The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on March 16, 1959 · Page 2
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 2

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1959
Page 2
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Mondoy, March 16, 1959 Russian-Trained African Guiding Terror Campaign FORT 1111.1,. Nyasaland i U H l ' - - A f r i c a n N a t i o n a l Congress Lead-' rr Max Msopule-. reported niaster- iv.ind ( li'.e n a t i v e campaign of vU'lriKT ill !iu' n u r t h c r i i province PI N MS:!!:'.:'.*!. h;is established his liradqu.irlers in I lie Misuku .Mount a i n - DII the T:i:ig:'.n ika b o r d e r , ] o f f i c i a l s reported today. j Th" said Msopi'le. who \\ as le- li.-.i'd M have- nvivei! ( m i n i n g in Mixruw. w;is diree;ini; ojx-ra- · (inns [or l.'L'.'ge g l i n t s of Africans i", r a i d s on villages where gov- ri'iinicni iniildhms and homes of A f r i c s n - i l o , d in (he government h ".e Iven immrd. iir-;iv\ rain-; i'--)ughl ;i temporary hal: to 1-olii terrorist and g· i\\-i n:iic:il o;)er:ilions in the n·'.··[hern province. l.n ces. e u n d n e t i n g a rir;in-iij campaign in Die n a t i v e \ !!;r.;rs. killed 0:1 A f r i c a n and u minded i « " ; l i f : s Sunday wlicn li'.c 1 . : | v n i ' d f i i e on masked dem- o:i.-fra[ors. ; Tioiips in the Xom'na area ar- rc.-ird '-','· \ounj. .\frir,ins as t h e y 1 \ \ o u n ! u p "Up. l a l i o n Herring-! b.nie" i:i s'Hiliiern Nyasaliinri ! \ \ a i i o "O;i'T;i;'."n Tnangle" ended I i;i the c e n t r a l I'lovnircs with t h e ; arresi of five pcr.-ons. - !. Another ."·" A f r i c a n s surrendered : to a u i h . o i - : i i s a ' i-'ori M a n n i n g ful- ' liiwiiu r:o:s S a l u i d a y al .Mlan.ic, ; t u a r ihe n'.irihern llhodcsia bor-· rivr. i l\-r;"r. B r i t a i n ' s minister of r -"!i.'iial n f f a i r s . who ar- ·. Bi.'iniyre for a first-hand : 0:1 ;he siamlion. look ad\-a.:ii.,4'' ". the lull in ihe violence In a:;n'. .CM' Africans who have i Kv:'. ;·''V.ruied r,n by ihe s e c u r i t y ' June-' and placed in d e t e n t i o n , caaias. l.V;i!r;il Afric'an Federation P r c - ;r..rr Sir Hoy \Velensky, in a CBS Irievision i n t e r v i e w , said Communist i n i i u c n c e s coulrl be blamed f.r suir.e of ;lie recent African dis-; turbanccs. K SI-:T TOKYO i l ' P l i -- The w e d d i n g dale :"i)r Crown Prince A k i h i l o and his commoner fiancee Michiko Shodu w a s o f f i t i i a l l v set today for April 10. HH\ ahlp In Artvsiicel SUBSCRIPTION RATES U A K K I K K S E K V l L ' B LN 1..AWJUN AREA (Per M n n T h ) MTnlr.c Press A S u n d a y ......... Tl 55 Cnnslili.-.'lon A- S::r7av _________ 51 Do Co:i5'.;:-:iTi Press A- Sunriay ... 52.40 M A I L SUBSCRIPTIONS (In Ok;a.J 1 6 Vr. Mo. J T.IH 4.118 7.11 4.08 8 SI 3 Mo. U.3S 2 3S 4.13 Ons: Press S'-inria . Orst Press S;:n. I?. 72 Sun. -Press. 1 yr AJ1 OI.TE.- Co'onlics £ Slates 1 6 3 Y r Mo. Sunday K2 24 7.16 Prrss i- S u n d a y !'J 24 7. IB Cmjt Prpss ft S-.:n. IS 36 10.73 Sun. Const.-Prcss, 1 yr Prcei^-d!? 2 Per Cent St»le Tax Mo. 4.16 4. IB 5.85 J Mo. 1.02 1.IG 2 111 5.30 1 Mo. 1.5.1 1 5:1 2.5.= 530 Sales · TILE · LINOLEUM · CABINET TOPS · WALL COVERINGS · VINYLS Free Estimates for Expert Installation or Instructions for Do-It-Yourself-crs ENGLISH FLOOR COVERING CO. 410 S. 3rd Dial EL 5-0394 Business Directory INSURANCE INSURANCE GOVERNMENT EAIPI.OVKES FINANCE CO. Stateside and overseas financing Commissioned officers and first three grades NCO. Mrs. Tom L. Paxton. 131] South 26th Plaee. EL 3-9146. PEST CONTROL KEY TEK.MITE PEST CONTROL TO. tnsect and rodent proofing. One year guarantee. Serving S.W. since 1932. Shrub spraying. Licensed Bonded Insured Dial EL 5-3805 FLOOR SWEEP Oil or Wax Base Southwest Chemical Co. 508 E Avenue DiaJ EL 5-5'J2G "We Deliver" Future Military Lag Haunts US. Leaders l!y J A M K S MAHLOW Associated I'rcss Neus Analyst WASHINGTON ( A P I -- Out of Ihe i n t e n s e soul searching forced on tin.-: c o u n t r y by the Berlin crisis liiive s e l f - c o n f i d e n t rovcla- lio'is about t h e ]iresenl and,., dcep- Iv troubling questions about t h e f u t u r e . These revelations--lo give a total picture--have had to he f i t t e d together from various statements by President Kisenhower and his top m i ' i i ' a r y advisers. They might prove erronenus in case of war--since the Soviets t h e n would have lo he heard f r o m -- h u t here they are: 1. Kisenhower h i m s e l f la.-l week said we c e r t a i n l y won't figlil a land war w i l h the Soviets. They o u t m u n i i e r us on t h e g r o u n d . "V\ hy in Ihe world would wo dream (if f i g h t i n g a ground war'."' he asked. "You have got lo have oilier means." '-. Karlier this month Secretary | of Defense N e i l II. McKlroy said j \ve have "offensive s u p e r i o r i t y over Ihe Soviets at (his l i m e . " ?,. Since we could not win on land hut have offensive superiority then (lie only way w e could f i g h t a war is w i t h planes using nuclear bombs. Kisoiihowor has not ruler! mil nuclear weapons. McKlroy has emphasised American dependence on i t s homhors. Rut IVmocra.'ic leaders--oven j though seeming lo accept Ihe idea ] of A m e r i c a n superiority al pres- j enl--question our ability to slay ahead. They question Eisenhower's wis- Barmaid Confesses Killing Boyfriend TIT.SA a:PIl -- Charges appending today against a 1'1-yoar- old Tulsa (Negro' barmaid, who has a n n u l l e d shooting her boy- f r i e n d 10 d e a t h during an argument early Sunday morning in a tavern here. Miss Betty Mac Hill said .she shot J. I. Marks a f t e r he slapped her d u r i n g tiie a r g u m e n t . Marks staggered 'out of tiie t a v e r n , whore Miss Hill is employed, then collapsed and died. Marks was at a parly in Ihe ' ^^^^^ tavern w i t h his wife. I Miss H i l l said she carried a .2J- caliber pistol in her purse, and used it to shoot Marks. I dom in not p u l l i n g more money and e f f o r t inlo defense--looking years ahead--since Ihe Soviets are pushing missile development and missiles may make bombers ob- solelo. This is Ihe troubling question implicit in t h e i r criticism. Kven though Ihe Soviets may be a f r a i d to start all-out war n o w , what happens if and when Ihey gain superiority? W i l l they black- m a i l us iulo one surrender a f t e r a n o t h e r ? Last week the Senate Preparedness subcommittee, which has been quiz/ing lop m i l i t a r y leaders behind closed doors, released some heavily censored porlions of Ihe t e s t i m o n y . Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas, chairman of t h i s group and loader o[ the Senate Democrats, said I lie m i l i t a r y chiefs agreed Ihey had adequate plans and s t r e n g t h to meet the Berlin Crisis. The Soviets have demanded Ihe Allies pull Iheir troops out of West Berlin and leave it a free city in Ihe heart ot Communist Kast Germany. But Johnson, a p p a r e n t l y accepting Ihe idea this country is in a d e q u a t e m i l i t a r y shape now, said the adequacy applied only to the "immediate s i t u a t i o n . " Then, trying lo separate what we might be able lo do now from what we might not be able lo do in the f u t u r e , he added: "Now and down the road arc two d i f f e r - ent things." The testimony of Oen. Maxwell D. Taylor, Army chief of s t a f f , showed he agreed wilh Eisenhower we could not cope w i t h the V.S.S.R. on the ground. lie was asked if the only a l l e r n a l i v c to ground war is all-out war. Although all-out war would mean nuclear war, "Wo must be w-illing lo ge all Ihe way down the road," Taylor said. "We can't turn back a; any point." Kvon Sen. R i c h a r d Russell (DG a i . c h a i r m a n of (lie Senate Armed Services Committee, appears to accept American superiority at this time. He has spoken of this country's a b i l i t y to devastate Russia in a war n o w . But he seems less c o n f i d e n t about the f u t u r e , saying "there is no question the Soviet Union is i ahead of us in the missile field." Two-Car Collision Takes Eight Lives PEACH SPRINGS, Art/.. I.UPI) --Elgin persons were killed Sunday night and lour were injured in a violent head-on two-car collision two miles west ot Poach Springs on Highway KG. All were killed o u t r i g h t . Most were pinned in the wreckage. The rload were [mm three states. Pencil Springs is ,'!0 miles cast of Kinsman, Ari/.. Arizona highway patrolman Randy Wake-Held said a west- hound Uttfi sedan believed driven liy Joe Williams, '.¥2. of Peach Springs, apparently crossed the center line and struck .an east- hound car driven by Henry Manuel Goke, 38, of Albuquerque N. M. Killed with Williams were his wife, Ilatlio Mac Williams, 21; John Collins, 3L", of Peach Springs, and his wife. Mary Li/a Collins 25. Killed wilh Gole in his car were Gerlrudc Chavcx, 2-1, o[ Long Beach, Calif.: Richard Toby Cha- vex, her i n f a n t son; and Jose Campbell, 2, a girl whose relationship to the others was not learned immediately'. I Commercial Properties For Sale or Lease McKee Real Estate To. J Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch--Relieves Pain New York, IS. Y. (Special) For the first time science has f o u n d a new healing substance w i t h the astonishing ability to s h r i n k hemorrhoids, stop itch- inEr, and relieve pain -- w i t h o u t surcery. Jn one hcmorrhoid case after another,"very striking improvement" was i-eported and verified by doctors' observations. I'nm was relieved promptly. A n d , w h i l e g e n t l y r e l i e v i n g p a i n , actual reduction or retraction ( s h r i n k i n g ) took place. And most amazing of a l l -this improvement was maintained in cases -\vhere doctors' observations were c o n t i n u e d over a period of many m o n t h s ! In fact, results were so thorough that sulfercrs were able to make such a s t o n i s h i n g statements as "Piles have ceased to he a problem!" 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This book may prove of utmost importance in your life. No obligation. IxctJllw M«dlt«t Clinic, Dipt. B83CO Kxc»UI*r Springy M«. Huge Family On Hand For Birth OGDEN, Utah (AP) -- A lot of the family was on hand when Boyd Braithwaitc was bom. There ivas hi.s 15-year-old molh- cr, Clara Smith Brailhwuilc; his 30-year-old grandmother, I d a Smith; his 45-.year-old grcalgrnnrt- molher, Coral Mair; and his 80- ycar-cld greal-grcat-grcat-grand- mothcr, Theda Ann DcHaven all of Ogden. Mrs. Braithwaile, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Mair all were married al 14 and had children at 15. Mrs, B r a i t h w a i l c ' s 20-year-old husband, a Construclion worker, and '16-year-old grandpa Mair also were in the crowd. MEETING POSTPONED The For-Gct-Me-Not club, composed of retired civil service personnel, has poslponcd ils mccling scheduled Tuesday night because of the cily election, Mrs. J. N. K u h n , president, said. Government Lists 'Excess' Material WASHINGTON (UPD--The government had $7,013,000,000 worth o[ "excess" material and equipment on hand in the liscal year 1958, and the supply may be larger by now. The figure was included in a new handbook on government purchasing issued to civilian federal agencies by the General Services Administration, which acts as tyn- cle Sam's housekeeper. It appealed to the agencies to help trim down the "excess" by requisitioning such materials instead of buying new goods wherever possible. It noted that such materials could be acquired at "fair prices which range from zero to 50 per,cent of acquisition cost." The handbook did not say specifically what items were included in the "excess." But it spoke generally of such things as cloth, sheet metal, paper products, shop, equipment and electrical wiring. Breath-Holding Record Claimed SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) -An electronics technician held his breath under water for 13 ruin-! ulcs and 42.5 seconds -- long', enough to have written a letter-- i il he'd had a ball point pen. | He claimed a new world record. ' Robert Foster, 32, of Richmond, j Calif., a member ol the Marine Skindivcrs Club, said he beat the j old record by 7.5 seconds. Before | eptcring the pool. Foster gulped j pure oxygen administered by an anaesthetist for 30 minutes to j drive all carbon dioxide from his lungs. OET DAM EQUIPMENT LONDON '(UPD--Soviet equipment for the first phase of construction of Egypt's Aswan Dam will be shipped from Odessa shortly, Radio Moscow reported. HAVE INSECTS? Call FOG SERVICE EL 5-2078 STOP HAIR LOSS GROW MORE HAIR! Before You Buy! Houston, Texas--The new Loesch method of treatment is not only slopping hair loss . . . BUT IS REALLY GROWING HAIR! We don't ask you to take our word lor it ... we invilc you to try this new treatment for 32 days ul our expense, and sec lor yourself. 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