The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 26, 1958 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1958
Page 11
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ANNIE QEB f ALL TK BSAimftl QlFTB SUS«E, - ANB 5IK, LICIT, fOt, CANVDN RE STRAI<3«TON THEWWtt MARY WORTH AND t OU6HT TO QUIT! BUT WE'LL 60.0N A3 LWUAL-8ECAUSE YOUR SMALL MIND NEED} SOMETHING TO LAUGH AT SUPPOIEjIHATWE DEfERVC EACH OTHER. 1 COULD HIM THE HURT AND MY POOR WARPED COO NEEDS THE 'N.DORRIW VOIttiBUDDYt "v TO FIRt YWj7'CLOWN"J YOUWDAGOOOJOeOF SHATTERING HER MM ANTIC ILLUSIONS AINER AUSTIN frlday, tec. 24,' 1958 11 PRISCIILA'S POP-By Al V.rmter OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoople NhW DALLlsT SLIPPERS THEY'RE NICE. 1 DO YOU REALLY LIKE THEM? -J PRISCILLA! COME IN AND SEE MY CHRISTMAS r U&P MONEST MOLLYMOCK! THEY'RE SWELL! r THERE'S) ONLX ONE^ TWINS THAT r 1 lO J YOU DON'T 1 THINK THEY MAKE ME LOO1- JOO TALL (SIFT J6j CERTIPICATE 01^ A TATTOO 5HOP?TMey'LL (SN5 YOJ VOUR CHOICE OF fcBVlEY ATMAMILABAV, SAD, A FRIEND SBCtt 5 THIS CHOICE EERSCHAUM FDR HRISTMAS, LITTLE REALIZING I- AM NOW PARTIAL TO CI3ARS.' PERHAPS ONE OP l'0l) WASS HAS SOME UNWAWSD 6IFT MOO'D CARS TO PATH TABLETS CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams "Your advertising is fraudulent It'distinctly said tht coats would be gone If we didn't hurry!" TIZIY-By Kate Oiann Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! THI TOODUf WHAT I RANS... VANrTOR OR HAT-CHECK GIRL CAN VOU COMB RIGHT UP TO W CLASSROOM, SIR? TAKE MV COAT AND HAT.' THM MAKI HAR&WWO oar or nut srvrr. JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfield yes, OP COURSE... ALTHOUGH I EXPECT TO TRX A FEW IPEA5 OFMVOWN ... I ASSURE >DU, MR.SAXON/ V THAN«S B ,WJT >OU CAN RETURN TO WSWORTHfc J jwfORpBWO WITHCtnJPEEP POUBT5. WBlL J TOSTAY'H«B WU INFORMBP. t^^rf FOR THE BALANCE ^^ I APPRECIATE VOUft CONFIDENCE M ME, AW?. SAXON. I'M SURE WE'LL MAKIPMOGRB45. IHOPEflO. WU'RE FAMILIAR fNOU6H WITH JACOBY'S BRIDGE W.WRISHTS PLANS. By OSWALD JACOBS Written for NBA Servfce y'i hirad Is purely An w In bidding. The probleta ia for North and South to bid to six no-trump with South M dtclarer. It thould be simple enough, but In practice the actual expert pair that held the cards reached six spade* with North as declarer and a heart lead promptly set the hand. The correct bidding Is shown In tfl« MORTY MEEKLE OH, NOTHING A \MORTHREPEATINGM WHAT ARE VOU PIRATES TRyiNGTOPUU-71'M GOING TO THE BETTER B06INE66 BUREAU ABOUT THIS/ WHAT PIP HE HAVE TO SAY FOR HIM6ELF, THI9WLL1OU €EhfTLASTMON7H OUTRAGEOUS,' TOLD HIM A FEW THINGS, OH, NO, rr JUST CANTBK/ THI3 B TOO MUCH! OF COURSE' SHE COUVJJWT BE f TW FAIR BBllMKlCHIUOE. PRINCESS OP THE VOUNfi LAPV6 NAME BEIWG H1LM IS MERELY A CEfJTURV WARRIOR WASH TUBBS TH6V M6T H&RB ( WHERE THE/ COULDN'T ftE 08SEKVEP. 6UTNCITHEK WA55EEM BLME5.IONCC UVEO IN THAT IPOUBTITl ONLVAFEW TOP OFFICIALS KNEW. ANP (AAOE CCKTAM NEITHER MANWA6TRMLEPTOTH& RBNPBZVOU&l COULD AGENTS HAVE LEARNED H& WAS TO ME6T . IT LOOK5 NOW! BUT THI5 WCIPENT MUST WOT LEAK OUT YE* 6A4YI VOU AflRKBD TO UrT MB HILP 5l!AfCH THE MAN VOL) CALL'MK.X"! 90 ItAPOKTANT? KOWi COLONEL! BUGS BUNNY I'M STARTIN'T'MOVE... THANKS ,FUPPSY! IN FACT I'LL DO IT PW-.n-LCALL A TOW TRUCK ON I'LL PO VOU A FAVOR SOMECW/1 ULP! HEY. ELMER — (3IMMB A SHOVE! WEST 4875 NORTH O» 4AKQ102 V105 ' * Q + AKQ76 BA81? 443 • 993 . « 10873 4J1099 449 gODTB ' 4J88 VK84 • AKJ54 *I2 ,. Both vulnerable NoHh Bwrt South Weit 1* Pass 1* Pass 24 Fan 3N.T; Pass 4N.T.'Paw 84 'Pass 6N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— 4 8 ; box. North Is too weak for an open- Ing two bid and opens one club- not on* apade. He wants to encourage some bid by someone and while a club bid is practically never passed all around, a spade bid may be. South'* diamond .response .and North's jump' to two spades aw almost automatic and Bouth's Jump to three no-trump should be also. One South chose to raise bis partner to three spades. After South's Jumpt to three no- trump North might simply leap right to the slam; he might practically demand It by bidding live no-trump or he might use the Blaokwood four no - trump to check tor aces. 1 rather favor the use of four no-trump provided th- partnership Is one that Is sure that this particular four no-trump Will be read as Blackwood and not a raise In no-trump. Prettiest in Class PRINTED PATTERN 4719 SIZES 6-14 FRECKLES •I don't know which play«d worse, the basketball tta/n or we dance band!" Healthy Hone Chtati *• te had ° wued * heh horse * for 20 year* and said be was DeOth for 30 Years |told it was born the day the United EL CAJON, Calif. UP - The States nav y' s Great white fleet , , , .,. . ,. , jsailed into San Diego bay. That day a borse named Fleet died.' to im V eterimu:ians say the Dr. Randall Knox said the ani-Average lite of a well cared for mal must have been 50 years old. [horse i* 20 year*. IB SAFER Tb HAVE A BIS NOSE THAT FO»V ME, NUTTY/ >/A MERE PEEP/ COLXPBC , HAZARPOU5/ TAKE rr OFF! m AFRAIP .ELL wir SOMSBOPY WITH KHITS AMP ecus/ By ANNE 4D4MS Voted most; popular fashion by tb* School set — uta shirtwaist chemise with the saucy, flounced skirt. It's gay la plaid, bright In solid*, ai&art In strtpai. Fun to sew, a cinch to lit Tomorrow's pattern: Misses' st*p-U» Orese. Printed F»tter& 4118: Girl*' Biww «. ». 10. 12. U. SIM 10 take* 3i'« yaiOi 33-Inch fabric. Printed directions on e»cb pgttera part. Easier, accurate. 8ewd Tblrty-tiv* cents In oolas lot this pattern — add 10 cents for saett pattern for 1st - class maiUof. ftsnl to Aan* Adams, can ot " • - s - DeliyHeraid. Pattern ~ W tb ft.. Mew York '""

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