The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 5
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ains lasts until Saturday, July 11 Battle of NEVER mm It!' Entertained tat Out Ot tftHHTtJS. TwentNeftr" young people were the guest* Of J*ne and Lorraine Fletcher Monday evening when they gave a pail? honoring their cousins, Jatte and Idhtt Bnydef, of Adel. ftmcifig furnished the entertainment tot the evening and dainty refreshments were a delightful feature. Baptist itefutogton Meet* at Breeding* MM. Our Breeding a**i*ted by Mr*. P« 0, McCord, Mr*,, Oaten Boles* Mrs. Ralph Kettle, and Mrs. Peart Kline entertained'the members of the Baptist Ladies' Kensington at the Breeding home Thursday afternoon of last week, The Kensington will not meet again until September, Bridge Club Entertained at Max Bentotu Member* ot the bridge club an* toed up to Henderson Saturday evening where they were entertained in the home ot Mr. and Mrs, Max Benton. Those going were Mr. and Mrs. Austin Ba**, and son, Mr, and Mrs. Evan Swain. Mr. and Mr*. Alton Albert* and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Vent Dunn. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Beaton, Mr, and Mr*. Leonard Duval, Mr, and Mr*. Charles Raine. Mr. and Mrs, June Wise and baby,,Mr. and Mr*. B. R. Hurst, Misses Valda Hurst and Berniee Caudell, and Bant Wilkinson and Ralph Bower. Award* for high honor* were s * Phone 100 The Leader Is anxious to get new* of ALL the soelal attain of MaItefH and *ttf* founding countryside, tf yon glre a dinner for friends, or a par* ty, or any social function please phone 100 and tell u* of it We will appreciate it very much. Please phone a* soon after the event a* possible. Thank you! Kastern BUT > Me? Tuesday Eastern star chapter met Tuesday night in regular session with Mr*. Bertha Talbott in charge of the buslnes* session during the. absence of Mr*. Edith Barkus. This will be the last meeting until fall a* they will ad* Journ through the summer month*. ADDITIONAL EMERSON and Report Indicates All Grain Crops are Below Normal Wet and Dry Handicap* in Aj£fi£Ultttf0 Tni* Year, Too Ay f ttlltu tt Peter* tt Agricultural Btatigticiaa The condition ot ait grate crop* is below the ten year average according to the June I crop report of the United State* Department ot Agriculture. Crop prospects were handicapped dur* ing May by delay 'in arrival of summer temperature* and wide extreme* in moisture supply, ranging from a parching defl» clency in western Iowa to a soil soaking overropply in the eastern- third of the state. The corn crop wa* planted under the most exasperating handicap ot delay experienced in year*, Planting was lei* than one third completed on May 16 and on June 1 90 per cent wa* planted with the unplanted acreage concentrated in a few southeastern counties. There, where farmer* were kept out ot the field* throughout May by continuous rains, corn ground must be reworked before planting. In sharp contrast, there wa* need for replanting come field* 'in western counties as the result of dust storm damage and soil -too dry for a good stand. The condition ot all small grain crops 1* below last year or the ten-year average, and for each crop much higher condition was reported in the/ eastern portion of the state than/ in the drier/ fee; Won north;jmdrwe»ftpife>e:aiWfii ANCIENT BELGIUM AT FAIR Bw mf^mv9t*mmm fit ^^ ,, ,--T""" . Mr*. &, B, Cook entertained at a 1 o'clock luncheon Tuesday at the K, R, Cook home in Glen* wood having a* her gue»t* Mr*, L, W. Boelmer. Mr*. George Mellor, and her gne*t, Mr*. Maude Whiting of Hastings, Nebr,, and Mr*. J. R; Scott 'and her guest, Mrt, I. R. Hendrtx of Omaha, at theWdrfd's Fair, The historic l*rwm r and *on wJoyedVplcnto Sunday «at, Rlvenriew -park In Omaha, * / , .-' , ; j Mr. and Mr*, Clyde Rhoads of Olenwood and Mr*. Caroline Rhoads and daughter, Minnie, spent Sunday with Mr*. Hboad'* sister at Mactortmrg. s Mr*. Ray Henry and children of plattsmoutn, Nebr, spent Sunday with her mother. Mr*, Brolly Burton, J . pr, and Mrs, Frit* and>*on of Omaha and Mr, and Mr*. Clifford Powell of Bed Qaic were visitors in the 1C, A.,Evan* borne B««*«V Mi»* Irene Cole cam? „, from Council Bluff* to spend ,-.week wjth her father, B. B, Cole, Mr*. J« Io Sftan* ,b»* .**• B" 8 * fortune to sprain, her ankle 8»n» and IB confined to ber home, . ' K •• ««* v* . SV*u%w>#Avn ing la tte boss ot tb*Jr ter, Mm M. D, IABI. Sirs. Otar- Barn* orfconi §eacb, OftHf, » guest In (be bang borne Locals Drop Till to Macedonia Nine Lote 11 to fit Will Play Oakland Club Her* Suttday Long ha* Macedonia been con* atdered unlucky to play by Matt/era baseball fans. Sunday this alleged Jinx prevailed again when the local club drote up the steaming Nlshna Botna valley to meet the Macedonians and lost by a 11 to 6 tatty. Starting oft in fine fettle, the MalVerntang ran in tour counters in the second inning, then rested their scoring until the seventh. Meanwhile Macedonia trailed un* til the fifth inning when they led by ono point, and then pushed four more across home plate in the sixth when a series of error* well nigh demoralised the Mat* vernlans. Hoover started in the box tor Malvern, did well until the fifth Inning when he was replaced by Greene. He struck out 11 in that time and kept up good work at bat in the seventh Inning by pop* ping out a long home run to bring in two counters. Lyons, tried out at catch, proved himself highly qualified for the position and kept up the morale ot the team by an equally good line ot verbal encouragement, Landls did outstanding work all during the game. The Macedonians were bard- hitting and fast playing and took good advantage of their opponents errors, Their batsmen con nected for 11 good hit*. Malvern play* the Oakland club on the fair grounds diamond Sunday...%, Tabor Batsmen Too Patt for Local Boys the American Legion team wa* defeated by the Tabor Bine Tharsday on the opponent** diamond 14 to 18. Jackson, piteh* Ing tor the local nine didn't get Into regular form until well to* wards the end ot the game and his work was not very effective then. Jamie Bummers knocked the first and only home run ot the game but was formed out when he neglected to touch second base. The Tabor nine was undecided a* to who the best pitcher would be for their team and therefore used numerous hurlers without any great success. The Malvern team scored at least one run per inning but the Tabor nine played two innings without bringing in a single score. Most ot their heavy scoring wa* done in the first and second Innings. ' This tilt was close and exciting all the way through but the local boys couldn't get into their playing form. The next game has not been scheduled as yet but it they get in some practice they wilt have more success when it i* scheduled. TH'PJ-T™,*?.^-!;?* -*K***Y* i jj^ifs 1 ^"".^^iw?^**^™ ~~r» 1 wa*;rated at 84jper cent, compared with; a 'condition<on that date'in 1932 of* 89'per cent and a ten year (1981-1930) average of 87 per cent. Barley condition closely parallels oats at 84 per cent compared with 90 in 1932 and a ten year average of 88 per cent. The spring wheat condition wa* 78 per cent this year. 84 per, cent in. 1932. and the ten year average 87 per cent. Winter -wheat production' of S,- 46f,000 bushejs; aV the rate of 18,0 bushel* per ((ere to indicated by the,condition of 73 per cent, This condition compared with 76 per-cent In 1938 and ft,ten year average of-84 per «ent, A. ry,e crop of 496.000 puebel* or 16,0 bushels per acre is expected on the/, basis of a condition, fif 8? per cent. Condition IB 1982 was 87 per cent and the ten year .average 89 per cent, * A. ^ * -i, MBBnnHHramnmanneienMMK * Juelkc Selling More Chevrolet* of seeing the Fair tells SPORTS *JJT v/Iv A D Junior League Has Two Tilts Lined Up Two ga'me* have been scheduled for Malvern's Junior league ball team according to Manager Edgar Perdew. The team will meet Tabor on the fair ground* diamond Friday and will travel to Sidney next Tue»day to battle the Junior nine ot that community. Booster* Bow to TA1I Stars Defeat Fist All Star Ten Oilers in Fast Tilt The All Star* .-defeated the Boosters In a seventh Inning rally Tuesday evening, lS;to 13. Clarence Bedding stepped up to the plate with all the fans present thinking that be wU going to *ralt for a walk a*Jjl* coach §nd trainer Arthur McQuUough had instructed him toe do, He gave them a nervous breakdown when be pegged out a W| that Brought ' the Kittenball Pairings Team schedules for klttenball play in the pool park" this'week: June 22: Firemen vs. Oilers. June 26: Booster* vs. Merchants. June 27: Oilers vs. Plymoutbs. June 29: All Stars vs, Firemen. ol ojW.Hiitt* jtiS&g&fflirm aaj f wsuy Iwrt 8ttft4»y, Mr, WUte , tU Ut*ly but wss able . trip with Mrs. . _ ™^K^^i, **»,** .__;._ u* Uavnnn farm (oik IB VWJlftO t»r» tettf ' - jruelke, local dealer, reports business picking up In the autOBjQbiie line, A 8go be sold a stftnaar wupe to par!'Pace. Last sold a waiter ebevrolet coupe to Miss Ajay Hafflwerf, .county pejrlBten4e»t elwt, wbQ w{U now ft ulee ear wltb .wbleb jae Edgs?. Perdew talked up among bi« fellow vvww » w until, be'" was hoarse but lie wa& unsuccessful-in giving em the old wiping spirit, glflney Larsfn #M* Bob Burcy sr« l» tbe box fpjr ,tbe All Stars while Jerry jpalsJw.eH: lopped the plU across the piatf for the Boo*' tere, Both teftma were on their toes all the time ana added greatly to the excitement of the tilt. )f Clarence Hiding bad only b«W $rue . to form the score i wouia have begn:, different and The All Stars tramped all over the Oiler ten Thursday evening by the terrific score of 44 to 14. Charles Raine, in the box for the Oilers wasn't quite fast enough for the hard bitting All Star* and as a result he was hit all over the field, Ping McCulVmgh, pitching for the All Stars was too good for them and held them to several scoreless innings. Several verbal combat* were tu progress through out the entire game, some of which were the result of Umpire Perdew'a decisions. Others were started by the plnyers themselves as to whether a certain thing was or was not legsi. Anyway when the game was over the All Stars Jed by a score of 44 to-14. The Oilers will have to get together and do something to prevent such terrible assaults against their team. Marrfefi Men Better at Ba*ebaU in Sunday Tilt Disappointed when their ancient foes, Mud Creek, failed to show up with a ball team Sunday, this Dutchmen club north of Malvern paired oft with the married men against the bachelors. The game turned out to be a great victory for the benedicts when the married men pushed one more run across home plate to win the tilt, 9 to 8, Team Standing* Team standing* after play Tuesday evening In the kittenball league are given below; Team ' Won All Star* ,,-,,4 Boosters ,,. ,,,9 Firemen „, v **} Plymouth* „,- ,1 Merchant* ^- -I Oiler* *?** **»9 0 I 1 Prt, 1,000 ,669 .500 ,333 .250 .000 Month End SPECIALS from June 26 to July 1 Naturelle All Croquignole ' Permanent Wave i All Croquignole or Combination d*Q50 Permanent Wave<])aV Finger Waves QC(not dried) &Uv Finger Waves A(\/* (dried) *TVU P L B A S B MAKE APPOINTMENTS EARLY and AVOID THE FOURTH OF JULY RUSH Edythes Beauty Shoppe Phone 180 - Malvern Be care ana sspests » » r teed ot the nevej^ moaeli to tW for toplfly Js tbeir *feow mm, Hard Hitting in Ben Smith'* Spud Patch Bur eta! efforts to revere bis w(jn A tbsw tbe ' flow In tftey to. . wer Jaetou did a, very good Job Rf tba aente m tto I 1 waUl t W» thj»wl»s ana a the Just in a Gar Loadof New Chevrolets 'Unloaded Tuesday and r^ady now •for you to see and try are these beautiful new Chevrolets. Part ol them have already been sola and whin jffttt ssj and drtve tns ear you'll get the thrill of pur Uf§» Never has an? car compared with it In funoothnssi of operation, or riding s^mtert- Call us enyiiove fur a demonstration. Talk to Anyone who owns one of the new 0heviro» lettu You'll epon see why they're §o enthusiastiQ about this car, We have never had the pleasure of wU- ling or working with anything where we could guarantee as much value for your dollar* w« aewfiflfl and rfipaii 1 your Chevrolet whea «ee4e4 §»d ftr» Vf^T ff*S -W WT*^ ra^*^ -V^ip""*"" ^ - . ••*%»• wv* n tB MAM1I1MA BtflUaaiBlftrii W» Pw^lSfi B*H* IwJMWF ?*»»** v**» i "*'?*w* ««»•*» OT >-» W ^>5, equipped to handle almost m tyj»* ** §uto wpiiitot y«u my «^T_TL_UI— n^ i^njli^Qif iM k|ttsyy worJs expertly done* MALV&RN • *•* r f ?)&• ~ *$&*%•«

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