Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 13, 1933 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 13, 1933
Page 2
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PACE TWO ' ®SOCi EJt SPRING DAY IN KANSAS. This day Is sf day like days in a fitory book. With gutter to the air that glorifles , Thei edge and tip of every leaf, and [ >Hfe rOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING. MARCg;13. 1933 NEW NAVY SKY QIANT IS CHRISTEJfED *mCON" In pools of mirror strangeness on the brook Pale trees are deeply shadowed with the look Of rendezvous, and clouds like turrets rise. a day for knights and their emiRlse, Treasure seems probable In any ; nook. And I am not changing in the tale. My ears feel pointed, I can talk In rhyme. Today, and know what birds say In ; their song, I'll And a nest I know, here in the swale, . And over thW. next hill thut I shall ciimb, : The lovir I hnvp waited for .so I OMK, —May Wllliamji Wind In Kuiisii.'i Tola MuKlc Club MeetN (o Elect. Offlcen Tlic annual meetlntr lor liic clef.' Hon of officers for theocmJnK year win be held by the active mcmbt r. of the lola Music club lomorrov,- afternoon at 2:15 at the home ol Mrs. L. W. Simmons, • • • Moments Musical • Program Tomorrow Afternoon The Moments Musical club will meet tomorrow afternoon at thre. IOLA;, KANSAS NEWS OF HORAN ;tV<etids in Sunday School . Class ;. Sdrprise' Mrs. iMary Lacey ' ,, oil 87th Birthday. Htirc is the navy's new sky giant, the Macon, as she was christened at Akrifn. A scant crowd biraved the snowy winds tlijit howled through the dirigible's huge dock. After the ceremony, the ship was freed for a moment and allowed to rise. Then she was anchored again to be conditioned for her first flight, expected within a week. not seem to be enthusiastic about „. „ ^ ,, . , , „•;' I baby chicks, Some have hens setting, plan to soon'set tneir incu- I batois and a few are having eggs M. 'Wells, program chairman for the afternoon, announces the following program: Piano duet. "Le Matin".Chaniinaidc Miss biiola Green. Mr.. .Delbert Franklin. Vocal solos— 1. "The Silent Flute,".. .Hululten 2. 'The Cuckoo Clock" set at the hatcherj'. Practically all plan to raise enough pullets to keep up a good'laj-ing flock as their is no financial inducement to sell broilers or frys af present prices even if feed is low. A few farmers have their oats sown. Others are waiting for warm- Granl-Shafer j ^iid ^^j^e favorable weather. Mrs. Floyd Smith. , SPJ^P parly gardens are started. Clarinet solos— 1. "The Flight of the Bumble 2. i Mr. and Mrs. ' Russell McHenry r,^.. , „ , ^•'^d Eugene were Sunday dinner ••^.Rhnsky Korsakov-ig^^,,t^ ^j^s. Emma Joiinson and "On the :Mountain". .Grochad ; ^liVs ^'Elizateth, 7n Tola. i=io„„ Ti,?"wfu^^?^?'' ,f.,,, ! ^-I". and Mi-s. Dale Nichols ami Piano duet 'Six Waltzes (firs jr., spent Monday evening at movement) |. . Brahms-Maicr ; ^^.^ McClanahan home, in lola, -^I'- '^"ti Mrs. ;Russell McHeno' I,. ^clf „Hn^/,^ I'i .n- ' and Eugene spent Monflay evening Piano solo, ••Sruhlmgrauschen . .. i ^^^^ Gcorgo Pettit home ^-^""S M. I. C. met at the home of Mr. Delbert Franklin. ' Mrs. ^, . J ""t," ,';'"'r4 ^"o i Han -v Shelton Wednesday, March 8. Selected . .Rev. Holland D. Snuffer , .^^m/the prrsidcnt, Mrs. Frank WU^ Piano solo, "Polonaise E M^l^ ^^.^^^^^ ^^^^j. ^ ^.^^^^ "\Vr' T ^---'^ .'^e.ssion the Bible lesson studies .,^']?^ •. . .'^^i on -Work and Power of Jesus" were Double Mixed Quartet. : The Mil- j continued. The teacher, especialiy lers 'Wooing ...^ .J anmni; 3, ..^^^.^^ ^^^^^j „j Mrs. Haglund. Worsham. ™Him -j „.^_.j t„ j^s^^., ^^^^ ^ij,^ *o"'^^^^^ ironi .sin, peace, joy and Scott, Worsham and Worth- ! >,„,,pi,icfE. The one solution to the , J .. worlds problems is Jesus. But the Piano solo. "Clkir De Susse Uvo:-!d s;;urns the remedy. Songs 'At ...J Prokoficff.: . - ' - Evelyn Way man. . String ensemble— 1. Lieberstraiime 2. .Selected, j Directed by Mrs. Floyd Brown. Liszt PRAIRIE DELL (Mrs. G. H. Ford.l MORAN. Mar. 10.— A large company of old friends and neighliors ottended the funeral service* of L. C. Caldwell, Bayard, held Thursday afternoon in the Methodist Episco- :0ti cliurch, Mildred. The famijiy jJw«S)«! Residents here so\ long tlhat afB still thought of^as MoVan xBa have the heartfelt sym ly if the entire community in iOteic unexpected bereavement. 'Mrs. Mary Lacey who celebrated her eighty-fourth birthday anniver- "tijr Wednesday was the recipient a number of gifts from her ''-and a beautiful box of flow- hcr son E. O. Lacey and V Kansas. City. As a pleasant s'lirprlsij a few close friends , and members of the Constant Workers Sunday Rchool class spent the afternoon with her, Mrs. Q. E. Lacey nnd Mrs, 'Vevu Hobart served rc- ficshincnts to the followln'g eueats: MnsdaniCH J, N. ThompNon, M. C, Whcelor. Prank Reos, J, A. Andrews, n. W, Cox, Tryphosa Wlls(!in, Sarah nmnlirey, A. L. Martin, find Ml,-..-. Florence Barber. Many friends are Indeed glad to know that Mrs, Lacey is almost recovered from a recent illness, Mis-scs Doris Harris and Elizabeth Davis came down from Kansas City lliursday where they are attending business college, for a visit over the week-end with relatives and friends, The Ladies' Aid-of the Christian church held an all day meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs. J. C. Norton, and the time was spent quilting. About 25 members and friends were present.; An enjoyable feature of the day was the covered dish dinner sen-ed at the noon hour. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Proiit and children. Kansas City, visited here over the week-end, guests of Mrs. Proufs sister Mrs. E. T. Gilmore and family. Miss Gertrude Gilmore accompanied them home for a visit of several days. Mrs. William Stitzel entertained the 'Triple Link club Tuesday afternoon and had as her guests the following members: Mesdames M. C. Wheeler, Carl Snodgrass. Charles Agner. E. H. Bartlett. Frank Rees,' George Welch, Charles Harrln, E. J. Weast. and the hostess. Quite a large crowd attended the benefit program Wednesday evening at the Presbyterian church for the local Boy Scout troop. The lola 'Four accompanied by George Dan: forth, LaHarpe, gave a group of especially pleasing numbers. A band group directed by M. C. Ralston, and a series of slight; of hand performance by Art Ciibson also of lola, cohcluded a very entertaining program Indeed. The receipts of S22.00 with only a ^all expense is very gratifying also. Clarence Kester and Harlan Isaac have charge of the Moran Scout work. Work of preparing the Easter cantata for presentation at the Methodist Episcopal church has begun under the dh^ctlon of Mrs. Ernest C. Wilson. The program is to be given Easter Sunday evening. April 16. Miss Levetia Laughlin is assisting in the office of Dr. Nevitt during the absence of Mrs. Elizabeth Simpson who is visiting a few days In Kansas City with her daughter, Mrs. Donald Merrill and Mr. Merrill. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Paske and Grace Shlvely, Toronto, visited relatives here a short time Thursday and attended the funeral services of L. 0. Caldwell. Mr. and Mrs. L, O. Smith have returned home from a visit of several days with relatives in Tulsa and Bartlcsvlllc. MisH Wllabcth Harris, Lane, Hpent the week-end with her parcnt-s Mr. and Mrs, N. L, Harris, and other relatives, Mr. and Mrs,. R, J. Conderman had as their guests the first of the Veek Mrs. Flossie Teter.Mrs. H, W. Boon, and her granddaughter. Miss Peggie Lee Kepple of Chetopa, Mr. and Mrs. J, C. Baisinger and their daughter Mrs. Ericson of Elsmore visited Sunday at Devon with their daughter and sister Mrs. Russell Mattox, who is in charge of the telephone exchange at Devon. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Ford and Mr. and Mrs. Everette Smith, LaHarpe, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Young. Mrsi Nettie McCprmack visited with Mrs. L. C. Caldwell and family at Bayard Wednesday evening. 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We have placed the three utilities on a ,«'-3lf suslainiiiK tiasis. We jinvo cut the Ixinded in- deUtedness of the cit.\' practically in two and we have cut the operatinK't-'.xiierises of the city by about oiu;- third. W'e are now iil'.'i position to continue with tills jirogram until we can have tiie-lowest ta.ves and utility i-ates in the state. ' I wish to call to your-attention that the jiasf three yeai'shave bee lithe on^y period in lola that,we have enjoyed both lower ta.xes! and lower utility rates. Both can be made still lowei- and that is the ne.xt step in the program I propose. I realize that to satisfy everyone would be a super job —lean only do my best. I assure you that I will appreciate your support in the primaries tomori'ow. CARII0LI. HOYT ' I Political Advertising.) Register Want Ads for Prompt Results! tlie Seautilul Gate" aiid "I Need Jcsii;; • were sun<j and meeting closed by praying the "Lords Prayer' iu rnison. The next, meeting will be Wednesday afternoon, March 22. with Mrs. Ray Stickle and Miss E!va. . The hostess served refreshments to Mrs. Frank Willenberg, ; . ^ . . Mar. 10.—Mrs. Frank WiUenburg j Mrs. Clint Baker, Mrs. Bert Baker, I ^^1^"=° ceremon>. planned a Uttle surprise party on 1 Mrs. Harold Baker, Mis. Bert Japh- * * * NEA* Mrs. William A.-Moflet. wife of the navj-'s chief of aeronautics, pulled a | long cord that released doves from the riggirtfe of the giant Macon,' Thus 1 was the Navy's new queen of the air christened at Akron. Mi's. Moffet is I shown in the center above. With her are Macon. Ga.. debutantes-who as- her sister-^in-law, Mrs. Henn,- Willenberg, whose birthday was March 2nd. Mrs. E. H. Brown. Mi-s. J. M. Overman. Mrs. Sams. Mrs. Frank Willenberg, Mrs. Bert Baker. Mrs. Rebecca Hinkle and Mrs. Frank Barth helped her enjoy the' happy occasion. Refreshments of angel : food cake ' and Jcoffee were served. Mni. WUlenijerg received many lovely remembrances and good wishes lor many more happy birthdays. Farmers wives in Prairie Dell do et, Mrs. Frank Barth, Mrs. Dale borhood have been out several days Nifl -nis nn'rf Wi-.;.-Rnc^oii A/rnMor,,-,, ^'"^^i""" "live oeen out several aays Miirphy at Trinity c^iurch today I Friday), and extend their deep- iowly awaiting further news from ' relatives and friends in the stricicen nated by a number of causes, most i Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Shcrrill visited ; of which they w-ere able to remedy, j at the Jason Sherrill home Thurs- ! Murpny l!y wore residents of this neighborhood several years ago and endeared themselves to all who knew them. • The men of this immediate neigh- MCIRIZO.NT.VI l ^jO tylsl out of shape. 5 Doctrine which is to prevent any European power from Belzing a coy- c^nment in South America. /I Trainer. 12 Ceaseless. 14 Valued, 15 Away. 16 God of rove. 18 Foretoken. IS To hasten. 20 Measure. 22 Card game. 23 Strife. 24 Play on woniii. 1 25 Native name of Per.ila. 2T Northwest. 28 Measure of cloth. 29 Fine silky asbestosT 32 Inert gaseous element. 34 Collection of facts. 05 Barricades. .An .'iMer to Prcviou.s I 'u/./.lc 9 Unit. 10 N'obleman. 11 .VieXiran dish 13 Fool or dolt 14 Aftermath. 15 Crowning? detail.^. 17 To plant. 1!) To drone. 20 Work of genius. 21 Hurrah! 24 Father. •2:, Sinolts. 21) Lump. :!0 Black bird. befo.-e good ser/ice can be enjoyed. Tlie school; children can now give a big sigh of relief as tney completed theii; ia,st bi-monthly examination today. Jason Sherrill had the misfortune to lose one of his nice gray horses froni choking on oats, one day last week. Miss Reita Sherrill visited friends in Pittsburg Sunday. Mr., and Mrs. Hurley Butts took dinn,or at the B. N. Baker home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scoflcld of Parsons, visited with Miss Reita SheiTill Thursday. Mrtny in this communitj' are anx- day. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Snodgras.s and family spent Thursday evening at the Jason Shcn-ill home. Bert Japhet had the misfortune to have .a rod come loose in the ; head of his grinder motor and cause , considerable damage" to the motor.: arid motor walls which will necessitate considerable repair work before it will be ready for service. Mr. and. Mrs. Frank Barth and . family plan to spend Sunday in' InJa with her mother,, Mrs. Lora Steele and have a birthday dinaer in honor of Franklin's fifteenth birthday. Have you !a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy. anything? Use the Classified <* 'I'i ; I I L SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN CSJeeriiiK ' remarks. 4'! WaKon tra<k. 44 Street. 4G Pi_'dai ilit;ils. Driviiii; coni- niiuul. 4.'* Since, III LoL'f.-ci'.'; hool, r.l YOM and I. 51! Stream ol>- struct ion. n.-i Black. .'•.4 Herb, .nfi Mitter. . 57 To ml) out. •5S District in which an itin­ erant preacher ''1 Spanisli dance works. CI To place in i line. f;2 Freezing. 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Some people object to rhubarb. because of its acidity. While the»: leaves do contain some oxalic acid 1 and shiuld Jiot be used, the .stems contain only a very .«mall amount and after cooking the oxalic acid •. content is nil. In spite of its tart j .flavor, its. residue upon digestion i is alkaline. ' j -Aside from its plea.santly tart flavor, which stimulates the appetite, rhubarb is a good source of Important food elements. Phosphorous, that constituent nece.ssary fur strong teeth and sound bones,; and vitamin C are present in this : fruit. Care sliould be taken not to overcook rhubarb. Vitamin C is de-; stroyed if SRbjectod to too great a | heat for too long a time. As little water as possibfe should be used \ Rhubarb Betty is made like broWn Betty, substituting rhubarb ! for apples. ! Rhuliarb tapioca pudding is gdod, '; too. The fruit can be cooked in Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, cereal, cream, eggs poached in milk on graham toast, milk, coffee. LUNCHEOX: Macaroni croquettes, celery and apple salad, rye bread, rhubarb whip, milk, tea. DINXEU: Cabbage and pork en casserole, creamed carrots, tomato jelly salad, rhubarb shortcake, milk, coffee. to prevent burning because the; tapioca with sugar and a little fruit-vegetable is very'juicy of it-; water or the tapioca can be cooked self.- ' 'separately and poured over rhu- And now for some ways to use barb arranged in a buttered bak- "pi.e-plant" In menus. ; ing dish and the whole baked Frozen dishes, hof or cold pud-i minutes In a moderate Oven. Serve djn.i^s and gelatine dishes are deli- with siigar and cream or a cus- cious made with rhubarb. Well tard sauce. sweetened rhubarb sauce is good The first rhubarb usually l^as .a with plain rice :and cornstarch | very . tender skin and if well puddings. When making rhubarb j washed need notj be peeled. When, sauce do not add the sugar until I cooked with the skin on it has a letnoving sauce from Uie lire. 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