The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 29, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1933
Page 4
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miL mm w m mm m Jfrs. Ethel Gfhaore sod WTB. ; Mr. aad Mrs, George O«e of . of Chicago drove IB Thars- ! laaoirem* were ia tow* Thursday «ay tBiafiat with th«a KMheria* I aftersoea mad Os*<5e tae Leader Swaia wfco ted I**** TfeStieg ; offJce * pleasant eatt. tkeit * few **#*&. They WO! **»» I Mr. aad Mrs. Pan! Slothower, frith IS* Sw*Ji» and Mrs. Battle ; Dorothy and Joea, drer* to extra Hiat«%as»h entil today before re- Saaday to visit la the Oregory taming. Mfee Katb-prfa* att«d*d Raiaes froaae. Mrs, Raiaes and th* hit C*»t*ry ef Prorrw* Ex- ' Mr*. Slethowear w«r* schoolmates jpofcSioB waSe there and eajoyed at GrinneH eoS«r«- tt greatly. i Mr*. Nellie Doaner and Donna Mrs. lr»a MeK-era asd sea. ; R*y*»ra ef CoaacB Blaffs were ttttfl jKnL »VB VT*»WV«M •— «^.«JK ftof Hold***, of fjeinielt Brafi* cam* down Saadsy aad Visited aatn Monday evening la tie Mr. aad Mrs. A. J. Bertaiaier drove oat to Shelby, Keor. Sat- ardsy sad vfgited aatn T*«*day with Mr. and Mr*. Psal Befk- Waaer. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Wit* were Omaha bmrfaess visitors Taesday. A. Smith ot Carson, of the Pottawattamie. Mills, aad Fremont Coanty Tri- Coaaty Old Settlers' Association, and Wfltoaghby Dye of Macedonia, were ia town yesterday looking after matters concerning the BI » U , «««.= Tan Orsdel, Leto Raines, sad Sarah Ooy aad Max Ireland, Donald Ralaes, Clifford Dfllehay aad Harry Nelson en- Joyed a picnic Sunday evening la the woods near Hffisdale. A«<*d of **e* in th* bom* ot ber asoties-, Mr*. Haiti* Oattertaek- Mias Paar! MeLftla of EIBMTOB was ia Malvera Friday oa busi- ] Satarday and Saa- day in the A. 8. Marshall home- Mr, and Mrs. P. & Priest aad drove over to Emerson Saoday afternoon to visit relatives. Mary aid Lyaa Seasd* eaisej Mr. aad Mrs. George Mellor ever trass Gleswood Urt Tear*- i hare had as their go sets the past day for a we*k* vWt with their week: Mrs. MeUor's sisters, Mrs, Mr. aad Mrs. J. W.; Maade Whltfag and Miss Zella ' AUer aad a nephew, Francis Rob- coming reaaioa Which Will be held la Carson, date to he an- was a guest of Stroad last week. MeKalty, O*r gix»S MvaA, Hago Poa- 1 te*oa, of Hastiag*, Nebr. tew. frcaa sortAsaM of town, was; Mrs. Rollie Ley and children, Ia Satarday aad tsade oar office Jim aad Peggy, of Wayne, Nebr., a }>}«* Uto rabserlption H* s«rs their yrortEg aad ib«y are bound to beat Ube Irish yet vhea they get Izto tlsir regiiar pace, aoaneed later. We acknowledge a pleasant call. Miss Evelyn Petty of Hastings Miss Bnrdell A picalc was , glvea ia her honor while here. Mrs. Nellie Strond entertained her brother. Will Horn, and son, also his daughter and her husband of Nebraska Sunday. Mrs. Opal Strond Rntledge has goae to Henderson where she win Visit her husband's parents aatil after the Fourth. Horw Cto»fte# te Ornate Oa Su*d*y evealag at Pearl Memorial Methodist charch in a* advanced came Monday for a brief visit aaother notch. I with her ei*ter-in-law, Mrs. O. A. team ii Im- iStrahaa. Mrs. Ley and Jim re- taraed Taesday bat Peggy remained for a longer visit , Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Eichelber- *&**.». Jipgm. Katkeaja£ua«rs. Popeye, ger drove to Clariada Sunday for, ew * Barney Google, Toots aad j a short rieit with Mrs. Eichel-' berger's father, Fred Schollian. Mr. Scholliaa returned home with Dr. and Mrs. 1. U. Parsons and son, George, and Miss Dixie Baer of Omaha left Sunday morning for northern Minnesota for a weeks vacation sad ontiag. Memorial jaeiaouiBi vuu.v— ... Omaha oemrred the marriage ot Roger J. Conner, SOB of A. i. Coaaer, formerly of Malvera, and grandson of Mrs. F. M. Beaton of this place, to Miss Wllma M. Hariow, daughter of A. J. Har- iow of Newcastle, Wyo. Malvern relatives attending the weddlag were Mr. aad Mrs. 8. J. Anderson, Mrs. G. E. Wolfe, Miss Frances Bentoa, Tom Benton, and Dadley Conner. The Sunday World-Herald had the following account ot the wedding. party Jfoftday «*eattf witch waa planned sad carried out by her gB«t. Ocfl tMekertoa, of Lffihg Beach, Calif., tt fcoaof of her Casper. RkJppy. Sappo, Bloadle, TeeaefVfl}*, Mtekey Moaee. and „., V ^ M ^..»_«, ,„„«„, uuu , e wim all th« re*3ry popalar comics are j them and will remain her* for a aow found only ia the Saaday short visit. BKE-XEW& adv. «tt Mr. acd Mrs. L. R. Cowger and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hacketti children. Beryl, Margaret, and ef near Oakland visited la the | Junior, who have recently retara- Beralt Jones home Saaday. Mrs, i ed to the Pelted States from Ha**—--" formerly was Mis* Marie j wall are vlsltlag Mr. Cowger's Esngtetaaa and Mrs, Jones. — .. _„ «. v *»ait,u*£ ««*• ^v**£ei a Is a daughter of sifter. Mw. George Curtis, and i family south of Malvera. They R. K. Piper returnw. Sunday > plan to leave about July 5 for evealag from FUat, Mich, driving j Aberdeen, So. Dak. where Mr. a new Plymouth coach which be I Cowger will have charge of the sold to Miss Effie Trireley of Red aaval recruiting station. Oak. It is a neat, pretty car with plenty of action. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse G. Johnson drove in from Winifred, Mont, near Lewi* ton, last week and are visiting hi* ciiter, Mrs. Samuel Masters, and other relatives and old time friends. Mr. Johnson was formerly a resident of this county, a son of J. J. Johnson, and a nephew of Riley Johnson. Re left here over thirty years ago and as he has seldom been back, he sees lots of changes here. Mrs. J, KonetKa en;s;-3a n visit last Sunday from ber brother, John Lahr, of Ida Grove. Mr. Lahr is making this territory for his firm at present with head- at Bed Oak and,be drove there.""It Was a con> plete surprise to Mrs, Konefka and as she had not seen him for three years it was a very pleas- Mrs. Samuel Masters went to Glenwood Thursday for a visit ia the home of her son, George. Her grandson. Gene Masters, and wife of Lincoln were also guests there that day. Ray Anderson of Council Bluffs Is spending a few days in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Harry Wilson on Marion avenue, with their son, Bob. Mr, and Mrs. Ben Terry of River Sioux and Mrs. Terry's brother, Corwln Byers, of Long Beach, Calif., visited here a short time with Malvern relatives Tuesday. Mr. Byers with bis family had Just returned from a visit to the exposition in Chicago and was Methodist Episcopal Charch Roy E. Gugeier, Pastor We were glad last Sunday morning to receive the following young people as full members ol the church: Helen E. Baer, Frances and Edith p. Brewer, Mary Jean Ewing, Arlene and Richard Flckel, Mary Louise Juelke, Ruth, Dorothy, and James Naylor, and Leone and Ethel Storey. We trust that, while these young people were answering the vows of the church, there were those In the congregation who resolved that they would do all they could through prayer, counsel, and example to help them live true to the vows they took. Services n*- '^*r wm t>e as follows: Sunday school at 10 and the worship service at 11 a. m. At the 11 o'clock service we will have the regular quarterly communion service. The subject of a short sermon will be "Our Communion Attitude." The Bible reading assignment from July i to 4 is I Thesaalo- nlans and from July 6 to 7 U Thessalonlans. Your pastor is very grateful ant one and they enjoyed a days vifitt together, nice Mr, and MM. L. Z. Crozier and , an<J LaVonne Worstall of Malvern, Donald Robbins of Hastings, Kelly Evans of Glenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Evan Swain of Tabor, and Kenneth and Eugene Swain of Straban were Sunday guests ^ „ . <5roT * ln from i ln the J - A - Cox home. Ottumwa Friday lor a couple of j Miss Marian Mackln returned weeks vwt with Mr*. Crorier". to her home In Onawa sSy matter, Mre. Eva DerMn, i after a pleasant weeks visit with i friends. Miss Marjorie accompanied her and will a week In the Mackin ---- ---Church school. We ventured into" this school on faith that the free will offerings would cover the expenses. Our faith was not misplaced. The two offerings brought by the pupils plus two other contributions totaled 113.20. The ex- t**Mtf Mr, Ottate -mere gtweUs ia the home*wJ » xas«A- Kins and E-atii Lut* r*- a two of visit sag Ottamwa. Mm, D*y«r Dye &uu6#y disner John Dy« If« always CCCL E at the home . aad children of Strahan were in town Tuesday evening. They had Just returned from a two weeks eay with relatives at Lime Springs sa4 Mr. Molsberry also the Vocational Ag eon- ferew* la Ames while away. _ *" Franks of the Malvern Whoteeale Fruit company has |*a*«I Mrs. H. R. La Bdl< . B rM ,, dene* oa Xortb Prospect avenue and IM moving in this week. Clyde Barger who lires nortb- *«*t of East Liberty church was in y«*t*rday and said that they a. fine rain out there Tuesday I MPRESO THEATER5 M A i, V E R N It rained about one and wtfe-balf iaehfe, he said and they all ol it, * Friday & Saturday John Wayne, Noah in "BIG STAMPEDE" Added Shorts, toe, ga« Sunday, Monday & Tuesday , Mr*. Dale Herern was taken to and <D for *** " improving hope to be able to bring part ot *• 80d Bought the bos- Before lighted calnedtral candles on the altars of Pearl Memorial Methodist church. Miss Wllma M. Hariow and Roger J. Conner were married Saturday evening by Rev. L. L. Weis. A profusion of garden flowers decorated the church. Preceding the ceremony Miss Chelsea Besack sang, "Where Thou Ooest," accompanied by Miss Helen Oerln. Miss Jannette Sawtelle played Mendelssohn's Wedding march. Given in marriage fay her brother. Dr. Vernon R. Thomas, the bride wore a pink lace gown cut on empire lines and a matching jacket. With this ensemble were worn a white turban, white cid slippers and white kid gloves. She carried a shower bouquet of irides roses, delphinium, and baby's breath. Miss Alice Diesing, her only at- endant, was gowned In yellow mbroidered organdy. Her shoul- ler bouquet was ot sweet peas nd baby's breath. Ervln Hariow, brother of the ride, was best man. Walter Neff nd Dudley Conner, brother of the bridegroom, ushered. A reception for the bridal arty was held at the Thomas lome. Mr. Conner and his bride will ive In Omaha. lonors Son's Fifth Birthday Mrs, M. S. Campbell entertained a group of children at a party .Wednesday afternoon, Jane birthday. th* home was shroaded in deep mystify dating the entire day while Mrs. 1. R. Scott and Mr*, d t. D*V» kept the weret by taking Mrs. Cook tot * drive In the afternoon aioftf the «5tt* try highways. A delieioas three eonrs* 7 o'clock dinner was served at one large table which was lovely with a centerpiece ot colorful garden flowers aad lighted candles. An appropriately decorated birthday cake which was made by Mrs. Davis was also a happy ear- prise for Mrs. Cook. Martlela Davis and Dorothy Boehner assisted Cecil with the serving. Those enjoying the party were old time friends who have often helped Mrs. Cook celebrate former birthdays: Mrs. Scott, Mrs. L. W. Boehner, Mrs. C. 8. Royce, Mrs. O. A. Strahan, Mrs. J. D. Robbins, Mrs. Davis, Mrs, George Mellor, and Mrs. H. A. Deardorff who celebrates her natal day on the same date. It was a merry group and alii wished Mrs. Cook many more occasions for such a gathering of these congenial friends. Honored Birthday of Hasel Cox Miss Hazel Cox was honored with a birthday breakfast Sunday morning planned by her sister, Orayee. She was awakened early Sunday morning by a group of young people and made to arise although the breakfast did not get on Its way till about 10 o'clock. Those at the breakfast were the Misses Janet, Betty, and Kathryn Swain, Ocle Caudell, Fern Alberts, LaVonne Worstall, Marie Swoboda, and Hacel and Orayee Cox, Donald Robbins, Harry Zanders, Wilbur Bower, Blaine Dickersbach, Bill Albert*, and Kelly Evans. Mrs. Floyd Rhode* Hostess to H. 8. O. The H. S. C. held its June meeting Wednesday afternoon of last week with Mrs. Floyd Rhoades as hostess. Twenty-six members were present and there were several guests. The program topic* were: "A. Backyard -?Jay«oj *ad w* freft *t*d to *** that m*ay Mrt. ffcirs fid * , T&e lei efeJrtft «i««f gram grren by choir fast Friday sight wit tended ht » »W feirtttirWi. fofk* get inside to **» th* Th» two pttys and tttrilgii hers were well give* ind we think this cholf should ifftrH d*f support tot the* *» did work, they eteat«4l fit ffim the iee ereatt iftd fc*k* served. They wish to thank their help «4 this wis 1 t help on the parehas* of the tor great airo. Mrs. Farewell Party Mrs. A. 8. Mills was the victim of a complete surprise Tuesday afternoon while she was engaged in blackening a stove. A group of friends and neighbors numbering f i*. r ment ' - *-"•— -— "rrmT-*rvjr~j p *»w«*f by Mrs, Eunice Chamberlain. Mrs, Merle Roland gave a blog of Oaits S. 3. the Oaks 8. 6. tJnion wai of- ganited Attg, 8, i|f| by deotge Mowry, American & & tffiioft missionary, electing ottcefs fof the year i»SJ it follows: B«n Fields, superintendent; Lea Patrick, assistant superintendent; Lilly Carlstedt, secretary; (JUdys Stienef, treasurer; Helen bedson, librarian. Teachers elected for classes were: Leslie Patrick, Bi* hie class; Gladys Dodson Stew Ick, young peoples; Mrs, Lewis Mitchell, Juniors; Mrs. Ben Fields, primary, Under the able teachings ot these capable leaders our Sunday school begun to take root; then during the last ot December, 1»S3, Ret. R. V. Felt conducted a series ot revival meetings lasting until tome time in January, 1124, during which time eighteen conversions were made which was a great help to community and Sunday school. We also had revival meetings again in the winter of l»>5 which gave us new hopes and ambitions. The above officers were doing their work faithfully and well, no changes being made until August, 1926, when our present superintendent. I, W. Castor, was elected in place of Mr. Fields,; Mrs. Selby, assistant superintendent; Bernlce Stlener acting as secretary and treasurer after the death ot Lilly C. and Gladys Stlener. . Thus we built our , Sunday school; little by little, making few changes until 1929 when Bernice Stlener was elected assistant superintendent > (holding the office nntU ? she went away to college) { jffifa~- "——» '* Jttfc, "ftijSt —~"«» UIIVBBB the yean wi ^£ **» tmtf to iSfStJJ ^^J *******S * Ud trtAMrer. •on, Fwntf Gteftwead Man MeeU Tragic Death **** * temet * of Olehwood. a son of L. . of the thinn * ftitdiey de- tMna«al store of those times, ^t^'tftHc death Just ofl Port WasUngtoB oa Lake Michi* iaa Saturday er*i>la f . « e had oa » yatohing ewise with frtendt from Ititwatiltee and caught la a ttarin at port Washington. Me went ashore to telephone his children and in returning to th« boat slipped on the gangplank and felt striking his !)**£. *£**** * concussion and death. He was fortune rears of .._.___ He is a brother-in-law of Attorney C. T, Qenang. The body was brought to Omaha Tuesday morning for burial and funeral services held there. Miss Nellie Brown was so tar recovered from her recent operation that she was able to be brought home last Friday and her sister, Miss Hattie Brown, who had been staying in Omaha with her has again returned to her duties ia the recorder's office. "-TiV 1 . - * 'T--- »," r »™* «" ~f "-J^H^-^? Other revivals were held by Rev. Clark and our most beloveu ...« UUU uB luuuea 913.20, The ex- *nenas ana neignnors numbering pense of the school was $9.40. eighteen came to her home to hid We Will turn OVer tn til a UnnJ.»' her farewell orA har riaiurtnra fnr We will turn over to the Sunday school treasurer the balance of 13,80 which was not needed for of the vacation the expense school. Baptist Church Minister. L. R. Bobbitt We lacked one of having 100 at Sunday school last Sunday. Were you the one who did not come that would have made it an even JOOf . nw>rn * B * is the time for "The Lord 1 * Supper/' A sermon Farther." wlu precede* £, 8^ The hand of fellowship will be given to a number of new mem* bers. Why not make a special effort to be present and partake of the Supper and also welcome There will be no evening service. This being the case we ought to make much of the Bible school and the morning worship Remember the food sate by the Otto Kline bring. The her farewell ere ber departure for her new home at Attica, Ind. R«* freshments of ice cream and cake followed a social afternoon, Dr, Campbells Give Swimming Party Dr. and Mrs, H. S. Campbell entertained at a swimming party at the municipal pool Thursday evening for Dr, and Mrs. H. Hartje of Adair, Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Krnse, Virginia and Loretta of Mineola. and Mr. and Mrs, Bruce Boehner and son. Leonard Bruce. A picnic supper was enjoyed oa the lawn at the Campbell home following the swim. Have Pot Lock , A merry group partook, of a pot luck luncheon at the home of Mrs. W. M, Hiett Tuesday after, noon. They were ||W- Cbas, H, Summers, Mrs. j.y, Wearin, Mrs, E, W, Knight, Mrs, J, 1, JUffi* demon, Mrs J, N, Summers, ana Mrs, J, H. ~ Mrs. ,_ _„„_,_._ «,.. v — W * VB ~ <*>9*» van** «uu our faun DelOTeu raphy of Dorothy canfleld Fisher, pastor, Rev. WitoonTand wlS The club enjoyed delicious re- "*• *- jt -..."• ""* **"*? freshments following the program. Beaton* Honored During Visit Here During their visit here Mr. and Mrs. Y. H, Beaton and son, Sterling, were honored with numerous social affairs, Last Wednesday evening they were dinner guests In the home of Mr, and Mrs. I. L. Donner. Mrs. W. D, McCausland entertained at a luncheon Saturday SOQ» complimentary to Jfrs. geaton^. Other guests were Mrs. Mrs, Wallace On, Saturday evening Mr. »nd Mrs, J. B, McClymond gave a dinner party for t,be,geato88 wfcen others present were Mr, sndJ Mrs, J, L. Donner and son. Donald, ana L, K, Smith, '• • ' " G, ]), Aistr«p«» Wedding Annlver«Ary , Mr, and, Mm 0, ,J), Ai»fr|»pe celebrated their tenth anniversary where she has been the tbr** w^k«. Bha U Iwproviag . Kebr. and Bprague, N«br. q. Will Rogers, "5TITE PAW** fibart* mMtter »4u». ol Wise. They are art-r^Js.""** *• m*: sun* ttm ^ . Mrs. Y, H. Seajkw entertained "- Mrs, R. W. 8*1 *!for the quarterly business meet. Ml* 4l»n«r 8»nday A, o. ~«_ nr ^ ~zr* -~-r- -i—="«p-^w (VanT^-wR i ^^"g^wwr Good wish** are Through the assistance of these good people wonder* were performed, there being fifty or more conversions made at this time. Mrs, Wilson also took an active part organising the junior choir you have heard over the radio at different times. She enjoyed teaching these young folks new songs and hearing them sing. It was with great sorrow we learned that our dear friend and pastor. Rev, Wilson, had passed away March 19, 1952, He was a patient sufferer? never complaining, and loved by all who knew him. other members of pur Sunday school who have passed, into the Great Beyond are Gladya atelner, June, i,W« want treasurer; Mr* Bee Fields. Sept, aj. 19 87. teach. Caristedt. Deo. $, . BQW Ottf . Bod! „ those able ws.havs gone on i^ doing our best;i With every $10 worth of Poultry and Cream brought to our Hatchery we will give a large ,.$3.50 portrait photo F B E E We have made arrangements with the Claude K. Constable Studio in Council * BJuK» to care for this per* ' vice, , , ,

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