Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 13, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 13, 1933
Page 5
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IOLA/KA^SAS THE lOLA-DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY' EVENING, MARCH 13,1933. PAGE FIViE ' Mrs. J. II Cnllwrtson Hostess to Women's Fon ign Ml^lonary Society Fridiy Afternoon. ^f^LAHARPE, Kas., MarJ 13.—Bar- 'bara Ann Stephens, Kanias City, is ; spending this week with her grandparents. Mr. und [Mrs. Geo. Stevenson and family. Mrs. C. A. Walkler and Mrs. James Moore were in lo a Friday mommg attending to business; Mr. Wilson, Kar sas City, called on business friends in town Friday morning." ' Clyde Sickly, Niw York, and Dumont Sickly. Mo-an, were in La- Harpc Friday al|ternoon on busi- and visited friends. Bin Kyle'and Mr. Games, lola. hniilcd pipe Irom LaHarpe to Concrete the last of ;the. weeK. The Women's Foreign Missicnaiy .society met with Mrs. J. H. Culben,- >on Friday aiternijion. The niL -eiin- •was presided over by the presidein. Mrs. Frank Stfvenpon. The meetinu :was opened with .song followed by pi'.iyei- Riven by ^ rs. Trtdway. Tii^' minutes of the list meeting wero •rpad and approve 1. Roll call wiis .answered with Bllie verses. The do- A 'olionals were led by Mrs. McKcev- AT. on "Streams in the Desert." Mrs. | Tredwny reviewed the leSson "On | the Salt >^iav.';hes nf Ignorance." arij ; "In Lfldy Fourth Daughter of ' Chma." " The meeting closi^d with the Lord's' prayei. alter which u shoi-t program v/dis given by Mis.s Edna Gish. Miss Esther Moore. Mis.<; June Heathnian. Miss Ruth Cul- fbertson. Miss; Lucille Davis and Muss 'Lillian McGie. rhe hostess . vv 'as ."..sslstod by :Miss Ruth Culbertson in serving refreshments to Mes- d.imn.-;: Lowell Uaumunk, Jennie •Ilager, O. D. Hnrtlcy. Btrt Johnson. Leona Mori'ison. W. L. McKeever. •Amos Rerrjsberp. Frank Stevenson. ;Guy Tredway, Frank Barker, anri '. Misses Edna Gisi. Esther Moore. rJune Heathman. Lucile Davis and Lillian McGie. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) A Threat! By Cowan T THEtXET OF flEW4S,THAT GLMf^S HA'bBEEM FEEDING GERT AND AL, DOESN'T PUT AM END TD THEIR OVERSTAFFED s/\SlT/ POP'S Lrm.E SCHEME, \NH/XrEv©5 IT IS, /VW DO THE TRICK /V vJoB A9 PORTER IM VOUP OFFICE, ACV EIGHTEEN VEB^-UARE VDU WDOK .ME?..SAY, \NUEM ^ COUPLE OF THSMGS I GOT OM TWE FlRE BEGIM PERKlKi', EIGHTEEN BERRIES >N\tL vJUST BE CWCKEN FEED TO -^r^ EH AL 9 VOU DOM'T \AJ&*4T THE vJOB -NNELlJ THAT'S ALL I 0JA ^4TED To KNOW V «10HT ©OA LICK UKniL VOU "TOSS HIM OUT ON, HIS X CAJAT OO THAT, POP! lt4 A TOUGH SPOT:.. HE'S — ( VOURSBLF, HL DO IT TOP VOU\ Mii^BE VOO TUIMKVOU'RE V IN A vIAM.BOT JUST VViAlT !• Mr. and Mrs. Friday evening in lives. Mrs. Ed Danfoith and G.^orgc 'sprnl the weck-fnd in Lawrence with Mrs. Danforth's brother. Warren Waters and Mrs. Waters. Mr, and Mrs. Tqm O'Shaughmissy Gene and Tom jMr. and Mr.s Miss Cathei'ine and two children mie, Topeka, ,Elmer . MJUer and 0'Shanghne.«;sy were here ia,',t week to visit their father and grandfather. A, B. O'fehaughnessy, ar Mrs. 0"Shaughno ,s5y. Mr. 6'SlT.iugh- nessi.' has rcco\'f;rc days illnf ss of hi Miss Wanda 1 week in Cecil Peri family. bi>rr>'. vis day and n^orninr; church . iM .stor of Chns. 1 • Hcloii. W tm Wilson spen;. lola visiting reia- LOCAL PRODUCE i :,p:gs, lirsts Bc Eggs, .seconds 7c Eggs, thirds 5c Fi,T,gs. imgraded Ic Hens-, No. 1 Gc Hons. No. 2 4c No. 1 Spring.s, 1'.. lbs. up 5c No. 2 Springs 3c Buttrriat, lb 12c Cocks 3c Gecae, lb 3c Gumcas, each 10c White Ducks, Jb 4c Colored Ducks, lb 3c Hides, per UST Ic Mi .Ked Corn, bu 15c Yellow Corn, bu 15c Wheat, bu .....28c Kafir Com 13c City Produce. : Kansas City. March 13. (AP) — Eggs 9c; butter: creamery 22c; butterfat 10c-14c: packing butter 9'uc. Poultry: Hens 7c-8c: broilers 14c; roosters 4c-6c; springs 14c. HUMBOLDT NEWS Friends Gather at Home of .^Ir. and Mrs. Charles • Foster for Farewell Party. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City. Mar. 13. lAPi—Hay 53 cai's (including receipts durin,; biinking holiday.) . Alfalfa: No. 1. e .Ktra icafy, S13-14; No :'. S12-13; .No. 1. $10.50-11.50; No, 2, leafy, S9-10. • Prniric: No. 1, $0-7; No, 2, $4,500,00. Timothy: No, 1. $7.00-5;); No. 35,50-6.50. d from a scvera ;coughs. (ireen spenl ' la;;t {[Ola wit^ her sister, Mrs. ';in.= and Mr. Perkins and Rov. arid Mr:-;. Ii.iri-',- Crane. Mul- ted old Itrionds here Sun- Re\. Cr| orviccs Rfv. Cr this ch or;an.' It] Chita, vii :ine preached the ill the Melliodis';. ine was formeri.- irch. il.a. and dau,';hter, ited Sunday with , children, William JXfrs. Hackney and 'and Hester. Rpv. Greshnian, ipastor of the Moran Christian chviVch..preached thi.> stiTices at, ihe Christian churcn here Sunday r.'.orrjmg. . Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Paddock visited over the week-end in Blue Mound with Ml-. Paddock's brother, Austin Paddock 'and family. The H. Y. clubl met Wednesday afternoon at ttif; home cl Miss Josephine Weil li. "lllip afternoon wa". spent in working jig-saw puzzles. Refreshments in jkireping with St Patricli's dav wercLsr-i-ved to the following membrrs. j Mi-s. Guy Ti-ed- way. Mrs. Lee:. Limes. Mrs. Geo. Roc, Mrs. Jennie SHager. Mrs. Ezra 'Hutchinson. Mrs -Miss Effie St'^venSon. and Miss Jo- .sRphine Wf^'th. an Florence Roe. Mr. and Mr.*;, Ksthcr and Mrs. . drove to Par.sons Sunday afternoon to visit Mr. and Mrs. S, H. Grobe : and familv and C .'Mr. and Mrs, ClarHice Caldwell and daughter. Wliile iGrcgory learned Nelson Wallis, :1 to a guest. Miss amcs Moore and C. W.. Gregory Moore, and in Parsons. Mr'-, hat' her brother. F!o\d Norrick and family In Cali- :fornia wc'-e not irjured. Bud ScUman. Student at Inde- 'ncnd';nce .junior college, arrived Sat'- .ilrday afterhnon to spend the weekend with Mr, and! Mrs. jcss Turner and Omcr Ralph Btfrker Milo Green, and Bert'Johnson ai-je assi.stin.g John • McDonald and sons rciialr the telephone lines fast of town. PRATRIJR ROSE (Vara Rogers.) Mar. 9.—Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Knapp were guests of their son Floyd and '^vife one evrning jlast week. Mrs. T. A. Wood is ouite ill of flu. Her granddaughter Eunice Davis is doing work and coring for her with the assistance of Hher of the relatives. Vestu Isaac ha.-^ returned from a three-week visit uith her sister Mrs. • Cecil Archer a id family, in El Dorado. K. C. Livestock Clost. H(;"3: Closed dull, around 10 lov,-- cr th-^.n Saturday; late s-ales 230 lbs.. down S3.65-70; 240-350 lbs.. $3.40-63; good and choice. 140-160 lbs., S3.4-a- 7P: 100-180 lbs..-S3.55-75: 130-250 lot. $3 60-75; 250-350 lbs.. $3.35-65. Cattle: Vcalers steady- to 50 lower. „ : .Shi-'cp: Lambs 10-15 lower; od-1 lot sheep steady; top fed lambs to shippers S5.15; good and choice, 90 lbs. down. $4.75-5 15. Kansas City, March 13. (AP)—Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 4,000; hogs 4,000.; sheep 8.000. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Mar. 13. (AP)—(U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs: 4.000; 500 direct; slow, open steady to 10 higher than Saturday's average; closing dull; top S3.85 on choice 180-220 lbs,; good and choice, 140-350 lbs,, S3.40-85; packing sows, 275-550 lbs, £2.60-3.25; stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 lbs.. $2.50-85. Cattle: 4,000; calves: 500; lighi weight fed steers and yearlln;.;/ strnng to 25 higher; other classc; little changed: stockers and feeder- .scarce; top 980 and 1013; lb. fed yearlings $6.00; steers, good, and choice. 550-1500 lbs.. $4.00-6.75; com- m.on and medium. 550 lbs., up, $3.255.00; helfei-s, good and choice. 550900 lbs.. $3.85-5.50; cows, good, $2.5085; vealcrs. (milkfed), medium to choice, $4.00-7.00; stocker and leed^ er .-steers, good and choice $4.005.75. Sheep: 11,000; practically nothing sc!d early; best fed lambs held ai'ound $5.25; lambs, good and chnicc iX) 90,lbs.,down. $4,75-5,25; good and choice. (X). 90-98 lbs,, S4.75-5.15: ewes, good and choice, 90-150 lbs,. Sl.50-2.60. fX)—Quotations based, on ewi:; and wethers. Newton — Col. P. M. Hoisington. well-known Newton banker is seriously ill at his home here. He is lirpsident of the First National bank and .secretary of the Railroad Building. Loan and Savings association. Humboldt, March 12,—The twin babies born to Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Olsrn of the Wakefield addition last Tuesday, died Thur.sday a few hours apart, and were buried In Mount Hope cemetery, here. Friday tifter- noon. The Rev. G. W. Horn. Presbyterian minister, spent several hours in Kansas City Friday on church business. The Big Creek Ladies Aid society meeting set for next Tuesday, March 16. has been postponed for another week. Mrs. Ira Barber and Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, both of Humboldt, spent several hours shopping in Chanute Saturday. Mrs. M. T. Keefcr and her niece. Miss Mildred Anderson. Humboldt, made, a short visit with Mrs. Keefer's sisten Mrs. C, A. Rowley of Chanute Saturday afternoon. The Cottage Grove Ladies Aid society, southeast of Humboldt, held its regular meeting Thursday at the home of Mr.-;. Eugene Johnson. The following program was given: .Vocal solo. Kathryiv Pens: reading. Faith Russell; rcadiug, Mrs. C. C. Jackson: number by quartett composed o! ^,^rs. Rav KU.^.=-.ell.Mrs. Wiley DiVis. Mrs. E. R. Ladd and Mrs. Robert Johnson, accompanied by Mrs. W. M. ^-ens; vocal solo. Mrs. Davis; vocal solo, Mrs. Ru .ssell, and a short de- \-ctional service. The members and guests were served a covered dish luncheon at noon. Members in attendance were: Mrs. Mark Swank, Mrs. Pens, Mrs. Lena Stewart, Mrs. Guv Clover. Mrs. Ernest Yount, Mrs. E. R. Ladd. Mrs. James Spencer. Mrs. Frank Booc. Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Jack,'-:on. The guests were: Mrs. Guy O. Smith. Mrs. James Krause. Mrs. Ray Ru.ssell, Mrs. "Talmadgs Wlieatley. Mrs. Robert Johnson. Mrs. Roy Johnson, Mrs, William Winders, Mr. Yount. Mr. Spencer. Mr. Roy Johnson, Lee Johnson, Kathryr? Pens ahd Faith Russell. The Aid will meet next Thursday w;ith' Mrs. Ethel Endcs for an all day meetirig. A number of the neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster, west' of Humboldt, gathered at their home Thursday evening for a farewell party. Those present wore: Mr. and Mr.s. John Simons. Mrs. Nora Orbin. and daughter. Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Evans. Mr. and Mrs. Dale McKinsey and boys. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Robbins. Mr. ahd Mrs. Estill Mc- Klnsey. Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Roush, Mr. and Mrs. J. \y. Gray and son, Donald. Mrs. Amos Hall and family. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Orbin. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Cox and Loris, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bishop. Mrs. Era Kail and children. Mrs. Sam MoiTison and baby. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bidcau. Miss Myrtle Reedy. Mr. and Mrs. G. G. McBelh, Willie Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stall and Charlie Klser. All present report a delightful time spent. Frances Thielen, Maple Grove, southeast of Humboldt, is taking an enforced vacation due to sustaining a painful injury lo his knee received in a ba.skctball game last:Friday evening. Mrs, H. N. Bowman. Humboldt, entered the Johnson hospital in Chanute Saturday morning, for the pur- Dcsc of undergoing a major operation in the immediate future. Doris Toomey of Leanna. of Humboldt, who had the misfortune to break her wrist recently, is getting along nicely. ' Several neighbors and friends of the Gifford family of Leanna. gave them' a surprise party Monday night. The Giffords moved Wednesday to AS GOLI) FLQWPP BACJK TO BANJC? 'Thar's gold in them thar bags!" . . . Confidence restored by President Rcosevelfs erjicrgency action, thousands of persons throughout the nation returned to banks gold .which they had withdrawn. Above is a scene in front of the Federal Reserve bank at New York to which numerous persons brought gold, in bags and boxes, that will buttress the nation's currency. Below, armed guards arc shown as they transferred gold from the Empire Trust Company. New York, to the vaults of the Federal Reserve bank in that city. Each bag contains $5,000iin gold coin. Faith, Love, Oxygen, Work Miracle Mrs. Rogers ai vere callers on Mrs. Robert Harris ^and inoon this week. Vesta Isaac spent vlth Mr. and Mrs. children one afteij Eula Davis and Thursday night v| Melvin Davis. The rain and .si4ow was very welcome lo the farmers as the creeks. ponds iBnd cistern: for a time at lealst. relieving some of the; chore of h Mrs. i Miner, Mrs puling water. Lola Mattock and Mrs. Rogers attended farm bureau at Mrs. Neviit's Friday afternoon. A small ad m umns ; often puts THE J. F. PRODI] POULTRY Egg Cases start Yonr USE Pill d Gladys were replenished he Classified col- lover a big deal. GRENNAN CE CO. C. O. COGHtLL, Manager AND EGGS ind Supplies- phlcks Right LSBURY STARTElIG FOOD 'old and Reliabl^Established 1911 Corner MonJroe and Elm ? (Just West or tji'e'Water Tower) For exactly a week Charlotte Condi 'a, 6 weeks old, of Covineton, Ky., was kept alive by oxygen adraiiii.stered to fight double pneumonia. After the third day, the njotlier, Mrs. V. T. Condia, fainted from, exhaustion. The haliy. still nursing, was fed with an cyedropper. Charlotte, shown above in the oxygen tent as her wollKr keeps expected, to recover,/ > Humboldt.' where they will make their new home. A large number attended the Aid meeting at Leanna Wednesday. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. D. H: Phebus. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. McCreary and little daughter. Helen Jane, of McGregor, la..' who have been visiting this week here with Mr. and Mrs, G. W. McCreao' and Mrs. H. H. Stewart and family, left for their hoine early Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bales, Humboldt, entertained their nieces. Misses Lola Jean and Elva Lynn Strawderman of lola. over the week-end. Mrs. Elsie Sinclair. Humboldt, visited! Mrs. S. E. Smith and family o! lo'ai Friday m.oming. Miss Mary Byerlcy." daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Byerley of North Ninth street, a student at Kansas University spent the week-end here Willi her parents and family. Political Announcements For Finance Commissioner. I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finance Commissioner, subjlect to the will of the voters in the coming primary. Your votes will be appreciated. J. D. BUCHANAN. For Commissioner. I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finance Commissioner, subject to the will of the voters In the coming primary-. Your votes will be appreciated. O: W. HOLMES. For Finance Commissioner. I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Pi- nance Commissioner subject to the will of the voters in the coming primary. Your votes will be appreciated. F. B. MURDOCK. NEWS OF MILDRED Panllne Miller Takes First in Elimination Contest Held in High School Monday. MILDRED. Mar. 11.—Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reynolds attended the funeral of Mrs. Susan Jane Porter at Kincaid Thursday morning. Mrs. R. R. Nevitt of Moran who was -here for the funeral of Mr. Caidwell, spent the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Babe Nevitt. The snowstorm broke the telephone wires imtil the system has almost been put out of business. The company is working on the lines and will soon have them all repaired. Mrs. Kimzey returned Friday from Baldwin where she has been caring for her new grandson at the home of Mr. and Mrs. HolUs Kimzey. Mrs. Hank McAdam Is on the sick list but is lietter at the present writing. • John Haberbosch suffered a fractured elbow Saturday night and is carrying l>is arm in a cast. Henry Knight who recently moved here from Yates Center has taken over the barber shop that -was con- diicted by "Pimch" Cutbirth. Mrs. Ira Martin of Welda visited her mother, Mrs. Harve Kimzey, at the Hunt home Wednesday. The elimination contest in readings in the Mildred high school was held Monday afternoon, Mrs. Wallace McCaslin of Kincaid was judge. Those entering the contest were Reva Rosebrook, Vera Gilliam. Pauline Miller, Dorothy Hutton, and Bemice Isaac. Pauline Miller received first place and will represent the high school In the Forensic contest. Mrs. Laura' West has been sick with flu but is better. Miss Dollle Adams of lola was here for the funeral of Mr. Caldwell. Miss Veta Hackett who has been seriously ill with an Infected tooth Is much better and is able to sit up part of the time. The farm bureau had a meeting in the high! school auditorium Wednesday night and gave a free picture show. Mrs. Laura West has 200 chickens. We wonder who can beat that? Frank Booth has. made two trips to Kansas City this week, taking stock for various farmers around town. Marvin Ganady of San Pedro, Calif., who is a sailor on the U. S. S. Pennsylvania, visited Mr. Irwin's room at the grade school Friday and made an Interesting talk to the pupils. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shively and Miss Eva Sheffer of Yates Center were in town Monday. Mrs., Charley Merrifield has returned from Moran where she has been the past two weeks, helping care for the new baby at the Bob Harris home. Elmer Cox visited relatives in Clinton, Mo., the first of the week. Russell Pinneo of Denver, Colo., called on his aunt, Mrs. Dora Holb- man Monday. Miss Marie Perry spent the weekend at the Everett Ketchum home in Chanute. Mrs. Johnnie Williams returned from LaHarpe Sunday where she has been helping care for her sister who is ill. Mr, and Mrs. Luther Gillham spent Sunday at Frank Coonfield's. Alva Hess of Savonburg spent Saturday night and Sunday at Raymond Jaynes's. Everyone here was shocked when it became known that "Crlt" Cald- JIML NSWEgS •.10.DU.U3- PLYMOUTH iSTILL SETS tTHE PACE! THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY CONVERSATION won't sup- piy- Hydraulic Brakes Floating Power Steel Bodies, or ; > Oilite Springs \ Compare value.'; careful- t ly and GET THE MOST YOU CAN for your monej':. See us. ROSS AR6UCKLE GARAGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Farts J AM ICS J. JEFFRIES was un- deleatod for • KLKVEN' YEARS, 1S99-1910. QUEBEC, O .XTAnrO and BRITISH CO- LUMRI.^ are larger than Texas,: Quebec heinpc more than twice as large. The sketch sliows*^ PRISM. well of Bayard had passed •.away without a moment's warning. He was well known here, and had many friends. He was our truancy officer, and was often at the schoblr house and by his kind, friendly manner made friends with all the pupils and teachers. The funeral services were held here Thursday, afternoon conducted by the Rev. J. C. Lane. The music was furnished by Supt. W. M. Grove, Miss Dorothy Moore. Mrs. George Ruxton.' and Lloyd Curley, with Miss Mildred Dunlap at the piano. The floral offerings, were meny and beautiful. A large crowd was in 'attendance to pay' their last tribute of respect to their friend and neighbor. The deepest sympathy goes out to the" grief- stricken wife, children' and grandchildren. Mrs. John Barley and Mrs. R. R. Nevitt Jr., spent Thursday and Friday with friends and relatives in Gamett. A man and hLs wife who are traveling in a little house built in a car. were in town three nights this week giving a show in the Sinclair hall. He is a magician. They did not have a very large attendance and left Thursday for Blue Mound. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Justice have moved to Kansas City. Mrs. Millard Heath has not been as well as usual the past few days. AUTOMOTIVE 6 Aoto Accessories, Tires, Parts JUST WRECKED-^ Fordsons, '28 • Pontlac; '27 Dodge coupe for sale. - lola Auto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. • Regular GAS—Wholesale—5'-c Federal Tax Paid—40 gal. $2.60 VINE OIL & OAS CO. State and Lincoln Sts., lola TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich ; Tires. Cash paid for used cars. _Logan Reynolds. 307 West Street. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Male AMBITIOUS, reliable man wanted to take orders and deliver Watkins Products In lola. Customers established, good pay every day ! : from start. Experience unneces- I sary. complete training given. Write Immediately, The J. R. Wat' kins Company, D-64, Winona, ^Mlnn. LIVE STOCK zi Horses, Cattle, Vehicles i CHESTER WHITE GILT—And seven fine pigs, $12.50; more to far­ row soon. H. Peet, mile north of LaHarpe. 12 YOUNG MARES —Past 3 years i • old. wt. 1400: prairie and alfalfa • ' hay, and kafir corn. C. H. Baker, : 6' J miles .southwest of lola. 22 Poultry and Supplies : CUSTOM HATCHING—$3.50 per I r case; less than case lots. Ic per ; egg; chicks, 4U^c and up. Taylor's Hatchery and Produce, 201 South ; ' Jefferson, lola, Kas. CLASSIFIED RATES (Effective Jan. 1,1933.) For one insertion, VAc per word. For three or more Insertions, Ic per word per insertion. Minimum, 25c per order, cash in advance. For special low rates by the month, call this office. SWAPPER'S COLUMN BALED PRAIRIE HAY—For cattle, grain or- liedge posts. S. W. Lust. Phone 662, LaHarpe. ELECTRIC BROODER—Disc harrow, mowing machine, to swap for calves. B. T. Barber, 207 North street. TRADE—Sows ready to farrow for corn or baled hay. Jack Smith. Phone 953-11. ANNOUNCEMENTS OUT OUR WAY By Williams Auctions COMMUNITY SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale barn. Col. Smock, Auctioneer. Strayed, Lost, Fonnd LOST—Bottom part of green and blick Sheaffer fountain pen, between Garfield school and South Chestnut, Reward. Phone 580. • STOLEN—Set Community plate silverware, initial "G": also ivory jewel box. Reward. No questions asked. Phone .227. 417 South Elm. AUTOMOTIVE Aatottiobiles For Sale Dodge SALES AND Plymouth SERVICE Dependable Used Care and Trucka ELLIS MOTOR CO. PhoneSOl Cash—Trade—Terina PONTIAC-BUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Caia SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 THE i CHEVROLET DEALER . HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1929 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery 1930 Chevrolet Coupe, 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Djodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan 1928 E^ex Coach 1929 Elssex Coupe 1929 Ford Trucks (2) 1930 Ftrd Sport Roadster 1931 Ford Sport Coupe 1931 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Fbrd Victoria Coupe, 5-i)ass. 1938 Nash Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BUli WHITE MOTOR OO. BABY CHICKS • 100',1J from flocks blood tested and certified by Judge Harris, . poultry expert. Ask about our ' OOTo guarantee on Custom Hatching. All heavy breeds 5'sc Ass't Heavies •. ...5c ;Custom Hatching l%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W or L. E. Steele-Supply Co. • 'Talk Chicks with Wlllson" CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modem Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have pure• bred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4',iC, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Russell Hatcherj', Gas. Phone 955-3. COOMBS HOLLYWOOD Trapnest- ed Leghorns. If you want large white eggs get our chicks; 250-300 egg breeding under Kansas record : of performance supervision; 200' egg flock average on our, farm at Bionson. Getting 90 to 100% dally production in a special mating at . this time. Sunflower Hatchery, 1 Bronson-Gas City. 23 Wanted—Live Stock $500 FIRST MORTGAGE — Trade for cattle or sheep. Allen County ; Investment Co. lola phone 901. MERCHANDISE 28 Honsehold Gooda COAL, WOOD, ahd gas ranges, new and used. Easy terms. We trade. " Curtls's, 10 North Washington. NE\y AND USED Furniture. Store . packed. Henninger's Furniture Store, West Madison Ave. ; 2- SLIGHTLY USED Dining Suites, priced right. We trade. Free delivery. W. H. Wood Fine Purni- ture. 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. 29 Machinery and Tools 1 GOOD USED Janevllle sulkyplow. 16-inch, $25. Allen County Implement Co. 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers GARDEN SEEDS—Pull line of bulk garden .seeds, also flower and • field seeds. Brownie's. KANOTA SEED OATS—15c per bu. •R .I L. Works, Humboldt, Kas. IjED CLOVER SEED—Purity test '99%, Germination Manhattan test 90 ""r, $6.00 per bushel. John Mc, Klnley. Humboldt, phone 331F2. SWEET CLOVER SEEt>-$2.00 per : bushel, re-cleaned. B. P. Dozler, ,' Bayard. . Real Estate For Rent SB Farms and Land For Ittfnt 200-ACRE FARM—Half cultivation, balance pasture, fair buildings, lola Land Co. 37 Honses For Bent FOR RENT—Houses, good location. SeiB G. E. Pees. ROOMING HOUSE—210 East street: also furnishcHl apaitmenLs. 214 East Jackson. V, C. Archer.

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