The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 3, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1939
Page 6
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. FRIDAY, NOV. 3, 1939. Michigan Colleges Set For Games i ^^ ^^ ON TOP AGAIN By Jack ^Sards' Detroit Is Only One of 'Big Three* to Play at Home This Week Friday's Games DeSalcsat Ferris (night). Alma at Kalamazoo (night). Saturday's Games Michigan at Illinois. Villanova at Detroit. Michigan State at Syracuse. Michigan Normal at Wayne. Western Kentucky Teachers at Western State. Olivet at Albion. Hillsdale at Hope. Miami at Detroit Tech. Defiance at Lawrence Tech. St. Mary's at Adrian. , Michigan Tech at Grand Rapids college. (By THE ASSOCIATED TRESS) The 1939 college football campaign in Michigan embarks on its final month the coming weekend •with the quest of University Of Michigan for its fifth straight victory against Illinois at Champaign 111., highlighting the program. With the arrival of November, night games are becoming scarce and only two will be played Friday.. DeSales, Toledo team th&t is listed among the nation's unde'r feated and untied elevens, plays- Ferris at Big Rapids and can clinch the Michigan Ontario Collegiate conference title with a tie. Alma plays at Kalamazoo in the other night encounter and the winner will become a favorite to finish in the first division of. the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic association, While Michigan's Tom Harmon & Co.. is playing at Champaign Saturday, Michigan State will bej meeting a traditional foe in] Syracuse at Syracuse.. The contest, the sixth between the] schools, is the last under the i present contract. State has won! three and lost two against the Orange. Like the Spartans, Syracuse has been experiencing plenty of trouble getting underway this season. OF THE- OiJTSTAAJPiW© BACKS it\ SOOTH TWo VSARS AGO. Oi TOP ASAlM REST yeAR OF MB PEATS A Mi6M UST PAU- WITH STAT& LAST V5AR. FOR BREAKiMC- ??AlMiM& RUL6S AN jjlS COACM MO\AJ To Herb Barker's Pigskin Choices Are Announced (By HERB BARKER) NEW YORK, Nov. 3.— UP) Taking University of Detroit is the Baking the usual weekly stroll only member of the state's "big three" to play at home Saturday. The Titans, victorious in four out of five games, meet Villanova, adound the pigskin promenDame: The been sad disap- pl .,,,,. iDOintments this year, mainly rii ti 'because of line weakness. It's the strong teams of the year ea in ern nO|,p OSS j- D j e they will rise to the with an outstanding back in LOG ^DELSt. ' Ohio State-Indiana: Ohio State. Purdue-Iowa: Nile Kinnick makes Iowa a threat against anybody but the ballot must be marked for Purdue, i Missouri - Nebraska: The Huskers apparently are one of , , i occasion but there's no possible fn fi, _ . cc ?" test s '^e J selection but Notre Dame. „«*,, w Dc troit area Sat-, Louisiana State - Tennessee: urday Wayne tries for its (Another real test for the pow- second win.of the season over; erful volunteers. L. S. TJ.'s Michigan Normal, Lawrence!Leo Bird and Ken Kavanaush Tech entertains Defiance and i are just about the most ef- Teen plays host to Miami. Ifective passing combination Hi the M.I.A.A. Albion, the un- ! extant but this vote goes to •beaten, untied leader, is ex-1 Tennessee. pected to move nearer the cham- ! Minnesota- Northwestern: pionship against Olivet at Olivet, i Northwestern is improving Hillsdale, which suffered its first '• steadily but the Gophers seem defeat since 1937 at the hands 1 to have the greater scoring of Albion last Saturday, meets 'strength. Minnesota. hope at Holland in the same! Arkansas-Texas A. and M.: league. .Hope still has a mathe- Possible surprise package here, matical chance of gamin"- the for Arkansas is always dan- title. ' jgerous at Fayetteville. Still, At Kalamazoo the new $270 000 : undefeated Texas A. and M. Western State Teachers college j Ore £°n State-Southern Cali- stadium will be dedicated with a! fornia: Two undefeated teams contest between the Broncos and; battle lor a probable Rose •the Western Kentucky Teachers. !BOW ? berth - Southern Cali- at Adrian and° r Micmg^ nAt Tech! 1dc J u , bt that Cornell is in for a meets Grand Rapids in other letdown ^ h _ ardly enou " h to Saturday engagements OUler l Permit Columbia to run off Herman Rohrig. Nebraska. Oklahoma-Iowa State: Oklahoma, handily. Kansas-Kansas State: Like Stale-in. this. Eriday game. Vanderbilt-Mississippi: Stick- ins;' to Mississippi. South Carolina - Florida: Should bo Florida. Virginia - Chicago: Taking Virginia. Baylor-Texas Christia n: As close as they conie. Baylor. U. C. L. A.-California: U. C. L. A. Stanford-Santa Clara: Santa Clara is rolling now and gets the nod. supporting bout Herb Wiley, Detroit featherweight, faces Gene Johnson, of Monroe. DETROIT — Michigan Normal and Wayne University Freshman football teams clash he^e this afternoon. Both teams have been beaten, the Huron yearlings bowing to the Michigan State { Freshmen, 14-0, and Wayne's j first year men losing to Grand Rapid's college, 27 to 6. MT. PLEASANT—Connell Giddings. of Royal Oak. and Warren Schmekc 1 , of Toledo, have been elected co-captains of the Cen! tral State Teachers college foot| ball eleven. The Bearcat year- i lings finish their schedule to: night against the Michigan State j Electric ': Freshmen at East Lansing. ;g .Benson Russell's Beauty Salon lengthened its ladies' league lead to four and one-half games with three smashing victories over City Foods of Scottville at Smith's i alleys Thursday night. Giving ' the easterners a handicap of 144 pins per game proved no obstacle to the fast-traveling Ludington | outfit. Russell's now have 14 wins and only one defeat. As a result of the fine bowling Russell's hung up a new season team series of 2,187, displacing the old mark of 2,090 hung up by the same team .earlier in the season., Three highest scores of the evening were turned in by members of the winning aggregation. , Edith Schwartz led with 483, fol- I lowed by Margaret Meyers with |4G7 and I. Read with 460. The latter, who hit 187 in the final game, grabbed off high single game honors. P. Spencer was highest for City Foods with a 373 count. Electric Tamper ladies climbed over the .500 percent mark for the first time this season with two victories in three starts agains Schrink's. The wins elevate the Tamper into undisputed possession of third place. E. Benson topped everyone in the match with a nice 449. She also rolled single game high for j the match, 173. V. Peterson with j 448 was far and away the best for i Schrink's. ! Although losing two games ' to the Band Box, Orange Kist managed to win the opener for its first victory of the season. Orange Kist now has a record of one win against 14 defeats. The team will rise, it is believed, as soon as .some of the fine bowlers on its roster hit their strides. R. Beebe of the Orange Kist crew was high with 453. including an 185 game, second high of the evening. Ann Findling of the same team was second high with n nice 414. J. Crawford did best for the winning aggregation with 399. Russell's (3) E. Schwartz .. 165 169 149— 483 M. Myers 164 138 165— 467 H. Johnson ...137 117 140— 394 I. Read 137 136 187— 460 E. Turley 120 147 Schmeling's Reported Trip to U. S. Is Mystery (By GAYLE TALBOT) NEW YORK, Nov. 3.— (ff)— The reported presence of Max Schmeling in Spain, supposedly enroute to these shores, has created a baffling mystery in local fight circles. At last account nobody had yet offered a sensible solution, and practically everybody had tried. Only one thing was certain: The former heavyweight champion was not sent for. If Max is indeed on his way, then it's his own idea. "I don't know a thing about it," declared Promoter Mike huff, accompanied by the chuckles of his erstwhile manager, the same Joe Jacobs. Joe, who began managing Galento seriously only after Schmeling had done everything except kick the little guy down a flight of stairs to prove that he no longer valued his services, considered that he had squared accounts with Max. He whooped it up for several days, and the drinks were on him. Knowing all that, the locals could not imagine the proud Max coming back now and asking for another helping. They Jacobs. "If he gets here I might | preferred to believe, as they ex- be able to use him. But I don't know. It depends on how people feel about it." "I ain't heard from him since he was here last winter," said Joe Jacobs, who used to be thej German's more-or-less mana-1 ger. "Somebody told me he was raising potatoes since the war got started." There is a widespread inclination to doubt that Max would come here looking for a fight— not after the bouncing around he received last February. Left in Huff He was in this city, demanding a third battle with Champion Joe Louis, when the news reached him from Miami Beach that Tony Galento had been signed for the big outdoor shot. Max returned to Germany in a service club rivalry. Don Crawford, speed-ball merchant of the Lions, was the outstanding man on the alleys. Don had games of 209 and 201 but a bad second game of 136 kept clown his score to 546. Crawford rolled the only two 200 games of the evening. "Bub" Starke toppled more maples than any other Rotarian, getting 523. Rotary (2) Starke 165 168 190— 523 Pell 153 — 153 Rohn & Kribs 190 110— 300 Pleiss 106 98— 214 Vestling 169 198 — 367 Patterson 88 111— 199 Atkinson 170 148 193— 511 pressed it, that he was taking it on the lam. "What good could he do his- self fightin' over here now?" propounded Mushky Jackson, the noted student of international affairs. "He couldn't take no dough wit' him back to Germany. Not wit' all those British battleships stoppin' him." Works Both Ways Which brought up the subject of the blockade. Presumably, it works coming this way, too, and the British would have every opportunity to nab Max on his way across the Atlantic. Even if he fli'es v they could yank him off a clipper at the Azores or Bermuda. "How could they do that?" demanded Mike Jacobs. "They been letting in all these German opera singers for years. The Metropolitan's full of them. They shouldn't collar Schmeling just because he's a boxer." It was explained to Mike that there was no question of discrimination between fighters and singers, but that a war had started since the last batch of warblers came over. "It's crazy, like everything else about this war," said Mike with some finality. 2257 2187 723 707 757 City Foods (0) D. Dodge ..'...110 121 39— 330 M. Myers ..... 87 76 109 — 272 I 800 755 702 Lions (1) i Patterson 124 109— 233 Kuras 128 104— 232 116— 383 'Newberg 154 111 — 265 'DesEnfants ..174147134—455 Crawford 209 136 201— 546 Sniegowski ...171 149 152—472 M. DeBeck P. Spencer K. Sander Handicap 70 54 83— 212 92 143 138— 373 .152 132 88— 372 144 144 144 — 452 655 670 666 1991 Tampers (2) 138 138 173 832 671 700 2203 449 Various nobles, during the middle agc.s, ground diamonds to powder and used them to ix>Lson their enemies. The lethal effect of such a power is decidedly questionable according to scientists and what deaths if any, occurred are probably attributa- Galento's Dog Is in City Doghouse IL. Johnson ...107 123 125— 360 tale to psychological effects plus M. Godin ..... 125 130 104 — 359 A. Moore ..... 134 109 144— 387 A. Molinc ____ 134 132 150 — 416 other poisons that were given for i good measure. i ORANGE. N. J.. Nov. 3.— f/P)— Tony Galento's dos Blackie has been outlawed as too tough for this town. 1971 We wish to apologize to the readers of this column and sport page for an error which Fordham-Rice: Rice may well I toe the best long shot of the jday but we'll follow the form sheets and take Fordham. Duquesne - Marquette: U n beaten Duquesne looks too powerful for Marquette. Detroit-Villanova: Very close. Villanova. Illinois-Michigan: Tom Har- rnon and Michigan should roll alon £Georgia Tech-Duke: General- MICHIGAN SPORT BRIEFS I 633 637 696 Schrink's (1) M. Isett 92 91 102— 285 C. Schrink 40 72 54— 166 The board of health marked ' g. Anderson .. 104 88 95— 287 UD three counts and out against !£ Peterson ...144 155 149— 448 Blackie after Tony's pet nipped i£- Janes 10 » }?] J29— 362 10-year-old Eugene Lee in the j Handicap .. ,.114 114 114— 342 Galento backyard Thursday. The heavyweight challenger. now in Florida, was ordered to remove the dog from Orange or have it destroyed. 600 647 643 1890 Eugene, up to now a Galento ; Band Box (2) !z. Taylor ..... 115 111 166—392 :U. Haller ..... 117 82157—356 up Tony's auto- V Crawford Masten we have been making consist- i ] v close . and fequently surpris- . ently, tout we have a good ex- i" 1G: - sti11 Duke. cuse. 1 ' j Toxas - Southern Methodist: It 'has been our • firm belief ' s .- M - u - But the Mustangs will that Cheboygan was entertain- i find Jack Grain a nroblem. ing Alpena on Saturday after- ' Temple-Pitt: Probably very noon in the Big Seven finale ! close. Pitt. Yale-Oartmouth : A shaky for the two schools but come to rind out, the game is actually vote for Dartmouth. being played this afternoon i Penn -Navy: Looking for The reason for this error is Penn to bounce back after the that the Northern' Michigan i Nor th Carolina debacle. Penn Review, a Petoskey publication ' Princeton-Harvard: The first compounds an all- iof tnc " bi S three" series. Not Northern Michigan schedule ' much to choose. The coin and., then proceeds to send out i savs Prmcton. ^•uFRFy to a11 sports editors: Syracuse-Michigan State: Out Which, quite naturally, brought ' of the hat ' Syracuse. , one to this desk. This sched- . ton College - Auburn: . - . Ule listed the Alpena-Cheboy- Auburn has shown a good de- fro M *vn wt *^ *#.-... r^_j._.._i _, ** TQVIO/-J V-m-i- »*„ ______ _i_ — . (By THE .ASSOCIATED PRESS) KALAMAZOO — The We stern State Teachers college first team is in physical condition to .start its interxectional game v/ith \Vestern Kentucky here Saturday, Coach Mitchell (Mikei Gary i reported today. Several Western : regulars suffered brui.-;e.s in the j 2 fuelling tilt with Toledo { .Saturday but have recovered, i The game Saturday will dedicate | Waldo .stadium. Western's new i 3270,000 football plant named for Dwight Waldo, Western State ' president wl:o died Sunday. ! DETROIT — Appointment of ; David A. Wolfe us coach of all i athletic teams at Holy Redeemer j high school here ha.s been an- j nuuncf d by the Rev. Edwin ' Smith, athletic director. Wolfe, • :< former athlete at Holy Re- } deemer and Mt. St. Mary's col- , lege. succeeds John Foam who i re.sgined to enter the insurance ' business. J j rooter, picked i mobile picture Thursday night s DesEnfqn) , land threw it into the waste-; • LJeM " llam * j basket. "That bum," was all he: would say. .122 139 138— 399 91 146 144 — 381 103 105 104— 312 1840 BOXING (Bv THK ASSOCIATKD PRESS) BIRMINGHAM. Ala.—Sammy Musco, BALTIMORE-Ben Brown. 157. At- Icr.ta. oir-poiiUocl Irish Eddie Tierce, 155. Dublin. 18). MONTREAL—Dave Castilloux. 134'.i, Montreal, stopped Franklc Wallace, KiY 1 ,. Cleveland. (7). PORTLAND, Me.—Paul Junior, 1363,;, rcwi.ston. Me., outpointed Normeiit C:i;nrl'.s. 137. Charleston, S. C., (10). 548 583 709 Orange Kist (1) K. Vorce 115 95 97— 307 M. Johnson ... .71 67 69—207 R. Beebe 125 143 185— 453 A. Findling ...145 117 152— 414 J. Pomsroy ... 99 104 111— 314 Handicap 4 4 4— 1'2 559 530 618 1707 Ludington Lions, although winning their first game in four starts from the Rotary, dropped SCRANTON. Pa.—Eddie Doian.' 146. ! two and now trail the Rotary by GuprraTsb N^w'vork Ivf ped Ecldle f °H r * u]l Barnes. The teams have FALL RIVER.'— Ralph Zanelli, 145, Provicl'rice, outpointed Eddie Alzek, 141. NP\V York. (10). NEW HAVEN, Conn. —A! Gainer, 172. N'\v Haven, stopped Mario Llani, 184, 15). ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.—Bobby Jones, 172. Atlantic Cit'.'. .stopped Lou Presto, 171';,. Buffalo. iC). HARRISBURG. Pa.—Tommy Forte, 125, Philadelphia, outpointed Andre Karilhi, 125, Panama, (10). rolled six games to date in their MORE THAN EVER This year there are more automobiles than ever, and accordingly, increased need of dependable Automobile Insurance — That's the kind we sell. VW.V.W.W. 1 Meny-Washatka AGENCY Phone 58 110 E. Ludington Ave. / gan game for Saturday afternoon and we trailed along J K _ liorant of the error. ,. bemoa » the fact listed the information fense but college. Penn meenie, no punch. Boston ' 'i- I The rigors of winter pile — added work on the human DETROIT—Buster Peaks. De- i heart. As a result, heart trou- troit middleweight, will fight ble is about 30 percent deadlier Jimmy Roberts, of Akron, O.. in in winter than in summer. the eight round main event of a , January sees more heart dis- boxing .show at Fairview gardens .ease fatalities than any other here tonight. In a .six round .month, August the fewest. State-Maryland: Eenie Penn state. •t-jsrv. —. will ipull out enroute Ohfeboygan for the import- **»nferenee tilt. L $purse, this mode of v to football games is tm- A 0 folks in this region tne other hand, we do • roads and therefore are on automobiles to ?s, Alpena expects persons to make the -„- ,., „ unjy ujiao is CUilSiUlil'- ably further than the Wild- ' cates are taking. A^ third Big Seven game, pushed far into the background, takes place this evening when Cadillac plays at 1 Petoskey. 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Styled like a ski-suit with knitted cuffs, .you will enjoy the warmth and comfort of these knit pajamas, no buttons. $2 Assorted shades. THE TOGGERY K. L. Ashbacker & Sons WHY SPEND MONEY On Your Old Car—When Upkeep Money Spent On A BETTER USED WILL BE MONEY SAVED! 1938 CHEVROLET DELUXE FOUR-DOOR TRUNK SEDAN 1938 CHEVROLET DELUXE TUDOR TRUNK SEDAN 1937 CHEVROLET DELUXE FOUK-DOOR TRUNK SEDAN , 1937 CHEVROLET DELUXE TWO-DOOR TRUNK SEDAN . 1936 CHEVROLET MASTER FOUR-DOOR TRUNK SEDAN 193G CHEVROLET MASTER TWO-DOOR TRUNK SEDAN 1935 CHEVROLET MASTER COACH 1935 CHEVROLET COUPE (Radio) 1933 CHEVROLET COACH 1932 BUICK FOUR-DOOR SEDAN 1936 FORD TUDOR SEDAN 1933 PONTIAC FOUR-DOOR SEDAN $515 $515 $455 $425 $345 $325 $275 $275 $165 $150 $275 $165 Easy Terms, Too C WILLOUGHBY HEVROLET C 526 South James f^ St't

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