The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1894
Page 8
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COUNTY GOVERNMENT. Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors, September Session. D AUDITOH'S OFFICE, CAHBOI.TJ COUNTY, I CAHHOI.IJ, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 3d. 1894. f Bonrd met persunnt to adjournment. Members present: Win. Sexton, R. E Dur- giu, Chris. Htiusmnn. O, v Glnn Uuil Dan Morgan. Minutes of the June meeting were rend and on motion same were approved. Petition of M. Klingsels, for nbntcmrnt of BO cents of tax of account of erroneous oss essrnent, was on motion njectcd. Treasurer was on motion instructed to refund to Fat Kenna $1, out of 1890 tnx, on lot H, block 4, Dedhnm, on account of said amount having been erroneously pnid. Also to refund $10 of 1889 tax to If. English on lot 1 and 2, block 53, Carroll, for same reason as above. Also to abate $1.05 tnx of 18,'IH, on so ne section, 8 83-35, on account of wrongful assessment. Also to abate all taxes of 1893 on lot 9, block CO, Carroll, on account of destitution and sickness of owner. Petition of citizens of Eden township for grading on highways between section land 2, said township, was on motion referred to Dargin, Sexton and Hausumnn, Petition of citizens of Kniest township for grades, was on motion laid over. • Petition of John Wurzer for previlcge of constructing a cattle way under county bridge, between section 19-83-34 and section 22-83-85. was on motion referred to Haus- inann, Sexton and Morgan, with power to act. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock a. m. tomorrow. SEPTEMBER 4ra. Board met, members present, Hausmann Sexton, Glan and Morgan. Petition of citizens of Eden township for grades was on motion referred to R. E, Dargin. Petition of Pullman Pallace car company to pay the delinquent taxes charged against said company upon condition that a part of the interest on said delinquent tax be abated, was on motion rejected and treasurer was instructed to collect said tax in full. On motion proceeded to audit bills. On motion adjourned to 8 o'clock a. in. tomorrow. SEPTEMBER 6m. Board met, members all present: On motion the board resolved itself intoa committee to view a grade and new bridge in Grant township. AFTEHNOON SESSION. Members all present. On motion proceeded to audit bills. On motion the contract to furnish the coal for the use of Carroll county for the ensuing year was awarded to the Green Bay Lumber company at $3.25 per ton at their yards, and $3.50 per ton delivered to any part of the city. On motion the following resolution was unanimously adopted. Resolved: That all applications for medical aid, goods and supplies for paupers must be made to the poor committee. All vouchers or orders for such aid or goods, furnished to paupers, must be signed by a majority of eaid committee. All bills and claims against the county for the rendering of such aid, or the furnishing of such goods to paupers, must have a certificate of said committee attached to same; certifying that such bill or claim, is just, true and correct, nnd that the party presenting such bill was duly authorized by said committee to render such aid or furnish such goods as the case may bo. And be it further Resolved: That the county shall not be held responsible for medical or other aid rendered or goods furnished to paupers unless the above resolution is complied with in all Its particulars. On motion the following taxes were levied for the year 1894, and auditor instructed to prepare tax list is conformity with same. Mills. State 25 Inwino 2 County li 0 County school 10 I Grnnville Independent— Tenchcr's fund 11 Contingent fund 40 Total stnte nno county levy 15 0 Totnllevy 80 0 Kniest Township— Tenclier's fund 12 6 Contingent fund 2 : Totnl sltitc niul county levy 10 0 Total levy M 8 Whontlmul Township— Tenclier's fund 13 0 Cont intrent 3 Totnl state nnd county levy 150 Total levy Tiretla Incorporated— Teacher's'f mill 100 Contingent fund Incorporate fund 8 ( Total state nnil county 15 0 31 Totnllovy 408 Hrcdu Independent— Teacher's fund 10 5 Contingent fund Total stnte nnd county levy 150 Total levy 38 8 Arcadia Township— Teacher's fund 87 Contingent fund 1 General fund 10 Total state mid county levy 15 0 Totnllevy 264 Arcadia Incorporated— Teacher's fund 15 6 Contoiigent fund 44 Incorporated fund 7C Total state nnd county levy 15 0 Total levy 42 C Arcadia Independent— Teacher's fund 150 Contingent fund 4 4 General fund 10 Total state and county levy 16 0 Totallevy 360 West Side Independent- Teacher's fund 18 0 School house fund 2 0 Contingent fund 6 0 General fund 10 Total state and county levy 150 Total levy 42 0 Carroll Township- Teacher's fund 78 Contingent fund 30 Total state and county levy 16 0 Tota, levy 25 g Carroll Incorporated— Teacher's fund , 13 6 Contingent fund 87 School house and Bond 22 Incorporated fund fl o Incorporated bond fund 4 o Sinking fund 20 Total state and county levy 150 Totallevy 615 Carroll Independent- Teacher's fund 136 Contingent fund 87 Bond fund 22 Total state and county levy 16 o Total levy 30 5 Grant Township- Teacher's fund ()4 Contingent fund 28 Total state and county levy 15 0 Warren Township— Teacher's fund 10 Contingent fund 1 Total stnte and county 15 Totallevy 30 Manning Incorporated— Teachers fund 10 Contingent fund 5 Bond fund 2 Incorporated f mill 7 Incorporated bond fund ]0 Total state and county levy 15 Totallevy Wl Manning Independent— Teacher's fund 10 Contingent fund 5 Bond fund 2 Total stnte and county levy IB Totnl levy 3n Eden Township- Teacher's fund 10 Contingent fund 8 Total state and county levy 15 Totallevy 27 Templeton Incorporated— Teacher's fund 4 Contingent fund 1 Incorporated fund 3 Total stato and county levy 15 Totallevy 24 Templeton Independent- Teacher's fund 4 Contingent fund 1 Total state and county levy 15 Totallevy 21 Newton Township- Teacher's fund 10 Contingent fund 2 Board of health Total state and county levy 15 Total levy 28 Dedham Incorporated— Teacher's fund » School house fund 5 Contingent fund 5 Incorporated fund 5 Total state and county levy 15 Totallevy 39 Dedham Independent- Teachers fund 9 • School house fund 0 Contingent fund 5 Board of health fund Total state and county levy 15 County hrldge County poor County bond County road Soldier county orphans Tilo Drain No. 1 $450 00. Tile Drain No. 2 $210 00. Tilo Drain No. 3 $100 00. Tilo Drul n No. 4 $100 00. Ja»por Township— Teacher's fund ........................... 10 0 Contingent fund ..................... 24 Total Btuto and county fund ............ 15 0 Total levy 24 2 Glidden Township- Teacher's fund 85 Contingent fund 33 Total state and county levy 16 o Total levy a Glidden Incorporated— Teacher's fund ]r> 4 Contingent fund 02 Incorporated fund o 0 Total state and county levy 160 Total levy tiiU Glidden Independent— Teacher's fund 15 4 Contingent fund fl o Total state and county levy 150 Tot u I levy Storm Greek Indopondout— Teaoher'n fund .......................... 80 Contingent ............................ 40 Totul Btuto and county levy ............ 150 ........ ............. tff 0 Total lavjf Totul levy 300 Rlchland Township— Teacher's fund jr> o School house fund ] jj Contingent fund ] 9 Totul state and county levy 15 0 Total levy 33 2 Luke View Independent— Teacher's fund 12 o Contingent fund 26 Totul stute und county levy 160 Totul lovy gu 6 Mt. Pleitsant Independent— Teucher'a fund jg 5 Bchool house fund 5 Contingent fm,d r, 0 Totul stute und county lovy 16 0 Totallevy 30 ~o Muplo(jrove Independent— Toucher's fund 107 School house fund j Conthnreut fund " «( Totul ntuto und county levy 16 ( Totallevy 'M 0 Union township— Teacher's fund 10 Contingent fund '3 Bond fund 33 Bond Interest fund 1 Total state and county fund 15 0 Total levy 33 3oon Rapids incorporated— Teacher's fund 25 6 School house fund 8 Contingent fund 8 f Incorporation fund IOC Sinking fund 3 0 Total state and county levy 15 0 Totallevy 705 3oon Rapids Independent- Teacher's fund 25 5 School house fund 85 Contingent 85 Total stute and county levy 150 Pralrieville Independent— Teacher'* fund Contingent fund Total ntute and county levy Totul levy »> I Elk Bun Independent— Touohcr'n fund 1 Contingent fund 51 Totul stato uud oouuty levy 150 Total levy. Uberty Independent— Teaoli«r'» fund Totul «tut« and county lovy. IM 0 15 0 Total lovy Center Iiidejiendent (Slierlduit)— Teuober'n fuud 1 r> Ooutliiyeut fuud Totul state uud couuty lovy _15 0 Totul levy.... • ••• '* lluek Hun Independent— Teacher's fuud J Contingent fund Totul slut und oouuty levy _1L° Tutullovy "1 6 Ttiuvlior'u fund ......................... V6 Continuunt fund ........................ 40 Totul Htutu und count) 1 luvy ............ IB 0 Totnllovy ............................ !»6 Uuuoln ludt>i>eudout-- 40 fuud 60 Totul stute uud county levy 15 0 Total levy •<& o Totul levy jj7 I Willoy Independent— Totul Btuto mid county levy 150 •i 11 Total lovey ., .777.'.. 15 0 Pleununt Valley Center Independent— Toucher's fund 4 H Coiitliifenl fund 1} { Totul «tuto uud cuunty levy 1C ( Total lovy , Wolihtor Independent— Teuchur'u fund J!J 0 Cunt Indent fund 10 Totul Htuto and county lovy 1C 0 Totul levy SJti o I'louHunt Hill Imlupundunt— Toucher'* fund 110 C6nt invent fund 4 U Totul btute und county lovy u 0 Tutullovy no o Kprlnu; llriinvh Independent— Teuvher'n fund 116 Cunt Invent fund 46 Totul Stuto und couuty levy 16 0 Tutullovy 810 llott'iimn Independent— Teuuher's fund 76 Continuum I uuil | 'J'utiil ktute und oouuty levy 160 Totul levy IM 0 Uouollo Tuwnvhlp— Teuuhur'n fund 76 Cunl liiKunt fund 'i 6 liuurdol'heullli fund , a Totul Ktute undfouunty levy IS U Totul levy 26 if Wuuhlujflon Tuwuvhlp— Teuoher's fuud V « Ouutinvent |f uud U 0 Totul|stute uud county levy 160 Total levy 57 5 On motion a tax of 50 cents on each male and :$1 for each female dog ns listed by the assessors was levied and auditor instructed to place same on tax lists. Pursuant to section 19, chapter 33, of the 24th G. A., the board af supervisors appointed tho following persons to act as judges and clerks of election in the different voting precincts, to-wit: Jasper township—judge, P. McCoy; clerk. H. Winter, jr. Sheridan township—judge, L, A. Jennings; clerk, Robert McConnell. Kniest township—judge, H. Ricke; clerk, John Olcrich. Wheatland township—judge, John Qoctsch; clerk, Win. Dlerenfold. Arcadia township—judge, Julius Prutor; clerk, C. A. Boitenmann. Carroll township—judge N. D. Noblo; clerk, John Maze. Carroll, 1st wiird—judge, Jus Thompson ; clerk, C. L, Builey. Carroll, 2d. ward—judge, C. C. Cocloj clerks, Chus Buchnum und W. L. CulbcrUon. Carroll, 3d ward—judge, Frank Kulleu- burg i clerks, W. H. Wuhl und N. M. Bixby. Curroll 4lh. ward—judge, John Ringer; clerks, J. B. Kniest and 1'. Young. Grant township—judge F. G. \Valtcrsdorf j clerk, Geo Jellries. Glidden township—judge, W. Bennett; . clerk, Thco Ford. ! Rlchlund township—judge, Oliver Horton j clerk, Duvo Everts. J PleiiBiint Vulley township—judge, C. B. Crittcnden; clerk, J. R. Willoy. Rosollo township—judge, Aduin Thein; clerk, John Osborn, Washington township—judge, J. H, Ralph, dork, J. A. Dock. Warren township—judge, W, P. Hopkins! clerk, U, D, Dewing, Edon township—judge, C. Mcin j ulork, 15. K, Edwards, Nowtou township—judge, Bunj. Kdwurdsj clerk, H. W.Bruco. Union townnhli>—judgo, J.W. tftuckon- bruok i clerk, Goo Cretsinger. On inotlou udjourncd to 8 o'clock to-morrow. SBITUMHEUOTH. Bourd met, momburn present: Sexton, lluuHinunu, Gluu und Morgun, i'utlUon ofJ.Uubcck, for abatement of tho "Mulct" tux on lot 18, block ti, Munnlng, wits on motion rejected. On motion bourd resolved Ithdf into u oommllteo to visit jiour furm. Ai'TKUNouN KKBBION. Members nil proaont except Uargin, On Motion proceeded to audit bills. Report ul •). W, Kunnubeck, drrli, of foes collected from Junolbtto Ki'ptfiiilior 1st, wus rcud und on motion HIIIIIU WUH ordurod Illul. Amount colluded i'M^.M. Ti'i'llHUi'fr WUH on motion liibtrwUxl to ubuto tux (iii;l6 uuivb in w l / t bii,',., wi'liuii MO- Itt.iKi, on uccounl of bfinu Ubcd fur irmuUiry $64 for taking care of jail for eight months, Dnn Morgan requested that vote on same be recorded. The vote stood as follows: Dnn Morgan, reject; Sexton, $5 per month; Glan, $5 per month; Hausmann, $5 per month, In the matter of taxing the traffic in intoxicating liquors, in pursuance of the provision of an act of the 25th general assembly of Iowa, the following resolution was adopted. Resolved: That a tax of six hundred (GOO) dollars be, nnd the same is hereby levied on on each place within this county whore intoxicating liquor is sold or kept for sale, as shown by the several assessors books, for the ensuing year,and that said tax be and the same is hereby levied upon and against each person, firm or corporation conducting such place where Intoxicating liquor is sold, and against and upon the real estate whereon said place is located, and upon nnd against the owner or owners of such real estate. On motion ndjurned to 8 o'clock a, m. tomorrow. SEPTEMHKH TTH. Board met, members present: Sexton, Hausmann, Glan and Morgan. Report of VV. P. Horn bach, auditor, of fees collected from June 1st to September 1st, was read and on motion same same was ordered filed. Amount collected $43.25. Treasurer was on motion instructed to abate tax of Thomas Conley, on lot 8, block 2, Carroll on account of charity. Also to abate $3.10 tax on lot 7, block 7, Glidden, on account of loss by fire. The matter of making provisions for water for the poor farm was on motion referred to poor committee with power to act. Proposition of Dr. B. C. Kelly, to render all medical aid and furnish all medicine and stimulants to all paupers and county charges requiring same and residing within the corporate limits of the city of Carroll or on the poor farm, from September the 5th., 1894, to January 7th., 1895, upon payment of the amounts as specified on physicians fee ;bill on file in the auditor's office, was on motion accepted, and auditor instructed to draw contract accordingly. On motion a quit claim deed was executed and delivered to A. Lester, for . block eight (8) in the town of Carrollton, Carroll county, Iowa, as per contract entered into at the April 1893 session of the board of supervisors. ~ Oliver Horton was on motion appointed a soldiers relief commissioner for full term. Report of the soldiers relief commission was read and on motion same was ordered filed. Petition of Thos Davis for change in highway on section 23-82-34, was on motion granted as prayed for. On motion adjourned to second Monday in November. W. P. HOMBACH. County Auditor, During the September session the following bills were allowed or rejected as stated below and as shown by register of laims on file in auditor's office: Wm. Sexton, salary and mileage $ 21 44 R. E. nargln " " 1016 Dan Morgan " . " 20 8fi 0. Hausman " " 2108 v. Glau " " 22 01 M. Simon, goods for pauper Wllklne, asked $4.25; allowed 8 BO M. Simon, goods for poor farm 8 60 . Marks, goods for pauper, asked 88.00; laid over tor Itemized bill. N. Belter, meat for pauper Galvln 22 00 Conley 23 10 Mlttleroan.... 1143 Eckort 570 Rick 500 E. Tanner .... 8 21 poor farm 518 Sturges & Thurllman, goods for pauper Eekert 8 95 Nlswonger'* Wledemler, goods for pauper MHtlenian $ 00 1. Stratemeyor, milk for pauper Galvln.. 4 50 Bailey & Holland, goods for pauper K. Tanner 14 oi D. Joyce,coal for pauper Clausen, linked $1.25; allowed 3 oo D. Joyce, coiil for pauper Weber, asked f4.25; allowed 3 60 D. Joyce, coal for pauper Conley 8 26 Wlllcy 825 Tho uctlouu of tho auditor in drawing the following wuiTuuta wore mi motion rullllod Und uppruvud. J, L. 1'oword, Mluiii|icd I'livolop™— * 4 40 A, Hooker, nee., luuurunue fur jumper MltU-'lmunu 7 70 W, itubuck, bounty onwulftiklu DUO 1C, M, 1'uruuuB, corn for poor furm., yiy 70 In luu uiutk'r of cluhu at H. T. Jcilruy, of " " " Mote 165 " " " Kckort J 66 " " " Hltllemnn 1 85 M. Moore, shoes for pauper Eckort.... 2 00 Urbuny, " " Rick 870 " " • " Mlttionmn. 0 60 " " Mrs. Gulvln B 50 iowlmr nroti., goods for pauper Borah, uxked 113.00; laid over for Itemized bill, ulberteon & Forbes, gond» for pauper Waters, acki'd *9.6<i; allowed 782 him. Wultcrectield, goodn Ur uaupei Lock, UBkcd S2U.OO; allowed 45 65 (leo. Kneeli, t'"oJs for imuuorltlck, uskod 88,86; allowed 7 gs D. Eaton; colllii for pauper Palmer, atked $18.00; laid over for voucher. F. lloirmtm, iiieulD for trunnion! paupera. e 76 Ed. Koloy, moiil for transient uauuor, u»kc'd 50c.; rejected. li. Simon, f.'"'.:;Ji for pauper Jacouson 8'J 60 C. Krp, coul for pauper Jncobson, nuked H.UO; allowed .... 850 V. CiiBpiiry, coal for pauper Jaeobn-jn, UBked |8.00! allowed 700 Bailey <v Holland, (joodu for puuuer '',ou. 13 00 " " " Co..ley ail 00 " " " Gi'lvln 20 00 " " Jail 25 1'etor Nt u, tjoodi f or pouunr Solimldt 2(1 00 Win. MouBinun, milk for pauper JurgonK. U 10 J. 11. DU'key, Kooiln for iiHU|ier Waters... 22 SO Luclwlg Urou., uoodB for imu|«r Allttle- nmn.uukeU JJ7.bO; allowed 26 7(1 Ludwlg liron., ffootfn (or pauper Willey... W I* Or. KU. Dowin, ineUkal »tt«udauc« lo puuuur 1'ovet), nuked $11; rvjeoted. Or. Kit. DUHIIB, medical iitloiiUunoe to pauper Amen, auked 177.50; ullowud.... 00(0 l)r. A. h, Uuckluy, uiudlcal ultondauuti to p tujier l j rltn|ley uaked ««1; IB W Dr. A. M. Uockley, uieUlual ulluuilunou to prisoner uilvy, U uk«d tB.UI; allowed .... 1 W) l>r. i. u. (ioukley, medlcul ulteiulancu to puu^er Carroll, uokud JH.OO; ulluwed... lil 00 l>r. A. M. (iui'kluy, uiedlol uttoudauoe to uiiurll'ortur, utkod $»J.|0; allowed ... 13 00 Or. H. C. Kulley, nietlloil ulteudauoo I" puuper Tauutir, anked t'H.60; allowed . It) OU Ur. li, c. Kelloy, uieilluttl kltoudauou to imujier Kckert 68 w Ur. I'. J. Hurro), modlual atltndniuto to nuut<ur Kuruimu, uskcil »7l); rejected. lit. (j. 1.. tiliunuuu, tutiUluul utUndaauo to pauper KurUuuu j uu U. 11. Ituumr, muOlcal uUtmduui'u to uuu- U. UuuiKtiy U, t\ iiuwver, luouicul ati«udkiiut) for Woecklwy j« go Ul. 1. L. Wrlylit, lueaioul ttltuuduuua to per MlltlDUiuu ., (4 (u fir. i. I,, WrlKlit, mudloal alleudunu« to littuuvr biiuim, tmkuU t«ij rujectod. Ur. i. L. Wjlglt, iu«dlo«l •tt»uu«uu« to puiper Uruoituittu, w*k«d 1104; Dr. A, L. Wright, medical attendance to pauper W. Richards, asked *74; rejected. Dr. A. Kessler, medical attendance to pauper on poor farm 1260 Dr. A. Kessler, medical attendance to pauper Mlttleman, asked »10; rejected. D. A. Kessler,. medical attendance to pauper Kckert, asked $4; rejected. Dr. A. Kessler, medical attendance to pauper T. Conlej, usked $19; rejected, Dr. A. Kessler, medical attendance to pauper Kartman, asked $7; rejected. Dr. A, Kessler, medloal attendance to pauper tiulvln, asked $7; rejected. Dr. A. Kesslar, medical attendance to pauper JDeltcr, asked $G; rejected. Dr. C. W. Henry, medloal attendance to pauper B. Mlngus, asked $15.50; laid over. Mluelien i Co., goods [;ir poor farm ... 5 15 McLagnn ft Co,, goods for poor farm.... 63 62 Unger& Co., goods for poor farm 2590 J, W. lialton, goods for J. Priestley 1025 " " poor farm 6 00 Sturges cfe Thurllman, goods tor poor farm 1580 L, Anderson, goods for poor farm 10 85 Martin ft Clovis, good* (or poor farm.... 1085 O. M, Moore, shoes for poor farm 3 60 A, Kuschel, cutting oats for poor farm ... 12 60 N. D. Noble, threshing oats for poor farm 4 60 Mrs. J. Wnnn, sewing for poor farm 18 25 Ed. Rlchnlau, goods for poor (arm 0 60 Smith & Hurriaon, work for poor farm, asked|6; allowed 4 60 H. Uaumhover, faed for poor farm 8 22 A. N. Price, work on jail 1500 Sturges * Tburllman, goods for jail 85 Arts & Mannemaun, goods for Jail 2 60 Nockels & Gnuni, goods for jail 14 35 Adam Stelfes, assessing oaloons, asked |2; rejected, Clins. Lahau, assessing saloons 4 00 Ered Beers, assessing saloons, asked $20; allowed 10 00 t. M, Baughman, assessing saloons 5 00 Frank Hagen, township cleric 17 00 J. Lamberty, trustee 2 no J. Schrlver,trustee 200 H. Sehratd, trustee 2 00 Then. Stallman, trustee 1 50 G. H. Lnebrsman, damage to building used (or election purposes, asked $5,00; rejected. T. A. Tower, room rent (or election 3 50 R. T. Jeffrey, tees In case of Erbvi. Fidelity Insurance Co 1 20 B. T. Jeffrey, fees In case of State vs. Guegel 8 10 B. T. Jeffrey, fees In case of State vs. Hlcke? 2 40 B. T. Jeffrey, fees in case of State vs. B. Connor 410 R. T. Jeffrey,i fees in case of State vs. Foster 690 B. T. Jeffrey, serving road notices 8 70 " summoning jurors 2280 " boaird and washing for prisoners 62 25 R. T. Jeffrey, taking care of jail H montbi n»kaa|C4; allowed 40 Oi) B. T. Jeffrey, fees 1 60 " taking Sirs. Dieter to Clarln- da 9840 P. J. Humlll, caring for jail and prisoners 24 months, usked $240; rejected. F. M. MeSlothlen, court reperterlfees .... 6 25 Frank Fritz, bailiff 14 00 John Heater, J. P. fees In case of State vs, Stephens 200 John Shane, constable (ees In case of State vs. Stephens 225 John Heater, J. F. fees In case of State VB. Barber , 760 B. K. Tucker, J. F. fees In case of State vs. Barber 475 B, L. Smith, constable fees In case of State vs. Barber 350 J. Umnaugb, witness fees lu case of State vs. Barber. Mrs, J. Umbaugli, witness fees In case of State vs. Barber Jas. Chess, witness fees In case of State vs. Barber Grace Chess, witness fees In case of State vs..Barber C. Heater, witness fees In case of State vs. Barber Jessie Pike, witness fees in case ofuStato vs.iBurber B. D. smith, witness (ees lu case o( State vs. Barber Mrs. B. D. Smith, witness fees in case of State vs. Baiber B. L. Smith, conetablu fees In case of State vs. Barber l 76 Wm. Lynch, J. f. fees In case or Stute TB. B. Conner 5 00 B. T. Jeirrey, sheriff fees lu case of State vs. B. Conner 6 00 A, W. Patterson, witness (ees In case of State vu.U. Conner U. C. Stevens, witness fees lu ruse of State vs. B.Connor Wui. Lynuli, J. p. lees in nose of Slutu vs. f. J. Miller 660 Jos. Buuhhelt, countable fees lu case o( State vs. F, J. Mlllor, iibktcl J3.50; allowed 2 26 J. b. Overmlro, J. P. fees In uimu of Btuto vs. Hughs i Boniiett 450 Henry Stevens, countable fees lu case of State vs. UugliB*lleuiiott b 20 V, C. Bvliwuller, wltiiu»s (ecu lu cane of Slate vs. Uuifbs it Uoanett f. Helclitr, witness fees lu uuso of vs, UuKlis & Huimeu J. U. Hampton, constable foes In c-iie of Stuto vs. Barber,usked $8.05; allowed .. Wm, Lyuou. 3.1'. lees In cane of Stute vs. Sotilelsmuu U. U, Mitts, constable fees lu caso of State vs, SuuleUnmu '. U '25 Jolm Eveu»,Sr., witness (eon lu cast) of Stale vs. tioliieiumau i 60 Wm, Evens, wluiumi fees In case of BtitU) vs. Solilelmnan i 60 J olm Kvcus, Jr., wlliifsu fees lu cane, of Btuto vi, Sebleisuiaii l CO U. Sieinun, wltuem leva lu uuso of Htulo w. dclilelsinuii l 60 •lolin Sicilian, wlinona In ouso ot State vs. SulileUultin 1 W) •J. llenniiDSdy, wltneuu fees lu oasu of tituto vs. Sehlelimiii) 1 60 Thou, bimlilauwu, witness feeslncme of titatu vs. BvuloUumu 160 J. UohlelHiuuii, wltnesi feoi In oijuo of Slate vs, Sclilelsiimn 160 i'Ull tkilileltiunii, wltiiens foes lu uuiu of btulo vi. tk)uli)l»uittU . 170 John Curruuti, witutnn feus m OHUO of otutu v». Bclilclsiuun i Ml J'uilf r sou iV Belie moll), work on Jail 10 U6 {Powor* & Cvluio, bt»tiouDry for lluuuuiuu it oo " " Atl'yKorte DUO " " tiuiiurlutuiiUunt 'i CU •• blanks for trtmium " voursu ol itudy for (undent I'owuru >k Coiulo, blttiiks (or^i «nt U BO Power* 4 t'ololo, ptovruum for Huperlu- Wliiloni It! 60 I'owi'ry i Uolclo. luttor lieudb lor uurveyor 1 (0 " brief, KutiU vu. Uouuly... till 00 " uublUlilng boitiil pruuuud lugs uuil Us 1 , at uiuluis, iiuHuun uud Irttusurov'tf bulauue ulivul 107 OU 1'ouvi» ii: Colulo, LiluuKK tut uuilllur U 10 brief, btuto vs. Utuliluill- ler UOU J, B. iiui.gmfcird, vubilslilini board proceeding* uud lUt o( olulmu, uutluun uuil |i»u»urjr'» biUuuvu bUtel us U^ f, H. Kuiwt, U'llor litMidi for BujierliiWud' •Dl J. B. Knleat, blanks for auditor 6 40 " bardoeki<t il140 Fitzgerald & Hungerford, blank books ... Sdd SB MlllsPub. Co., law book 100 Carter & Husscy, pens 1 25 Illinois Printing Co., goods for court house 21 4B Wllluicrs & Schollenberg, livery 8 25 I. W. Holnnan, surveying roads 18 00 " triinscrlblng record 10 00 Ueo. W. Korte, expense lu case of Fuuk Vs. Omnty 628 W. V, Homuach, railroad fare for pauper, postage and nxpressnge . 1580 M, J. llelies, triiiiRcrlblng part of deed record"U" 1445 Sturgea & Tburllman, goods for court house ,. 86 G. v. Ulan, committee work 17 313 C, Hciusmau, committee woik 2754 K, K. Dargln, comniitteo work 480 Wm. Sexton, committee work 1182 Dun Morgan, committee work 89 12 Boos & Langhltn, goods for court House.. 2 00 A. N. Harding, work on court house 4 00 Tbos.Hicb, committee on highway 820 U. H. looser, repairing clmtre for court house 0 00 Martin & Clovis, goods for court house... 2 75 B. Reynolds, work oneowor 10 50 Heury Wllfaug, milk for pauper Jurgens. 8 10 Peter Conley, livery 7 00. Win. Hamilton, board and nursing pauper Mrs. Clearwatiir, naked $130; referred to Darglu. C. E. Reynolds, defending P. Hlokey 10 00 BHIDHit FUND. Geo. Poepe. nails for bridges, asked $1.60, allowed. 1 28 H. H. Fisher, repairing bridges, asked $410.81; allowed 405 85 E. Kreelund, repairing bridges 48 60 Dave Allen, sewor pipe for bridge 6 40 F. G. Waltersdorf, repairing bridges D. Joyce, lumber for bridges, asked «<99.06 allowed 450 M. Jeutscb, repairing bridges 11 00 B. Cortney, repairing bridges 4 50 'Bios. Piper, repairing bridges 6 00. Green Bay Lumber Co., lumber for bridges 3691 John Gute, repairing bridges, asked $24.21 rejected. J. * W. 0. Schnll, lumber for bridges, asked $53.60.... 6180 John Frltz,.repalrlng bridge 12 00. B. sauber, repairing bridge...' 8 78 N. Beluhart, repairing bridge 8 00 A. Tuei, repairing bridge 250 O. Erp, lumber for bridge 5 12 John CarW'or, repairing bridge 16.00 F. Caspary, lumber for bridge, asked $177.47; allowed we 79 GreonBay Lumber Co.. culbert pipe for bridges 680 F. Kavl, work on bridge 31 oo R. E. Dargin, committee work and mileage 67 12 Wm. Sexton '• " » 67 18 C. Hausman " " " 43 45 (i, v. Glan '• " " 7 ig. Dan Morgan " " •• 35 75 John Morgan, repairing bridge 18 00 J A. Barnes, repairing bridge 500 L. Btinon, nulls for bridge 8 60 H. Kapler, ropalrs (or scraper 2 OO 1 DOMJISTIO ANIMAL FOND, Nlo Bolter, damage done by dogs 10 00 IMSANB FUND. St. Bernard Hospital, bonrd for Galvln... 48 liO " " " Mrs. bcbulte 45 60 J. W. Konnebeck, commissioner 5 29 , M. W. Beach, commissioner yOO A. L. Wright, commissioner 6.00 •W. P. HOMBAOII, County Auditor. 60 60 CO 00 C U R E Si' -OTH E RS BAB Conon, SPIT UP BLOOD,—COKBUMPTIOW. K. O. Motof, Eso., of Kcmpeville, Princes* Anne Co., Vo., writes! "When I commenced taking your 'DiBoovery* I was very low with • cough, and at times spit up much blood. I was not able to do the least work, but most of the time was m bed. 1 was all run-down, very 60 GO co 60 1 ; weak, my head was dizzy, and l was extremely despondent. Tbe first MB. K. C. MoLra. . — —_ first bottle I took did not seem to do me much good, but 1 had faith In it and continued using It until I had taken fifteen bottles, and now I do not look nor feel llko the same man I was on* year ago. People are astonished, and say, 'well, last year this time I would not haver thought that you would bo living now.' I cam 1 thankfully cuy 1 am entirely cured of a dis- caso whlon, but for your wonderful ' Discovery,' would have resulted In my death." -<&fi O U -«? In money; aluo otber valuable premiums to KOO<! gucssers. Dose ball einhUHluBts, this IB your op- See olfer IIOMK AND CUUNTBY .»—v— I'rleoffic. All nuwsduulors: or 63 Kast 10th Btruot, Now York. 8-11 iiortnnltv. MA(iA/,lNK. Liebig Company's An Invaluable product made from luu (luuut beef tliu world produces. Extract of Beef. b no Ul 00 DAI Q A sM bMulinw Iht hale, ll'roinobl ft luiuiiaiil growth. H Fclli to Bonton to itu ToutUful c* n dlivaiuN It hitlr - NSUMPTIVE t'w PArkfr'u Oluaor Toulo. It curu ni«T \Vn«k J.IHIJI, Uulilllty, Iintlgullou, I'.lu/l'.k. l ' , oiMfo, , tjomp. THIMACURA For Thin People A«K YOU TIUJNy Klesli made with Tlilnauuru tablets by u nelau- tlllu procuBH. Tiiuy create pertoot auilmllutlon of uvury form <>t food, uecrutlim tliu vuluuUlB irnrts niul dlHciirdlng tin woitliloss, Tliey make- thin fiicos plump and round out the llguto. '1'bay uru tno HTANUAUD UI2MEDY for loumioBs, liontaiiiiuii no ursmilo, mid abuo- lutvlyliiirmlo«H, I'riev, propald, $1 pur box, 6 tor W. 1'aiiipliliit, »|IOW To «Id 1 PAl 1 ," froe. Tliu '''IIIN ACUliA 1:0.. Dill llroii«lw»y, Nuw York. J. Limited amuunu of rullublu liuurmi««, lu good mutual compuulev. l!utlnmtedoo»t, about ono liuir tlio prubuut bourd r«U)«. H you wuut ruunonublu rates on good lusuruiiCT, take out u iiolley from |U« only Don-board ollUm in the city, C. GRIFFITH, PARTIES Jnt«rest«d in Groiu, ProviaiouB and Stooka WATCH i 0. Co.,

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