Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 7, 1965 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
Page 6
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6 - Friday, May 7, 1965 Rediands Dally Facts SUB BALLAST EXPULSION TANK - A giant 80-ton, high- pressure test tank for full-scale testing of a submarine ballast expulsion system is hoisted by crane prior to truck shipment yesterday from the Kaiser steel plant in Fontana to Lockheed Propulsion Company's test facility near Beaumont. Watching the crane operation are James A. Griswold, (left) manager of the ballast expulsion program for Lockheed, which is developing the system for the Navy, and Lee Back of Kaiser. LPC submarine safety device to be tested in giant tank The ball realty began roUingiwaler ballast tanks. Lockheed-|of several weeks — the giant today in Lockheed Propulsion|developed solid propellant gas:tank will permit Lockheed's generators will be fired inside|test engineers to simulate a Company's program to develop a space-age safety system for llie U. S. Navy's nuclear-powered submarines. The "ball," an 80-ton, 14-foot- dianieter spherical pressure tank for testing the Lockheed system, was rolling East along the highway from the Kaiser Steel fabricating plant here to Lockheed's Potrero Production and Test Facility near Beaumont. Contractors' Cargo Company, of South Gate, had the job of transporting the monster. It is the largest and heaviest marine engineering pressure vessel ever built Lo llie Western United States. Actually a ball-within-a-ball. the test device contains a 10- foot-diameter inner tank which represents the submarines' sea this tank to discharge water into the massive outer tank, containing additional water under pressures equivalent to hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean. Applying knowledge gained through 13 years of experience in .solid propellant rocketry, Lockheed Propulsion is developing for the Navy Bureau of Ships an emergency baUast eX' pulsion system designed to per mit the deep-diving subma rines to expel many tons of sea water ballast from Ihcir tanks in a matter of seconds, thus restoring positive buoyancy and causing them to rise to the surface. When installed at Potrero and fully instrumented — a matter Mentone, Crafton News By ROSEMARY CASSEL Facts Mentone Correspondent Phone 792-7113 More Feather River wafer sought by Muni directors Application for an additionali protection" for the district, said 23,600 acre-feel annually of] MUNI can recoup any possible Feather River water when it] loss by reselling the water lo becomes available was ap. Metropolitan Water District, proved Wednesday by the San The directors withheld action Bernardino Valley Municipal! on delivery points of any addi deeply submerged submarine in distress, and to measure the performance and efficiency of full-scale prototypes of the hot gas generators under develop, ment. Tests conducted in this "inshore ocean" will provide vital information on the system before the Navy begins actual sea trials at a later dale. To meet the Navy's test requirements, Lockheed needed a rugged pressure shell, capable of w'ithstanding thousands of pounds per square inch of internal pressure. Kaiser Steel fabricated the massive outer •sphere from oy4 -inch thick quenched and tempered steel plate (HY80). This sphere alone weighs 76 tons. The outher sphere wall segments were formed cold in two passes in a 5,000 - ton press, eliminating any need to use forging temperatures which could lend to reduce the thickness ot the material below the required minimum. AM welding in (he forming of jthe outer sphere was subjected to nondestructive X-ray and ultrasonic testing pi'ocedurcs lo insure satisfactory welds. Water District (MUNI) board of directors. The water, formerly set aside by the Department of Water Resources for cooling purposes at ional Feather River water contracted for pending later determination. In other business, the direc- ! tors approved an expenditure of Rietvelds Honored In Hew Home Friends honored Mr. and Mrs. William Rietveld at a housewarming recently in their new home at 12386 Birch Court in Yucaipa. Mrs. Rietveld is the former Mrs. Nellie Kirby of Mentone. Mrs. H. H. Constant and Mrs. Joe W. Harriott provided the floral decorations, and Miss Miss Emily Daulen and Mrs. Ethel Marquardt were in charge of the luncheon tables. Mrs. Robert C. Langslon took charge of the card tables, and Mrs. Ernest A. Chamberlin circulated the guest book. Guests at the buffet luncheon, during which time a gift was presented to the Rietvelds, were Mrs. Betty Bolter, Mrs. Pauline Gregory, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. W. Harriott, Miss Emily Daulen, Mrs. Olga Morris, Mrs. Lillian Horton, Otto Vavra, A. Bossil, and Mr. and Mrs. George Alden, all of Yucaipa. From Mentone were Mcsdamcs and Mssrs. George Huey, John McCormack, Oscar Heck, Ernest A. Chamberlin, H. IH. Constant. Robert C. Lang Car sold, but DMV not told; man arrested A central California resident, awakened at night, opened his door to find policemen with a warrant for his arrest for failing to pay parking violation fines. The man was understandably surprised. He had not received any parking tickets. A San Francisco motorist called the Department of Motor Vehicles with a similar comlaint: "I've received three parking lickcls — all from the Los Angeles area. But I haven't been in Los Angeles since 1D53," he prolcsled. DMV Director Tom Bright .said his depart ment hcar.s from many such molorisl.i daily — all complaining that they received parking tickets they do not deserve. At the bottom of the problem. Bright explained, is the failure of vehicle sellers to notify DMV when they .sell a vehicle. "This would protect the .seller from future liability on the sold vehicle if the buyer fails to record the transfer of ownership as required by law," Bright said. Here is an example of what can happen; John A. seUs a used car to Joe B., and properly signs over the vehicle's pink slip (ownership certificate). But Joe fails lo report the transfer of ownership with DMV within the prescribed 10 days. Joe B. then accrues parking tickets and does not pay the fines. When the court checks the license number of the car with DMV, it finds the car is registered to John A., because the transfer to Joe B. has never been reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The court takes action against John A., who it believes to be the owner. Bright said this happens to persons selling their vehicles to individuals and to dealers. What can be done to protect the seller? "The only protection is to notify DMV that you have sold the vehicle," Bright said. The deartment has a form for this purpose, labled at the to, "Notice — Transfer Owners Interest in and Possession of Motor Vehicle." When completed, the form lists the date of sale, the buyer and his address. The forms are available at any DMV office, and should be returned to any DMV office or to DMV's Sacramento headquarters immediately after the car is sold. "The form is filed with the vehicle's records in Sacramento," Bright said. "Thus, law enforcement agencies making inquiries into our headquarters files will be notified that the vehicle has been sold to a new gets grant for teachers in physics An opportunity for 40 hiah school teachers to obtain supplemental training in physics during the 1965-66 school year will be provided by the University of Rediands through a National Science Foundation grant. The University has received a 510,960 grant to continue the in-service institute program, announced Dr. J. Kenneth Trolan, coordinator of the physics department. The institute will meet Monday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. for 30 sessions. Two classes will be conducted simultaneously. Elementary physics topics will j be emphasized in the course taught by Stan Treitman. instructor at Collon High school. Purpose of this institute will he I to familiarize high school teach- 1 ers with the Physical Sciences i Survey Committee Physics. Dr. Trolan will teach the advanced mechanics class, which will treat topics in classical physics. Guest lecturers also ivill aiipear before both groups throughout the year. The institute, open to high ,chool teachers and advi.sors ot science, is limited to 40 partici- i pants. This is an increase over Woolworth's celebratina la'iiou'ed'''during ^Ze'''cu .Tent ** I school year. I Rediands has been conducting j the physics in-service institute i (or about six years. Participants JIM GLAZE AND THE SILVER SHOES - Jim Glaze proudly displays the Silver Shoes Award presented the Lincoln- Mercury agency bearing his name by the Ford Motor Company. The award is a symbol of achievement in meeting the company's rigid stondards lor establishing programs to assure customer satisfaction by encouraging dealership em­ ployes to "put themselves in the customers' shoes." 50th year in Rediands The F. W. Woolworth Co. at 2 East State Street in Rediands is celebrating the golden anniversary of its founding this year. Established in 1915, R. E. Holt, store manager said the present store is a "far cry" from the first one which carried only a few hundred 5 and 10 cent items. Now the store slocks thousands of different items. Woolworth's first Rediands store, which opened on May 1, 1915, was located at 18 East State Street. In 1940 they moved lo their present location at 2 East State St. In 1960 the store was enlarged and completely re. modeled. "The reason we have been here 50 years," Holt said, "is because, when Woolworth's was -a" earn up to four hours of evaluating Rediands as a store, =""csc credit by compleling lha site it saw potential growth and ]^Il^H^ . civic mindedness in the com-iy ^,.kjy • riTV munity that assured our store of, « i ' • success. 1 LINCOLN. Calif. (UPl)-Of- "Woolworlh's could almost be'ficials are trying to figure out used as a barometer of Red- what to do with a S55 million lands development. Wc started city near here, with a small store with a fcw^ Trouble is, it's underground, employes. Our present store i It was built as a Titan missle contains 21.794 square feet and'site and since abandoned. Coun- employes 25 people and has a ly officers rave suggested mak- much greater assortment of mcr- ing it an emergency headquar- chandise than the first store,"iters for state government in Holt added. 'case of attack. Now You Knov/ The idea for Mother's Day was originated in 1907 by Miss Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia who asked her church to hold special services on the first anniversary of her mother's death according to the American Greetings Corp. owner, preventing unnecessary inconvenience and embarrass ment to the previous owner." Bright said such changes are not made in DMV's Los Angeles files until after annual registration renewal periods. lJV /|iAvl* Outstanding wide selection of Beautiful Mother's Day Boxes . . . delightfully filled with a variety of creams and nuts. from $1.50 to $17.50 We will pock Mother's choice at no extra charge. ^ m ^ JL Wlierfi Only Pure Cream d CANDY 11 No. 5th 792-9381 ^ "IT'S DEFINiTLY DIFFERENT" Plate for the smaller sphere is. , , c- u »s-inch mild steel, and ' the j ton, and Mesdames Sarah weight of this component is only! Adams. Carrie Lyons, Ethel 3'j tons. Crosthwaite, Sr., 1. Purl Fleming. Robert Frazier, Edwin B Kposed^ nuclear'^ energyl S3.S00 by the district toward an pumping plant, is being offeredhngmeenng study by the Un.led to Feather River contractors, in-\ states Oeologica^ b u i v e y the MUNI district, on! (USGS) of the underflow m the eluding a percentage basis of entitlement. Although the di.^lricl is entitled lo a 2'': per cent minimum, which would amount to 490 acre, feet, the board approved a mo. tion by director C. Patrick Milligan of Riatto to apply for the entire 23,600 acre-feel. The amount which (he district ultimately receives will depend on possible application by other contracting water agencies for their percentage entitlements. The MUNI district currently holds a contract for 98.000 acre- feet o£ Feather River Water annually when it becomes available. Board president Horace Hinckley of Rediands, who described the 98,000 acre-feet as "an enormous amount ... in this valley," asked, "Who's go. ing to use it all'/" during the discussion on the additional water. He disagreed with director.Le- roy Holmes of San Bernardino, who said it "will be easy to sell any excess water." Director Joseph Bonadiman of San Bernardino said, "If we get Ihe water, we'll get the people to drink it." Milligan, who noted the addi- Bonal water would be "good Chino Basin. As a result of its participation in the Chino Basin study, the district will benefit from any findings of a similar USGS study of the underflow in San Timoteo Canyon, according to Hinckley. in order to qualify the I".Sei'p"-i,„-;- ^ vdgtl 'and Mi;^^ unit for Its important assign-^,„„,„„^ " ment in the Navy's continuing quest for safety of its submarine personnel. Kaiser conducted a series of hydrostatic tests to pressures far exceeding those at which the Permit class submarines are designed to operate. The big ball pa.ssed its "physical examination" with flying colors, and Lockheed approved its roU-out to begin its Navy duty. Mildred Clemens. Also Mrs. Noah Read, Mrs. Eva Coding, Mrs. Ethel Marquadt, and Paul Fenslon, aU of Rediands. Invited, but unable to attend were Mrs. M. Clausen of Pacific Palisades and Mrs. Phoebe James of Verdugo City. Dont Just Love Mother... Pamper her with Gifts from Gordon s Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything CaU 793-3221 THE BOflN LiSER yoG know the type ... ttie impossible ihinss that happen to hhn are fnany (even funaier when they happen to yon and me). They 're hilarious vrhen yoo hear obout them or read about them which you'll be oble to do in our new doily comic Strip, THE BQRN LOSER. \ 3-pc. MafcW Lnggage Set UijgagB set inetedes pultaao, weni^ case , ami 'uan-eass. -.-ir-^' -\ Jost "CHARGE rr . OHLY $4, A ttOKTH >v KODM L\STAi\IATIC 100 CAMERA. PLUS TAX Complex start£f includes eameia, film, 4 flash bulbs, aad 2 battaies. . 'h^^ifffiati, __ • "Jusi CHARGE rr^^StA WEEK ; ^$1588 ^^^^ DIAMOND MERCHANTS OF AMERICA In Rediands: 20 East State S ' In Riverside: 3940 Main Street In Ontario:_Ontarii> Plaza Shopping Ctr. In San Bernardino: 306 "E" Street - Open Monday and Fridoy Nights in Rediands, 'til 9 o'ciocl< -

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