The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 30, 1933 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1933
Page 6
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THE BAKERS.F1ELD CAL1FORNIAN, MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 1933 I OX I HI'Al HI America's Beloved Queen of the Air I X PARAMOUNfSJC With RANDOLPH SCOTT SALLY 8LANE The Greatest Name In Radio on the Screen! BASED ON THE ACTUAL MEMOIRS OF H. ASHTON-WOLFE FROM THE AMERICAN WEEKLY KATE SMITH Kale Smith Hoard and Seen in "Hollo. Everybody." AV'itli Fine Cast FRENCH POLICE OWIli ANDRI C1EOOHY lAfOM IMNk MORGAN SEE "ROSS" THE MECHANICAL MAN IN OUR FOYER TODAYI FOX MOVIETONE NEWS AMI'OKXIA TODAY and TOMORROW Yru'll like this better than tny picture they've ever midtl "Hello, Kverybody!", Kate Smith's first full-length feature picture made from a story by Fannie Hurst, will elnsf It." engagement tomorrow. The film toll.s (he slory of n competent and blg-heurtnd farm girl, who has Niici'cs.sfully managed a large farm since her father's death. Surveyors from a San Francisco power and water company appear In tho neighborhood to buy up the valley farms. Knte refuses lo sell, and tho farmers, accepting her natural leadership. also refuse. Litigation results, the long court battles eating up the life savings of the fiirmers. Knte. seeking 11 way out, signs n contract with a rndlo company, mid lets her voice Ihe niimey which MIIVCS the viilloy fnrms. Randolph Scott and .Sully Wane play the romantic IciidH, 'riie new songs which M|MH Smith Introduces in the course of the firm lire "lUonn Song," "IMi-kiinliinles 1 ITfii ven," "Out In Ihe Crent Open .Space-." mid "Twenty Million People." During tlie early stages of the hunt for the kidnapers and n«irderern of the Ijlndhorgh baby, qulln a number of persons versed In crime detection commented that the' escape of the fiends Involved would have been Impossible In France because of the uncannily successful "Surcte,' 1 tho French secret police. A powerful hint of the reason for this organization Inspiring such Internationally wide confidence is conveyed In ".Secrets of the French Police." now showing with Gwlli Andre, Frank Morgan and John Warburton In leading roles. GAYNOR, FARRELL SEENJNDRAMA Noted Sweethearts of Film World Oostnrred in "Toss" Feature IN "HELLO, EVERYBODY" Make Him "Smile" for Free Tickets AID STEPDAUGHTERS AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 30. fA. P.I— The state legislature has been asked to "fix" the law so stepdaughter* may marry stepfathers. The Texas law now says a stepfather may marry his stepdaughter, hut he enn't. for the law does not penult u stepdaughter to marry her stepfather. I 1 '. M. Ross, known an the "mechanical man," will be a feature at the Fox theater today. Ross, known as the man who it is Impossible to make smile, has appeared on "big time" circuits and In exhibitions all over the west and offers an amusing and Interesting program. One of his stunts Is a lobby appear- i.ncc during which free tickets to the theater are offered to anyone who can make him smile or lose control of his facial muscles. More About the New Deal YOUR •TODAY and TOMORROW Out of the Air! Onto the Screen! All the Stars of Radioland in Comedy, Cartoon and News RI ALTO 5 TO 6 P. M.. I5c; AFTER 6, lie. 261 TODAY and TOMORROW TWO BIG PICTURES Ricardo Cortex, Karen Morley in the Radio Prize Mystery "Phantom of Crestwood" and Dorothy Revler in "Sally of the Subway" News and Cartoon VIRGINIA Continuous 12 m. to 11 p. m. 300 Seats. Any Time.. .15c Last Times Today = Idle Dollars Stagnate Your Community's Development YOUR 10-Day Special SHOE REPAIRING Men's Half Soles Ladles' Half Soles Rubber Heels Best Leather Finest Workmanship DAVIS 1002 Baker Street (Near Kentucky) REDUCED PRICES on PLATES Quick Service Office Over Klmball A Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT Idle Dollars Retard Prosperity's Return You Say How can I use my idle dollars to help speed up community development and hasten the return of prosperity? We Say ^. v purchasing space in the Bakersfield Community Mausoleum under a lime payment and exchange plan So Different So Unique So Simple So Satisfactory That YOU O UP °^ cr completely justifies the vtr-ii n making of such a purchase — AT Will bay ONCE. LET'S TALK IT OVER GIVE US A LITTLE OF YOUR TIME IN EXCHANGE .KOR A LITTLE OF OUR TIME — WK1TK OR TELEPHONE 5031! FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS WHILE THIS MESSAGE IS FRESH IN YOUR MIND. LEAHN ALL OF THE REASONS why you should tulto advantage of this most unusual opportunity, then start your purchase with a small, down payment and pay the balance as you would add to a savings account ut a regular time each month. NO INTEREST FOR YOU TO PAY —YOUU COMPLETED PURCHASE WILL EARN YOU INTEREST PAYABLE QUARTERLY FOR 20 YEARS TITLE CONVEYED BY DEED —EXEMPT FROM ALL TAXATION—ALWAYS WORTH THE PURCHASE PRICE. Wide Distribution of Ownership Is Earnestly Desired A $50 Purchuuo UB Welcome UB one for $10,000.00 WB INVITE CRITICISM Bakersfield Memorial Park, Inc. A Limited Corporation AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $400,000.00 "Dedicated to the Highest Fulfillment of the Memorial Ideal" MALCOLM BftOCK .1. K. Mi'A LPIN'IS President Managing Dlrootor GUOKGE B. OROME Ca. W. ROBINSON Vk-e-Vrenldent Director LOUIS BANDUCC1 L. S. ROBINSON Vlce-PreHldent Secretary-Treasurer AMERIGO P1EKUOCI. Director Identified With the Community Mausoleum Member of the Interment Association of California SPONSORED BY NEARLY TWO HUNDRED LOCAL MEN AND WOMEN— LEADING CITIZENS OF BAKERSFIELD AND KERN COUNTY ' Exclusive Service Representative J. K. McAlpinc Land & Development Company, Ltd. Main Office—Community Mausoleum I'hone 5032 Depnrtlnp widely from their customary type nf vehlrlo, Janet Claynnr und Charles li'iirroll prove to he more romantic mid more picturesque than ever In "Toss of the Storm Country," which opened yesterday on the screen of tho California theiiter. In tho colorful - rolo of u sea cap- Iain's daughter who comes to live afihorp for the first time In her life, and who finds both hor bravery and her tempestuous disposition severely tried by the various obstacles she meets. Miss (linynor Rives ono of tho best performances In her entire career. Pnrrell, as the millionaire's son who Is disowned by his Irascible father ho- canso of his Interest In the heroine, likewise comes through .with a flawless portrayal. Alfred SnnteU's fine direction and Ihe brilliant work of a supporting cast headed by Dudley Illumes, Claude Cllll- Itigwator, June Clyde and Kdward Piuvlcy, add to the realism tind entertainment iiualllleH of this Kox Film production. ' Most of the action talces .place aboard a big schooner and around a rocky cove on the New England Coast, providing a thoroughly marine atmop- phero to (lie picture, and one very fitting to Its .swift action and many dramatic moments. JANET GAYNOR Costarred With Charles Farrell In "Tess of Storm Country" 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 0—News. 6:15—RIM, Mac and Jimmy. 6:30—SI and Klmer. fl:4ii—Currier's Serenaders. 7—Frank Watanabe and the Hon. Archie. 7:16—"Pieces of Klght." 7:30—Concert orchestra. S—T.lght concert music. R:."0—Happy Chappies. Si.)!;—Golden Moments. II—News. !':15—Crockett Mountaineers. ti:30—Calmon tvuboviskl and Claire Mellonlno. 10—KNX dance hand. 10:HO—Organ recital. 11 to 12 midnight—New Paris Inn. I KERN—1200 K. I .*> _<< 6—Chesterfield, Ruth T'lttiiiB, Leonard Hnytou's, orchestra. 8:15—Howard Kly ut the organ. 0:30—Dancing :il tho Bellrlve. 7—Coin nib la He vu o. 7:15—"Tarzan of tho Apes.". 7:30—Edwin C. Hill. 7:45—"Myrt and Marge." S—Blue Monday Jamboree. 10—Carnation Albers Cross Cuts. 10:05—All Request Hour. 10:40—FVank Greenough and or- ch estra. 11—Dancing With the Stars. Four Boys Prisoned for Attacking Girls (Annociulc<t l're»K Leaned Wire) ' SEATTLE, Jan. 30. — Four youths were given prison terms by Superior Judge James B. Klnne for an attack on two Renton girls last October. Three bad pleaded guilty and tho fourth was convicted after trial. "U". E. Bradburn, alias Earl Taylor, 1M, named by Judge Klnne as tho ring leader, was sentenced to eight to 20 years in the Walla Walla state prison. Paul Dupea, 18, was ''sent to the state reformatory for 6 to 10 years and Charles Davis, 18, to the reformatory for 5 to 15 years. Carl Blnkley, 1H. the only ono of the four who was tried, was fined J1000 and sentenced to u to 10 years in the reformatory. NAIL 'EM DOWN PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 30., (A. P.)— If oilcloth" table covers — nailed down — suddenly make their appearance on Conrad Welte's restaurant tables, this will be the reason. Two robbers wound 'onrad In his snowy white table linen from head to foot and then robbed him of ?11. ! 468.5 M.—KFI—640 K. j I i *, 4, C—Makers of History. 6:30—The Btiick Program. 7—Orchestra. 7:30—M. .T. B. Demt-TuBSe Revue. S—Amos 'n' Andy. 8:1")—Tho Seal of the Don. 8:30—Tho A'olce of Firestone. 9—KKI Kun Factory. ' i 10—Richfield Reporter of the Air. 10:15—Phil Harris' orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Organ concert. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 6—CBS programs to 8. K—Blue Monday Jamboree. 10—News Items and Bi.squlck band. 10:15—Frank Greenough's orchestra. II—Dancing With the Stars. 12 lo 1 a. in.—Marshall Grant, organ. *-•-» ROBIN HOOD IN REAL LIFE WASHINGTON, Jan. 30. (IT. P.)— Shades of Sherwood, Friar Tuck iind the Sheriff of Nottingham; there Is a man In public life named Ttobln Hood. Mr. Robin Hood has been reelected secretary-treasurer of the National Co-operative Council, an agricultural organization. He is a resident of Washington, D. ('. YOU NEVER CAN TELL COAT]SSVHjL,E, Pa., Jan. 30. (A. P.) — For years, Glovjinnl'Dipaoll, 65, a crossing watchman, walked to work on the railroad right-of-way. About a month ago, the management ordered him to take a safer course. Yesterday, as he trudged to his post, a truck roared down the Lincoln highway and killed him. Exotic Star Zita Johann Is Object of Mummy's Amours Z ITA JOTTAKK, Iho ollvo-nUltinrd Ttuniturluii aclroHit Uio pxollo brown even, mid DnvlO'Manners pro- vldn the ronuinco In "Tin; Mummy," which oppnod ypHtprcl»y ut tlic Nllo. They struggle against, thn ago-old passion of Borlw Kiirloff, tho reincarnated mumrtiy who ronios to Hfo iiftRr being burled for 3700 yours for it crltno lie commuted. In Kltu Johnnn, tin- mummy discovert* tho reincarnated soul of Ills unholy lovo and hl« pf- forts to i-urry her buck through the, ages so that, their lovp. nmy be consummated provider ono of the most strongly fascinating themes of any recent .Moreen drama. The film la roploto with sppctacu- lar sets of ancient Iflgypllan splendor executed by the noted stage denlgncr and artist, Willy Pogatiy. Costumes and relics of the pn«t enhance Hie unusual beauty and effectiveness of "The Mummy," which presents Karloff In his greatest makeup role since Frankenstein." Others In the cast Include Arthur' Byron, Brannvell Fletcher, Edward van Sloan, Kuthryn Byron and Maes Crane. Short subjects on tho program Include a comedy, "Tho Run Around," sirring William Denmrest, Ted TIu.s- Ing's Sportslants, a hoonoytune cartoon and the Universal newsreol. *-•-» Fritz Kreisler -Not Worried by Critics (United 1'rct* Leaned Wire} SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30.—Fritz Kreisler, noted violinist and composer, has no apologies to offer music critics for having abandoned Bach and Beethoven tp write his currently popular operetta "Sissy." "There Is no such thing as serious music or unserlous music," he explained. "Music is either good or bad, and It must express feeling to be good." •« * Barrymore Family in Magazine Story Tho royal family, Lionel, Ethel and John Barrymore, are the subjects of a- serial story which begins in the February number of American Magazine, now on the bookstands. The story will deal with tho personal life stories of the famous actors and actress and will reveal many Intimate details of their past. Followers of the stage and screen will find It very Interesting, it Is said. NILE STARS ZITA JOHANN DAVID MANNERS ATTEMPT RESCUE OF nEDDIKG, Jan. 30.— Efforts t,o rescue two' miners, John Gates and James Beard of Delta, trapped In their cabin at the T.ucky Strike mine, 15 miles from here, were to be made today. The men have no skis. It was reported, and local friends believed their food supply .was running lowr; Trappers at the forest service cabin reported by telephone that heavy snow is making their roof sag and they may be forced into the open. U was^stlll snowing hard today although all main-traveled roads are kept open. Weather officials reported •! feet of snow at Mt. Shas.- ta. 7 feet at Dunsmulr, 0 feet at Cas- •tella, and 9 feet on the highway 30 miles east of Redding. Merchants at Dunsmulr entered stores through tunnels made in tho snowdrifts. JOKE— TEE HEE MOUND CITY, Mo., Jan. 30. (A. P.) W. H. Cook laughingly swatted Paul Dillon over the head with what he thought was a package of liver. Dillon staggered and protested. Cook opened the package and found a fruit jar, which had been substituted by tirnctlcul "Jokers. Woman's Estate Once Valued lit $40,006,000, Shrinks to Nothing:'^ (Aimnftntcd I'rcifK Leaned WJrc) Ct-TIOAOO, Jan. 30.-The'ato-of .ho'Into IMIlh Uochefoller Mo.ConulcIt, nice known as\ tho world's richest woman, WMK aUornoys today to bo practically valueless at. present' market price*. It-wast all In real ewlnte project K. ,. Her vtiMt linldlnHH In Htandnrd Oil, of which her father was founder," luivo been sold, H WHS re- inrtud. • , Kdwln D. Krcnn, confidante and buKliiBNM ndvltior for the uncial leader, W»H dlncliisoi] to' bo living modeHtly , cleHpltc his Inheritance of flve-twelfthH of her eMtate. ' , ; Krenn'H..share of t1ic<cxtute wris'ln- sufficient to pay ,hlm'a J2000, a inoiitll For which the arch'ltcct ngreod.;to forfeit claim lo his inlierltiinde, hiB-bUHl-- ness partner. Edward" A. Datp; «n- nounced. The agreement hus been voided. 'The» money to:pay Mr. Krenn ,$2000 a month Dimply IB not. available, 1 .'.Dato ciild. "Ho never-did receive any of the payments. • , "There Is a , $500,000 mortgage . on Mrs. McCormlck's .Lake Short Prlve home. We can't re i nt the house and the Interest , payment* must be met. The home Is a terrible liability. . "Other big real- estate, holdings of the estate arc nonproductive and actually' are a drain oV the resources. There Is no caslf on hand." Only a recovery In real estate, values. Dato said, would "restore the estate to a'profit making basis. Mrs. McCor- mlck'H holdings once wero valued at $40,000,000. . Claims agatnst'the estate have used up more than the 11,032,000 In personal property, Including a famous collectlon'of Jewels, .which the daughter of John D. Roekefo|ler left oh\hor death from cancer last August.. • •', fr* ROYAL HEIR EXPECTED NAPLES. Italy, Jan. 30.. (A. P.)—It was said In royal court circles that Crown Princess Marie Jose and Crown Prince Humbert would have an heir about the first of July. . The report was unconfirmed officially. . The 1 Belgian princess became the. bride of Crown Prince Humbert and prbspec- tlve queen of Italy January 8; 1930. Same formula . . sune price. In original form, too, if you prefer for COLDS MILLION JABS USED YEAM.Y No Need to Suffer . from Acne ' Don't endure the torment and embarraMment of this unpleu' ant Air. eruption. Even though . it is (stubborn, and clearing it away •ecma hopeless, begin today to use Resinol Ointment and Resinol Soap. Thi« simple treatment has brought joy to many sufferers from severest acne. Every morning and night bathe affected'parta with Resinol Soap and hot water. Rinse and pat dry. Apply Resinol Ointment. FOR niU SAMPLE of c«h.nd copy of the new booklet "Skin Treatment for Health and Beauty", write to Resinol, Department 83, Baltimore, Maryland. Resinol SHOWS 7 and 9 p. m. Wild, Weird, Wonderfull KARLOFF TNI UNCANNY V Hotel El Tejon A DELIGHTFUL PLACE IN WHICH TO EAT Where You Get the Hlifhest Quality at the Lowest Cost Club Breakfuat, 2Dc to OOo launches. 50c and 85c Dinners, 60c to 51.BO A Delicious T-Boue Steak Dinner $1.00 Assorted Tousled Sandwiches, 15u SPECIAL Hot Roabt Turkey Sandwich. Mushed Potatoes, Ulblo't (Jruvy, 40o 101 Tolon Made 1'ios a lu Mode, lOu MONTH-END SALE OF PAINTS House Paint pal. $1,35 Decorative Enamel, quick drying.... qt. 79c Lead and Zinc Paste 100 Ibs. $8.75 Floor Enamel gal, $2.23 Floor Varnish gal. $1,95 4-Hour Interior Varnish gal. $2.49 Boiled Linseed OH gal. 79o Bring Your Own Container Free City Delivery United Iron & Metal Co. 2810 Chester Ave. Phone 1441 ANY WATCH REPAIRED Materials Used at Cost Header's Jewelers 1D22 Nineteenth Street Consult Mrs. Belle Williams, Expert Dressmaker In her dressmaking shop on our Second Floor. Mrs. Will- lams is a high-class modiste and her prices arc reasonable. She assumes all responsibilities. "S.: & H." GREEN STAMPS NOW! FEBRUARY SILK SALE! -,2500 YARDS SILKS Fresh From the Mills for Springtime Wear Harlee Crepes! Rough Crepes! Krinkle Crepes! New Spring Prints! —Every Yard Pure Silk, 40 Inches Wide —Every New and Wanted Shade Is Here —Every New Silk Production Is Shown VALUES to * 1.25 Tuesday Morning the Sale v Begins—arid the Price Will Be They come from the foremost producers of Silks in America — representative new season's colors uiui patterns—for 1933. Here is a partial list of plain colors: Olivette . . . Cream . . . Navy . . . Lemon Sldn . . . Turquoise . . . Congo Orange . . . Coral . . . Black . . . Ash Rose . . . Gaya Red Orchid . . . New Gold, . . . Eggshell . . . Pink . . . Apple Red . . Putty Beige . . . Bermuda Blue . . . Mother Goose . . . White . . Nile . , . Light Navy . . . Manila Browu . . . A score of patterns aud colors in new Spring Prints. the Yard! You Also Have America's Best Patterns to Choose From: Pictorial Keview, Paris, Vogue, Ladies Home .Journal. Spring -Styles Are Here! ?ffi"Sgo?« p AlS?ISJ? T \

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