The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 30, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKEASPIELD CAL1FOHN1AN, MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 1933 . CDUCATIONAL * CAKTOONS 8 HUMOROUS' CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON OUT OUR WAY By AHERN By WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE MOTHER NA7URET APRIL FOOL, JOKE/ ITTiKlGr -fa AT GPtAT SCOTT./ WHAT IS THAT? —I'LL BET THE UPSTAIRS BATH •ROQM FELL THRU/ THE "RESULT OF THAT TIME YOU LET THE TUB It A»N»Y Up isAtKa(= t 'i A HAT Q4A\R| A • "BUFFALO* DpNlT SOU PuT\T OKI TABLE. \T GOULD BE MV KEO •RUTABAGA WINE- BLOWING ...1930.... ITS' ANOTHER AND ITT FATHER. A SHQG7HQRM. MAYJVILUL, KV. WHAL€ HUNTERS' OP THE OLYMPIC PBNINfULA TIB 6LAOMRSTO THWR WHALE HARPOONS TO KUP THE VICTIM FROM DIVINtt THAT ARE SO FRBQUINTLV FOUND ON BABBITT FIRST FALL OF JAKfc'S AND BUSTERS •RASSLIN' MATCH 1 ; HW.U.»,P»T.Off. e iM.r»-Ni* scnviec. me MOTHERS GtT SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK THE GUMPS The Wprm Has Turned By SIDNEY SMITH THAT MONEY COMJN& IN AS rr 010 UUVT SANS.b YWE V4IP FRO/A %INKIN6r- V4W4 TWAT MOTEU BILL AMt> PILING UP FOR. U^ T6 U«C OUR ._ V4E HAVE TO 5O SOVVE. YALL - THI* MONEY ISMT TO SO YOU'VE ME ANOTHER. NOTICE FOR. THAT BILL- EH ? WHAT DO VOU THINK ^E ARE- OA.Y- NO /AON6Y IN SKaWT- ANt» THE BROOCH BEINCr VTOL6N- VNE'D ,C«tT A NICE PENTHOUSE ^ YHAT HOTEL BILL ALONE WILL TAKE ABOUT El6rHr OR MINE MUNDREC. OFF THE ROUL\WE /WiST PAY OUR fclLL- VIE WOULD MANE MAD TO PAY OFF YHAT BILL WASHING DISMES IN MOTRL FOR THK KE*T OF OUR MOW TO UKC TO MAN6 YHC YMIKP YH6 N6CK THAT STOLE /AY WUHt>REt> THAT PULLE& OLO POCKET AW> PHOMET THOUtANO ZANDER'S DEN or* VICE . AT THIS MOMENT- HOW HER EYES SO FORTH AND ON- OTS. I'll. UH.; Uprrithl, »Jj; bj The Cbiof o Tribune. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES So Simple! By MARTIN i SOT e.oo\<to o? t ttORACt CfSUfeW- COVD ytA OUT If legal beer comes back at 6 center a glaii, I'll be forced to close up. YOU TO K\TTV — OOT I ME THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN •j-^—S • •••» •» •« ewvw. me. <B i»« SY MIA mmcc. IMC.I mo. u. n. -»AT. orr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Strange'Lands! By BLOSSER OUR MOTO05 WOMT O6 OFF, COMMODORE-WE. WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT FOB THE TVOE. TO TAKE. OS OFF-Np DMJQCe WELL, CAN VOO > SET YOOR BEXEIMGS, SO W£ CMJ FIWD OUT WHAT 1SLAKID THIS A& WEAR A& I CAVJ MAKE OUT ITS fAQUEM ISLAMO OFF THE CO*.9T OF B*JA 6UT I'M >^x WOT CEBTAIW.' LOOK UP THEtZE, BILLY B.OWLEQ9 WHAT K.IK1D OF A B\OD IS THAT ? LOOKS ALUOBT LIKE AW EAGLE LAY WE FACE OOWU IF I DOWT BELIEVE EITHEE ON l&LAklO OR TIBUBOW AVE - AVE- •BCOUGHT A TIDAL THAT HAS bCACHCD THE "SELKCECF" OM A BARRUM ISLAND 1M THE 6ULF OF CALIFOBMIA THEV ABE. CAkJKJIBALS.... AVID 6HOOT POISOMEO f ARBOWS ? ITS A PELICAN TH' SM1QED BIBD OF THE SESI IUDIAN bit bear atood on Us hind feet Just then tho bear whirled and round and then sat right down on "He's tired out," shouted "Come on, Duncy, do your stuff. You said that you also could dance. . We're waiting now to see you pruncn. ' You're cither good, Just an claimed, or else you are n bluff. lew SYNC* smviet. (READ THE 8TORV. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) •L and gave the Tinles quite a treat. •Tvo never seen shouted Duncy t with a smile. "Ae long aa he la feeling fit, we'll let old bruin dance a bit. I'll show you lada that I can do some fine steps, after while." The hunter fiddled long and loud. Said Boouty. "Gee. you should feel proud! I wish that I could play like that. Tour tunes sound very sweet. "And, ad the music fills tho air, It quite Inspires the dancing bear. Why, he Is so affected he can't stand still on his feet." • • » "You're very kind," the hunter cried. "I'm playing tunes I haven't tried for ages and, If they sound fine, I guess that luck's with me. "I merely push my bow around. That's all it takes to make the sound. Of course I have to finger on tho strings, as you can see." Bravo Duncy hopped up to his feot and shouted, "Fiddler, be discreet. Give mo u little tap dance tune. I know I'm best ut Unit." So, Into It tho fiddler went nnrl Duncy, to his henrt's content, hcgau to tap. Soon Windy cried, "That's great!" and waved his hat. Then Duncy Bald, "Now for some fun. I'll take old bruin for a run." A rope was fastened to the bear and Duncy cried, "Let's go." The bear rnn off on nil four feet and Scanty shouted, "What a treat! He's golnt? too fast, Duncy. You had better holler whoa!" THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) A Tough Night! FTEO GIVING UP THEIO BED TO COUSIN GEPTIE AND HCO HUSBA.ND, CHICK AND GLADYS . SPENT A NOT-SO PESTFUL NIGHT ON THE L\VING- POOM COUCH BABY • HAVE 1 GOT A KINK IN MY BACK? THAT COUCH IS SO MAO t?OW t WAS AFOWD I'D FALL. OVEO-BOARD t IF x MOVED!! MAW AND WXW SCNT.ME OUT HEOE. T'PLAY. THEY SAID 1 KEPT THEM AWAKE ACEN'T THEV GETTING UP VET ? THEY SAID T'TELL. YOU THEY DIDN'T WANTA BE DlSTUOBEO UNTIL. NOON- WHEN DO t GET MY BOEAKFAST ? GOOD MOPNING, CASSIE By COWAN CHICK, } WELU.X YOU LOOK/ COUSIN'S •3LCEPY/ A WIGHT AND ALL/ CAN USE IN HOPE VOUO HU9BAND GETS JOB', THEN WC OuP ONE BCD

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