The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 7
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ftfll MALVfeft* tOWA, Jtllfl PAGE SEVEN ALES like this don't just happen! Just look at these PRICES! tab* fff&ttat AitMets -te itetf* 2c . yd. .Jfe Mdkfg. ___ .. *«* !*«**, Hate, Me ftafvest Ladies' __ . M JB« Wdfk iAiS.i.—C Otetiftiis *-*-**^ Men's Dress Straws ____49c Mefcetized Ladies' Hose i^_^- . Part Linen Towels _,.__-_§fc Fatty Sleaefted 81*90 , each Me Indian Head fable Cloths, ?2*t2 - 4§e Meii's 3c Little fellows WAStt SUITS MULHOLLAND'S Battle of Bargains JtffOfl A [BOY! Leathef Wotk GLOVES 4§e Rayon Meti's SOX _ -§e Don't M!M the Bargain* oft Pages HASTINGS N«vri tNlclay • Crawford Out Sunday school attendance was Increased by two Sunday. Let's make It more next Sunday. The Epworth League are discussing the ' unit, "Our Good times." Last Sunday's lesson was the first of this unit entitled "What Our Good Times Do to Us," and was led by Evelyn Crawford. Nest Sunday we have "Can We Make Our Good Times or Do They Make Us?" and will be led by Nedra Crawford. This unit is a very profitable as well as enjoyable unit and all the young people of this community I are welcome. • Sunday evening's service was held in honor of the fathers and sons of the community, it consisted of music by a special choir, la solo by Miss Doris Priest, a I duet, "Silver Haired Daddy of I Mine," by Kathryn Anderson and I Margaret Shepard, a reading by I Mrs. Dalcell, and a very excellent I sermon by our pastor, Rev. L. E. iRIpley. M», Dale Reed, Mary Gary, land Misaee Jean and Jacqeline I Dunn were Malvern visitors I Wednesday. I Cliff Parker had a back set the I first of the week and is back in bed again. At latest report he is I better. Mr, and Mrs, Lee Kepple and j daughter, Petty, visited Thursday I in the R. F. Crawford home. v Leon Smith visited from Thurs- j&vr Lj»tll^,8uinday '. with Johnny " ,\ Wedding Announced John Niday and Mili Nofttia Crawford Married at Mia. watha, Ras,, March 8 Another secret Wedding came to light this week with the announcement by Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Crawford of the marriage of their daughter, Norina, to Mr, John Niday of Anderson, Iowa, March 8, at Hiawatha, Kas. It was quite a surprise to the many friends of the bride. . It seems that this young couple, with another young couple, Marion Uneland of Peru and Miss Francis Copes of Auburn, Nebr., drove to Hiawatha, Kas, on March 8, and there a double wedding was performed, uniting the hearts and lives of these young people. They then returned to Peru where the brides remained to finish their work in the state teachers' college there and the men going to their respective homes until school closed. Norma Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Crawford of Hastings. She graduated with the class of 1931 In the Hastings high school and now is a graduate of the two year course in the college at Peru. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nlday of Anderson and both bride and groom ire popular and highly regarded n their respective .communities. Their many, friends Join us in ex- f Leo and Marion Clftl-k I Marvin Peace were Randolph I Hots Satnrday. Mrs. Will Lottgsirtii and daughter aftd grattdsou, Billy Newraaft .and Hits. Cttu. SrtJee and daughter, June* were visitors in the Ralph Hafiscom home. Billy remained to epend the day with Robert Han»eom. Miss Edith Vlner is vUiting Marguerite toung at Carton this week. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vinef of Randolph visited relative* in town Wednesday. Mrs. W. t>. LlnlBictim and son* Jim, Miss Mlna Christie, and Mr. and Mrs, Ed Straight of Omaha visited in the Less Dawson home at Rirerton Wednesday, W. E. Fahnestock of Scrlbner, Nebr. was in town on business Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Dalzett and lam- ily and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Phllps spent the week end near Rlverton and while there Visited in the Leslie Dawson home. Dent Kites and son, Ralph, and Oeo. Shaw spent the week end at home. They returned Monday morning to Shenandoah where they are working on a well. Ed Brown and June Brown of Henderson spent Monday with his sister, Mrs. Dave Llnthicum. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker and Jimmy, Wendell and Wayne Ord and Miss Marguerite Edle spent the week end in the home Mf. and Mrs. Sherman Allen in Imogene Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Mable Kellenbargef and daughter, Of ace Ruth, and Miss Edna Lane called on Mrs. Roy Haldeman thnrsday afternoon. Bernard Cooper of Olenwood is Visiting tti the home of his uncle, AW deeper. A group of noisy friends gathered Thursday evening at the Louie Bnllington home to charivari the newlyweds, Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Webb, they escaped for awhile and while 1 they were gone a few of the noise-makers hied themselves to the Dean McLain home and gave him his second dose, then returned to take their spite out on the Webbs who bad returned to the Buliingtons. Mrs. Cliff King and daughter, Wlnntfred, called on Mrs. Roy Haldeman and daughters Tuesday afternoon, Lon Hatfield and his twites, Lawrence and Florence, called on Frank Kings Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bridge called on Walter Kellenbargers Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLain spent Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Davis. Ruby Straight went to the Carol Pehfson home near Red Oak Thursday to help for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. John Parker and sons, Hartley and Marion, spent Sunday with the Roy Haldeman family. Ella Kellenbarger and Darlene Straight were Sunday dinner guests of Sarah Cooper. Jean Kochersperger was a guest of Doris Bishop Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bishop and children and Irmen Tando spent Sunday evening with the Kocherspergers. T The Hatfleld children spent' ' Tuesday evening in the home of their uncle, Clarence Bishop, and Friday evening with their uncles. DeWey and Walter. We had an attendance of forty- i five at Sunday school this week and twenty-five stayed to our C. E. service. We would be glad for all to stay and help us in the C. E. work. Joe McLain sang a solo at Champion Hill and also at the service in town Sunday. .Sherman Allen shelled corn Saturday. The Lon Hatfleld family entertained at Sunday dinner the Carl Anderson and Chas. Griffin families. A group of friends and relatives gathered at the Lon Hatfield home Monday evening and enjoyed a feed of ice cream, ' strawberries, and cake. C«iit«f 444 Poultry CttA Haft Letaon dtt Culling The Center's Booster 4-H Poultry club of Center township met Friday, June 9, at the home of Robert Jackson. The meeting was called to order by the president, Dorothy Buch. Ten members were pros*- ent. Old and new business was discussed. After the business session all the club members had a left* son on culling chickens, given by our leader, Mrs. Everet Sawyers. The meeting was then adjourned and refreshments were served by Mrs. Jackson. Our next meeting will be held July 13 at Helen Wheeler's home. Helen Wheeler, reporter. An ad a week gets the results you seek, . ^^ Darene and Bobbie of Qutbrie Gener visited , over, the week end here and In Malvern. Miss Leora ; Christie returned home with * them for a short visit. Mrs. Ira Hutchings and son, Samuel, of Malvern visited in the Hayden Clark home -Thursday. Juplter.these folks « ' ' 4"* V ., , , The happy, couple left Tuesday, June IS, for Colorado Springs, Colo., where they will make their future home, on of Elam Ord. Mrs, Floyd Starr has been sick the past few days. Oeo. Schurr was in Omaha Monday on business. Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Christy and son, Allen, autoed to Lincoln Sunday to ,see their daughter, Roberta. Valerie returned home wHfejLtl|am« • -*^--^ '^ s k 1 -^^ H ' ^'- CHXMPION HILL Mrs. Oeo, Nebltt has been the sick list the past -week. Mr, and Mrs, Joe Haden and family spent Sunday evening in the Ray Christie home, Mr. and Mrs, Millard Curtis of Strahan were Sunday dinner guests in the M. B. Fellows home. Mrs. W. B. PurceU flatted Mr. Honor Recent Bride The bon Hatfleld home was the scene of a very jolly gathering Wednesday «fternoon when •miscellaneous shower was given for Mrs, Kenneth Webb; a recent bride. A mock wedding furnished a lot of amusement and the ones participating in the ceremony were good actors. Dainty Mrs. W. E, Purcell visiieo »r, weJ . Q good BCtor s. Dalnty ana de , Purcell In the Bdmundson bospi- j jclom8 refreshments were served, tal in Council Bluffs, Mr, Purcell Tne bride was the recipient of tai in Council Bluffs, Mr. Purcell will probably have to remain in the hospital another week. Mrs. C, A, Phillips, Clifford and Freddie of Red Oak were visiting friends in town Thursday, Clifford , remained here until Sunday visiting with Keith Shaw. Mrs, Lowell Teacbout and two children of Shenandoab spent Frl* day %n4 Saturday In the Ralph Hanscom home. Mr, and Mrs. 84 Straight of Omaha visited a few 4aya last week in the home of Mrs. W, D, LintUtcum. Mr. an4 Mrs. Herman Schurr and'Ruth Jeae 4rove to Council Bluffs Friday to see their brother In-law* who is a patient In the Ed* mundson hospital. Stnww, bwt true— eome still think their dwtric service biU i« O f many useful and beautiful gifts, Kenneth Webb »n4 Bstella BulHngtcm stole a march on their friends and went to Rockport, Mo., May 28, where they were married. Both young people have lived in this community and their many frien4« wish them God speed and 4 pleasant Journey through Hfe, John James was an Omaha vis* itor Wednesday. Boy McLain ai*4 soo, BtUy, Pearl McLain, a»4 Francis Ungry UJMIBUH WVO^KM, W ere Malyern visitors We4nes4ay Mrs. Kerroan Schurr an4 Ruth afternoow when the boys enjoyed jean and Mrs. John Trybone mo*, ft gwtei Council of a babej ROW Irving la guf* ferlniB Irom the «fter sffestsj the roeasle^ having 'aeUle4 in bie hl»44er, aa4 he l laiBlJy aucl JJrs- Mary Kelly Couucil Blugi Saturduy, am l» the houje of her tore4 to Omaha Tuesday, f^ | ry in g Buiu B gtoa family Tow Christy an4 Jack Mitchell #re tavlng more than tbeir share " visiting Jack's' relatives in of trou bi<, v ^ measles it seems, Jifebr, . Tlie wife a»4 mother is Just re^ ..., and Jaequellfte Dunn arei C0 ver!ng from a siege " '" vi8itl»g tbeir father, i- n """" - ^ - —•--- — other relatives in Bluffs and Oinftba tbia Mr, and Mrs. Less vWted - ,__ her wetbw, Mrs. w. p,-Wntbi' JJ F , »n4 Mrs^ F. CJ. iJojcbsrsper" Saturday. ger and Mr. aod Mrs, Cecil and so»s« jgj^ ^4 cAUdrea were t» of Colorado msjieah Sfttui'day. "bjs'irdtier, Hvry' PaHer* what might have be«m a very serious ftcctde^t occurred Thursday nifW. Jft» MeUte UHW ft *tlcfe at » critter to bead it thraufb tfte gate and tae stick rebQUBded WttluK Jge In tbe eye, IK struck below the p,uj4l 4 h» b,a» » wlgWy eye, the sight 1* hj> fcawly You Cannot Find a Better Trii> to the .D'S FAIR At Any Price, than BEACON CITY 'Consider your trip to the fair from any angle —economy, convenience, or the opportunity you 11 have to see the most of the fair—in every instance the advantage KfeKQfflK the Beacon Way cannot be overlooked. Bea- w^WofteraTw airtKeiJervices and conveniences of a fine hotel, combined with the comfort of living nva beautiful, suburban country club; besides a completely worryless vacation, it offers you an unexcelled opportunity to learn about the fair and understand it while you are there. We believe that in-no other way can you have so many opportunities for pleasure and profit, combfnedL with complete freedom to do what you please, when you please, ft Live in A Country Club. After strenuous, exciting days and nights at the fair, you will return to the quiet and comfort of delightful cottages on the grounds of a beautiful country club. You will find excellent beds, bedding, and complete maid service. Removed from the dirt end noise of Chicago, you can sleep at Beacon City, In the morning there are walk? to take about the grounds, golf or swimming for those jwho dejjre it, an opportunity for a complete rest before another day at the Fair, i * • Not a Worry in the World, You can forget your worries at Beacon City and spend your time enjoying the fair, Forget about troublesome hotej rates*— forget about finding satisfactory restaurants for meals' —forget about Chicago traffic and getting back and forth to the fair every day — forget about tickets and standing In line to get them : all these are taken care of £«j you by Beacon City. You'll spend your time at the fair — not getting in and out e| it, • Yow'U $0* Twice ss Mweb« Jt is hardly an overstatement to say that the person who goes to the fab- the Beacon Way will see twice as much as the one who goes to the fair unpre» pired, a»d "on his own." It is impossible to describe tow vast and complex the fair really is, The person who walks through the gates Into that magic city, and wanders aimlessly from building to building will only scratch the surface of the fair, Perhaps the greatest serv» ice rendered by Beacon City is that of the short morning talks about the fair and the suggestions how to see it, A daily bulletin is issued notifying Beacon City folks of the events of the day. Guides are always available, and will be stationed throughout the fair to help you if you wish. No other tour to the fair offers A service quite like thU, will • Bring the Children! By all means bring the children to see the fair. Don't worry about what to do with them in the mornings and at night. Beacon City provides nurses, counselors and supervisors for young folks of all ages. They will have special play and entertainment at Beacon City. When you go to the fair at night they will be taken care of, taken to supper, and finally put to bed by trained young supervisors. • Figure it out. Can you go to the fair more cheaply? No. Can you go more conveniently/ No. And nowhere but Beacon City can you find such a combination of the many helps to make your visit really the event of a lifetime. to youm)ve*~ w, H your How to Go the Beacon Way It's easy to go to the World's Fair the Beacon Way, but it is necessary to ac£ at once if you wish to be sure of a reserva' tion for the particular week you want to go, There are Three Simple Steps i, Kwolt at TUo Mttlvem Lender office, by wmkiUK « wbou you wwit tu uo unU uu» tify liWor & Bluvuwoii, WusliluBton, Jowtt, «t Iwiwt two weeks lUiwwl ul tiuie. (4 forw lor tiU« ituruuso will bu i>ru* 8. Urlvu your www mv «r ga aw tlu> (rulu U» itaM«0u Ulty. (VVi> will fur fttiae* 1 HUuwlutf uaw IbjUt in iHM*lly m tlutt yuu wrlvp uu ol «U« jwluU you will tbo far, iU» ftoo i* >uvw ttwu, wt warrlu* IMU! you will IHtt YUCftllUU Of JttUP Ww Don't risk beiug diaupliolnted by the that there ure no BBUCOII City re»er- v»tiojui wvttllubla tar the week you want to go — enroll uo\v auU N *urw. Koklttw unU |om» urt* ut Tb« lumiUr 01*

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