The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 29, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1933
Page 2
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tre HALVE** THE MALVERNLEADER W. f>. WOlttliAM, **** tee* fcy law. AldM«gk -il_k^ away an* eaaae awtta* wkes tfc- «rf raltrnais wweg** prciwwed fnfher f »«** . itt t*»»l*w ** ti* t*e »«*«U got Mil wife owt of _. '„" ^ _ la* -_*j™- jMBa* like fewat, tfcey fJJC g Aj^tJ^fc •Hah jMhjfeJK^^^ *j. j —JE «^*t^« jBn& A>B0BE* m<er , t«r itt Mtemt te a kay Drfet* fc* M» fc* | mors as4 fe**#ttir of tfee —^P ; coafercftcc fcs w£]J its fey €•• -«™ the f«ct«*U0B* oT Us* <*oU*r 0« tor- ' mar****. time 3 At the between , . !•> «f deter tt tf»rtfr <af 1* CM 0* WMr- 7M iff! tin <ft«er« of •««?<«• ta tfc« fair. (Or does It only like that*) WMle tfc* TC"Ear bJoods are i . . , ix* Jikfelj- to reeefre these 8*- j ^^ " ' The best ptaan la town (ex* rrptiac tbr Wearta Steiaway) l» ouretrd wlUi dwst tm a roo« visited by mot more thaa a half dot** people a year. (Ha, the old Wecfe concert grand la tbe OfO OprtTit ItOVtAC)* -t-t-i- witi aar gr**t esctberf- ot tal* tbeffl T«T eerl- . their *!der? JD*.T well tt«i mme eo&dderatlon irleai tie flea it sta4e io take tie car for. Hitting iltier and I | EDITORIAL | ETBD Uke rote of Jts» 29 • is blirf «XT apprecUfcie , of rais to droatb- ' Mill* eoentr- at tie of Use American caJ aasoefattoB rtated that tbe common cold va* the rcott iia- portast nedieaJ problea of tbe temperate tone. What -rith -rixttr fsldes and summer sxafflea. we've long believed One MarrerBlan, Fred Mnl- oolland, recently handed us an editorial clipped from the Omaha Stockyards Journal. It i* below: Their Record Not So Good The youngsters like to drive, and are quick on tbe trigger, bat they lack Judgment, They jaif Ion* chances. ThM their acdieat record is a«mln*t there A* government tabulation shows that tbe most hazardous age for automobile driving is under the age of twenty. Drivers under that age have an accident record 39 per cent worse than the average. Automobile accident* show a steady downward trend for the different age groups from tbe group under 20 to that of drivers 50 years old and over, The drivers 20 to 29 years old have an accident record 29 per cent worse than the average; 30 to 39 years, 3.6 per cent better than the average; 40 to 49 years, 29 per cent better, and in tbe ages of 50 and over, 36 per cent better than the average. DRS. KLINE & KLINE Pr, O. M. Kllnt pr, j. A. Kiln* O»t««p»thle Physician* Ot»lc« hour*: 1 to S p. m. *n4 7 to * p. m. on W*4n««l*y» and Saturday*. Oth«r Hour* by Appolntmtnt OITle* ov«r Iowa SUt* Saving* Bank X-Ray Dlagnoti* Phone*: Qffk« 1S8. HOUM 1» Tbe fact* presented in tbe efiltwial win cot be especially welcomed br younger drivers, , Jotf aeesBteaed to criticize the • bcmhliag efforti of their elders. Bat tie troth if that the tt€*t skfflsd drirer. inclined toward recklewsess, is more dan- peroai thaa one not so skilled vbo refused to take unreasonable chances. This fact presents a serious problem in obtaining safer drivers. For in many cases drivers who have accidents know all of tbe rule* for safety, are skilled in handling their machine, but are still careless and dangerous. Presentation of the fact may cause the younger drivers to think more seriously of their responsibility. Well known to all is the ancient fable of the killing of tbe goose who laid the golden egg. And now comes Uncle Sam and the states to do almost the same thing. For in levying what amount* to nearly a 100 per cent tax on gasoline, our varton* governments will un- doabtediy Tctard th« sse of thi* neceasjty. • ~^ "•*"" The first tax expert who thought up tbe gaa tax had a very good idea. It was easy to collect and few people objected to paying it for it did not amount to more than Sc a gallon, or about 15 per cent of tbe manufacturer's cost. Shortly other tax experts, sensing the ease and painlessneas of the thing, popped on another cent or so to the state tax. Congress, which still recognizes a good painless tax when U sees it. saw the succeas of tbe tax and added nrst one cent, and then a fraction more j to the gasoline tax. The accumulated tax in Iowa amount* to virtually 100 per cent of the manufacturer's cost. Only one other product, tobacco, has been able to carry such a tax burden successfully. We suggest that Congress, even If it hurt*, remove its part of the gas tax or else impose a general sales tax to more widely distribute the burden of supporting our various governments. — ——-•— • • • ~ ••—? *m» Mjvmtmfm voe *•>•••• • www^ca "^? f-^f 5 Bl Lf! ld -f!?i th * rnited Kates and tbe conti- '**" " " Inental gold standard bloc was open and bitter and admittedly threatening to the saccee* of the conference. The leader of the gold bloc early in the week held the opinion that until there is provisional stabilization of the dollar the conference must recess, and at the same time demanded a concrete statement of the Amerl- This statement wa* ua tftrevfk ill «•* tan* . «l -jgij naii i gi adu ^ Ife JUMHeB< Ol trtal for faeaiie tal eraalo*, «ra« atsralttei *fce« * |a*y decfdod Utot aaio of aeemlUea t» t>e ffe» Tort backer to kit wife at a loaa aot to establish * "eapttal hi* faeotte fax report, eoaatftwte evaetoa. » * * « t to* Former Preafdeat - i* ittfaf oat an otiee in the Stanford nftfreMty library from which be win direct the war library. Cat* Death LOM . healthy «t tfc* oth*r fteeotte toe fat *** 41*, p*rtJ»- dating to* #**ti<*r, the prevalence el d**e**« **f- rfer* i* far* *o«kft ft * fartk*f reasett for «*»**. tt ire not taring Mr *• faf«etio** «***M* o* that ««ed oily ** ee*»ft«*ttf *«* *» ttefcsea*. Tfceee Mf«* ttevl* t» killed and Cviltog afteald b* doM , ly. especially if the mortatttt ha* bee* high dariag tbe year, be- eaa«« weather eovdJtfe** dwtfftf spring mitt wamer are extremely fa*or»Me to the ipread of di*«*l parasftes and heavy at* aafrte to ocear at til* eoktrol f«r »a»k« of «t*M»«. nfcertntotto, etetetm I When yon drive 50 m. p. h. it takes more power to break the vacuum created in the rear than to break the head on wind resistance or to overcome the friction of the road. (80% of the power is needed for that purpose say engineers. Try turning the back seat driver around to talk out the back window). -f-t-1- Night Marshall Jake Frazler, tM*ide* being the town'* No. 1 crimlnologist, is an authority on the three R's, the three W'*, etymology, sociology, history, politics, logic, the three B's and cheeee. (He won an argument from me and used data in all those line* to do so). -f-t-1- No Primary Highway run* through Malvern but one, No, 41, runs halfway through. (It atop* at the corner of the late Iowa State Saving* bank, or at least it* signs do). -f-t-1- If Mr. Roosevelt got serious about hi* Industrial Recovery bill MalvenT* municipal swim- eofttfolled by ire«MM the ioefc. Real E*Ute - »-) |i it« . f Ml* Mi Lot* l« lath* death* In the poultry Bock cause targe toate* in income I* proved by the report* of fifty Iowa farmer* who kept rec- mu inniuuu. iou Biaiemeni wa* ord* the pact year; the average given Thursday, a statement of!' 0 ** of hens daring the year b«- the intent of the American plan!' 0 * 1»-0 per cent. * ' Culling would prevent much of thi* death lo«a in the farm flock, according to W, R. WhUfleld. Poultry *pedalist of the Iowa gtate college extension cervtce. to provide the aervfee Mr. BoffiBarr my* The Leader woeJd bare U> wr editorial* *r hr U- More in for raising domestic price levels, and an absolute refnaal to participate in any plan for the immediate stabilisation of the dollar. It did, however, expres* the desire of the United State* to dls- cnss eventual stabilization on a gold and silver standard. The statement injected new life Into the conference, giving hope that with the clarification of position some work might yet be accomplished. Perhaps, however, the new hope had Its actual Inspiration more in the reported gentleman'* agreement between the central banks of the United States, Great Britain, and France to partially stabilize the dollar. The week brought, too, a plea for tariff adjustment* by Secretary of state Hull, chief of the American delegation, a plea from which the authority wa* soon taken when Raymond Moley waa •ent to London. Moley, who will take control of the delegation from hi* nominal superior, i* un- derttood to be committed to op- A • ««*^ «*«* A*B ' JMM —-*• — * ~^.A * i fteeord of M the office* of the Recorder ««, Clerk of Distria OftCft of MIH* eottatjr. fowa, from J«*e i, lilt, at 8 a. m., to luae It, l»ai, at 8 a. m. Lewi* v. Johnson to Fred Woodruff (W, D.) lift*. Ft. Out Lot t, Olenwood. and Pt. Ink. •0. Oordon-a Add., Olenwood. Otear Htatt to Mabford Bfatt (W. o.) $tet. LOU Sfi Mtf iS2, Paciflc JsnctioB. Harriet 8. Harman to Ante 1C in Washington is directed by Mr. Bernard Baruch, who hold* no official position whatever. * • • • Esdttag Uqnor control new* a» to lowan* |o*t three day* mttff tbejr voted in favor of re- \oisTtNcnvr fUMSHAL The Funeral Director's Duty Our duty, in addition to making the main arrangements of a funeral, to to lift the load of detail* - f^f^si'" $925 ^••w^ nai'fetot^t trip World's Fair EVERY WEEK END Ticket* on sale every fetor. *Uy and SOB**? to and including July 9th. 10-Day Return Limit TtdUU good in Coach or Chair Oar. Half tare for children f Buflington Other Lew Pares— In effect dally Party Fan* - 10 Day Limit 9 trarellng together ajges each 4 traveling together $154» each 0 travattmg together $14-15 each , (Half far* tor children) * Sffll lower fares for larg- * f|Jj^J|*« tB ' W8.85. higher fare. * 8 7 le pnii, " " . . , _ g ___-„_ .. _^ ~ WM^* +m *«**w( v*> EU^ ****>** rw of tbe: peal of the eighteenth amend- * >•»•,/• M ansfield alvern Pr*«dlng. of Insure your corn in tbe "Old Reliable" Farmers Mutual HaU Association «- 40 years O f success, Every loss paid in fu«, Average cost per $1,000.00, $23.40, Flat rate $g§,OQ, tosses paid $U,143,154,63 and that is more than all the other hail insurance companies ail together in Iowa, Beserve on hand $J,087,4g9.3l to which every policy holder has the benefit in bad years *. to keep the cost lower than any other Hail Com. See me at your am opportunity} y«Hir money erop, Corn, will be ia danger 20. -f-t-1- Th* Ganiher garage ia tb* «ly Qrtb^Je ri,,,^, ,„ ^ *°«M»T a*ed for conunerdal Purpose.. Uaoany If q^ Amh *« ton, down, of Red Omk me tb*t it ^ •" The water tower, high standing reservoir of community water, would need to be emptied three times to fill the municipal ' from It than swimmers use the Pool. Statistics on this furnished by Corporal Heezalyre) -f-t-1- If every motor car la Mai vern visited a ga* station each *»f• f* P«»P wotfd average oniy twelve customers daily -t-H- his net income couldn't fall far •hort of $50.000 from an acre. Now if some of the boy* will sharpen their pencil* maybe we can arrive at wh*t 1* really the value of fowa land. R. W. MANSFIELD WM. CHAMBERLAIN Licensed Embalmer* PHONC 7* : ^a*^^^.-^:X£^"^ , accomm__ Ions, admission to'the frir grounds ... all expenses except meals, can be poKhaced at your . home station. , * The Burlington has on ex- tibit one of the world's finest passenger trains and eprdially invites you to make it your World's Fair headquarters^—comfortable soft - cushioned seate ... magazines to * read'; « , a -good place * to relax, r«rti or meet . .frfeifc .: K VJ ,; - - nn ,000 an acre. Editor Casey. fa»e4 white necktied editor of the Knojviiie Depress, ha* u sgured «**«*• We reprint bis mtfe tics below: How to Make From only i, t5 of Slbley Uat the Sibtejr gathered IJOO rtes. At that rate, a* Beai . sro « 8 *»«ome of »» «w for Qweoli eo unly land, "I snbwu," Overholser on. "that a Jogt*i a at | occupation i* the major sofntion* of LET YOU .' , .,»_>»,,- ~-* as •^^^Of^fia^e^rffj^giij^i^i^^^^^^^f-!'- j-~-"- : i/^^iiiii

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