The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on July 6, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE tWO tin mmrmm f Ml MALVfcftN LEADER Aft Step! When Ydttt- TSBSi t* tfcrt W. P. WORTMAM, Entered to the Pott Offfc* at fsatter. terms of Subicriptfcitis t»&y*btc ift One copy one tear - - - 12.08 One copy three months • .59 One copy six months - - 1.00 Single copt ------- .91 The date on th« printed tag shows the time to which the M* tcrlptlofl Is paid. KATtORAL IDtTOtUAt ASSOCIATION COUNTY PAPEB:^-A11 the official proceeding* of (be Board of Supervisors fere printed la fall In this paper. Advertising Hate* DISPLAY, 26 cent* a colnmh inch; 6 cents an Inch additional lot composition. Bttfa tor guaranteed position, LOCALS, Classified - - - 6c a line LOCALS, among reading natter -----»* 10c a line Obituary Poetry . . . - 6e a line Resolutions ***-*» 6c a line Card of Thank*- * * * * 666 EDITORIAL We'll be greatly willing tor the World Economic confer- •ence experts to figure out the value of the dollar if they'll just give us enough of them to use for awhile. One of the odd things ot the Depression has been that alt ot the efforts of the federal government to inflate by public works and national spending have been more than offset by the efforts ot state and local taxing bodies to deflate by less public spending. We'vo often wondered what the term "old fashioned Fourth" included. There seems to be something alluring about the name, it Is so frequently used. Regardless of its modernity or lack of It, we believe that the quiet method ot observance used by this community Tuesday was a more pleasant way to "celebrate" than by the more vigorous method ot old. Many communities in this part of the state are cooperating with the purpose behind the huge public works act by starting municipal Improvements. Sidney J* surfacing olrand gravel. Sbenandoab is renovating its water 'system, This latter plan could be well followed by this community tor a better water supply system, purchased now while costs are so very low, would appreciate in value as prices rise. In addition nothing ia more important to A community than an efficient supply and system which would make certain adequate water at all times. Some day we hope to pay tribute to the truly magnificent qualities displayed by nearly every small business man in the past few years of depression. His courage and persistence, of course, have been no greater than those of the many farmers in the same period, but have been less publicized, When everything pointed toward failure and discouragement, the businessmen ot the small communities have kept plugging away at the daily task cheerfully, doing his best to keep the good things of his community and to work toward a condition where everyone would get a little more out of life. Truly it has been no life of ease to be in business the past three years and to see the gains made by long years of expert-* COOL OFF with a SHOWER BATH Summer discomfort c§n be greatly alleviated by taking a cool, refreshing shower bath once or twice a day. A«d the cost tor such relief need be very little for only a few dollars will nay fov a shower and installation, It you have a little space in yoyr basement it would' make a com venteat place tor » shower, Or the shower h.e*4 could ha installed jmt above the bftta tub, Call u« WJf tto» *ud WS'U ahoy you Juj| hew « «b.o**r will Al your «n4 tm tb* MAP* , a Cardwell ence and hard work slip slowly away. And to meet the situation as most of our business men hate Indicates no lack ot the traditional American courage &nd progresslveness. The simple things ot lite sometimes faring the most pleasure. Who did not derive infinite good feeling from the rains ot last Thursday evening when the earth was so generously soaked. The sweet odor ot the freshly washed air, the cool breeze sweeping gently through rain-soaked trees, the rich odor ot the earth as the thirsty soli drank up the pelting rain drops — no poet is needed to tell us to enjoy these. These features ot the rain were even more enjoyable, we'll warrant than the refreshing thought that the lush crops of Mills county would be greatly helped by the showers. Details of the proposed suggestions for changes in Iowa's state government, which are to be submitted by the Brooking* institute, are as yet unknown. The citizens ot the state should be well informed on these changes sufficiently in advance of the special session which must act upon them, to enable the electorate to form an .enlightened opinion ot their various values. Moat of us admit ftt MI* ernmental machinery la * n sary and wise but. we must proceed carefully in the changing of the old in order to be certain of improvement. Summer guests afford one ot the delights of the season. Who does not have visits during the warm months from Uncle John and Aunt Bertie, or Cousin Mary and the children. Old friendships are renewed under those particularly delightful characteristics of blood relationship. The difficulty in the household of Cousin Harry when Harry Jr. had the measles in the spring are delineated. The striking Smith nose which is now developing on lit* tie Oscar's physiognomy is brought up, Let'* All ttecevur Big Shot Hugh Johnson, President Roosevelt'* high coordinator for the industrial recovery plan, has asked trade associations to send in Codes of Ethics which alt will agree to follow. Here's one for the Amalgamated Association ot Newspaper Columnists, all ready to use. Through an error or thing f haven't naked Editor Wayne D. Choate, famed Opinion writer of the Gletmood Oplnlon«Tribttne, nor Malcolm Jnelke, Into Emaltchess col* umnist, whether ot not they'll subscribe to the code, but Cot* porol if eecalyre ha* agreed and •ays he'll use strong arm meth« ods if neceesarr to force ifl the others. -f-M- Bhorter working hours are needed and the shorter the more patriotic. Section i says that columnists will go to work (or perhaps to the office) at 9 a. m. and remain until 12. They will start again at i;30 p. m. and work until 4:30 p. m. If this is too long I'll be glad to trim an hour or more off ot both morning and afternoon time. -f-t-1- Scctlon Bt No columnist will be permitted to work more than five day* A week. Penalty for violation of either Sec. l or Sec. a shall be « six weeks period of limitation in which the ' writer la permitted to use no words of more than two (2) syllables. -f-t-1- Sectlon 3; Remuneration. No columnist must work for less than f30 a week (at above hours) to start with and must get»', $6 monthly increase for the .which, it he Through It all, and the work of company meals and extra beds to make, runs the mellow enjoyment of unusual association and the lush pleasure of ripened memory stimulated by reminiscence. The summer sear son is particularly enjoyable because of all this. THE WAY OUT (Number at) By C. E, Eacrett possibly forcibly! Penalty for violation ot Sec. 3 will be that offending columnist will not be permitted to crib wisecracks and jokes from other people or pa- faster than the Malthuslan theory of population control. -t-t-1- Bcction 4: Columnists will have Congressional Immunity. There is no penalty for this as none Is needed. Alleged writers can take digs, tweak noses, take cracks, run down, pop, hand scullions, and do every other type of coliunnal punish' mont upon each and every person whomsoever and be guaranteed Against legal redress. Also capital punishment must- be provided lor those found guilty of boss-whipping col. umnists (a thing not done In MiUs county since the day of the late' "Nancy" Fields), Section 6: Columnists writing for ten consecutive years will be given a pension by the federal government of not to exceed the pay of one Congressman per year. I advise 'other groups to or. ganize immediately and draw up similar codes for their groups, Those who get In first the favorite etprWBioii forest *ortt*rs is said to be " atl hemlock." i are tistnrafly that Sam Business Is sure pfefclnft nP friend of o«w hoarded the tranjtn* to CTilcaKo the other day and sa d ffeYat«rffi6 game. ttfttiOUS ifke wottld trn to have tlncw Sam caticel the. W debt*, lower hi* tariffs anI «ttW; We can't Inp an conference In London. There enough fog there already. to do that they will agree in tnra O jnnk a few old cannon and wfli g*t the best provisions. -f-t-1- Beqnel to Ofeftt Ixmner--Boyet Match ( Participants of the great Don- feer-Boyer golf match weren't exactly pleased, 1 gather, with the reporter's story In last week's Issue. "Print a retraction, or what eVef you call it, or I'll stop borrowing The Leader," threatened Postmaster I. L. Conner, so In order to prevent him from being totally Uninformed we gladly publish his version of the affair. "You see, 1 was up IB holes on iny alleged opponent at one titte," Mf. Dohtter said," and only dropped the last 18 for purely humanitarian and altruistic reasons. The opponent was threatened With a nervous breakdown, which would undoubtedly have been followed by an attack of cerebral sclerosis, and I noted that it was brought on by the •train of the match. Consequently I dropped the holes to end it, purely out of sympathy for him." -f-t-1- Cllff Boyer, the party of the second part, or opponent, had no alibi to offer ns lie won the match. -f-t-1- Anyway Corporal Heezalyre was greatly impressed by the match as his sporting blood was genuinely aroused and has agreed to give a competitive cup, the Heexalyre trophy, to the winner, or both players of any match which exceeds that one in length of time. -f-t-l- If the editors of the United States ever go on strike, one of the first demands will be "bigger and better wastebaskets." Over seventy-five per the people In the United States didn't know the nation wa,« off the gold standard until they read i It In the papers. Another five per • cent don't read the papers and don't know it Tlmes-tJnion. . celebrating (Ion. our fine "coopera- out Nobody would object to recognizing Russia if It only shave off Its bolshevik whls- Hisiory of the. Wuk An Interpretative news summary of the Important events of the past week. (Continued from pace t It would be great if President Roosevelt could put the unem- ployed/tOJ^work . removing mort A squall forced the President's •vacation yacht into port. But having been through a special session In a recent interview with Ht ram Vrooman ot Chenoa, III.,) who is business manager of a score of farins in Illinois and Iowa, for hU brother, Hon. Carl Vrooman, who was assistant seo- ! retary of agriculture la Wilson's cabinet, and since then has been so situated that he knows more or less of the workings of the 'Invisible Government" which he designates the "International Banker" —* coterie in whom there is the lust of power that would control presidents, kings, dictators, or what have you, make laws by which the comuiou herd pay tribute to them, Vroowau says they &re aet like Bteel against any inflation ot the currency. They wake a commodity ot money—-run comers on U and change U from n» leilUw function •— « medium of Cha,»f»-r8ft4 fo* their »Wft I fl.«b, puruo»*» — au4 ajr« trying wiuy *»y» to 4tf*it t&» M N Pes!" o| Freedom R&uwysU, "IJowu with tu» 'luvUlbl* flog* 1 my ««, 0, fi 4* *NWgi^J*** W* M* ^^. .|MKWWw *vP \» u- u». km* Quick Act ion MOST folk* «tei 0»y (Jwida to bivi» piet* sf tetmtf ft ft ffft- UkaihumitticiikalfiGftait wWW w *!WPMf ^FJH^S-^W*^*'' 1 *-""^' IMbUi Mi tn ifan It IJMh •• A.t • ^^mmbtm* .aJL —^ Refuting the new psychologists, Or, W' C, Beasley ot Johns Hopkins says that rocking and toss- ng the baby do no harm. However, careful parents will not stand the tot on his head. — San Antonio Kvening News. Wallace found that bakers were planning to up the price of bread and he became Immediately apprehensive lest consumers be asked to pay more than the wheat process tax which goes on flour July 8. * * * * As private industry took strenuous measures to Increase employment under the assistance and stimulation ot the government, public industry took drastic measures to decrease governmental employment with the approval of private Industry. On July 1 many a post office assistant left his job when decrease In postal receipts dropped many offices to a lower class. In Iowa 66 post of-) flees were affected, salaries of re- j matning officials taking a slight I cut in addition to the cut in personnel. Great saving* in tho federal budget were also effected by practically halving the federal prohibition enforcement staff. Dropped were many Investigators, members ot the legal staff and others. Biggest governmental economy of them all came with the taking off. July 1, of some 400,000 veterans from disability allowance rolls of the government, at a saving of nearly $83,000.000. This was a start toward relieving the deficit which amounted to $1,- 760.353.30S at the end of the fiscal year July 1. However, economists pointed ont that the public ^proceeded to behave, or seettt to behave, In a manner not a bit disappointing to Imaginative minds. He attended surprise afid secret conferences, kept as silent as necessary to avoid public disillusionment. Darin* the week the issue between the 'gold bloc* and the United States became more and more closely drawn. British efforts at compromise were rejected by the gold standard nations, who finally unqualifiedly demanded that the United States stabl- lUe the dollar or accept the blame for the collapse of the conference and the probable depreciation of European currencies. Seemingly almost with each word of the controversy dollar quotations fluctuated even more wildly. On Friday a working compromise wa« effected which was reported accepted by the gold bloc and which Mr. Moley aald Mr, Roosevelt would accept. Roosevelt's rejection of this late Saturday created something of a furore In the conference with the French delegates threatening to quit and American delegates working to frame a diplomatic rejection. The latter stated that as the monetary issue was outside the conference, Its peculiar trend would have no effect on the future of the conference. Nonetheless a decided pessimism settled over the various delegations when the compromise failed. • * » • Some three week* after the «ft* *o*e Tow oi ccmftflwcfe. fHffifiy, ftt.tondb. ont ttctorj- oi -iCaftel* tn t&« rittfc fw&M »tf cfsm &y * large **tt!Mi of otwervsr*. flea WStewt ttttl wntent fti*» wilt Siti*m of ft* soelat feffctet f af* a*« flrtfttoft dollar gate ttSeH**. - >• * * » * fW« part ««& ttre senate investigating feommfttee was eiam- Inlng fttiotner NStffeMsfy ftgare oi Amertcah fiftiMe, Mh Otto Itaha, rnlte* oW» %itft holding cotapftnfes. Jitr. Kafeft, no less amlftWe than Mf. Morgan, ei- plained his ftfm'S opefailons with candor and e*j>ialtted that ft was enstoiaarf for him fd Set! Securities to members of hi* family ia ofder to esUbtfsh losses for te> come tat purpose*. Me frankly admitted evlte existing in the stock market ftfti «rfed reform*. to £" fe $ 92| World's Fair EVERY WEEK END Tickets on sale every Saturday and Sunday 10-Day Return Limit Ticket* good ia Coach or Chair Car. Half fare tor children Burlington The birth rate may be declining, but p. T. Barnum's observation will probably be just as true is ever. — Lowell Evening .WK lion more it all the appropriations granted by Congreas were used within 12 months. • • * • However much or little the London economic conference accomplishes U will at least have set a precedent for melodrama. There is perhaps sufficient backstairs and between-the-lines Intrigue at any International conference to satisfy the most exacting connoisseur, but the present conference has achieved some excitement in the headlines themselves. Mr. Moley. whose mysterious power in American affairs excited Imaginations abroad even more than at home, arrived in London last week with none of his romantic mystery lost and colorful Baar-Schmel '»*r*a<%« """ " fight business that a return to popular favor was Imminent the industry received one of the crueleat setbacks of recent years. The mere fact of the match between Jack Sharkey, who has not been a popular champion, and the giant Camera, who is managed by a syndicate of reputed gangsters and hoodlums, was not help- DRS. KLINE & KLINE Dr. O. M. Kline DP, J. A, Kllnt Oiteopathlc Physicians Office hour*; 1 to S p. m. and 7 to 9 p. m, on Wtdn««dayt and Saturday*. Other Hourt by Appointment Office over Iowa State Saving* Bank X.Ray Diagnosis Phone»: Office 132. Home 1M Other Low Fares— In effect daily Party Fare* —12 Day Limit (Coach Ticket) 8 traveling together f 16-65 each 4 traveling together f IS-IHJ each 8 traveling together 914-15 each (Halt fare for children) Still lower fares for larger groups. 16-day tickets, $18,85. expense ^andl personally- conducted tours,"-we can arrange for you, * The Burlington has on exhibit one of the world's finest .passenger trains and cordially invites you to make it your World's Fair headquarters—:com; fortable soft-.cushioned seats . .7 magazines, to read . , , a.^good place to relax, rest, or meet friends, /t % W, A. CALDWELL SEVENTEEN WOl • j; : S i g w* 1 Lt B t&a®» m^^f AT THE Tho New Silent Mobilgas hit the highest anti»knock value ever sold at the regular

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