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Green-Mountain Freeman from Montpelier, Vermont • 3

Montpelier, Vermont
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NEWS BY TELEGRAPH Ulisrcllnncoits. S)om J3nsines0. rgal Notices. To Consumptives. having bean restored to health In a weeks a very simple remedy, after having suffered, for several years with a severe lung affection, and that dread disease, Consumption is anxious to make known to hi a fellow MARYLAND DEMOCRATIC.

Republicans gain two Con MONTPELIER, diilr Bornlnf, NotcbIiii 1866. gressmen iVew Jersey. SILVBRINB. An -ntirely new in vent in for iritantaceously ARTICLES OF Asanas prettiest sweet est thing," and the mo of it for tbe leat money. It overoomos the olor jrspiration softens in adds dellosoy to the skin a delightful petfume allays headache ad in nan tiun, and is a companion In the sick room, In the nursery, and upon the toilet stdsboar J.

(t can be obtained everywhere at cne dol-ar par bottle. Saratoga Sprlqgf Water, sold by all it Large Republican gain in Wis- CARLETON fc CO. Ft, de're It, he will send a copy tbe prescription (free of charge) with all directions for piepar-mg and using the same, which they will find a sure cure for Consumption. Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds and all Throat and Lung Affections. Th only object of the adverting; Jn sending the Prescription Is to benefit the afflicted? and spread inforrattion whioh beeonoeiTes invaluable, and be hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and In Plalnrield, Oct.

18th. at the Parsnnage, by Kev B. Currier, Mr. John Jones ot Plalnfleld, and Mrs. Betsey Bancroft of Marshfield.

In Oct. 24th, at the M. E. Church, by Rev. S.

B. Currier, Mr. Geo. W. Perrin of Orange and Miss Emeline Gladding of Plalnfleld.

In Swanton, Sept. 25th, by Rev. B. F. Livtngiton, Charles S.

Hoyle and Smi'y Sowles both of Swanton. In Swanton. Oct. 3d, by the same, Milton Sowles and Alice H. C.

Blake, both of Swanton. In Swanton, Oct. 3'd, at tha M. E. Church, by the same.

Mr. George O. Potter and MUs Emmt S. Bsr-ney, both of Swanton. consin.

Brtu, Copper, GermnnUvcr, Bronxe, Ac. AND FOR deiireto make the'rasnta particularly Tklna-kle for Its news from all parts cf Vermont, andoar frl.nds In different parts of the State, especially in Wasblrgton, Orange and Lamoille Counties, will confer great faror upon ns and cor readers by tending local intelligence. Give the facta and we will arrange them fur the paper. FENTON ELECTED IN NEW YORK. CLEANING AlTO POLISHING SILV(R AND Parties wishing the prescription, free, by return mail, will please address Successors Oleaion Richardson, HEAD OF STATE STREET, Jb'ltElNrCII'S UTjOOTX, Are receiving from Boston a large stock of WEST INDIA GOODS am MASACHUSETTS ALL EEPUBLICAlfS.

TEi; PLATED WAKE. AUhouth ad ntirly ppw invention, this fcrte has Kev. EDWARD A. WILSON. Wllliamsburgh, Kings York.

already exctte.1 the surprise and admiration many of the prominen sci-Dtifl? men of th- day, i pro Donned, by all who nave teen its a nonet raaelcat sp32yl ERRORS OF YOUTH. tec operatiori, one of the mo 84. valuable invs: oos tf Boston, Nov. 6, 1866. The election has passed off qnietly.

A very large vote has been polled all over the nrnli Rich'- ftefnlc. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 In Probste Court Id TuMnoroj DistsiOT, ss a MontpeH-r In said Oi-trl-t. on 'h22-Mv ofOclcher. A. lBBI.

SYCVAHtta F. Rl' II. dminsn-aior rf the es'ste of Sarah Rich, 'ate Rorhnr. In ald dlrtrici. rle.

eea.ed, presents hi ndmloist rntl (tenant for examination and sllowanoe, ndakes application fo arte-rree of distribution and partition of the estate of said deceased. Whereupon. It is ordered hvsaid Oourtthat said application be referred to a session of said be lield al the Probate Offl-e, in said eller on the 57th day of November, A. U. 18li6, for hearlnf and decision And It is further ordered thatsll persons Interested tie notified I by public) Ion the me three weeks succelvel In )heGreen Mountain Freeman, a newspaper pub Ished at Montnelier, rvl.

us to said ttm. annotnted lor hearlns I hat thev may appesrntsaid time and plare. and eh- cnse. If any they roav have whviaid account should not ba alow ed, and such decree ule. By the Court.

i44w3 Attest T. R. MERRILL, Judge. Johu.i Twins' Fitte. STATK OF VERMONT I I Prohate Court.

bo'd-Wasmiwotow District, as. en at Montpeiiur, ii ani 'nr said strict, on the 1st dny of November, A. D. I86. HS.

I.OOM1", Adminlstr-tor on lh estate of Joshua Twlng, late of Barr. In said district, deceased, makea nitplicatlon to raid cnurl toertend the time heretofore allowed him to pay the d-hta due from said estate and to re ider his administration account, until some future day. Whereupon it Is ordered by snid court that nniilica-tlnn be heard nl lh Pr'bate' (tire, in Mnn'pelier. on modern times. It Is a complete electro ilver plating bstterv In a bottle, and is destined to work wonders in every bona AGKNTLSMAN who suffered for years from Nervous Debility ani Premature Decav.

and all the effiuttanf In Waitsfield, Nov. 1st, Capt. Crowell Mathews aged years. 2 month state. Gov.

Bullock is elected bv at Wt hold ae by its use nil silver-pin ted ware, whoe latin? 8. T. 1860 X. The amount of Plantation Bitters sold In one year is something startling. They would fill Broadway six feet bigb, from the Park to 4th street.

Drake's manufactory is one of the Institutions of New York. It is said that Drake painted all the rocks In the Eastern States with his cabalistio 1860. and then got tt.e old granny legislators to pass law preventing disfiguring the face of nature," which gives him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know the Plantation Bitters bbll as no other article ever did. They are used by all classes of the oommunity, and are death on Dyspepsia certain.

They are very invigorating when languid and weak, and a great appetiaer. Saratoga Spring Water, toid by all Druggists In New Orleans, 7th, in Curtis A. Coburn, former youthful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering humanity, send free to all who need It, the recipe and directions for making the simrjle remedy by whiob he Which will be i. ly or Muntpelier, aged 2a years, lie was buried with Mneonic eeremoDies bv Louisiana Relief Lodge. No.

1. ISOLD FOR CASH! was curcu. ouaerere wtsning 10 pront by tbe advertiser's experience, can do so by addressing In Middlesex, Oct. 17th, of Cholera infantum; hirtie Justus, only child of Charles C. and Lettice Ann Wig JOHN B.

UUDSN, spvlyl wo. 13 Chambers Kew York. By the package, or atretall, at a SMALL ADVANCE FROM COST Vick's Illustrated Catalogue OF Too General Term of the Supremo Court commenced its session here yesterday. Chief Justice Pierpoint, aqd the associate Judges are all present. The Montpelier Musical Society will meet for rehearsal on Wednesday evening next, at 8 o'olocV, at the vestry of the Unitarian cbuich.

A full attendance is desired. The Re. Dr. Foster, in compliance with the invitation of the General Assembly, will deliver an address in the Representatives Hall nrzt -Friday evening at seven o'clock, upon scenes and inoidents connected with his travels in Palestine. Barbs Academy.

We have before us the fifteenth Annual Catalogue of Barre Aoade ay, being for the jcar ending November, 1866. The aggregate attendance of the year HARDY 70,000 majority over Sweetzar. In the third and fourth districts, the only donbtful ones in the state, the Republicans have carried the day by large majorities. Twitchell is elected by over 3000, and Hooper by over 4000 majority. Two colored representatives are eleot-el to the legislature, Messrs.

Walker of Charl-istown, and Mitchell of Boston. Gillis is ehcted representative over John Quincey Adams by 106 maj.rity. Return? from 123 towns foot Bullock Swceuer 17,839. Gov. Bullock will have from 60,000 to 70,000 majority in this state.

The Senate will probably be all gins, aged 1 year 2 months, ill days. Birtie was a darling, Pride of all the beans at home But an aneel came and whispered, Gently, softly, Btrtie, come In Tunbridne, Oct. 11, widow Polly Howe, aged 84 years, 4 months and 7 days. In Norwich, Aug. 15th, Joseph Cummings, aged 73 years.

In Norwich, Oct. 28th, Eubsa Blanchard, aged 84 years. In Warren, Oct. 23, Mr. Jonathan Grow, aged 86 years.

In Northfleld, Nov. 1st, Cynthia Davis, wife ef Gso. Bobtns 1-sq. aged 39 years. Among ourJGood may be found BUTTER AND CHEESE, TEAS, SUGAItS, MOLASSES, CIGARS, SOAP, KAISIXS, SPICES, FISH, TOBACCO, "In (lifting the kittle from the fire I scalded myself very severely one hand almost to a crisp.

The torture was unbearable. The Mexican Mustang Lin sworn off can be restored to it original tides of brass, oAppefs G-rman etc can h- instnntaneoasly p'it with pure silver, a' ico so trifling that do friniily need be wit! out it. Th re are thoatMns nf articles in Jaity use mnrl of tbe baser metals which, by an occasional tits of the SiWerine, may be made highly ornamenia1: as a useful. Itis perhaps nsedless to say thRt the Silverine, name implies, is a preparation of Pure Sliver, and contain so vercurt, acid, or other inirred ents, nor any property in the stightestdegree injurious to or the bands. Applied to Si vrr Plntri Table War Fruit Di-he Ttayn Coifo'S S'ar Rnd Hirm- Mili-tiry Equtjim'Viti, Door Knobn and Plates Metiiie Win dowan' Show Case wime plating is worn off, it s'ves all the be n'y of new wa which thev will retnin if the Pilverine is appl ed as often as soh atir.le sre ordinarily cleaned.

Applied to Cnjprt Bras or Bronxe it will keep them beaunf'illv silvered, with one the trouble required to koep thfm clean by scouring, etc JU will also be found to be the best atd mom i-cnom ical si' ver cleaner evcrused, producing all the briH anCy of anaUayed silver. HOWK STEVENS, Mnnufitrtni en, fbO (Jrj dway, Boston. FOB. TUB AUTUMN OF 1166, AND FLORAL GUIDE, Is now published. It eontatns descriptions of the best iment relieved the pain almost immediately, it nea'eu rapidly, and left very little scar.

Chas. Foktsk, 430 Broad Phila." This is merely a sample of what the Mustang La the 27lh dy of November, A. D. 18 id anrt.C it riirther erd red thai notice he siven to all per-o- co cerned HYACINTHS, TULIPS, CROCUb'ES, L1L IE8, Ac. With full descrintions and and full dlrestlnna for by the puhlicvion of thi order lu the Green Minn-tain Freeman, printed at Montpelier, three weeks suo- ment will do.

It is invaluable in all cases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, either DAIUY SALT AND FLOUII, and a general assortment of Groceries. Also 1 HOES, SHOVELS, SPADES, IKON ItAKES, MANURE FORKS, Planting, Culture, Prices, fcc. Illustrated with numerous fine engravings, and a beautinil colored plate of tbe ce'Bively, before taid hearing. upon mau or beast. Beware of eonnterfelts.

None is genuine nnles wrapped in fine steel plate engravings, rearingthe sig ay tne court. r45w3 Attest R. MEtRIT.I,. Judje. Nero bufrtismifuto.

SING LK AND DOUBLE TULIP AND BCII.I.A My Importations from the best Bulb Growers of Hol natureof G. W. Westbrook, Chemist. -and the jjriuale IIICOOJIS, WASII-TUI4S, O-Calland examine our stock befrre nnrchaslnr land is this season larger th never bsfore, ardl flit'er myself the finest lot of Bulbs ever brought to this. stamp of Dim as Blasts New York.

Saratoga Sprtn Water, sold ry all Druggists The total vote in the 3d District is as fol country. elsewhere. THI3 CATALOGUE AND GUIDE lows Twitchell, 6887; Agpinwall, L. P. CARLKTO.V, db Co.

Montpelier, Sept. 35, 1866. F3m3 Notice. WHEREAS my wire, Mina having left my bed and board without just provocation, this, therefore, is to notify all persons notvo trust her on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting after this date. GEORGE W.

GRAIN, Moretown, November, 1, 1S66. r45w3 Is published for the benefit of my customers, and I wil forward it to everv one as raotdly as possible. To al 2,791 Gunrey, working-man, 511. bhers, 1 eharge ten cents per codv. which is not bal Baltimore, Nov.

6. The election passed September, 1866. the coat Postage prepaid to all. All lovers ot flowers who design to plant Bulbs this Fall, will find It to their off quietly. Retuans still incomplete indi interest to coiain my catalogue.

Address All who value abeaatiful head of hair, and its preservation from premature baldness and turning gray, will not tail to use Lyons' celebrated Kaihairon. It makes the hair rich, toft and glossy, eradicates dandruff, and causes the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty. It is sold everywhere. E. THOMAS LYON.

Chemist, N. JAMES V1CK, Rochester, N. Y. cate that conservative have carried the city. New York, Nov.

6. The Democrats have BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE! I'atruted May 29, lSSO. This is an article fir wajhini without rnbb rg ex STATE OF VERMONT, I In Probate Court, held WasHinomn Distkiot, ss. at Montpelier. within and for said district, on the 1st day of November A.

U. 1866. JB. PARKEtt and J. J.

Ridlev, Administrators of the estate of Samuel Ridley. Isle rf Oimbury. In said district deceased, make application in id I'onrt, with the consent and approbation inr'titig of the heir, of said deceased retir ing in Ibis Plate, for lice se- to j.11 the whole of the re tl estate of lid d-ccaed es-cept the Widow'srmht of dower and hom'stead therein, representing that the sala of a purt id esute will be necessary for the piymnt nf lils ol said deceased and that the sale of the whole wsuld be beneficial to all interested said estite. Whereupon, it is ordered by said Court, that said application be referred to a session thereof In he eld at th. Probate Office I said Montpelier.

on the 4th dav of December. A. D. 186, for hearing and decision thereon and, it Is further ordered, that all persons interested be notified hereof, by publication of notice of said application and order thereon, three, weeks successively In the Gren Moun'ain Freeman, printed at Montpelier, before said time of hearing that they may npp-ar at said time and and, if they see caue object thereto. By tt'e Court.

r45w3 Attest T. R. MCRRILL, Jude. probably carried the city by 30,000 majority. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists.

The Original and beat in the World The only FAlSJa Foil rrHK subscriber offers for sale hit farm, laying on the I County roid In East Montpelier, and 6 miles from MoDtpelier Village, It contains 136 acres of excellent land, about 40 acres or which is heavily wooded and a good sonar orchard of 600 trees. The buildings consist or a dwe'ling house, 2 barns and shed, hog-house, corn barn, shop, Ac. All In good repair. For a mere particular description call on the subscriber on the primiset. Terms to suit the purchaser.

J. M. PARKER. East Montpelier, Nov. 2., 1866.

5lf and elected the following oonzresemen 4th cept in very dir'y places, will require a vry si ght rub, and unlike other preoarations offVred it C. W. STORRS, a lilta i.urpoae, wrLt. not rot tub olotuks, uui w.n true and perfect Hair Dye. Harmless, Reliable and Instantaneous.

Producerimmedihtelya splendid Black or natural Brown, without Injuring the hair or skin IU8 KKTTJRNED FROM THE Remedies the 111 effects of bad dyes. Sold by all Drug gists. The genuine is signed WILLI A A. BATCH- District Fox 5th, Morrissey 7th, Chandler 8th, leaving the 6th and 7th, Spencer and Darling, in doubt, with chances fa-varable to Republican candidates. Democrats carried Brooklyn by 5000, electing Barnes Whav Dm Ivf -A youns lady returning to her country home after a sojourn of a few months in New York, was hardly recoKBised by her friends.

Inplfceota KLOR. Also, leave them much whites than ordinary mviuuce, without the uual wear sr.d tear. It removes grease sj ots as if by magic, and ioT ens the dirt by soaking, su that rinsing will in orilii oees en ifely remove 1 This powder is prepared in accordance with chftti eal uton a process oeculiarto tteell, wli'cli is secured by Le'ters Patent, tt ha been in use- nuire than a year, and has proved iteelf an universal wherever it ban been u-ed Among the advantages claimed are the following via. REGENERATING EXTRACT OF MILEFLKURS, ACSEiVFS WAHTED TJOa the 6 old Medal Stwlnc Haehlnes, la A A. IR TC and the Goods to fill his for Restoring and Beautifying the Hair.

every City rod County In the Union. The least com spvtOIy CIIARLE3 BATCHELOR, Nsw York. plicated Iwo-thread mnchine in the world. Address and Rcbinson to Congress. Jersey Citt, Nov.

6. Reports from all rustio, nushed faoe, she had a soft, ruby complexion, of almost marb'e smoothness and instead al 2 she really appeared but 17. She toid them plainly she used Ha-gan's Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her personal appearance very math by using this article. It can be ordered ol any druggist fur only 60 cents.

Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists A. r. JulltOUi St Ul vv aamugLou A. L. Taige's Instate.

tin. Mass. vutm has been 501, the Winter term showing 109, the Spring term 135, the Summer term 65, and the Fall term 192. At present 95 are in the classical department. Ten states and one territory are represented In the school.

The corps oi teachers are, J. S. Spaulding, A. principal, S. F.

Gale, A. 11-, assistant, Miss E. M. B. Felt preceptress and teacher of ornamentals, Miss R.

S. Perkins, assistant teacher, Mr. S. Ilasleton and Mies A. B.

Fisk, assistant pupils, Mr. Irving Etner on, teacher of instrumental and vocal music, and Mr. J. M. Kent, teacher of Penmanship.

The school is a decided success, as it deserves to ba under the direotion pf Mr. Spaulding, who is undoubtedly one of the beet teachers in the State. The Fall term begins, Nov. 29. The 65tb anniversary of the Congregational church in Cabot occurred Oct.

23. The anniversary sermon was preached in the afternoon by the pastor. Rev. S. F.

Dre, from 21 Samuel, 22 36 4 Thy gentleness hath made ma great. The records show that in there years there have been added to the church 407, members. This number is accounted for as follows Died, 152, dismiad by letter, 93, szoommui icated, 27. living and in regular standing, 130. Watchman.

JC. C. Redington, of Si. Johnsbury, Pension Agrnt, has been removed and James II Williams of Rockicgbam, apos'ate and renegade Republican, has been appointed in his plaoe. Johnson has probably paid all Mr.

Willi km a WUIcox fc Glbb Sewing Naehlae. parts of the State are cheering. Thi. city STATE OF VERMONT, I In Probate Its team is stronger and less liable ti rip in use or wear than the Lock- VVashihutos District. ss.

at on- Stitoh." Judgea Repoet at the I trict, on the 1st day of November, A.l). Ini.b. ARE DAILY COMING i "Grand W1LLIAL IM. PKCK, Administrator, ri me esute or Addison L. Paine, late of Montpelier, In said Send for the Report," and samples rev tP Distict, deceased, ptesents hi.

adm nistiation account for ezamina' ion and allowance, and makes applicat'on tll.kt. 1 litvnvo, 14 lu, picw Ul gUVUB, lit for a deer of distribution and partition of the estate of said deceased. M.PUkLPd for Agent WUIcox fc OibbsSewin Machine THE IV hereunon. it is ordered by said Court, that and Heimstreet's Inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in favor for over twenty years. It acta upon the absorbents at the roots of the hatr, and changes it to its original color by degrees.

All Instantaneous dyes deaden and injure the batr. Heimstreet's not adve, but is certain in its results, promotes its It cares all the expense ol soap usually ueet on cotton and linen goods. It saves mast the labor of rubbing, and wear and tear. a'so, for cleaning windows It Is unsurpassed. ith one quarter the time and labor usually required it imparts a beautitul gloss and lu-tre, much super; to any other mode.

No water required except to moisten the powder. Directions with each package. And can be readily appreciated by a single trml. The oostof washing for a fanvly ol five or six persons will not xoeefl tbrii CBnTS The manufacturers this powder ate aware that many unelesa comooundB have teen introduced the public wt'ioh have rotted the cloth, or tailed in removing tbe dirt, but knowing the intrinsio oxcetlenoe ot this art cle. they con 11 itly proclaim it as bemjr adapted to meet ademiod wlu-h long existed, nod which has heretotcre remained unsupplied.

MANUFACTURED BY HOWE fc STKVENS. 3IO Broadwsy, Bot-ti, Fcr rale bv Grocers and I'ealers evtry where. KiM40lc3 account tnd said application be referred to a session of said Co irt to he held the Prohate Office in Machines kept for sale at my place, at H. A undoubtedly eleots lialsey, Republican, which will be a gain. Legisiatnre is largely Repub-Lsoin.

Boston, Nov. 6 10 P. M. Later returns show that the Republicans have carried every ooDgreaional district, and elected 130 Republicans to the Legislature to 9 Democrats and 4 Independents. Twitchell in third district has 3500 majority; Ilooper, in the 4th, 4500; Butler, in the 5th, 4000 to 5000 Banks, in the 5000 to 6000 Boutwell, in the 7th, 4000.

Gen. Butler luns a li.lle behind the gubt-rratorial tote. Mont elier, oo the 4th dav of Uecnmbet, A. O. 18bu, Fullerton's, Montpelier, and Haines Sc Richardson's, Water bury.

growth, and is a beautitul Hail Daasoiau. Price SO for hearing and decision thereon And itia furl he roidered I hat notice hereof be given to all persons i nterested, by publication of ibe same three weeks successively, in the Gen Mountain free cents and 91 00. Sold by all dealers, barsloga Spring Water, arid by all Druggists. THE ia coming to meet all tha wants of the community, man, a newspaper published at Montpelier, previous to said time appointed for hearing, that they nia appear embracing those deservedly popular Styles, the said time and place, aim snow cau ii ant tney may have, hi, said acount should not be allowed, and such decree made. By the Court.

I45w3 Attest T. R. MERRILL Judge. Lrott's Rxvatcr or Pcaa Jamaica Gi.vosa for Indl. 0 8 ROM AND New York, Nov.

6. The order of Super I'cm's felaif. 1TB OK In Probate Court, held intendent Kennedy, lT.roteot.iuK challengers, WASHiiaTon Oiaraicv, at Mnntitelier. In said die- gesiion, Nausea, Heartburn, Hioi Headache, Cholera Unrbus, where a warming, geuisl stimulant is required. Its careful urpparatioa anil eatire purity make it a chrap and reliable aiticle lor culinary purposes, bold every where, at 60 cts.

per bottle. rtraloga Spring ater, sold by all Druitist a. sprotn-ly will cost the Democrats at least 20.000 votes. net, on ih 221 d.iy nf Octo er, A II. Irs.

MtvEV Adiii'ni-iriiior ol i lie estate of Leai'der Perry, lute i.f Barr-, In -nM distri'-t. oe- The polis weio fully protects! by tha police, Wo I leer erased, pr-sents hia admin si rati arrouot liiretaiiii- and all suspected voters checked off 0. A- J. MABSH to CO, sW St. Albans.

nation ana allowance, anu muses i ue-eree of distribution and partition cl the estate of said deceased. rjady for the challengers. In the 5th waid FOti FALLgTERX will open in September, 186 la ordered bv Said Uourt. that snia Instantaneously Silver Plating several arresis were made for illegal voting, Morriesey and Fox, dems. are elected to Con Life Scholarship $39.

account and sa application be telerrd to ase-sioo of said eourttobe held utthe Probate Ofllre in said Mont fHK Telegraphle Department complete. Phonography Coll -pre Journals giving full Infor- thoroughly taught. gress. Greeley is badly beaten. pelier, on the 20 day of A.

D. lsuti, lor ueating and rteci.lon thereon i -And It Isfunliei ordered, that ro'lee hereof be given OR WORLDS SALVE FiuUan 67 man on sent free. ARTICLES OF BRASS, COPPER, GERMAN SILTERiH, Restoring the pitting wren worn off and for loaning and 1'oli-hiDK SILVER AND SILVER PLATED WARE. Boston, 11.30 In Baltimoie the Union tn all persons interest by puh'lcallon ol the "ame Has been an old family nurse the past twenty men have bjen defeated by the votes of those A Modern Miracle. From old and young, from rich and poor, from blah.

B.KUEV IN IKN MINUTES. BRYAN'S PULMONIC WAFERS. The original Medicine established in 1837, and first aiticle of the kind ever introduced under tbe name of Pomoaio WArkas," in this or any other country ail other Pulmonic Wafers are enunterleits. Tie genuinecan be known by the name HRYaS being stamped on each AFER. These Wafers have been brfore the pubtio for nearly lAtrry years, and the immense sale attained, net only in America but in foreign countries, fully attest their intrinsic wonh.

The medioal properties are superior to any other article offered lor the cure of Pulmonary or Bronchial affections, and the quantity contained in each box is nearly double that of tn. many worthless imitations advertised. BRYAN'S PULMONIC WAFERS who participated in the rebellion, but the election pasaed off very quietly. In many cases This most useful invention ot the age is a of pu-e sirer, and contains no mercury. acM.or born and lowly, comes the Universal Voice of praise for and known all around the world as the moatsootH in gaud healing Ointment in existence.

McALlSTER'S ALL HEALING 0LNT2EXT Never Fails to Cure. are coming, and Largely Increased in Variety. HALL'S VEGETABLE other sub-tanoe injurious to metals or the It is a comoltte electro Dlatins battery in a bottle Trice tho votes were challenged as to their loyalty, political inSusDce is worth. Personal. Majir E.

D. Riding ton, or Vermont, has recently received th respocai-bls appointment of Cashier ot the Uniom Paoiio Railroad Company, with his hsad eparters at Wyandotie, Kansas. The road now sxtends to Fort Riley, Kansas, and is under contract lot 250 miles farther West Herbert George, son of Rufus Qsorge ot Montpelier, a boy about nine years of age was severely if not fatally injured by being thrown from a wagon last Monday. Appointment. Mr.

J. S. Spalding of Essex, has been appointed by Collector Stau-nard, Deputy Collector on the passenger train, from St. Johna to St. Albans, in place of Stephen D.

llopkins resigned a short time since. Mr. Spalding was a soldier in the 2d Vermont regiment, where he served three years. APPOINTED- Henry A Fleetwood has beau vcAnted Postmaster at St. Johnsburry, ic Kmmerson Hall, resigned.

SICILIAN HATR RENEWER. It is a perfect and miraculous article. Cures bald- 60 cent' per battle, i'or sale oy Druggista and Vari although they had been registered, and they Salt Rhenm, Scrofula, Ulcers, Small Fax, neea. Makes hair prow. A better dresstne than any TBI il or pomatum." Sottens and wiry Sore illereorltl Soree, Eryalpelwe, were not only required to take the oath, but ety stores.

HOWE fc SIEVEXS, MANUFACTURERS, BOSTON, MASS. FltM4Uni3 hair into Beautitul Silken Tressrs. But. above all, tne great womler ii tbe rapidity with which tt restores were sharply catechised as to their antece tsroonclci. orns, iimlans, and ail It la -a tie oVe.

Arc II en Is permanently Old S.res and Freeh Fwr Pro. ted GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. rJ0 jEC dents. At abou' 8 clock it appeared evi three weeks successively In Ine ureen am Ionian, a piiMi h.d at pre lout to sum time appointed for hear ins. that they may appear at aaid time and place, and ho cause, If any tli-y may have, why said account should not be allowed, and such decree niane.

By the Court. r4w3 Attest. T. R. MKBRU.L.

Judge. Iavi CS ray's JKsfatr. STATE OF VERMONT, I In Probate Court, held WASHtgoTnir DtstaiOT, ls. 't Montp'iler. in sa.d district, no the 93d day of Octob r.

A. D. 1864. 1 AVID R. ORA Rec lor of the lust will and tes-' t.ment ol Davll Orav, I le Montcel er.

In said Di ric deceased, presents hs a-lmiolstra I ion i c-count foi etaniina ion and ilowance, and makes application a decree of di.lrihuii in and pamtinn of ll.e esta eof said feceased Wh rei.pon. It is ordered by said court, that said ccount and t-aid application be teferred tn a aesi'ios of siid contt, t' he lie id at Hie Probite OtBre in said Montpelier on the 2 'hd I' No. veniher, A D. istiti, for hearing and deci-ion Hieleon. Add it Is further ordered that notice here if he givn to a I persons interested, bv pu llrat on os tho s-ime three weeks successively tn tie Oreen Mounts Freeman, a newspsp.rpubli-hel at Montuolief, previ to.tid time apuoint.d for lie-iri Mt they may ap Use It a few times, and PRESTO, CHANGE I.Ian ba, Born, or tt haa aw equal la the World, tilve tt a trial.

Price 25 cents. Sold by all brog-gistg. dent that the 'Democratic ticket had been the whitest and worst looking hair leioofi its youthful cure Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Hoarseness, Asthma, Catarrh, Bronciiiun. Difficult Breathing, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Cbest, Incipient Consumption and all D.seases of the Lunfs. Nut only nffoidicg temporary relief, but effecting a rapid and lastingcure and are warranted to give satHfac ion in every in are coming ths largest Stock In the eon try embrac succestul.

The two Union candidates for beauty. It does not dye tbe hair, but strikes at the root and fills tt with new life and coloring matter. It will not take a long disagreeable trial to neove the i truth of this matter. The first application will do good; you will seethe NATURAL COLOR returning VARNISHES, Congress have been defeated, and Mr. Creswell will not ba elected Senator.

Nearly all the Union candidates for the Legislature have ing taat excellent BLACK TEA with the GREEN TEA FLAVOB, It is th. Great day, and BEFORE YOU NOW IT, been defeated. gone, giving place to lustrous, shining and beauuful locks. WHITE LEAD Maryland elects two Democratic Congress Ask for Hall's Sicilian Hatr Renewer i no other ar men, and a Democratic majority in toe ticle Is at all like It in effect. You will find It CHEAP TO BUi', PLEASANT TO TRY, IltXTRI12l4lT.

fuxiexL flci ie.Lec.led A UiirL, cart- talna. Ln. clllLiLj Concentrated faim the. KuKlllom AtMLettUs. afi pear at time and place, and cause it any they may l.ave, why said account should not be 'allowed and such decree made.

ani SURE TO DO YoU GOOD. There are many imitations. Be sure ou procure stance. They do not nauseate like alcoholic confounds, and the medicinal pi operties are combintrd in a lorm so agreeable and pleasant to tbe tate, that any child will rea-ily take them. One dose will always afford BELIEF IN TEN IIIKCIEb.

To Vocalists and Public unaasas, Wafers are peculiarly valuable they will in one dav remove tbe most severe occasional hoarseness and their regular use lor a lew duya will, at all times, lncreae the power and flexibility of the voice, greatly improving it. tone, compasa and cteares. for whichpurpi se they are regularly used by many professional vocalista. The very great celebrity of this invaluable remedy has lnduoed unprincipled persons to prepare bas imitations, which disappoint the just expectations of the purchss'r, and injure th. character of the genuine medicine.

fee that the word, BRYAN," ia stamped on each Wafer, and also observe tte fac simile of the signature of the Proprietor "JOB MOSfiS," on each wrapper, to counterfeit which Is forgery. (C- Offending parties New Jersey gains two Union Congressmen. tty tbe Co Tt. the genuine, manufactured only by r44w3 Atl-st AND COLORS, a. sr.

tiaL.u at xtasgua, n. n. of the day, and mit EVERYBODY I Boston, Midnight. la Baltimore John L. EsUenezer Clark's ISlalc.

fUkeal. Thomas, Republican candidate for Congress, Mrange, but True. All varieties. Imported ind Manufactured by TUB Subscribers, having been appointed bv Hie Honorable Probate Com I fo the lliaiilrt of n- J3fo. itaae.

ierJiintz a. Nourlsh- has been defeated by Stevencon Aroher, Dem dolpn, Com nissionera i eceive xaniine and nd- EVERY young lady and gentleman In the United States can hear something very much to their ad ocrat, by 1000 majority. In that part of the lng Stimulant, tSSs fia-La-taLLc a.t- tist aliciatms inl demanns or all nersnns against the estate of Lbereaer Clark, late oi Brooktleld, in said lOOO BOXES BAr.K!RCABPENTER, vantage by return mail (free of charge,) oy addressing tbe undersigred. Those having ears of being bum- city, formerly represented by Henry Winter district, deceased, represented insolvent, and the bugged will oblige by not noticing this card. All oth will be dealt with to the lull exteut ot the law llrLe

a. tein.ct. tc Recreate and Repair lie. iste attendant or THE ers will pleas, adires their obedient servant, BaiABi'i PuLatomo Avars ari for sale by ail urug- Davis, Col. Charles Phelps, Democrat, has been elected by 973 majority.

In the 4th 107 Stats Steet, Boston, eists. inuD. tuArnifl, sprlyl 8J1 Broadway, Niw York. uvan af menial termof six mom from lie ii'JIh day 1 October, lfl'i, beiogallowert hvsaid Court the crrdnori-ol dec eased ex hi bit and prove t(. ir resperlMe claima before a Uive not Ice tha we will 'tend to the duties of our appointment al the dwelling hniise of the late Llieiietar Clark, In Brook Held, Hi said district, on the Tuesdays ol No ember an1 January nest, Storeg, 26 Dey St New iokk.

r. .1 I. JOB MOSES, Sole Proprietor, 2T Cortlandt St. Y. in Montpelier, by N.

K. Brown, and Bixby tt Co. peopr W22y I 50ct. BUTTER SALT, LaLuaP, d.LiM.ti, etc. r48ml LMStrici mere is some reason to ueneve iuat Ex-Uov.

Francis Thomas, Republican, has A VEIlllOXT SCU00L BOOK. The publisher is now pn pared to merchants at ten o'clock in the forenoon, on -eh of said days. BUT LITTLE LATE. been re-elected. Ihere is great rejoicing SALE C.J I and others with the New School Book, entitled AT AUCTION! among the Democrats, and but little rowdy- ffta.

Ln cannActian ta.Lti. a aeneicM.s. diet Ls Absolutely Fattevtig and liXailae cf fl'Lgai I'LtaL neiat, Brookfield, Oot. 90, A. 44w3 OUTLINES OF THE GEOGilAPHY, T7ill be sold at Publio Auction, on Thursday, Nov.

8, PROFESSOR VAN BUSKIRK'S Mkw York, iov. b. Albany city gives I shall be happy at all times, with my ac Ultoccilaneouo, Put yf in Cases containing one den bottle: GREAT GtHMASI 1886, at io o-cioci a. THE RUSSELL BACK FARM, containing Head Orr. Norman Millington, well known as the trusty mail agent on the Troy and Boston Railroad, between this plice and Troy, has been removed, and a Mr.

Cole of SenDington appinted in his plaoe. Reason why Norman oouldn't se 'my policy Cole ean. Vermont Central Railroad. A portion of the track of this road in Braintree wast washed out by the freshet of Tuesday lasr osoasiontng a delay in the through trains ove the road of several hours. A freight train ran off tb.9 track, on the eurve about a mile and a hilt abjve Ryal-ton village on Tbursday night last, and some ot the cars were pretty effectually smashed.

No one was injured. Melvin Wadsworth of Bennington lost his dog a month ago, and found it after twenty-two days in a pit ten feet deep, where it bad lived, and almost died, on roots and grubs. The new Paseumpaic railroad bridge across a branch ot Like Memphremaaog is completed, and trains are now run to Darby. The Company are pushing the of their road rapidly as possible to StauBtead, C. E.

While going up a hill in North-Troy, the other day, a Udy was met by a team driving rapidly down, and the projecting handle of a plow they earned struck the lady in the abdomen, inflicting serious injury, from which she lies in a critical state. Arry Tracy, of Bristol, was found dead in his bed on the morning of 29. 800 Deui'jcratio majority. Robertson, Re Natural and Civil History and Constitution each, 'fd sold by all Druggists, GfV'era, etj commodating Clerks, to serve my customers, publican, ia elected to Cocgrtsa in Weatohes- LIVER EEMEDY, ONE-HUNDRED ACHES OF LAND li IN IN a Ell OF VEIUVIOKrT. be their wants great or small.

ter District by 1100 majority, a Republican Hi Hahi rtiHiinto Tillaye and oasturina. one Dwell- No 15 Beaver Street, New York. 1). HAVING been used in the private practice of one of the most eminent Physicians in Germany Is now AN BY 8. R.

HALL, LL. ALSO, TBE PURS in Home, two Burns, in comfortable repair, Running gam. ofTered to the people of the United States. thenlh-Remedy has been subjected to a fair and intelligent rnai, it will speedily take precedence of all other 1 jver Water at. House and Barn, gi od Sugar Orchard.

ALSO THE FOLLOWING PROPERTy THICK BO OTS. Nkwaik, N. J. Helsey, Republican, for Constitution of the Unjkd States, 1.1 1: a L. DB.

S. S. FITCH, A. M. D.

1 years old sorrel Mare, sound, 1 eight year, old THE EAST INDIA TEA CO. UoDgrefcS has The Republicana Remedies now in use. it ia tue tatcat wumounuii ui Medical Scienoe to the treatment of that extensive. OP OUR OWN MAKE. A It It A IV I).

A nth or of Six Lectures on the Frevention and Cure troublesome and dangerous aeries of Disorders grow mare, 1 six years old horse, 1 nine Hog. 1 two horse Pled, 1 Exprers elect 7 of 9 assembleinen and the senator. located in Boston. Massachusetts, HENRY T. ing out of VAUdHN.

A cent, is now in successful oueratinn, and a MTt srraATi Tf is NO BETTER BOOTS MADE! Pulmonary Consumption, Asthma, Diseases of lb. Heart, and mode of Preserving Ma'e and Female HeAl'h, of 71 drradwav. N. Y-, ana 25 1'remonl FARMING MiLWAUKKB, Wis. -In the l8t, 2d, 3i, 5th disoosing of large ot pure Tea and Coff-e.

UcrauKcmeiits of the Liver WITH NOTES QUERIES, BY PLINY H. WHITB AUD TBI Declaration of Independence. This book Is published under the direction of the Vermont Board of Education, and ia recommended by them for use In all the Schools of the State. The work 35 Sheep, Hay, Grain, other ariiolee loo Few nersons ire aware Of the Debility and General ibis compan. nas oeen formea oy a nnmuer oi gentlemen who have been enaag-d many years -n tbe I n.

ni i a I nur.j.tirt oflii.A a. $4:,50 per xair. Boston, maybe consuitei every MONDAY at fit Broadway, New York, and at No. 29 Trrmont Mrret, Boston, on WFPNKSUAT ani Derangement of th. whole system produced by a Mor td6cb Districts tbeRepublicana have elected their Congressmen by an aggregate majority numerous mentiou.

Th above nr.mises and property are about 3 miles KS iueiucaa A is nrenared in everv way to answer all demands RUBBERS and ARCTICS to the Trade at List prices. r. wi Randolph Vvlla. Sale positive. bid or Unhealthy Action of the Liver, and ytt, not -ne person In ten is so fortunate aa not to have suPf-Led in some way from theae Morbid Conditions.

H-alth is ol the Dubliomsy require. One trial will eonviuo all THUKSl'AY, liotcber 3d ani 4th, and every other VfedtiesJay auQ Thursday alter. Ail consultations tf 13,000. In the 4th District Eidridge, 41-A '1 LtCj AliAAf, AVC( T. was quite extensively Introduced into th.

Wtr ter tnat free. Democraio, re-elected by 300f) mojority. DR. 8. S.

FITCH cures Ine following r'iseases. All The East India Tea Company, oourse dependent, in a great measure, upon ine runty ol the Elood, and the Purity of the Blood is directly dependent upon a Healthful Functional Action of the Schools In several portions of the State and will doablleit be in good demand for the Summer Schools. Head atarrh. Sore Throat Colds. Coush.

booo- EMERSONS NEW BOOK, Republican gain iery beavjall over the State. Feeding Lungs, Consumption, Asthma. OF BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, 1'iseases or tne Heart, llyspepsia, lAvcr vomplaiDts Buy them here and save your Express. H. C.

F. FULLERTON. Sept. 4, 1866. 38r9m READ U5AD! READ "Worth OF Book dealers wishing a supply should tend In thslr orders at aa early day, to that all may be supplied in gNaw Complete returns from New The diseases arising directly or indirectly from Affections nf the Liver can not.

of course, be enumerated Can and do sell better goodsfor less money than any THE I Jj A Bowrl IJcmnlaints, Cosfveness, Tiles, Dropsy, Ovarian Arm nr association I umots. Complaints peculiar to eith-rsex. Skin I'll in a brief advertisement i nor is suck an enumeration necessary. THIS EAST laulA I ISA t-yni Ani. ntve au EXCELS, reason.

C. W. WILLABD, Publisher Montpelier, May 1, I860. eaes, Salt heum Eruptions. Pimples and Brown Srot York City, except one election district, give Uoflman 79,659, and Fenton 33,234.

Stewart, Chandler and Wood are elected to rent in china, who selects goodi tor them ouiy. tne race, tne scalp, tne bands, the limbs or th. per In many important particulars, hia celebrated, eol' They import their own goods wliich thus come di- son; Khenmatism, krysipeas. Falling ol the Hair by The dead infant found in a school house in Shftfubury, it ha been proved, was left there A Scandinavian Chemist reotly totnem, instead oi passia inrwirD Humor, Qoitre, Swelled Neck, Scrofula, and all impurt-tiea of the Blood. Nervousne.a, Ht.

Vitua najaas, ooutequoatiy tuey can ds huiq oi. iuww prima. bat produced, to bless mankind, tha long looked for Dsnce. In alt cases tbe bert references eiven. ky a woman from Banningtcn.

FURNITURE, CARPETS, The East India Tea Company Alcuemy, tue DK. 8. S. FITCH'S FAMILY PHYSICIAN Is a per- PtlOv. A i3ul.sxiA.a GREAT GERMAN L1VJ3R REMEDY Strikes at the root of ALL Diseases which originate in nerangemenw of the Liver- Jaundice, Acute or Chronic Affections of the Liver, Dyspepsia, Sallow Countenance, Hick Headache are promptly and radically cured by Professor Van Buskirk's Liver Remedy, Hundreds of testimonial might be given from per-aona who have been permanently cured aftrr tryina- TmI diner's house Waterville, was feot guide in every family, with remedie'.

Infallible, UNIVERSAL. SAFET1" MATCH, lection, "THE HARP OF JUDAH." All who have seen it decide The Best Books for Choirs, Th Bi-st Books for Schools, The Best Book for Societies, The Best Book for Conventions, The Best Bookfor Praotice, Th; Book for Social Sieging, The Best Book for Families, The Bust Book for sll Singers. Htve selected the following kinds from their stock, tl, runommend to meet the WSntA Of ClUbi. that each mjy procure or prepare and fucceulully aa- PAPER HANGINGS AND minister to prop ly cure all colds, and thus prevent and Third District Smith Elected They are sold at Ca-go Priee and all goods sold are euro an aisea.ea arlslnv irom colds, such as Khonma made without BfJLPHVK or PHOSPHOSCS. Cheapest as well as best.

Three ccnle per box; Thir ty cents per doted. vr i oxr ir a eh tism, I.uni Fever, Pleurisy, fee, also to cure warrantea to givo muhisouuo. robbed tha other day of $600 in U. S. Bonds.

No clue to the thief. Fatal Accident. Mr. Adaiatha Dunklee of West Brattleboro was drowned on Tuesday afternoon last week in Whetstone brook, near other remedies, without any beneficial effect, but ONE TRIAL of the Liver Remedy is better proof to the Returns from a few towns in tha third Dis croup, Uipbihena, Scart Fever, Measles, Erysipelas, PRICE IjTST PETt POUND. Will be at Prices that will insure the- YOITNCJ II yON.

8 'a, 00: bet 1,10. mioiaii than a volume of recommendations. Typhoid Fever, hooping Cough, Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infnntim, Diarrhoea from Teething a'IMlenoaiinationi Suited to all Occasions trict indicate the election of Worthington C. TXITTRl? RATI? IN fid'DJlVS I 6RKI TEAS. 80o 90o Sl.OO best, 1 10.

This medicine is Purely Vegetable, and does not con ana not weam-r, cos ivenees, tiurns, aea (Sickness, Persons Prematurely Gray- XjL XIUU tJillJXJ 111 vv A.J.A Suited to all Opacities Suited to ever 'Singer i io too hoc: oest wi. tain either fy Mercury, Aloes, Gamboge, Bcammony, Care of ti II tir and Teeth ilie best Tooth Powder a pan. si no: best, si lu ran have theis ha-r restored to Its natural color by Smith by a decided plurality, if not by a majority. Consisting ot and the test Ilitr Hye evtr ueed I.sws of so as s.n a. il, k.

.1 al An or any drasno drug. Sold bv all Druirirlsts. Price one doltar per bottle. UtlLlVilW, WO won to piescrve life with health to tlie most venerable ace, JN ITS SINGIN'O SCIIPOI. KJERKUIKS IN ITS GLEES.

IN ITS ANTr.EMS AND SENTENCES, IF ITS CHANTS ANI) SELEOI irjlTSV ARIKTY OF HYMN TUNE3. HALL'S YKOBTABLE "SICILIAN HAIR RKNEW- Elrcant Parlor Suits, Sofas, Divans, Easy IMPERIAL ANU BUHrO'TUMl, Dt-St. Wt.AO. Ask for Profetsor Van cumin's GREAT OFRttAS Ihe -Family Physician' is sent by mail, free of post that village. It is supposed that in passing a bridge in the rear of his bouse, from which one of the lower atriogea bad been carried sway by the sudden rise of the water, caused by the severe rain, he inadvertantly stepped tn unsurmrted end of the plank and ihm teaa are chosen foi their intrinsio worth.

LITER RK11E1IV, and take no other. One dollar and Rock and Parlor Chairs and Lounges, covered I Koa. irnnlK tll. PtlntK. age, io any on rue receipt ol tnirty-nve cents.

ni. th. H.t article known to nreserve the hatr, pre keepinsr in mind health, eoonomy, and a high fifteen oents, either in stamps or currency, sent So any Advertised Agent, or to the Proprietors, OStJAR O. rrice fl 38. Sent by mail po.t-pld.

wnolulo venting its falling out, and making lifeless, stiff brasby ilireer all letters for consultation or books to 25 Boston. give State, Towo, County and ot pieasnre in unnaiug tuniu. hair jTresht Coffeea Roasted and Ground Daily. rost timet. liireot to lik.

ii. itch. Miss Fannie Seward, daughter of Secretary price $l'i per dozen. Send in your orders early. Bold by all Music Dealers throughout tha United States and Canadas.

bond Walnut, (Jnstnut ana urainea CHAMBER SUITS: U2 No '5 Tremont Boston, Mass. HEALTHY S0TT AND GLOSSY GROUND COf FEE, 16o- 213 ,253. 30o; best. 85 tatpri inta the swiit currant. No UOSFS SI Oortlandt Htreet, new Xork, will ensure a bottle of the medicine by return mail, post pud.

Agent for Montpelier, sprAanZQvleop N. K. BROWS. Saward, died at Washington last week. All who use it are unanimous in awarding It tha one vaa with him at the time, and it is OLIVER DH SON ruDiisners, an ii, ht Hair Dressing extant, and ton Street, Boston.

D'T pound Uolels. Saleon, Boarding house Keepers, and Families, who usi large qutntities ot I oflVe, oan economise in lhal rticle hy u-lngour ENGLISH hu v. a fast and DINN ER COv Kf.K, wh on we sell doubtful whether any human aid could have Marble Tables, Extension Tables, Mirrors, nf umnterrt.ita and oak for LIFE-HEALTH STRENGTH rescued him from being dashed over toe mm Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash Stands, Hall's, and take none other Price 1. Sold by al NEJV MILLINERY one The author of the Nasby letters is at tne low price of 26 cents ptr pound, and warrant Cane and Wood Seat Chairs, Pure Hair dam a few rods below. His diBippearence was rtiHiSml LIFE HE ALTH STRENGTH GOODS eruggnts.

to give entire satlslaotion. Mattresses. Live Geese Feathers and Locke, editor of the Toledo Blade. Consumers oan savo iron okj oents to i per nnt rntined till late in the afternoon, wncn Serine Beds. Particular attention is invited LIFE ILGALTn STRENGTH pound by purchasing their Teaa ot 18 1 1SD1A Tir A fiAlPANY nt iston.

Maesach setts. aaareh was made for bim. and his umbrella Household Friend i. Ooe's Cough Balsam and Coe's Dyspepsia Cure they I'lnha aim small stores tui win iu uiaaa we to our Magnificent MRS. J.

BUCKNAM Hundreds and thousands annuallv die prematurely. and rubber blanket were found near the bridge. The neighbors at once turned out to look for tha bodv. and a little after 6 o.clock are supplying many 0o hays their orders n.nn,n,i fa it iinllv nll'd. when, if they would give the Great French Remedy, STOCK OF CARPETS sbonld always be in the house ready for Immediate nse Ihey are the most reliable remedies known.

The one Firemen's Courtesies. The Burlington Has a ten a store on Main Street, two door- coath All nwna. 1 1 1 DR. JUAN DLAM AKRE'S CELEBRATED SPECIFIC PILLS, Times- has the following: nun ber of men are engaged, byCHTBBINti TO. English nd Amerfean TapestritM, English and Amerf caa Three-Ply English mad Am erica a Ingrain, Hamp it was fould lodged in some bushes, brused and almost naked about a half a mile below.

always handy and speedy in cases or sudden attacks or eroupamongat the children, or for ouring the most stub en oan reduoe the outt of their Tea and I tho Union House. She has opened SPLENDID A830HTMENT 0 AlUn Eno-ine Co. No. 4. were visited fees one-third by directly the IN Prepared by Oabahombs tt DdpoHT, No.

214, rue Lombard, Paris, from the prescription of Dr. Juan Dela-marre. Chief Physician to the Hotp'tal du Nord on born coughs an colds. lr excellent for sore tnroat anu HOWE'S Improved SCALES. For strength, durable accuracy, and stylo or finish they are unsurpassed by any Scale.

They are tear-ranlri to give entire satisfaction, and are the result cf ten enrs experience in their manufacture, by the Howe Scale Co whose extensive works are permanently established at Brandon. Please call and see an extensive variety for sale at manufacturer prices, by D. DEWEY CO. Tha stopping of hie watch indicated a quarter DIA TfcA COMPAN Boston. last syening by a delegation from Capitol No.

5, Montpelier, headed by Capt. George Clark. Ilia all lung difficulties the other Coe's Dyspepsia Cure- past 3 clock as the time oi acciuua. age was 67. MILLINERY GOODS Carpvti.Uocaa ana at raw maiungi, uu vioum, 10,000 Rolls Paper Hangings -500 Patterns Window Shades.

So large and complete an assortment of TiiG Persona In the country who want suuerior Tea or it Is certain to euro dyspepsia, no matter or bow long standing. Indigestion, and all dissises that originate in a disordered state of th. stomi'jh and bowel. r4 3wl of every description Blahnn HonkinH. of Vermont, aeompanied Coffee oan a-et th at our lowest rates byclubiiing The Etbans" witn a number oi ineir bus-orary members assembled in their ball st 7 P.

Major J. S. Peck behalf of the CaDitol's in an exceedingly genial and hand- A beautiful assortment of Silks, Velve Straw Bon ijiriboisiere, a fair trial, tney wouio nno lmmeoiaie relief, and, in a abort time, be fully restored te Health and Strength. It is used in the practioe of many eminent French physicisms, with uniform success, and highly recommended as the only positive and Specific Remedy for all persons suffering from General or Sexual Debility, all derangements of the Nervous Forces, Melancholy, Spermatorrhoea oi Seminal Emissions, all Weakness arising from Sexual Excesses or Youthful I. discretions.

Loss of Muscular Knergy, Physical together, and sending for one or more pounds lor I each i. 'son. We wi I send of any kind by hiason.Rev. J.H. llopkins, Jr has sailed for New Orleans, where be will preside as the nets of the newest s' vies a root assortment or Thonsands suffer Indigestion, dies' and Children's Velvets, Felt and Star Turbans, to nersons who wish tc get up Clubs, If they desire; some way, preBentea to vapi.

i)tmmu HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS Is rarely found outside of the largest cities, and ean CoSTivanass, Pilss, Hsabasbs, and doa't know soi ih. lose bvpasslna by Us. H.aaisoa Fxai- eonseeration of Rev. Dr. J.

B. Wilmer as and Hats, Ruches and Ladies' Caps. and to any person getting up a ciuo amounting io thirty dollars or more, will present them with a No. 4's" a tasty presentation tront Dearing 11 a will return home staltIO Loaaaoas. rinuing me papera uu tk nn nntieo of anr.

and thus lose the only he appreciated by being examined. Prostrations. Nervousness, Weak Spine, Lowness of KJQ the inscription Beautiful Silver-Plated Tea-Pot. via Louisville, and tsarticipate in the oonse benefit of a aeod tkinf. We are selling them immsnse- Spirits, Dimness of Vision, Hysterics, Pains in the eratior, of R.

Dr. Cummins as assistant Vontpelier, Oct. 19,1838. ALL PRICES AND WIDTH. v.

for they are what ever swiy worth five dollars or its valne in Tea or Coffee. We Back and Limbs, Impotency, fee. No lanaruaire can convey au adequate idea of the im 43tf JJ-Glve os a JACOB SMITH SON. Old Stand, Head of Elate 8tre.t, MONTPELIER, VT Bishop of Kentucky. i win put eaju person's name on tueir uavsaus, mu mediate and almost miraculous change it produces in FRENCH Jb LO VV LiiSJ XnTTott" "ud way to buy every form of Indigestion, and the only our fore the Mai Burned.

Tbe saw-mill of Belknap PiLas, Dieeaing or luici.iw. v' Wsst Burke, was burned on WINTI1ROP MOUSE. Of every shade. Jet Ornaments and Sprigs. OF SENDING IN CLUBa.

ADVANTAGES she debilitated and shattered system. In fact, it stands unrivalled as an unfailing cure of the maladies above mentioned. Suffer no more, but use The Great French Remedy; it will effect a cure where all others la, and, although.a powerful remedy, oontaini nothing hurtful to the most constitution. th nioht Octoher 25. together with a mHg nndersivned has nurchased the hotel corner of MOURNING GOODS, An Effcuaetl Worm Mediciue.

Brown's Vcaetable Comfits, larea nila nf lumber adioiniDU Loss OVOr I Ro-oin and A Us ton slr.ets, and will hereafter Help! Help! Help! WANTED BY i. tb name of TBS WlHTHSOr HoUSl. Crape Bonnets, Veils and Collars, always on hand. $2,000, and no insurance. r.

tiMiioiA Much sickness, undoubtedly. Pamphlets, containing full particulars anddirectlons Tbe establishment has been refurnished throughout with new and elegant furniture, and with especial r. mmnduf inn r.t transient boarders. CAriTOL. o.

MONTPELIER, VT. Io commemoration of Sept. 11th, 1866. TO ETHAN ALLEN. 4 BURLINGTON, VT.

Our Gratitude ia only Equalled by your Hospitality." The gift was tuitably acknowledged by Capt. Brinsmaid amid three rousing cheers and a ctpital tiger for the Montpelier Boys. Short speechei then followed from L. B. Eng-leaby, Geo.

11. Bigelow, and others of Burlington and Capt. Clark, J. M. Poland, and L.

B. rvrva. of Montoolier. BLCACIIIWG AND PltESSINU with children and adults, attributed to other causes, Is 1 worms. The Vaaaivoas Comsits," for using, In English, French, Spanish and German accompany each box, and are also sent free to any address nuiet and retired neisnborbood.

Done in tha latist Styles. S. C. WOIJLSON, MERCHANT TAILOR 10 COAT MAKERS, 5 VEST MAKERS, 5 PANT MAKERS, to whom the following prices will be paid for making. Overcoats, 3,75, 4 25, $5,00, W.k Coari 3 Jib.

4.20. aFeathers cleansed to look as well as new. Moatpelier, October 1866. makes the situation rne of the most desirable in the city. It is very convenient lo the chief vasmess poiots and places of amusement.

Persons on a visit to Boston II find eomforuble and genteel quarters at the although effectual in destroying worms, can do no possible injury to the most delicate child This valuab combination has been successfully used by physiciana, and found to re safe ind sure tn eradicating worms, co hurtful to children. Children having Worm, require immediate attention, as neglect of the trouole olten causes pro-lonsel siekness. Symptom, of Worams Children are often i nrrms in the stomach and bowela eause when requested. Price One Dollar a box or six boxes for Five Dollars Sold by all Druggists throughout the world or will be snt by malt, securely sealed from all observation by inclosing specified price, to any authoized agent. Proprietors General Agents fur America, OSCAR O.

MOSES it 37 Cortlandt New York. Authorised Agent for IMompelier, N. K. Brown. speopr2yl 1st.

You get your Tea and Coffee cheaper. 2 1. You aave the Rxpreaaage. od. The person getting up tbe Club gfts a valushls Silver-dated Tea I'ot, it value in tea or Cuffee, as he may choose which i 'e dollars We return thanks to parties who have taLe terost in gett ng up Clubs, and suould any ever visit Boston, we shall be most happv to Persons getting up Clubs will please obse lowing: jCrffi do a strictly cash business, t' monev for the ton ds must acoompuiy no attentirii will bi paid to it.

only Bai Ullls taken. Ail sums under warded by Mail in Registered l.ette Draft, and when done so. the loss risk. We oannot send teas triaa -member of a Club, but will aeud Cottee in our Pnoe list All orders must tie addressed rMo7m HGNBV V. A sent Wantea.

Wiuthi-op House. y43m8 w- DAVIS. Business Coats, 3,15, 3,95,1 Haett Coats. S.26. 45.

EITHER Ladies or Gentlemen, in all parts of ihe New Fnetsnd States, to sell a rev and beautiful steel Hiavt Fines. Tbe proprietor of a hote in Londonderry has recently paid fines aid eosti amounting to $500 for eellirg liquor. He siiil continues in the trade. The stockholders of the Vermont A Canada railroad have elected the following directors for the ensuing year Lucius B. Peck, Edward Blake, Jjhn Porter, W.

C. Smith, B. P. Cheney, and Samuel Atherton. Personal.

Mr. John K. Williams, of the last elass at Andover, and a graduate ot Mid-dlebury College, has accepted the call of the Congregational Church and society of Brad- rd, to become their pastor. Three ITlonths Pay Proper. ngraving entitled The Empty sileeww also a RMY OFFICERS, who were in commission March canvass for Tea Livaa or ma Paxsisaats," by Th- -nanitori" are the crack" company Yests an Pants, 1,10, ISO, 15, Eteinsie of all aaaehlne work, and pressing.

First class workmen will apply by mull, or otherwise aa long as this setloe appeara, to S. C. WOOLBON, rSfttf Montnelier, a vi John S. C. Abbott.

Mnr terma address A 3d, 1885, and honorably discharged for any cause Iter April 9, 1S05, who have not reeeived the above, an have the same promptly collected by application to of Montpelier, and are wereiore uu, R. R. GREENE, 18 Temple Place, Boston t'urrs Cancers, Scrofula, and all Diseases of Blood. Pamphlet seat free. p43w4 irritation, which cau be removed only by tbe use of a sure remedy.

The combination of used in making fro lew's Kirmiiut Lomfif" is such as to give the best possible effect. CURTIS AND BROWN, Proprietors, New York. Bold by all dealers inMedicines, at 25 cts. a box. K21yl B.

B. RUSSELL 00. rstat48w3 55, Cornhill Bostrr miliar terms WUQ tne i-. Burlington. ytl V.

XI oniia. Montpelier. July 30, 1866..

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