The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 8
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PAGfc £t6Mt S T R A H A N Mortis Woodfill Hottofed With Surptitc on Birthday Honoring the fofty-stttn birth day of her husband *nfen 6« Cttrfed last Saturday, Mrs. Mot «« Woodfill planned and carried out a very complete and pleasan surprise party tot him. they ha< persuaded hint to take Mr. aft< Mrs. Earl Timsoti to Malverri tha evening and they kept him then Until they were safe the crow« had arrived. On their arrtta' home he was greatly surprised to *ee so many cars parked In the driveway. He made his guests welcome and joined In the fan seeming to enjoy tt a« well as they. The evening was spent with cards for those who chose to play and for the rest just visiting together. Mrs. Woodflll served refreshments of home-made Ice cream, cake, and grapejnlce. All on leaving for home wished Mortis many more happy birthday. Those attending were Mr. and Mr*. Fred Dlckersbach and little «on of Malvern, Mr, and Mrs. Strayer Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Darts. Mr. and Mrs. Will Wolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Dye and Charlotte and Josephine. Kr- iiest Carley. Mr. and Mrs. fid Na gel and Dorothy. Mr. and Mrs Zeno Bass, Earl and Anna Rose Mrs. Fannie Oefhrlng, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Olpe. Mr. and Mrs Chas. Olpe, Mr. and Mrs. Sari Timson, Jane and Lllah Mae. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. PoIHtt, Merldeth, Doris, and Lor sine, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Oipe and two children, Everett Olpe. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Donald Eugene Laugh- lln, Mr. and Mrs. Woodflll. Viola and Jared. Sttatom Clraf-ch ftdtes An interesting 'children's Day program was given at each church last Sunday but atten dance could hare been better Regular services next Sunday. Al though it Is warm and Work is heavy, our heed is the same as at other times. We need onr worship and Christian fellowship and the inspiration of the church services, the chnrch can not help us unless we give it a chance and our loyalty to it not only helps us to lire but also helps others. fittt Mrs. Edith Walling and three children of Council Bluffs are visiting this week In the home of her sister, Mrs. Hugh McCain. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Oipe and children were dinner gnests last Sunday in the home ot their pa ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Cole. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Knop and Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Seipold were guests at dinner Sunday in the iome of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seipold. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Bayes, Aleta, Glen, and Robert, were visitors last Sunday at the boinej r-r^-"" . -:.,_ of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H-lgg* ^5" Tfce Sp*ortn L*a*tt* tt indfaftolft twt ****** *«** fcefpftH. We were gtod «* **** o*f chafe* represent** by «**? H T*e1£We «•»**«« *-«» the efrd of Jnne is Psalms t» to 89 Let tt» make good use of good weather and roads for ehwen attendance, the regular services will be held ne*t Sunday: church at 10, church school *t 11. We need yotir presence. Miss Mary Henderson who attended the Epwotth Leagne tin stitute at Indlanola last weefc ( going with a group from Klt§f City, returned home Saturday night. Those who attended report a very fine session with mots young people enrolled than last Mrs. Catherine Whitesides and sons, Jim and Clyde, made a business trip to Council Bluffs one day last week. A daughter was bora to Mr. and Mrs. John Cary at their iome near Malvern Sunday, June 18. Mrs. Gary's mother, Mrs. W, H, Clay, is staying with them. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nelson and daughter, Ethel, were guests entreats beside fftc banters tftiftMStrea ate fetittrei ft 8*4«r to fittt t*8 nation MtftSrsafl? tW tytw «f ttfiWni ti snffiJ havt, Frtfteli tt Sissott, president of tfci AaeHfttt Sinkers AiWetatfcfB, d«- etared ti 1 recent address. He sattt tint IS* tflertfley 6i gotef&flrtnt n Olenwood. Mrs. Flora Young Is a guest this week In the home of her children, Mr. and Mrs. Luster Irvln, near Randolph. A jolly crowd autoed to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Bell last Sunday where they enjoyed a fine picnic dinner at noon and spent the rest of the day visiting. Those making up this group were Mr. and Mrs. Al Lovell, Oail and Betty Jane, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nagel, Clarence and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele, Mr, and Mrs. Buford Pettigrew, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Conrad, Clyde and .Lewis, Mr, and Mrs, Frank Crouse, Pauline Pollltt, and Mr. • r (and Mrs. Orvllle Bell, Maxlne and Oeraldlne. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Pace and Mr. and Mrs! Albert Pace and .daughter, Julia Jean, of Malvern, • autoed to the home of. their sis* 'tor, Mrs. Willis Dye, on Sunday evening and enjoyed a fine picnic aupper together. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McClure and family spent Sunday with Mr. McClure's parents, Mr. and Mrs. *sT. E. McClure, near East Liberty. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Angus, Dorothy, Lloyd, David, and Anna Edith were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Wederqvist. Earl Helme and daughters, Mazlne, Beverly, and Betty, of VermiUlon, Kas., were over Sunday visitors in the home of bis «lster-in-law, Mrs. Herbert Johnson. Mr, and Mrs. Willis Dye and > daughters, Charlotte and Josephine, attended a picnic at the Lone Star school house nea: Macedonia last Sunday, A reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Clay Sunday. It being Fathers' Day the children planned a surprise for their father, W. H. Clay, and it prored to be a success in every way. Dinner was served cafeteria style at the noon hour and the afternoon was pleasantly spent in risiting. those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Clay, Bertha, Mildred, Fern, Ila, Basil, and Eton, Mr. and Mrs. John Gary and wo children of near Malvern, Mr. and Mrs. Bon Harvey of Macedonia, and Mr. and Mrs. lay, Edna and Velma. EAST LIBERTY Clay Family Reunion Held on Father's Day Arch The Maddocks Families Enjoy Reunion Sunday A very pleasant family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Maddocka Sunday. At hat time Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maddocks of Silver City enjoyed having all of their children and grandchildren together. A pot uck dinner, including fried chicken and ice cream was served and enjoyed by all:. The afternoon "was 1 'most pleasantly spent* n visiting. Those present were: Ar. and Mrs, Harry Maddocks, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Maddocks and children, Earl, Dean, and Irene, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Schlermelr of Silver City, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Maddocks, Jean and Lee of White Cloud. Mr. and Mrs. C. 8. Anderson enjoyed a family reunion at their home Sunday with all of their children and grandchildren at home. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson of Des Molnes, Mr. and Mrs. Deo Severns and children, Betty, Bobby, and Dorothy, of Olenwood, and their home. daughter, Kathryn, at HILLSDALE Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruce and family visited Mrs. Ruce' parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Egloff in Sidney Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Parker visited Friday .evening In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson. Miss Jessie Gee was a Sunday visitor In the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Oee. Mr. and Mrs. 8. R. Hunt of Malvern spent a couple of days last week with their daughter, Mrs. C. M. Nelson, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Anthony attended church in Olenwood Sunday and were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Scott. In the afternoon the two families visited relatives in the vicinity, o ai«_.^^ *•«4i.*^— «»-"*5iS*«"4« Silver; 1 CityTand^ltfirned? to: Anthony home in the evening. Mrs. Ouy Wolfe was taken aud denly ill Tuesday morning with acute indigestion. Her mother, Mrs. E. McClure, of Tabor is caring for her. Mrs. Blanche Woods of Valley Missouri Valley, Mr. and Mrs. | junction and Mrs. John Wolfe of Ray Maddocks and son, Preston, Glenwood spent Monday vith the of Fort Riley, Kan., and Mr. and; Ouy \y o lfe family. Mrs. W. H. Maddocks, Fern.j Mrs< L L Cowarden and Mrs. Ralph, Edna, and Wayne. I Geneva Cowarden and children of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Jones and near pacific Junction visited Fri Eleanor and Dr. Guy Jones and i day tn tne Charles Coffey home. family of Lohrvllle spent Sun-j Mr. and Mrs. Geo, Howard and oftetali ifcn whom tiM peopis to ttjstf ttM the banks ptofefty, and tit* patfffSate et tie peopts toeln- **ltW aft faetof* in t&« Hid of banks a wftmonity sfeatt hate. "th«fe ean b« no ijnestlon Utit the tMttpic el the trotted States should AM* banks Iranian* Iron failure aftl Wholly tree front ted sf ftnestlonable banklnf." Mf. Sl«•on said. It is not enough, as Presi* dent fiddsetett has said, that White soft* bankers h»d b**n lncoiap«tent tit dishonest this was not tm la th» vast majority At our banks. A situation saotild exist ifl which teefs fs not even a snail minority of bank' ers open to question, there should be DO room for dishonesty of incoin- petsflcy to etercise any Icflaence in banking anywhere. •While bad faith and bad management enter the human factor in all types of business, their effects in banking should b« surrounded by such special safeguards as to render them no longer a factor IB bank failures. The responsibility tor bringing this about, however, can* not rest upon tb« bankers alone, for th* means to accomplish it are not wholly In their hands. There are other essential elements. "One is the efficiency of govern- mtot supervision. Since we rely so greatly upon supervision, It may, unless it is of the highest order in safeguarding th« public Interest, create a sens* of false security. Supervision should render bad banking impossible, but it has failed to do so. There was supervision by presumably the highest type of bank super* visors in every one of the instances of questionable banking that has shocked tha attention of the country during th* past three years. There- for* a thorough strengthening of supervision is clearly called tor it th* people are to rely on it for the protection of their interests. Tha PublW* Part "Another essential factor In maintaining good banks involves the part played by the public in banking. There Is certainly a responsibility day near Tabor with their brother Clifford on the old home place. Mrs. W. H. Maddocks and children and her sister, Mrs. Glen Fitch, and little daughter of Pa- clflc Junction were Council Bluffs Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson j visitors last Wednesday, aud grandson, Donald ~ — . Laughlln, were dtnnei Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Wederqvist. Mr. and Mrs, Oliver Acuenbach came up from ShenandoaH Bunday to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Achenbach. prom there Eugene The Misses Bernlce Schoening. guests | Marjorle Donner, and Jennie Ed lund returned from Ames Saturday, having been there to attend the 4»H state convention. Mrs. W, H- Maddocks and children and Mrs. Joe Mayberry and they autoed to Council Bluffs to visit Mildred's father, Everett Purcell, at the Jennie Edmund son hospital. Dr. and Mrs. William Ker were guests for supper Friday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Woodflll. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Culver and Urn. Mary Sawyers and children were Sunday guests in the Ra- cUuul EvanB home in Tabor. Mr. and Mrs. Mayo Bass of near Tabor were Sunday guests ilt the home of Mr, aud Mrs. Zeno Pass. sous had business In Glenwood Mrs. Mary Sawyers were In Council Bluffs Friday, Mrs, Verna White Is enjoying a visit from her father, L. H, Woods of southern Missouri, Wllma Dunagan was the victim of an accident Wednesday which might have been more serious, She emptied the contents of 8 carpet sweeper into the stove aud immediately a bullet discharged piercing her right wrist and glazing her shoulder and throat leaving bad burns. She was taken to Dr, Parsons and is now getting along nicely. Thursday afternoon, Tne Misses Edna and Ruth, Lutz are spending a couple of weeks vacation with relatives at Ottumwa. Eddy v ille, and other nearby points. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson of Des Molnes have been guests for several days in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. 8- Anderson. John Rimel was a guest Sunday in the home of Mrs. M, Boston in Malvern. Marian Kerney of Mr. and Mrs. chas, Wllhelm, Florence, raorotby, and Buddy were guests Ju pacific Junction Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaytoujftt the Mrs/Laura Kemey home, entertained at dinner Sunday "" their parents, Mr. and Mrs. How ard Kayton, their grandmother* Mrs, Ohas. Flehter, Mr. aud Mrs. I Sunday in the home of Mr."and Uoliuid Trjyely and children. - — " "• ttryce Fiehtar of Randolph, Erueet Carley wbo bM u guest of his sister, Mrs, Community Enjoys Church Night The people of Hlllsdale have a real community center in their church at Old Hlllsdale. Once a month they bold what they term community night or church, night and they have mighty in? teresting time*. Last Friday evening was the . time for the June meeting. The I basement of the church was well ; ailed, even though the day bad spent a couple ot days last week been, hot aud strenuous. heranes to sound principles a sound bank,-, rather than to give their patronage to the easy going banker wbo may be easier to do business with, but whose methods create a weak bank. "Bank customers are charged with a great responsibility in protecting the safety of tbelr banks In respect to tbelr utilization of the awnls of the banks as borrowers. Banks have failed because many of their loans and securities, created in good faith by bankers in. cooperating with the business interests of the country, proved unsound under subsequent conditions. An unsound loan is created by the borrower as well as to* banker. A bank U inly « »»iS M Its I community, , and , this applies mlao to tfe* banking jfru«»r« *• * whplt in relation!to th* economic condition of tat nation as a wbrta, ;A s^FubW;„.;.;,. . »A bank is trJte,»MWlH«WJ« JIM atlWion, b»t to » r»J»roc*» senjsj- it has Its oW*»M«pi <9 |h» pub»c* bat W has tbt paWiC Uons i? ths bs»KjJ?9 not sound banking principle* »t heart ha* any bnjteesi in » bank whether as bsnkajr,, "The banker it • sswl^abUo Wjg* ant. Hell charged s«t of rejponsibiUi ttoM'th-alofiCWttlH^tfioj „ But be «W» 8H!t>ltfcirW^ UiroujA (be laws. theft v*e*tft**Hfe Mf. mi Mf». §. ft- nrm late tH** jsswif*ss*r trite M at & ft t *«S*inft6n *t tf* feSttg f& . *&**? atUrfcor*. A short plfty Mid* Peggy Cartwright has b een chosen Iris queen to preside over Iris week at the Garden and Flower show in the Horticultural Building of A Century of Progress —the Chicago World's Pair. Beacon City way offers an unusually convfent way to see the Fair. Imogene-S.E. Mills A Narrow Escape J. J.. little son of Mr. and Mrs. ohnny Owens, had a Very narrow escape last Thursday while in the hay field. He was riding one of he horses of a team hitched to a hay rack that had a hay-loader attached and was loading 'bay when the team ran away, Francis Maher was driving- the team and did everything he-could to rescue the little fellow but finally he team turned In such a way t threw the box off and luckily he tell out of the way of.the oader which within all probabll- tjr,would have Tommie 'Conners," daughter. Miss Delia, Is Away on. ier vacation. ' Fred Wiman.ot Rock 'island, 111, is here visiting his ; Mrs. Rose Wiman. Joseph, son of Mr. »nd Mrs. Mlcheal Martin, was quite,, sick Friday from an attack of uppen- dicttis, He Is better at this writ' Ing. - - "<-, Miss Loretta Maber spent' the past week with her sistor^Mrs, Ted Gernwr, near, Climax, V, M. Saner .and Clyde las eai " *" day recently. Break* Arm Vincent, youngest son of and Mrs. Tommie Conners, Mr. had the misfortune to break, his arm when his pony, he was taking to the pasture, rubbed against a tree and threw him off, Mr. Conner* was not at home at the time 'of the accident .and Ed Horrigan took him to Randolph where Dr. Kerr gave medical aid. tfee MttKH G«T>«tt* Sti*i)k, MSilire Edna t>ot.tla*, Ct*ra ltirf« O6ui«, te R«nF&ukttivw of safad, c*fe% a»<J ctefttt and eak« ***» ttrl eoinfnitte* *nfcfi was Mf«. Nift* Shod** M«. Iteeda tJOttSlas, Mr*, ttafft lf< •Bs r MN. ChSft. tbiW, Mist Stella fftttt, tttd Mr*, ibntt ftttttet Mf. and Mft, HatYl* BengtaS uA family %«» tisitott Sunday In thft O. W. fiouglas hftfte. Mfs. Off Doallai and 4a«gn> lets Weft Red Oak visitors Saturday. — « Mrs. Scott Arterburn, Mrs. A. i f McOinnis and daughter, Betty Ann, were shopping In Red Oak Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Warren Wailing and coil* dreti ot Council Bluffs are visit* ing this week with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Lyle Seliwood. Mrs. Chas. Shaw left Tuesday for Nebraska where she wilt visit relative*. Mr. and Mrs, Clyde Dunlap and daughters, Oeraldine and Arlenei •pent Sunday with relatives in Olenwood. Mr. and Mrs, Harold Oook of Carroll who spent the week here visiting friends returned to their home Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. William Hutchison and little son of Louisville, Ky. are visiting this week with her sister, Mrs. John Myers, and mother, Mrs. Shlvely, who has been in poor health for some time at the Myers home. Emit Petterson and son, Kenneth, of Red Oak were dinner guests in the Harvte Douglas homo Monday evening. Will Powers of Bed- Oak attended church here.flunday. ; > *,_ ..--^' - - ,, Mrs,'- L. B. Outschenritter and CUSSiFIED ADS •on^jQhn,; i&N ,' Sister Clotilda and Sister Anna Mary were the last of jthe Dominican sisters "to leave, Th v ey left Sunday for Omaha -where they took tb« train if or River Forest, a suburb of Chicago, to spend the summer. • .'• 'Mr, and Mrs. went.: to Roscoe Green* Emerson last Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Denver Mart. Mrs, Green. ' wood Va'nd cousins,- , Mrs, 'Mart Vwew first, ' ABSTRACTS OF TITUS Complete Abstract ot Title' records for each piece ot property in Mills Oonnty, ' ,' , , , Mills County Abstract. Co. > (Menjber of the American^ Modwn;*«icept ** beat nk»t,t»ttt,~>-• fiiff- - ."*?<*:-, MISCELLANEOUS Spring Fries,» White -Wyan- dottes. .— Frank ' Raines, 4 8-3. For r Sale "-Heavy split" oak posts,,7 It.f-ij, W, »olph, south of Hastings, - ^W, Dmd Animals i-™. Call Art Jen*' kins', Phone 89, Emerson,.or City Meat Market, .58, Malvern. 46-4, . For Sale ^. One minute- trie washer, 1» A4 shape,— . For B»Je or .wowld rftther trade s ; for bogs, an electric washieg »»*-',,,., bujrner, Ifliwtrjc' jpfill, — Mrii. sS * •=-- ^' - • — £« - 1 48 fi "I* t,** . . "" ,P^l*^ '^ *yft Charles Mrs. Qleu Fitch. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Nagle took tUeJr little daughter, Carol, to Hed oak la»t Wedue»d»y tor tot several Hrmks tonsil uud ftdenold operation. Dr ran. tUrottl yat. S^PJ|S^S^^B^B^BB)Sf ISBS^BSVSM^^^Mp^SMHWPWFlPMSMMi^p-- WIWIUOiVIYQU "-sH-^ir,r« -.- Pwifht Buttlngton as president opened the meeting with their regular bu»i»ees gessioa and turned It aver to the committee headed by 0. R. War. The theme of the program wa* Ittveu were along that line, The meeting o| I«P Tb* rest ol eludes !•%««*» ft»>JHfi __ i^f'^j^m,

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