The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1894
Page 7
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ALL HOME PRINT. THE SKNTIKUL IB the omy newspaper In Carroll county that IB printer! nil fit home nnd It con- sins more local nnd county news than an; other two papers In this county. Powsns & CoLoto, Props. FBIDAV, SEPTEMBER 14, 1894. PEOPLE AJVHJ EVENTS. Freah oysters for sale at Todd & McAllister's. A nice lino of school supplies, nt the Palace drug storo. For rent, a BIX room cottage. Inquire of Mrs. -Patty.Carroll, la. When you want first class fruits of any Kind, call at Schachtner & Egan's cash grocery. Wanted, a girl to do general housework. Inquire at this ofQce. Good; wages paid. . . - < Try a cake of the Dairy Made Buttermilk soap for the complexion, at the Palace drug store. "High Art" at Breda has taken a tumble and now the artist is in jail at Council Bluffs. , • , Tne scrofulous taint which may have been In' lour blood for rears, may be thoroughly expelled by giving Hood's Sarsnparllla a trial. ' , Try a sack of Crosby's best flour,| for sale by Schachtner & Egan's grocery, and be convinced of its superiority. If ybu want to buy tho best lower vein soft coal, and hard coal, andjetorm sash, call at Joyce's office for prices. - It is said that George Bowen diacover-i ed a burglar in his cellar the other evening. Ask George for particulars. • For rent,—two dwelling- houses, one located ou north side and the other on the south side. Geo. W. Bowen. A fine hue of fall goods has just been received at Ludwig's. It will be to your interest, ladies, to call and examing these goods. Jeff C. Davis Post No. 44, G. A. R., will hold regular meeting this Friday evening. All are requested to be present. As an expectorant, Ayer's Cherrj Pectoral Instantly relieves tho bronchial tubes of tho mucus that obrtructs and Irritates them. Recorder Ueires is getting along so nicely that it is thought be will bo able to be up and around again in a few days. Mrs. Htnnah Miller, mother in-law of Chns. Neu, was stricken with paralysis this afternoon and as wo go to press is in a dangerous condition. Later.—Mrs. Miller died at 4 o'clock this afternoon. FOB SALE—A flallot & Davis square Grand piano for sale at a bargain. It is in perfe ct condition. Mnet fell before Bnpt. 15, as 1 leave at that time for Denver. H. A. DUBBS. Ludwig Bros, will close out their stock of spring und summer goods during this week fit ncUinl cost. Now is Iho timu to pocure a bargain ut this reliable ston;. Mr nnd Mrs. Chas. Gnnm have movet into the building formerly occupied by Moses Biuion, in Uiu first ward. They will have u vury pleasant homo, indeed. Dover cloth is the newest and latest stylus of ladies' dress goods. A flue lino just received ut Ludwig Bros. If yoi want Iho latest thing out call nnd examine ihoso goods. Mrs. Emma Bnuilng und family returned from Carroll Tuesday after an extended visit with friends aud relatives there. Wo hour that she intends to make Carroll her future homo.—Bruda Wuluh- inui). In ull thnl goua to strengthen and bulk ud the systuin wuiikonod by diseases ami pain, Ayers'd Saraaparilla i« tho superior medicine. It neutralizes tho pols»n b i"(: iu the systuin after diptithurln a-a *« rh-i fever, ttiul restores the ih'M tut put nt to perfect health IIT: v/ i. The drouth has IrM U.c tJIoist of grcaV- ly reducing thu uui:i f of truum <iu 'his locality. When the) I>KI|( nt iho condi lion of tho crop they K>.-<< heart aud Hti.r for u wore probpuuum u»umuuit> There is no grout loan without aouio smallgaio. Tbu modern bounty thrives on good food and uuuBblno, with planty of oxerclst n tbu opuij air. Her form x'ows will huulth unit her fuoo blooms with Its beauty, If hor systum needs thu olmuialng action of u luxutlvu rumudy, shu usus thu gentle and plouuaut Ihiuld luxivtlxu Syrup of Figs. The past fuw cool days mulie us think of winter. There are fow who uru sor ry, for thin hub buou tho hottest and most dlmigrceublu summer oxporluuaod In this, Stilo since llio duya of tbu ourllaat luhab lUuU, Wo bid goodbye to thouo hot sultry days without u sigh of regrot. Irving W. Lurlwore, phyalcul dlroutoi of V. M, O, A., Don Mo i nun, lowu, s»y H ho ouu consciously rououuiiuud C'huuibm- lalu'b 1'ulu liuliii to athletes, gymnasts, bloyollstH, foot ball playors uud tlio profession Iu guiiuritl for bruises, vpralus und dUloeutloiitr, nlso for sortwuim und still'- UUHH of tho iiniHolos. Wlum applied bo (uru tlio purls hm'.omu swollen It will etfoot a uuuu Iu one half tlm time usually ui- <|Ulr«d. For uulu by J. W. Uttttou.drug «Ut. While In Chlu»go, Wr.Olmrlos 1.. Kuhler, a proiniiumt ttliou uturchniit of 'Dos Mollies, lowu, hud imlto u swrlous tliuu of It, lie took uiuih u ubvoiu uuld llirtt hu could hardly talk or nuvigutu, but tin 1 prompt U8o ol 1 - dimmhurlulu's Ooiujh uetlv ouwl hlw ofhia cold HO (juiukly t oUiord ut tlm liotul wlio Una bi»a uulUa persons ordered it from the nearest drug tore. They were profuse In their thanks o Mr. Kilhlor for telling them how to are a bad cold so quickly. For sale by J.VV.llatton, druggist. , We hove made arrangements by which we oan furnish this paper and the twiow- a-week New York World all for only #2 a year. Here is the opportunity to get ;onr own local paper and the New York .Vorld twice every week at extraordinarily low rates. "Address THE SENTINEL, Carroll, la. > The many friends of Rev. W. 8. Thompson nnd family, will be pleased to (now that he has been returned to this ongregation for another year. The )nator has met with unusually eood cue- cess in bis field of labor during the two years ho has been among us and his ungregation is delighted to hear of his )e!ng returned to them. j We were horrified when we looked |n the Herald; yes, the Carroll Herald, and saw one of those revolting saloon advertisements. Something that not six months ago Hungerford declared on his honor should never pollute the pages pf that great family journal so , long aq he owned it and was able to work and earn money to keep the thing running. Why this change of heart? . ( , J. M. Drees is busy packing, and,., shipping his household goods preparatory \o, leaving for Denver. Hound the 1 family, will leave next Tuesday. It will seem odd here without Joe, for he baa lived so many yeais in our midst that be has become thoroughly identified with our pep pie. It is np doubt a sad task for him and' Bis wife to leave after having spent many yevrs in our city. We . truet, Mrs.' Drees will improve in her new home and they will return te> our city again. . ; Deafness Cannot be Oured by local applications aa they cannot reach' th« diseased portion of the ear. There IB only one way to onre deaf ness, and that IB by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition of tbe raucous lining of the eiistacblan tube. When thli tube la Inflamed you nave a rumbling lound or Imperfect hearing, and when It Is entirely uloied.deaf nest IB tbe result, and unless tbe Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, bearing will be destroyed forever; nine eases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which U nothing but an Inflamed condition of tbe maooui surfaces. ' We will give one hundred dollars for any caae of deafness (oausad by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars; free, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. |3r-Sold by Druggists, 76c. A firm in Ohio—*heOhria»v Knife Go., of Fremont, are offering a nine hundred dollar Steiuway Grand piano to the per eon sending the largeet amount of cash for their goods before December '31 1894. A ohnnoe to get a Steinway Grand piano is something unusual. Oar yonug people ought to take advantage of it. Any number of families would be glad to help them win tbe prize. The Christy knife is a good thing and everybody wants it. A letter addressee to tbeOhriety Knife Co., Fremont, Ohio will bring an answer immediately, giving full particulars. evening, September 21, nt 8 p. m. Dr. i'oliom will preside. The lecture will >e illustrated} and contain much thac will of special interest to musicians. At he close ot the lecture steps will be aken to organize a ohornl close, some* hing we very mnou need. Anything in he line of musical onlttire is an advnn- age that onr yonng people should avail bernBelvBB of. Professor Lowery will soon gather our oaug folks and children about him and make arrangements for a fine rendition of "Uaraldine." All our young folks ibould take advantage of this oppor- nnity. No fee is charged and a great leal oan be learnt in these drills, and much that is beautiful in the music ine. • . Watch for the date ot the first meeting and be sure and go. The meetings will, irobably be arranged for Saturdays BO bat school work will not be interfered with. Persons desirous ot taking advantage of Dr. Lowery's visit to Carroll every Saturday can address the doctor noare of ,thia office in reference to instructions in his specialties: Pipe organ,' piano, violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin,^ any wind or string instrument. Vocal • {•& i i i.' ' i ' ' ' ' ' " •"• • ' ' i luiture lessons a specialty. Persons desiring instructions in crayoning, drawing, painting iu oil or water colon please address Prof. 8. L. Lowery, Olid- 1 , la. ' ..',,. j CAUUUT AT LAST. A DRALBK IN OBSOBNB IJTRHATORB AND KOWDY FICTU11ES IN TUB ClllASP OF UN CLIC SAM'S STnoNa AHM FOU VIOLATING TUB POST All LAW. Yesterday the quiet little city o Bredn was thrown into n etate of excite, ment by tha arrest of Oscar Beaman photographer of that place, ou theobarge ot violating the postal laws. It was revealed that Seaman bad been carrying ou quite an extensive business all over the oouutry selling lewd aud obsoeue pictures and a olusa of literature tha was simply fearful. Tbe pictures were manufactured in hia studio ut Bredb The original negatives hud beau secured from abroad. Thoy were siezsd by the iMcotivea uud we're u olans of low im ..ural types of feinuta uudeneaa. These j !•'nl divided iuto two classes, one he n >ut ijy moil and tbe other by express !Jo.i e Men of the extant of hia business tuny bo ft ioed from tbe fuot thut he was roorivi • •» iroui $100 Iu $200 per month from thu salea. For about three yeurs (be postal «n thorities have been working to locate the parson sending tueso immoral plot urea uud this literature broadcast over Iba laud distributing Ibeir poisonous and baneful effect to every hamlet in our limd. At last they suooeeded Iu local lug the fountain bead ul Breda, aud ou Wedueadny two postal detectives stopped off ut'lhut place and the next day had all the evidence they were looking for aud pluoed him under sneet, Wlieu the detuotlvett eotered tha studio he wua nt work ou (be worst type of hit pio lures, "the uuoa ha always sent by az- preea," He waa brought to this oily on tha evauiug trulu aud lodgad iu tha oouuty j'til till thU uaoruiug whau hu waa takeu to Ooupoil Ululfs to awuit the uotiou of the federal grand jury which maats f week from Moudoy. F. M. Davanport was seonred us uouuuel for tha prisoner uud will defend him iu tba federal court O INTUIIUUT TO Lovmu of Musio, i)r, Lowery, of Gliddau, late of New York oity, who it oreatiug quite u etir iu tnueidt)irules b^bis enurgetio efforts to awi^eu uu interest iu uiusio at Oiiddeu Boiuutou, Carroll uud GOOD Rapids, will deliver u free lecture at 4ba Prasbytaritto ohuroli, Ourroll, Iu,, on wualc Poor Fellow. 1 ' Buzzing In my right ear i Throbbing- in my bead l , Achelng In my stomach, ' Sending me to bed.* ' Dizzy (of can't BCD I Shooting pains In back! . " •'• Bless me 1 what is worseth»n A"bllllou8 atUckl" , • ,' > There IB certainly nothing milch more disagreeable, but Dr. Plerce's Golden Medical Dli- eovery will sooamake yon all '!0:'K." This ia tbe greatest blood-purifier known. Nearly everyone Moomea more or less bllllous at times. ' At aacb times, by taking CBS thousands do) a few doaea of the Golden Medical Discovery, they are often saved weeks of actual sickness. The "Discovery" la the only Invlgoratorand blood purifier ao positively certain In Its curatlYe action, that It can be sold under a guarantee. If It doesn't cure, money paid for It Is returned. CORRESPONDENCE. | Correspondents, to Insure the publication of their letters In tbe weekly, must mall them BO they will reach our office Wednesday.] BAST LIBERTT AND BUCK BUN. Corn cutting is still iu progress. Several from this vicinity attended the show on Saturday, A heavy shower on the night of tbe 6th and another on Sunday. MlssLulu Robertson is teaching the fall teruiot school, at East Liberty. Nathan Jennings, of Churdun, is spending a few days with his mother aud other relatives hero. John Uinkley has drilled a well for Chas. Stoolman 105 fuel deop aud is now engaged on one for John Jacobs. At the Uopublicau caucus the following delegates were chosen to attend the county convention: L. A. Jennings, 0. TF. Sanderson, D. W. Earlo anil G. Dreosen. The township olHcors nominated were, HobcrtO'Connoll.clork; Christian Beat assessor; L.. A. Junuings, justice of thu peace; J nines Bruce, constable aud J»j IPulbrldgo trustee. Wo gratefully acknowledge THE SKNTI* NKI.'S comtiMy anil would have uutm most happy to havo met the family of correspondents, thuy do not sueiu IlkostrungorK but we could not well be present at the timu of mooting. Supt. 11. JIM. OAK IIILL. Frost Monday night. Sum J'uir's baby drunk a small quantity of lyo lust wuolt, and a terrlblu sick clilIU was tbu cousuiiuoKce. Anderdon, (find <& 1'nrkor who took out a corn binder on trial, took the uiiiohluu to thu city, It not biting n ''graml siu-ci'as." Mr. and Mrs. 0. IT. Vaughn oxpuct to start on a visit into Uiimlltoii und Ifrlglit counties the II rat of next month. Link Harris has dug "Is Inters, some over half uu noro, and got threo husliuls. IKull we've been to tlio show. John liull Is rejololng ovur the ailvont of a new baby. A fow from tlicso parts took in thi' soclubloat K. U. Sohrelber's nour Cun-ull- toii Tuesday ovuiilng. J umes Dankle nud wlfo visited with Mi. » Mrs. Dull Vaughn Sniuluy, Full plowing IB all thu go now with thoso who Imvw flnUhud cnttliiK fodder. John Hull uxpuuta to go north to look for Rpluco soon. It'o regret that tlio correspondents did not hnve tli« "powwow" as oxpouted, but muHUuy wo unjoyud oursulveu huguly In the show tout at thu editors 1 expound. Uut a dollar 8anlu'n been brenklug pork- orn to Urlvu all the wouk. Wo hud a notion to hltoli old oheutor whltu ou to thu corn sled totUy but waa ufrald "ahuM balk." I nominated for squire and constablw rtcent- y and arc so elated that they will canvass ibesumo as though they were running for senators. Egad— We learn that A. Armstrong has bought all tho coru his renters have to sell In the field, A brotherot P. Larson's from Minnesota was visiting him recently. C. A. Sternes started for his home in Antelope county Monday of this week. We learn that lightning struck |the chimney on Chas. Corbin's house last week during the rain, but no one hurt. ' The big show exerted more drawing- >ower in this locality than a dozen porus Rasters. .,.•.. The party that is making himself con-; splcious near the Ilill by uoselrg into business that is none of his, will have his name in print soon. It is reported that two gentlemen of our acquaintanceareaccused of taking some currency from a man's house not far off,' and less of this talk will save a law suit.' IFe went to TUB SENTINEL office on the 8th And were treated In a way we shall remember for some time, as will the rest ot he correspondents surely, we think. Lord Salisbury in a recent speech said 1 that the human organism could not live in. 50 degrees higher than now,'but we) suppose that he never was present where domestic Intel iclty was in the cauldron. ) SANTA. * TEMTLBTONIISMS. ,.,;,< i! We thank TUB SENTINKL > very much for taking us to see jumbo and many other nice things. IFe wish we bad a free ticket to another show like that. '' H. Zeigler,of Roselle, was a caller last Sunday. , : Jno. Ueithoff left Tuesday for Fremont;Neb. Mr. H. is going to move to. thai state. ,.;.- : .. ,-.,-..• ... The oldest son of' Supervisor Uarglrr died Thursday and was laid to rest In the 1 Sacred Heart cemetery Saturday. The little fellow was 7 years old and had sut fered greatly for four weeks. . ; Lizzie Carl, who was raised by Mr. and Mrs. C. 3feise, jleft .home last Saturday; and has not been heard of since. Quito a large crowd of young folks gathered together and surprised Frank Meyers, as it was his twenty-first birthday UU parents gave him a fine gold watch. Frank is a flue young man, he holds a first class certificate aud is a good- teacher. The young folks enjoyed themselves at dancing and as it rained that night the party remained until daylight. The rains have done considerable good to pastures and have made the ground good for plowing. Barnoy Kloatormann bought tho ItK acre farm of Jno. Ueithoff for 849 per acre. A young son Is staying with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sohroeder since Saturday. Olgars, pa. Wo will be a little more regular in our correspondence now that, our mail carrier goes again. CLATJS. ICE. Ice season has now begun and the wag on is now out. Leave your ordura at the office of A. U. Quint or M. Simon's store, ALMOST A NEW YORK DAILY. That Democratic wonder, the New York Weekly World, has just ohangec its weekly into a twioe-a-week paper, am you can uow get tbe two papers a week for the same old price--§1 n year. Think of il 1 The news from New York right at your door freeh every three days— 104 papers a year. I'LBABANT UlfcL. Since the r«lus Uoon rlvor u not no dry. Owing to thu rain lust buutlny theru wore uo BUI- v icon at No. 8. Win, AfoUurdy, of Newtou, was « geuinl oultor at thu 11 lit tliU week. Afussrs. Uhrukouud liyroly llulslieil up their full ruu of thruohliig this week. liuv. M olson wus calling with i), «. Oublu, ofSptliiK lli'uuch, ou Tuubdiy ot this we.eli. Mtu. NuUou, uuar tUu 11111, is eonslder- ulilo butter tit printout writing. 0. TonipUlns iti laid up with toarlct fever Iu nn uggruvutud lonu.Ur. Dudliloi ofcijlil- dun uttuudtililm. 1'up Jouutt, of I'ooahout a* county, visit- M fuw daya lust wuuk with lita aou KUwt KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement nnd ends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet- er than others and enjoy life more, with ess expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to ,he needs of physical being, will attest ;he value to health of the pure liquid akative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence Is due to its presenting n tile form most acceptable and pleas- int to the taste, the refreshing and truly >enefiuial properties of a perfect lax- Itive"; 'effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ana permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval ot the 'medicA irofession, because it acts on the Kid- leys, Liver and Bowels without weak- jnlng them and it is perfectly free from jvery objectionable substance. ' Syrup of Figs is for sale by- all drag- te in oOc and $1 bottles, but it is man- ofactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, V°u will not accept any substitute if offered. SMALL SPARKS FROM THH~WIRES. Ansel Lee, cousin ot Gimerni Robert E. Leu, rttert ut, Mwidvlliy, Pn. Johii Irtgnlls was killed by n Milwaukee railroad train near Now Hampton, In. The 44th anniversary of the admission of California to statehood was celebrated at Ban Jose. Oscnr Johnson, living near Sycamore, Ills., 17 years of nge, died with lockjaw. He had fallen, piercing his thigh with the tiues of a fork. A child of Ben Thorton, a colored detective of Incliahiipolis, was refused ndtuis- nion to a public school and the board of education has been appealed to. The Ohio state board of agriculture announces that the gross receipts from the state fair were $23,473, an Increase over last year of over 20 per cent. Twenty-four receivers of Northern Pacific branch Hues have been abolished by agreement, in the Interest of economy. ' At the annual meeting of the Toledo, Peorla and Western representatives of th* Burlington and Pennsylvania were elected directors. On the fifth trial William O. French was convicted of murder at Ashland, Wis., and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment. While fixing the electric lights in the tower of Detroit's city hall F. J. French was made a raving maniac by a shook and was rescued with difficulty. The Prison Wardens' association of the United States is in session at Plttsburg. The Passionist Fathers reopened the mission atOsage, Kan., abandoned by the Jesuits. The Democrats of Ifikshiugton town-' ship will meet in caucus at Center .school honso at 7:80, Saturday evening, Oct. 0, foi't ho purpose, of nominating township ollicers. U. 11. KI.KNKKU, Clmlrmuu. ALWAYS IN TIIK IEAO. MOSUB Simon of Ihu Famous just opened n largo upartmuut of boys knee punts and lulu, juslublo for thu present wauls. Prices and gooiU nlwuys awuy down. NOTICK. Water hus again been turned into the mill us uud will bo supplied for all pur- pones except for lawud.uud all parties uru |Mri lively forbiddou to usoj it for that •. i.poso, C, K. UAMIWOK, _^_________ Marshal. Homoseekero' Excursion . Sept. 26 uud Oct. u, thu Fremont, Uikhorn «fc Mo. Yallov rnllruuit will ruu hoiiiiiNuukura 1 exourhUni.s to ull points ou thi'lr HUMS iu Nebraska, Wyoming ami South Dakota. Uuo furu for thu routut trip plus sa.UU, tickets good lor; twenty clui.s. Stop ovei- pi IvlleKos allowed ut ull puliiU we»t of thu Mo. rmtr. Do not miss thU opportunity to visit the clump ItviuU HIM! frui< home country i'l northein No- bnihku, Wyoming uiul Soulb Dukotu. For fnitlu'i' punUnihirs \vrlle to J. U. Oublu Tniv. I'HH". Agt., DvnUou, lowu. or J. K. llucliuntui, Otfii. I'SSH. Agt. , Onmliu, Nub. Cheap Bxoureione. On Kuptuiuber ilfi uud Uolobur U, 1SUI, thu Nortluvostuni Hue will sell houiu- si'i'koib' oxiuirsloii tlokoU to jiolnta in mirthwubturu Iowa, western MiuuubOtu, North Uttkotu, 8uuin Dakota, AUultobn, Nul>raakn, Culonulo, Wyouilug, Utah, liluho uud Montana at excoudliiKly low rules for tlio round trip. Thoou ticket* will be uood fur ruturn pttMsujju within twenty days from dutu of uulu uud will ul- l<iw stop-over privileges ou going trip In territory to whioh tickets tire Hold. For tickets and full Inionmulim apply to & Northwi'sturn railway. Ourroll Market Report (H)ltN— 6U OATS-ailo 110(18-85.00 to tffi.'IU I'OTATOKS-l.UO Ill'TTKU-lOlo IB IIYK-76 In the Plankinton bank case at Milwaukee evidence was given showing the directors' were aware of the institution's condition: ' '-' Robert Tnlford, a wealthy Chicago contractor, desejted hia wife and eloped with his 19-year-old cousin. At Cedar Rapids, la., Judge Bhiras de cided contracts exempting railroad corpo rations from liability from fires are not against public policy. • The sultan of Turkey has contrlbutet 800 Turkish pounds to the fund for the re lief of the Wisconsin and Minnesota forest fires sufferers. " " A bill making 2 cents O mile the innxl faum rete will bo urged at the coming session of the Indiana legislature by In dianapolis merchants. V| A commission composed of foreigner? declares after investigation that the Japa nese were the aggressors iu the naval ngh< »f July 86. Clarence W. Clark, next In rank to Chief Arthur of the Brotherhood of Loco motive Engineers, was fatally shot a Jersey City by his divorced wife. Ministers at the northwest Indiana cou ference of the Methodist Episcopal church introduced politics into their discussion and were, reproved by the bishop. FALL AND WINTER and a fine line of piece goods for Nobby Suits The latest styles at the Lowest Prices, at the old reliable clothing house of NOGKELS & CNAM South Side Square, Carroll, Iowa. \VUNAT-60 Vi'i'iiili'iJiu-n report* to the ugrloultuml ilepanuu-ia thut 16 pur cout of thu uuUrVuiimufuutiiriHl food uud GUILD'S OREflT CLEARING SALE Id still ou aud will bo for night dayn mom Our fall goods art 1 beginning to arrivo, and must mako room for them, coiiBuiiiumtly must soil. Cost or quality outs no figure. li ? you want bargains see Guild's prices. t^Tlieinember a dollar wived is a dollar earned and you win wivo one dollar 1 on every three dollars worth you puruhase &z* AT GUILD'S NEW DRY GOODS 810BE <^$L Noxt door west of postoiiiua, Carroll, Iowa. ) (« * ,*> <? « % •3) '*' U) g

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