The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on September 14, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, PHYSICAL CULTURE. A Remedy For ninny of the Present Day Ills. As tho majority of women of tho present day nro morn or less interested in physical culture, tho following ndvico taken from nn English nrtlolo on tlio snhjoct may bo of service: Physical exercise should bo taken regularly mul continued through life. It is n remedy against ninny of the diseases prevalent nt tho present tlino. All \vho desire strength, health and beauty should take plenty of outdoor exorcise In addition to the homo or gymnasium exercises. Outdoor exercises help to tho development of the respiratory organs. Gymnastics should bo directed toward promoting the licnlthy activity of tho organs that naako blood, to correcting do- LOUNOINO BODE. fects and to the perfection of tho human figure. The most helpful movements are «lso tho most beautiful. The Greeks cultivated tho body as no other nation has •done, with this result. In training one Should begin slowly and build up the weak parts first; then exercise should be taken so as to brine nearly all tho muscles into .notion at tho snnio time. This stimulates the action of the heart and lungs, besides increasing the circulation and respiration. Many muscles of tho body, from lack of use, waste away. Tlio technical term for this wasting is atrophy, and to avoid it every muscle In the body should be exorcised regularly. Light, quick exercise is the best. Heavy dumbbells or pulley weights should not bo used. One hour's vigorous exercise daily is all that is needed nnd should nhvays bu followed by a tepid bath. Avoid everything that throws extra strain upon tho heart, nnd aim at the correction of errors of nutrition. A delicate person should never eat immediately nftor exercising actively, especially if she has made tho common mistake of overexerting herself. Tlio illustration shows a lounging robe of dahlia crcpon trimmed with black lace and black embroidery. A band of narrow embroidery confines the shivred yoke, and lengthwise ban Is trim the elbow sleeves. J'lUlC ClIOLLET. THE BIRD SLAUGHTER. luillo Cliollct Calls tlio Truffle Wicked and the Work Cruel, At an auction room in London not long llnco were sold 404,000 blrdsUins from iho West Indies and Brazil as well nslioO,- DOO from the Hast Indies. All those were Cf choice mill brilliant colors aud d'-sigued lor millinery purposes. This wholesale slant-liter is being continually carried on pt homo nnd nbruud by blrdcutchars, somo BO called sporting men arid thousands of other nondescripts regularly engaged in the wicked triillic, and who are well paid for (heir work, llfrds' wings are In gn-at demand fur Indies' bonnuts, and us a con NEW GOWNS FOB PALL. The gown on the left is of drab orapoti, the flouncing nnd cane bcini? of crenm gnipnre. The other is of gray crepon, wide ikirt, with two ruffles. Ihe waist is shirred back and front into a yoke and again at the bolt. The child's sailor frock is of plain flannel trimmed with silk, and the other in made of parmetta oloth trimmed with soutache. today seldom has. Too often sho seems like n young Incly out down In a costuino fhc elaboration of which rivals tuut of t!iu alliio of her grown sister. The dimity nnd lawn gowns In which little peoplo have been keeping so fresh and cool this summer must, so daiuty an auounsory us could bo devised and makes a charming finish to a costume of muslin, taffeta or mousseline de sole. Tho frills or full lace with which it Is trimmed renders it as becoming to slender women as tho boa. Most of the really pretty fashions seem to be mount for slendct women, the tailor styles alone being left as the special vantage ground of full rounded proportions. It Is rather a pity that tailor made gowns are not universally becoming, as they are extremely simple and convenient and •stand a great deal of rough usage without showing any ill effects, whereas frills, puffs and ruffles are Boon dusty or draggled, and when they have once lost tho orispncss and flufflness that wore their chief beauty are very little moro than untidy wisps ot cloth. SpcaklnR of tailor made fashions, covert cloth is as fashionable this fall as It was ill Uruss ua nui- iniAul.u"= of 3O a^,i was dowdy and antique. That this free dorn is occasionally misused Is an unavoidable thing; but, on tho whole, it is nn advantageous change, as the consciousness ot looking well always Improves the spirits and manner. The Illustration shows a princess house gown suitable for a middle aged woman. It is of ophelia surah, lined with taffeta. A Bounce of lace, headed by pearl passe- menterie, simulates a deep yoko. Tho bolt is of white satin ribbon, and a tulle ruche surrounds tho neck. JUDIC CBOLLET. MADE OVER GOWNS. How to Make Them Attractive at Little Expense. To remodel an old evening dress for ordinary use add a deep basque, full if one Is slender, slightly gathered If tho opposite. Such a basque is extremely pretty in lace, plaited surah or plaited silk muslin, and at once renews the youth of tho toilet. Laee blouses made with long basques are also worn by tho economical over old gowns of a bright color and smarten them up wonderfully. Overskirts and blouses of light jotted lace also renovate old silks, whatever their hue. To successfully fill up tho docollettage and turn a ball gown into a serviceable demitoilet buy two lengths of loco or of black or white guipure, according to tho color of tho gown. The first should be about 1>$ fingers In width, the second still wider. Take tho narrower, turn up tho edge to make a frill round the neck and gather it Into five parallel rows ot the LITTLE GiriL'B GOWK. to hoaVvor clothing. Gingham, pique and duck, such an little boys' suits arc ofteu mode of, can bo worn far Into the fall, but muslins are on the cvoof disappearing until another year. In woolen goods, cloak- Ing and china silk, rod bids fair to be as popular as over, while golden brown is also much liked. A fall coat for a girl from 8 to IS years old is of this shade, with turnover collar and cuffs of darker velvet. The coat, which Is half length, is fitted behind, but has a straight double breasted front, closed with two rows of buttons. The scams are double stitched, and stitched pockets are sewed on outside. A thin oloth suit for a very little hoy Is mode with three box plaits back and front from nock to hem and Is confined at tho waist by a leather belt. Tho puffed sleeves have a deep cloth cuff, while a broad-white linen collar covers the shoulders. The little girl's gown illustrated is of china silk accordion plaited. It is shirred at the nook and shoulders to form a puffed yoke, which Is outlined by a guipure col- l.-ir. The full elbow sleeves are gathered into n ribbon band, and ribbons trim tho shoulders and cross tho bodice of tho frock. JUDIC CHOLLET. CARE OF THE HAIR. BLACK GOWK. last spring, and in tan, mode or gray shades makes most serviceable gowns nnd coats. Tho skirt of the gown requires no lining, but should bo worn over a silk petticoat. One petticoat of some serviceable shade may thus take tho place of a separate lining to a number of skirts and will bo found a useful addition to tho ordinary wardrobe. Dark and medium similes are suitable for street use, while delicate tones should bo reserved forindour and oven ing wear, being easily dofncwl and always getting the worst of the dust raised In walking. The sketch fallows a gown of black mous- solino de soio. The skirt is accordion plaited, while the bodice is shirred to form a yoko. The upper pare of tlio puffed elbow filc'ovcs Is shirred to fit tho round of the shoulder. A fullilchii surrounds tho opon iidck, and a blac.k moire rihlion is tied around tlio waist. Jl'Dlc CHOU.KT. GOWNS FOR THE MIDDLE AGED. At- STliAW HAT. •oquenca myriads of thoso living gems of mituru are barbarously hunted to their death. Ono of the numerous trifles that mako up a fashionably trimmed bonnet is a •louder spiral feather ot the most fragile appearance, which waves and nods with Iho slightest waft of wind. It IN worn, too, In thu evening and may be nwn In uvury tint, surmounting aigruts of roses or a group uf Imtturlllou which sofim to ru- jiosu on folds of airy nut or tulle. The or- Ddinont Is culled ait ouprey. Tho original owners are tho egrets nnd tho smaller sort of heron, who wear thorn in tho spring and tUo breeding season. Thu cruelty practiced in obtaining them, If generally known, would surely put an end to thu trulflo In those pi union, hnwuvur graceful uud, bouonilng they may bu. The old birds nro deliberately killed olt In tiourua while employed In feeding their young, who arc Ji'ft to starve to death In tliolr IIOHI/B in hundreds, 'i'hulr dying otlua oro tlusorllxxl us liuurtroiidlilB. A pivtty hat, made so without dm uld uf wings or ulgreU, U shown III tliuHlmtrli. U U <>f mixed gruun and white straw and in trimmed with grown ribbons and red uhon'U's, with tliulr luuvos. JUUJOClIOU.KT. Mothers and Oruml mot hern May Itu tired In Soft Bright Tints. Jn color <ir.d in tho shape of dross mat- tors liuve id Lured very greatly to tho advantage of an elderly woman of Into years. It lisod to bo un article of faith with her and her dressmaker that shu niua'u not hu too smart, and a sort of InmplncsBparvnd- ed her general aspect. It Is now, however, tho young people who insist tlmft their mothers and I holy grandmothers shall not give tlionitit'lvL'S up In thu mntlor of ilensa and take on for their own wear the liopi- luss habiliments to which thnyannn would huvo beuu duuiued. Daughter* now throw Dressing* That Arc Neither Untidy Nor Harmful. The use of oils on tho hair has gone out of fashion, bub there are many persons to whom something of this sort is almost a necessity. The hair becomes so dry that its beauty is gone, und in addition It Is so badly nourished that it loses Its strength and luster. In such cases a little flue oil is tho proper remedy. Those who have very dry and rough hair, especially if subject to pain and fevcrishness in the head, will do well to try some softening application, at least as on oxpnrlment. It is said that, tin ounce of glycerin to a pint of rosownter, with two or three grains of quinine, thoroughly shakuu to- CIUFTON* m.OUSE, Tho second piece, which should bo deep enough to full to the waist, is then gathered so as to form u point, In tha center, cut out r>"iT thu shoulders, gathered and riativ. -.i/nllarly at, tho back, where it fastens invisibly. To keep all in placu n Kiiuichwomiin would sew a button on to the evening dress and secure the lace to it. The junction of the two pieces is hld- don by an Insertion of jot ji;i:>semontor1o that nniK round Ilko a yoko and In crossed tit tho shoulders by two somibrnouB of tho minio, (Hiding off bank and Irunt with liwvy jut fringe. Ulhlxm to mutch, one's belt may bu Introduced under tho Insertion, und a gown available fur theater wisar or for a small puny In thus constructed at but little trouble or expense. Tlio (.ketch KhinvH 11 Kliu|ilii chiffon blouse, which may bu made with an old silk bodlun as a foundation. Thu chiffon In giithorud ut thu throat and bull und Biuurtened by the addition of hwu about thu neck and uu tha elbow sleeves. JUOIO CUOLLET. Are tlie outcome of 30! years' experience in | designiug, construct- 1 ing aud testing stoves. In them are combined all the bestji devices known to the __ stove maker. They are 1 built upon right lines | to give the reatest i jLARGESTSTOVEPtANTINMWORLPl the right material to give the longest service at the | least cost for repairs. They are of the latest patterns, | finished iu the handsomest manner. Ask to see them | at the dealers. The Trade Mark will identify the genuine. \ Ctmmplonshlp Tonlils O»mc». KANSAS CITY, Sept. 12.—The series of tennis games for the championship of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska were begun here Tuesday and will continue the remainder of the week. Con|tr«unMn Heard'* Opponent. SEDAUA, Mo., Sept. 12.— The Republican convention of the Seventh congressional district nominated Colonel Trncey of Springfield by acclamation as Congressman Heard's opponent. 'I .nvpnder'Tollet \Nnegar. A simple yet delightful toilet vinegar can hu nm<k> tluis: Macorntn ono-fourth pound of Irusli lavender for a fortnight in about a quart cf vinegar. A few drops In water form an admirable lotion for the skin. It alleviates headache, while it is stronaly antiseptic, cooling and refreshing in tho sickroom. A little mny be placed In a saucer or sprinkled about near tho bed, and a few drops In water used for bathing the head, face and bauds. Tliclr Favorites. First Girl—I like a man with u past. A man with a past is always Interesting. Second Girl—That's true, but I don't think he's nearly as interesting as a man with a future. Third Girl—Tho man who Interests me is the man with u present, and tho moro txponslve the present is the moro interest take in It,—Bwitou Budget. The Moon and the Wives. I saw the moon bright, full anil round, Uihed Its bcums o'r all the, ground. And then there cnme tlilfl thought to me Our wives Just like that moon Khonld be: Fair, full, all rounded nut and bright And by their jirvsenea shedding light. Yen, find the? will be it In time of any functional derangement) or organic troubles, tbqy take Dr. Pierco'a Favorate Prescription. No woman should keep hoimn without U. U Is a cure for tho "complaints" pocullai' to ber sex, W. H. KtcburdstS'ii returned tc Tex., after 80 years nnd found his wife remarried Sh? retnrni'd to him and thny are suing the second husband for thu DR, DOWNING This wall known and Hucee.iefnl otioolnllst la Chronic and Norvoue dlsoaeos and diseases of the Bye and Ear, by roquost of many friends and paMenti, will visit CARROLL, IOWA Saturday, September II Burke's Hotel One day only every month. OonBuUntlon free TAILOR MADE AND OTHER GOWNS. V'Ubhluiik In t'olura, UuHlllkn, Style* mill 'i'rliiuuluK*. Marie Aiitolnutto ttulni, iw|»vr;My niado of tlui tuuiio goods a» lh>< > •'<" go.w» With which it 1» to l*>. worn, i>. :w 1IOIJKU GOWN. twuy thulr mothum' ouim or give tltara to the housukoiiiiur, und vvltJi u pretty tyranny liiulbt that tho soft rullu uf white hulr fcliull bu aYi-angi'd In suuh fashion at to tint forth to thu bunt udvuntutfothu fading fuutui'uti that thuy lovu HO well. Thu mother of UU proteuU and think* Hho ought to wear hluuk or ut tho moit (lurk gray tmd bum that hur now gown in loo fashionably out. Hut thono objection* uro K'tiinrully uvorrulod, and tiutli wins und auughturtt Uivo tu BCKI tliulr mother* prettily dniHMxi In »nft bright tints and wm••• Ing Hunwiitu which do not uluwuru HID KiiRvful liguivs tiut- many woinuii man- n«o (« ivtulii well on Into old ago. Thu inlddlo itgul woman uf today Is uu Hall)' 1 * rirnt Stoi>». A well kept buby will walk when hn gets ready. Ho doesn't need imy lessons Lot him alone. Sen that his fulls are broken and his hurts kissed better, but don't touch him to bo u trump. Urging a child to stand ulouo Is an excellent wny to nrlp- pie him for life. When the young bird's wings are strong, he knowi> It and Hlos ott. As soon as tho baby's leas are strong enough to support him, liu, t<iu, will Htmn) un and walk off. Ulvo him u uhuucc.— Uubyhood, ^_ 8nr« l<> He 8ulix:t. Knriner 1'wivlok—Bu you fulk* goln tor tha church social at thu CunuTbtUla ovuu- luf Mr». Buinmorboard—I tluuk not. Wo rarely go to affairs of Iliac kind uuloaa they are very Reluct. Kurmor l j euvlck—Oh, thin ln-ro'Il ba so- leot enough I The Buleotintin uv tho village Is all golu to be there—liobtou 0er <»ld. . - CHIUPREN'8 FASHIONS. Ikimuthliiy I'lua»lnn Aliuul ilm Htylu* of Huuy Visur* A HO. Tor tho past two yearn lltiln girls' fash- IOUH, Ilko thubo Uf their inothurtf, huvu khdWii uu upprouoh to thosu of 40 yearn Bgo, liut the upproucli has nut l>o«li Hour uuough, (urtunately, to \vnrrnut ll>oodlo«u puntulet iu thrusUng ItHulf into tho uy» "f llio publlo. Ho fur only thu mure attract Ivu ft'aturoH at thttt rarlinr jwrlutl huvi< Uiuuruvlvud—lihm'tutoiikliiUH.Nliortiilouvi'i! and Himbuuiiuta. Th«ru Ib Kuiin-lhliitf vury pltuislag about thu buljy waUtii, ful^nkirtx and unklu tluNlhutouriiintlii-rH wurowlo'ii they ivuit) •hllditui, u blmphi and luflintllu look that tliw clulhlng of thu lUt)y girl ol KVENIN'O COICrKI.'K. gcthor, makes an csiTlU'iit liuir tunic. Tho trillo of glycnrin gives It. nolMiess and inoiBturo and u very pri-Wy nl |l!itt - Caro must bo taken, howuvur, to ki-ep thu bond away from dust as much us pussibln, for tho glyuirin will hold it .•mil f.u'.in iiniku tho most, hc/uitifiil braid dull nnd grimy looking- It Is u fiueslliin Indrc-il If dry-, ness Is not im'fi'nibU) to tin 1 moisUmi K'veil by uioHi chiiHsiiigH, ut Iciist, In tho elty, whore the atninsphom Is full of minute cinders, nnd whi-ro fn«iuont wiislilngrt arc ncccfi.siiry In ordi-r to kuoji tho hair uloan. ovon wliun no bti«ky or oily luilrdresHlug Is used, liuir should be neuti l.o thu touch us well as to the eye, and excessive dry ness would seem to Indicate tho need of a tonlo fur tho gonerul health rather than local treatments. Quassia water Is considered by Eoniu portions to bu beneficial to the hair, und It has at least tho negative virtues uf hulng noltlier untidy nor harmful. Tho Illustration shows an evening coif- furo In -whloh tho hair Is lightly waved und drawn to the crown of the head, where It iu culled. A fuw light locks full over thu forehead. To Olitnlu » Perfect Figure, Kow women know how to luou a cornet HO an to obtain a perfect llguru. The Idou of a corHKt \n support und not u harness, A big (uirtiiit that s(|Uo<t'M<B In and compresses thu lUinh given u false Imprusslon of tho Fronoh Ideal. A ohuruclurlstlu of the true Krunuh llguru IB Its toft, graceful lines. Thu waist IH ua tightly luoed UH poa- blble, but them IH llttlu onrbot below and lebs uhove tho xviilst llnu, antl HO thu buau- tlful lluuu of Hi* fomahi form urn glvuu fnu'duni. —I'lttoburg DlupuUih. KubU-r glovuu are a great Having of time and labor over the huiuU, iw thuy KOOU thujji free from any gruuhu nnd dirt llkuly to Iw uliiiurlHxl wlxju dulng A Good Appetite. ilwuys acc.ompanlc° good lienltli, nnd nn absence of nppetltc Is an ludUsnllnn of Momotbluc wrong, Tbo unlversiil tustlmony Klven by UIPBB who huve UHHd Flood's Sai-BapnrlllH, iia to its merits In restoring appetite, and 119 a purlllor oJ the blood. countllntCH the BlrangpNt recuiiunen datlon tljut CHII be urged for any medicine. Hood's Fills cure nil liver Ills, billou.-iness, Jauudlco, IndlgesUou, blcK houdnelie. 25e. Trepnrntlons for nn industrial exposition ot ginnt proportions, to be held in 189T, are being muds in Stockholm. Sweden. - ^ "Jack tho Giant Killer." The child's Btory of ".luck, the (iliint Killer" furnlBlieu u uirlklnt! Illustriitlun of the clUciicj 1 uf »i»iiil ui;uiiclB» tuwunlK iho eu(i|iree(lun ul great evils, when jii'iU-lmisly um-d. '1'lin iliirlnt; exploits of brnve IIHIe Jiick rpinhid* us, in tliHr resultnol the wowlcvtnl ucblovcmonta ol Dr. F)L-rco',s I'leauant IVllels In Ijuullng wltli tin: glnnt, dlNnisos. Uelntlvuly, tb« iironori ion between the yoiithlul haru, und uld Itlunderbore, IH uppiirently nut Cramer tlun tint between tbe little "I'elk-f" nnd tbe relentless roojitilmvlileh l-rcy* upon tlio vlt«l». Yt-l, tlia "Hellots" coinns nil' uomjuer >r of coMHllputlun, hick bouluehe, Ijlllloumit'Ba and kindred nilmFMit'< uvi-ry tlmn. If yon uro KulTertiiK Iroui clUierHuiitnor ubrnnlis (Unorder or the digestive organs, try tbiH sure remudy. Labor Cointnissioner Wright says the investigtitlon of Hit- strike was iiiccegsful and belitvta It will result In great good. Mi-.Uu>iM»t.Bo{ MUHOU City, In., liiivl Uu< cornur stone for a now church to COHI $:iu,- OOU, DR. DOWMNG Author o( "Nervoae Debility." "GonerHU Kxaastton, Its OHUBI>. und Cnn\" etc. This Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well und favorably known throuKboat nortliwoBt for ibu many wonderful cnred or nil form* of th 1VOUS DISK AH K8 iilcti ha bafi elf«clf <l Una lm<l bullied the ukll uf ether physician* nnd B| cclallsts. Ho Cures \Vh«u Others Full. iilseiiHeB of Kyoa nnd Kiirs, Uruuulntrd Ijlds, (.'(iturnct, Croua Kyua lUrnlKluoncd wltlioat piilu or dunKor, DifUluirghiK K.H-B, DnnfiieBB etc., DlBenaes of NOM< niut throat, Oatnrrh; UronCililtls, ABthmii, uto. J)lti-!iU(i« of .stomach and Liver, UyBpouelii, liicllge«iioii, lluurlliurn, lillllouBneBB, Jnundiue, nlis. Kidney nnd Bind- jorTroubloh, jtlood n»'l Bliln HIKUIISUB, Sorof uln, I'lmplcu, Illou'lios, Kry.uniM, Uliwre, uto. Nervous ulBciiHUB, lluuUatius llynloriii. Insomnia, Luuk of Vitality,^<ir, Nervouauaaa. Ulii'UinatlBin, NL-urii[|;iii, mo. l>lso«Et'B of Women, Deformities iMirtcicul opcnitlons of nil khuln Bur.cuDBf ully in-ctuvmoil. DiKi Hiicidl^ A^-cd ]>lf,tt A Household Treasure. I D. W. Fuller, orCiianujQlirle, N. Y., snj'» tliut bo always keeps Dr. Kln«'» New Discovery In the bouse and bis family hnaalwnri found the very best results follow Us line; that he would not bo without It, If proourbiile. If, A. nykenmn, drug- KUt.Oiitsklll.N. Y.,BSFH tlmt Or. Kt nil's New DlecoverylsundoubttHlly tUo boat cough reined); that he has uned In kit fuinlly for eight yearn, and It ha« never f Hlled to da ull Hint In ulnlmed for It. Wby not try u remedy no long tried und tested. Trial bottl«a rree ut J, w, Hutton's drug itora. Huguliir slzu 'Wo and f 1.00. Bundlt* made A ileuciunt on tliu hunk at Tewsott, Kan., und robbed It of 11,000. In • fight with cltUenu mm of thu Utter urui Buoklen's ^ruioa BaJvo Tli* be«t »Mlvtt In U)0 world lor Ctilit, Druleee, AJalmdiu'wUl Julu \fHAt UM i'upulluU uud Kui'iiblluuiiH In un uttumpt Iu dufi'ut tUo Ueuioorntlo utudlduU>«. Al Iloiinoku, Vu., tho HrldKKWHli-r liivtl A- Ing, c.ouuiiuiiig many tiiduuu-ioH, wu» il«- Mtroyiul, eiilttilllig H lonnuf KHI.UOCI, M». A. U. Alllleruf lUxicoi-, UU.. wtw kiilwt by |»uiKun |iut Iu u (u\tmrrlntlott by tt Ob*pp*d UltDdk, CbUblulin.Coiuu Hnd Iroplloiii, *ud ponliivuly ouruu filiMI VI •« P»y rs^uliud. U Ufcuarftuled to f,i«6 |>«r(«ol lAllnfMtloB 0r inounr rofuuded. filon if o*a\t rotwleb J- W.lUUoo. Tilt) runmliw of tlu- Count do J'/irl» bo iutorrod at Wuybrldgo, Surry, Uu*. Morloy Muhaiuiuud, thu eltieHt «ou ot the I«U Bultun of Morocco, lion hunn pro ululmwl wiiiMJror by thu roliol UlUid of thu •outU. Srom LOBI Munliooo, Norvona or I'hy- ulcal Debility, Seminal UVhkmiHB, l.out Vigor, Duvllnuof Muuly I'ow.-in, DruliiB, DlBCluirKSs or LoBbtui, Varicoculf, »nd nit iho truiti of ovlla rom Kxcothi'F, In Voutli, ot«. Moniu u/* tbu I'ullotving ullucU. m crvouanoBB. ICmietiloiis, 1'lmplut, KUHcfios, DubHHy. l;i/.^lm as, Dufeullru Aluuiury, Au»uno« of Will i'ower, Couluhlon of I dean, Aversion to society, Boxual ExbaaBilon. Pain In Ibo Hack, ulu., bliKbtlng tho most riiUlHni bopea, render- derlug murrlago unliupny und buHlntsu u fall uro; sweeping lljoiiunxila In an untliiiuly grave Xo muter «'lio luiafulli il, I'.fuiaMlt tlio Doctor, lio bun cured tbouaundH who huvu given up IQ deepRlr. A perfectrostiiratlun. OouBuUiitloni 3»crodl_y conlldenllnl. I>'i'ajf uru dungurouB. M A RR I AGE . TUouu notitninpltttlng mar- r;uge who uro uwure ot pin-hluiil clefoeU or noes wblob ivould render niiirrfiiKO a Uli- uppoiutinonl would do well iu cul'. on UB, FREE oxnniiDiitloii <>i tbu Uriue, cheinloal nnduilcrofivnploul In ill! (;IIH«H of Kidney 1)18- OUBO, Utl|jbl'bl>iB«H»e, DtulwiisA, uu<* toriliouti. llrli/g spttclmuii. REMARKABLE I'm;* »,orl«el,id iu old ses wliiofi h«vo Tioen ncgloctud (ir unskilfully krontad. Ho experiments or tulluro. farlloi kreiilod by mull or u\iirm» ; but where ponnlblo pureanul connnUullon nrolurrud. CWOB and oorreBpundunce ftirluily noutldou cml and medicine lem to uity pitrt of th* UnUeii Htatoi), List of iiuomloiiB iron. A4- rHKK wild liotlago, PK. UOWMKti. lib West Madison Street, Chicago, lli». The ART AMATEUR. (Till- only Art I'erludli'Hl iiuuruud aMudulM tbe World's Kltlr.) Ilivuluiiblu for till who wl«h U> nuike, tlielr living by urt or to iiiuku (lu-lr hiiuifu beautiful. P'nr 1 rir> wu wl " Hf '" (l '" ""yoiio mentlui J. Ul l\J\j (iniiiuuiiiiH imblleiitluii u tueoi nifii copy, will) Buporb color pltuut, (rorooiiylngortramliiK) ami HHIIP- lileinenliiry imges of iivflitnii (n'Buliir iir|i!« thirty live o«nlH). In- Pnr QKr> WH \\lll bun-l nlso "filNTINtt r or <aoc KouuhuiNMiBb-diopa*!*). 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