The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 26, 1958 · Page 14
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 14

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1958
Page 14
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Heavenly Voiced Engineer Tells How He Broadcast From Satellite HIS VOICE BROADCAST FROM SPACE—The voice of Sam Findler (left), in charge of the Army's satellite tracking station near Corona, Caltf., was the first voite other than President Eisenhower's to be broadcast from the satellite Atlas.- Findler spoke to the Atlas two days HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS after it went up, and then heard his message repeated. The tracking station, one of several the Army has in the U.S., uses coil anterufe like the one at right to keep tab on the huge Atlas. (AP Photofax).. , Uneasy Peace Marks Observance By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS i The tensions of the old year Much of the world today let out its belt to accommodate Christmas overeating, continued its holiday into the weekend and looked forward-to New Year celebrations. An uneasy peace marked this •year's observance of the birth of Christ. Despite threats of War from Moscow, there was only slight shooting on the world's two active war fronts — the Nationalist islands off the coast of Communist China, and Algeria, where the French have been battling a nationalist rebellion. Promenaders Square Dancing Sat., DM. 27-8 O'clock p.m. After-YuU Christmas Party Pot Luck were temporarily shelved by the holidayers, But troops of the Western Allies and the United Nations were on watch, keeping the cold war cold. American soldiers at the barbed wire barricades marking the Iron Curtain in Europe had hot turkey dinners brought to their posts. In other parts of Europe U.S. servicemen entertained 75,000 orphans, refugees and hospital patients. In Communist-ruled East Berlin Julius Cardinal Doepfner preached a sermon attacking the Red regime in his first appearance since he was named a car- jdinal of the Roman Catholic Church. From Inner Space U.S. troops in Morocco heard Christmas message from Dr. Ed win T. Dahlberg, president of the National Council of Churches. He told them to strive for an inner peace and added: "From this inner peace there could come the wider peace of the world for which all nations now wait." The Roman Catholic archbishop of New York, Francis Cardinal Masses for U.S. forces in Germany. He said: "More than we realize do we need the help of God for only God can quell the malice of his enemies and ours." U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold paid' his annual Christmas visit to troops of the U.N. Emergency Force in the Gaza Strip, keeping peace between Israel and Egypt. It was a busy day for Pope John XXIII. After celebrating midnight Mass Christmas Eve in the presence of the diplomatic corps of the Holy See he celebrated another at St. Peter's Basilica at noon. He then visited two Rome hospitals. Cries Later, receiving 60 orphans anc 20 mutilated and crippled children in the Vatican, he broke down anc cried. FREE MOVIES at the PARAMOUNT SATURDAY at 1:30 and 3:00 P. 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NO PARKING PROBLEMS AT JWtOI /AgUON'S HAMBURGER HEAVEN Cheer Turns to Stark Horror; Fires Kill 45 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Christmas holiday fires brought tragedy to families in many parts of the nation. Fathers, mothers and children lost their lives during what was to have been one of the happiest times of the year. In all, at least 45 persons died flames which lodgings. Five Calif. (AP) - The young engineer's voice crackled across the heavens; 'this is Hrado Dam United States Army Signal Research and Development Laboratory, Corona, Calif " The Sam Findler read the Pres- dent's now famous satellite Christmas message. Picked Up Transmission Tumbling through the dark void of space, the orbiting Atlas satel- ite picked up the transmission ind broadcast it back to another irieking station at Ft. Sam Houston, Tex. Thus, last Saturday, the voice of Findler, 34, became the first other than the President's to be Drondcast from outer space. The engineer from Neptune, N.J.. told Thursday how it was done. Early in November Findler leaded an 11-man team that moved like a band of well equipped gypsies into the rolling 'oothills near Prado Dam, about 50 miles southwest of Los Ange- es. Their job was secretary to set up a satellite tracking station and land ready. j Set Up Finder ! On a hillside a few hundred, rom a busy highway, Findler and lis men set up the .portable gen- rator, radio direction finder, four arge coil antenae and other ma- erial needed to track and talk to the satellite. They managed to brush off questions by. occasional passers>y. The team lived a few miles away in a Coron_ motel. They avoided the townspeople. There were many pinochle games in the motel room. Time dragged. Then last week at Cape Canaveral, Fla., the Atlas blasted off with a fiery swoosh. The waiting [or Findler and company had ended. Predictions Accurate The satellite arrived over Corona within two minutes of the predicted time and was within one half degree of predicted bearing," said Findler. Since then Findler's team of Army and civilian engineers have kept an around the clock watch on the 4-ton satellite. Findler read the President's Christmas message to the satellite Saturday as one of the sta- JAIL DOORS OPEN FOR POPE—Kneeling prisoners, hands clasped prayfully, line the corridors of Rome's Regina Coell prison to hail Pope John XXIII on his historic visit to the institution today. "You could not come to see me," said the pontiff, "so it is right that I come to you." (AP Wirephoto via radio from Rome). Network Television Sunday, December 28 (C) Mwns Program li In Color The following TV schedule for Sunday afternoon and evening is being published today for those who may not receive the regular Saturday Showcase on the day of its publication. The Showcase giv ing a full week of TV programs, will be published Saturday ai usual 12.00 m 3—Gent Autry 5—Pro Football Highlight] 6—Bishop Pike 8—Rcl. Town Hall 12:30 p.m. 5—Stage 7 10 Oral Roberts 6—TBA (—Christian Science 12:4) p.m. 4—Bowlerama 5, I, 10—Pro Football Championship 6—Christian Science 1:00 p.m t— College News Conference 1:30 p.m. 5, 8—NBA Basketball fr—This Is Lfie 2:00 p.m. 3—Year Gone By 6—Gospel in Art 2:30 p.m. *—Oral Roberts 3:00 p.m 6—Open Hearing 3:30 p.m. t i o n ' s communication experi- i 5— Bowl Review as the result of swept homes and of the six members of one family were wiped out. In two other cases three children were killed. Dozens Injured Dozen's of other persons' were injured, some critically. Five of the six members of a prominent Virginia family per- U.S. Embassy Issues Visa to Mikoyan MOSCOW (AP)-The U.S. Embassy today issued a three-month diplomatic visa to Deputy Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan for his forthcoming visit to the United States. embassy spokesman said it understood Mikoyan is to ished when flames swept their $150,000 mansion in the fashionable Windsor Farms suburb of Richmond early today. They were Horace A. Gray Jr., 49, director of the West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co.; his wife, Catherine, 47; two sons, Thomas, 17, and Foster, 13; and a daughter, Susan Lee, 19. ments. Since then other messages , ?T R «" e . r , . j!,i , , ' lo — Oral Roberts by voice and teletype oode have , 3:45 p'.m. 4 —News Review S—Inside Football 4:00 p.m. 1—Face Red China 5, 10—Kalediscope 4:30 p.m. J, 4, > —Amateur Hour 6—Bowling 3:00 p.m. 3—Command Performance 4—Small World 5—Meet Presi 6—Joe Matt Family Hour S—Bengal Lancers 10—Movie 5:30 p.m. 1, 4, 8—20th Century S—Newt i—Variety Time 6:00 p.m. 3, 4, S—Lassie S—Sober ot London 6—Wild Bill Hickok 6:30 p.m. 3, 4, S—Jack Benny 5, 10—Northwest Passage 6—MaverK* 7.-00 t>n. 3, 4, 8—Ed Sullivan S, 10—Steve Allen 7:30 p.m. 6—Lawman S.-OO f.m 3, 4, «—G. E. Theater 5, 10—Dinah Shore (C) 6—Colt 45 8:30 f.m. t—Prologue 1959 3, 4, I—Alfred Hitchcock 9:00 t.m. J—Year of Crisis 5—lotetta Young 4, S—Keep Talking 10—Silent Service 9:30 p.m. 4— What'l My Line S—Whirlvblrds 10—Behind Closed Doors fr—Uncommon Valor 70:00 p.m. ^, 4, S. 6, I, 10—Newi 10:13 p.m. 3—Viewer's Digest S—Man Who Was Then fr—Newi S—N. Y. Confidential 10—Movie 10':25 p.m. 6—Sports 10:30 p.m. J—Viewer's Digest 4—All Star Bowling S —Brains & Brawn 6—Ida Lupino 70:43 p.m. I—Zone Grey 11.-00 p.m. 5—Stage 7 fr—Minnesota Football 11:30 p.m 5—Theater Another son, Horace A. Gray HI, 22, had left the home a short time before the fire. 2 Fires Kill 3 Two separate Pennsylvania fires each took the lives of three children. An early Christmas morning fire killed the three children of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Degnan at Wilkes-Barre despite a desperate effort of their parents to save them. The children were Deborah, 4; Donald, 2; and Edward Jr., 1. At the Pittsburgh suburb of Braddock, three youngsters in the Robert 'flames Fletcher at their family died in been transmitted to and re-broad-! cast back from the satellite. The tracking station, one of four, will remain it operation as long as the satellite can broadcast. 14-AUSTIN (Mirm.) HERAtD SHOT TO DEATH Friday, Dee. 26, 1958 4 Men, Wife Killed in Canada Bush Country Moose Lodge Club Destroyed 134 Rescued ! inDul ^hFire From Floods in Morocco LONDON (AP)-The U.S. Navy rescued 134 persons and delivered food to 3,000 ;iersohs in flooded northwestern Morocco, naval headquarters reported today. The rescue operation, with helicopters and planes based near Port Lyautey, started on Christmas and continued on a diminishing scale today. Heavy rains caused flooding of the Ouergha and Sebou rivers. two-story home Highways from_Rabat and Tangier'^ ^dolling *"* early today. They were Eddie, 7; were closed. Many villages DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — Dam- I age was estimated at between $75,000 and $100,000 in a fire Thursday night that spread through the Moose Lodge clubrooms in downtown Duluth. The blaze transformed Superior Street from a deserted Christmas night thoroughfare into a scene of milling spectators and traffic jams. The Moose Lodge had Its clubrooms on the second floor of the two story building. Below-' is Cook's Duluth Inc., a men's cloth- inl store. Fire Chief Paul Flynn said the room shop and 'Peanuts' Objects to Constant Paging CONWAY, S. C. tfl - There's a fellow who lives here who says the boys selling boiled peanuts are driving him nuts. Everywhere he goes, he reports, he hears the lads yelling "peanuts.' "It wouldn't be so bad," he says, "but my EAR PALLS, Ont. (AP) - four] men and the 17-year-old wife of of one were shot to death early Christmas morning in this remote Canadian bush country village.. Police said the woman might have been raped. The son of one of the dead men was to be charged with murder today, Inspector Tom Corsie of the Ontario Provincial Police said. One of those killed was Police Constable Calvin Russell Fulford, 28, who was called away front his wife and three small, children to break up a brawl In a one-room log cabin. Possible Rape Corsie said police still were trying to find out what provoked the shooting. The clothing of the dead woman, Mrs. James Gordon, had been torn and she was bniised, indicating she might have been raped, he added. The others killed were Gordon, 26; Albert Young, 47; and George Williams, 47. Young's 27-year-old son Tom was being held. This community of about 500 persons gathered around a hydroelectric dam is 200 miles northeast of Winnipeg. Corsie related these events: Full Moon Shortly after midnight Williams went to Fulford's home to report trouble in Gordon's cabin. Williams and the constable drove back to the cabin, got out and started walking toward it. An almost full moon illuminated them on the snow. When they were about 60 feet away someone opened up with a rifle. Fulford was fatally wounded. Williams dashed on to the cabin. When Fulford failed to come home, his wife called provincial police at Red Lake, 50 miles to! the ngrth. Two officers came and found Fulford's body in the snow, j He had crawled 60 feet back to- j ward his car before dying. j Radioed for Help The two officers radioed for help and the reinfofced policement waited in 10 degree temperature for dawn. Then six officers entered the cabin and found the other four bodies. Gropes, Alcoholics Go Hand in Hand BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary's official news agency carried these two items within a few hours: 1. The grape crop is so good there will be about 26 million gallons more wine in 1959. 2. A system of out-patient wards for alcoholics has proved so successful that two more will be opened in Budapest suburbs. Williams apparently had tried to get into the cabin and had been shot down. Gordon's .30-.30 rifle was missing. Tom Young then started firing at them from a nearby shack, police said. They crawled to within 100 yards of it and fired in two tear gas bombs, Young gave up without further struggle. OwotonM, Mrnft. NEW YEAR'S EVE RESERVATIONS NOW ON SALE No looting held unless paid In advance. Sat., Doc. 27 LEN SHIMOTA BAND WEDDING DANCE Invited Guests Free Wed., Doc. 31 New Year's Eve. CHIC RACEK Booth! $2.00; Tab!«i $1.30 Check or Money Orders Must Accompany All Mail Orders Sat., Jan. 3 HAPPY DANES TOc Adm., Before 9 o'clock The other 4; and Grace, 2 months. 5 Burned 42-year-old father and an- child, Willie, 11, were crit- An was leave early in January for about two weeks in the United States At st . Petersburg ta western He will travel by commerc ia ljp ennsylvania( paul winger g planes. ' - - • ically burned. Mrs. Fletcher, 30, j and other sons of 7 and 8 received less serious burns. farmers were isolated. G. Northern Freight Cars Are Derailed Mikoyan will be subject to travel restrictions within the United States because similar restrictions are placed on Soviet Union. American* in the First South American country to electrify its roads was Chile, and his son, Paul Jr., 3, perished in their flaming home shortjy after eating Christmas dinnierr Winger's wife and four other children in the family escaped. A sixth child was away. Three persons were killed early today in a fire which swept the which tween did so with a Santiago and section be- burned through the roof before it was noticed. Manager Malcolm Siegel of Cook's, said damage would be! heavy to merchandise from smoke! and water. The fire was confined i to the second story. Flynn and a fireman, Henry Nick, suffered minor injuries while i fighting the blaze. WAHPETON, N.D. (AP) - Nine ^fi FRIDAY, DEC. 26th STAN HYLAND SATURDAY, DEC. 27th JULES HERMAN SUNDAY, DEC. 28th LEO'S PIONEERS WEDNESDAY, DEC. 31st GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY HATS, HORNS, ITC. ' JULES HERMAN ORCH. THURSDAY, JAN. lit "ON THE HOUSE PARTY- FREE BEVERAGES ALL EVENING Far Dancing THE TOM OWENS BAND Adm. JUl Chicking lOc Admiral |nn, a lodging house Valparaiso, i Mass. two-story wooden at Northampton, TONITE & SAT. *» 7:15 9:15 p.m. V.F.W. PARTY TONIGHT FBIDAY, DEC. 26tb cars of an east bound Great Northern freight train were derailed near here Thursday night after a journal on a car dropped. The main track was cleared by 2:15 a.m. today. No one was hurt and no cars were damaged by the derailment, the dispatcher in Grand Forks said Empire Builder passenger trains were rerouted over the St. Cloud line between the Twin Cities and Fargo. Hope Abandoned for Mushroom Farmers ! ZICHEM ZUSSEN BOLDER, Belgium (AP) — Hope has been abandoned for an estimated 15 mushroom farmers trapped in a network of caves and tunnels near here, but rescue workers today were still trying to recover the bodies. Seven bodies have been recovered since some of the tunnels caved in Dec. 23. . . "Poul Bvoyon" Short BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY Admission 50e - 35c - ZOc ADAMS! -TT__ A--* >j.< FAMILY NIGHT FAMILY PARTY TONIGHT AT 8:00 p M. MOOSE LODGE Tonite and Sat. 7:00 and 9:00 The wonderful story of a Sergeant who "promoted" himself to General / Red't first Since Hit Academy Award! MGM IVI A3 IVlP-iMna U'\ GLENN FORD. x RED BUTTONS TAINAELG Cpming Sun. - Robert Taylor & Richard Widmark TH| LAW ond JAKI WAPE" II* don't Be caught short of Ice Cubes During the Holiday Season We Have Plenty of Crushed Ice on Hand Come and Get It. Klogges "99 Call your nearest KLAGGE STORE •-. oiNlN "Serving »h. Finest Feodi In Southern Minnesota" Open Saturdays and Sundays Onry 5 fo JO O'clock Exception: Open New Years »ve. By Reservation Only ANNOUNCING the WINNERS of our big DRAWING Each of the following 10 winners received a beautiful Swedish Motif Cannister Set. LYLE MIKKELSON 1415 W. Baldwin MRS. IRVIN ANDERSON Blooming Prairie, Minn. MRS. RAY LUTHER 1203 S. River RAY WEIS 408 Ookwood JAMES WICKLER Blooming Prairie, Minn. ALFRED HERMANN 705 N. Railway DONALD LOEW Hayfield, Minn. MRS. RICHARD SAYLES Rt. No. 1, Austin MRS. MARTHA FLORAND 1009 W. Winona MRS. J. A. WANDAS 711 N. 3rd. We Extend Holiday Greetings to our Friends & Customers Stop in after the Holidays and look over our wide selection of top-quality merchandise. Austin Freight Sales 315 E. Water - HE 7-4844 Across from Union Hall KIDDIE SHOW SATURDAY 1:30 P.M. KIDDIE SHOW SATURDAY 1:30 P.M. "WAR OF THE WORLDS' PLUS 4 CARTOONS In Technicolor CHILDREN 250 PLUS SERIAL Tonight at 7 and 9 P.M. Also Showing Saturday - Sunday • Monday - Tuesday Sunday Shows at 1-3-5-7-9 P.M. TOPS EVERYTHING HE s Ee DON EI Jetty hits the Orient inaMirth-QiflkeofFUN! PARAMOUNT PKFStNfi JERRY LEWIS Su tlu most tlwllmg moments in the tuson's most exciting times! j

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