Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 28, 1974 · Page 20
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 20

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1974
Page 20
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iii NEWARK, N.J. (UPI) Kenneth A, Gibson, who on Monday begins a second four- year term as the first black mayor of a major Eastern city, says that If this country made the same commitment to helping Its cities as It does In propping up some Asian governments there would be no problem to saving the cities, The 42-year-old native of Enterprise, Ala., who has been prominent In national Democratic politics but declares he Intends to fill out his second stint at the helm In Newark, gave his views on this and on progress in racism in an interview. He also gave his view on the possibility of Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for vice president: he could not support it. That was in reply to a query about Charles Evers' statement that he now could support Wallace. Evers, black mayor of Fayette, Miss., a civil rights worker and brother of slain activist Medgar Evers, said Wallace had changed. Gibson said everybody had a right to his opinion. Gibson has been prominent in Democratic politics and was cochairman of the 1972 National Democratic Platform Committee. He also has had a leading role In the National Conference of Mayors. In that respect, and as mayor of a prominent municipal problem spot, he was asked: Where are the cities going? "It has to be whether we make a commitment to our cities," he replied. "If we made the same commitment as in Western Europe after World War II, or that of today to the governments of Southeast Asia, then we could rebuild all our Said More Impo NEWS-HERALD. Panama City, 11*., Friday, June 28, MM Page ID Than Laos cities. "Give me just six months of what they have allocated Vietnam. I think Newark is as Important to the future of the country as Vietnam. Detroit is as Important as Cambodia. New York is as important as Laos. "I'm not saying we shouldn't help them (other countries). But we should begin world- saving efforts at home to save ourselves. "Cities In general have been able to make some Improvements. They are making some progress. The extent of the progress will be measured by how much of a commitment there Is on a national and state level to make them survive and prosper. Otherwise, we'll continually have problems." In this 20th anniversary year of the Supreme Court desegregation decision, what was his opinion about racism in general? "Basically we have made some progress. People are understanding each other a great deal better now in 1974 than In 1954. We have not eliminated racism by any stretch of the imagination. But the problems attendant to the pervasive racism that we had in the 1930s and 1940s are not there to the same extent. "I can go to certain areas of the south—that had the freedom rides and lunch counter demonstrations and George Wallace standing In the door of the university. And those things don't exist in the same degree. And Wallace Is making different speeches. Wallace wouldn't stand In the door today. "You go to any city in the South today and if you sat down at a lunch counter there would be no trouble. I don't think of any place where I'd have a problem getting served a meal. And I go all over to the major cities." You say the major cities? "Well, also the smaller ones. Take my home town in Alabama that has a population of 6,000 or 7,000. There Is no question whether you get to the lunch counter or into a motel.'' You're talking about the custom. But what about attitudes? "Well, what are we looking for? My ambition is not to have people love me. I couldn't care, less what a guy walking down the street thinks about me. I'm not interested in having people love me. Who the hell cares? "As long as that guy respects my rights to whatever Is available In our society, I couldn't care less what his attitudes are—if I can get a job based on my ability to compete in this society, educate my children, get a decent place to live." Gibson was asked if he had read a dispatch from Atlanta about reverse migration — blacks going back "home" to the South. "Yes," he said. "And that's true. I've talked in Atlanta to people there from Newark. Racism—if you're able to compete In our job market, have a skill, a lot of places in the South are very attractive. Including Atlanta. Places to go at night, apartments, a job market. I was talking to a fellow here the other day who said his neighbor had pulled up, sold his house, and gone home to North Carolina. In the old days in the 1940s it was the other way.'' George Wallace was serving his first term as Alabama governor under the slogan "Segregation today...tomorrow...forever" when on June 11, 1963, he blocked the entry of two blacks into the University of Alabama, fulfilling his campaign pledge to "stand in the schoolhouse door^' to prevent desegregation. He later stepped aside at National Guard Request. Just after midnight June 11, Medgar Evers was slain In Jackson, Miss., by a sniper. Charles Evers said last month Trudeau Stumping Ontario Province TIMMINS, Ont. (UPI) Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, showing signs of strain, Thursday took his Liberal party campaign for reelection into critical, vote- heavy Ontario province. Trudeau, who has logged more than 25,000 miles so far in his most vigorous campaign, flew to this northern Ontario mining town from Yarmouth, N.S., to lend his prestige to the local Liberal candidate. After a one-hour stop in Tim- mlns, Trudeau headed for Toronto where he was to tape an Interview and rest before a planned massive evening rally In Varsity Stadium. Campaign officials hoped to pack the 24,00-seat stadium to capacity. Trudeau, toppled from power two months ago on the critical issue of inflation, has been running on his record but recent JOB PROBLEM—Miami Herald Gardener Rod White has devised a unique set of stilts for cutting the high hedges around the building. White has mounted a pair of B boots on stilts and uses them to prop himself to the correct height. Here he prepares to enter the second stilt 9 (note hole in sock, occcupational hazardd).(ByUPI) PROBLEM SOLVED-With the stilts in place and after maneuvering into position (White says he has most troubles on inclines or broken sidewalks), it is time to trim the hedges. (By UPI) Governor Vetoes Farm Bill TALLAHASSEE, (UPI) ' Gov. Reubin Askew vetoed a bill amending the farm labor contractor registration law, saying that it appeared to take away some of the protection against abuse of migrant farm workers by "unscrupulous" crewleaders. "The abusive treatment of migrant and seasonal farm workers by some unscrupulous crewleaders has been a continuing problem in Florida," Askew said. Present law covers the men,, women and children who harvest Florida's fruits and vegetables and the governor said any proposed exemption should be based upon "a clear showing that coverage was unnecessary." "To my knowledge," he added, "nothing has tran- sspired to change the vulnerability of the farm workers In the citrus industry, not to afford them protection from the exploitation of crew leaders ... the public interest is better protected by continuing the present coerage." .' Askew said one good feature of the bill (HB1078) would have required a crew leader who recruits or supervises five or more wbrkers p register, Present law requires registration only of crewleaders who handle 10 or more workers. Bad features far outweigh this one improvement, he added. He said the bill basically would exclude the citrus harvesting Industry from provisions of the law, including farmers, processors, canners, package shed operators, lisen- sed fruit dealers, shippers or cooperatives. "The effect would be to remove very substantial numbers of farm workers from the protection and benefits the law Intended to provide," he said. The governor Wednesday also vetoed bills, that: — Make nine-hole golf courses with at least 35 acres and a clubhouse in Pasco County eligible for a state beverage license, Present law requires a course to comprise at least 70 acres to qualify. Saying he opposed establishment of special licenses, Askew said he is asking the board of business regulation to recommend to the 1975 legislature uniform procedures for licensing without consideration of "patronage or subjective decisions made without the benefit of a statewide point of view." 8 exempts the Sandpiper.Club in Lee County from a requirement that makes it ineligible for a liquor license. It would let it qualify even though it does not meet the law that a club be in continous operation Key West Object Puzzles Navy that Wallace had changed over the years to a degree that he could now support him for vice- president. Gibson was asked: Could you support Wallace for vice- president? "I don't think I could—I know I couldn't. Everybody's got their right." Who do you favor for the ticket in 1976? "There are a lot of potential candidates." What if there was a Kennedy- Wallace ticket? "I think I'd probably be trapped into supporting it. But that would not be my choice, I can tell you. The Republicans might come up with something good. I don't know whether I could sup port it (a Republican ticket) bui they could make it very hard foi me to go out and support Wallace." Do you intend to take as active a part in 1976 in the convention and Democratic affairs as you did last time? "1 Intend to. Based on what they need. If the Democratic organization has a role they'd like me to perform, I'm willing." Will you be available in 1976 for national office? "I've got a four-year term here. I'm really concerned about doing this job." Then, will you be available in 1978 for national office? "Oh, I don't know. Whether or not I'd ever..." He left the sentence hanging. polls give him a slight edge over his principal opponent, Progressive Conservative leader Robert Stanfield in the July 8 general election. Party strategists have been expressing cautious optimism for an better showing in Ontario, Canada's most populous province which controls 88 of the 264 seats in the House of Commons. Liberal sources reported that private polls the past week indicate a shift, but not a surge, toward the Liberals In some constituencies that were lost in 1972, chiefly in Toronto, and central and northern Ontario. As the campaign neared the critical final week, Trudeau continued in the animated style he has adopted, in contrast to the aloof and almost leisurely approach he used in the 1972 campaign. at least two years. : "Special acts of this kind," said Askew, a non-drinker, "weaken the entire licensing framework (of) the beverage laws. KEY WEST (UPI)- A spokesman confirmed the U.S. Navy is investigating a strange black object labled dangerous washed ashore here and found a by a retired Chicago businessman. Joseph Coan, who is visiting a son here, said he found the object while walking along a beach on the Atlantic ocean side of this island city. It was lodged against a low seawall. Because the object was labeled extremely dangerous, Coan called the Coast Guard .which called the Navy explosive ordinance detail at the nearby Boa Chica Naval Air Station. A Navy bomb disposal crew took possession of Coan's discovery, wrapped it in plastic and put it In isolation storage while attempts are made to track its origin. Coan said the object was an irregular rectangle in shape, measuring about three to three and a half feet in length, one to one and a half feet wide and tall.. It had a scooped out indentation SHOPPING • II WIMHill BONUS BUY! FOOD CLUB CANNED HAMS 3-Lb. Cans HAM t.\' ALL MEAT - NO WASTE Bonus Buy! TOP CREST " JUMBO PAPER TOWELS BIG ROLLS at one end, On one side, Coan said, was a piece of paper stuck behind clear plastic which carried a warning, under a black and white British crown elblem, sahing that the device is used for missiles, that it was dangerous to health and should not be opened. "It said after March 1968 it became activated, making it extremely dangerous," Coan recalled. "It said it should not be opened and anyone finding it should contact the. Admiralty or Lambert Pharmaceuticals in St. Louis." Coan added that the note offered a reward of 2,000 pounds sterling to anyone finding the mysterious object. Aspokesman for the Naval Air Station said attempts were being made to track down the origin of the object but they have been unsuccessful so far. He said the Navy had not opened the container. Food Club FOOD CLUB REGULAR DRIP AND PERCULATOR Bonus Buy! 1-Lb. CAN • Prices Effective Friday, June 28th through Saturday, June 29th QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. 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