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Essex County Herald from Island Pond, Vermont • Page 2

Essex County Herald from Island Pond, Vermont • Page 2

Island Pond, Vermont
Issue Date:

The Fair. .1 The exhibition by the Coos and Essex luiinws $irfftorp. "li.UUll Ii menced his address by a cwapcrison between Eastern and Western farming, showing the advantage fa favor of the sons of New England who remain upon The Herald, PUBLISHED EVERY 6ATUBDAT BTT fa Ess baalj taiH ktmtia mm mmmmm i ILL II QCARDIAXXOTICE. STATE OF renitOXT, In Probate Coart 4eJd at the Probate Oflce in GoilrthaH in saM tiietrkt, on the 8th day of September, A. D. 18T. Charles MeUee, guardian of Ida M. Wood of Brighton in said district, minor under the age of fourteen years, makes application- to said court for license to.aell tbe whole the real es-lafcs'of hts eaid; wafd, representing that the wile thereof would be conducive to the Interest of bis said ward, by patting tbefands arising from said sale at interest. Whereun it is entered bjTsafd eonrt that said application be referred to a session of said court to be held at the Probate office in said GufkUiall on the 3rd day of. BVittRmuer, A. D. 1H76, lor hearing and decision 'thereon: and it fs further --rHE WAT Of CAUTHW. Parents don't indulge your children pride. ii yoa uu jam property will ue very apt 10 suae. Tour girls make coquettes, And marry some drunken dandvfoD. Stage driven, word, we hope, to you is enough many are apt to drink and puff; Its important yon should be steady ea die ground io carry puaeagera sale arounu. uei us set now we lra is coining me second UPDC The Reveletor says he is coming without sin unto saivauon, take venreauce on litem Uial Know not ueo, ana obey not the gov pel) reader if von dont think this is very arood snyine. Let us see whore it will be taken on all that are engaged in gospel gambling a partaker is said ww oaa as a uiiei. une savs iney iook what they called a dollars worth, handed: out a Are dollar bill, the hypocrites gave no change back ithia wUl be where vengonnec wiU be taken at the end of time. Let ns strive to keep clear of all gambling and. wickedness and serve the Lord. So we may have a heavenly reward. We would say we keep Indian medicine sn not beer on bund. REV. BARB NAKED TRUTH. We would say we have had to change our weak bitters. Make them stronger, sell for ten cents a pint; all the extract beer is in them. Our reduced strong bitters for rhenmaUsm, fan-pure blood, are like an electic machine. Some aay tbey go aU over them in a few minutes. We sell for thirty-live cents a pint. Friends, please come and try our bitten. Twitchell Hamlin At the corner store formerly occupied byOrren Tubbs and John F. Briggs, offer for the inspection of customers a full line A full and carefully selected stock of BOOTS AND SHOES. Also GEOCEEIES And general assortment of Family supplies CHOICE AND C0MM03 BRANDS OF FLOUR, a Specialty. All our goods will be sold at Lowest Prices. Call and examine for yourselves. It is no trouble to show our goods, so ask for anything wanted. A. N. TWITCHEI.t. CHAS O. HAMLIN, tiorham, N. June 1st 187 G. ELLIS, Iron Founder, AKD JUAXUFACTUBEtt AS'D DEALER IN PLOWS, HARROWS, Cultivators CASTINGS of all kinds kept en hand er Made ti uiaer at snort aouc oy Experienced Workmen. A full stock of Plows, Harrows, and Cultivators constantlj' on hand. 7e are Agents for the celebrated Sessions Knox Steel PI iws, the best in use Repairing Dons in a "Workmanlike manner. CALL AND SEE ME. Shops and tfalearoom on -Middle first Knilding North of linst Mill Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, For Diseases of the Throat and ungs, such as Coughs, Colds, Whooping. Cough, Bronohitis, and Consumption. Among the great discoveries of moderr science, few are of more real value tc mankind than this effectual remedy fer al' diseases of the Throal and Lungs. A vast trial of its virtues, throughout this and other countries, bat shown that it doei snxalv and effectual! control them. 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Tender lungs need this defence; and i' is unwise to tie without it. as a safeguard tc children, amid the distressing diseases whict beset the Throat and-Chest of childhood, Chkrri Pectoral is invaluable: for, by its timely use multitudes are rescued from premature graves and saved to the love and affection centred or them. It acts speedily and surely against ordinary colds, securing sound and health-restorinj sleep. No one will suffer troublesome Influenza and painful Bronchitis, when theyJinow how easily they can be cured. Originally the product of long, laborious, m( successful chemical investigation, no cost or tot is spared in making every bottle in the utmost passible perfection. It may be confidently relied upon as possessing all the virtues it has evei exhibited, and capable of producing cures at memorable as the greatest It has ever effected. PltWPAEtl) BT Dr. t. C. AYER Lowell, Practical and Analytical Chemists. OLD BT ALL DIWOQISTa XVERYWHBRI, Bur your Tickets for Ml points in the West and CaUfornis of C. Hartshorn, at Lunenburg OHIUUU UU UM3 I A KM. IV. IV. Tickets to Chicago, (first class) from Lunenburg, $14.90, and to other points in proportion. Where all kinds of Ladles' Gents' and Chlldrens wear can be found, warranted manufactured of the BEST STOCK, A bought low, ftodoffBted for uleftt BOW PUKES FOR CM. Ladies' who are in the habit of sending to the itye for nice work in this line will find it To their advantage to give me their orders. CHAS. E. McINTIBE. Town Hall Building, Lancaster, Ji-II. mwtms I A I wen nets Counties Agricultural Society this season was one of thereat In every respect that has ever ea Vheld. -The weather was floe hag rarely been the case at' the- previous lairs of tbe Society. Tatsdaj was devoted mostly to making eatrie': and consequently the attendance af spectators was small. There were T8fty-nlne entries of horses, and seventy-four of neat stock. The houses exhibited were divided among the several classes, as follows Gentlemen's driving hones, Ladies driving horses, stallions, brood mares and colts, matched driving horses, 2 pairs work horses, 1 pair; three year-old colts, two year-old colts, 8 yearling colts, 4 suck colts, saddle horses 5. Space will not admit of particularizing; we can say however that the show In this depart ment fat declared to be equal to that of former years. Many otlerwise very fine horses were barred from drawiug premium, by reason, of lack of speed, which under the rules of the society is taken into consideration. The show of stallions was excellent as was also that of their progeny to be found among the eolts of all ages exhibited. The show of neat stock was probably not as exteasive as at some of the previous fairs, but there was never an exhib ition of better animals on the grounds of the society. Dr. Bugbee pre sented his herd of upwards of 100 bead, the largest number ever exhibited by one person. We heard the remark frequently made that the oxen on exhibition were very superior. The string certainly made a flue appearance, the steers driven by boys attracting much attention. There were but eighteen entries of sheep, twelve of which were bucks of different ages. The sheep exhibited were all very excellent, and a credit to the locality producing them. SWTNE. There were seven entries of swine among which were two litters of pigs, that at tracted much attention. A manifest inprovement is going on in this branch of husbandry as proven by the superior grade of swine on exhibition. POULTRY. The show of poultry exceeded by far that of any of the previous fairs of the society, there being thirty-seven entries, embracing upwards of twenty varieties. DAIRY PRODUCE. The display of butter and cheese was most excellent, as usual, all being of such superioriuality that the committee were compelled to say in their remarks, that it was difficult to determine to whom the premiums offered should be given, and regretted that they could not award something to each exhibitor. There were 59 entries of FARM PRODUCTS, of which garden vegetables formed a large part. Some most excellent seed corn was exhibited proving contrary to the popular idea that we cau raise good corn even as far north as this. Potatoes were exhibited in a large number of varieties, in a number of instances being the pro ducts of seedlings grown from the ball. Bv thus introducing new varieties of potatoes, many of our farmers are benefiting themselves and their community. The show of fruit was unusually slim, for what reason is not obvious as it is understood to be a fruitful season. The AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS exhibited were mostly manufactured without the Society's limits, and consequently could not compete for premiums. An oxcart presented by R. W. Dixon, a harrow by Li. B. Porter, and au ox-yoke by Wm. Clough, we believe, was all there were of home manufacture. The show of CARRIAGES AND SLEIGHS by Mr. A. J. Marshall, was a grand display and one that would constitute an ex hibition of itselt. In the upper room of the Floral Hall were the lighter MANUFACTURED ARTICLES, all of which were elegant and added much to the attractions of the Fair. Messrs. Howe Co. 's display ef harnesses was the best we have ever seen at any fair of the Society, The exhibition of furniture, manufactured and presented by N. II. Richardson, was a new and attractive feature of the fair, and could not fail of more fully establishing Mr. reputation for supplying first-class work in his line. The pyramid of tinware exhibited by Cob- leigh, Kent was a fair sample of the superior work turned out at their manufactory, while the display granite iron ware" attracted the covetous attention of many a farmer's wife or daughter. One of those elegant Imperial Spiral Spring Beds, of which we have made favorable mention heretofore, was exhibited by the Lancaster Spring Bed and was very properly awarded a premium. The case of nicely cut files presented by the Lancaster File Works, we believe, completes the articles in this class. Now we come to the department sup plied by contributions by the ladies, comprising HOUSEHOLD MANUFACTURES AND FANCY ARTICLES. Begiuing with the regular line enumerated in the premium list, we may mention nice woolen seeks presented by Mrs. W. F. Smith, Mrs. Benj. Silsby, Mrs. C. H. Cole, Mrs. R. C. Lucas and Miss Hayes Mittens by Miss Hayes, Mrs. Levi Barnard, Mrs. Samuel Bell and Mrs. Benj. Silsby; knit gloves, by Mrs. W. F. Smith; hearth rugs by Mrs. Hose Good-all, L. H. Stevens, Mrs. S. W. Brown, Mrs. Joseph Wilder and Mrs. W. A. Folsom; stocking yarn by Mrs. R. C. Lucas; wool blankets, by Mrs. Samuel Bell rag carpet by Mrs. N. Richardson. The show of miscellaneous fancy articles was not large but comprised articles of unusual excellence of quality. Mrs. Jacob Benton exhibited that elegant Are screen which attracted so much attention at the last fair, and also an embroidered towel rack and toilet cushion, Mrs. Ossian Ray, a folding camp chair, the covering of which was embellished. With most beautifully designed and wrought' worsted work. We defer further mention until next week for want of space. This address was delivered Wednesday afternoon, by J. Frank Lawrence, of Bpping, and consisted in a candid discussion of ques. tlons of practical Importance to the fius mers of this section, The speaker com GEORGE W. HAKTSBORX, Attmey and Counsellor at Law, CAWAAX, Te ft. T. JOHNSON. M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, 89 Office at his Residence. WEST CONCORD, Vt. BURKE BATES, Attorneys at Law, ore Burke." T. H. Bate CHARLES. i.yPAt3tfEB, tiLikmaia nxl M(bWBiaasiMSkri-av VWCTWffWI HOTKfc KMK. WK8T CONCORD. Tt. ISLAND POND HOUSE, STOing BAKTLETT, Proprietors, ISLAND POND. Vr. This Mouse offers rare Inducements to the ti lvelling publb-. who ntny have occasion to Visit island Pond. ESSEX HOUSE, Wm. H. HARTSHORN. Prop'r, GUILDHALL. t. D. S. STORKS Attorney Gonnellor at Lar, ISLAND PND, Tt. GREEN MOUNTAIN HOUSE N. WARNER, Proprietor, ISLAND POjJD, Vl S-tf E. M. FLETCHER, PHOTOGRAPHER, ISLAND POND, Vt. Solar Prints of any size finished in India. Ink Oil or Water Colors. Pictures enlarged oi diminished to any size. J. H. PECK.M. Homoeopathic Physician Surgeon DERBY, Vermont. btt Amsricaa LANCASTER, House. tf. FRANCIS RICHAEDSOU. PROPKIUTOR. Tills well known House has recently bee enlarged and thoroughly repaired, and permanent and transient boarders will now fins) it the most dcRirable in Lancaster. The rooms are neatly and substantially furnished, and no pains will be. spared to promote the cons fort ol guests. Charges low. Lancaster, Jan. IU, 1873. 2-tf RAYMOND THOMAS, LUNEXBURO, VERMONT, Keeps constantly en hand at his house a fall assortment of TINWARE, Which he is prepared to sell as low as can bf obtained elsewhere. 21 -tf R. P. Kent Son. Have closed out their stock of Drugs as? Medicines to J. XOYES, to make loom tor our increasing trade in othei goods, shall hereafter keep a LARGER STOCK OP READY MADE CLOTHING, BOTH MEN AND BOY3, togethei with the Largest Stock cf GENTS' Furnishing Goods. Hats and Caps, TRUNKS, BAGS, ever opened in this section. HEAVY STOCK OF WOOLENS from which we continue to manufacture to order SUITS, or parts of same at the same POPULAR PRICES. warranting make and fit. Ladies' Dress Goods, AXO FINDINGS, together with a full stock In all our other different departments. To wiiich.wo are Weety Adding NEW GOODS. AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED WILSON JlUJUiUUUU i1 BEST IN THE WORLD, and (10 cheaper than any otter first class machine. SOLD ON MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS. and money refunded if not tound as represented. Warranted for Fire Tears. Over 100.000 Sold in 1872 All goods sold warranted as represented and prices guaranteed. R. P. KENT. I. B. KEN! TO CONSUMPTIVES The advertiser, having been permanently cured of that dread disease, Consumption, by a simple remedy, is anxious to make known to his fellow sufferers the means of cure. To all who desire it he will send a copy of the prescription used, (free of charge), wi uie directions for preparing and using the same, whieh they will find a sore Cure for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Ac. Parties wishing the prescription will please address Eev. E. A. WILSON, 494m lWPenn Williamsburg, New York ERRORS OF YOUTH. 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He ridiculed the baby show and. dog show by the State Fair at Manchester, last year, com paring the premiums offered for dogs, and those offered for stock, and contending that as we could not keep dogs and sheep both, we had better dispense with the degs or tax them; so as to pay for all damage done and-which would thin out the worthless ones spoke of the depreciated pastures, and showed the necessity of keeping sheep to restore them; favored ot breeding from pure males ad vocated premiums on farms, also for far mers' teams advocated farmers' dinners argued against" giving passes at fairs, and strongly against passes on railroads. The speaker declared his belief that better times are coming, and that higher prices will soon be obtained for real estate. He closed his remarks by assuring bis hearers that they were enjoying in their country homes all the privileges of the city, and urged them, as they valued their happiness and desired prosperity, not to forsake them for the uncertainties of more distant localities. Col. Clough of Canterburry, being pres ent was invited to speak, and gave a very interesting, off-hand talk, abounding with good advice to his "brother farmers" and encouragement to the young men and women to stick te the old homestead. The foot back which closed the festivities of the second day afforded much amusement. There were Ave entries, viz Jas. B. Perkins (colored), Willie Farnham, Winfleld Huntoon, Harry Morse and Henry Lind- sey. Lindsey was the first to give up the contest, falling out before the first half mile was accomplished, and Perkins, who at the outset insisted on mile heats instead of half-mile, as desired by some, went up soon after. The race was somewhat close between Farnham and Morse, but was finally won by Farnham by quite a distance, Morse coming in second and Huntoon third. Time 5.15. TnE ATTENDANCE on Wednesday was very good, numbering nearly 1,500, but would have undoubt edly been much larger had not the Grove- ton Camp Meeting, Montreal excursion, Essex Co. Court, Weirs Temperance Camp Meeting and Congregational Con vention at Littleton, been running all at the same time. As it was, the fair was much more successful in all particulars than last year, and all concerned may congratulate themselves upou the favor able result. The races under the auspices of the Riding Paik Association, on Thursday, the 14th, were declared by many to be the best ever witnessed in this place, especially in the 2.50 and 2.38 classes, which required five heats each to determine the winner. The purse for horses that never beat 2.50 was trot ted for in the forenoon. In this race there were five contestants, and all evidently went for the money. Billy Patterson entered by John Harknessof Slicrbrooke, P. took the first heat, but came home second best in all of the remaining ones. Nellie Collins," by H. G. Smith of Con- mrrt. takins the 2d, 3d and 4th heats straight, the other horses contesting sharply for the third and fourth money, which was won, the third by John entered by Samuel Follansby of Bristol, and the fourth by Patchen Star," enter ed by Wm. Martin of Andover. Five of the best trotting horses (if not the fast est,) that ever started on the Lancaster track, were started iu the race between horses that never best 2.48, entered by as follows: G. M. Stevens of Lancaster, g. g. Goodeuongh" W. T. Dussault of Sherbrooke, b. in. Fanny Shepherd" Dan Young of Glover, br. g. Dan Samuel Follansby of Bristol, g. g. Royal H. G. Smith of Concord, g. m. This race also required five heats to decide the contest, and if ever horses trotted to Win they did on this occasion. The first heat was taken by Royal Prince," but there was so little difference In the time made by the winner and the second and third best it was evident that the remaining heats would be interesting and excitiug. The second and third heats were taken by Goodenough," and the fourth by By this time the most intense excitement prevailed, the majority of the spectators evidently caring less which horse won than that fair play should be accorded. Any attempt at jockeying was readily observed and most emphatic ally condemned. The sharpest contest of the race was looked for in the fifth heat, as the mare "Moxie" was evidently in better condition than at any time before during the race. During the heat an ac cident occurred which, possibly may have decided the contest. When coming down stretch the first time round, one of Moxie's tugs broke; her driver, Mr, Smith, without apparently slacking her speed reached forward, standing upon the shafts, and seizing one hand hold of the harness with the other be caught up the broken tug, aud in that position completed the heat, amid the cheers of the audience, coming in only second best. The following are the summaries Purse of $150 for the 2.50 class $75 to first; $40 to second; $20 to third; $15 to fourth. summary: John Darkness, b. g. Billy Patterson, Mil Samuel Follansby. cli. k. i 3 II. G. Smith, b. ra. Nelly Collins, a. nannora, cn. s. Henry, Wm. Martin, b.g. Patchen Star, 2.47; Ml; 2.44. Purse of $100 for the class $50 to first $25 to three minute second; $15 to third $10 to fourth. summary Wm. Martin, ch. g. Col. Morton, 111 Phil. Welcome, b. g. Shakespeare, ,3 2 3 H. G. Smith, b. g. Bruno, 8 2 J.5S; 2.54. Purse of $200 for the 2.38 class $100 to first; $50 to second; $30 to third; $20 to fourth. summary: Geo. M. Stevens, g. g. Goodenough, 4 Wm.Dussault,b.m. Fanny Shepherd, 5 Sam. Follansby, g. g. Royal Prince, 1 H. G. Smith, g. m. Moxie, 2 Dan Young, br. g. Dan Rocket, 1 12 drawn. 2 41 3 4 4 2.41; 2.40; 2-40; 2.44. Judges Geo. Brown, Bristol; C. U. Buchanan, Plymouth; N. K. Perkins. Jefferson. 1 WM. EATON, Attorney, Counsellor and Solicitor, WEST CONCORD, Vt. All business Utended to with promptness ani dispatch, GUILDHALL, September 16, 1876. JtEPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. FOB PRESIDENT Rutherford B. Hayes or Omo. FOB VICE PRESIDENT: William A. Wheeler or New York. HAYES'S PLATFOEM. Honest money for all, and free schools for all. There be no inflation which will depreciate the one nor sectarian Interference which will destroy the other." For several years there has a pow erful coal combination in the Pennsyl vania mines vndcr the general con trol of some three or four railroad corporations, which in connection with the miners, have forced consum ers to pay exorbitant prices for coal Some few weeks ago this great com bination suddenly collapsed, and as a result it was at once announced there would be a sale of 500,000 tons at which was struck off at prices ranging from $1.50 to $2.00 per ton less than had prevailed before the breaking of the combination. "We all rejoice, not because we burn coal, but because cheats are comming to an end. Let the good work of 'ring bursting go on until every unhealthy combination of this kind in the land shall be broken up, they are a curse to any people financially, commer cially and morally. Ever since the country was compelled to unaugirate the greenbacks era, its business in a great many branches of trade has been drifting into this kind of shape, and as a naturaly we have had railway pools for controlling the prices of freight and passengers rates, and Credit Mobilier organizations for controlling railroad building. We have had corners in Boards of Trade for the purpose of forcing the prices of bread aud meat beyond all healthy, or just limits, we have had coal com binations for the purpose of extor tions, and we have had every kind of unjust and unatural combination against the natural, healthy and legitimate working of trade, that could be devised by man's ingenuity prompted by cunning thoughts enfer- nal, and carried out with a lavish use of money. We rejoice when all such rotten and corrupt institutions, by whatevery name they are called, topple over. We hope soon to see thU entire principle in business affairs broken down. We believe the time is near when these rotten wrecks will all go by the board, and give place to the good, the honest and the genuine, but never, if we have a Democratic green back deluge. The Maine Election. RETURNS FROM TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY TOWNS GIVE A REPUBLICAN MAJORITY OF 14,616. Special dispatch to the Boston Globe. Augusta, September 12. Returns from 291 towns give a total of Connor, 64,319 Talbot, majority, 14,616. There are 207 small towns, including the French settlements to be heard from, which last. year threw 19,000, and will this year probably increase the aggregate to 136,000 and Connor's majority to above 15,000, a gain of 11,000 on the majority of last year. The above figures do not include the scattering soft-money vote in Audrpscoggin, amounting to some 200 votes. Rockland, September 12. Nearly full returns make it certain that the Republicans have about sifcty-three majority in the county on the Governor vote, and elect all the County ticket, except the Senator and Clerk of the Courts. LATEST. Augusta, September 13. Three huudred and eighty-six towns, in a total vote of 125,771, give Connor 70,530, Talbot Connor's majority 15,289. Ninety-three towns to be heard from will not greatly increase the majority. reed's majority in TnE first district. Portland, September 13. Reed's majority in the First District (with two towns to hear from, which gave Burleigh forty-five majority in 1874) is 953. There were only 116 votes cast for Burleigh. The total vote of the district without the two towns, which two years ago cast 339 votes, is Pair Motes. Such elegant weather for the fair and races was never known since fairs have been held iu Lancaster. It has even been suggested that it was fortunate for the Society and Riding Park Association; that the fair occurred the same week of the Northumberland camp meeting, as Providence was inclined to smile upon the latter Institution, and could not well send sunshine upon the Northumberland camp ground, and rain upon the Lancaster Riding Park at the same time. We don't subscribe to this theory, however. Not the least among the attractions of the occasion, were the side shows and gingerbread stands. Dan Stevens' men-ajeiie afforded entertainment and amusement for large numbers, especially the juvenile while many of the older ones entertained themselves holding Intercourse with tho trained pig. For two cents one could test one's strength or the condition of one's lungs, by means of machines constructed for the purpose. Bonj. F. Rrtlcr has been nominated for Congress by a vote of 84 to 22 for all others, ordered, that all persons interested, be notified nereor oy publication or notice or said application and order thereon tUree weeks successively the Xssex Connty Herald, nublislied at Guild- hall, before said time of hearing, that they may appear, aud ii they see cause, object thereto. Al. H. HAKTSHUIU, tiuuge. A true coav of record Attest 37 WM- II. UAUTSHOSV, Judge. TVTOTICE TO SELL REAL ESTATE OF HENRY O. BURROUGHS. DECEASED. STATE OF rERStONT. r- In Probate-H, Dittrict ofEiuex.u. (held at Guildhall in and for said district, on the Stb day of September, Mrs. Annette A. nurrouehs. executrix of the estate of Henry O. Burroughs, late of Concord in nun niBEnra. ueceaueii. nira buduoiuud tu huu court for license to sell all of the real estate of said deceased, representing that the sale thereof is necessary for tne payment or ueois ano charges of administration, aud that it would be conducive to the interest ef all interested therein. Wherennon. It is ordered bv said court, that said application be referred to a session thereof, io ue neiu ar. me rruiiau) uiuce in hhi uuiiuunii, on the 3rd dav of Scotember. A. D. 1876 for hear ing and decision thereon and it is further ordered, that all persons interested be notified hereof, by publication of notice of said application and order thereon, three weeks in the Essex County Herald, a newspaper published at UU1IUIIH1I auu wiircu cireumm in tins hood of those Interested, uetore sain time 01 near-inir. that tliev may avcear at said time and place, and, if they see cause, object thereto. wm. i. nAKiaauiuii iuuge, A true copv of record Attest S7 WM. H. HARTSHORN, Judge. RUNSWICK. Notice is hereuv eiven te Jacobs and Foster of Brunswick in the county of Essex and State of Vermont that the following taxes lawfully assessed upon the following described property (real estate) remain either in whole or in part unpaid, viz: Town tax assessed on the grand list of 1875 4.7S State tax Sehool tax 4-18 Commencing at a stake and stones in the most westerly point of Mineral Pond so called, and running north degrees east 36 rods to Connec ticut river; thence eeutherl; on the bank of said river to a spruce tree marked on the west side with witnesses around it, thence south 67J degrees west to a pine stub, thence in the" same direction to the line between Nos02 and 63 In the second division of lots in Brunswick, thence on the said line to the corner of number GO in said sec ond division, thence in a direct line to the place of beginning, said property known as the Mineral Springs House property. And so much of said real estate will be sold at public auction at the Mineral Springs House in said Brunswick on Thursday, the 28th day of September next, at one o'clock iu the afternoon as shall be requisite to discharge with legal costs unless previously paid. Dated at Brunswick this iCth day of August, A. D. 187U. 34 DANIEL M. SMITH, First Constable. ryO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby gives that an application will lie made to the Legislature "of the State of Vermont, at their next session, to be holden in October, 1876, for a remapping of said State into Counties, the alteration of the boundary lines of some or all the Counties in the State the creation of a new county or counties, and the establishment upon the main lines of railroads ofcji" or any of the county teats which are now located away from said main lines of rail road. NOTICE TO SELL REAL ESTATE OF WILLIAM KINGHAM, DECEASED. STATE OE VERMONT,) In Probate Court, District of Essex, ss. held at Guildhall in and for said District, on the 2Sth day of August, A. D. 1876. Mis. Martha J. Kingham, administratrix of the estate of Wm. Kingham, late of Uranby in said district, deceased, makes annlicntion to said Court, for license to sell all of the real estate of said deceased, representing that the sale thereof is necessary ior tne payment or ueuwaim uiiurget, of administration and'would be for the interest of all concerned therein. Whereupon, it is ordered by said court, that application be referred to a session thereof, to be held at the Probate office in said Guildhall, on the 16th day of September, A. D. 1876, for hearing and decision thereon and it is further ordered, that all persons interested be notified hereof, by publication of notice of said application and order thereon, throe weeks successively in the Essex County Herald, a newspaper published at Guildhall, and which circulates in the neighborhood of those interested, before said time of hearing, that they may appear it said time and place, if they see csuifie. olyoct thereto. WM. II. IIAHTSHORN, Judge. A true copv of record Attest 33-3 WM. H. HARTSHORN, Judge. FRANK W. POOLiE, GOBIIAM, N. IWfHMEII MD JEWELER. Watches, Clocks and Jewelery repaired and warranted. Furnishing Una watches to oi de a specaljy. 46 John W. Hartshorn, A.UCTIONEEIR, LUNENBURG, VT. Will attend sales in any section nf Coos or Essex Counties, on the most reasonable terms. Orders may be left at the "Gazette" Office, Lancaster, N. or with W. H. Hartshorn, Guildhall, Vt. Lunenburg, Vt, Jan. 25, 187S. ESSEX COUNTY Grammar School The fall term of this Institution will commence on Monday, the 11th day of September and continue ten weeks, and will be kept by Mrs. D. E. Spooner with such assistance as shall be necessary. Guildhall, August 22nd, 1876. ISAAC CUMMINGS, -r JOHN W. WEBB, Executive ROBERT CHASE, CHARLES E. RKXTON, Committe. 35 PUTNEY R. FOLLANSBY, To the Bank Commissioners of the State of New Hamshire. Condition of the Gorham Five Cent Savings Bank, of Gorham, in the county of Coos, on the 30th day of June, 1876. STATEMENT. LIABILITIES. Due Depositors, (19,834.73 Surplus earnings undivided, 1,157.41 Guaranty Fund 50.90 (21,045.04 (2350.00 9367.83 RESOURCES. Loans on Real Estate, Loans on Personal Security, Loans to States, Comities and Towns, Other Investments, Bank Fixtures, Expenses, Cash, 6,077.97 2,000.00 383.80 704,03 J.159.41 (21,043.04 Gorham, X. Aug. 31, 1876. We, the undersigned, Trustees of the Gorham Five Cent Savings Bank, do solemnly and severally swear that we have made a thorough examination of its affairs, and that the foregoing statement by us made is true, according to the nest of our Knowledge ana oeiiei. bo neip me uou. WARREN NOYES, 1 J. P. EVANS, RUFCS F. INGALLS, Trustees. STF.I'HKS GORDON, WESLSY WIGHT. Personally appearing, the above named Trus tees and made oath to the foregoing statements. Before me. St 1. B. CHAFFIN, Justice of the Peace. Orren Tus DEALERS Fancy Goods, BOOTS AND SHOES, CE00KERY AND GLASSWABE, Nails, Cutlery, AMD CHOICS FAMILY Groceries, Shall auk CHOICE FLOUR A SPECIALTY I Goods delivered In hnv nart the vlllum fnut nf charge. Just opene) Consisting of DRESS GOODS, Trimmings, Small Wares, Shawls, OABPETS, Ready made Clothing IpURNISHING QOODS, Hats and Caps, ZBoos Shoes, WOOLEITS, Paper Hangings, Trunks and Valises. io- hi. discount, cash, Also Agents for Singer Sewing Machine. Lancaster, N. Oct. 5th, 1875. AVER'S CATHARTIC PILLS, For all tha of a ramily Fhysip, CURING Costivenees, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, oui ntnmacu and Breath, lleadnche. Erysipelas, Piles, Rheumatism, Eruptions nnd Skin Diseases, Biliousness. Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors mill Halt Kheum, onus, (out, neuralgia, ns a Dinner Fill and Puriir ing the lilooil, are the most congenial purgative yet perfected. Their effects auounantly show how much they excel all other Pill. They are safe and pleasant to take, but powerful to cure. They purge out the foul humors of the blood; they stimulate the sluggish or disordered organ into action and they impart health and tone to the whole being. They cure not only the every day complaihls of everybody, but formidable and cancerous diseases. Most skillful physiriunis: most eminent clergymen, and our bestcitizenr send certificates of cures performed and of great benefits they have derived from these Pills. They are the snfet and best phj sic for childred, because mild as well as effectual. Being sugar coated, they are easy to take and being purely vegetable, they are entirely harmless. MEFARED BIT Dr. J. C. CO Lo well, Practical and Analytical Chemists. SOLD BY ALL DKCXittlSTS AND DEALER? IS MEDICINE. FISH The undersigned would announce that they keep at all times, at their market adjoining D.W. Smith's store, a supply of the best meats possible to obtain. Fresh Fish every: FRIDAY. Our cart runs to all parts of the village daily, and will make a trip to Lunenburg every Wed nesday morning during the summer. BONETT A BENNETT. Lancaster, N- H. July, 1876. 27 New Arrival of GOODS, -at the On Door south of the Post Office, Main LANCASTER, N. H. See what cents will buy 1 Silver-plated- Ave bottle Castor, 1 Splendid Photograph Album, 1 Work Basket, 1 Large vr all Pocket, 12 Heavy Glass Goblets, 1 Beautiful Toilet Set, 1 Good Fish Pole. i 1 Stereoscope, :) 1 Handkerchief Box, 1 Twenty-key Concertina, i iap uoara, 1 ALSO WATOHESr CLOCKS. JEWELRY SILVER PLATED WARE, at the Lowest Prices. F. W. NORRIS. Prop'r, Agent for the Victor Sewing Uachiae Co. turn Framed to arder, Pic-U Hit Pnols MARKET J. JUU.NSOX, 8peclalagct, April, II, 1S7S.

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