The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 3, 1939 · Page 8
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 8

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1939
Page 8
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KSE EIGHT THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON. MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, NOV. 3, 1939. HIGHLIGHTS Key station of each network IB lilted in the programs. The Networks: WSAF—WTAM. WTMJ, WOT. WLW, W8M. WMAQ. WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WLS, WTMJ, WMAQ, WXYZ, WLW, WOOD. WABC—WJB, WHAS, WBBM. CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KFAB 770, KFI 040, KMOX 1090, KOA 830. KYW 1020, WBBM 770, WCFL 970, WBAL 1060, WCCO 810, WABC 860, WKAR 850. WDAP 610, WEAP 660, WENR 870, WON 720, WOY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820, WHO 1000, WIBO 570, WJJD 1130. W8M 650, WJR 750, WJZ 760. WLS 870, WLW 700. WMBI 1080, WKZO 590, WMAQ 670, WOOD 1270, WOW 590, WOWO 1100, W8B 740, WTAM 1070, WTIO 1060. WKB2 1500, WTMJ 620. NEW YORK, Nov. 3.—An all, network broadcast the night of Armistice day, with the keynote sounded by President Roosevelt from the White House, is to aid In opening the 3rd annual Amer- | lean Red Cross roll call. •Radio, screen and opera stars also will co-operate in the hour- long t>rogram. Among those listed are Fred Allen, Ben Bernie, John Charles Thomas, Edgar Bergen with his Charlie McCarthy, and Paul Whiteman. In addition to the president, Norman H. Davis, chairman of ;tihe Red Cross, will speak. TONIGHT Europe—WABC- CBS 8:55, 11; MBS 9. 10:30; WEAF-MBC-East 11. WEAF-NBC-8 Lucille Manners concert; 9 Waltz time; 9:30 George Jessel; 10 Guy Lombardo. WABC-CBS-7:30 Prof. Quiz; 8 Kate Smith hour; 9 Johnny presents; 30:30 Young man with a band. WJZ-NBC-8 Premiere of "Allegheny Uprising;" 8:30 Robison's Buckaroos; 9:30 Talk, Sen. Styles Bridges, on "Challenge to America;" 10:30 Notre Dame rally. MBS—-8:30 Wor symphony; 9:30 Music and Manners. What to expect Saturday, FOOtball-WABC-CBS WJZ-NBC 1:15 p. m., Army-Notre Dame; WEAF-NBC 2:45, Alabama-Kentucky; MBS 4:15, Michigan- niinois—Europe—NBC-CHAIN 8 a. m., WABC-CBS 8 a. m., 6:45 p. m. WEAF-NBC 5:15—WEAF- NBC-12 Noon Milestones in music; 6 p. m. Kaltenmeyer's kindergarten. WABC-CBS-11:05 a..m. New England Conservatory of Music; 6:30 p. m. What's Art To Me. WJZ-NBC-12:30 Farm and Home hour; 6:30 Renfrew of the mounted. Remove 490 Parking Jfceters from G. R. GRAND RAPIDS, Nov. 3.— {fP) —Workmen removed 490 parking meters from the fringe of the downtown district today following a report to the city commission by the police that the meters created a traffic problem in the business area. '•City Engineer Charles W. Darling also told the commis- 1 sion that 50 of the machines had • not collected one nickel in a week and that 306 others had collected less than 50 cents during the same period. The police found that motorists who hitherto had parked on those outlying streets to avoid using meters subsequently had tried to park nearer the center of the city as long as they had to pay for the privilege anyway. Merchants on the outlying streets also had ' protested the setting up of the meters. j Red Cross Dinner Plans Are Made (Continued from Page 1) Saturday, Armistice Day, Nov. A fine program has been arranged, Mrs. Schumacher de- 'clared. Rev. J. A. Landin, chairman of the Mason county Red Cross chapter, will preside. Dinner will be served follow- ;ing invocation by Rev. C. E. Pollock. Immediately following, . an unusual Red Cross style show /will be staged with Mrs. J. F. 'Buck reading the script. The style show will acquaint drive workers with the various uniforms used in 12 different branches of Red Cross service. Mrs. Schumacher will follow .•With a resume of the work ac, complished by the Mason coun- ! , ,ty chapter in 1939 and Mrs. >Ealph Sheldon, chairman of the Braille committee, will talk on ^'Transcribing Braille." :». principal address of the eve- rjing will be delivered by Rich' s ard L. Swigart of St. Louis, Mo., American Red Cross field repre- entative for Michigan. After Mr. Swigart's talk, W. S. /jiVlftn and H. N. Willoughby, ..Cprchairmen of the Mason coun- ;?|y membership drive, will dis- " %US5 the 1940 roll call. Benedic' i by Rev. Russell King of ttvule will close the annual Hospital Reports Continue to Arrive (Continued from Page 1) Henry Englebrecht, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Listing, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tonn, Mr. and Mrs. George Ferris, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bockstanz, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dodge, Glen Genung, Mrs. O. Pittard, James Leach, Chalmers Fradenberg, Mrs. John Thiel, Mrs. Noah Bellamy, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown. From Custer: Custer Blue Apron club. From Fountain and Sherman township: H. J. Gregory, John Swelnis, Ray Kovar, Mr. and Mrs. Cloyce Lidke, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Eschels, Miss Edna Eschels, Mrs. Mattie Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Will Stakenas, MI. and Mrs. Loyal Bagley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walukonis, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Peters, Hans J. Hansen. W. A. Sommerfeldt, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ritter, Mrs. Mabel Standish, Ben Brunke, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Renwick, Mr. and Mrs. John Hemmer, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Kietzmann, Paul E. Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dereski, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer VanSickle, John Mackoo, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kietzmann, Mrs. Christina Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jan- Koviak, Eiiis Englin. Added names from Pere Marquette carferry employes in Ludington: Captain J. E. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Young, Leonard Chavalia, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. James Ferris, Carl Ohman, Peter Malusky, Harold D. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ohman, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Manlick, Mr. and Mrs. H. Vandenberg, John Mero, Roy Tennant. Sheridan township committee, headed by Fred Schoenherr, also includes William Waine, Sam Baushke and Ivan Stark. AS THE WAR SPREADS EVEN INTO ANCIENT EGYPT United Corp 2»i U S Steel 75'i Yellow T & C 2l 3a Sunhelmeted British Tommies dip: tronches aiouii.i their canvas city in the iroiling heat of an K<;y;>- tian desert. In the event of the Allies atU-mpUns an attack on Germany through the Balkan bnri: .. door. Egypt would bo the logical "jumping' off": spot, for nuMi and material in such a campaign. In liari<:;r(ni:ul may bo PLCH the great pyramids, bf iievc-il 5,000 years'old. the troubles of the giant snowj cruiser now enroute from Miss Evelvn Prohibition Party Seeks Ballot Spot LANSING, Nov. 3.—(£>)—Michigan's Prohibition party is seeking its old place on the ballot. Attorney General Thomas Read and Secretary of State Harry F. Kelly have received! from William J. Persons of Kalamazoo, who designates himself as chairman of the group, sample organizing petitions which must be filled out and filed with the party's vignette if it is to qualify for a place on the ballot. Read wrote Persons today informing him of the necessary procedure. The attorney general said the petitions could not receive formal appoval until they are filed with the secretary of state, bearing the required signatures. cago to Boston to be board the interior department's' Cedar, mptorship North Star for the' trip south. These officials said the North Star, originally scheduled to leave Saturday, would sail Nov. 9 instead, but added that even this date was tentative. The other vessel—Admiral Byrd's old Barkentine Bear—is to leave a week after the North Star. "We will wait within reason for the cruiser," Roger Hawthorne, assistant field representative oi' the U. S. Antarctic service, as- Chi- teacher of Bennett school, spent | loaded a-'last week-end at her home in Mrs.J.J.PleinessIs Hostess Wednesday NORTH RIVER TON.—The' FERN.— The 42 pupils over enthusiasm of costume preparation culminated in a masked affair Hallowe'en afternoon at Fern schoolhouse. After a grand march. Clarence Kerr was declared the prize winner ' Ladies' Aid society of Bethlehem !& r >°Ef pr0 sVe0dtea ° fal S 0eboS f hooL T "-Lutheran church-met Wedncs-. Dana Reid nmi Irenc Jab . clay. Nov. 1. a_t_ Parish hall with! lon ^ ki a;i captains, chose teams DETROIT STOCKS (1:30 1*. M. Prici's) Unix Wnrncr 26 n .'i Brlggs Mft; 24>; u Burroughs Ad Mn : 13 Chamberlain M W 4 3 i Commonwealth & Southern I 3 n Consumers Steel Prod 1 Detroit Edison 125 Durham Mt'g Co !''< F.xcello Corp 23-lii Federal Mogul IB Federal Motor Truck S'/B Fi uchaul 29 Gem.nil Motors 54 Houdalllu-llt r.shey 13 l-Pli Kingston Products 2' B LiiSallc Wines l ; ' n Michigan Huynr 1'ii V.teromatic Hone Corp 5'j Motor Products 14 Murray Corp '. (!'•„ New York Central :><l : '., i'aekard Motors 3 :I j I'rudential Invest C 1 7U Ki'o Motors l- r -u Ulckel II W , :!'„ Shelter Mfji Co 4'.. i'l.andard Tube B 2 Tiinki.ii-Dctroit. A I'.l Tivoll Hrewins; :>.'« United Shirt. His :('„ Wunier Alrenift, C'oip 1' < Slork Avcragi'S, Nov. 3 (Compiled Ily The Associated Press) 30 15 15 (ID Illdusl Rails Ulll :.itoek'= Net. rhniiKe ... t).:t l).l! Uneh IV'.! Today 73.S I'.^.O :ill.7 I'n-viiius day .. 74.1 Mouth :u;o .... 7-1.1! MM 7ti.l Hiuh 77.0 Low r>!!.ti High V!).5 Ix./w 4!).'.! -Movemeiu in Iteeent Years UAV 17.5 8.7 :>:i.U 10.11 Ilk'h 14C.S) 15?,.!) 184.:) 157.7 Low 51.G 95.:! ( 61.11 THE "MARKETS LOCAL, m/\KKCTS i Light red kidney beuns $3.50 Dark red Kidney beans S3.75 Dark cranberry beans 81.75 Light cranberry beans $2.25 White pra beuns S'J.-tn Yelloweye beans $2.50 Poultry Leghorn hens, 3 Ibs. and up 9c Heavy hens ll!c ' Plymouth Uock sprtncers. I under 4 Ibs 12c Colored springers. 4 Ibs. and up lOc Grain Shelled co-n, bu 5fi<- Oal«. bu :i.v Wheat, bu Produce Eggs Hides Beef, lb Gc Ida. Russet Burbanks. 2-2.10; few higher; Mich. Russet Rumls. 1.20-1.25; Chlp- pcwns, 1.35-1.50; Green Mts., 1.40-1.45; Maine Chlppcwa.s, 2-2.10. Detroit Poultry (Quotations in Cents! DETROIT, Nov. 3._ ( ,T)—Poultry- Mat kct about stendy. Hens. 5 Ibs. up, 1C; under 5 Ibs.. 13; in-horn hens, 3 Ibs. up. 11; corks, 8 and 10; Rock springers, 15; colored springers. 13; leghorn ttprtng- ers. 12; hen turkeys, 10 Ibs. up, 1U; torn turkeys, 15 Ibs. up, 17; ducks, white, 5 Ibs. up, 12; k;eest, 13; riibblts, 0. Detroit Dairy DETROIT. Nov. 3. i/lv-Hutter—Best creamery in tubs, L!ti' .,-2'i' ,. KUK>- Current receipts, :>f; dirties, 1C' checks, 15. liostnn Wool (Quotations in CYntx) BOSTON, Nov. ;j.--i,|>,.-The Commercial liulleim will ,si»y tomorrow: ••DniKiiHl for on .Summer street has been distinctly lii'hl. little lni«iii(ss clone would seem to jndicat. a inarui't lor lim.- class III wools (the niu.-l, typical I'.rade) slightly under tin- di.linr le\el. clean basis. Quotations, however, still are dilHeult. M dlum |jrl:;M linns urc a hit with <|uar- l<i am! inrci -eh'.hts eimihni;; wools ul' Lihio-Micni'.an type nunti-cl at -IV-'UI j cents." I The BnIlUin will publish the rollow- Iii! 1 (jiiolal ions: Alielnt'an and" New York llecces: l> 3:l-m; '.. blood < niiibiiii;, -I(|-.||; •'„ liliMd coinl)!!!'.',, •IV-'lll; ' ( hlooil coinli- ducks, 4',a Ibs. up colored, 12'i,; wnnll white, 12; geese, over 12 Ibs., 12; other prices uncivilised. Yi a r 103!) l'.'3'J <'lueat;o I'o'afnrs (Quotations in Dollar, and Cent-.) CHK A( !(.). 111.. Nov. I'..- -i |'i - i United s:ai' l)i im'iit. ,_>r A,.ri'-ultui'...i litat;.,- !<,<.••. ip:s ,".',. on truck :v.'A. total I 1 . S. .•.hipinent., 47;!: market .lull. •upplii-. in. t(lei ,tt r, tli'iiuind : low ; ,-aeketl per i v. t Ku-'<t Hurt.auks U. H. i No. 1. lew :-ahs. 1.75; U. S. No. 1>. l.:!(l."il; Nc lira ria lili.-.. 'I riumph-., Jt5 to !)T pere 'III t;. a. No. 1. eol'.oii sacks wa-hed, ::: bmlap .--arks unwashed. 1.55; Colorado lied Me ('lun-s U. S. No. I. burlap pad;-. \vavhid ,'.oi»l oilur. l.Kj; Minnc- M l:i Huil.uulule s. rtion Cobblers. II. s. i I.Ui; Northern .-.eetioii Chipprwa- f.ilrlv yovd qualir, 1 !;>. Ni'i-th D.iliot;, -led Hivi-r Valiev's, i-tK.u CobDlc r-. .:ii-'J,i p.-ret nt I". S. NO. 1. 1.05.10; lili.-- 'I'riumph-i K(i-!Hi p, re, nt. I". S. No. 1. u.i v.i.-heJ. 1 h)- '."i; -.v.Mied. 1.40; I-..uly On: .-. r r i-'.i;i p. !-,•( at U. s. No. ! i lew •.•!!!•-. 1.LID-::5: Wi.-eoi^in Itouiid | Whl'.c--. U. .V-. C..;:-.::! rr-i.iN, 1. ; fliirai'i, I'diiHrv i Oi'.otai lofi-; :;i C'l :>.'^i C'liK'ACij. No". :! i'.. i''rv I!-' ip:- M'.''. •'''! 'rue;-.-.; m.irk-t .--'•ady; AT BARON'S MARKET 505 S. James Street SriUNCJE'RS or YEARLING HENS, fresh dressed . . 11 BEEK KETl'LE or CHUCK ROAST, lb. ROLLED UONELESS m.El RHi ROAST II). iiosT(VN uirrr PORK ROAST, lean and 4 O« very little bone, lb. J.O1' RE:(UILAR SLAB BACON, by the piece, II). VEAL SHOULDER, . . SALT SIDE PORK, streak of lean and streak 18c of fat FRESH SIDE I'ORK VEAL CHOI'S, lb. SHORT RIBS lean and meaty OYSTERS, II). lb. 15c OF BEEF, 11). fresh pint 20c PHONE 413 serted. Strike Threatens New York Shipping NEW YORK, Nov. 3.—(XP)—A strike of 5,000 longshoremen threatened t9day to paralyze all coastal shipping operating in and out of New York harbor. An extra detail of 100 police was assigned to waterfront patrol to guard against violence. The walkout, effective Thursday midnight and directed against nine .ship companies, was ordered by Joseph p. Ryan, president of the International Longshoremen's Association (AFLj, after the union's compromise proposal calling for a five-cent- an-hour wage increase was rejected. Earlier the ILA had demanded a wage increase of 10 cents an hour and a 40-hour week. Under the old contract the longshoremen received 95 cents an hour for a 44-hour week. Byrd Sailing Is Delayed a Week BOSTON, Nov. 3,—(#>)—Because of "general preparations," the sailing dates of the two ships in Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd's second expedition to the Bennett School School Notes I The pupils and their teacher, | Evelyn Rasmussen, enjoyed i a Hallowe'en party at the '• schoolhouse Tuesday afternoon, j The schoolroom was prettily ! decorated for the occasion with | Hallowe'en pumpkins, witches | and hobgoblins. j Numerous games and stunts ' with the following prizes: Doris Dufon,] Donald Karas, Carol Battige, i Nellie Gancarz, Sophie Kran. Leonard Dufon and Henry Niemiec. A parade of the youngsters in costume caused much merriment, witches, scarecrows, Indian papoose and numerous others were in line. At the close of the afternoon Miss Rasmussen served buns, cider, assorted Hallowe'en candy and red apples on appropriate napkins which served the purpose of plates. Mrs. John J. Pleiness as hostess ii n the '--am^.s arcl contests i Hor.-e. p , r hide s:s.5u for the day. jj e a n Wilson, Bruce Stuart and! A social forenoon, with a de-i Alice Kerr received individual! licious co-operative dinner, prizes and Irene Jablonski's served at noon, was enjoyed. iteam won. A lunch or aoiic;Vmuls. cakes • is 1 Following dinner, the business session was opened by Rev. William Opitz offering prayer. The president, Mrs. Charles Center, had charge of the meeting. Reports of the April meeting were read by Mrs. Harold Hanks, secretary and stood approved. The financial report was read by Mrs. Otto Brauer, treasurer. In a general discussion of ways and means it was decided to sponsor a harvest chicken supper at parish hall on Wednesday. Nov. 15. the proceeds to be used to finance the treasury. Mrs. Otto Brauer. treasurer." would appreciate all member.-; turning 1 in their dollar donation, which , was to be used for the wiring of ' the hall, as soon as possible so as to enable her to close her financial report for thf year. The meelinu dosed prayer in unio-tn led bv Genter. The next meetin ; .-> I Wednesday. Dec. (i. ' election of officer.-; and candy was .served by the committee. Joyce Allison, Dorothy Roller. Floyd Payne and Dana Reid, Sweet cider was supplied by the teacher, Mr. Sherburn. MARKETS AND FINANCE \1-1W YMIIK STOCKS Am A !l i Ar;: • Avi !•; SaRinaw lii-nns i (Quotations in Dollars :ir.d Cents) j SAOINAW. Mich.. Nov. 3 - - ,V>- Mirh- B":i:i Shippers' Association Fvichiy ! pvircs: po-.i bs'aii 1 ;. p r c'.vt.. ! i;.iO lianclpiijkcil rt-tl kidneys, llcht. :>.50; . '!:.r';. 3.7"); handplckcd y, llo\vry.'S, 'i.50; !.;ir.i;p;cktcl choice nvlcanecl cranborr'.i'.-. i 2.35; clar!:. 1.85. BOP Cal'. -H.-L Oil. with Chi-,.-ln Coluin Cl .- Ce.:n'v/l'.h : fin-ess Wi be , to will fe Mrs. held ture Curi Doris Dufon, as a tvoical In-!,-, ,-,,,,, dian with papoose strapped to' Rahn Wl11 be hostpj * !ur lho day her back, won first for ladies ' Members enjuyiii!> thr while small Donald Karas as a; '"'"-'ting included Me- bewhiskered Indian of olden ' Jonn J - P't' Charles Center, times won first for the boys Harold Hanks, OUo Bruu"r. Wil— ' liam J. Thurow. Frank P.-n/. The honor roll for the month i Carl Thurow. Otto Rahn. Fird of October is as follows- Robert I MaVLS - Minnie Mavis. Ciiarle.-. Stovesand, Norman Gerberx Ella yd Plei- -•ppenthein and and Mr.s. William Opilx ll !'< Kran, Eva Gajeski, Doris Dufon, Sophie Kran, Carol Battle i paa P- Robert Bedker. Flo; Leonard Dufon, Lenida Karas'I lu '- ss - Fl ' ank L;;pin-nthei Phyllis Dufon and Patsy Karas! Rev A 4-H club was organized Friday afternoon, Oct. 27, at the schoolhouse. The following officers were I elected for the year: President, 1 , Lorraine Bennett; vice president, Donald Gancarz; secre- | and treasurer, ulllnan .Kiio Ludington Child Dies in Accident Bcnton ll.irbor Produce i Quotations in CYnt.-i TiENTON HARIJOU. M;rh.. Nov. 3. ---,!'. - Pnr.-.-, p;i:d 0:1 the :rult inurKi t hi-rc Thursday :cr -1.P5:, parks were: N.I. 1 ;ip»i'.:—Bu. 2'. in. DcUcUins. i:. r j-9'l; H.iklv.-ms -10-55: Ni-flhvni Spies. "•.-(.'"): 'J' , n. Jon.ilh;ins. CO-DO; Gniin-.i 1'i.av. Bi: . Kn-ffc-rs. -iO-50. CUUT-- j'l^s. 2fi-'J'J. C" :i :-.' Sr(]U:irc>. , r i(); bunrhi's. iicarts, 1J; !!icdiu::i. 2i>; mammoth. 30. IH'trnil I'roclure UKTHOIT. Mich NI-.V. :i. -r —-i Unit- id !-tat<s 1), parnm-ni of .V-ncnllun- i Appli t ---Mirlni;:'!! bu. l)a-.V.rts and bn. "..!-;;.•••• r. h No 1. 12 ! j iii. II. H. X-i ': Winter liani.u.i-. :,:.. I) 'lirMi-,-, I-!! 1 "; It I. G'.-1-inuiiis. ..">!!: .lonaiiian-. n."->;',; K;n-s. .f)0; F.iii'.; I"h>vid-.. .1!5--10; MclntO'-h. !-l.i; r i: Spv-. .V.i-l V;",: W:" , en TS. .-Hi-50: 'A'c.-lf Rivers. .35-.10; 2\\ in nun. .Ii mat ha::'-. ..-j^-.'tj: ^nows, .i;tj- !$ i :t i>: if THERE IS STILL TIME TO INSTALL $ A NEW HOLLAND FURNACE! I >*« Our capable ;ind efficient staff can install a new mod- $ orn Holland Furnace or make furnace repairs in a $ minimum of time . . the job will be done before $ NOU'VC re.ili/ed we've started! We can assure you of no $ inconvenience. J«| FOK IJFTTKK HE.'TINf;—IMIONK Ok SEE TS! S LOW TEK.MS AM) EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS Holland Furnace Co. Phone 930 Office at 007 W. Ludintfton Ave. IIER.M ATMAN. Local Manager. TON Hi I IT AND SATURDAY TEMPERATURE A ~ TODAY AT 11:00*13 Weather Forecast. irhiKan: Cenerallv f.iir :IIK| S.ilsi.-il.iy ; sliclllly ni.rlltvv si portion Id- siiu; teiii|>cra(iire S:it- DO YOU NEKD- Eva Gajeski. The club chose the name of "Stitch and Hammer". Miss Evelyn Rasmussen will be their leader. Members of the club are Eva Gajeski, Sophie Kran, Doris Antarctic, scheduled to leave] Dufon, Lorraine Bennett, Nellie Boston this month, have been ~ postponed about a week. Officials of the government- financed expedition said the Mrs. Edward Rasmussen of change had nothing to do with Cedar visited school last week. Gancarz, Robert Kran, Donald Gancarz and Raymond Niemiec. (Continni'u from P.-ige 1) j realized what had happened. i One of the neighbors, who | happened to be nearby, stated j he believed the driver "of the automobile did not realize he had hit the girl as he kept moving east at the same rate of' speed, stopped at the Washington avenue intersection and then turned south. ! The child, unconscious when picked up, was rushed to Paulina Stearns hospital. Examina- : tipn disclosed she was suffering with severe injuries to the head, i ::1>-H i. i ' lili (,,il .:ii;cl:!i-el Union Carbide i. ..n./li i-li'.-ll:! Any patfhintj done to the roof—a new window pane, or sonic other little Uiiii£ fixed about the house? We; IKIVO the materials. THE LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 95 'i THE LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN! It Tastes Right Because It 7 s ,ST ,'•*'•{• •/''y''<.' i '.'& -ft.! '?/ ' 90 Made Right SECOND VICTIM DIES IY, Nov. 3.-</P)- JLarson, of Marquette, died l^hursday, the second vic- of an automobile crash killed F. Earl Campbell, lit 9(0. Marie, last Satur- CYCLIST KILLED _„__ Nov. r-old Robert McCor- Thursday night , mobile Knocked bicycle. What makes a glass of beer taste right? The things that go into it ... yes! And also . .. the things that stay out of it! In the fine art of brewing Schmidt's... no sugar... no glucose ... no fattening syrups are added. Instead, Schmidt's is brewed by an exclusive balanced formula ... of finest rice, malt, buds of choice hops and pure water ... and, believe it or not. . . that's all! But then . . . by a slow aging process ... all the goodness of those natural ingredients is imparted to the beer. That's why Schmidt's TASTES RIGHT! It's MADE RIGHT! Try a glass today —won't you. • NO SUGAR • NO GLUCOSE • NO FATTENING SYRUPS ADDED KNIIIor MI»W8 ft, DlTHOtl MUFFS! Here are styles you'll see at $19 and more! Coats waist-deep in fur I Pieced Persian, Mink-dyed Marmot, Seal-dyed Coney, fine Squirrel! Many with elaborate fur fabric trim! Black, brown, wine, blue! Sizes range from 14 to 481 MONTGOMERY WAItH Catalog Order Service caves you money on thousand] of other itemsl Use Wards Monthly Payment Plan on any purchases of $10 or morel 1(13-1011 Ii. Ludington Ave. Phone 158 yOO'U HOWL-HOWL-HOWU AND THRIU A-PtENTY. TOO! THE RITZ BROTHERS LYNN^BARI Joseph SCHILDKRAUT STANLEY FIELDS FRITZ LEIBER LIONEL ROYCE Th»y'r» in th« ' Army now, lolling ; the 0*n«rg| off I i "March of Time" and "News" Matinee Saturday 25c and lOc, Nights 30c and lOc.

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