The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE It* fttt MALVfettS IfeAStft, MALVfeft*. roWA. Wfrfe 2ft, HENDERSON Red Cotrple Afinotiflcfc Red Oak, June 13. —Mtas Eta the Henderson Fire Depart» lettering, Red Oak school teach- meat, Who hate done ft lot tt pro- er, and Jerry Workman, employe I tecttng Henderson and snrround- , of a local bank, hate announced thetr marriage as having taken place April 2, 1933, at Troy, Kan. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Pickering of Gravity, Is., and for the last three years has been domestic science Instructor at Red Oak, following her attendance at the Unltersity of Colorado, Iowa State college, ing cotratry from fifes the past few years, are planning on a big festltal and social good time in Henderson next Saturday ete- nlng, June 24. They start the thing off with a big chicken snpper beginning at 6:30 p. m. Then they will hate Prof. N. E. Vance, world's greatest magician, for an entertaln- and the University of Southern j ttent. There will also be open air California. The bridegroom Is a motles and a benefit dance with son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Workman of Grant. Mr. and Mrs. Workman will make their home In Red Oak. Christian Church Notes The Children's bay Jane 11 exercises were well attended In the evening. These were exceptionally well delivered by all who took part and the work of the committee is to be praised and appreciated. The first part of the program was glren by the children. This consisted of recitations, songs, dialogue, and a pantomime. The climax of the evening's entertainment was delivered in the form of a play, given by the Christian Endeavor girls, entitled "Tired of Missions." Our plenty of good music. They ask your patronage. So come and hate a big time and a lot of fun and help the boys replenish their treasury. Tickets 2 cents. Mr. *nd Mtt. Oatttton at fNtt Motoes sp*nt tie wee* ««d to tfte C. H. Amfct frome. *r. CHrrHW* *«d Mr. Attic* were *oyf»»d friends so of course the tfsft was a pleasant one. Hie Garrison* «r« entente to Washington. An orchestra Is fcetng org*tt- feed at the M. B. church here composed of the yonng people from the Henderson M. fi. and Wesley Chapel churches. It will be under the direction of Elizabeth Phillips. They held theft first meeting Monday etening. C. A. Wight has been enjoying a vacation from his duties as mall carrier. Earl Allensworth has been substituting for him. Alice Aralck has been ttslttng friends at Corning the past few days. * tfaet *i fft* ML Js. ' - ftl&tJUjfJF Ih T^W^T fr-| if <fcfa«3t, Bfej.'a. OuaOmf SCJKHyi ovIIOvJr Mr. omrfften gate * re*dfn* ah*. Pfcsrl HeYeer and ttWfr Were gtfeslt f-rttat M tfte fee* Wit- Mr. *** Wrs. D*rw» Soft of omaftf safest the *Mi tat *ft& thetr ptflBls. Grant Hockenherry ttttted M« dftaghter, JSfrs. C. II. Workman, and famfi? at Shenaijdoat Sanda?. the Doling people attending the Ihstflttie at indianola last week wilt- hate charge of the sertfces M the M. B. church neit Bttftday «*»Mftg. TEef* wilt be special, rantfe also. Uelorle fiatls of Emerson spent the wee* end in the Art balls home. EMERSON missionary offering was unusually large and we wish to thank all who contributed. The commit- h °™e the last of the week from tee In charge of the evening was a '•» days visit with Mrs. Long - The Christian Aid enjoyed tislt Wednesday afternoon from Mrs. C. H. Amlck. The afternoon was spent in quilting after which a lunch was served by Mrs. John Ayers. fifteen were present. Ed Wilkinson and son, Jlmmle had business In Omaha Tuesday Word has been received here ol the death of Mrs. Dr. Drlter. She passed away oter a week ago at Iowa City where she had been recuperating from a second opera* tlon. A year ago, June 6, her husband passed away following an auto accident. Mrs. Wayne Simmons returned Mrs. J. S. Triplett, Arline Harbor, and Sylvia Wright. necker of Randolph. Mrs. Longl- necker was Miss Oarris before In The afternoon'There were her marriage and a teacher in our four baptisms. This was the fifth school. consecutive year that that ordinance has been observed on Children's Day. Alpha A. Wright, pastor. Christian Church Note* Last Sunday Garwln S perry and family united with the church by Christian baptism. It is an inspiring sight to see father, mother, and children come together in this great step toward better Christian living. Others are expected soon. In spite of the hot weather the church is well filled every Lord's day evening' as we follow the story of the Bible in pictures on the screen. Next Sunday evening we will have the last year of Christ's ministry. Some of the world's greatest paintings are reproduced In this series. The Oaks choir rendered two numbers for us last Sunday eve- ning.These young "people 'a>e allowing real talent under the direction of Win Castor. Bible school and morning service are keeping up fine and we cordially invite anyone to at- Frank Oxford returned to his home in Macedonia over a week ago from Savannah, Mo. where he had spent a month taking treatment for cancer. Mrs. L. W. Triplett received word from her sister, Mrs. George Triplett, of Fort Morgan, Colo, that she and her husband left last Thursday for California •where they expect to spend a year. Mrs. Benton and Mrs. Merrel Crouse were in Red Oak Tuesday afternoon. Jud Tibbies and wife who hate been In Torrance, Calif, hate returned to their home in Santa Ana, Calif. They report the Luther Andrews family, former residents here, getting along fine and all are enjoying fine health. Lon Coleman and wife were in Omaha and Council Bluffs Thursday. ' Mrs. Denver M*rt'» funeral June 14 The funeral of Mrs. Denter Mart, mention of whose death was made in last week's Leader, was held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock In the Baptist church, conducted by the pastor, Ret. Jos. F. Stllle, assisted by Rev. L. E. Rlpley, pastor of the Methodist church, and was one of the largest attended funerals held here In a long time. Flowers In great profusion testified to the love and esteem of friends and relatltes, church and society. Music was furnished i» Mr, Mr*., C., &.<->Liiid«0jr • returned and Mrs. I. N. Cheney, C. Oreenwood, and Mrs. W, H. Cramer with Miss Ruth Cheney as accompanist. Burial was in the Emerson cemetery. The pall bearers were Ray Douglas, Will Douglas, Ronald Datls, Rex Datis, Bert Datis, and Cecil Datls. Helen May Datis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Datis, was born at Elk City, Okla., Nov. 10, 1910 and died in Omaha, June 2, 1933, aged twenty-two years, eten months, and two days. She moted with her parents to Emerson when she was flte years of age and this has since been »er home. Here she grew to womanhood and received her education. She was married to Denver W. Mart, Oct. 30, 1989 and to them was born one daughter, Etaline, ?ho with the husband survive her. She is also survived by ber parents, flte brothers and three isters, and her aged grand- i mother, beside* many other tlves and MendralJ ojI wbo the last of the week from a few( c «rely mourn her passing. days^visit with friends in Council, .She was baptized and united • with the Baptist church in Em- Datis went to Emerson! er8 °n, Feb. 3, 1824, of which she unday for a tlslt with relatives, i Wft s a member at the time of her tend and i with us. enjoy these sertlces Alpha A. Wright, pastor. Mrs. Addle Boileau and Margaret Harbor were in Red Oak Tuesday afternoon. Dr. French of Carson was in town Friday. TF YOU SMOKE TOO~»IUCH WATCH YOUR STOMACH For quick relief from indiges- , tlon and upset stomach due to excessive smoking try Dr. Emll'a Adla Tablets. Don't stop smoking Just use Adla Tablets. Drug Co, Collins adv SPECIAL LOW RATES over Fourth of July Route -• Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Keester of Schickley, Nebr. and Lee Boileau of Strang, Nebr. visited June Boileau from Saturday until Monday, Champ Harover and family of Adel spent the week end here with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harbor drove to Indianola Saturday afternoon for some of the young people who had been attending Institute there the past week. Floyd Keester and wife, Lee Boileau, Jim Houser and daughter, Addle, and June Boileau were entertained Sunday evening for supper in the Clyde Gravltt home. Joan Phillips of Lincoln, Nebr. came Friday to visit her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Phil* death, she was a member of the choir and a member of Mrs. I, N, Cheney's Sunday school class. I. N. Cheney and family drove o Slow City Monday morning to attend the State Bankers meeting held there. Little Berkly Greenwood, little on of Mr. and Mrs. Horce Greenwood, who was so sick the pas't week with pneumonia was taken the Immanuel hospital in ha Wednesday for treatment. The fever broke yesterday lips. Mrs. Earl Boileau and Mrs. Virgel Galloway and daughter were Council Bluffs visitors Friday. almost everywhere i Hound trip tickets at only three-fourths of the oue way fare will be on sale between all points on the Burlington and to many points on connecting roads throughout the western and southern states. Dfttes of gale June 30 to July 4 inclusive. Tickets good iu coaches or chair cars. KUUIM! trip tickets, at one fare plus 85 cents, good in sleeping cars upon payment of Pullman fare, will also be oa sale to the same flea- tluations for all trains June 30 to July 4 inclusive. i<'imil lU'turu UuiU on both classes of tickets, midnight ;july 7. Houuil Trip F»ut> (M.GO Iva Duke, a former Henderson girl but now of Chicago, has been enjoying a two weeks vacation with her parents In Shenandoah ftdvanttiBs uu at »]M»gt«uu)»r Sheriff's Sale BY VIRTUE OP AN EXECU TION directed to me from the of flee of the Clerk of the Dlstric Court of Mills County, Jowa on a Omaha McMuMift Families The descendants of the late L. 0. MeMttllln of eastefu Mills tft Iniwstroft l rli ftti TtiftiXi SI . itrs. Wftt D. C. C0fp*ii awd L. ft, o«8 ffcfitday SffiiB'eBttta froin a trip. . , . . Wayfee O. Choate f local riStlstrar-^Doijnty fttfid Lawrente Safth tie last of the *reet Antes ttttS trwfn where fce vlsfted relatives at»d friends. Mr. and Mri. 6. D\ Greenwood and Mr. aftd Mrs. fi. R. Paxsott went to Omaha Tftnfstfat to vtttt the former's grandson, Berkley, at the ImmanneT hospital. Berkley is the yottttgest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Greenwood and *af- fered a reTapae from the measles. H. C. Hicks and Frank Oglette returned none Wednesday from Cedar Rapids where they attended the Masonic Grand Lodge. the Christian Home Aid wet last week at the home of Mrs. John Carton. Among the Red Oak visitor* Saturday wefe Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor, Mrs. B. E. Comb* and daughter, Geraldifte, Mrs. Will Kelson and children, Mrs. James Huntsman, Mrs. 3ns Tengstfom, Mrs. L. E. Rice and daughter, Shirley, Mrs. Emily Bnfton and daughter, Blanche, Mrs. want? Held their annual f>ienie tti'vi a* 4 **ttiii*tt d««^>« itiKA 11 in u'bson and Bon, Floyd, and Mttnloii^ Sunday, Jane 11, in the city pafk in Emerson. twenty-nine members of the family wefe present including Mrs. Vernon White and daughter, Ruth, df Houston, Texas, who probably came the longest dis* tance. tt was A most enjoyable day for all of them and the big picnic dinner sorted at noon was one not soon to be forgotten, la the election of officers, Ivan Sllkett of Omaha was elected president and Mrs. Ivan Patterson of Council Bluff*, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Clara Pratt of Red Oak, being the oldest member of 1>aiMt and RttMel , Virgil Baldwin, and Dick Coppage. The next regular examination for uniform county certificates will be held at my office in Olen- wood, Iowa, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, June 28, 29, and 80, 1888. Examinations will begin at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning. Mary Rathke, Co. Supt. the L. D. MeMullln family living. was elected honorary president. Rev. and Mrs. J. F. Stllle and daughter, Mrs. H. L. Stanhke, and little daughter spent Thursday in Council Bluffs with their daughter. Miss Martha Stllle. WBCANOIVBTOU what you want what you want ftf Try us out with yonr next job COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR Mills County, Olenwood, Iowa, Hay 16, 1933. On this the 15th day of May, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of May 4th, with all members present And acting. The minutes of the meeting of May 4th were read and approYed. The following claims were allowed: O. 0. Cole, lo^Sfcl r«f!«fir»M?ol*t^ J*«*4 Cora B. Cotter, Kwal relMraf^Coiraty « Adotph Afp, Co. Sapt. ejection— C#anty l^nnd 3. A. fi**»6tt, Cd,, 8%pf. eftfaiolS-^o^irtf 1 F«t I/. B. Sra»mief, tto. eifrt. *t«atotp-CdHftty f^ffcd *«.*** Braham Labottrtotle* inc., snppties fof eontt betrte" Connty Pattd ^.j.s.^.----A.----~--^-i.-~-m-i.~^------ Sostltch Sate* A Service, Office tftpptie*— County ttttd . Van F. Barnes, dental work at jail— County Fnftd ****. B. R. Blrdsall, 66. Sttpt. election— Ooohty J*tind £S&& «£.a Cllpeon Paint Store, Wplillet tot cofltt trdtittMM&ifttf Edga? Christy* Co. Bnpt. electloft—Coanty Pond K. R. Cook, defending pr1to^«fMJ»ttntf fund Choate Pobllshlnt Co., pfifttlflg— -Cotthty M. C. Bird, repairs at Jail — County Fund ------ „ — . — I B. O. Brulngton, court reporter — Court Expense Fund — Listen L. Hall, court reporter — Court Expense Fund .„„ Otto Judklns, Co. Treas,, Jurors' certia«Uef« Court JBt- 6.30 80.70 38,45 ; Harry Conrad, Co. S8pt. election—County Ffcfid »**.**.* '' CItiiens Power * Light Co., seftl ettS C. honse tnd Jail— COunty Fttnd a,.*.************* i*-»_'»*i»saasa*** S. V. Cooney, boarding prisoner*—Coflfity fond *,*.****. Otvitle H. Dot-bin, Co. supt. election—<5ouhty Fflftd *»*** W. 8. DeMoss, mileage—County Fund *.»»*».***«.*»..» Stella M. Daland, library books—Library Fund *«**-*** Emerson Chronicle, printing—County Fund »_...«..***»» Whitney W. Ollllllahd, commission on nnes—Flwe Fund « J. F. Greene, clerk, eommtsSloner—Iftsane Ftind .*.*... K. 8. Gennflg, commissioner—*l«sane Fund .».*.»*.•*»•. J, M. Donelan, commissioner—Insane Fund .*..*...»—. O. R. Hyde, supervisor—County Fund ...*.»..*...*... Hemdon Cafe, Jurors' meals—court Expense Fund ..... Fred 0. Honser, repairs at Jail—County Fond »««.»». M « Jenktns-Fergetnann Co.* office supplies—County Fund -. Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., office snpplles—County Fund .... B. J. Lookablll, Co. Sapt. election—County Fund ........ Maltern Leader, printing—County Fund .............. O. W, Myers, coroner's fees—County Fund ............ Mrs. J. B. McCrary, Co. Snpt, election'—County Fund ... NW Bell Telephone Co.. services—County Fund ........ F. A. Owen Publishing Co.. library books—Library Fund. Perkins Bros. Co., office supplies—County Fund -...'... Pacific Junction Council, bo&rd of review—County Fond . L. 8. Robinson, Jr., office supplies—County Fund ....... Mary Rathke, mileage—County Fund .....»...._..... Tom Smith, Co. Supt. election'—County Fund .......... C. W. Sawyer, Co. Supt. election—County Fund ........ Chas. W. Shaw, Deer Creek Twp. clerk—County Fund .. F, O, Kochersperger, Deer Creek Twp. trustee—County _ E. O. H. Peterson, Deer Creek Twp. trustee—County Fund H. H. Hlllyer, Deer Creek Twp. trustees—County Fund — J. M. Wyant, Insurance on C. house—County Fond ..... D. E. Whltfleld, Justice fees—Court Expense Fund ..... Jake Frailer, constable fees—Court Expense Fund ..... 8. V, Cooney, constable fee*r-Conrt Expense Fund . Blrdelle Wllkins, Justice fees—Court Expense Fund .... W. 8. DeMoss, constable fees—Court Expense Fund .... Zlon Office Supply, office supplies—County Fund ...... J, E, Anderson, provisions—Poor Fund .........<...—_ Dr. O. M. Agan, Med, aid—Poor Fund ____..__-—..._ Boyers Grocery, provisions—Poor Fund _......—..-. K. A. Baker, provisions—Poor Fund ................. Dr. L. B. Bacon, Med. aid—Poor Fund ................ CltUens Power it Light Co,, services O. ladles' home— Poor Fund „. .__..._„.. , ... ...... Dr. Edgar Christy, Med. aid—Poor Fund .—... Collins Drug Co., drug*—Poor Fund .................. N. W. Colling, provisions—.Poor Fund .... .. .-_.Dr, J. M. Donelan. Med, aid~-Poor Fund ............ R. B. Davis, provisions—Poor Fund _..v.-.-..——.... C, W, Daties, rent 0,'ladles' home—Poor Fund .... Jennie Edmundson hospital, services-—Poor Fund— Green Bay Lbr. Co., coal—Poor JFund ^Sf~"---^'— f -^ W . VI.* rt.>.^l.l.t« AW^....*.*t.M&~.Mlmti..> > "*«.^ iiJt 8.69 1.99 i.10 8.80 1.89 8*!4* 8.40 54.88 188.80 1.80 117,78 86,80 84,46 10.00 «!oo 6.90 S6.69 6,76 6,46 8,86 8.68 .80 66,36 10.40 1.00 68.60 36.00' 7,16 10.09 8.36 34.36 3,40 1.00 6.00 8.00 8,00 8,00 87.01 10.60 8.66 1.30 10,69 10.00 8.71 10.08 6.00 30,88 7,90 1,60 3.33 63.00 4.00 18.18 38,60 49.40; 89.99 S*! nuiu Miner> <H Howard Miller, Woodford Fullerton Whitney W Olenwood- , ,__._ 83W. "RT'Bylngton," defending prisoner—County .Fund / 19, Lumber Co., supplies for Jail—County Fund .. 8. V, Otllilland, commission on nnes—Fine Fund „ 8. 99 00 .80 ,60 Peoples' Natural~Qas Co^services C. house and Jail—County 79.67 O. W. Myers, coroner's fees-bounty Fund _..........- 17.30 Chas. O. Dick, coroner's Jury—County Fund 8.00 Carl Morgan, coroner's Jury.—County Fund „„.__.,„,---- 2.00 W. J. Hamilton, coroner's Jury—County Fund —....... 8.00 Mildred Clark, coroner's reporter—County Fund .._.„— V,': D. AnMll. constable's fees—County Fund .„.——.». Oust L. Kaven, witness fees—County Fund „,-, .-„,F, H. Raynor, witness fees—County. Fund — Hazel Choate, witness fees—County Fund „„_«...„-..— Wayne D. Choate, witness fees—County Fund —— Mrs, Fred Qoehring, witness fees—County Fund „,,-,-,-Timmerman Cafe, jurors' meals—Court Expense Fund ,-, City of Qlenwood, repairs to sewer—Storm sewer Fund .-, j. p. Acbenbach, provisions—Poor Fund „— .-«.. Addy's Store, provJsionsr-Poor Fund „,.....,.„.,...-..-.Drs. Dean & Howard, medical aid—poor Fund 5 W M «» C. W. Dav}es,.rent old ladles' bome-r-Poor Fund „„„.„.!« F. E. Donelan, medical aid—Poor Fund - T-»— ^ mruf+^t* %»M/ f t ^"*» fk*W*»V*W* - l •**1*W»>«T»J' WTT"^ T*»—r T TT —r •— r- — ~ — i- - "^- .-.-,and he now seems to be improv-1 The Hamburg Hospital, hospital servJces-^Ppor Fund — udgment obtained in said court Emerson, on the 13th day of June, 1938,i- V ' V. n favor of O. D. Wheeler as r 'lalntlff and against Robert R 'elrson et al as Defendant, for the sum of $3.286.64 and costs, taxed at 1110.27 and accruing costs, I have levied upon the folding Real Estate situated in Mills County, Iowa, taken as the property of said Defendant to satisfy said execution to-wit: The North-East Quarter ing. Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood are up there with him and the other two children are staying with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cramer. Mrs. Herbert Geopfarth and two sons of Spring Valley, Wis. came Saturday to visit her mother, Mrs. J. w, McMullin. Mrs. Grace Crawford and daughter. Miss Marv, returned home Sunday from Miles where they spent a week with relatives „. .¥[• and Mrs - Fern Sharp and children and Mrs, Price of filka- der returned here Saturday from Colorado to visit in the home of his sister, Mrs, K. A. Evans. The Sharps are well known here as Mr. Sharp was superintendent of our school and Mrs. Sharp one of the teachers when they lived in Dr, W, H. Kerr, medical aid—Poor Fund „;-,-. St'rod'dard Adams, ?epaJri*-~Maint»nftBe*,!^Bd"I.^W- The Alemite Co., nwppUes-.Maintenance Fund-«»,..i, Boyer Hardware, ssppUes^Malntepance Fund ,„„*««. 2.00 4,60 3,70 8,00 ,S,00 8,00 3.30 5.60 84,60 10,08 82,06 36,00 20,00 ' 8,60 ; 6,OQ 80,90 Wm- Bwrgoln. supplies—Maintenance pund C. B. * Q. B. R.:flo., frei*ht-*M»iPtenanc4j Fuad ^iw»p ?r Coppage oil Co., fajpline^MalnteoaneeFHiad -».*»...*» W, H. elites G»r»ge ( supplies-*Maintenance Fund Deep Rock OH Corp,, gasoli8e-r-Mainteaance Fund Derby Oil Co. gr — »«-i«*.«.«,»« TBHUH >- -•• Dels van, R. H. Daniel, suppUee—MatntenaRce Fullerton Lumber Qo.. " Oearhart Lumber Co,, Orlo J. Harris, Alfred Hali. Interstate 69.0 4,7 1860 48.J7 - 1 * K Aft Dr,'Kline * Kline, Medjald—Poor FuSd "Iii:^.i;;Z5B Llnquist Grocery, provisions'—Poor, Fund *„;,,.',;„.....»...' oeo, B. Masters, trustee? aid for poor—Poor Fund ,.._'_, Delia Noah, a|d,for.poor-»~Poor,Fund _._...j .... John Olson, clothing-*—Poor Fund «..».^_.........« w . W. M. Plimpton, Med. ald-^Poor Fund ,, Raynor Funarar Home, burial expense—Poor Fund .... South Bide Pharmacy, drugs—Poor Fund .t..—..... E, A. Schade, provisions, O, ladles' home—Poor Fund .-» Verner J. Scott, milk O. todies' home—Poor Fund ..... Boyer Hardware; supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund .,-»„_ R, M, Badon, repairs Co. farm—rpoor- Fund -., .—_ Citizens Power & Light Co,, services Co. farm-^-poor Fund R. B, Davis, provisions Co, farm—^Poor Fund .,.„-.„„. A. Hi .Edmonds, repairs Co. farm—Poor Fund .......... T. 0, Eller,'seeds Co. farm—Poor Fund '»;,„%........ Farmers Cash Store, provisions Co, farm—Poor Fund __ Glenwood Hatchery, baby chicks Co, farm^Poor Fund .. Olenwood Lbr. & Coal Co., coal Co. fsrm-^-Poor Fund --* K,, o, Jamiaon * Cor. supplies Co, farm—Ppor Tund ,„„' B,%ff,, Phillips, repairs Co, farm—Poor Fund .......... 5* y i£*t$ ^f^odnw 9°" t 66 ** 00 * fwm-^poor Fund,., pr, Wr,Jfj Riser, yfterJnan' services Co. farm-^Poor Fund Max Blref. olotWaf Co, farB^ppor Fund „.',„-„„„.'... aoiitb .itde Bafcery, bread Co. farmi-Poor F»»d „ —,„„ ^ostltcb^Sileii and Service, supplies for Engr.-»<3onstruo X'-Pf Brsdleyi b^47f"ippr3T*l^oMtn^lma1?ttnd*Zn Marlln Cunningham, board of approval-Construction Fund Join neJtcWer,*baa?;4 of ..» »_ *-.«"», ,8,60: • 8,60 44,60 39,00 4.30 1.80 6,60 1,80 3,76 116.00 24,18 1.00 > ,86 8.86 7,90, 118,18.- 1 4,44yf. a,'49i - 19.79", 8,t8r^ 6,0ft 8,1 ,, , g, K;Bender»pn,i board of »ppre?a}—CoMtruntlon Fund , ,|| ( i|«tadM»P»rd Of ftPP^val^HPopstHictlPS F»»d Loose ..Lwf^ Qo>, ^WPttW Co, 8»«9i:> . of the South-West Quarter (SWU) of Section Seventeen (17) Township Seventy-Three (73) North Range Forty (40) West of tue 5th P. M. Containing 40 Acres according to Government Burvoy All in Mills County, Jowa, aud wtu otter tuo eauie for sals to tbe Mgluun wad** fc, mh at the Court Howe la , tow», w «» A, ft, Jwuw ol » ut U» giv«tt to |£ d.y of 4W A. B, llll, W. m# gUlYena^-M&l^eawcs Fu.n4 t\& •: Sun.. SUnnlTflB—MTl^no n^ w. Wil»on, Wheeler Tire Melateaance Tubbs of Tustin, Calif. ^M«r f 0o i *^^?rsj? w*«» -TMM •-.«--, .WWMHV i la§%&^?^^e^^^fe|^ d ->''''. **""1*^ ^^^St^SS^S:::'^ 1 ;^!;! daughter. Mtaa* B v Miss Bleakaey Mr».

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