Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 27, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1933
Page 7
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AJtn DAILY TUltnmTIXML AH1& IOWA. WEDJfllDAY, WTHt»B* 27,1MB Iowa Day Will Be Observed at Fair Saturday CHICAGO, <K»— TbWMtM* of riilton from low* are pUailBf to rlrtt Chicafo »«tt Saturday. 8«p» tember SO, for tb* celebration of low* dty t.t A Century of Profrw*. Th* Iow»-N*Ttbwe*t#r« football gain* will cUbax the ««y'i program. The cam« will b* playtd at 1 p. m., on Svldfer Field, QueaU win include Governor Cly<« Her- Lieut. Governor N«lw»n G. and other Iowa State of- ficlala. At 10:40 L m., wb«a GOT. Herring will jr#e«lT« » nlB«t««D gun salute In the court of honor, the Drogrun open* officially. A parade, led by tii«'bud* of the itate , unlT«rtity an* Coe coUef t, Cedir R*pJd«, will toate the court of honor followl»K the miliUry ceremony and proceed to the court of state* for the formal program. GOT. ; Herring will deliver , the principal address of th* day at 11: W. following which he will present the exhibit of.£!• state to fair officials. President Rufus C. Dawes of A Century of Progress, -will dellyer the acceptance address. lowans ^111 perform on the stage- of the floating theater in the north lagoon from fire to six p. m. At 6:30 there will be an Iowa program in the court of science under auspices , of the Iowa-Cook County Chicago Women's club. GILBERT Special to the TrHjun«-Time«. GILBERT, Sept. 28 —' Herman Holmes, who teaches at Luana, spent the week-end at the parental AJadrew Holmes home. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sanders an,'. Bobby spent Sunday at the E. W. Sanders home at Pleasant Grove. Miss Maude Wakefield, of Chartton, spent the week-end with her fisters, Emma and Polly Wakefielfl. Mrs. Lenora Lewis and Miss Naomi were Madrid visitors Monday. • Mrs. Daisy Ctouser, of Ames, Mr. and Mra. Fay Callahan were callers Sunday evening at the John Gildersleeve home. Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Jones and Darlene, of Des Moines, were Sunday evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. A. Jones. Mrs. W. B. Rawhauser, Mrs. J. R. Briley and son Ward, of Carroll, spent Monday at the A. J. Graham home. Mrs. Jens Jenson, of Hampton, spent several days last week at the H. P. Hanson home. Dr. and " 'rs. Smith spent Sunday in Des Moines. Glendora Holmes spent the weekend at the E. J. Charlson home. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Read spent Sunday in Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Ehme Koehler and . Muck more mi*mf» mry er**fc«*M OHmg. /»created ipced. loKftr lift to «r and motor. Jf aw *"> *"»» Itixaurfw of motoring that PYBOIt will give you. i : J°*-Ss ia *»» bnumii *n«a ntoer, after n»- fa<« ratOU, in • DavmWtf Cw mt Bob«7 Spwdwuy, Ckie^n, Midi "J+ttriimt* my •uceeu •ml motor performmjux to th» u»e " Mi** KUtttoth Ktefciar of Aim*, rwtunutf kaa* Tweday from vWK wit* Mr. and Mr*. Maitte. Mr. and Mr*. Wm. Ma»ge« were BOOM «^l*r» wW»«KUy. Mr. aad Mra, Ed Sin* «p«nt Sunday aftorntc* at the Andrew Han •o* ten* a«ar Story city. Mrs. Mean Peterton and Mrs. OrU« A«k*l»M were ADBW shop- Mr* TtMtdfty afternoon. Mm. Orerton NeUon returaed Tuesday, from a week-end visit at gt Paul, Minn. Mr. and M.«. E. Groomet, Edith, Dorli and Virginia Groomea spent Sttnday afternoon at th* Lynxan Clouter home. „ Mr». p. w. rinehamT and Elmer HMkins returned Sunday from a tw 0 week's rlilt with Mr*. HMkin's mother at St. Joteph, Mo. E. Ward, of Am«e, accojjpanled them to. Missouri and spent the time at Savannah. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Mortredt aad baby, of Radcyfte, wore dinner g-ucsti S«5i«jf v? air. muu Mrs. Arthur Mortvedt. Afternoon caller* were Mr. and Mrs. jTed Wheeler and family, of Amen. Mrs. I/ralee Woodruff, of Ontario, spent Friday evening irtth Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Woodruff. Mrs. Fred Anderson and KsJen called at the Henry Anderson home at Ames Saturday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jacobson and Lars Dale drove to Eagle Grove Saturday to attend the Hans Dale funeral. * Mr. and Mrs. James Sawyer and Eileen and Miss Buehla, all of Jewejl. Miss Reba Snyder of Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Musgrove and Mable Lee spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. R. TrejHiler and famlly> v. The Misses Abbie Ralnbolt and Delia Hamilton "went to Chicago for an'orer Sunday visit at the world's fair. Mrs. Geo. Robinson, of Ames, spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Hans Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Holmes aid Paul Petenon*3Ir. and Mrs. Askel!<on were DCS Moines visitors Sfun- dav afternoon. Ernest Shepard went to St. Paul. Minn., Jilonday. Dr. and Mrs. Rose and Katheryn, of Story City, were dinner guefte Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Kent. Miss Pearl Fossel is visiting her sister. Mrs. Gilbert Thompson, In De* Moinfs. Zone Mae week-end with her grandmother, Mrs. E. Ward, at Ames. Mr, and Mrs. C. L. Stratton, of Colo. Phil Overbaugh and nephews, of Collins, were callers at the John Matthews home Sundey. Among those to enter Iowa State college from Gilbert as freshmen are: Esther Larsen and "Pauline :rawford. Geo. Grabau and Robert Dodds. As juniors: Dorothy Finch- *»m and Harold GrafiamT Homer Vilmont is a sophomore. Mrs. Claude Post and Joan, Mrs. Don Qlson and son Don, "Mrs. Will Poet, all of Nevada, arid Mrs. Mar- *aret Davidson and Thomas "of Detroit. Called at the John M»t.hew.v<home Monday afternoon. Neal iHougland; Jack Luscaleet. Geo. HsJstead. John, Gildersleeve. Pleas Fincham. Ben Gildersleeve and Albert Foster left Monday for .Lake Wlnnebteashish in Minnesota on a fishing trip. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dickinson spent Saturday nteM in Des Moines. The Farmers Elevator is receiving a new coat of paint Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Clouser and family soent Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs. John Gilder- j sleeve. " Sam Eckard. of Stanhope, called on relatives' in Gilbert Monday. Miss Helen Charlson snent Mon- dav night with G'endora Holmes. Mr., and Mrs. Orus Johnson, of Cambridge, spent Sunday with Gilbert, relatives. Mrl and Mrs. Walter Brown were supper guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs Henrv Peterson, .--.-. Mr. and Mrs.- Thos. Woodruff. Mr. and Mrs. Orl'n, Askefson left WednesdB^.for Chicago io visit the world's fair. . Jean H A bride for the third Utte w*s Jean Harlow, famous platinum bjlond .of the movies, when this picture was taken as she and her new husband, Harold G. Rosson, ac« motion picture cameraman, stepped from a plane at Los Angeles on their return from To ma. Arln.. where their sudden marriage surprised the film colony. Pincham spent the Ames Pastor on Program of la. Church Session WATERLOG, OLE).—.Ministers- and laymen from five Presbyterian/churches in the Waterloo presbytery convened at Aplington Wednesday to,open a two-day conference. Among the prominent Iowa ministers on the program are Dr. Walter Barlow, Ames, the Her.- 0. E. Dirks, Traer, and the Rev. George K. Device, Mason City. Rev. Barlow will speafc on the topic, "The Church and the NRA," Rev. Davtes will present a survey of present European conditions and Rev. Dirts.modcrator of the district, will deal "with business affairs of the presbytery. Dr. H. M. Gage, president of Coe college, Cedar Rapids, is scheduled to speak Wednesday evening on the part of'the church in the modern educational system. Answers to Test Questions OFFICIAL PUBLICATION of Former PTROIt 'k cud no. -JBMIlfW.V. KtDDEK on natttnt »«*-, Oat to 4«pMiM4 on »« . meal porn. Ciret conMutmo- tor b«*d libflcttiofi (kit no mo- IGf DMt 4MB dMtTOI nnnulaanrou- Gtm oU on m*w Iff*. Ask «t y<2* AUKVI for nrtBtf FRJtE copr of the "Storr «f FynrtL" roojL Oil-Less A Pyroil demonstration will be held at the White Rose Super Service Station 223 Lincolnway on THURSDAY Sept. 28th Promptly at 11 o'clock a Pyroil conditioned Dodge wilf be drained of all oil after which a 25 mile drive will be made to prove the extra safety factor of Pyroil lubrication. Will the motor be damaged from -this dry run? Will be on display after 1 p. m. John Sju rson Distributor Phono 1772-W 1122 Marston Begun in Chicago CHICAGO, (tlB— - Presentation of testimony began Tuesday in the trial of Ernest J. Stevens, accused of embezzling $1.200.000 in connection 'with collapse of the Illinois Life Insurance company which he headed. Stevens, charged with transferring life insurance funds to bolster .the Stevens hotel, largest hostelry in the world, showed no emotion as he watched the trial get under way. A brother. Raymond, who committed suicide, and his father, James W. Stevens, were indicted on similar charges. Below ar* the answers to the ttit questions printed on page bnt. 1. Appointed lot or fate. 2. Georgia. 3. One who walks .on tiptoe. 4. 1904.' • a. Efgbl. ' "" ;"'"•.. "'$>"'_ 6.. Commonwealth, j-.,..—-•-. • 7. Under the ground^ v: ! ' 8. 1899 to 1902. . 9. National Recovery - Administration. ' : •-- V : A 10. Henry T. Rainey of Illinois. i EOAJID PROCEEDINGS September li. 1933.. inter«*t* of laid County to fund «iid ouUUndinf indebtedneM, thu» evidenced, to the amount or |f,OOU; and WHEMAJJ, The amount, nature and condition ot the iadebtedneM of wUd county now U and w&« oa the flr»t day of September, 1981, including the aforesaid indebtedneM, evidenced ai aforesaid, and waa at the time of the contracting and of the Incurring and of the allowing- of each Item of aaid Indebted- new,-Including «uch Item, and at the time of tfie authorization of the 1s- •uance and the'pre»enUitlon of each of said warrants, including: such warrant, *uch that according to the tact previous State and County tax litta, no portion of county now Is, or was at any of said times, chargeable with taxation X either levied or necessary to be lev- led) to pay county indebtednew exceeding' the limit of one and one-quarter per centum of the actual value' of the'tar- able property within such portion of said county, and 'such that the total Indent- edness of said county does not now. and.did not at any of the aforesaid times, exceed the constitutional or statutory limitations; and WHEREAS, Notice of th« proposed action of the Board of Supervisors to institute proceedings for the Issuance of the bonds hereinafter authorised was duly published on the ith day of September, 1933. In the "Nevada Evening Journal," a.newspaper of general circulation within said county,, as required by Section tSS. Chapter 23, Code of Iowa. 1J31, and no petition ot«ecting to such proposed action was filed'; now therefore. - . k . •' • • Bt ft Resolved., By the Board of Supervisors of the County of Stdnvln the State of Iowa, as follows: SKcnotf i. That for the purpose of funding the indebtedness of tt«td county in the amount of $9,000, referred to and proposed to be funded In the pro- amble of this resolution, and evidence 1 by .the .warrants al«a referred-to in .the preambla. .of this resolution, there are hereby authorized to be issued nine (9 > Negotiable. Funding Bonds of said county, numbered consecutively from One (t) to Nine .{9"), both numbers Inclusive, to be of the demomination of $1,000 each, to be dated the First Day of September, 1938, each bearing interest from.and after the date thereof until paid at the rate of Four and One- t\»lt-4l*k%) per ;centum per annum, payable" September i. 1934. and semi- .anauajlyth<ireafter,on the First Days of March and September of each yeai 4 suchlnteres'e to be evidenced by negotiable coupons attached to each bond - botij principal and interest payable in of the-United States of America at the Office of the Countv Treasurer, Nevada. Iowa, said bonds to become due and payable in their numerical order or follows • • Bonds Nos. 1 to S, inclusive, September 1, 1835; , , Bonds Nos. 4 to 6, inclusive, 13000 September l,t93«: Bonds Nos. 7 to », inclusive, $3,000 September 1, 1S37. *».»w. SEC. 2. That said bonds and cou- The Board ot Supervisors of Story f on* and form-for registration shall be County, Iowa, nipt at the Court House. m substantially the following form: . Nevada, September llth, 1»S'3, aS by law provided. • ...- . , ;The following members were present: Oley Storing. S. S: Hanson; Oscar fi. Tivedt. ^Absentr-Nonc. - "— ' , The day was spent in the consideration of various road 'rtjiittersxr v/. Adjourned to Septeinber-Wth.,19i3. s, s. ITANSO>:: BYRON DOCKET. * --^ Chairman. County Auditors (i.- ; jr. ' v' BOAR!) PROCEEDINGS 5 September IS, 1933. : -The Board of Supervisors of the County of Story, In the. State of Iowa. met in regular session, pursuant to the Old Flour N[»l Still At Work GREEN LAKL. Wis. <IT.E>— A flour mill built on Silver Creek near Green Lake in 1S4S. just a few weeks before Wisconsin became a state, still is in operation. The pioneer mill is one of the few of its kinJ Still standing. MOMIES tfUifrtm MillM»*l Tiff — With "scoop" as a business tenet and "love 'em and leave 'em" as a romantic code, a newsreel photographer Is interestingly depicted in "Headline Shooter" by William Gargan in the RKO-Radio Picture with Frances Dfe showing at the Canito] Thursday. Gargan's view jibed with the news-hawks' credo: "It's crazy to settle down with one woman." At- corrtingly, he sneered at marriage contemptuously until his work crossed demure Frances Dee. a newspaper sob sister in "Headline Shooter." Gargan steers rig' lit on the inside track to her heart when the detour oorna up j n her fiance. Undisconr- iged he pursue his romancing with merit- 'The'meetinE' was called to order by the Chairman, and, the roll being, called, there wsre Present: S. S. Hanson. Chairman. 1n the chair, and the following named Supervisors: Oley Storing and Oscar B. Tw-edt Absent: None. . Supervisor Storing' introduced ^md read the resolution next hereinafter set out and. moved its adoption, seconded by Supervisor Twedt, and, after due consideration thereof,by the Board, the Chairman put the question 'ipon the adoption of said resolution, and. the roll being, called, the following named Supervisors voted: Aye—Hanson. Storing: and Twedt. Nay—None. : • Whereupon the Chairman declared said resolution duly adopted as fol- (F-orm of Bond) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF(LOWA. COUNTY OF . STORY FUNDING BOND. : The County of Story, in the State of Iowa, lor value received, promises''to pay to bearer, or, if registered, to the registered holder hereof, the sum of One Thousand Dollars, in lawful money of the United States of-America, on the First Day of. September, 19... with Interest on said sum. from the date hereof untn paid, at the rate of Four and one-half percent per annum, payable September 1»V1934. and seml-an- rules of said Board and to adjourn- ««ally thereafter on the First Days of lows: RESOLUTION To Provide for the Issuance of J9.000 Funding Bonds. WHEREAS. The Connty of Story, in the State ot Iowa, is 'a body corporate. duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws and Constitution of the State of Iowa; and WHBRRAS, Said county now has outstanding 'against it an indebtedness in lie amount of over $9.000. all evidenced by valid warrants, each issued in. pursuance of Chapter 255. Code of Iowa. all of w denced ich' indebtedness oju'the first ; ' thu».,evi- t>- girl as they fire, floo'l, , , arthquaka and nnmlor. When their ots are thrown together in n notor. o«a gnng massacre, with <|^ath 1m- •ilnenl, Balances makeu an unusual bnlwcon fiance, and cam- tembsr. 1933, 'and now is outstanding, payable and due; and WHEREAS. All of said indebtedness was contracted. Incurred and allowed and each of said warrants was executed and issued by order of the Board of Supervisors of said County for the purposes authorized by law. and in form, time and manner required by law : nnd none of said Indebtedness was incurred, and none of said warrants was IssMed In violation of Sections 5121,5258. or 6259. or of Chapters 265 or 269, Code of I6\va, as amended, or in violation of nny law forbidding, restricting or regulating the contracting or the incurring of indebtedness, or the issuance of warrants, or in violation of any law whatsoever; and WHEREAS, None of said indebtedness 1 was incurred and none of said warrants was Issued for *.ha purchase of any real estate or for the purchase or construction of nny building or the conr structlon of nny bridge: and WHKTIF.AS. All of said warrants were issued to pay expenditures Incurred for the support of poor persons as defined by Chapter 267 and of the Code of r«man. WIIKHBAS, Nono of anid Indebtedness or warrants has over be«n adjudicated to be Invalid, and no litigation is pending, prayed or threatened involving the validity of any of sal*' indchtadncs* or \varrnnt»; nnd said liulfthtcrtflOM thus evidenced Is a Icjrnl, valid and binding oMlKntlon of onlrt county, nnfl all of .inId Indebtedness tliun nvlde.nco.d I* •noh form nnd of mch character 1 oar le(t.illy be, funded ; untl VVHKIIKAH, It 1« (leinVHt'ti) t|),i March and September in each year, upon presentation and -surrender of the Interest .coupons hereto attached as they severally become due. Both principal hereof and interest Jiereon are hereby made payable at the Office of the-' County Treasurer. Nevada, Iowa. For the prompt payment of this bond, both principal and interest, at maturity, the full faith, credit and resources of said County are hereby irrevocably pledged. This bond is issued by the Board of Supervisors of said County pursuant to and In strict compliance with the provisions of Chapter 266. Code oof Iowa, 193J. and in conformity with a resolution of said Board, duly passed, for the purpose of funding a like amount of the valid, subsisting indebtedness of said county outstanding on the First Day of September. 1933, and until the issuance of this bond. This bond shall pass by delivery unless it has been registered in the name of the owner on the books of the County Treasurer of said county and evidence of such registration endorsed on the back hereof. Thereafter no transfer of this bond shall be valid unless made on said books and similarly noted hereon. unless the last registration shall have been to bearer, in which case trnnsferability by delivery shall be restored. The registration of this bond shall not effect the negotiability of the coupons hereto attached, which shall continue transferable by delivery merely, notwithstanding registration hereof. And it is Hereby Certified and Recited : That all acts, conditions and things required by the laws and Constitution of the State of Iowa to T>e done precedent to and in the issue of this bond have been properly done, happened and been performed in regular nn<5 due form as required by law; that the indebtedness funded by the Issuance of this bond was a valid, subsisting and legal Indebtedness of said county, and that the total indebtedness of said county, including this bond, docs not exceed the constitutional or statutory limitations. In Testimony Whereof, said county, by its Board of Supervisors, ban caused this bond to bo signed by the Chairman of sntd Bonn! nnd" attested by the County Auditor, with the son! of the ^coupons hereto county affixed, and .th attached to he slcrncd by the County Auditor by his fac-slmile signature, whteh officer, by the execution hereof, does adopt ns and for his proper signature his fac-nlmlle signature uppearlnpr on said coupons, nil as of the First Pay Of September, 193S. S. S. HAJJflON. Chairman. Board of Supervisors, Attest: HYRON DICKBV. County Auditor, (Form of Covipont STORY COUNTV, IOWA No ..... . . $, . On the FirM rUy of lit. .. , ... the. Treaiwrei ft story Co«nty, Tow*, will pay to bflnrer ......... Oollnr* (5..... ......... .), )a<vftil ir Miey of the I'nlted 8ta««a of America, at the of the County Treasurer. Nevada. Iowa, for biterent due that day oft 1U Fund- Ing Bond, dated September 1, 19JJ. No.. TJVO^-VW T^tf*If 1I*V JBIKOW JDll'lvJiil. County Auditor. (Form of County Treasurer'* Certifi cate) TREABURBR'8 CEUTIFI- CATK County of Btorr, ML I. hereby certify that thin bond h*» been duly recorded in a book for that purpose in my office lit acconlWKw with Section 52S1 of the Code of Iowa, 1»11. C. H. L.UDWIQ, County Tf«a*wr«r. 4 Form for ReffUtnUlont Date of Name of Signature Refit- Keglatered of County tratlon Owner Treasurer COUNTY State of S*c. S. In order to provide for the flndlnt of the IndektedneM herein ordered to be funded, vatd Indebtedness shall be called for payment, and the County Treasurer i* hereby directed and authorised to take all appropriate action. • Sic. 4. The bond* hereby authorised shall each be slgnwT by the Chairman of the Board of 8uperri»ors and attested by the County Auditor, with the county teal affixed, and the coupons thereto attached shall each be executed with the facsimile Blfnatnre of the County Auditor, and MM bonds with coupons attached, -when to executed, shall be delivered to the County Treasurer and shall be by him recorded and delivered to the College Savings Bank, of .Ajiies, Iowa, in exchange for said outstanding warrants, par for par. and simultaneously with th*- delivery of said bond* said outstanding warrants herein proposed to be funded ahal! be cancelled, the intention being to change but not to increase the Indebtedness of said county. Szc. 5. That In order,to provide for the collection of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as It falls due. and also to pay and discharge the principal thereof at maturity, there be and there 1» hereby levied upon all the taxable property within said county, in each year while any of said bonds are outstanding, a direct annual tax sufficient for that purpose, and that there be and there Is hereby levied upon all taxable property within said county a tax sufficient to raise the following sum* for ffie following years, to-wit: For the year 1832 the suan Of $607-50 for Interest: For the year 1IS4 the sum of 18,337.50 for interest and principal; For the year 1935 the sum of $»,202.50 for Interest and principal; For the year 1936 the sum ,of $S,067.50 for interest and principal; The principal or interest maturing at any time when there are not sufficient funds on hand to par the name be paid out of the general -fund of the county, and such fund be reimbursed when thfc taxes herein provided for shall have been collected. SEC. 6. A certified «opy of this resolution shall be filed in.the office of the County Auditor, and saW County Auditor shall enter annually the levy herein provided for collection untH funds are realized to pay the principal and interest of the-bonds herein authorized in full. The moneys arising OFFICIAL PUMUCATIOM such levlac ahall be ka*wn as the "POND KUND, SERIK8 SJBFTBMBKK 1. 1*3:." and «ha>l be uced tor the payment of *aid intercut coupons and said bond* and for no other purpuce whatsoever. SMC. 7. That the bond* fetfeln au- thorised are hereby made aubiect to registration aa to principal in UK name of the holder upon the b«ok* ot the County Trea»urer, »uch recivtratlon to be evktenoed by notation of *aid Treasurer on the back of each of auch bor*d» no reclatered. No bond MI refialered •hall be aubject to tranafer except upon mwh book* and «*mlUrly noted on the back of the bond *o rWiaUred unlew the Ia*t regbrtraUon nhaU hare been to bearer. Such refittntlon of any «f •aid bond* ahall-not, however, affect the negotiability of the coupon* attached io aaid bond*, but Mich coupon* •hall continue transferable by delivery- Sea t. All reaolutiwM or part* of resolution* In conflict herewith be and the Mme mre hereby repeated. Pawed and approved, September II, ItlJ. ' B. 9. HANSON. Chairman; Board of SupervUor*. Attert: BYRON DICKJBX County Auditor. At 2 -.00 o'clock p. nu. th* Board proceeded to the letting of the Contract for furnishing; coal for th* Story County Home, Court House and Jail and County Maintenance Shed. The following person*, firm*, and corporation* filed bid*: Glen R. Newton, W. W. Horra* and Clark Brown Grain Co. „. After careful coMidtnttlon ot all bid* filed it wa* moved by Twedt and seconded by Storing, that the following be adopted: , Resolved, That the contract, for furnishing approximately 100 tons of coal, or the amount a« required for the winter of 1933 and 1SS4, be and Is hereby awarded to W. W. Horra*. at the price* bid a* follows: - . Genuine Dorothy Seam We*t "Virginia Semi-Anthracite 4x1- Egg. delivered to the Story County Farm at $8.75. Franklin County, Illinois, (xl' Egg, delivered to the Story County Farm at >7.50 per ton. Saline County. Illinoi*. fxS Egg, delivered to the Story County Farm at J7-50 per ton. Iowa 6x2 Egg from No. i mine at Madrid, delivered to the Story County Farm at IS.50 per ton. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to designate and. order the kind of coal to be used when needed. • X Kttvlved. That the eefttfact fvr furnishing approximately 21S ton* of V4*l. or tite amount an required for the whiter of im and 1»J4. be and Is hereby awar««4 to Clark Hrown Orata Company, at the price Md. a* follow*, delivered to the Court House, Jail and Maintenance Shed: Onulne Dorothy 8*am We«t Virginia Semi-Anthracite 4x1 Egg. at 18.25 per ton. Franklin County. Illlnoln. lit Eg ( , delivered at $«.S5 per ton. •aline County, lllinoi*. «xl Egg. delivered at |«.«t per ton. Iowa «x2 Egg. Scandia Mine at Madrid, delivered at $$.:( p*r ton. Th* Board of Supervisor* reserve* the right to designate and order the kind of coal to be u**d wh*n needed. Tb* vo*t urn UK . abov* wa* as foll*w«: _,„. HaMo*. Storing. May.—MOM. nmv upon the Chairman declar* ths M**. tlon carried MM! t«e NMluttw adopted. The petition «C tn* T»wn C*«ncH «* Story City, Inc., aakin* that th* aw l*n<fcd tax of RandUTJwi* Ttcuim on lot 1» an« WU of lot H, Mock ««. Fairvlew Park Addition to Btoiy City. for the rear* l»2l. 111*, mt. b* remitted, for the rea**n that H was r*e- ommend*d by the Town Corned to b* remitted for the ab»v* rear*, wa* granted. Adjourned to October Ird. 1MJ. BTRON mCKEY'• *' ^K^ County Auditor. We let the other man RECOMMEND A CHEAP PAINT H. L. Mann Lumber Company Beat the Inflation! BUY REAL ESTATE $6,000.00 paid by former Coach Will&man. Now only ^$4,600 for this mice fiT«-room modern home with solarium and ftrafe on Grand avenue. $5,000.00 paid by E. J. Bngeldinger. On Woodland avenue, fourth ward, fire roomi and solatium. Oarage. Strictly modern. Now only $2,850. $6,000.00— Ninety foot lot on Uncoln way. light- room house and garage. Now only $2,800. Terms on all of the above like rent to with Heady employment. Ames Building & Loan Association Chai. B. Ash, Sec'y-Trew, Tit*** Ayttrw an bo»ad on th* lolait rvtail mflbtration Agnrw fron V. L *olk & Company (all ttahu for six full months). Sine* January nrrt,Owrrol^rxMi<>ldlii.«e»MofX^A»p<aM«s«eon*mltrwki. stronger recommendation for a car than this America can't be fooled when it comes to spotting the best "buy" in any field. America knows too much about motor cars for that. So when one certain car wins almost as many buyers as the next two put together, you know the answer: IT MUST BE BETTER. And that's what the new * Chevrolet Six most certainly is. Better looking—it has long, sleek, aer-streamed lines—Fisher's smartest styling. Chevrolet has better bodies—they're built not just of steel alone, but of steel reinforced by a sturdy hardwood frame. Chevrolet has a better engine- six cylinders for lowest gas and oil consumption, cushion balancing for killing vibration. And Chevrolet gives better vahie— a long line-up of features, including the Starterator, Syncro Mesh gear-shift, Free Wheeling, which no other low-priced car can match. Now, in September, is the time to start about a new car for winter! And when you do so, think of the way Chevrolet is leading all other cars in sales. What more could you possibly ask as a recommendation for a car. than that? CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICHIGAN *445 CHEVROLET ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY TO *565 /.o. s. flint. Mtehi'ttn. 5p**i*Jsf *>. rnsnt *E(r«. tow s'al/r»r»rf r'«*« *nrf *wr C. M. 4. C. (arsM. A GuMfal JfeMra Va/«». FIFTH & DOUGLAS A15E8, IOWA PHONE 395

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