The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 26, 1958 · Page 6
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 6

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1958
Page 6
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THE SMART SET . ... reads your advertising in the Herald... AND ACTS ON IT! Be Sura Your Business Has Weekly Representation In The Friendly Page* of the •.. MARY SWENSON Mary Swenson and Gordon Olson Plan June Wedding The Rev. and Mrs. Arthur L. Swenson, 906 N. Sixth, announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Louise, to Gordon, Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Olson, Fargo, N. D. Mr. Olson was graduated from Concordia College last June and is now teaching at North Branch, Minn. He was a member of the Concordia Choir. Plans are being made for a une wedding. CHAIRMAN'S WIFE DIES PITTSBURGH (AP) - Mrs. lara Moreell, 68, wife of Adra. en Moreell, retired board chairman of Jones & Laughlin Steel orp., died Thursday of a heart ttack. WINTER WEAR — With apologies to the ''shivering throngs elsewhere in the country, Kay Servacious practices water skiing at Cy- 8 AUSTIN (Minn.) HfRAlD Friday, Dtc. 26, 1058 NEWS FOR WOMEN PERSONAL NOTES Guests of the Rev. and Mrs. Arthur L. Swenson, 906 N. Sixth, on Christmas five were Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Schmidt and David, Northfield; Sir. and Mrs. Robert E. Lang, 190? Bills? the Swensons' daughter and son, Mary of Minneapolis and Fred, a student at Northfield. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tesar, Katherine and Joseph, Detroit kes, Minn., are spending the holidays at the J. F. Tesar home, 005 Lyndale, and the Raymond Scott home, Austin Rt. 8. Mrs. Minnie Hove is spending* he holidays with her daughter In Tucson, Ari«. Dinner guests Christmas Day at he home of Mrs. Anna Melster, lamaey, were Mr. and Mrs. Aired Mattison, Menomonie, Wis.; C. E. Meister, Adams; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Selra and family, 206 Sutton Place. Students of Mrs. Chester Reistad's piano class presented Christmas program for their parents Monday at her home, 708 E. fridge. Those taking part were Shari Nauss, Janelle Eggert, Pam ela Dauer, Dorothy Thompson, Robert Lonnlng, Beth Weiderman, Lesayln Ferrel,' Charlene Vande- wege, Ralph Madson, Susanne Pappas, Lowell Pickett, Mary Hall Judy Lane, Evelyn Pickett, Bonnie Mistretta, Betsy Sargent, Lynn Site, Pamela Aandahl, Philip Kof ron, Paul Worlein, Delbeft Sam an. Pfc. John E. Schiltz, Camp IT- win, Barstow, Calif., is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Don Schiltz, 607 Page Archie Anderson, Grand Mead ow, is a patient at Evangelica Hospital, Marshalltown, Iowa. His room number is 323. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Weber Donald and Roger, entertainei Christmas Eve, Mrs. Jpsie Krob Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Krob, Ste ven, Carl and Dean, Austin; Mr and Mrs. LaVerne Paulson an Lonnie, Albert Lea; Mr. and Mrs Jacob Wybenga, Rose Creek. Members of the staff of St. Ola Lutheran Church were guests o the Rev. and Mrs. Arthur L. Swen son, at a Christmas party Sunday evening at the parsonage, 906 Sixth. Gifts were exchanged and carols sung. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Aren and son, Terry, 602 S. Kenwood left this morning for Carroll, Iowa to attend the funeral of Dr. Law rence Cochran, who died suddenly Mr. and Mrs. Larry Huemann prus Gardens, Fla., dttired in J3tacyville, were hosts at a Christ• fur-trimmed suit I mas party at their borne Sunday MOVIE COUPLE AT HOME — Actor Kirk Douglas and his wife, Anne, smile as they pose in their Beverly Hills, Calif., home. Mrs. Douglas, the former Anne Buydens, was a hard-working career girl in Paris, doing promotion for French films, when she met her famous husband. They were married in May 1954 and have two sons, Peter, 3, and Eric, 5 months. (AP Photofax). Since I also spoke Italian, I did the same thing for him in Rome that I had done in Paris - hired his domestic staff, helped him with the language, gave his orders for him. And I was miserable. "I said, 'I will not get involved with a movie star. He's the big glamor boy of Hollywood, and when this picture is over he'll just go back to America and forgel Mrs. Kirk Douglas Said She Wouldn't Marry an Actor By DOROTHY ROE AP Women's Editor HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Mrs. Kirk Douglas is a girl who swore she never would fall for a movie star. The former Anne Buydens was a hard-working career girl in Paris, when she met her famous husband. "I was doing promotion on Anatole Litvak's first English-speaking picture, 'Moulin Rouge,' when one of the camera men said, 'May I have the pleasure of introducing you to the wolf of the company?' I looked up and there was Kirk. "His first remark was, 'Are you any good at housekeeping?' I didn't know whether this was a proposal or what, but I said I knew the rudiments. "He asked me if I would find him a cook, a maid and a cleaning woman for his apartment and tell them what to do. I said—I'll take th« job.' "Now that I think back on it, I got terribly low pay." "My next assignment was to do promotion for Ulysses, Kirk's .picture that was filmed in Italy. me.' It took a couple of years ol trans-Atlantic telephone calls am chance meetings, with Anne refusing to believe that a movie hero could ever be a husband before either recognized that this was a three-star, grade-A romance. "One night I came back to my pension in Paris, and the con cierge told me Kirk had been telephoning all evening. It took me 24 hours to get the cal through again, but whan I did, he said: 'How would you like to go to the United States?' "I started packing right then arrived 10 days later and we were married May 29, 1954.' The Douglases now have two sons, Peter, 3, and Eric, 5 months They have a home in Beverly Hills and another at Palm Springs possible. "I never thought I'd marry a movie star," says the blonde and shapely Anne, "but here I am still amazed, but happier than : ever thought possible.' 1 t Would like to marry this man how in the world will we ev- reach that stage when he can't seem to get Ann Landers up the nerve to kiss me good-night? In the theater the other night, during a particularly moving scene, my hand accidentally brushed his. He jumped a foot. I'm sure >e thought I was trying to hold hands with him. It was terribly embarrassing, I'm not the aggressive type but [ fear if I don't make some move, :hls may go down In history as •he longest platonlc friendship in history. Can you help me? — STONE WALL Dear Stone Wall: Re's the one who needs help — not you, A 25 year old man who has had 18 dates with a girl and "jumps a root" at the touch of her hand, is no red-hot candidate for marriage. If this relationship hasn't produced ample voltage in four and a half months to spark a good night kiss, I suspect Lochlnvar is not hitting on all cylinders. Tell him goodbye and good luck Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Ben Faas, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Faas and family, Lyle; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Faas, Mona; Mr. and Mrs. William Neiss and family, Northwood, Iowa and Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Mauer and son, Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mauer, Stacyville, were hosts at a pre- Christmas party Sunday at the Dale Mauer Cafe. Among the guests were 22 grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Roman Mauer attended from Austin. Gifts were exchanged. Mr. and Mrs. R. Norman Miller have as houseguests during thi holidays her sister, Mrs. Dwigh Palmer and son, Daniel, Colum bus, Ga. Mr. and Mrs. Rinehard Adams were Christmas dinner hosts a their home in Stacyville Sunday "uests included Pvt. Dean Adams :amp. Carson, Colo., who is spend ing a ten-day Christmas leave. Mrs. Florence Stehn, Loren, Bur ton and Hardy, were Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs Virgil Fretthem, Austin Rt. 3. Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Staudt James and Mary, Algona, Iowa were Christmas day guests of Mr and Mrs. Clement Staudt, Marble Rock, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schaeffer and family, Raymond, Iowa, were Christmas eve and overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Adams Stacyville. FESTIVE TABLES — Twin rosebud- studed trees "bloom" on the buffet, left, which gleams with brass and glass accessories on a light red cloth. Memnac dinnerware, foreground, repeats the rose motif on plates and saucers. At right, a Christmas brunch for all the family is set for serving with provincial- patterned tableware, casual casseroles and other table service. Buffets Add to Holiday Pleasure AUSTIN DAILY HERALD "Souther* Mitwsota & Northern Iowa's Avwt Wmtitts Newspaper" 5U Nwth tawing HE 3-8851 By KAY SHERWOOD If time and distance prevent the gathering of the family for the big, traditional Christmas dinner, look for new ways to share holiday feasting. If you're new to the suburb or neighborhood, you might hunt up i another newly arrived family or two and have a Christmas brunch for adults and youngsters. Or you might prefer to switch from the traditional sit-down dinner to an open house for neighbors. ! If you're nostalgic about family Christmases and the children are at the age when they savor every minute of the day, you will most likely want to cook a dinner for your family. Consider splurging a bit during the boll- days with a buffet cupper for grownups only, too. To point up the festive occasion, cull your cupboards for the "props" to make a colorful table Getting. Two completely different settings planned by StanUord Squire are full of and prove also that you don't need a rich inheritance to achieve memorable table?. Bis plan for a country brunch, for mmpl#, wakes goodfAe of simple ingredients: Melmac tableware, stainless flatware, wire lettuce basket, wicker baskets, bright, enameled steel cookware, boldly checked cotton and a tall hurricane lamp. Blue-and-green checked cotton covers a long table. If you have no table large enough, don't forget the simple substitute of a length of plywood on saw horses, padded with a table pad under the cloth. A garland of greens outlines the table edge. The blue - green scheme is underscored by the provincial bird motif on the dinner- plates and the bright blue of enameled steel casseroles. The wire basket holds eggs ready to cook to order; toast, made in the fireplace, toaster or oven, stays hot and cozy in a napkin • lined wicker basket. The line-up of fruit juice glasses, filled with orange juice adds a colorful note to one end of the table. The tall hurricane lamp bowl is filled with nuts and lemons for a rustic touch at the opposite end. A big kettle holds hot coffee. The menu is meant to be simple, with the eggs the only item subject to individual order. Equally festive but in a different manner is a setting inspired by "roses in the snow," a theme from any early carol. Pink, red and white, together with highly polished brass and gleaming gold metal flatware, make the color scheme outstanding. On a table covered with a light red cloth, two shaped trees announce the rose theme. Trees are made of short lengths of broomstick painted green and bedded with moss and pebbles, in white pots. A hunk of green, water-abosr- bent plastic foam is pushed onto the top of each stick and is studded with green sprigs of pri vet, huckleberry, pink and red and Christmas orna rosebuds ments. The rose Is repeated in the fresh pink, olive and gilt motif on the dinner plates, designed by Raymond Loewy in top • quality melamine plastic. Pink and white bowls for des sert are also of melamine. Squire suggests using small tables set for two for dining, and adds a seasonal bouquet of roses and tiny ornaments in small jars in the] center of each table. The suggested menu is as elegant as the setting: Frut punch, served hi a tall pitcher, curry, cheese and crackers and a strawberry - topped mousse. Mr. and Stacyville, Mrs, had Nick Adams as Christmas He Treats Her Like a Sister By ANN LANDERS Dear Ann: How can 1 get thti ft held doctof. ellow to stop treating me like a inter? 1 am a and he 1* 28. We've land point him in the direction of a standing date every Saturday night for four and a months. half Dear Ann; Two years ago my father left my mother to marry a much younger woman who I must admit is pretty. I miss my father very much and am always excited when he calls and invites me to dinner and a movie. 1 keep hoping we will be alone so we can have a nice talk. But it never turns out that way. He always has his new wife along. She never says much, but the fact that she is there spoils my evening. I've tried to like her but I just can't, 1 feel like a big hypocrite because to me she'll always be the woman who broke my mother's heart and ruined our family life. Do 1 have the right to ask my father to leave her at home when he invites me out? My mother has asked me to try to overcome my bitter feelings, but 1 just can't. Please advise me. I am 16 years old. - PAT Dear Pat: If you find it impossible to accept your father's new wife handle the situation tactfully, like this: Drop him a note (at his place of business) and say you'd appreciate it if next time you could talk with him privately. At the next meeting explain you consider time with him precious and would he please save it just for you. He should understand. Dear Ann: Seven months ago I had a baby girl out of wedlock. I jave her up for adoption. When the social worker questioned m* for the record I lied about the real father, fie is a married man, well known in the community and I wanted to protect him. Instead, I gave the name of a former boy friend. He lives in town but his family Is not prominent. I didn't think it would hurt as all the Information Is kept stritcly confidential. Lately my conscience has been bothering me. *)o you think I ought to go back nnd tell the social worker I lied? Under no circumstances will I give her the real name. — GUILTY Strange that you displayed such nobility of spirit in behalf 6f a scoundrel and on the other hand you did some innocent guy the cruel injustice of naming him when you knew you were lying in your teeth. By all means tell the social worker you lied. If you don't wish to name the real father, O.K. but get the innocent man off the hook. Are your parents too strict? You can benefit from the experiences of thousands of teenagers if you read Ann Landers' new booklet, "How To Live With Your Parents," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her In care of THE HERALD enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Until Saturday Morning Uw T>mp»f»ttff«$ WEATHER FORECAST — It will be warmer tonight in the northeast and in Texas; cooler in the northern and central Plains and the upper Mississippi valley. Rain is expected on the Gulf coast and in Florida and mixed snow and rain is forecast for the northern Plateau and for the Great Lakes, the Ohio valley and the middle Missippi valley. (AP Photofax Map). guests Mr. and Mrs. Ben Indra and family, Mr. and Mrs. A H. Hanson, Osage; Mr. and Mrs. William Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Adams and families, Stacyville. Christmas day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mackin, Stacyville, were Mr. and Mrs. Gait Mackin and family, Osage; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Kinney; Mrs. Esther Foy; Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Bush and David; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lack and family, Orchard, Iowa, and John Gerbig. Basket of Toads Started All This Fuss SIDNEY, Neb. Iff) - The horned toads attracted the badger and the badger woke up the dog and the ruckus which followed brought the family and the family called the cops — and that was the end of the badger. All this occurred on the Clarence Hansens* front porch after 9-year-old Jerry Joe Hansen had parked a basket full of horn toads there. WIDOW OF CHAIRMAN DIES CLEVELAND (AP)-Mrs. Edward B. Greene, 74, widow of the former board chairman of the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., died Thursday of a heart attack. She was a granddaughter of Jeptha H. Wade, a founder and first president of the Western Union Telegraph Co. TEMPERATURES H L Pet. Alexandria 32 19 Bemidji 29 0 Intl Falls 26 8 Redwood Falls 41 23 Rochester 35 30 St. Cloud 33 18 Duluth 22 8 La Crosse 34 27 Madison 33 23 Mason City 38 27 Minot 30 18 Fargo 30 27 Rapid City 48 28 Calgary 34 20 Edmonton 25 16 Regina 20 16 Winnipeg 19 9 Albany, clear 22 -2 Albuquerque, cloudy 52 31 Anchorage, cloudy 18 6 Atlanta, clear 42 39 Bismarck, cloudy 16 1 Boston, clear 19 10 Buffalo, clear 16 6 Chicago, cloudy 35 29 Cleveland, clear 28 10 Denver, clear 51 30 Des Moines, cloudy 50 34 Detroit, clear 25 15 Fort Worth, clear 57 33 Helena, clear 40 30 Indianapolis, clear 34 18 Kansas City, cloudy 51 40 .01 Los Angeles, cloudy 67 51 Louisville, clear 38 19 Memphis, clear 45 26 Miami, cloudy. 78 69 Milwaukee, cloudy 31 24 Mpls.-St. Paul, clear 38 28 New Orleans, cloudy 51 45 New York, clear 23 15 Oklahoma City, cloudy 52 35 Omaha, clear 50 31 Philadelphia, clear 27 15 Phoenix, clear 64 39 Pittsburgh, clear 23 10 Portland, Me., clear 15 4 Portland, Ore., rain 51 42 .23 R*apid City, clear 48 28 Richmond, clear 37 17 St. Louis, cloudy 46 28 Salt Lake City, clear 39 23 .09 San Diego, clear 67 51 San Francisco, cloudy 59 51 Seattle, fain 50 42 .32 Tampa, rain 65 55 .12 Washington, clear 33 20 AGRONOMY HEAD DIES URBANA, 111. (AP)-W. L. Burlison, 76, head of the department of agronomy at the University of Illinois from 1920 until his retirement in 1951, died Thursday of a heart attack. Burlison, a pioneer in development of the soybean as a major crop, was a former president of the American Soy Bean Assn. and the American Society of Agronomy. He was born in Harrison, Ark. NOTICE The DONNA LYNN MATERNITY FASHIONS Will Locate in New Quarters As Soon As Possible Watch For Announcement 1 In the meantime our customers may contact us at our residence. 1625 E. Oakland HE 7-3777 or Phono BRING YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS tu WOLD'S DRUG STORE MAIN Al bRlDOe blkEtl FURNITURE PRICES Forced to Liquidate ALL STOCK TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW SUPER HIGHWAY! All Our Buildings Must Be Removed! Furniture t Appliances • Rockers t Desks • Living Room • Bedroom Furn. HIWAY SALES CO. Open Every Evening Until 9 • East of Airport on Highway 16

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