The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 29, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1933
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THE MALV1RN LEADER — • A* AtrtuWfff ft Wfififttt UriiWifAffen ^ SEALtlRlf, ttftAg CCitftiflf, taWA. THuRSBAt, JUNE J», mi NO. 60. Water Carnival on Fourth of July to Be Exciting Event ©Bill to AH with Many Classes} jgpte* iatofft Admitted f fee POSTAGE DOWN Next to shimming the best thing is to watch swimmers swim. Spectators will be admitted free 16 the specially efeeted bleachers it the Maivefn Municipal |>ool nett Tuesday tot, the boot's July Fourth Water Carnival. A fail fcfofrafli ot events will be en the schedule fof the carnival and eottfretnion is open to all. Prtie* will be awarded to the winners of each event There will be classes for various ages of swimmers and divers and the program will be exciting throughout. Although Malvem is offering no celebration ot the Fourth ot Jaly, there will he plenty ot things going on during the day here, At 2 p. m. a baseball game will be played at the fair grounds, Olenwood and Malvern town teains competing. The water carnival will follow immediately After. tn the evening the pool will be open as usual and a special show is scheduled for the empress Theater, "State Fair," in which Will Rogers, Janet Oaynor and many another famed star play, will be shown. A dance at the Community building will also be held. Inside the compound at the pool a number of bleachers have been built so that tbere will be plenty ot seats for all. Spectators will be admitted tree to these, and tbe regular charges ot lOc will be made tor swimmers during tbe day. Free tickets will not be accepted Tuesday, pool officials say. Even the post oftte* department is affected by the New Deal. Saturday, Inly l, a redaction will be made fa first class ftatl rates of frota 3c to fcc lot lei* ters going in to addresses In the same town of on a rarai route from the same town. this means that letters can be mailed by Malvefnlans to friends on either ot the rural routes from town, first etas*, tot 16 less than tottnefty, ¥fc* reduction affects no other branch ot the settlee « this time. Annual July Sale Starts at Leader Offers Opportunity to Buy Before Big Rise in Prices^ W5 -. , Rural Schools to Graduate 112 Exercises in Ciettwood Arm. oryj Congressman Wearin to Give Address One hundred twelve rural pupils of Mills county will graduate from the eighth grade on Friday, Inly ?, at the Olenwood armory, at 3:30 p. m. This program ordinarily has been given in May but has been delayed this year because the main speaker, Congressman Otha D, Wearln, has been busy in Washington. The rural school choir will sing. The public is very cordially in* vited, These programs are always enjoyable. if 1 Scout* Began Camp for Week at Fair Grounds Here am Daily raf GftMtfl Many Visitors Enjoy Malvern Swimming Pool The Malvern swimming pool is a popular resort this hot weather and nearly every day sees parties or croups from other towns who drive over to enjoy a,dip in its cooling waters. The Randolph Presbyterian choir drove up last Thursday and enjoyed a swim and a social good time. , , 'Then on Friday Rev. L. B. Ripley of Emerson and a class of boys from tbe Methodist Sunday | school • and; Supt. D. D, Fellows ings and _a >class of boys the Mills County Fair grounds, scene in tittetf past of many and varied types ef activities, took »« a new f auction Monday when the Malvern CHrl Scout Ofganttation began a several days encampment there. ttnder the leadership of Miss Frances Beaton the girls Will go through the routine of the day with plenty of time fof rectea* lion and enjoyment ot the out* ing. Campcraft, handcraft and oth* er scout work will take up the mornings at the camp and the recreational part will be in the afternoon and evening. Swims in the municipal pool, game*, sports will be included in the afternoon routine. The group Is camping in the floral hall building and will cook their own meals there. Girls go* Ing on the outing are: Jane Saar, Julia Jean Steele, Mary Jean Swing, Leone Story, Ethel Story, Betty Baer, Madeline Swain, Carolyn BOehner, Arline Fickel, Betty Caudell, Elinor Farauhar, Dorothy Slothower, Janet Bennett, Mary Louise Jnelke, Virginia Ranne, and Lenore Mansfield. Misses Naomi Harman and Alice McNulty and Mary Schade of Qlenwood have been guest*, On Tuesday evening their parents and other members of their families took a pot luck supper and spent the. evening with the girls at the camp, N-l-W-i rrofn the County Seat Us BoHEttfft Paid m Wjjfe» at- Gophers Since March 22 no bounties have been paNI by Mills county on either wotVSB or pocket gophers. The tward at that time Voted, to discontinue these payments and tn« laving since then has fceen considerable. Last rear its* gopher bounty alone amouttled\to about $5,000 so that the saviig thus tar would be more than one thousand dollars. Si* N«w CAM Were Registered Last Week Bit new can 'have been registered since ouf report of a week ago, showing quite an increase in the automobile buying of the county: Amy Hammers, Malrern, Chevrolet coupe. Bettlah Clitet, Emerson, Chevrolet coupe. Mrs. Rachael, Davis, Malvern, Chevrolet sedan, Lyle Hodges, Olenwood, Essex roadster, Men Meet m Glenwdod for Joint Program Vet* Join Medics in Di*cti*- stdtt at Session Thursday Difficult, indeed, Is the maintenance ot small professional groups In rural districts, chiefly because scattered population makes for two diverse interests. Notable exception to this is the Mills County Medical society, whose meetings are usually filled with matter of vital professional interest and are so attractive that not only most members of the profession, but their wives as well, attend them. Last Thursday members of this group met In Qlenwood at the state Institution. There they had as their guests veterinarians of the county and an interesting program on the subject, "Diseases Transmitted from Animals to Man," was presented. While the members of the groups attended this, the association's auxiliary, in which wives of members are associated, met and listened to a program of their own design. With President H. B. Dye, M. {D., presiding, the association's RAINS AGAIN Zeno Bass, Btrahan, Chevrolet program was as follows: sedan, Effle Triveley, Red Oak, Plymouth coach Joe Wearin in Hospital Again Joe Wearin who; returned home from the Edmundson hospital about three weeks ago, was taken with another attack last week and on Friday evening was taken back to the -hospital. After «u blood transfusion, WalterSCarts Donner. Taxes Coming in Fast This Week The treasurer'* office is a busy place at this the close of the month and Treasurer Judkins reports taxes coming in pretty fast, as the deadline, July 1, approaches. Up to Tuesday noon, $89,071.96 had been paid in this month. With but three and one- half days more in which to pay before the penalty attaches, it promises to be still busier. It •looks very much n,ow as though the greater part would be paid on time. I Report ot the State Medical Society, I. U. Parsons, M. D,. of Malvern. Case report, W. A. DeYoung, M. D., Olenwood, Discussion by 0. M. Agan, M. D., Olenwood. The topic, "Diseases Transmitted from Animals to Man," was presented by W, H. Riser, D. V. M., Olenwood, and several topics were given under this. Bangs Disease, Thos. W. Old- ley, D. V. M., Malvern. Discussion by L. C. Blank, D. V. M., Emer- Steak Dinner the Fire Boys son. Tuberculosis, J. W. Baer, D. V. M., Malvern. Discussion, R. L. South, D. V. M., Henderson. Anthrax, C. 0. Johnson, D. V. M., Silver City. Discussion by Dr. Gidley. Gfanders, B. F. Ward, D. V. M., Qlenwood. Discussion by C. O. Johnson, D. V. M., Sliver City. * •••'-'•*• _. - — . - - - Sout "•Clearance sale Saturday, Tbe sals will continue until July 16. • • Inauguration of tbe industrial recovery bill provisions by tbe government is already forcing a rise in prices of nearly all types ot goods, and tbe sale enables buyers to get what they need be- tore this mark up takes place, This progressive store is well stocked with seasonable goods «nd has made important price concessions in every department. Their big ad announcing the sale ytlll be found on page three, Cold Storage Gets Refrigerator Can A fleet of refrigerator «ars for • tbe Malvern Cold Storage com' pan> was*8|d;etra<*ed at Malvern last week. Specially prepared for tbe Malvern company, tbe ears are another her party drove up from Sid- to be the cause, Q t the stoppage 21. *".*« ***%?«• ">*Hi~t A V-i * tj ions steak I of'tbe products to be ' --'-- -; '' -> Jj» threaps-will go wllk f«4 Bu«er» eggs for ,',-•''• «-• 'J-^h: ney and enjoyed a awim in the pure cool waters of the pool, Frank F, Pierce Dies M. T. Davis received word Monday of the death of his nephew, Frank F. Pierce, at hla home in Onawa that morning, The funeral was held in Omaha Tuesday afternoon and Mr, Davis and son, T. M,, drove up to at» tend the service, Burial was made in the cemetery at Turin. Mr, Pierce was years of age find formerly lived in this vicinity, but bad been at Turin and Qnawa for the, past twenty years or raort. He is by, Ms w«e , three children besides numerous other relatives and friends who mourn bji passing, Empress to Show Stale Fr Here teied Iowa's big iftstjtuttou, will be * " . tbe'stoppage of the bowel, and these were removed and a tube inserted to fa- 'cilitate passage. He rested fairly well the night following tbe op- .eration but Is still In a very serious condition. His son, Otha D., arrived Monday from Washington, D. O, and bis brother, Henry, came In from Carleton, Nebr, to be witb him. His brother, Cbar- ley, of Los Angeles is also enroute here, Mr, Wearin's friends, and we know of no one who nag more, are extremely anxious over his condition and eagerly await a more favorable report of bis condition, Dr. Iry Campbell Weds Lorn* Fisher The report mcjej us that Pr, Ivy Campbell, sister of Dr, M, 8, Campbell,-- of uaited n}a ce , was Louis *Fjs&er,-ifi prominent day evening. Otto Judkins and Ronald Kler were the steak chefs and they do say those big T-bone steaks were done to perfection — the melt-in-your-mouth sort. Then they bad plenty of other good things to go with them including a big Jar of iced lemonade. Did they have a good time? Ask them | writer of caic We, bare ceired no further particulars, Or f Campbell balds A r§spQn_s> bit position, the ebair pf pby, In WfiJls College lor Marriage Licenses Since our last report County Clerk Oreene has Issued the following persons licenses to wed: June 80: Leland O, Lester, 28, Council Bluffs, and Maxine pul- len, 18, Council Bluffs, They were married the same day by justice BirdejJe Wllkins, . Francis Le. Rpy Craven, 33, Omaha, and Mildred Mae Bailey, 85, Omaha, They .were married the same day by 1 Justice Birdeile Wilklns, June H; Donald Blckferd, 21, WeeplBg, Water, 'Nebp M and Her, rlet Stone, 18, Nebawka, Nebr, JFbey w^a, married 4fte same day , by Be?, Is, A. MpPltt of the Con- Juaa 88? a,;%.J 9 bBson. 43, Young, star by'Dr. Ward. Tbe program given at the meet- Ing of tbe auxiliary: Report of state convention, Mrs. M, 8. Campbell, Malvern. Things a Doctor's Wife Should Know, Mrs. I. u. Parsons, Malvern, and Mrs. D. W. Harmon, Glenwood, Violin selections, Miss Valerie Christy. The World's Fair, Mrs. W. A. DeYoung, Mrs, Q. M. Agan, Glenwood. Readings, Miss Gretchen Gidley, Malvern, A lunch was served the guests at 4:30 p. m. and at this Miss Christy played more violin selections, Miss Gidley gave another reading, and Mrs. Christy sang a group of solos. She was accompanied by Miss McCoy. Present at the meetings of the Medical Society and Auxiliary were: Misses Brown, Christy, Gidley, and McCoy, Dr. and Mrs. Baer, Dr, and Mrs. GJdley, Dr, and Mrs. South, Dr. and Mrs. Ward, Dr, and Mrs, Riser, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Mosrldge, Dr. and Mrs, Parsons, Dr. and Mrs. Christy, Dr. and Mrs. Marr, Mrs. Campbell, Dr. and Mrs. J. M, Donelan, Dr. and Mrs. Q. M. Agan, Dr. and Mrs. Ward A. DeYoung, Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Barman, Dr .and Mrs. Harold B. Dye, Dr, J. 0. Soderstrom, p r . Donald Laird, and Dr. and Mrs, Thos. B. Rain, a thing almost forgotten by people ot this area, came suddenly Tuesday after Mother Nature had made a number of false starts toward sending the desired precipitation. About a halt Inch fell in Malvern, vicinity. Will Zanders reported about an inch of more at his farm north east of town. Clyde Barger noted itt inches at his place near East Liberty and J. R. Graves reported two Inches at his place south ot Balfour. Five Inches was reported at Shenandoah and quite a good rain in the vicinity ot Strahan. Most crops, although affected by the long drouth, were infinitely helped by the precipitation and gardens and lawns looked better immediately after the showers. Fire at Wise Farm Does Little Damage Despite Delay, Firemen Prevent Spread of Flames, to Buildings Proud are all Malvem firemen of their swank red fire truck, capable of running 60 m. p. h. and pumping 600 gallons ot water per minute. But greatly chagrined were the firemen Friday when they dashed to the truck in response to the fire alarm and discovered that the engine wouldn't start. Hurriedly, while flames grew hotter and danger greater, the firemen called in help and got the heavy motor in action. Then out they dashed 'to the June Wise farm home where a hay stack had caught fire and endangered build- Ings and other property. The flames were soon halted and damage suffered amounted only to the loss ot the stack of hay. Reason for the baity behavior of the fire truck was discovered to be that the gasoline feed line bad clogged. tciirijbj We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to the Malvern Fire department and our neighbors who helped us save our buildings and hay In our fire last Friday. Mr, and Mrs. June Wise, Post Office Mere Takes Downward Adjustment July 1 Many Id** Ttw«s Lose ia Rating »i Result of 1932 Bushiest Even Uncle 8am must make cost adjustments when Depression strikes too strongly. As a result of this Malvern's post office will, after July 1, have a third class rating instead of the second class position it has en- Joyed since 1928 when local receipts Increased sufficiently to boost It Into the second class. No change in service will be made, Post Master L L. Donner announces, although one member ot the present staff, Gerald A. Caldwell, will be released. The office will be kept by Mr. Donner and Mrs. Frank Herts who will take both increased working hours and a lower salary range. From the Malvern post office goes much more mail than the receipts would Indicate. Star routes to Tabor, Randolph, and Imogens emanate from here, involving considerable extra handling of mall. Not at all exceptional Is the condition of the Malvern post office as a list of other Iowa offices dropping to a lower classification shows. Dropping from first to second class are Centervllle, Creston, Decorah, Hampton, Hod Oak, Spencer, Washington, and Waverly. From second to third class go Belmond, Bettendorf, Colfax, Dy- ersvllle, Qreene, Hartley, Lake City, Lansing, Malvern, Montezuma, Northwood, Pocahontas, Sumner, West Liberty, Williamsburg, and Woodbine. From third class to fourth go Albion, Arcadia, Arthur, Barnes City, Boxholm, Calamus, Callender, Cleghorn, College Springs, Defiance, Derby, Duncombe, Elberon, Qarmersburg, Floyd, Hancock, Harper's Ferry, Harris, Harvey, Homestead, Imogene, Ionia, Klmballton, Latlmer, Le Claire, Lockrldge, McCallsburg, Macedonia, Maurice, New Providence, Ralston, Randolph, Rhqad' thington. Food Sale Saturday The Baptist Ladies' Kensington will bold a food sale Saturday, July 1, at Mansflelds store, adv, MATCH ENDED The local sporting world was agog with excitement Monday when it was learned that the great Boyer-Donner golf match- had ended. This famed event, in progress since last December, finished abruptly when C. A. Boyer gained an 18-bole lead over his able opponent, Postmaster J. L. Donner. No ordinary match, the event set a new all-time record for the Falrvlew Country club In point of length of time needed to play it. Conditions agreed upon when it started were that the first to have the opponent down 18 holes would win, and that no quarter would be given. Golfer Boyer, up more than a dozen boles for several days, ended the event Monday py winning enough to give him a 18-bole lead. Notice The alleys are getting much rubbish and paper In them ao please clean up all hazards and prevent flres. Jesse H. Bell, Chairman of Fire Inspection, T, W. Mulligan and mother, Mrs. Sadie Mulligan, and Miss Martha Mulligan of Omaha were -callers in tbe borne of Mrs. John Leaving Today for California. . ters, Corotby ft»a Mrr, yerae «ito-Jok>t4rip is A, L A. to Meet Friday The American LeslQB Auxili- fimaba K fiiejP were mar- ary will hold their regular meetr ing Friday afternoon, July 30, in the Lesion rooms ia the Commu nity building. All members are by way el Color : Suits Sunday, Fish Story toe Bast week. parts o{ tbe country trying their Believe it or not tbta is a ftsb. when these local anglers Harry Laakabijj, John Beals, were present. Tbere are plenty of 8sb there, some of tbem weighing (n tbe neighborhood of teu or WftYWltUt |»|* week info wills Joloed. tbe club of twelve pouuds. Wheu a big one Pridjjp wfeen drove ovw to Hai tte y» to tan* o| tU» fil4 river U«d (Jryluj m Wii l«we ttrt t U* flu uy Utb* »v»ry day «| UftUWu* tbwu w U* >mw, Thm wltU is etsbted tbere is a wad Biade fop tbe spot where he seen by all tbe sportsmen pw*r§» tap a*tl«a» ) woader haw many dlffereut tUere will be abaut tbl» plaoe froiu tbe iu«tty lwUvl4uul» Wba Jourusy tberu. TUu variety of tbt* fteld of suoft »o tbat U»t«iu (9 time about »b» ou«« tb*t m aatt m wto vinit B*b tor Ford Maintains Display in Chicago for Fair Visitors The Ford Motor company has opened a display in the Congress Hotel on Michigan Boulevard in Chicago which will continue for the duration of the Century ot Progress Exposition, Visitors in Chicago during the fair are Invited to see this display. Those who desire to see bow Ford cars are built are invited by tbe company to visit the Chicago assembly plant at 12600 Tprrence avenue, Company busses and cars will operate between the plant and the display in the Congress Hotel, providing free transportation for all who wish to visit the plant, Cards of introduction to o«> cials in charge of the Ford display in the Congress Hotel will be supplied by Salyers Auto Co., local Ford dealer, to car owners planning to visit Chicago during tbe summer. F. B, Insurance Co, to Shaw Film Through the courtesy of tbe Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, the state Farm Bureau insurance company, Rev. Q. O. Blerman, A. J. Berlshlmer, Louis Knop, an<| W. H- Cramer, local agents, a real talking picture entitled tbe "Benefactor" will be.sbQWU at Community building at Malvem July 3, at 8 p. m. This movie talkie Is a thrilling story of farm folk. Included In the program is the first Issue of tue National Farm News reel, showing you tbe national corn husking contest In Oruudy county itt 1831, tbe International Livestock Exposition, uutl tbe Nation* al Dairy uhow, These reels should be real en* tertalulug to lows people aud especially to 4-H club boys and 'rt». Tbere will he a tbree tallsle picture entitled »u__ 8«i»e" wbtob In filled with a lot ' Sanaa auti A Iftl of eut«f« fasture* wltb the Ar* aunty atr vl»v«r iueluatug » towu»bl» Mwmu a*b»u, ^^ s *4 "i \

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