The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on March 5, 1974 · Page 7
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 7

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1974
Page 7
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LAKESHORE PROPERTY Apartments given Southwestern look CHOICE LAKESHOR6 lots on ""''<?''<*<> close to Ferau" Falls. Good beach. Enstad-Larson- Mann, Inc. Realtors 7347591 LAKE HOME, 3 bedroom rl^h slyle, fireplace, 2 car garage, guesi house, large workshop, lake lot 305 ?if«i C , lo ?5 lo ^ er9us Falls - Phone !%' 7 . 5 " Ww'Hington Really Inc., •110 N. Cascade, MLS Realtors By VIVIAN BROWN APNi'wsfeatures Writer The architecture of some of the world's tallest buildings with their mechanical beams may prove to be a natural in identifying with the trend in indoor living to the Southwestern look. So say designers ON THE HOUSE ByANDYLANG APNewsfeatures Whether your house is built with a basement, on a concrete slab or over a crawl space, it is essential to its well-being that water be kept away from its foundation. This is accomplished with a number of procedures, ranging from the installation of pipe- like drainage tiles to the act of sloping the ground slightly downward from the perimeter of the house. Whatever the method, the objective is to get water to flow away from the house. In the case of drainage tile, the rain soaks into the Television statements criticized CONCORD, N.H. (AP) Sen. Walter F. Mondale, D- Minn., says President Nixon is "totally out of touch with reality" if he believes his own television statements. Mondale told reporters at a gathering of local Democrats in New Hampshire that he formed the opinion after Nixon's statements on the gasoline shortage. "Saying that the gasoline crisis is over but that the problem remains," Mondale said, "leads me to believe that he doesn't have a realistic grasp of what's going on" in the nation. "It is the state of his mind, not the state of the union," Mondale said. Later, Mondale spoke at the annual state Democratic fund raising dinner in Bedford. He said Democrats "have an excellent chance of winning in 1976," and called for "restoring old ideas...hone sty, decency and truthfulness in government." The Minnesota Democrat said he will decide within a year whether to seek the 1976 Democratic presidential nomination. If he does, he added, he would enter the New Hampshire primary, the earliest in the nation, "and as many others as I can." Mondale said Nixon "should resign because his moral credibility is shattered." ground, enters the tile and is carried away. The sloping system is designed to move some or most of the water away as soon as it hits the soil, thus preventing a buildup below the surface. While not all houses have them, gutters provide an effective means of capturing the rain that falls on the roof and that otherwise would pour into the ground alongside the house. In some areas, the use of gutters is not mandatory by law provided that the roof overhang meets certain specifications. Many home owners, however, add gutters at a later date when they discover that wide overhangs merely deposit the roof water into the ground several inches away from the house rather than very close to Whereas once there were only wood gutters and later, galvanized steel gutters, it is now possible to purchase them made of copper, aluminum or plastic. Today, wood gutters are installed on new houses only when tire architect is attempting to achieve a special old-fashioned appearance. Such gutters require painting every few years to prevent deterioration of the wood. Gutters are attached to downspouts which carry the water down the sides of the house into the ground. To prevent the water from settling quickly into the dirt at those points, splash blocks should be placed under the bottom ends of the downspouts. When these blocks, usually made of concrete, do not carry the water sufficiently far from the house, the ends of the downspouts should be connected to some kind of piping which is run slightly underground at a pitch that will cart the water away. The pipes can be run into dry wells, drainage ditches or conduits of some kind. In areas with severe winters, ice formations can jam the gutters, causing troublesome overflows. A modern method of preventing such clogging is the installation of electric heating tapes along the gutters. These tapes are turned on only when a storm is in prograss. They melt the accumulated snow before it solidifies and prevent rain from freezing into ice. Robert Steffel and James Finlayson of Chicago, members of the American Institute of Interior Designers. Their Cloud Nine approach in an apartment on the 72nd floor of one Chicago building overlooking Uke Michigan includes interpolating space by using soffits of rough sawn wood across the mechanical beams, great expanses of glass, adobe plaster walls, desert plants and an "indoor patio" that can be entered from the bedroom by sliding glass doors. "We did things in this apartment — removing solid walls and the like — that people might do to a house on their own property, but could not do if they are renting an apartment," observed Finlayson. The upper half of the six- year-old building from the 44th to 92nd floor — 705 apartments — is being converted to condominium apartments. The lower half will remain business offices, he explained. A Southwestern look is emerging strongly in decorating because it "complements the clean, swept-out look of high-rise architecture," the designers insist. It is un- cluttered as the desert and mesa, providing an illusion of expansiveness that is a welcome change from mod decorating and pseudo antiques. The look has a stamp of individualism, imprints left by the heritage of Germans, Russians, Spanish, Portuguese and Indians who come from South American and Mexico and settled in the Southwest, each carving his own niche with plantings, sculpture, buildings. In the indoor patio there are decorative quarry tiles underfoot and a thriving indoor cactus garden. The new color spectrum that joins the stark white of the adobe walls and the soft pink sand of desert inspiration includes manzanita (plant) brown, saguaro (huge cactus) green, barrel cactus blue, terra cotta, shale white and candytuft orange. It was a natural in interior design to pick up the current intrigue with the great Southwest, the designers explained. The momentum of Southwestern design generated by jewelry of the region, informal dress, a new appreciation of the land and even an upsurge in "**** •****• TELEVISION SCHEDULES KXJB Ch. 4 Tuesday Night 6:30 Wild Wild West 7:00 Wild Wild West 7:30 Hawaii Five-O 8:00 Hawaii Five-O 8:30 Hawkins 9:00 Hawkins 9:30,Hawkins 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "Land 11:30 Raiders" 12:00 Final Edition Wednesday 7:00 CBS Morn. News 7:30 CBS Morn. News 8:00 Captain 8:30 Kangaroo 9:00 Joker's Wild 9:30 $10,000 Pyramid 10:00 Gambit 10:30 Love of Life 11:00 Young & Restless 11:00 Jackpot 11:30 Search for Tomorr 11:30 All-Star Baffle WDAY Ch. 6 Tuesday Night 6:30 Jimmy Dean 7:00 Adam 12 7:30 Mystery Movie: 8:00 "The Devil Made 8:30 Me Do It" 9:00 Police Story 9:30 Police Story 10:00 News-wthr-spts. 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow KCMT Ch. 7 Tuesday Night 6:30 Hee Haw 7:00 Hee Haw 7:30 Mystery Movie: 8:00 "The Devil Made 8:30 Me Do It" 9:00 Police Story 9:30 Police Story 10:00 10 PM Report 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow KTHI Ch. 11 Tuesday Night 6:30 Hollywood Squares 7:00 Happy Jays 7:30 Movie: 8:00 "The Victim" 8:30 Movie 9:00 Marcus Welby 9:30 Marcus Welby 10:00 Scene at Ten 10:20 Movie: 11:00 "Flight of 11:30 the Phoenix" 12:00 W. W. Mystery KFME Ch. 13 Tuesday Night 6:30 Bookbeat 7:00 Perspective on '70s 7:30 American 8:00 Odyssey 8:30 Sew Smart 9:00 Effective Writing 9:30 The Chan-ese Way Stations responsible for changes. 12:00 News 4 Today 12:30 As World Turns 1:00 Guiding Light 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Price is Right 2:30 Match Game 3:00 Tattlelales 3:30 Coffee Time 4:00 Coffee Time 4:30 Beat the Clock 5:00 Tell the Truth 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 4 Tonight Wednesday Night 6:30 Bob Newhart 7:00 Sonny & Cher 7:30 Sonny & Cher 8:00 Cannon 8:30 Cannon 9:00 Kojak 9:30 Kojak 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "Hawaii 11:30 Five-O" 12:00 Final Edition Wednesday Wednesday 7:00 Today Show 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Dinah's Place 9:00 Dinah's Place 9:30 Jeopardy 9:30 Jeopardy 10:00 Wizard of Odds 10:00 Wizard of Odds „.„. 10:30 Hollywood Squares 10:30 Hollywood Squares 10:30 Brady Bunch "-""'—'—• 11:00 Jackpot 11:00 Password 11:30 All-Star Baffle 11:30 Split Second Wednesday 7:00 Farm Report 7:30 New Zoo Revue 8:00 Living Easy 8:30 Good Morning 9:00 Good Morning 9:30 Mike Douglas 10:00 Mike Douglas 12:00 Noonday 12:00 Farm Today 12:00 Dialing Dollars 12:30 Three on Match 12:30 Three on Match 12:30 Make a Deal 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:00 Newly wed Game 1:30 The Doctors 1:30 The Doctors 1:30 Girl in my Life 2:00 Another World 2:00 Another World 2:00 General Hospital 2:3fl Survive a Marriag 2:30 Survive a Marriag 2:30 One Life to Live 3:00 Partyline 3:30 Partyline 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Munsters 5:00 Hogan's Heros 5:30 NBC News 6:00 News-wthr-spts. 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Style 3:30 Movie 4:00 "Weekend 4:30 of Terror" 5:00 Scene Tonight 5:30 ABC News 6:00 New Lucy Show Wednesday 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 Sesame Street 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 Misterogers 3:30 Sesame Street 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 Electric Co. 6:00 Spanish Wednesday Night 6:30 Make a Deal 7:00 Cowboys 7:30 Movie: 8:00 "The Stranger Wh 8:30 Ixx>ks Like Me" 9:00 Doc Elliott 9:30 Doc Elliott 10:00 Scene at Ten 10:20 Movie: 11:00 "Beach Blanket 11:30 Bingo" 12:00 W. W. Special Wednesday Night 6:30 Thirty IWinutes 7:00 America '73 7:30 America '73 3:00 June Wayne 8:SO Turning Points 9:00 Theatre Thirteen 9:30 "Mrs. Parkington Stations responsible for changes. Can't find a good TV program? TKX We sound better Try this! The very finest in Stereo & Quadraphonic Components! PHOTO horse raising cannot be ignored — it has so much to offer. The pure naturalness of white, Mexican tiles, canyon- born paint colors, Navajo Indian prints and all the rest of it will be easily introduced into the mainstream of city life, they feel. The naturalness without rigidity will particularly appeal to the ecologist. Such a look should provide a background for modern, Spanish, traditional or Colonial furniture, the designers say. Steffel and his partner Finlayson live in the building, the John Hancock Center, the world's tallest building combining residential and business occupancy. CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Loam deposit 30. Ihree-toed 6. Spanish (arm sloths 12. Seek a 31.Anklebones preacher 32.Irouble 13.Atlantic 33.Garner Island group 35. Umbrella 14. Picture stand (abric 15. Bull 37. Phosgene 16. High in music 39. Jamaica 18.Seine product Auction Directory FRIDAY, MARCH 8 - ELMER HLL, 5%.miles South of Fergus Falls. 10 a.m. Lewis Tysdal, Auctioneer (Farm Machinery) ^^T,' ^^L 9 - ANTON ^USC" ESTATE- 2* miles West of Urban*. Kay Torgerson and A] Roers, auctioneers (farm). SATURDAY, MARCH 9 - CARL ADAMS, 9 miles North of Bluffton, 1 p.m. Jerry & Ray Barthel, Auctioneers(Farm) MONDAY, MARCH 11 - CLARENCE MILLER, 11 miles East of Doran, and l'/4 miles Southeast. 12 Noon. Orvin Rosin, Auctioneer (Farm) TUESDAY, MARCH 19-FLORENCE SPERR, Sec. 29, Leaf Mt. Township, Ray Torgerson and Al Roers, auctioneers (Farm Machinery) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 - JAMES BEYER, 8 miles North of Breckcnridge. 1:30 p.m. Bob Steffes, Auctioneer (Dairy Dispersal) WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20-HARRY AND EARL MOORE -Sec. 17, Carlisle Township, 11 a.m. Lewis Tysdal, Auctioneer (Farm) SATURDAY, MARCH 23 - CLIFFORD KNUTSON, 3 miles East of Elbow Lake on Highway 79.1 p.m. Orvin Rosin, Auctioneer (Farm) MONDAY, MARCH 25 - KLIA LEWIS AND SONS - 9 miles northeast of Perham. Bartel Bros., auctioneers. (Farm) TUESDAY, MARCH 26 - FRANK & HELEN OTTO - 2 miles north of Urbank. E. E. Zaske and Jim Olson, auctioneers (Farm) THURSDAY, MARCH 28 - BENNIE JOHNSON, 5 miles North of Pelican Rapids, 12:00 noon, Charles Trane, auctioneer (Farm) SATURDAY, MARCH 30- HARRY DALLMANN, 5miles South of Barnesville. 12:30, Norman Solum and Dean Sillerud, Auctioneers. (Farm Machinery) SATURDAY, APRIL 6 - CHARLES M. PETERSON, 12 miles West of Pelican Rapids. Charles Trane, auctioneer. 11am (Farm) SATURDAY, APRIL 13 - JOSEPH JULSRUD, 12 miles east of Barnesvffle. 12 Noon. Charles Trane, auctioneer. (Farm) SATURDAY, APRIL 27 - SHIRLEY'S ANTIQUE SHOP village of Battle Lake. Ray Torgerson and Al Roers, auctioneers (Antiques). TIMBER WOLVES TO GET A NEW HOME NEW YORK (AP) - The often maligned timber wolf will be reestablished in the Huron Mountain area of northern Michigan if a conservationist project works out. Experimenters are trapping a pack of five wolves in northern Minnesota, the one area south of the Canadian border with a comparatively healthy wolf population. After getting medical checks, rabies and distemper shots and after being fitted with radio transmitters so that thoir movements can be followed easily, the wolves will be released. The project is sponsored by the National Audubon Society, Northern Michigan University and Huron Mountain Wildlife Foundation. Fergis Falls (Ml.) Journal Tues., Mar 5,1974 Junior Editors' Quiz on POLLEN SOLUTION OF YESTERDAY'S PUZZLE 19. Boudoir 23. Radio *ire 26. Bombyx 21. Poisonous Iree 29. Murmur a "* ^ •V ^ •So JJ ffr MO m IV ^ '//< 2O % m 3 '// f i\ ij 40. Nautical DOWN 43. Slacken 47. Doubletree 1. Jackie's sister 48. Wigwam 2. Palm leaf 49. Rock 3. Dam Goddess 50. Wear away 4. Lance * y/f //, JH 5 21 il % JB ///, Y//, y// ^ db y/ ( i/i 6 i Jb y/' 22 */ ^ ^ ^ 7 l» ^ ^« 43 •4ft bO U " % ^ J6 9 zy * ^ W w f^ JM ^/ 1S 1 ^ " ^ M, Par lime 29 min. AP Newsfcalurtt 3-5 5. Hit show 6. Morlarrrmer 7. Radio-guided bomb 8. Love story 9. Carping 10. Pullet 11. Simple sugar 17.Hitcticock thriller 19. Endure 20. Buffalo's lake 21. Fallout 22. Cheekbone '24. Labor 25. French novelist 28. Winding 34. Frtamel 36. Live coil 38. Dirk 40. Confronted 41. Prayer bead 42. Blunder 44. Certain mailing address 45. Kennedy 46. Shoe width HAGAR THE HORRIBLE QUESTION: What is pollen and where is it found? * * * ANSWER: The tiny yellow pollen grains seen in flowers are essential in forming seeds and therefore in the propo- gation of the plant. A power is more than a splash of color in an attractive design. Each part of the flower has a task to perform and the whole flower has the important job of reproducing the plant. Pollen is formed in the anther of the flower or the male organ of reproduction. The pollen must reach the stigma or female part of the flower for fertilization and the production of seed. Some flowers are self-pollinated and others depend on insects, birds and the wind to cany the pollen from the anther of one flower to (he stigma of another. Honey bees are important in pollination of flowers, as welt as ants, beetles, moths and butterflies. The flowers attract their flying assistants by their striking colors, fragrance and sweet nectar. Pollen scattered by the wind and inhaled by humans sometimes causes an irritation of (he mucuous membranes. Some people are allergic to pollen and react with symptoms such as hay- fever. (Jeff Myers of Syosset, L.I.. N.Y., wins a prize for this question. You can win S10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) BLONDIE HE FOUND THE ONE FLAW IN MY PLAN BEETLE BAILEY NOW WHAT DID I DO WITH Tl-tAT? HENRY ! ENTER 1 216 WEST LINCOLN - FERGUS FALLS

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