The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 27, 1958 · Page 2
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 2

Austin, Minnesota
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Saturday, December 27, 1958
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J-AUSTIN (Mtftft.) HfFAlO B«c. 97, 1958 VITAL STATISTICS Birthi AT 8T. OLAf nOSPtTAt, Jfr, and Utt, tarry Boeff, Dexter, *0n, D(%. M. Mr. and Mm. Howard Classen, Austin Rt. 8, son, Deo. 26. OUTSIDE OF AUSTIN Mr. and Mrs. Dale Swanson, Matrm City, daughter, Dec. 26. Mrs. Swanson is tltc daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miles, Riceville. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Swank, Waseca, son, Dec. 24. They are former Austin residents. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bye, LeRoy, son, Dec. 26, at the Soltau Rest Rome, LeRoy. Marriage Licenses Harold P. Silbaugh, 50? S. Fifth, and Adalia I. Beeman, 304 S. Chatham. Richard M. Springer,.. Charles City, Iowa, and Linda G. Wilson, Colwell, Iowa. Funerals MCFARLANE — Funeral s e r- vices for Mrs. Thomas McFarlane, 301 W. Oakland, will be held at • I p.m. Sunday at the Jordan Mortuary Chapel, the Rev. Edwin Arnold officiating. Interment at Oakwood Cemetery will be private. GEHLOFF — Funeral services for Mrs. Rega M. Gehloff, Wai- tham, will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Jordan Mortuary Chapel, Robert Hoist officiating. Interment will be in Grand View Memorial Gardens.' UNDERWOOD — Funeral services for James A. Underwood, Minneapolis, will be held at 9 a.m. Monday at Queen of Angels Church. Interment will be in Calvary Cemetery. Rosary service will be held at 8 p.m. Sunday at the Mayer Funeral Home. KREINBRING — Funeral services for Albert T. Kreinbring, 1414 .Dunlap, will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at the Woriein Funeral Home, the Rev. L. W. Schierenbeck officiating, and at 3 p.m. at St. John's Lutheran Church, Lewiston, Mum., the Rev. Robert ' T. Beckmann officiating. Interment will be in the church cemetery. Friends may call from Sunday afternoon until the time of service. ' Card of Thanks I wish to thank all my friends and relatives for all the gifts and cards sent to me during the Christmas season. Mrs. Gust Bliese Old Colony Nursing Home We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to relatives, friends and neighbors for the many acts of kindness shown us during the recent illness and death of our beloved daughter and sister. Special (banks to Rev. Hamp and linger Mrs. Runtsch, also ladies for serving lunch. The family of Olga Swank. We would like to express our appreciation to the various organizations, churches, Salvation Army, clubs and carolers who were so kind to our patients during the boll days. Old Colony Nursing Home I wish to express my sincere thanks to aH my relatives, friends and neighbors for the gifts, flow^ ers, cards and visits while I was a patient at St. Olaf Hospital. Special thanks to Pastor Haugen and Pastor Braaten also, Dr. Anderson, DJU Wright, nurses, nurses aids and Gray Ladle*. It was all greatly ap Predated. , . a Mrs. Wra. Thrasher. ;Z I sincerely wish to thank all of friends and neighbors for the cards, flowers, gifts and al ;. Pauls Ladies Aid for their ing keys in ignition, forfeit $5. Paul Shebank, MS E. Alleghen- ey, allowing dog to run loose, $5. Civilians Asked to Stay Away From Rebels HAVANA, Cuba (AP) — Civilians were warned today to keep clear of rebel positions as the government proclaimed an all-out drive to wipe out the insurgents. Army planes are reported to already have bombed the outskirts of Placetas on the main-highway east of Santa Clara, where the rebels are tightening a ring around the capital of Las Villas The two-year rebellion faces its bloodiest turn as government forces struck at heavily populated concentrated districts which until now have been kept out of the range of gunfire. A shortage of weapons and ammunition was hampering the government of President .Fulgencio Batista in countering attacks by the rebel forces of Fidel Castro. The rebels control highways connecting Havana and Santa Clara, and travel is risky. While Castro's forces appeared gaining strength on arms smuggled from the United States, there was grumbling in government circles at the attitude taken by Washington. The United States was accused by many of helping the rebels, in effect, by maintaining an embargo on shipment of weapons to the Batista government. The insurgents, hi a more confident mood now, are able for the first time to occupy populated places instead of waging stab attacks and hasty retreats to hideouts in the countryside. The rebels are reported creating local civil governments in anticipation of taking over complete towns. You Can Help Toddler to Be Independent How independent a toddler can be. When he is not quite three, often he can get his own drinks of water, dry his own hands, go to the toilet, keep out of the streets, and play by himself. He has learned how to walk steadily, is beginning to run more smoothly than he had before, and can jump up and down. Soon he will be running simple errands for his mother and playing simple games By the time he is five, he will be able to go about the neighborhood by himself with simple limits on how far he can go. Many of the abilities he displays during this period result largely from the natural course of bodily development. But, most parents have done a lot to help. Since long before he took his first baby steps, they have encouraged him with interest, smiles, and praise. Step by step he has begun to take car of himself, to eat, to learn to play with new toys. They have welcomed his interest in the world about him. In other words, they have taught him how to like, to learn and to be curious. As a result, he is happy exploring and Jearning new things. SPACE 'EYE' TO FOLLOW ATLAS 'EAR' —The United States intends to follow up its highly successful Atlas satellite "ear" in space with an "eye." This will be the "space watch" satellite, shown above. Features coufd included) telescopic camera capable of scanning globe for picture transmission; (2) • sun-power battery; (3) retro-rocket's to propel information-laden satellite back to earth at radio command; (4) specially designed parachute to slow final descent and prevent burning up in atmosphere; (5) gyro-stabilizers to keep satellite vertical; (6) tape recorder, housed with transmitter, to record on magnetic tape data on radiation, temperature and other space conditions. Antenna would send impulses to earth. WEATHER FORECAST — Rain is due tonight along the eastern gulf coast, southern Atlantic states, central Appalachians and eastern Great Lakes. Snow is forecast for northern New England, central Rockies and northwest mountain regions.' It may be warmer in the northern Plains and colder in the northwest. (AP Wirephoto Map) Danish Government Makes Move In Currency Shakeup COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP)iers held by foreigners would beibers of the Organization for Eu- .Thp Danish crnvFTtinrmnt mnrfo ' marla s*/\mrav»fiKlA iwfj-* <4 /v 11 » « n _.._-. -m *_ *i n_- Taconite May Give Answer to Mining Problem St. PAUL (AP) - Th« future t SB SKEWS state Nervation. In his biennial report to the Legislature Friday, Selke said that new methods for processing nonmagnetic taconlte must be worked out if the state is to maintain its place in world ore markets. He pointed out that two large plants now processing pellets from magnetic taconlte air aiding Minnesota to keep in competition with high grade ores from other areas on the globe. Selke said there is also hope tor expansion of mining activity with development of possible nickel, iron sulphide and low grade manganese deposits in certain northern areas of the state. The report also urged greater attention to water pollution problems and the expansion of the state park system. The commissioner warned that American-style hunting and fishing are at the crossroads of survival. With the army of sportsmen growing yearly, Selke said only admittedly expensive pro grams of land acquisition could insure continuance of these popular outdoor sports. 2 Omaha Men Held in Holdup in Wisconsin MAUSTON, Wis. (AP) — Two Omaha, Neb., men were arrested Friday in connection with a $430 robbery at a Tomah hardware Lisbon clothing store. «. >H «• ?T o- -j ;«_ , ine winter coia. xne gene wSfd "zzsa™ ?2i£: ". ""»»>i» p«»i*d. son, 30. Heding said men entered the Central Hardware Store, in Tomah in central Wisconsin, fled with the $430 payroll after distracting a secretary preparing the pay envelopes. At New Lisbon, the sheriff said two men entered Muenzer's Clothing Store and took $74 from an open safe as they engaged a clerk in conversation. TRANSATLANTIC fLIGHT Air Search Continues for Journeying Balloon small World had land• .^ WH inuiuwu -iiimii vruriu nan tuna- 01 con ' ed in eastern Venwnwla after a transatlantic flight. The air search began Friday over the jungle area of the Orinoco River delta. The amateur radio operators reported that the balloon and its four passengers had landed near Federnales, a Venezuelan port on the Atlantic at the northern edge of the wide delta. The town is just 20 miles west of the tip of Trinidad in the British West Indies. The report gamed strength when Minister of Communications Oscar Machado Zuloaga was quoted in Caracas newspapers as saying the balloon had landed in Venezuela. The Civil Aeronautics Authority said, however, that it had nothing to confirm the report. It was supervising the search by a Communications Ministry DC 3. After searching for only an hour or two, the plane was forced by darkness to land at Maturin, 60 miles west of Pedernales. The Small World east off from Santa Cru* in the Canary Islands, 68 miles off the coast of Morocco, on Dec. 19. the goal was to drift with the winds to Barbados, some 9,000 miles away in the West Indies Federation. Pedernales is about 3,450 miles from the takeoff point and 300 miles southwest of Barbados. 3 Week Estimate the three men and the wife of one of them riding the balloon had estimated that the trip would take three weeks. They had food for three months in the 15tt-by-7%- foot gondola, which was built to double as a lifeboat if necessary. This was the first attempt of a free balloon to float across the Atlantic. The purpose was to study weather conditions and wind currents. Prince Philip, husband of 2-Month-Old Baby Slapped; Dies of Injury SOOTH ST. PAUL Minn. —A young mother admitted 16 police Friday night ah« slapped her two-month-oid daughter to death in an effort to keep her crying from waking another child. Police Chief Louis fuller said .Mrs. Jule Henrietta doers, 10, told him she slapped the infant, Betty Ann, "several times" Friday afternoon to quiet her as another child, Chester Herbert, 13 months, slept. Mrs. Goers, who called herself' "high strung,'* was held without charge in the city jail here. An autopsy showed the infant died of a "recent" skull fracture and hemorrhaging.. Fuller said Mrs. Goers told him, in an oral statement that she waited about two hours after she noticed the baby gasping before trying to call a doctor. She was unable to reach a doe* rents, wince Fiuup, nusoana 01 — """ •——•- ~ •«-vu •> uuv- Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, was tor - the " called a sister-in-law, the patron. Mrs - Esther Goers, who took the Those aboard were pilot A. B. mother and *°fo cnlld ren to a Eiloart, 51, a London business- Wes ' *• Paul hospital. Artificial man; his son Timothy, 21, radio- f es P irati ° n f a »«* * revive the . • . .M •• . • *i -.. nflhv. man; navigator Colin Mudie, 31, who crossed the 'Atlantic in 1952 wiiu mussel* me mianuu in ISKJ-C _ . . in a 19-foot whaleboat; and Goers - *• was at work at a mea » Mudie's wife Rosemary, 30, the packmg P lant cook, photographer and copilot. Warming Trend Offers Relaxing Yule Season By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS store and a $74 theft from a New ™° u ™™« season relaxation Lisbon clnthin* store. f ? r """* **** ° f «» East trom A warm air invasion, triggered daytime 40-degree temperatures by mild southerly winds, hugged for niuch of the Northeast, slight- the eastern third of the nation to- ly less readings in the Ohio Valday while rainfall licked the South- ley and portions of the Midwest st and the Northwest. and South, and temperatures up- The warming trend offered wards of 50 degrees for-a vast more Christmas season relaxation area of Dixie. Phoenix, 27, and Carroll Nickl, ri^SrTttTTK highway death toll. West Is Seen as Making Next Move on Berlin WASHINGTON (AP) — The Ma d ° prayers and visit, and to , L,"* 1 " J?,? 8 * J tiir. Seery, nurses and nurses aids , ° ' ' ' No / • • Don e .^ <4firrt-floor for the wonderful car? J'P* ? maj ; be f me a ^ cluld giwi to me. Your kindness will J^ f 88 "^ " - lot . because always be remembered te is leamn S that learning some- Mrs. Jacob Fwese, Sr. I'" 1 ? " ew to hard work and dis ' „: [Iked by mother. As a result, he We wish to thank the teachers can become more timid and afraid and a special thanks to Mr. WU to try new things. . Mr. Hoveland and the Junior Class for the to everyone who a|y way, " Entertainment Committee Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holm - Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Comer ". Mr, and Mrs. Ben Bendtsen ] wUh to thank my friends and relatim for the cards, tetter* and gifts, also those who have visited nje during my illness. I appreciate your kiodnet* and wiato you all a y Ne» Year. Mrs. Agnes Bergstrom. In Memoriom In memory of our beloved bus- band tad father y*ar ago today. who died one They say tow heal, all sorrow ' and help, us to forget. < JBut time w far has only proved how much w* min you yet. 4 fave u, atreogtta to take it, and courage to hear the blow ut vhat U meant to low you, DO out wtU ew know. lira. Cteyd K#lkr and Fama " ' Municipal Court IfcMMB, IK DM*tau, ** t* Interest and praise shown by f! 08 ^ PW* 0 * 8 for °w simple, new things that a preschooler is trying very important. For instance, the child who has achieved success learning to ride his kiddie car U more apt to attempt to ride a bicycle than is one whose early attempts to ride were punished, ignored, or unduly restricted. Institute of Child Welfare, University of Minnesota. Smallpox Outbreak Brings 1st Fatality HEIDELBERG, Germany (AP) —An outbreak of smallpox in this headquarters city of the U. S. Army in Europe brought its first fatality today. A 72-year-old patient died in Ludolfkrehl Clinic where four doctors and several other employes have contracted smallpox. City health authorities have ordered nine schools closed and have called 1 for the vaccination of the entire population of 123,000, except for those with recent vaccination*. A U. 8. Army spokesman said no special vaccination is planned for American soldiers. He said toe annual immunization and re-im- nMwJMtion of soldiers and their dependent* offered sufficient protection, fi —The Danish government made the first move today in what appeared to be a general shakeup of the currency in western Europe. The government announced the krone would be made more easily convertible into dollars effective Monday. It said the British government is making the same move with the pound at that time. In Amsterdam, the Netherlands government followed up quickly an announcement that guild- made convertible into dollars ropean Economic Cooperation. Monday. Encourage More Trade The idea behind easing curren- bloc. cy exchange is to encourage more trade around the world. At present most European governments exercise controls over the amount of their money they will permit to escape into dollars and other hard cash. The Danish announcement said the government was acting in cooperation with most other mem- Dying Wife May Not Get Her Wish to See Native England ST. LOUIS (AP) — Mrs. June Walter, 22, who wants only to see her native England just once more before she dies, may not get her wish after all. Her .doctor told the Military Air Transport Service that the young mother of two took a turn for the worse Friday and the plane trip home is not advisable now. Mrs. Walter has blood cancer. She knows she is dying, and her greatest wish is to see her home soil. Her husband, Charley, 25, disclosed that he couldn't accompany her because he had to stay in St. Louis and pay off a pile of bills accumulated during his wife's illness. This news brought in contributions and promises of help from St. Louisans. James P. Duffy, the British consul in St. Louis, said today that he had received $165 in donations, with more help promised. One man went to Duffy's home Christmas Day and gave him 10 silver dollars for the Waiter family. The unidentified donor said he wanted to give the money "in memory of a sad occasion" 20 years ago when his mother died and his father was unable to be at her bedside. Lung Complication Mrs. Waiter ha, developed a lung complication, which her doctor said could either be an infection or an infiltration of the lungs. The latter would be a sign that the disease i* reaching Us Service agreed to fly Mrs. Walter home after getting approval from the Pentagon. Duffy and Congressman Thomas B. Curtis (R-Mo) had made her plight known and sought the government's intervention. Mushroom Cave-in Victims Are Buried ZICHEfo ZUSSEN BOLDER.Bel- gium (AP)— Fiye victims of an underground mushroom farm cave-in were buried today while rescue workers continued to dig with faint hope of finding survivors. Officials said 18 persons were trapped by the collapse of tunnels last Tuesday. An emergency shaft was being sunk to a storage chamber in which rescuers hoped to find a few survivors. Baby at New Ulm Suffocated by Bag NEW ULM, Minn. (AP) - A stage. The Military Air This comprises 17 western Euro- *u, »riiu uau uccn iuia on jrom ms pean nations outside the Soviet Wisconsin Highway Department JX-rj^sir w °°* -^ =» ^~-= Young Father Kills His Baby and Himself EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP) — A young father shot and killed his infant son and then shot and killed himself Friday night. Police said the shooting climaxed an argument with his wife over the hus- and's drinking. The x baby was in his mother's rms at the time of the shooting. The father was Burton Larson, 8, who had been laid off from his The announcement further underscored the broad scale movement in Europe to make currency exchange easier by confirming that the European Payment Union will be junked. Clearing House The EPU was set up in 1953 as a financial clearing house for converting currency in western European countries. In its place will be the European Fund and Multilateral Clearing System worked out in August of 1955. It was designed then to become effective when currency regulations were relaxed. The EMA provides for the creation of a European fund for limited short-term currency credits, the announcement said. It also will act as a clearing house for settling trade balances between members. 4 Children Die in House Blaze GRANITE FALLS, N.C. (AP)Four children of one family perished early today when flames destroyed -their two -story frame house near here. A fifth youngster leaoed from a second floor window and was saved. The victims, ranging from about 2 years to 14, were the children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson. Caldwell County Coroner Claude Coble said the parents were* not at borne when the 'fire started about 1 a.m. Neighbors identified the victims ob Dec. 19. He died on the lawn n front of the apartment building where the couple lived. The son was Dale Lee, 4 months d. The child died from a blast rora a shotgun with which the ather later took his own life. The mother, Dorothy, 18, was aken to a hospital for treatment or hysteria and shock. Police said the shooting of the iaby occurred in the kitchen of he apartment. District Attorney Victor Trons- dal said officers had been unable ;o determine whether the father md intended to shoot his son or lis wife. Dag Makes Official 2*Day Visit to Sudan KHARTOUM, Sunday (AP) - *l*ii if VJU**J>) A**-UU*. \*V*r/ — A ' -^—«-•—• •* •»w»*»M*n» w»v v*vv****w plastic bag which slipped over him onl y by &* names they were corn- suffocated Mark Schmidt, 5- monl y called «»d their approxi- months-old, as he lay in his crib. niate a « es - They were Patricia The boys father, Kenneth ^> 2 > Peanut, 4; Brother, 6; and Schmidt was at work and the mother had gone next door for a minutes. When she returned -»»,,»— „«»*,.,. „» ... „«.«,,, «« found the child dead. The accident scratches and taken to the home Peewee, about 10, Jumped from the window. He was treated for which occurred Christmas Eve was, reported Friday. The Schmidts have two other small children. In 1704, Indians attacked Deerfield, Mass., killing 40 settlers abn g 100. of §n uncle. the c«ijse of the fire was not learned immediately. Three y. S. presidents were Garfield isin and McKiatey. versy over Berlin may be made early next week. Diplomatic informants said similar but not identical notes from the United States, Britain and France are almost completed and probably will be delivered to Moscow before New Year's Day. A similar note from West Germany is expected to be ready about the same time. The Western powers are reportedly planning to renew their suggestion of last Sept. 30 for a four- power conference to study the entire problem of Germany. But they will reject, informants said, any Russian effort to limit the discussion to the future of Berlin. The notes officially will be a reminder that Russia has not yet replied to the Sept. 30 proposal Their effect will be to answer Premier Khrushchev's Thanks giving Day demand that West Ber lin be cleared of Western troops and turned into a free city, perhaps with some form of U.N. supervision over the air and ground routes established for Western ac cess to Berlin. Tito Parleys With Indonesia's Sukarno BOGOR, Indonesia (AP)— Presi dent Tito of Yugoslavia began of ficial talks today with President Sukarno of Indonesia. The talks are expected to end in Bali Wednesday with a joint statement opposing nuclear weapons tests, demanding disarmament and announcing economic U. N. Secretary General Dag cooperation between the two na T_ _1 PI*. . . __. tlS\«*O Hammarskjold is making an offi- :ial two-day visit to Sudan. Hammarskjold flew in Friday night from Gaza and will fly on o Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There le will attend the first session of the African Eeconomic Committee, a U. S. subsidiary. g^gj^——__^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "THE NIAGARA" Combination Aluminum Doors Austin's Finest- Made In Austin • Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping • Buy Now - FHA Ap. proved • Durabl* e Rg*t Proof • Mode to Measure • Setf Storing SM "The tions. The Weather Bureau forecast . - However, forecasters also saw the winter cold. The generally fair occasional rain moving into the mid-Atlantic states and New York during the evening. Light to heavy rainfall gave sduthern Florida an overnight dousing with half inch amounts already reported at Fort Myers, Palm Beach and Tampa. More than six inches of rain has drenched Port Everglades, Fla. since Christmas night. Portions of Georgia and Alabama also got a sprinkling. Rains Swirl To the extreme northwest, spreading rains swirled through Washington, Montana and the central portions of Californi.a For a six hour period Friday night, the San Francisco area caught more than an inch of rain. Along the northern California coast and parts of Oregon, similar amounts were measured. Hail accompanied heavy showers at Hoquiam, Wash. Precipitation, in the form of snow, hit Meacham, Ore. South. Amounts generally less than a tenth of an inch were reported from Illinois to Louisiana Plains. The baby's 1 father, Edward A. Iowa Holiday Traffic Death Toll Now 10 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Two more persons died in traffic accidents early Friday, boosting the Iowa highway toll for the holiday period to 10. Latest victims were Wanda Fltz- slmmons, 20, Albia girl who had been living in Des Moines, and Milton Francis Mouscl, 22, Alton. Miss Fitzsimmons was killed early today when the car she was driving went out of control and hit a light pole in Des Moinei. Two passengers in the car, Evely Wadle. 21, and Jean Ellen Sherman, 21, both of Des Moines, were injured. Mousel died when the car he was driving went off Iowa Highway 5 about two miles east of Cleghorn. A passenger in the car, Raymond Brewer, 21, Cherokee, was hospitalized at Cherokee for treatment of'injuries. State safety officials had predicted 12 persons would be killed in Iowa traffic accidents over the Christmas holiday which started at 6 p.m. Wednesday and ends at midnight Sunday. The eighth recorded victim was Keith Kltellnger, 44, Exira farmer, whose bddy was found in his wrecked car Friday afternoon in a farm field ditoh more than 600 There were traces of rainfall in feet from a road two miles south the mid section down through the of Exira. Another victim was Verner J. Mauk, 59, Des Moines, killed Friday in a car-truck crash near A stream of cold air, although Vinton. Three persons were kill not* of major proportions, poured ed on Christmas Eve and three into the Central and Southern died in traffic accidents Christmas Day. SMALL WONDER —A tiny treasure from the 15th century is this miniature painting. Carefully detailed, the small oil is one of a number displayed at the County Art Gallery in Westbury, L. I., N. Y. untaui Win fvtrythJng In Glaas of . . . THE BUSS SHOP «! I. Mil . WJ-J»»7 RELY FURNITURE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE BECAUSE OF BRAND HOTEL FIRE! OFFICE OPEN FOB PAYMENTS.

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