The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1894
Page 9
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e AVER'S SARSAPARILLA years ago, I hurt my leg, the Inlurv leaving V* . , ' V 1K fii *»"'ii ui« nil ankle, being a solid sore, wliloli began to extend to other parts of the body. After trying various remedies, 1 began taking Ayer'i garsaparllla, and. before I bad llnFshca the first bottle, I experienced great relief: the Second bottle effected a complete cure.' 1 Ayer's Sarsaparllla Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer & Co., Lowell, MM*. Cures others, will cure you produces the above rcRnlts ln:30 days. It acts powerfully and quickly. Cures when all others fall ronngmou will regain their lost manhood, aud old g™ will recover their youthful vigor by using BEVI VO. It quickly and surely restores Nervousness, Lost Vitality, Impotenoy, Nightly Emissions, boat Power, Falling Memory, Wasting Diseases, and HI cITbetB of solf-abuoo or excess and indiscretion, which unfits one for study, business or marriage. It not only cures by starting at tho sost of disease, but Is • groat norvo tonic and blood builder, bringing back tho pink glow to pale chucks and restoring tho are of youth. It wards off Insanity •nd Consumption. Insist on having REVIVO, no other. It can be carried Jn vest pocket. By mail, •1.00 per package, or six for SB.OO, with a posl •live written f.;u»riuiloo to euro or refund the money. Circular free. Address ROYAL MEDICINE CO., 63 RlvorSt., CHICAGO. ILL For Stile at Carroll, Iowa, by J. W.gHntfcon, in 20 to 80 cluya by a Mn«rlo licmedjr, under guarantee, bucked by £500,000 capital. Positive proofs and 100 page book. Illustrated ' . from Hfo from people cure.'!, froo by mall When Hot Springs and mercury fall, our gio Kcimxly will cure. COOKRE(YIE!}Y CO., CHICAGO, ILL. to Itmni »'i tilt) VCHt IK.C! i *uy 0'Mwss 1'ur ?!. fi'amiitco f-i IMUV I K-J'-.-H- ,\A'f i I 1'i t ;- imultnitr', which ntfjii ;'i'<m. 1'nt up to furry • • : • • i- nit In iilitln |iin'l:«jji' to ' : s.. AV<- ,~riv(> a \.ritt;.-:> *• • i'i l':''i!ir.m-v. <'!ivnlr t i> irc^ - '•••>"• '-''/.. <;nic-(uo.'Vl' ' r.rroll Dy .1. W. llniCnn. nwt"*- -*•-" •-'' ^TftTOi BOOSE, FRAZEE &CO. RIALTO. CHICAGO, uf tho Chicago Board of Trade! GRAIN, PROVISIONS arrl iSTOCKS \Miirgliit. Itofcrt'hcci: liXCHANGG BANK 1 Markat Letter Froc. JiaiTOlcss. At dl Bend lor Clroular. rv.~< 2.5 Canto. . CO., TOLEDO. O. TAKE NO OTHER. 11 1» the UE8T. M). fi.ol.Uo wuloh tliuy M). WO. tiu Dolhlng JUST AS oooi). ur an now iu lit uf u« ur our Uwlun ft 10.00, W» unko a lirvu u cwi nul urloty uf thuw vbcan ord lobuy tbo U TORNADO IN MISSOURI Rassenger Train Lifted Bodily From the Track. TWO INJURED AND SEVERAL HURT Prompt Action nf » Rrnkotnan Prevent! • More Serious Dl«mt<>r—Forty PaMehgter* on the Train and Were All More or L«|» Brcilsoit and frightened—Relief Promptly Furnished by UfHctali and PhyntcUni. CHARLESTON, Mo., Sept. 18.—Two men were killed and a score of people Injured, half of them fatally in a cyclone here during which a train was blown from the track. Tha killed arei PERMALIA DEMPSEY, Bertram!, Mo, FHKWJIE MCCLELLAND, El Dorado, Ills. Among the score injured only the following names could be secured: Goyle, baggtiRemnster, badly bruised. Davis, El Dorado, Ills., leg broken. Dexter, Centertown, O., (Internally Injured. W. H. DeCatnp, Hamilton, O., side badly hurt. A. D. TomtiiR, Alto Pass. Ills., fatally injured. H.W. Hester, Moorehouse, Mo., shoulder dislocated. G. W. Humphrey, Leora, Mo., arm broken. George McClendon, Poplin, Mo., arm badly hurt. Mrs. J. W. McCullom, Dexter, Mo., arm broken. G. H. Miller, Corning, Ark., badly bruised. It was about V o'clock Wednesday afternoon when the westbound express on the Chesapeake and Ohio branch of the Iron Mountain road was struck by the hurricane and the result was one of thi most serious wrecks ever known on the system. The train, in charge of Conductor Jack Lower and. Engineer Andy Hill, had just reached the limits of the city when the passengers and crew noticed the approach of a funnel shaped cloud that was dealing destruction tc everything in its path, uprooting large trees and barling missiles oefore it. The train and the cyclone met and the wind lifted the entire line of coaches and landed them a distance of 80 feet froni the track, almost turning them over. Those who were not hurt seriously bad to free themselves ood.rescue others lese fortunate. Efforts vrero being made in this fjdireo- tion when a new danger presented itaelf. Flames were seen in the rear of the train and only for the heroic action of Brnkomun Cartwoll an even worse catastrophe might have been recorded, fie hastily secured a heavy piece of timbei aud battered down the car door, rushed in and extinguished the flames. Nearby were a woman and a little child afire and hastily catching them up, he extinguished the fire but not till both had been severely burned. A little fellow 2 years old is supposed to -have fallen out of the window when the train was overturned. Tho child was dead, his body being badly bruised. There were about 4fl passengers on the train and all were more or less bruised and frightened. Some of them were hurt seriously. The local railway officials acted with promptitude In relieving the distress and suffering and removing the injured'to comfortable quarters. Physicians wore quickly summoned and as quickly lespondod, while citizens gathered to offer help. The work of clearing the track was at ouoe undertaken. J Among those deserving attention foi apodal efforts are Austin black, road- master; Jack Lower, conductor, and J, A. Green, local agent, who were energetic in relieving the sulliirors. Aside from the train and its passengers the damage done by the cyclone which Booms to have been purely local was slight. IU path wus not orcr 80 yards wide and did not extend more than s mile. // NOT MEAT TO HIS TASTE. Keeper—I thought you was workin' up at Motley's farm. Giles. Giles—Well, so I wer; but two week ago t'owd cow died, and we 'i I next week t' pig died, and wo 'ad to cat 'im; nn" thin mornin' t' mai aw died, BO I thought—I'd leave.—Pall Mall Budget, 'ad to eat 'im; master's mother- ALIX TIES NANCY HANK'S RECORD- Wonderful Performance Surprised Everybody us Conditions Were Unfavorable. TEBHE HAUTE, Ind., Sept. 18.—A big crowd of people cheered lustily Wednesday when one world's record was broken and then another record finally yielded itself to a horse when sweet little Alix tied its world's trotting record. The first record to be smashed was done by Carbonate, the SS-year-old pacer bred by Dubois Bros, of Colorado. He finished the mile well within himself at 2:08 1-2. The wonderful performance of Allx in tieing the world's record made over this track two years ago by Nancy Hanks surprised everybody. It was believed the conditions were unfavorable for a record breaking effort. The tnare got away well, the runner Ferdinand setting the pace. Around the turn she shied at at some dirt from the scrapers that had inadvertently been left on the track and McDowell says the mare lost fully a second. She was at the quarter in 33 second. The second 'quarter (uphill) was done in 82^ seconds, In the fast third quarter her speed was terrific, tho little mare coming like a whirlwind and tieing Nancy Hank's record for the same quarter. She did the fourth quarter in til seconds without a sign of distress. Mr. Salisbury is confident ho can capture the world's record on this track and will start Alls again Friday. Slnuehtorod 8hv«p by Thon»ndi, PARACHUTE, Colo., Sept. 18.—Further particulars have been received concerning tho slaughter of sheep on the Mesa near here by cattlemen. There were about 23 cattlemen, all wearing masks. They drove 2,300 sheep belonging to C. B. Brown into a corral and killed them with guns, knives and clubs. J. F. Miller's herd, numbering about 8,01)0, wcrejdriven over the dirt's and all killed. J. D. Hurlbut's Bbero were not molested, but the butchers posted notice that those would have been served likewise but for lack of time. When tho sheepmen returned not n cattleman was in eight. The shoep herder who was shot will recover. lor tuuvf ully mwu M IIOM13 but WM ul'AIUNTKK KVKIIY ONE, tnj our «|i« • Ifuoil, WolwvuwMMU* III liiuyly «VMTV luwu Wrlli"" """" "'"'""" '"" r Our Koui I'rtoe Wo iwlU not Cm Mit yuurorilur. If nut fur Iliu Itait, for. iiuJ II prlcwi, lllH>n»l (vruu <uiJ BJUWM '•'.l.iVKIt » niu»lilui>»tygurhumu for i's- -"nv mu'VluMiliitfi fiiiit uf uiartfc, W rlUi «| 1'rfcv iftnW m. JEW HOME SEHMIUOmNECU., Mannfucturlng Company TRENTON, N. J., Sept. IH,—Tho Merkoff-Brook Manufacturing company of Little Ferry, N. J., has gone into the hands of a receiver. The application was made by Morkoff Droa., who own all of the $04.000 capital stock of th« company. The liabilities are given as $127,1)00, Asshts consisting ol the plant, 17.S acres of Clay land and $16,000 In partly manufactured goods. Midland Terminal lo llti Intended, r' DKNVKII, Bopt. IH.—H. T. Collbran, agent of thu Atchison, Topoka and Santa Fu railroad, just returned from tho east, announces that he has made arrangements for the extension of the Mldlana Terminal railroad from its present Ur- minus at Gillette into Cripple Greek. Mr*. W. V. Cody 1 . Ueddcuo* IlarM*. NOUTII PLATTE, Neb., Sept. 18.—Fire destroyed the resilience of Mrs. W. F, Cody, Tho house was occupied by the family of M. K. Uarnuui, general foreman of tho Union Pacific shops here, The loss of Mrs, Cody Is covered by Insurance. Btuallpoii •! DKS MOINEU, Bopt U.— The offlcon oi tliu Htutu board of honlUi have been no- UUed of « OOHO of anmlliK» itl Tabor iu tho person of Doiijaiuln Bweatuiau, lutoly of Chicago. Over HO uanoni Lave been exposed and the town u much t«- oltod. WKhilrow Ul» Cuioxoo, Bept, IH.— Potor Jaokwn left hure on tho Erlu roud for New York, Before loavlug ho (jailed on Will J. Davla, itt the Columbia theater, In company will) Paroon Duvk'a * IO.OUU forfuit. uud withdrew hU • *H|t,'vu» at 89 VolQ» Oiu»r«, «, T., 111, BROS., (Jurrull, <i Uliiwr'i Hkull Vr*vtur«4. Uooxit, In., Bopt. rf».-By a fall ot in Maitthull mine No. I, Harry a minor, wu» pinned tp the ground, his ukull fr.oturotl, aud both legs broken. Ho will hardly rouovor. lt«uil>« uf Mr«. W. H. Davit. Youtf, Nt)b.,atjpt. <».—MM. W. H.' Duvii, wilii of tlio liui'liugtoii uud Mis- Huun ugout of thin city, diud from th« of .i>i'U ot an upurutiou purfonuud upon bur lo rumovo u tuaior. fleptntnbur Crop Report. CINCINNATI, Sept. )».— Tho September crop report of 13. M. Thomas, in Tho Prico Current, makes the condition of corn 0").2, against 70.4 lust month, u decline of 11,y points. lifl'euts of drouth are especially severe iu surplus states. Prospective yield is I,6li7,000,000 bushels. Present condition of tiO, I iu the surplus states indicates a harvest of 000,000,UOll bushels, against l.auO.OUU.OOO harvested last year. Present returns point to 700,000 bushels in' southern states, against 430,000 bushels iu IMIii. Hxvluiltcd UiitluvHt ftlvn, GRAND ISLAND, Nob., Bopt, in.—N. L. Swartwood, au Omahu traveling man, has boon nrresttxl for swindling a number of business men of Graud Island reunion week by tho worthless draft method. Dr. Finch, W. il. Harrison, Gua Uuchheit and Woolstouholm ii Storuo were among the victims, tin- amoimts ranging from $h to $20. Uaugbt Five Chluftiutm. OODEWBUimu, N. Y., Sept. IH,—Five Chinamen were arrested here trying to evade the exclusion uct by Special Jenkins of the treasury They came across ttio Si Lawrence iu a row bout from Prescott, Out., aud attempted to land near the wharf. SHERMAN WANTED IN KANSAS. Must Answer For a Crime Committed In That State Thirteen Years Ago. UKIAH, Oil., Sept. 18.—The charge of murder against J. D. Sherman, who wag arrested in June, 180*. for killing O. W. Parker, a prominent resident of this city, has been dismissed. Upon his dismissal, Sherman was rearrested by Sheriff Johnson on a requisition Issued by the governor of Kansas for a crime committed in that state 18 years ago. The crime consisted in the murder ol Mayor Meyer of Oaldwell, Sumner county. After the commission of this and other offenses Sherman came to this state, remaining in this county several years. He had been employed by various stock raisers as a vaquero. After the commission of his last crime, Sheriff Johnson secured a confession from one of his intimate friends which established Sherman's identity. Sherifl Woodcock of Kansas is here. The criminal will be turned over to the Kansas officer. Situation nt BlneUeldi. WASHINGTON, Sept. IH.—Acting Secretary of the Navy McAdoo gave the following statement to the press i "The situation at BluoQelds is such that our naval officers on the Oulutb are liable to be misunderstdod and have injustice done them at the hands o< American residents. Up to this date the conduct of Captains Suiunor and O'Neil has been iu accordance with their instructions and is highly satisfactory tc the department." Tho nature of these Instructions has riot been made public. Secretary Morton Reitorei Union Scale. WASHINGTON, Sept. 18.—The president and secretary ot tho Columbia Typographical union of this city have been informally notified that Secretary Morton, prior to his departure for Europe, increased tho wages of the union printers employed in tho branch printing office in tho department of agriculture to conform to tho union scale, complaint having been made by tho union. Senator Shermun nt Hot Spring*. HOT SPHINCIS, S. D., Sept. Hi.—Senatoi John Sherman, General Nelson A. Miles and party are here bathing. They have been hunting prairie chickens in the sanil hills south of hero with good success and will spend a fnw days hero. Senator Sherman's health has boon greatly improved by his outing. They go from hero to St. Paul. Awldoul •» Nob,, Sept. 18.— John Ulrloh, • promluuut young Uohouilan clerk In Ourveuy Bros, uaruhitndlw etoro at Mil- llguu, aooidentally ahot and killed him- Bolf whllo patting u shotgun into a wagon, Tho whole charge uutered bU btoiat. Be leavoi a /ouug wifo. Vu*tuAo« OouvvuUiNi Blectt OOkwra. BOSTON, Bept la,— Tho po»totnuo convention deuidod to hold the next meeting iuBt. Paul next September, The following offluora were oleuted, President, liuujuutiu Parkhurt, Washlngtoiij treoa- urer, B. L. Oouton, New Yorkt «eoio- tary, W. B. Cruuiback, Ohiougo. Oiunlui OfllvUU ArrufUO, Bupt. ia.— Warrants were •». •nod for thu urroat of the members of tho Omuhu board of publiu works and mayor for uonttiiupt In refitting to obey the district oonrt's ordor to have uiiy garbage properly dispuuud of. ii OUUou Hunuroil. H»pt. l3.-~Uovernor Os- Uirno uppointoil Samuul T. Corn of Kvaiibton juHtice of (ho aupreme court, vii^o Uilwon Clark, recently appointed Unitoil Stut.'u attorney. Judge Clurk will rotlrw Bs'ut. !i». Iteul K.tato Uualor F«IU. SALKM, Muss., Sept. 18.— Mnrahnl H. Abliot, ono of tho moet extensive rail etjtato oporulors iu this section of the stiito, lllod u petition in iusolvetioy. His liabilities nru ostiinnted at $5110,1)00. Mr. Abbot says that his financial difficulties dii to back to the big Lynn ttro, ArguuiBiitu In lir.elH'ii OMB. SAN Fu,v.vc7isco,Sopt. 18.— Argument in the dial's of Kzota and tho other refugees from Suu Salvador woro continued before i mlgo Morrow. The counsel for the gov- I'rumeut of San Salvador Ituve not yet iiuishod tluiir oiionlng urgumeuts. Hrr«klurl(lK« lUcnlvva lilt Initruollon*. WABiiiNUTON.Sept. la.— Clifton Dreok- Inrlilgo of Arkansas, the new minister to llusaia, was at the atato department Weduiwday. Ho received his final instructions and loft for Now York, where ho will sail for Europe. bo ?—* O JUST OPENED KNEE PAITS LARGE ASSORTMENT Prices, 2O, 30 and SOcts Boys' Suits Away Down Steam ship tickets to and from all parts oj the world at lowest rates. L.OGK Sw«|il by u Tornado. MKMPUIS, Sept. 18,— A portion oi North Memphis was swept hy a tornado, destroying iiiul damaging |>roporty to the extent of |a,DOO aud killing a negro, Robert Cutb, and injuring two other penooi slightly. _ TELEGRAPH NEW8 IN PARAQRAPH& IVit Ti'iToll hits wlthdruvru fro<u ttM raw (ur cougrtw In Tuxaa Kiinlaud has decided to allow tobaouo snni|iles to be svut through the walls, (n'lii'rul Dootlt was given a 'jjrottt farewell oviitlon |oo leaving I«oadon lot hundred Oitthollu ICutghts ol Ohio met In eium>nt!on i»l Dayton, O. KltthtiHin hundred pursous atfaiuded U>« hurvost hoinu plotitu ut Webster Olty, U. Mr«. Uolmri Klu/.lo, with one ouwpUuu the ohlitMt settler of Ohltxtgo, died IB Oiiialut, whcro Hhv WHS x'iNltlng a son, Tim I'lill Mall (iaxKlU' »»y» King lluui- liert and thu pope urn abinu to liBooma re- uoiioilcil. Tim United StuU'H of Ciilumbla has served noliee of pi'iid'at IIJ<II|IIH|. 1x1011) in- tlou of ilia Musqulto territory ami Nlo«r- HKH". \\* S. Kuapp, mi uHl of MIIHOII I'Uy, U., MHH liiaUuilly killeil h,v a Chli'it gu, Mihvuuki't- ami SI. I'aul (i-niu whin aiu-m|itliiK to ciorti ll.ii trai-k \vlili n The Modern Writing Machine Is the invention of genius, unfettered by old-school traditions. It has been brought to perfection in ita mechanical details by four yeaia of experience, backed by ample onpital, helped by practical men determined to spare no endeavor to manufacture a high grade machine wbioh Bball produce the beat work with the least effort and in the shortest tims. Its price may by a little higher than that of others, but the Bar-Look is made for the claes who want The Best Typewriter Possible, And the only double key-board machine that writee EVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. ENDORSED by those who use it: H.G. Dun tt- Co., 8t. Paul. Minn. Pink&rton National Detective Ai/envy. (8) New York Central & Huilson Rioer R. R. (10) MMtluan Central K. R. Co. (10) Daanport Daily Democrat. Davenport Daily Timea. Superior Evening Telet/ram. National Wall Paper Co. (7) Ami thousands q/' others. L^, in yoar offi ° 8 ' lln<1 nulefl s joa like it you pay nothing. Old niiiohiaes exchanged Our Argument: Ssnt on trial the Bar-Look has a obauoe to spenk for itaelf nud to staud ou its own merits, wbioh is just where we want the Bnr-Look to etnnd. Ws Ink* all the risk of its not plenaing you. Whatever typewriter you buy, there are typewriter secrets you should know. ; Our catalogue ooutniua them. Send H postal for it. The Columbia Typewriter Mfg, Oo,, UGth tit., Lfnoi anil Firth urn., NKW YORK. St. I'uiil ISruiiL'h. US Kust 4th Street. LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blaoksniithing horse shoeing, plow work and general reuairinc. WROON Mf\KER A first olans workman in wood is employed in the same build ing, and we are prepared to do all styles of wagon and carriage work aud repairing. US A CALL. JERRY LUCY. Proprietor. Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT A LIVER! ?25 wIPH" BACK ACHET OOES YOUR s «-EE p REST YOU* AHI YOU WEAK ANDTHINV ARE YOU DULL AND BIUOU8* MARVELOUS SUCCESS hats cmoudocl tho use of Or, H. McLEAN'S Jffin BALM, 411 who use U ««y II is Tlltf Pcer/eSS Remedy (urcurluj all «Umeat« OF THE LIVER, KIDHEYS AND BLADDER. FEMALE TROUBLES, RHEUM A TISM AMD BRIGHTS DISEASE. rV Sale by ati fint-class <i«al«rs. PRICE. SI.00 A BOTTLf. The Dr. J. N, HcLein Medicine Co,, st, um, *,

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