The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 28, 1948 BIA'THRVILM"! (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS >UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House wkk Maj. Hoc pie MA, CALL HIM BACK-IF 1 GO OUT I'LL CREATE A SCENE.' 1AGKEPHIM TO BRMG OVER. THE RO^ST PAN, BUT HE HAS SOMETHING SMOK.1WG IM IT TO LOOK LIKE YOU COOKED" MY MEALS — MORE Of= HIS HUMOR/ , MOTHERS GET GKAV HfcUO, MIZ. VOL) REMEMBER ME —AC VHl* IS HOWARD 8DSH6L., Ahi' VJ6 SOT SOME MA'AM.' EV.COSE US FOR iw AT SUPPER "Tine, BUT Ace SAID i OMB itiste MA.3OR VJOUUD I'MC GOT BIG HE SLIPPED DOT OF 'WE COLLAR TCDA.'Y AFTER. AM HOUR MOOSE.' *lucky Girl Swimmer laves Man's Lit* While Other Males Watch Feat BLTJPF CITV. Tenn.. .Tune 28.— (UP)—An Army recruiting officer told today of watching an 18-year- old girl rescue a struggling drown- ng man from Holston River yesterday while several men stood bewildered on the bam;. Patsy Smalllng had just finished L long swim across the 100-yard stream and was tired, when she looked around and saw the man floundering. Several men were watching too. While they looked on, the slip of i rtgj jumped Into the swift stream mfPseached the victim as he went under a second time. She caught him by the hair as he struggled, ind held on until she neared the b«nk. Then a boat came to her aid. djr Cofes Ureter •P' . c.n>ii<>ik,Ar,^.H..».i«: I By Margaretta Brucker O.H..U../ kr NEA SdVlCI, INC A xxxin DOZEN times before the bus readied the hospital Jessica I lost her courage. .V do/.en times | she berated herself for a fool even j to imagine that the girl who lay I in the hospital, disfigured and unwilling to disclose her identity, could be I>uey. Kven when she left the bus and crossed the street, with the wind whipping tier skirts about her and tearing at her hair, she was uncertain. She was still uncertain when a little later she was ushered into a warm, brightly lighted office. She guessed that she was not the "It was the greatest show of 'guts' j .only person who had visited the I have ever seen by a woman in nil j hospital with information. There my life." said the Army recruiter, Lawrence Ammons. Trie rescued man, Identified as •jack Wyatt, said he had « leg Icramp. He had Riven up hope and Iwas dazed when he felt- the girl Ictutch him he said. The Army man | administered artificial respiration. SPECIAL Beer Per Case RMl Top Ak ..J2.0» . .J3.15 _ b*t Blue Ribbon ......... Badwelxr .............. Ruts«ll Marr Liquor Store 1U S*. ini St. Phone SOT .J3.75 1NOW! been othcrSi Uie prdiy nu who conducted her, explained. So far notlling of value had been discovered. She sat and wailed for IS minutes by the round electric !clock on the wall, growing every •minute more tense. Then a gray-haired woman sa ^opposite her and Jessica's confi dence returned under the superintendent's kindly questioning. She ! listened intently as Jessica told thi story of the ring. She nodded encouragingly fron time to time as Jessica describe< it. The pattern in whieh the stone were set and the inscription insid the ring corresponded with th ring the injured girl wore, sh '. admitted. ^ Jessica's eager eyes were her upon the superintendent's fac ;She told the story of the ring r sale and the name of the jewele •who bought it- Then sh'e hesitate* "Now came the most important fai iof all, the one which would give ^clue to the girl's identity. Ther iinust be a definite Unk betwee i the purchaser of the ring and tl 1 unidentified girl who lay in a rooi !in this same hospital. '• The woman opposite noticed h i hesitation. "Go on," she urged. : Jessica's dark eyes deepened a 'She said, "I know the man wh ' wanted to buy the ring." |;at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! Political 1 Announcements Th« Courier New» has been ^torized to announce the follow- r^ candidates, subject to thi_ I Democratic prunnries, July 27 and | August 10. COUNTI TREASURER FrinV: Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth BIythe FOR CORONER ' E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY.ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwardi L K Mitrj H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Stieclc For County Judge ^olaud Green Helder Peery for Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABIE (Chlskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Tjndscy itter had gone away to work ami voitlti write to them shortly. But suppose the girl was Lucy? s 'You are positive that Vie did y it?" 'No. But the jeweler could tell u," suggested Jessica cnfierly. • • » TER tension rose as the superin- tenclent dialed a number. She stened to the terse questioning be watched the changing expres- on on her face as the snperin endont returned the receiver to s cradle rmd didn't speak for lonient. Then she said. "The eweler denies that he sold such a ing. In fact, he denies any knowl dge of the transaction, Mrs ake." "He denies that be bought the ing?" She nodded. "He admits that a rl tried to sell such a ring, lie aid that he ciuestioncd whether he was the owner. I'm afraid—" Jessica's cheeks bln/.ed. "You jelieve him?" I don't know whul to believe," be confessed. "You see," she went on slowly, "we have had so many alse clues presented in the past wo days. There is a reward ol- "Py whom?" interrupted Jessica. "By the newspaper which pub- ished the illustration of the ring." The superintendent tapped her pencil against her teeth. "You :hink you know Ibis girl?' ' '^Jessica said, "Oh, no." But something in the woman's eyes told her that she did not believe her. She sat staring thoughtful!} at Jessica for a moment. Then she said, "Suppose that we forget the ring. Suppose we try^ litile expVriment. I'm quite certain of your sincerity. 1TI take you upstairs and let you see this girl and then you can discover for yourseli whether there is any possibility that you know her. After all, the ring is only a means to an end with us." Here was the chance Jessica had wanted—to satisfy herself that the unidentified girl was not Lucy, to set at rest her doubts, and be able to accept Tom's belief that his UK followed the woman from Hie ollice and clown the long corridor to the elevator. A cold chill of apprehension swept over ler as they left the elevator and ncr heels lapped down the Long, echoing, hospital corridor. They paused in fronl ol a door. \ nuvst slipped out. The superintendent explained that she planned to visit the patient for a moment or two. The door opened. They stood inside a room with one shaded lamp beside the high bed. The girl who lay there never moved. The superintendent motioned to Jessica to follow her as she moved forward. Jessica could take in every detail: the slight figure concealed by the bedclothes, a bit oE blond hair which showed beneath, the bandage that covered practically her whole lace, the closed eyes, Whsil would it mean to Icavn that this siil was Lucy? Trouble. Grief. Jessica look a step backward. The superintendent said irmly, "Speak to her. If you hnve nyone in mind, speak her name." J cs? i ca *s lips were st i ft a rid .remblhiR. She came closer. She jcnl over the bed, and suddenly the tight lids flew open and jitsl for an instant a pair of agonized gray-blue eyes looked deep inlo her own. 'Lucy!" She pushed past the superintendent's stout figure and stood so close that she could catch the hurried breath of the injured girl. , "Lucy!" she cried despairingly. The lids covered the betraying blue-gray eyes. "Lucy!" She had her voice under control now. "Please — Tom's home. Lucy. He needs you." There was a slight flicker at .the eyelids. The superintendent said "Come with me." She led Jessica into the hall outside. "1 can't let you stay any Longer/ 1 she said, "but we'll try to do what we can to persuade her to see you again. Call me this evening. 1 may have news for you." (To B« Continued) FRBCKLEg A MM FBI EMM If MBKRILL WflL.GOSH, WHeN YOU pur nr THAT WAY ! AMD or OXJUSE L COMB,JUNIOR.MOTHER HAS TO SAY TO YOU IN PRIVATE'/ "Oh, h«'i striout all right! When h« gav« m» th« ring h« laid he hoped I wasn't fickU tik« th« girl h« wt> to last •ummtrl" Ughl That Didn't Fall I old-fnshioned light bulb with HOUSTON, Tex. (UP)—A large, carbon filament still Is burning 1 , the Southern Pacific building here i after 39 years. Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE- 209'.a W. MAIN ST. PHONE 2172 Blytheville. Ark. "il i STEAM BATH i MASSAGE • ! For Reducing & Nerves \ I Phone 2539 • ! Vi -e«a Morgan, Masscus ! E. ('. Davis, Masseur I RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typ*« Except Cancer) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic 514 Main, Blythcville, Ark., PK., re • You Are Cordially I , • \ Invited to Visit \ • \ j 'he j Accessory Shop j i Feminine Apparel ; i Mabel Hogan Jessie Stile • i Hotel Noble Bldg. ! • Blytheville, Ark. \ \ MALONE ! i Plaster i • i 1 and 1 1 *• i * 1 \ ( II A A A ' i MUCCO ; • i • i j Phone 2029 j it's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Ku-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Stntt Phone 4474-4475 2071 for Repairs! • RADIO A PHONOGRAPH Service— Both AM and FM • REFRIGERATION SERVICE Household—Commercial and Air-Conditinnin.r • Cin A Blectric WASHKRS • GASOLINE ENGINES W« Sell and Strrke All Types Sm»ll Applianc* ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. 20fi-08 W. Msin J. W. ADAMS, I'hon* 2071 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main I'RISCIU.A'S I'OP —(iin»il for tht ^/! fine thing!! Men wife can't nsmembsr her husband hissed her or not!! Say, Hazel! Did / remember to kiss you 'goodbye? /, M1CHAKI, O'MAM.KY and RAU'H LANB WAY sou OROCR we AP.OUHO, VIC FUNr.'lDON'f I'll GO TO WORK AfHR All.' Sllf GOT IKR 50NDAE. 116 A15O GOT If N ' SUSPfNOIO HOP 001. USSY WE CHASED THE CAR ANO ir WAS A SHIY BIOND WHO BtT HER BOY FRIEND fUWjt 50NDAE '. CCXXD DO TOUR MHC5 LE5S1KAHKXIRMIWUTE5 MUCH, IEVS UAVE WUl stT (NSIOE OUT Of GAllANTREE SIGHT. I'll K RIGHT rVE SEEN A IOT OF OI2ZY DAMES, 1IBBV, BUMWb ONE WAS l»t M22IES1. WE GOT A5 FAR AS CRfSMl LAKE WHEH A CAR 5IZ7LED PASI US PU5HIM6 SIGHTV! WIIH A WOMAN SCREAMING FOR HUP/ WASH TV)BBS liusler Gets Hijt LESLIE TURNED / MOT JIHM1V! Ill It f SO SMAKT IWttn INC V IN DA «AMC TOW* W1O NO IfCKOOME DOtSWT/GENTLEMEN. erf SOWEOWE vitKf/ to sw THAT MK. S00» TO U5E IU 1 MtT WITH * MISfOKTUWE V AMD HRt »EEU PtLfcVep HIS GMlGEf, WE CMft STW TO- M, HEM'5 HOW«VeR..HE ASKED MeTOFROCEtDWITH THBTBSTMONce. KNDl'UE DUG LIT A VOLl CM1 BE THE FIRST Mlkkl TO USE MR CROtWI'S BRUU RtUOOMOR AND OOUBIE SOUK WtNTM CAPACITY THINK. OP IT I ARRESTED f OK MARQUEE'S PRANKS, HIS ASSISTANT 19 CARMING ON. Unheulth l'iac» By FRED HARM AM Yenh, Man! You're It! V. T. HAMLIN »o<>f TO TELL you: A.BSOUTTELV AMA"ZINi5. By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER Bl DDIES Remember Rolhrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Phont 973

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