The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on June 30, 1976 · Page 12
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 12

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1976
Page 12
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Illegal aliens—a difficult problem DETROIT (AP) - Tony became an illegal alien in the United States simply by walking through a crowd of picnickers in Friendship Park, which is Jointly owned by British Columbia and the State of Washington. In Seattle he picked up his' baggage, which he had sent from Canada by bus, and headed for California. "It was so easy, it never even crossed my mind to use anything other than a regular border checkpoint," said Tony, who agreod to an interview, but did not permit use of his real name, "ihe guard asked me where I was going, and I told him I was visiting. That was that." A valid Social Security card was waiting for him in San Francisco. Tony had applied for it on a previous visit to the United States, when he was still in transit from Australia to Canada. "I knew I would need one, so I got it ahead of time," he re- calkd. "I Just gave the mailing address of some friends, and they held it for me until my arrival." (When Tony got his Social Security card more than five years ago, no identity documents were required. In 1973, however, the U.S. government tightened the rules. Now an applicant for a Social Security card must present either a birth certificate, proving U.S. citizenship, or a green card, a federal document proving alien status. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service says birth certificates and green cards are counterfeited on a grand scale for illegal aliens.) Krom San Francisco, Tony went to Los Angeles, where be enrolled as a full-time student at UCLA. He supported himself by working in the school library and later became a liquor store salesman. Tony did not live in fear of the immigration authorities. As a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, he blended well into American society, obtained ail the right identification documents and took part in all the university activities that interested him. "The qjKstion of citizenship never came up," he said. "I spoke the language, I looked like an American and everyone assumed 1 was one." After five yean of schooling, Tony obtained an American degree in Slavic languages. He 'went to Vienna for graduate study, applied for an Immigrant's visa to Uw United States and returned as a legal resident. Tony Is now married and has an America.-1-bom son. He has worked in three states and currently teaches in a small Michigan college near Detroit But he is about to join the ranks of 6.8 million unemployed Americans beause his teaching pro- gram is being canceled. Ironically, one of the reasons he's having trouble finding another job is because there are so many illegal aliens In the country. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service says it has been unable to control a silent invasion of aliens, in part because many today are people like Tony and lose themselves in America's middle class. About 5.2 million illegal aliens are now In the country, the INS estimates, providing an adult work force of 6.5 million. That's nearly equal to the 6.8 million unemployed Americans in ' May. Roughly 3.5 million of the il- legals actually have jobs, the INS says, and one million of these hold "desirable" white- collar and blue-collar jobs. "We are getting a higher class of alien," says D.L. McClaran, acting INS director in Seattle. "We still have 3 great influx of Mexican (arm laborers, but almost all the Canadians and Europeans we find are working in industry or white collar jobs." Like Tony, many of these upper income aliens will eventually try to legalize their status by tearing the country and returning as legal immigrants. Many are so well established, working, going to church, paying taxes, that there have been arguments in Congress for their amnesty. Some INS officials, in interviews, say they favor amnesty for most illegals, but amnesty coupled with measures to prevent future entry. Because the vast majority of illegal aliens are now believed by the INS to be city dwellers, Leonard F. Chapman, commissioner of the immigration serv- ice.hasorderedhisagentstogo after illegal aliens who are working, and give priority to their pay scales. But well-paid aliens are still a minority in the INS files. A problem is distribution of the 900 INS investigators assigned to American cities. There are only two investigators in Ohio and Kentucky, rtiich have an estimated 80,000 illegals from Canada, Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. INS regulations require aliens from Western Hemisphere countries to return home to file their immigration applications. They're supposed to remain out of the country until their applications are Fergus falls (Mi.) Jcirul Wed., June 30,1976 *|9 approved, but many sneak back' and go on working here unl II it's time .to immigrate, INS officials say. Aliens from elsewhere, on the other hand, aren't required by the INS to return home to legalize their status. Mexican-American organizations call this discrimination, but the INS says it's simply because of the high cosl of travel to "eastern hemisphere" countries. KOWURW; PHILADELPHIA (AH How Ltrge a the cmt in UK Liberty Bell? According to PhiUJdphii of- ficiaU, it meaiurtj Quee- eighth] of an inch. Bursting with Bargains for pr Holiday Cookout! * ********.******************************** REMEMBER. . .THE BIGGER THE MELON THE SWEETER, FLORIDA SWEET VINE RIPENED ************<! * * * * * WATERMELON FROM THE SUNNY SOUTH, FREESTONE SWEET YELLOW FLESHED PEACHES * * national FOOD STORES Priew good thru fat, J ury J. t«l. No Mltoto diilm. YOUR CHOICE LOOK WHAT 49 WILL BUY! FIRST OF THE SEASON POPULAR VARIETIES OF SOFT FRUIT! 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