Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 13, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 13, 1933
Page 3
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lOLA, KANSAS THE IOL& DAILY REGISTESR MONDAY/EygNING. MARCH 18.1933. PAGE THREE Miss Helen Cortner has arrived trom Salina for an indefinite visit " with her grandparents the Rev. and Mrs. N. U. Vezie. . —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist. Office over Brown's Drug Store. X-ray 'equipped. Phone 149. The county commissioners went to Topeka t«}ay. The nature of the trip was riot made public but it is : believed it was in, connection with plans being made for the rebuilding of the county poor house. NEW SHIPJIENT of Cast Wood aiid Coal Ranires. Latest designs and colors. —S22.50 up- Free Delivery. E^sy Terms. W. H. WOOD FINE FUENITUKE 202 S. JefL Phone 190 I Attorneys W. H. Anderson and Guy Lamer attended court Friday at Yates Center. . Mac Smolarek, formerly an employee at the old smelters years ago in lola, died Friday at his home in Bartlesvllle, Okla., according to word received here Saturday by his niece Ivirs. K. B. Kraus. Ask for FAraMONT ICE CREA.M lt '6 pure, delicious, tasty Individual Molds for every occasion Made in lola (rom Allen county products ' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heylmun and their son Edwin of Port Scott were guests Sunday of Mr. Heylmun"s parents, Dr and Mrs. W. R. Heylmun. B. W. Curtis, proprietor of the Curtis Furniture store, went to Kansas City today on business. RUG BARGAINS! ~ —Heavy grade 9x12 American Oriental rugs, guaranteed to give extra long service. Only $27.00. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. I Mr. and Mrs. ,A. W. Martin had las their guests for the week-end Mrs. P. M. Anyx and her daughter Nannie of LawTcnce. Miss Pauline McKinney, a student at the Erhporia teachers college, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKinney. over the week-end. SPRING LS HERE Have your Suits. Coats, xind Dresses Cleaned and Pressed 35c All kinds of repairing and alterations. SPOTLESS CLEANERS 111 W. Madison Phone 797 The Zoe Atchison Union of the W. C. T. U. will hold a dues paying social Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. E. Williams. 515 South Washington. Elmer Bush returned home Tliurs- , day from St. John'.s hospital where he has been receiving treatment tiic past week. Mr, Bush severely Injured his left hand while at worK attfiut ten diivs nfro, but Ls now much improved. —We Invite a comparison of pria-.s. Sleeper Mortuary. Mrs. J. H. Huff received a letter Saturday morning informing her of the death of her step jjrahdson William Lawrence, yovmg aviator, who was killed March 3 in an airplane crash near Dallas, Texas. Mr. Lawrence was the stepson of Mrs. Huff's daughter Mrs. B. P. Lawrence of Dallas, Texas. Miss Adelaine 'Reid of lola is one of the candidates selected for St. Patricia, honored queen at St. Pat's piom. a feature of the engineer's open house at Kansas State college. Announcement of the wiimer, who ^111 rule with "St. Pat" wUl be made at the dance March 18. Miss Reid is a daughter of Mr. rnd Mrs. C A. Rcid. Mn:. Opial Dove and her daughter Jacqueline Dove and her nephew Kenneth WiUiamson, and Lynn Donart of Fredonia spent the weekend with Mrs. I>ove's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Williamson. -^Funeral costs should never be a burden. Waugh Funeral Home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bardwell returned today to their home ui Chanute after a week-end visit with Mrs. Bardwell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hohnes. Miss Dosia Alford returned last night from a week-end visit with her imcle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Edwards, in Chanute. Any Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed 35o— ' ABLESON CLEANERS Phone 105 One Day Service If Desired The exterior and the interior of the Railway Express office is being repainted. —You know and I know, and everybody should know Antrim has Wall Paper moderately low priced, at 219 North Jefferson. Gommerce Head Tackles Big Job Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Reynolds yesterday entertained Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Dugan of Ottawa. SUPER SERVICE FOR YOUE CAB General Repair OiUng and Greasing Car Washing General Tires and Repair SHELLY .MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 Major T. I?. Limbocker went to Coffej-\-ille today for an official visit to Troop B and Medical Detachment of the lUth cavalrj-. He will return Tuesday, NEW SHIPMENT —Table Top Gas Ranges. Very latest at rock bottom prices. Terms. Trade In old at Curtis Furniture. Phone 772. A. W. Sanford of El Dorado ar! rived Saturday evening for a visit with his daughter Mrs..Allene Austin and her family. FRYEIJ' BROS. GROCERY Honey, 1-lb. jar ..• i.. 10c Sausage or Fresh Side, lb. 5c Dr. Price's Baking Powder, I 25c can for — 18c Our Best Brand Waffle and I Pancake Flour, per pkg .5c Frj-er's Homemade Mayonnaise, 'i pint 10c PHONE 401 Mr. and Mrs. J. Merle Bollinger ! and Mr. and Mrs. Chan McKay of i Nevada. Mo., visited Sunday with Mr. Bollinger's parents, Postmaste- and Mrs. C. O. Bollinger and Mrs. Bollinger's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C A. Hubbard, -who live south of tlo-,vn. IIOOSIER CABINXTS —Genuine Hoosier cabinets, regular $45.0 values for $20.00. pearl grey finish only. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. . Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Ayllng and their children spent Sunday with Mrs. Ayling's brother, Fred Muni- zort nnd his family, who live near Elsmore. Mr. and Mrs. A, B. Dean visited Sund-\y w'lth their niece Mrs. Ger- nle Robinson and her family, who live near Yates Center. SELF SER-VtCE RLAHKET Bacon, Sliced, 2 lbs. 25c Frankfurters, per lb 10c Kraut, 6 lbs. for 25c Hamburger. 100% pure, 4 lbs...25c Fresh Brains, per lb. 10c Sweet Breads, per lb ...20c Beef Roast, tender, per lb......8c ! c 'Mr. and Mrs. GUbert WUklns of Burllngame were week-end guests in the home of Mrs. Wllklns's parents Mr. and Mrs. Everett Reade. \'Ir. and Wrs. Lawrence Slcka and their son Robert Henrj', who live near Vernon, were guests Sunday of Mrs. Slcka's parents, Mr. and Mr? H. A. Lajtnon. 2£r. and Mrs. Roy W. Reed entertained Mr. and Mrs. Beatty Ray and Uielr BOOS Harold and Howaid. wlso live southwest of town, at dinner Sunday noon. The following relatives have returned to their respc<itive homes after attending the funeral rites Saturday afternoon of Mis. John Applegate of Carlyle: Mrs. Van B. Potter of Kansas City, Kas.; Frank SEARCHING FOR DEAD IN LON<& BE^CH RUINS Casey of Joplin. Mo., and Miss Mad- ellne Applegate of Kansas City. Regular meeting Veterans of Foreign Wars Tuesday night at Memorial Hall. C. B. Crick, Com. Mrs. Fannie Asbell. Webb City, Mo., v.^ho has been visiting her son Tommie Asbell and her daughter Mrs. Carmel VanDeaver, both of Bartiesxille, Okla., stopped in lola Saturday on her way home to visit friends. Mrs. Asbell was a resident of lola some years ago. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Ferry and their children Gilbert and Raymond Jr., spent Sunday at Clinton. Mo., as guests of Mrs. Ferry's mother Mrs. T. J. Gilbert, and of Mr. FCr- rj-'s parents Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Perry. Suits, Coats, Dresses Cleaned and Pressed 30c All Work Guaranteed (We WiU Accept Your Checks) CUT RATE CLEANER^ Phone 775 109 West St. Opp. p. O. Miss Juanita Taylor had as her guest for the week-end Miss Rcita, Sheirill, who lives south of town. Dr. and Mrs. G. G. Smith and their sons Gordon and Billle Deane arrived Saturday evening from Rexford for a visit with Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. Minnie Taylor and her family. —Milford C. Langley stands for Economy and Lower Utility Rates. Resident of lola 37 years. Thomas Milne of Ponca City, Okla.. spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Milne. ' Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ogden and their children and Miss Golda Sparkman of Chanute were guests Sunday of Mrs. Ogden's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Smith. a' Oajnlei C. Roper, new Secretary of merce. ia seen here at his ID tbe capttat aa bo began dl- (iting tats department's efforts lo 4ist American business and la- dostry back to iU Ic«u I TEST IT YOURSELF a p. S.—Best Paint Sold is really just what it says. Take a quart B. P. S. White and a quart any oth^r, spread the two yourself side by side—If B. P. S. does not cover better and go farther—it costs you nothing. SHANNON & SHANNON HDW. . Phone 29 Mr. Harry Newton who, with his wife is spending some time with the; lattf^rs mother, Mrs. J. D. Mann 210 West street, was reminded by the Lung Beach earthquake that ho was in San Francisco at the time of tlie great qiuike and fire which destroyed, that city in 1906. and recalled having kept from that time a copy of the only newspaper issued in San Francisco the day followinsrf- the quake. It was issued Jointly by the Call, the Chronicle and the Examiner, the three great daily newspapers of the city all of whose plant.' had been completely destroyed. It Is a most interesting relic, and the Pleglster is glad to huvc had the privilege of seeing it. DRINK WATER With Meals : GOOD FOR STOMACH Water with meals helps stomach juices, aids digestion. If bloated with gas add a spoonful of Adlerika. One dose cleans out' poisons and washes BOTH upper and lower bojwels.—Wallar'8 Palace Drug Stores. Hi-Grade Inside Wall Paint Covers well and Washable Only $1.75 GaUon SHANNON HARDWARE , Phone 29 Mrs. Fred Menzle and her daughter Miss Alice. Menzle and her son Fred Menzle Jr.. drove to Topeka yesterday to bring Mr. Menzle home from the S. B. A. hospital where he underwent a major operation about three-weeks ago. He is getting along nicely. •Mr. and. Mrs. Harry Davis and their son Garj-. who \Tsited Mr. Da\1s 's mother Mrs. Osolia Davis, and his sister Miss Maxine Davis, over the week-end, returned this morning to their home in Baxter Springs. MONT McKINNEY GROCERY & MARKET Fresh Eggs, 3 dozen 25c Choice Country Butter, guar- . anteed, per lb ,20c Onion Sets, red, yellow, or white, per lb. ^.5c Old Fashioned Smoked Sau.sage. per lb 18c Leaf Rakes, each 25c FREE DELIVERY 110 S. Wash. Phone 173 Mr. and Mrs. Prank Cuddeback arrived today from Baxter Springs for a week's visit with Mrs. Cudde- bpck's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Gammon. Abe Townsend, of the Horseshoe Bend, makes this sporting proposition. If anybody will stake him to the seed he will plant 20 actts of his richest land to ^Mtatoes and give the staker one-third the crop, which probably would be about 600 bushels. That ouiht' to appeal to any speculator wno has $100 iti his pocket. MILFORD C. LANGLEY —a resdent of lola 37 years; is a candidate for Finance Cdm- mlssloner in tomorrow's jiri- mar>" election. i Mr. Langley Is for economy and lower utility rates, the replacing, of ^-om out gas lines which cost the city 21 per cent of the gas it bought last year, and cutting out utuiecessary expense such as mailing utilities bills. • He also believes that whenever the city has necessary work to be done and there arie those who cannot pay their utilities bills, they should be permitted to work out their bills. (Political Advertising.) Volunteer rescue workers in earthquake-stricken Long Beach, Calif.,! are shOTO here as they searched among the fallen walls and twisted debris for the dead and in J Jured. Whole fronts of buildings collapsed as the tremors rocked the city. • ' i R. L. Irey of Fort Riley was a Week-end guest of his sisters Mrs. Thornton Cox and her family, and Mrs. Mary Jones and her family. Mrs. George C. Dalgamo returned Saturday from Kansas City where she has been under observation and receiving treatment for several weeks at Research hospital. She is improving. Her daughter. Miss Viola Dalgamo went to Kansas City Friday to bring her home by motor ear. Card of Tiianks. —We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy during our recent bereavement; and also for the l)eautl- ful flowers.—John Applegate and family. Miss Dorothy Dadisman returned Sunday to her home in Wichita after a week-end visit with Miss Ruby Titus and other friends. W. M. McCabe. of Knoxvllle. low.', scm of Mr. and Mrs. Barney McCabe of Carlyle, who underwent a seriou .7 operation several weeks ago at a hospital in Kncwillc, was permitted to leivp the Friday and is progressing rapidly,. according fo wor ^i received here today. —Good Plumbing protects ^ the health of the family. Call lola Plumbing Co.—1175. Mrs. p. H. Smith of Richmond and Mrsi Lloyd Roberts of Pao! i | returned last night to their home?; after a week-end visit with their; mother Mrs. Minnie Taylor and her family. Dr. Smith and Mr. Roberts drove here after them Sunday mornlns. Leave it to Kansas. Jack Harris in Chanute Tribbne An lolan read a couple of months ago a publicity story on economy put out by the postoffice department of a fellow who wrote! 701 words on ajjostcard. He went into training and emerged this,week with a postcard on which he had copied the first 1015 words of tbe constitution. Things like that reassiu-e one that Knasfts will triumph Over all aspera. GAS CITY EVENTS Another Cancm to Be Held in City Hall Tonight—Mrs. Forrester Returns. GAS CITY. Mar. 10.—Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mentzer and - children. Delois and Eugene, spent one night last week hi Mound City at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. Roy Saferlte. Mrs. Mentzer Is a sister of Reverend Saferite. Several- of the members of the Ladies' Aid society spent Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. tPlora Ricketts. I The Rev. Leonard Long of Topeka and the Rev. and Mrs. Ezra Hood and son, of lola, were callers at the Holten home Tuesday, afternoon. Albert O. Cornell of south Gas was a caller Tliursday evenlig at the home of Mrs. Lucy Cornell. The Rev. Leonard Long of Topeka' who is conducting evangelistic services in lola was a dinner guest Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mullins. Mrs. May Boyer, Mrs. O: N. Pope, and Mrs. Sam Paris visited Friday with Mrs. Lucy Cornell and Mrs. Elizabeth Odell. Mrs. George Thornton iind daughter Mrs. Bill Cory were Thursday afternoon visitors at the home of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Orval Pope. Another city caucus will be held Monday night at the city hall. Mrs. Lena Perkins and son, Roy Perkins, accompanied Mrs. Vcm Peterson and family to Humboldt Friday evening. Mr. LaNler is moving from the Agee property to the Henderson property near St. John's hospital. Bert Damitz motored to Selma FYlday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Orion Ferguson of Kincaid visited Thursday with Clyde Miller. Mrs. J. B. Forrester, who spent the past three months in Tulsa, Okla., returned Thursday to be with WHO hELD THE WORLD'S HEAWAfEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP LONGEST ? ARE ANY CANADIAN PROVINCES AS LARGE AS TEXAS ? WHAT IS THIS SaiD CALLED ? (Answers will be fonnd on Page 5) her daughters, Mrs. Lyman Baldwin, Mrs. O. C. McGrew, and Mrs. Tom Webber. Russ Hutton has returned from Garden City to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Huttoa Harvey Bogan attended a party at LaHarpe Friday evening. A small ad in the ClassUied columns often puts over a bia deal. DEEP CUT PRICES Ignition Points Fort T Coll Points, pr 7c Ford A Ignition Points, set 33c Chevrolet Ignition Point* Per Set 39c AU Other Can, Set 50c ANDREWS & SON lola—14 Sooth Wasblncton Channt»-2U East Main Wfchlta—A 3000-pound safe con- tolnlng $5000 In cash was hauled away early yesterday by a gang of robbers who entered the state bank of Benton east of here. Officers said thfy were without clues as to the manner in which the robbers carried the safe away, but expressed the belief the crime was committed by the same gang which stole a three-ton safe at Oxford, Kas., two months ago. In the Oxford robbery a truck was backed up to the bank and the strong box hoisted aboard by means qt block and tackle. ' Da not confuse D-X with ordinary "lubricated" gasolines nOr with "top cylinder oils" that are added to sasoiine at the service station. via the Santa Fe glifomki ONE WAY COACH FARI FROM lOLA Th« SANTA ft now pre- ^ddttft cofD forts H#v *f b#fof# • our chair car patrons. Lodies' lounga and smoking room. Alio waslv> room for men. e 100 pounds fre* baggaga aliowonea—and liberal stopovers. 4MkW reeoia MM tmm an All-Petroleum Producl »40 A/so Oeeri l«Te«rl«t Sleeper ....plv bertk fere D-X Bs made by the exclusive Diamond ^X" process witich gives tliis revolutionary new product all of the best features of "lubricated gasolines"—without any of their disadvantages — plus quiclcest starting and liigh anti« knock. No other motor fuel is like it... none can do what it does. It is truly the ''Successor to Gasoline", identify it by its golden amber color and its distinctive odor. Fill your tank today. You will get a real performance thrill! Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma. SIMIUR FARES iASTBOUND/ •.•.••••••••••••MaaeaaSaaaiiiiSila J. F. Dickensheets, Ageiit, A. T. A S. F. Ry., lola. Kansas. SMd iMeUMi CM«ml*« CM* ni4 iMfW fmt to Calltanila and AHISM. TESTS HifiHEST • STARTS QUICKEST HiGHESTiUm-KNOCKANDiT LUIMttCATES N «ai«_ ••••••••••••••••••gavpauMiuuM DX11.4C

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