The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 26, 1958 · Page 10
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 10

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1958
Page 10
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•BOUT BUT WE'RE ALIVE WEVB QOT A AINfft 1A IV AUSTIN (Minn.) HEftAl% Friday, D*c. 26, 1V5«, CANYON THAT* (SREAT.' WHERE'S SAVANNAH NT WE HEJ-PCP SEND A LOT OP V. A PATIENTS HOME fOR CHRISTMAS PAY... FOR A TOTAL COUNT... WORK ON A PICTURE IN EUROPE 6ET THE PUNCH MIXES UP WITH TH6 MISTLETOE.'SO LONO.KtPJ *TSVIE,BCY,THfS 19 H00K6P US UP 50 I COUUP HO\V OPERATION REINPEER W3RKSP OUT BACK THERE J MARY WORTH [HERt ONCE. WAS A BIRTH • • • IN A STABLE. BtHWD A VM.LA&C INN. 0 CUAN WHITE BCD,HO WATCHfUL PKy$ICIAN,NO LOVINGLY ASSEMBLED LAYETTC '—ONLY THE STRAW FLOOR,THE INDIFFERENT EYE5 OF FARM ANIMA15* ANO A WIDTH OF SWADDLING CLOTH. THE FIRST FAfNT CK1 /ff THE 5HOCK OF AfR 'FILLING TINY LUN6i WM IOST IN THE STREET SOUNDS OUT5IDE,WHERE IMPATIENT CARAVAN GUIDES MILOWED AT THEIR WEARY CAMELS. PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer OH, BOY) f ISN'T THERE SOMETHING- COME NOW. 1 WHAT DOES UTTLE <SIRL SAY LET'S DO ITA6AIK OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams .._. WELL, WHUTYUHTHIWK BOUT IT MOW. BUD 1 TIZZY-By Katt Ojann LIT THIS BABY'S BIRTH ANNOUNrtMENT WAS A MOVIN6 STAR-ANOTHE FIRST CALLERS BROUGHT PRECIOUS GIFT}..-AND THEIR EY« WERE FILLED WITH AWE AND ADORATION. JD FROM THE HOUR OF THAT BIRTH.THt WOR DATES TWO THOUSAND YEARS OF BEN IGN iCHANGE.—AND AN INFINITY OF HOPE! » YOU, ON THIS ANNIVERSARY OF THAT ORE ATtST MOMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY— GREET/WGS.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoopl* WHAT A MERRV CHRISTMAS THIS HAi.. ScEN, MARTHA, MY LOVE/ WITH THE MONEY REALIZED FROM THE CULINARY TRIUMPH 3ASON DEUWERED TO THE > WRONG HOUSE, I TOOK THE NEEDY /'/ FAMILY TO A FINE R5STAUKAMT VWERE THEV FEASTED TO THEIR HEARTS' CO^TSNT^AND i HAVE PfJnnriw r&c.u I PCTTA eniec 1EAKT6' COKSTSNT^AND I HAN'S f,\10L!GH CASH LEFT TO STUFF ^tss/^X A LAUNDRY •—' ^S^x^ ^ ffi^ 'IIC** I^J THI TOOOliS PAW ASLEEP- strip / MV SON ARCHIE > ( HAS A BAD HABIT ^ OF BARRELING INTO > OUR DRIVEWAY *• ANO SCREECHING TO A STOP IN FRONT OF THE GARAGE.' I WANT TO CURE HIM.' I'LL. GIVE VGU FIVE BUCKS TO PARK IN MY PRIVEWAV.' SAX THIS TRUCK OF VDuRS.. IS IT JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bold and Jerry Brondfield /«R. SAXON IS BOSWORTH . HeAPQUARTERS/ I'M SURE HE CAM MAKE THE PECISION. SURE I CAN, BEAUTIFUL ... BUT I WISH I KNEW IF_YOUR COMMENT WAS A SINCERE ONE.,.OR WHETHER YOU'RE JUST BEING CLEVER... WHAT ABOUT IT, /MARSHAtL? PO YOU ,s ^ WANT TO SIVE PR. LUCAS THE (SO-AHEAD ON THE sfiacE asairr? » ' OKAY, MISS LUCAS. TAKE .OVER THE , SPACE BISCUIT' I-1'D LKEAWORP WITH BOSWORTH •HEAPQUARTERS... , 4^ SM*P&f<f- Kf* k CHRIBTKAS ISS8 OWL.' AND YOU NEEDNT ' SIFT WRAP IT OR ENCLOSE ' .A.CARD/I'LL SETTLE < FOR A PECK CM THE , CHEEK AND A CHANC& TO SQUARE US WITH THS .LOCAL TRADESMEN./ /rrf \i--a ,^i MERRV' ICHKlSTMASl TO ALL. • SILL eeftucriEB. ^* tm^% »^ TJt. »^. U1L F.I. en. MORTY MEEKLE CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner T.M. i, f . g.t. M. on. (i I»SI bi MtA hrYto.. IM "Mayb* I'd better tell you, George—that left front fender has been acting up again!" THESE WOMEN-By d'Alessio OUST PONT A6K HIM WHAT HE THINKS OF THEFORMOSAN SITUATION. I 16 HE MAD I AT ME? / NO, HE JU5T GETS / THI6 WAY EVERY 5O V OFTEN. IT'6 OKAY TO V TALK TO HIM... BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU <3AY TO FATHER TONIGHT, MORTY THAT BABE YOU LJ—UXW, YOU KNOW. WERET«-KIN'TO...A «\THAT THIRD WOO YEARS? A BRUNNEHILDE/....!^! ] CENTURV MY STARS, OOR \ TH' WARRIOR I " " n / PRINCESS WHAT ARE YOU ^ MAIDEN „ \ i<VOU FELL FOR? TALKING ABOUT? I SHOULD SAY THERE IS.' ...BUT MOWS YOU MENTION IT, THERE IS A RESEMBLANCE, ISN'T THERE? YEAH ...AN I'LL BET HER NAME IS HILDA/ WELUAS V A MAHER V OF FACT, IT IS/ WASH TUBBS &OMETHIW3 HJ^S H^PPEWEP TO PAPPY... OR HB'D L^T US WHY HE PIPM'T WAKE IT HOWE FOR CHRISTMAS' pQW'T YOU KNOW WHERE I PCN'T KMOW WHBRB HB WENT «WA THCRE! TOLD ITS A CL05EL-Y GUARPEP 68CRETI BUf I'M GOIW6 TO PIMP OUT NOW I COLONBL PROWISBD TO TELL MB II* MeKES WASN'T TONKSHTl OOIN 1 WHEN HE LEPT TOWN, EASY? BUGS BUNNY f/THAT WAS FUN 1 \ / PUT YER GLOVES ) I BACK ON AN' LE'9 TBY 1TA6AIN QWAB AW HANPS ! LETS TWY SPINNING AWOUNP LIKTE THE PWOFESSIONAL Tranquilizer Drug for Mental Depression NEW HAVEN, Conn., Wl Science may soon develop • tranquilizer - type drug which will relieve mental depression, Yale psychiatrists say — but don't look for a drug which will alleviate human grief. Dr. Daniel Freedman, assist ant professor of psychiatry, said while there is no drug 'at present which is entirely proven as a depression-killer, there are many new drugs which show great promise. 'Instead of a "human -»grlef drug," Freedman hopes another type of drug will emerge. "I would like very much to see one which would help learning," he added. Historic Ship Clings to Floor of Ocean TANGIER, Va. I.B — Generation^ after she was sent to the bottom of Chesapeaka Bay by the guns of the battleship New Hanip shire in 1911, the historic ship San Marcos is still resisting efforts to remove her as a menace to navigation. The wreckage is still within 20 feet of the surface after tho Navy used 11 tons of explosives in the latest efforts. The ship has been the object of other military firepower operations including aerial bombing by Brig. Gen. Billy Mitchell. Week's Sew-Thrifty PRINTED PATTERN FRECKLES CHRISTMAS, MRS.SWEMP/ Correction, Terry: Our take-home pay WOULD be $81.50 a week IF we ever got it home!" At times, the planet Venus is only 25,000,000 miles from the earth but it also goes as far ^s 101,000,000 mile* «w»y. \ Greenfield, Mass., world's largest producer of taps and dies, if the «it* of th» first cutlery factory is Amtric*. MERRY CHRiswAs,siR.f ) HE WON'T TO 6IVF ME SUCH A HEARTY HANDSHAKE.' By ANN'B ADAMS Our Printed Puttwu •iuiple to u&«. Even a aewlnu uuvk* can make ihU tklrl tu Uule time. Flattering ttuuiili »lUiouctte tak«« Ju»t one yard M-lncb fabric. Tomorrow'* pattern: Separate* wardrobe. Printed P«tterc 4810: UlMW' W«l*:« 24, 25. M. 26, 30 Inches. All glveu *Ue*: 1 yard 54-lucb. Printed direction* on each pattern piirt. EaEler. accurat.t. Svnd Tblrty - five teuu lu colna for this p;uieru — add 10 .-euta lor eutu pattern lor 1st - das* a.ulllnij. St-uU to Anne Adaui*, cure u- ine Auathi Dally Here,ld, Pattern Dept.. 243 We*t ntn St., New York 11. N. T. Prtr.» y NAME AUOKE8I with *OMt. «n<1 HTVI r VI'Mnru

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