The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 11, 1997 · Page 40
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 40

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 11, 1997
Page 40
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08 SUNDAY, MAY 11, 1997 LIFESPORTS THE SALINA JOURNAL ON THE OUTSIDE TOMMIE BERGER fisheries hinlogist. Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Making and keeping fish fillets edible Right now is the best time to be fishing because a variety offish species are really getting active. The white bass action in the rivers remains good. The black bass fishing is outstanding in the reservoirs, state lakes and farm ponds. The stripers and wipers are thrashing shad along the windy shorelines. The crappie are beginning their spawning mode, and it won't be long until the walleye are feeding shallow. Fresh fish fillets are hard to beat, but how do you keep fillets fresh tasting all year long? There is probably a bit of disagreement among anglers as to what kind offish is best to eat. •Most rate the crappie at or near the top along with walleye. Catfish are the favorite of many, and those who are willing to fillet a bucketful of hand-sized bluegill know how tasty they are. But all fish tend to lose some flavor after being put in the freezer. Let's look at the proper way to handle fish fillets throughout the year. At certain times of the year and under certain conditions, even walleye and crappie can have a fishy flavor. That has less to do with the quality of the meat, than it does with the way the fish were handled. Here are some suggestions to assure that all fish come out of the frying pan a gourmet's delight. Most anglers realize that in the spring and fall, when the water is cold, fish taste better. There's a reason for that, and it doesn't have anything to do with a physical change in the fish's flesh come summertime. What happens is that it's next to impossible to keep fish alive in hot weather, even if they're kept in an aerated livewell. As the fish die, bacteria is released into the flesh almost immediately. Bacteria begin to break down the tissue and that releases the oil in the meat — the fishy smell and taste. Solution? During the hot months of summer, put fish directly into an ice-packed cooler. It's preferable if a fish is still alive and kicking when you put the knife to it, but a good second choice is to ice them until you get to the cleaning table. Ice inhibits the development of the bacteria that ultimately dis- flavors the meat. Once back at the dock, clean the fish quickly on a sanitary table with a clean knife. Wash the fillets thoroughly and place them in sealed plastic bags. Here's where a lot of people get into trouble. They just toss the unwrapped fillets on ice or in ice water. The fish absorb moisture and before long that firm piece of meat has turned into a wet sponge. Even when storing fish in the fridge, always keep them on top of the ice and dry. Some folks prefer the taste of smaller fish versus big ones. The reasons are simple. First, the lateral line (that discolored band of meat down the side of a fish) is much larger in some fish than others and in bigger fish of any species. The simple procedure of V-cutting out the darker meat along this lateral line area will remove the stronger taste in many fish. .-.Freezing fish is another art. Most fish taste better and will keep in the freezer far longer if tiiey.are quickly frozen in water. Dry fillets will get freezer burn fairly quickly, even in good freezer storage bags. I freeze fish in water in plastic freezer bags because they take up less room in the freezer. But if there is room, I like to freeze fish in empty butter tubs or other plastic containers. They seem to keep better Another problem some anglers have is that they cut their fish into too large of pieces. If fish isn't fully cooked, it will taste fishy. The solution is to slice the fillets lengthwise to make smaller and thinner fillets. If the pieces are about the same size, they will cook more evenly and will be done about the same time. , Eliminating the lateral line or red meat, freezing fillets in water, and double-slicing fillets will allow a big fish to taste every bit as good as a smaller one. It will always be tough to make frozen fish .taste like those fresh out of the 'ipold water, but some of these tips will make a tremendous difference. DAVIS TURNER/The Salina Journal For 40 years, New Holiday Bowl, located at 1125 W. South, was one of the most popular bowling centers in central Kansas. No HOLIDAY CLOSING The closing of New Holiday Bowl has Salina bowlers fuming By HAROLD BECHARD The Salina Journal N ew Holiday Bowl's 40th anniversary has turned into a funeral. One of the more popular bowling centers in central Kansas, the 24-lane bowling center located at 1125 W. South will close its doors for the final time this afternoon. "It's like being evicted from your own house," said Dody Franklin, who has helped manage New Holiday Bowl this season after being the bookeeper for the building for nine years. "Monday is going to be a bad day. There will be a lot of tears." There are already many hard feelings. While New Holiday Bowl is closing, it's rival for four decades, King Louie All-Star Lanes, 624 S. Braodway, will stay open. Many people believe the people at AMF Bowling Centers, Inc., a Virginia-based company that bought New Holiday Bowl last August and also owns All-Star Lanes, is closing the wrong bowling "house." AMF had spent large amounts of money trying to woo bowlers to All-Star Lanes from New Holiday, but it didn't work. Despite being a smaller house, New Holiday continued to draw the most bowlers who, in turn, produced the highest scores. "It's a high-scoring house," said the 55- year-old Franklin, who has been bowling for 30 years. "Three-fourths of the sanctioned bowlers (in Salina) came out of New Holiday. AMF Bowling Centers purchased New Holiday Bowl from the Topeka-based Property Management Co., less than three months,after Property Management's major stockholder, Sam Cohen, died last June. Cohen was the chief executive of New Holiday Bowl for more than 20 years. "They actually bought us to close us," Franklin said. "It's not good for bowling in Salina. It's not good for the associations." "It's wrong, definitely wrong. One house won't support Salina." Gene Sims Salina bowler for 50 years The Salina Bowling Association (men) listed 739 sanctioned members during the 1996-97 season, according to association secretary Roger Lawson, and 400 participated in more than one league. Salina Women's Bowling Association secretary Jolene Terry said her association had 720 sanctioned members. Many of those 1,459 sanctioned bowlers won't be competing in Salina when the 199798 season cranks up this fall. "You can ask anyone in town, they're closing the wrong house," said Clayton Terry, a former secretary of the Salina Bowling Association. "All-Star has a lot of problems. They're killing bowling in this town is what they're doing. AMF just hears about the dollar like most people these days." AMF Bowling Centers area manager Bill Mann, Topeka, said the cost of upgrading New Holiday Bowl was deemed too much. He estimates it would have taken $750,000 to put in new lanes, automatic scoring and underground ball-return system. "The decision wouldn't have been profitable," Mann said. "That was why we made the decision not to upgrade the facility." All-Star Lanes has automatic scoring and underground returns, but also lacks air-conditioning and has had problems with its roof and lanes. "The roof leaks ... you don't want to be in there when it rains," Lawson said. "Roof tiles could fall on your head. And this is the one they're keeping open?" Gene Sims, 911 Highland, will celebrate his 50th year of bowling when the fall leagues begin this year. But, for the 64-year- old former president of the SBA, it will be a bittersweet moment. "It's wrong, definitely wrong," Sims said. "One house won't support Salina. Granted, number-wise you could probably get everyone in one house, but people don't want to take a late slot (past 9 p.m.) on a weeknight, especially when they have to get to work the next day." Sims forsees 25 to 30 percent of last year's sanctioned bowlers to "fall by the wayside." "I can't say anything good about the AMF organization," Sims said. "They're not looking out for the bowler. They're looking out for the almighty dollar as far as I'm concerned." The specture of New Holiday closing has haunted Franklin's annual WIBC Women's Classic, which will be the final event in the building. Franklin said the tournament usually draws 100 teams, but only 51 signed up this year. "I think they were afraid it would close before they had a chance to bowl," said Franklin, who expects New Holiday to close around 5 p.m. today. And so, after 80 perfect games (300 games) and 18 series of 800 or better, a Salina institution is closing its doors for good. "It's very sad to see it go," Sims said. "I bowled there for a very long time. It's not justice for the people of Salina to lose the house. "As far as I'm concerned, they're throwing a bunch of us to the wolves and hope we land somewhere else. And if we don't, they don't seem to really care." New Holiday will open Monday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. so customers can clean out their lockers and pick up personal belongings. T FITNESS Attitude, not age, is the key Old theories that say exercise hurts elderly are being debunked By ALLEN R. MYERSON Tlie New York Times Though inspirational to some, former President George Bush's sky dive over the Arizona desert last month at age 72 — just like his political career, perhaps — was less on the leading edge and more part of a trailing afterburn. Many other elder-heroes have been there and done that and much more. Why, just last June, Al Dietzel, an executive at The Limited, the retailing conglomerate, celebrated his 65th birthday with his own parachute jump — which came before 18 holes of golf (a 93, with no cart) and after two sets of singles tennis, a 180-pound bench press and a two- mile run at a nine-minute-a-mile pace. "I'm stronger at 65, 66, than I ever was in my life," he says. For his 66th birthday he is planning, among other feats, a 190- pound-plus bench press, three miles at his nine-minute pace and a six- mile kayak trip ending at the Statue of Liberty. Kenneth Cooper, founder of the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, recalls being taught back in medical school that vigorous exercise over 40 increased the risk of a heart attack. Hah! Now, at 66, he still runs or race-walks several times a week, lifts weights, skis at least two weeks a year and scales a 13,000-foot peak every summer in the Rockies. He says the effects of aging can be not only slowed but actually reversed through a diet-and-fitness regimen that strengthens bones and builds muscle mass. "We're eventually going to rewrite the textbooks on aging," he adds. The new-found capabilities of the elderly are forcing the revision of a lot else: health and demographic studies, rules of athletic competition, marketing plans and — soon perhaps — assumptions about geezers that permeate popular culture. It could be goodbye Walter Matthau and hello Walter Mitty in a new era of modern immaturity. Aging studies have been more apt to measure a duffer's ability to dress himself than clock his performance in a triathlon, so as yet it's hard to definitively gauge a trend toward sport and risk-taking among the elderly. But even existing surveys suggest a more active elderly population, because as a group the elderly have become healthier and more functional in daily life. The Duke University Center for Demographic Studies — whose sur- veyers periodically sample 20,000 Americans over 65 — has noted a 15 percent drop from 1982 to 1994 in what it calls chronic disability rates — measuring things like the ability to feed oneself. Now the center is beginning to track activities like tennis, bicycling and long-distance running — although "jumping out of airplanes is beyond what I would measure," says Kenneth G. Manton, the professor who oversees the studies. RECREATION CALENDER Baseball camps • JUNE 3-6 AT SAUNA — At Salina Central High School ... 7-11- year-olds, 8-10 a.m. ... 12-14-year-olds. 10 a.m.-noon ... registration fee $25 ... call Bill Barlow (913-823-3602) or Chris Ruder (913-8254754). Baseball tournaments • MAY 16-18 AT NEWTON — Newton Rangers 13-14-year old tournament ... guaranteed four games ... entry fee $150 ... call Leroy Koehn (316-283-9612). • MAY 17-18 AT SALINA — Triple Crown Youth Tournament Series ... 16,15,14,13,12,11 and 10-under... $250 entry tor 10,11,12-under; $300 for 13,14,15,16-under... three-game guarantee... call 970224-2502. • MAY 17-18 AT.CLAY CENTER — 12-under tournament... $125 ... four-game guarantee ... call Kralg Brockman (913-632-5972) or Rex Carlson (913-632-2223 or 913-632-5712). • MAY 17-18 AT NEWTON — 11-12-year old tournament... guaranteed three games ... call Eddie (316-283-5B35). • MAY 17-18 AT ST. JOHN — 11-12-year old tournament... limited to first eight teams ... entry deadline May 13 ... call Nick Garcia (316549-6549). • MAY 23-25 AT ELLSWORTH — Sponsored by Ellsworth Babe Ruth Baseball Association ...10-under for $100 entry fee plus two baseballs ... 15-under tourney for $125 plus two baseballs ... call Ken Parker (913-472-3589). • MAY 23-25 AT LYONS — Lyons Babe Ruth Steering Committee 13-14-year-old tournament... entry fee $125 plus two baseballs ... entry deadline May 9 ... call Junior Soeken (316-257-5412). • MAY 24-25 AT SALINA — Tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 9-under, 10-under, 1)-under, 12-under ...$110 entry lee ...four-game guarantee ... call Bob Schmidt (913-827-1679 or 913-827-3606). • JUNE 6-8 AT HUTCHINSON — 15-under tournament at Hobart- Detter Field ... May 2 deadline ... call Steve Williams (316-662-1278). • JUNE 6-8 AT HUTCHINSON — At Fun Valley ... 10-under, 12-un- dor. World qualifier... call Jim Preston 316-669-1258 or Clitf Wray 316662-4825. $150. • JUNE 7-8 AT SALINA — Baseball tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 9-under, 10-under, 11-under, 12-under ... $110 entry fee ... four- game guarantee ... call Ken Ebert (913-826-9869 or 913-627-3606). • JUNE 13-16 AT HUTCHINSON — 16-under tournament at Hobart- Detter Field ... May 2 deadline ... call Steva Williams (316-662-1278). • JUNE 13-15 AT HUTCHINSON — 13-year-old tournament ($125 plus two baseballs) and 12-under tournament ($100 plus two baseballs) ... call Ken Parker (913-472-3589). • JUNE 14-16 AT SALINA — Salina Baseball Shootout at Bill Burke Park ... 10-under, 11-under, 12-under.... $115 entry fee ... four-game guarantee ... call Gary Charvat (913-825-5777). • JUNE 14-15 AT GREAT BEND — 11-12-year-old tournament at Britt Spaugh City Parks ... 12-tearn limit... $125 entry fee ($140 after May 25)... 3-game guarantee ... call Craig Ellis (316-793-7229 or 316792-2521). • JUNE 21-22 AT SALINA — Salina Noon Klwanls tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 12-under, 11-under, 10-under... $125 entry fee ... 4 game-guarantee ... call Jim Johnson (913-827-1010 or 913-825-7427). • JUNE 28-29 AT SALINA — Sacred Heart Booster Club Tournament at Bill Burke Park ... 12-under (full), 11-under (full), 10-under ($120), 9-under ($120) divisions ... 4-game guarantee ... call Randy Herbel (913-823-8931). Basketball camps • MAY 27-31 AT LINDSBORG — Bethany College Day Camp tor boys ... 4tti-5th-6th grades (9 a.m.-noon) ... 7th-8th grades (1-4 p.m.) ... entry fee $50... entry deadline May 20... call Jon McLean (913-2273380, ext. 8313). • JUNE 1-5 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 2-5 AT CONCORDIA — Cloud County Community College's camps lor boys and girls ages 8-17 ... boys camps from 9-11:30 a.m.; girls from 1-3:30 p.m.... $60 cost... each camper receives a T-shirt and other special awards ... camps to be conducted by Cloud County coaching staffs ... call Brett Erkenbrack at 913-243-1435, ext. 298 or 913-243-2751. • JUNE e-12 AT SAUNA — Heart of America girls camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 16-20 AT SAUNA — Girls and boys camps at South Junior High ... girls 5th-5th grades, noon-3 p.m., $65 ... boys 3rd-4th grades, 3-5 p.m., $45... call Jeff Bell (girls camp, 913-825-4794) or Daryl Hoelt- Ing (boys camp, 913-825-2815). • JUNE 30-JULY 2 AT SALINA — Mustang Basketball Camp at Salina Central ... 6th-7th grades ... 9-11:30 a.m. ... $20 entry fee ... more Info: Randy Clark, 2327 Melrose Lane, Salina, Kan. 67401. • JULY 7-11 AT SAUNA — Mustang Basketball Camp at Salina Central ... 8th-9th grades (9-11:30 a.m.), 10th-12th grades (1-3:30 p.m.) ... evening scrimmages ... entry tee $25 ... more Info: Randy Clark, 2327 Melrose, Salina, Kan. 67401. • JULY 13-17 AT SAUNA — Heart of America girls camp and girls advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-8276229). • JULY 20-24 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys camp and boys advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan... $245 (day camper $155), team discounts available ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-8276229). • JULY 31-AUQUST 3 AT SAUNA — Heart of America boys team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $100)... eight games ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • AUGUST 7-10 AT SALINA — Heart of America girls team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $100)... eight games ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). Basketball leagues • SAUNA AREA BOYS SUMMER LEAGUE — At Salina South High School ... current grades 7-8, 9-10-11 ... June 19-July 18 (10 games)... entry fee $50 per player... call Jeanle Wahlgren (913-8252575). Basketball tournaments • MAY 26 AT SALINA — Memorial Day 3-on-3 tournament at Salina South High School... 4-game guarantee... nine grade divisions ... $30 entry fee ... call Dan Sellers (913-823-7854). • JULY 19-20 AT UNDSBORQ — 5-on-5 boys weekend tournament at Bethany College ... 5-12 grades ... $100 per team ... entry deadline July 13 ... call Jon McLean (913-227-3311, ext. 8313). Cycling • MAY 24 AT LITTLE RIVER— 27-mile race ... 7:30 a.m. start ... call Milt Dougherty (316-897-6325) or Trudy Case (316-897-6717). Fishing tournaments • KANSAS WALLEYE ASSOCIATION SCHEDULE — $50 for one- day event; $100 for two-day event... non-point tournament: $200 for Big Bud Tournament ... May 18 at El Dorado Lake; May 31-June 1 at Glen Elder Lake (Big Bud Tournament); June 8 at Mllford Lake; June 21-22 at Glen Elder Lake (Kansas Governor's Cup); June 29 at Wilson Lake; July 12-13 at Melvem Lake ... call 913-379-5158. • JUNE 7 AT TUTTLE CREEK — Channel Catfish Derby ... 80 percent payback... $200 for largest catfish... entry fee $50 per team... no refund after June 6 ... call Bill Hughes (913-539-6559) or Paul Miller (913-639-7154). Golf tournaments • MAY 17-18 AT BELOIT — 1-man scramble ... 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. shotgun start ... $50 entry fee ... call Rodney Palen at 913-738-4421. Running • MAY 24 AT LITTLE RIVER— 15th annual Suicide Hill 5K and 10K Run ... entry fee $10 before May 20, $12 afterwards ... call Milt Dougherty (316-897-6325) or Trudy Case (316-897-6717). Soccer camps • JUNE »-12 AT SAUNA — Coyote Soccer Camp... 9-11:30 a.m.... grades K-12 ... $75 entry fee ... call Brian Bemer (913-827-5541, ext. 1370, or 913-243-7999). • JUNE 7,21 AT McPHERSON — 1-5 grades, June 7 ... grades 6- above, June 21 ... $30 entry fee ... call Jim Post (316-241-8257). Softball camps • MAY 11,18 AT SAUNA — One or two-day fast-pitch girls camps at South High School... 3rd-8th grades... $20 for single camps, $30 if registering for both ... call Daryl Hoeltlng (913-825-2815). • JUNE 2-6 AT SAUNA — Successful Softball Camp at Salina South High School... 4th-9th grades... 9 a.m.-noon... call Daryl Hoelt- lng (913-825-2815) or Francis Flax (913-827-0926). Softball tournaments • MAY 17-11 AT SALINA — East Crawford Recreation Area....Men's Slow Pitch....Class C and D entry fee $125.... 16-team limit ... entry deadline May 14 .... four-game guarantee contact Todd Begnoche 825-8135 (H) or 823-6400 (W). • MAY 17-1* AT ELLSWORTH — Men's slowpitch tournament... $100 plus two softballs... first eight teams entered... call Tony Nelson (913-472-4123). • MAY 24 AT ST. JOHN — Men's slowpitch tournament... double- elimination .. first six teams each ... call Nick Garcia (316-549-6549). • MAY 31 AT HILL8BORO — Girls' 12-under, 14-under tournaments ... first eight teams ... call Wendy Wilkinson (316-947-3490). • JUNE 14-15 AT CONCORDIA - Men's slow pitch tourney ... $80 entry fee and hit own Red Dot Balls ... June 11 deadline ... pool play Saturday, single-elimination Sunday, three games guaranteed ... Call 913-243-7306, or 913-243-7115 • JUNE 21-22 AT MARYSVILLE — Girls' 10-under (three games, one day) ... $50 entry fee ...12-under, 14-under round-robin (five games)... $100 ... call Dr. Dave Hamel (913-562-5512). • JUNE 2»-29 AT McPHERSON — Girts' 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-under... call Mike McCormlck (316-241-7347). • JULY 5-6 AT MARYSVILLE — Girls' 16-under and 18-under ... (six games)... $100 entry fee ... call Dr. Dave Hamel (913-562-5512). Tennis camps • JUNE 2-8 AT SAUNA — Salina Tennis Program at Central High courts ... $35 entry fee ... four time slots plus one for advanced high school players... call Bob Warkentlne (913-823-9351). • JUNE 9-20 AT SAUNA — Salina Tennis Program at Central High courts ... $65 entry fee ... four time slots plus one for advanced high school players ... call Bob Warkentlne (913-823-9351). • JULY 7-18 AT SAUNA — Salina Tennis Program at Central High courts ... $65 entry fee ... four time slots plus one for advanced high school players ... call Bob Warkentlne (913-823-9351). Tennis tournaments • HAY 17 AT SALINA — Second annual Women's Doubles Classic at Oakdate Park... level 3.0-3.5 (over 16)... entry Is free... deadline May 14 ... call 913-6267434. Track and field meets • HAY 17 AT MINNEAPOLIS — Lions Club Junior High Champion of Champions Track Meet... 8 a.m. start... 7th-8th grades... girls and boys, no relays... $5 entry fee per event... call Robert Smith (913-523-4644). Volleyball camps • JUNE 15-19 AT SALINA — Heart of America regular camp and advanced camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $245 (day camper $155) ... ages 9-17 ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 19-22 AT SAUNA — Heart of America team camp at Kansas Wesleyan ... $195 (day camper $155) ... call HOA Sports Camps & Clinics (913-827-6229). • JUNE 23-26 AT SAUNA — A Step Ahead Volleyball Camp at Sacred Heart High School ... girls entering 5th-6th grade, 9 a.m.-noon each day ... 1-4:30 p.m. for girls entering 7th-8th grade ... $45 fee :.," call Rose Wlttman (913-823-9217) or Chris Clark (913-827-7552). Wrestling camps * • JUNE 10-12 AT SAUNA — At Roosevelt-Lincoln Junior High ... 10 a.m.-noon ... registration fee 9-10 a.m.... $20 fee ... call Shannon Peters (913-823-0253). • JUNE 25-27 AT SALINA — At Salina South High School... 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. ... registration fee 8-9 a.m., June 25 ... $50 fee ... call Bob Warkentlne (913-823-9351). Notices • BOATING SAFETY CLASSES AT ABILENE — May 17 and 24 at Senior Center... 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ...must attend both sessions ... no' fee ... call 913-263-7266 to pro-register. • YOUTH BASEBALL, SOFTBALL DEADLINES — Salina Parks & Recreation entry deadline Is May 14 (6 p.m.)... registration (onus can be obtained at City-County Building, Room 100... call 913-826-7434. • SHUf REWARD — The Salina Parks & Recreation Department offering program to learn sport of shutfleboard... 7 p.m. at FrtonsMp Center, 746 Comrnancha Janice (913-826-7434). • BOAT INSPECTION — Courtesy boat Inspection at Wilson Lake... Saturday, May 17... 2 p.m. at Hell Creek Slate Park Boat Ramp... call 913-658-2465. Fishing tournament WESTERN KANSAS BASSMA6TER8 At Wilton Ukt 1. Dwkjhl Langhofer, Russell; Matt Unghofer, Russell, 20.57 pounds. 2. Ken Newell, Daman Bob Rioheson, Andale, 20.35. 3. Jamie Summers, Hays; Kerry Jones, Bogue, 17.85. UrgMl btu — Bob Rfcheson, Andale, 5.22.

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