The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on March 5, 1974 · Page 8
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 8

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Tuesday, March 5, 1974
Page 8
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SEARCH FOR WRECKAGE - Firemen search the wreckage of the Turkish Airlines DC10 jet which crashed in a forest area north of Paris killing all 345 persons aboard. It was the heaviest death toll in civil aviation history. Officials on the spot said there were no survivors in the plane which crashed after taking off from Orly airport. The plane was on a flight from Istanbul to London with a stopover in Paris. (AP Wirephoto) Report say: Affempfs to s/ay Kissinger toiled WASHINGTON (AP) - Henry A. Kissinger escaped an apparent assassination attempt in Syria because his talks with President Hafez Assad ran late and kept him from sightseeing at a famous mosque, U.S. officials said. In Damascus, a Syrian government source said the report was "unfounded" and "seems designed to upset the diplomatic process that has been begun between the United States and Syria." Like the U.S. officials responsible for the report, the Syrian source refused to be quoted by name. Kissinger had a visit to the Oinayad Mosque on his schedule last Wednesday in Damascus, but he was up until almost 4 a.m. conferring with Assad about a possible disengagement with Israel ami then returned to see the Syrian leader after a few hours' sleep. As a result, the officials said, Terrorist groups submit warnings BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - A guerrilla group claiming responsibility for the hijacking and arson Sunday of a British jetliner warned the Dutch government today against prosecuting the two hijackers. "We hold the Dutch government fully responsible for whatever may happen to our comrades," said a statement published today in several Beirut newspapers. It was signed by the Arab Nationalist Youth for the Liberation of Palestine. The two hijackers, who identified themselves only by the code names Abu Said and Abu Ali, surrendered to police at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport after they doused the interior of the plane in the supply of Scotch whisky that was on board, told the 102 passengers and crew to get off and set the plane afire. Two passengers were slightly hurt sliding down the emergency exit chute, and the plane was virtually destroyed. Another terrorist group warned Egypt today against permitting a trial on its territory of the five Arabs who firebombcd a Pan American jetliner in Rome and then hijacked a Lufthansa plane to Athens and Kuwait last December, killing a total of 32 persons. you public employees have it made. Did you know you have more than 50 "Fringe Benefits" available when you join your State Capitol Credit Union? Fringe Benefits like: .." Low-cost group rates on car and homeowners/renters insurance ;.: Usually lower rates on personal and real estate loans Disability insurance offered on loans Convenience: 3 Twin City offices. 29 outstate locations. With rising prices and crises to cope with, isn't it nice to know how much SCCU can do for you? More than 50 consumer services in all. and over 20 of them save you money Do it now — ]oin up! Don't out! Write State Capitol Credit Union. 95 Sherburne Ave., St. Paul. MN 55103. Or call (612) 224-5321 and ask for Tom — Teipel or Bender. SCCU: over S2I Million in assets, owned by over 24.000 members statewide. 3 Twin City offices. 29 outstate !o cations. (Now aren't you glad you have il made?) « NCUA [Th'L advertisement is not m'ended lo so'icit nembeis 01 ol^er Credit Unions) Kissinger canceled the stop at the eighth-century shrine near the heart of a crowded market area. Instead, he drove to the airport and flew to keep an appointment with Israeli leaders in Jerusalem. But he planned to visit the Mosque Saturday morning when he returned to Syria with Israel's proposals. Kissinger was flying back to Damascus Friday night when word first came to him about the plot, Ihe officials said. He decided to play it safe and avoid the shrine on his second visit. Palestinian terrorists apparently were behind the reported attempt to slay the secretary. Kissinger and his aides declined lo supply details. It was not clear whether the plot was detected by the Syr*Council Continued from page 1 Otter Tail buys power. The city code presently allows a rate adjustment in the former case but not in the latter. No one opposed the ordinance at a public hearing. Tlie other ordinance would rezone the west side of Friberg from Summit to Randolph from R-2 (single and two-family residence) to R-l (multi-family residence). In other activity, the council: —was given as estimated cost of $4,051 for changing the intersection at Court and Cavour at Ihe entrance to the City Center. All of the cost would lie assessed. A hearing was set for March. 18. —was given an estimated cost of $200,002 for curb, gutter and surfacing on I.akeview Dr., on Junius from Cascade to Sheridan, and on Sherman from Junius to Washington. The assessed share would be $157,369. A hearing was set for March 18. ^ —designated urban boundaries for the city so that federal highway aid may be received. —approved a conditional use permit for Arden Ness for a used car lot at 1203-13 North Union and a conditional use permit for Robert I^Nove for a mobile home sales lot at 1221 W. Lincoln. Alderman Mel Olson abstained from voting on the I.cNove permit. —approved restricting parkin" on Vernon to allow room for right turn lanes at the intersection of Vernon and Cascade. —approved tlie appointment of H. K. Soby and Stephen Rufer to the joint airport zoning committee. — formally requested passage of special legislation authorizing the city to use tax increment financing if it wants to. Under such a system, a local housing and redevelopment authority prepares a redevelopment plan. That plan is submitted to the ro'.mnl and a public hearing is held. Bonds are sold and the housing authority acquires and clears the property, then resells it to private owners for redevelopment. The bonds are repaid by the tax increments which are the difference between what taxes were on the old property and what they were on the redeveloped property. -approved the appointment of 22 people to a Bicentennial Committee. They are: Mr.and Mrs. Edward Bechtel i chairpersons), Mrs. George Koweis. June Barnum. Ruth Berg, Krogh. Frank Hedlund. Charles Beck. William Colbeck. Virginia Portmann. Paul Anderson, the Rev. Donald Knick, Robert Karst, Carroll Crouch. Cliff Maxwell, Robert llemmingson, Al Harti. Robert Allison. Odis [.edrand, Carlton Knulson and Al Sahvei. lans or by U.S. intelligence. The secretary has made four tours of the Middle East since last fall, each time under tight security conditions. Observers in Damascus said Kissinger's security men may have become nervous about the presence of young men in civilian clothes carrying submachine guns who were stationed on the roofs of buildings near the Omayad Mosque. The young men, who also lined the route to the airport when Kissinger arrived and departed, are part of the government security force, the observers explained. A company of Syrian national guards was also stationed in the square outside the mosque when Kissinger was in the Syrian capital. Air Force crash is reported WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - An Air Force KC135 tanker crashed and burned on takeoff from McConnell Air Force Base early this morning. Five of the plane's seven crewmen were rushed to the " base hospital and two men were reported missing. The conditions of the injured crewmen were not immediately known. Their identities were not released. The plane crashed on property of Cessna Aircraft Corp., which is just north of the base. The crash scene was about a half mile from the nearest residences and authorities said no homes were in danger. Witnesses in the area said the plane appeared to be in trouble at takeoff. There were reports of one or two loud explosions and a ball of fire. The plane was reported still afire 1'n hours after the early morning crash. The KC135 is a military version of the Boeing 707 jet. * Wilson Continued from page 1 Neither move is likely to meet opposition. A freeze on some prices and subsidies on some staple foods are also likely. The commentators predicted that Wilson would delay the controversial sections of the Uibor platform until fall or next year in hopes that the government's performance in the months between will swing a majority of the country behind it. These sections include renegotiation of Britain's membership in the European Common Market and nationalization of some manufacturing industries. Although the Wilson government is likely to bring a quick end to both the miners' strike and the three-day work week, its prospects of solving Britain's long-term problems are not nearly so good. These problems include inflation, now at a record 15 per cent a year, and a chronic foreign trade deficit rate now running at the rate of $10 billion a vear. also a record. *Confidential Continued from page 1 methods of birth control. They also distribute literature throughout the county and are available for individual and group discussions. Free birth control contrivances are distributed through the public health section and confidential testing and counseling concerning pregnancies is also available. Arnold Ellingson, director of the Fergus Falls City Health Department, reports that his office works in coordination with Iheother organizations involved with the program. He and his department staff also help with distribution of literature andare available for free counseling. Noting that VD treatment cannot be carried out until after an initial diagnosis is made, Dr. Mouritsen emphasizes that persons suspecting affliction with VD should contact the public health section as soon as possible. Venereal disease is passed from one person to another by sexual contact. The two main types of VD are syphilis and gonorrhea and the germs usually infect the sexual organs, rectum or the throat. No person can develop immunity to VD and people can be infected again and again. Dr. Mouritsen observes that VD is widespread not only in the larger metropolitan areas but also in rural areas throughout the nation. He says it is a national tragedy that more persons do not seek VD detection and treatment in its early stages. The Fergus Falls program has the support of the Minnesota State Department of Health. The VD Detection and Treatment and Family Planning Ser- •:•:•:• vices will expand its hours as the needs arise, Dr. SiS Mouritsen says. ;:•:•:• In the meantime, those directly involved with the :•:•:•: program will continue to promote the availability of :8: the services for those in need. The services are ¥:£ available to persons of all ages. :£* Here are the 1 facts on VD § A pamphlet available through the Venereal Disease :•:•:•: Detection and Treatment and Family Planning Ser- •:•:•:• vices outlines the symptoms of syphilis and gonorrhea. :•:•:•: VD is passed from one person to another by sexual fffi contact. :•:•:•: Syphilis: >:£• TTiis form of VD is known by many other names such : x¥ as pox, bad blood and siff. The first sign of infection is §•:•: usually a painless sore that appears 10 to 90 days after •:•:•:•: exposure. This is called a chancre and lasts from one to •:•:•: five weeks. >•:•:• Secondary signs of syphilis (body rash, fever, hair >>x coming out in clumps and sore throat) may appear up >••••: : to six months after the chancre has gone away. They $•£ • may last from two to six weeks. S£; : The primary and secondary symptoms will go away ;:•:•:• without treatment. However, the disease is still inside :•:•:•: the body. After a number of years, the disease may •:•:•:• cause crippling, blindness, insanity, heart disease or :•:•:•: other major health problems. •:•:•:• Syphilis can be diagnosed easily by a blood test. The & cure for syphilis is fast and dependable. :•:•:•: Gonorrhea: •:•:•:• Gonorrhea may be called clap, dose or the drip. It is :•:•:•: caused by germs which enter the body during sexual •:•:•:• contact, either through the sex organs, mouth or :•:•:•: rectum. ::•:•:• In the male, the first sign is a burning in the penis ;$:• during urination, accompanied by a discharge of pus, usually two to 10 days after contact with an infected person. fn the female, the disease may go unnoticed because there may be no physical discomfort. There may be no burning during urination. A woman may or may not have increased discharge. Thus, a woman may be spreading the disease unknowingly while her own infection becomes more serious. If not treated, gonorrhea may cause sterility, arthritis and more female disorders. A person can be cured for gonorrhea with the medicines that are available if they arc administered by trained medical people who use the correct treatment procedures. Pay hike plan still unsettled I 1 i California election set today VENTURA, Calif. (AP) Republicans hope to retain a House seat for the GOP against seven Democrats who waged an anti-Nixon campaign with emphasis on Watergate. The special election today is for the 13th Congressional District seat of the late Rep. Charles M. Teague, a Republican who represented the area for 19 years. About 214,000 voters in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties are eligible ;o cast ballots. The most optimistic forecast was a turnout of 40 per cent. The single Republican candidate is state Sen. Robert J. Lagomarsino, 47, of Ojai, a loyal legislative lieutenant of Gov. Ronald Reagan. He has won three full senate terms, in 1962, 196fi and 1970. I.agomarsino ran a low-key campaign emphasizing his legislative record. He said the question of whether the House should vote an impeachment resolution against President Nixon was a question of justice. Democrats had seven candidates to choose from, but none was widely known. In varying degrees, they campaigned on Watergate, the energy crisis and economic issues. Today's election is technically a primary. But any candidate could win the seat by compiling more than 50 per cent of the total vote. The only candidate given a chance of doing that was Lagomarsino. Regarded as the probable Democratic frontrunner was Ojai Mayor James Ijjebl, 46, a lawyer who also has an office in Ventura. Testimony is given MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) : — A young Minneapolis woman : testified Monday that the gun; shot that killed a taxi driver ; was fired by Warren E. John• son, one of the defendants. : Jackie Ellis, 24, testified • Monday in Hennepin County : District Court. | Johnson, 20, Minneapolis, and two other men are charged with second degree murder and aggravated robbery in the Oct. 13 shooting death of Woodrow Kipp, a 59-year-old Yellow Cab Co. driver. Miss Ellis said she was standing with Johnson and two other men when Kipp's cab pulled up at a nearby house and Johnson said "they needed some money." She said the three men then ran to the cab. Then three shots went off, Miss Ellis testified. Fergus Falls (Mn.) Joyrnal Tues, Mar. 5, 1974 Report on juveniles is released MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — The Hennepin County Grand Jury Monday released a study on juvenile justice that was four months in the making, but the jury's foreman disagreed with the final recommendations. The jury recommended maximum-security treatment for violent youths, but not in adult prisons. All but two of the 23 members opposed police proposals that such youths automatically be tried in adult court. Instead, jurors endorsed in spirit a proposal made three months ago by Judge Lindsay Arthur calling for a special, long-term treatment program for violent youths. But jury foreman Ralph Brastad issued a one-man minority report criticizing "so- called progressive thinkers" and asserting that publicity resulting from adult prosecutions of youths would discourage crime. The main report said, "There exists a relatively small group of juvenile of fenders... whose danger to society is grossly disproportionate to their numbers." Charges still on f he books ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - A U.S. magistrate has refused to dismiss charges against a suburban Atlanta man and his wife in connection with the abduction of newspaper editor Reg Murphy. U.S. Magistrate J. Roger Thompson agreed at a preliminary hearing Monday to reduce bond from 1500,000 to $100,000 for Betty Ruth Williams, 26. But he refused to reduce the $1 million bond he had set for her 33-year-old husband, William A.H. Williams. Both were bound over to a federal grand jury. Williams is charged with extortion in the abduction of Murphy, editor of The Atlanta Constitution. Mrs. Williams is accused of concealing knowledge of the alleged extortion. The couple were arrested Feb. 23, only hours after Murphy was released unharmed following payment of a $700,000 ransom by the newspaper's owners. He had been held captive 49 hours. WASHINGTON (A) -The issue of a pay raise for congressmen and other high government officials still is unsettled, but opponents won decisively in the first test votes in the Senate. A resolution to kill the salary increases is pending, but a filibuster to keep it from being brought to a vote is threatened and other maneuvers are in prospect. The pay raises budgeted by President Nixon, 7.5 per cent this year and for each of the next two years, will take effect automatically Saturday unless disapproved by the Senate or the House. The next scheduled Senate vote in the controversy is Wednesday, on the question of whether to invoke the Senate's debate cutoff rule. A two-thirds majority is necessary to put the rule into effect, and the outcome is in doubt. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield, who is opposed to the pay raises and who has been urging the Senate to settle the issue, said Monday that he still hopes a filibuster won't develop. But if it does and a two-thirds majority can't be mustered to cut off debate, the increases could go into effect without a vote. Sens. Gale McGee, D-Wyo., and Hiram Fong, R-Haw"aii, both supporters of the President's pay-raise package, tried without success Monday to win approval of compromises. Fong's compromise would have delayed the start of the increases until Jan. 1, 1975, after this year's elections, but would not have reduced the over-all amount. It was was rejected 71 to 17. Then the Senate defeated, 6226, McGee's proposal for a single 5.5 per cent increase this year. Under Nixon's recommendations, the pay of congressmen would go up to S45,700 this year. $49,100 next year and $52,800 in 1976. NEEDA POLE BARN? SEEUS... STENERSON LUMBER CO. SOSS. Cascade Fergus F^Ms Phone 736-2018 Nilson Funera Home 1!9 N. UNION AVENUE fEBG', S ( PHONE 736-7834 NNESCXA Report #7 to Offer Tail customers by Albert Harti. President RISING COSTS LEAD TO HIGHER ELECTRIC RATES The cosls of labor, materials and other items necessary lo ihe company's operations conlinue to skyrocket. Despite the fact lhai we have adop:ed formal programs for cutting expenses and capital expenditures, it becomes increasingly diffkul! for us lo keep up with ihese rapidly rising costs. Although we have been operating in a highly inflalion- ary atmosphere for 'he past several years, Ihere has been no general increase in Ot:er Tail electric rales since 1970. Now, however, it appears certain we will be forced to seek rate increases early in 1974 if we are to continue to provide high-quality electric service to meet the needs of cur customers. A WORD ON ENERGY CONSERVATION . . Otter Tail presently has an ample supply of electricity to serve the needs of its customers. But since more people are turning to electric energy to replace o*her forms currently in short supply, it s mere in^portan! than ever to conserve eledr cily. Use whar you need, bu: for everybody's save, don't waste il 1 ELECTRICITY CONSERVES BASIC ENERGY . . The more elec'rici'y we use for everyday needs, the more basic energy we save For example, if all residences in the LI. S. were heatec electrically, wiih she Heat pump, the nation's horn? heating requirements would be reduced by 5 :o 10*.- (Source • General Flectric. Power Delivery Grcup) This is one of a series of reports to Otter Tail custorrers m this Tjnity. If you have any questions atx\.t any parr o* th.s t. add'ess At HaMi. President. Otter Tail Po.ser>. n r,M <. ','T 56^7 A'tert V Hani President \

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