assaulted in the street in Uniontown, Fayette county, Md. one day last week, in his way from the Court House to his chamber, by a party in a cause, against whom the Court has charged the Jury unfavorably, and several blows inflicted before the assailant could be arrested. The rascal is now in the hands ofthe law. be destroyed. JV.

Y. Spec. Balloon Excursion. Yesterday, Mr Eu gene Robertson, made his promised ascent to the regions of the air. The weather was not auspicious, but having twice disappointed the public, he resolved that it should be 'neck or Li AST HINT NO MISTAKE.

ALL persons indelissi to die lale firm of RANDALL Ml-RDOCK are seriously informed that in case their accounts are noi spilled previous lo Ihe first day January next, summary and effectual measures will lc resorted to, to that oljwt. JAMES II. MURDOCH. ll'ootlstock 30, 18H4. DOCT.

L. F. GALLUP has removed to the Brick building soulli of St. James Church, where he will lie happy to wait upon patients, in all the departments of Surgical Mechanical DENTISTRY. Woodstock, Oct.

I. 1831. 6 "for sale. 1000 GAU'S' firs( LIXSEEED OIL, for JUSTIN C. BROOKS.

Hartford, (White River Village,) Oct. 1 1834. 6 6t nothing. Fortunately, although it was what in this climate we call 'a dull the elements were not averse to his intrusion among them. II lie clouds put on a ferocious aspect, but the winds lay still to witness the It ICpThe penny-papers are falling as thickly around us "as leaves in October Two new ones have started during the present week, and what is more, botn are ofthe right stamp.

One is called the Constitution, and bears upon its front a picture of that noble ship, in perfect trim every rope in its place, and every succeeded much better than General Jackson's on the currency. The buoyant vehicle clear-Jed the garden without difficulty, and ascended.

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