Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 7, 1965 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
Page 8
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8 - Friday, May 7, 1965 Redlands Dally Facts GAKNIVAL By Dick Turner Johnson's troubles with his party By Doris Fleeson "The ideal husband? I'd say one with a nice disposition, generous nature and a cast iron stomach!" By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-One of our acquaintances is a professional demonstrator who likes to see people get what they want. Lately he has become tired of helping out in student! demonstrations and has decided to turn his attention to television viewers who are always complaining but never seem to know what to do. His basic strategy is as follows: "The campaign will involve: only adults since the youngsters are already in power in terms I of television programming, and the entire issue revolves around! winning sympathy for adults' and their lack of shows. The first thing we will do is adopt a name — the 'Free Television: -Movement' — and then we will: slate flatly that we will not longer even consider promises of less reliance on rating, soft-; er commercials and vast improvement in programming. We: want nothing less than to shake | up the system, scare it to death. This will immediately win us the respect of our children who will see that we finally have caught on to the times. "Out next move will be to win the sympathy of the people who are the core of television— the news and public affairs peo pie, who resent their stepped- upon position as much as we do ours. Once they agree to sign a petition supporting the Free Television Movement, we will start a vocal campaign against the 'advertise or perish' system in which reporters must introduce commercials. We must make it clear that our chief objections to these commercials and to ratings is that the worthwhile people of televi sion are so involved with their own research and inhumanly computerized approach to the medium that we are beginnin to feel lonely and unwanted and impersonal. "Now we are ready for Ihej big move: A network sit-in. ifi there is anything a network executive can't stand, it is somebody who isn't washed — therefore we will assemble unwashed, and unshaved if possible. We will sit down and block the skyscraper elevators at the network buildings at lunchtinie, which means no martinis. This will show we W.4SHINGT0N — President Johnson has run into a Senate backfire on his apparent effort to give his request for more military funds the color of a vote of confidence in his new foreign policy directions. The Senate will give him the extra money, $700 million, for the military operations in Viet Nam and the Dominican Republic. Congress always follows the flag when it is being carried into combat. It was, therefore, not the request but the propaganda trappings with which the President surrounded it that provoked a lively hour of debate. These included an unusual briefing of members of Congress, with reporters and cameras present, at w^hich the President spoke for 40 minutes, and an eloquent special message conveying the money request to The Hill. Senators who felt obliged to question the implications of w-hat they were being asked to do explain, first, that the President could get the money simply by transferring defense funds already appropriated. They refuse to consider a fund request as a substitute for full debate on the policy it implements. The debate crossed party lines and included various shades of thought about what is going on and its wisdom or lack of it. Participants were Sens. Jacob Javits, Hugh Scott and George Aiken, Republicans, and Joseph Clark, Frank Church and Ernest Gruening, Democrats. It may or may not die down, but there is no question that it reflects a certain disquiet in the Senate which in turn echoes the mail from home. There has been a reluctance to bring that disquiet to the floor during the present furious pace of events. But it is becoming very clear that the Presi- mean business. No settlement offers will be accepted; we will not have our demonstrations interfered with. In this way we eventually will win — but only if adults see the light: This is a time when everybody is revolting." The Channel Swim: Rudolf Nureyev and Dame Margot Fonteyn perform selections from "Swan Lake" on CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan show May 16 .. . Readings from the works of Robert and Elizabeth Browning are offered on ABC-TV's "Directions" May 23. Cherrolcl Impala Sport Sedan THE NO. 1 WAY What'.s ijour vacation plan—World's Fair, Yellowstone, Niagara, Mackinac Bridge, summer cottage? See us for the right Chevrolet so you'll make it in style. Like a lively Cor\'air. Or the style and economy of a Chevy II. Or a youthful Chevelle, favorite in its size class. Or a lu.xurious Jet-smooth Chevrolet. The last three are available •wnth the economical, spirited Turbo-Thrift Si.x. You can order a Monza with up to 140 hp. You can't find a newer car or a better time to buy one.' Come in—pick yours now!^ Red Hot and Rolling! See your Chevrolet dealer for a new CHEVROLET • CHEVELLE • CHEVY O • CORVAIR dent is taking steps he formerly did not contemplate. If these new directions harden into policy, and they may not, he will have more trouble with his own party than with Republicans, though some of them also dissent. Democrats are not amused by resemblances to the Goldwater line, and their memories of how the Korean war became "Truman's w-ar" are still with them. Members who take the floor these days are aware, too, that the President is just naturally allergic to debate on proposals of any kind until he has them wrapped up to his satisfaction. He proved that when he was Senate majority leader and drove home his discontent to the obdurate in the many ways open to him. Right now, on the domestic side, he is heavily pressuring liberals to drop their support of a ban on state poll taxes in the new- voting rights bill. Their resistance has been stubborn, with Sen. Edward Kennedy taking the lead. The president has always felt that liberals talk too much, especially in public. He finds it easier to deal with Republican Senate leader Everett Dirksen, a politician of the old school who knows what closed doors are for. (Copyright, 1965, by United Feature Syndicate, Inc.) SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox 5-7 !I«5fc.NU. l.tTU 1.5,1)! M 0«. SHOW BEAT New gimmick for Marfian By Dick Kleiner Hollywood Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Rancher files claim against George Murphy LOS ANGELES fUPI) — An Indio rancher has filed a Superior Cowt suit against Sen. George Murphy, R-Calif., claiming the former actor failed to pay a promissory note signed in 1962. Bernard H. Van Der Steen filed the suit here yesterday. The action claimed Murphy, as president of George Murphy and Associates Entertainment Industries, Inc., signed the nolo March 20. 1962 in Phoenix. Ari.:. The suit claimed the note, for 836,000, was due in one year a', six per cent interest. Tlie suit sought the amount of the note plus seven per cent interest from the due date. "This is so sudden, Chris! I haven't even told Daddy you were going to ask mel" Bothered because fie was jailed by space satellite MIAMI (UPI) — What botli- ered accused Canadian bank burglar Georges Lemay the most abotit being in jail today was that a space satellite put him there. For a wliile, he didn't believe it. Sought since 1961 in a $4 million heist, Lemay was picked up on his $25,000 yacht Tnurs- day because an informant told police about seeing his "most wanued" picture on a television program flashed between the continents via "Early Bird"— the television satellite. At home Lemay is charged with cleaning out some 400 safe deposit boxes at tlie iMontreal branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Here he awaits federal action on charges of illegal entry. He was expected to be taken before the U.S. commissioner today. Lemay, described by an FBI agent as "one of the mosi wanted men on the Nortli American conlineni," was picked up as he strolled back to his 43 - foot sloop, Trianao, wearing only bathing trunks, sandals and a straw hat. "I'm Lemay, all riglit," he said after seeing that arresting officers had his picture and fingerprints. He said he had been going under an alias of Joseph Rene Roy. A search of the vessel turned up an undisclosed sum of money, w'hich Lemay said was his own. En route to police headquarters, he conversed quietly with Fort Lauderdale Detective Capt. Robert T. Smith. Ho asked several times, "how'd j'ou fellows get on to me?" At first he couldn't comprehend that a satellite in the skies w-as the reason for his dowTifall. He felt that someon? must have seen him at the Satellite bar, one of his regular haunts. Finally, it sank in. "Oh well, he said. "1 don't make many mistakes. As you can see. it look a space satcl- lit to catch mo." WYNN'S SONG HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Ned Wynn. son of Keenan and grandson of Ed, wrote the song "Available" for Frank Sinatra's new film, "Marriage On The Rocks." HOLLYWOOD (NEA) - There will be some changes in My Favorite Martian next season. Ray Walston, Bill Bixby & Co. have already shot one e.xperi- mental show, in which the two are taken back in time via a time machine (shades of Alley Oop) and get involved with the signing of the Magna Carta. If this works out, the gimmick may be used again and again. Matter of fact, many old stand-by shows are revamping next season. I have reported on McHale's Navy being transferred to Europe (they've ordered blue uniforms, so I guess that item has been unofficially confirmed) and there are major cast changes set for Ben Casey. Franchot Tone is in; Sam Jaffe is out. A girl may be added, too, but this isn't definite. There's big money in college concert tours, which are today's answer to the old one-nighter. Connie Francis' plans are typical — she'll play only two-week or better engagements in night clubs but has also booked a 30- college tour. The fine art of practical joking has a glamorous adherent in Doris Day. Not long ago, she sent Rock Hudson 12 cases of pretzels. With this shipment was a note: "I hear you have some beer." I love Raquel Welch's frank statement about how she is proceeding with her career: "Ever body gave me advice about how ito make it here in Hollywood. Some said I had to go to this ; or that coach. Others said I had to be nice to this or that man. Then a few said I'd have to pose nude in a certain magazine. But I decided that what was good for one person wasn't necessarily good for me. I decided to go along my own w'ay. It's been slow but clean." Wait until you see the bath' tub scene in "Inside Daisy 'clover." This is a story about the rise of a movie star of a few decades ago, and Natalie I Vi 'ood plays the part. Producer Alan Pakula and director Robert iMuligan decide to spoof the bathtub scenes of those days and they've cooked up a wild bub- hlcbath arrangement for Nat. It's played mostly for laughs, but a good bit of the star shines through, between the bubbles. Rnf Vollone. who plays Jean 'Harlow's stepfather in the Car­ roll Baker "Harlow," is not too happy with the way his pari has developed. Raf told me the original script had hints of a relationship between Jean and her stepfather — "a rapport." he calls it — which made the part interesting to him. When producer Joe Levine decided to clean up the story, "rapport" was eliminated. "If this was a European film." Raf says, "that would sliU be in it. Y'ou know, it's very strange. Years ago in Italy, we w'ould go to see American movies because they were more real than our movies were. But today the reverse is true." Joi Lansing is another beauty who has taken up judo. And she says she's pretty good at it. "I wish I had known it a tew years ago," she says, "when I was attacked by a drunk. For an hour and a half, I had to fight for my life in a car. If it happened to me today. 1 could take care of it in five seconds. I think every girl should study self-defense. .^s a matter of fact. I think it should be taught in high schools." Plan to outfox teen-agers S.ACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) —California legislators have devised a way to outfox teenagers who change their birthdays on their drivers licenses so they can buy drinks in bars. The assembly tliis week unanimously passed a bill requiring profile pictures on the licenses of all minors. Persons over 21. the legal drinking age, would have the regular front view photo. "Regardless of what it says on your license — that you'ra age 127 — even if you've got a profile picture, you're a minor," said one assemblyman. Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything CaU 793-3221 ROOFING Sunset Contracton, Inc. 700 New Yorlv St., Kedlandj Phone 793-3234 Free Estimates — Bank T«rmi iOODY THESE ALITYAT PRICES! Our Fine All-Weather Tire with 3-T Nylon Cord and Extra-MileageTufsyn • mpered nylon cord for extra strength. • -toughest rubber ever used in Goodyear tires. BUCK TUBELESS CAR PRICE* 6.50x13 For Buick Scecial. Olds F-g5. Cor.-ifr tancer. Valiant, fairlane. 2 for $29 7.50x14 or 6.70x15 For Chevrolet, Dodge, fc-d. PI,moulh. Met. cary, Ponliac, Rambler, Stodebaker, Wriljs. 2 for $34 8.00x14 or 7.10x15 For Chrysler, DeGoto. Old:-obile, Pontrac Mercury. 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