The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 4
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»«6 vfflftJ** in tn* 0. E. fftsfti Stta-flaf. **. a t* *** R*v. * It fefctttt ***•***» Weft Oafc §sn*sy ***««* tts efcatei Ifctre pat *ft ft terestfng CMldfen'* Day -program gfflti tot titffi 8Mt ttftti ftae esngregstton over Wffiaf* t»a*tem ttr. iJ. tt. S3»e reports th birth of a daughter to Mr. an Mrs. George Crawfofd neaf tm*gene Jane it. Sfre has been named Dorothy Joan. Carl Herts Jr. went to Connci Hints Sunday to visit Mrs. Hettt in the Edttondson hospital. She was able to leave the hospital and has gone to the home of her sister, Mrs. Seek, in Omaha, for t stay while she is recuperating. Mr. Herts and the boys are also up there this week and Mr. Herts is doing some work In Omaha for his bfother-In-law. Mrs. Hefts seems to be having a quick aad complete recovery from her recent operation. O. B. Wolfe of Rawles town* ship was la town Friday and said that he had just finished plowing his corn the second time and that he thought he'd take a lay off a couple of days before beginning to lay by aad give It a chance to rain. fir. Lloyd Anefl and daughter Mrs. Robert Hahoney, and tittle ion of Colorado Springs, Colo came In Saturday afteraoon and visited until the following day to the home of his sister, Mrs. w P. Wortaan. They were earonte to Russell to a family reaaioa of the Aliens Wednesday. J. H. Beckwlth has leased the J. M. Steele residence on Marion avenue and he moved In yesterday. He has leased the SPECIAL for the rest of the monh Permanent Waves Short Hair Long- Hair Shampoo and Wet Finger Wave $2.25 $2.50 50c Ask about our new MACHINELESS Permanent Wave Milady Beauty & Dress Shop Phone 90 Malvern Wilkltts residence be now occupies to 8. 8. Boord, new earner on route one, who will move his family bete from Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson came down from Des Moines last week for a visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. 8. Anderson, north of Malvern. Jlggs, KaUenJammers, Popeye, Nebbs, Barney Google, Toots and Casper. Skippy, Sappo. Blondle, Toonervllle, Mickey Mouse, and all the really popular comics are now found only In the Sunday BEE-NEWS. adv. 46tf. Mr. and Mrs. Y. H. Beaton and son. sterling, drove in from Alliance, Nebr. Sunday and Will spend a couple of weeks vacation visiting their respective parents and other relatives and old friends. Mr. Beaton says that prospects are quite good around Alliance as they have had plenty of rain thus far. Mr. Beaton Is connected with the leading bank of Alliance. at West 0*1 and they «**» developing a five, agive efctfHSh under his ministry. Me pfeaeftes tier* every Sunday nrorafng. preceding the service* fa htt drfrreh .and fcrs. Orvflle t>n*Mn here. Mr from southeast of Hastings were In town Friday. Mr. DurWn said that he had hte corn an plowed and fa good shape but he was rather fearful of the ptodactWn It tte drouth held oirf mot* longer. Mrs. Samuel Masters returned last Wednesday evening from a delightful auto trip up through northwest Iowa, that she enjoyed very much. They drove first to Council Bluffs, then to Sioux City, Rock Rapids, Spirit Lake, and OkoboJI, and up a little ways into Minnesota and then back through Storm Lake and on home. She says that part of the state certainly looks well at this time of the year. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bennet of Clarinda and Miss Pansy Gross of Lincoln were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Verne Walker Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Skerritt, flev. and Mrs. F. G. Barnes, and Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Gait were imong the group who drove down !rom Silver City Sunday evening to attend the temperance rally. Jack Meyers and little son came down from Council Bluffs Thursday for. a few days stay GROCERIES & FRIUTS at Wholesale Prices MALVERN FRUIT CO. ™ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Blnnal! and the formers sister. Miss Franclle Blanall. Miss Helen Mar- ihall aad Max Ireland antoed to jouncil Bluffs Sunday morning aklng a picnic dinner with them and spent the day at Rainbow Point Ray Bateman hag disposed of _Is Interests la the Malvern Ma- htne company located in the Oliver Hammers building across the street from the Green Bay Lumber company to Will need and Oliver Hammers who have already taken possession and will continue the same. Mr. Bftteman contemplates remaining in Malvern but will devote his time to tractor work, servicing and repairing. Mrs. Frances M. Benton had as her guests Friday Mrs. James Frailer and daughters, Mrs. Eva Reed and Mrs. James Darley, the two former of Crown Point, Ind. and the latter of Council Bluffs, also Mrs. Sneelbuger of Council Bluffs and Mrs. 8. J. Anderson who were there for dinner. Mrs. Ida Flckel of Hastings was an afternoon caller. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Foster drove up from Randolph Monday evening and Mrs. Foster visited in the C. R. Brewer home while Mr. Foster attended the Masonic Circle meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Foster had just returned from a seven months stay in Centralia, KM., where he had a large building contract that he but recently finished up. Mr. Foster is a contractor and builder. Harry Wilson and family moved down from Council Bluffs last week and are again making their home in Malvern. They are occupying the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Frits on Marlon avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Beaton and the. Mr. Rr* mwuf WllIHrS* Sttlffflaly Jto»Mft» at east Of tewft, wfth Sf». Jattt tit* ton and SiStBtets, Roberta. »ad Mrs. Evelyn KlipmtHet And daaghtet, Mtss Rnth Klip of Tibet spent FMdtf with Mrs. tf til In CfBittvZCi Mt. and M«. oral iew», _„_ lene and frdbby of Gatfifte Center came in Saturday evening for a visit with Mr. and Mfs. W. A. Bower and family. Dr. John Kline reports the birth of ft ton to tit. Mid Mrs. Carol Perkins, June is. • Mrs. Harry Barkus and soil and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wiliams left for their home at Kearney, Nebr. Monday morning after two weeks visit at the H. 0. Ailely home. Gerald Davis had the mtsfot* une recently to fall front the top of a cat he was icing at the Mai' vern Cold Storage plant Re fell on his shoulder, tearing the !iga« ments badly and mashing the shoulder which will cause him to be laid up for some time. The two year old son of Mr, and Mrs. Albert Shere met with a painful accident last week. He and some playmates turned on the washing machine wringer and his arm was drawn in as far as the shoulder badly bruising and lacerating t\e flesh. Drs, Kline and Kline dressed the arm and no permanent disability is anticipated as it Appears to be doing very well considering the nature of the wounds. A small son of Mr. and Mrs. Carol Perkins received painful burns on the soles of his feet when he ran through the embers of a bonfire one day the latter part of the week. Mrs. Harry Hallam of Tabor is a patient in the Jennie Edmund* son hospital for treatment and observation for complications following a severe case of pneumonia and la grippe she suffered at Christmas time, Mrs. Hallam formerly was Lulu Kline of Malvern and her many friends hope for a speedy recovery, , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Churchill FLOli MOCH'ES BIST I1.2S SBGAI 90 Ibs. for—. 4B Ib, HOIEST AlEor AI.SAR4ER with other purchase* SALMON (Tall out Pink,,-—i lOc No. 2Vt Sixe PEACIJES APRICOTS Sliced PINEAPPLE PEARS in Syrup, cm 15c 49 Ib. IQIMIOY $1.09 CERTO BLACK* 30 to 40% TA* goes on each sack of flour after July $0, We h*ve » good «Bpply on hand and c*m save yo» this tux till the above date while the sun- ply lasts. BU¥ HOW? Per bottle , Jelly Spoon with ««cb J5c VKKK CAKE FLOUR <m make* swell angel foo4 cake, package-. CORN FLAKES RASP. BERRIES APRICOTS Cmihea IBP" All KQ64 quality an4 «4ld packed fruit. Etch at 44c in "Council Bluffs In the home of Mrs. Nellie Donner. Mr, and Mrs. B. O, Ailely en- Joyed a family dinner Sunday at their home. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams and Mrs. Harry Barkus and Berkley Allyn of Kearney, Nebr., Mr, and Mrs. Harry Ailely Jr., Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Ailely and sons, Drexel and Darrel Dean,! and Mrs, John Suits, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Herts and Mrs. Harry Barkus and Berkley Allyn drove over to Kent Wed* nesday afternoon of last week to visit Mr. and Mrs, Will Barkus, They enjoyed a picnic supper in the park at Creston. Bernlce, Ode, and Velma Jean Caudell, Mrs. Tom Caudell, and Mrs, w, A. Bower motored down to Savannah, Mo. Monday to see Mrs. Roy Caudell. They found her much improved and with »at* isfactory improvement she hopes to return home in another week. Bobby Cox struck bla band, on a sharp part of an ol) stove one day recently causing an injury that required several stitches to close the wound, Mrs. Frank Juelke, Mrs. Fred Farqubar, Mrs. Grant chamber* lain, and Mrs, Albert Pace visited Mrs. Carl Herts Jr, at tfee Jennie Edaundapn hospital last Wednesday. Mr, ana Mrs, w, A. Bo,wer, Mr ana Mrs, Austin paw. Mto Be? nice Caudell. Ralph Bower, Mr and Mrs. Oral Bower and f Outbrie Center, and Mr, ajMl Mrs. Will Bason of Nevada. Ma Uended a family reunion .an Picnic at the John Sowejr wKfc tetttfre* Glenwood. Mf. and Mrt. Pat! and loftn vlsfted tie iesfya »o«af M Oftaia gtmdsy aftef- aod Mft. W. t*. Woif m*n a*d fielen dfots ta ftiissefl fact- day evening to attend a 6i the Allen fAttllleS Wednesday. e B. & Q, Report* Heavy Traffic te World's F «lf The fisriifigton's passengef traffic to the World's Fair ovet the past week-*fjd eiceeded the best 6t$ectations of the railroad travel wtperts by sueh a wide margin that it seemed like old limes td Albert Cdtsworth, If., the Passeagef traffic Manager of the BHflfngton, •la addition of to the in tegular coming trains being loaded to capacity for .the first time in several years, seventy extra can were required to handle the rush of passengers bound tor Chicago, and some of our trains were operated in two sections,*' said Mr . .Cotsworth. Railroad officials see in the big travel bulge not only an accelerated public Interest in the World's Fair, but also an unmistakable trend toward travel by rail. On Sunday, June 18, 1«,164 people visited the Burlington's crack World's Fair Exhibition Train — an attendance that was exceeded only on the opening day of the Exposition. the fl«<** naiitffit ft^itf^jt-j'ii 8tfH8CfcBfr in the Ate stofte of tb« hear eoiotade Sptlnfs, ttdftifii ft tfttl M liOffc? tt cSftfcify , ef Mills County Chevrolet Company Get* New Cars The Mills County Chevrolet company, who at you know occupy the former Murphy Bros. Chevrolet garage, and of which Prank Juelke in head and manager, received a car load of new Chevrolet! Tuesday direct from &e factory and so popular are :hey proving that he had part of them sold' before he had them unloaded. The rest are now in their display rooms and are attracting no little attention, with the prospects that they won't be In stock long. Mr. Juelke reports business picking upland that besides the sales he has already made there are a number of other good JL *_,. »_ : _»„*_ i ntjtilrt ttsftttisfi- 1 , »* An&g UROE SIZE ORANGES, dog. JELL, 6 pkgs, for ^^^.. JAR RUBBERS, 7 pkgs. for TILL CANS WUd 3 for „ PORK AND BEANS, per oan SUGAR CURED BASON, Ib PURE LARD, 8 Iba, for .. CRUMEBY BWTTER, Ib , ,., ww .., *S»* wf ..... — PIAMUT BUniR, quart size fiQRMi No* 2 J»8 8i8§ „»»«..,. IUIU UUM w m UM, a Ite... .ear Sldftey Sunday. There wer Miss Alice Bleiek of Randolph were shopping in town Saturday evening. , Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Kilpat rick and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. B, Estes-and family, and Mr, and Mrs. M, L. Ailely and family of Randolph picnicked at the pool park Friday evening, Mrs, Thelma Brandt is assist* ng in the home of Dr, and Mrs, W, Baer. Mr, and Mrs. E, E. Kinder* rank of Tabor were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farqi}har Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. Fr«4>pnrbt» «»4 R. L. Hale drove up $0/8400* City early Tuesday morotng and, .ended the state backers s jmef£ ng in session MisstBUUe relatives IB City, Mo,, going day - .> Miss Helen bley came Mg la tfte jjn J. q, Mr. and Mrs, daughter, Louise, of Ite4 Thursday evf and Mrs. E. 0, CoJUw ftttfl Malvern frieftds,' Mr, and Mrs. E. " to the hone of, Mrs. Harry Me MlM R«tb fi^Quth was a end In the borne (?}lffor4 Mackey, Mr. .and Mrs. Mr, and Mr*. K0ff> and Roy for LJI porte, Joined the J force and riislle the business from the wheels up. They have equipped their .garage well and added a stock of accessories so are prepared to sell Chevrolet* and to service and re* pair them as well. Th«y>wlll also tandle Firestone"U«S' f-• W« f u«nmt«« ^^t ^ t+ r »n.J6,*4 A .-s*i> •ffTfiiflffl^fH •^if«fi '*• yl-fj^'^'' i-?fiS& afteto tfc« . Carbon Mountain, the peak thfct ts.sfeattfif ftseif ta W*«8., *»T«artrt« wad WottM like to s«« ft fsai old fssbloned gold tush should tft nt ttto the moutttajiw neat Caadh dity," says Wells. "Hundreds of excited people are feus? panning th* iwreclottS yellow Beta) thefe Hfht Sow." The C&noco program may be heard by local listeners who tune in eit station WOW» Omaha, Wednesday, night at 8i30 o'clock. New* of the Churches Methodist ttpiscop*! Chttrcfa Roy B. Ottgeler, Pastor The Daily Vacation Church school is over aew, but we hope that'its Influence for the good in the lives of those who attended will b« bearing fruit during the years to come. It was ft very good school. Teachers, pupils, and par* ents all helped to make It a, success. We are grateful for the flne cooperation. From Tuesday of the first week of the Vacation school the follow* ing pupils were neither absent or tardy: Betty and Billy Baer, Arlene Bateman, Charles, Edith, and Mary Brewer, Barbara Jean and Robert Chamberlain, Elinor Farquhar, Dorothy Vatel, Arlene, Betty, Richard, and Rose Marie Flckel, Jean Frailer, Evelyn Qrey. Donald, Doris, and Paul Qugeler, Jlmmie and Jack Her* ing, Iva Jewell and' Junior Jackson, Jimmy and Lois Jones, Kenneth Bruce Juelke, James, Mary, and Paul Naylor, Julia Ann Pace, Joan Saar, Ethel and Leone Story, Burdell Stroud, and Doris Weak. - - •• f , <: It was decided-in official board meeting last Sunday that for a while" now during the hot feather there would-be -1.0 evening preaching service, The membership .Uvurgedj by vtbe^ "• -'~ L 'make" ^-..-<&*--2SZ tow« ftt entire* Btfttfir fbere wltl ing Sua«*y .. for tte sufflSaef, tn IB* eteninf at the have as out cbtlrch. fht e% will fce baptised. fh*re will be tome from the Matfeffi ehttfch to be baptifed ftlse. fbte will be the last evening settle* fot ti« Mm* Onf Assaclation Seels A Council Blnffs Wednesday And Thursday. A number will attend as del' egates and also fot the young people's banquet Thursday evening. It'« always '.', at the : , MPRESO !THEAfERO *MALVERN • Our Manunotlt cooling sys» torn keep* the temneratitre comfortable constantly. Tim McCoy in COVERED and added shorts lOo and OSe SATURDAY SPECIAL FEATURE smHE^ ACCORDIANMAN th a* 1 »-* i, f ^o • * -f 7 *i"^ JR ship Sun hers intoH&V«hBrch,*tjbe*U m. service. Some of them will be baptised - before answering the questions • for ~ full membership. Anyone who 'desires to unite with the church next Sunday and who has not notified the pastor of that desire please see him before this service, * ~ Don't forget the Sunday school next Sunday, - * ry*l Itli '^sUS. i*mm . PreBbyt«rIw» Church Henry Pale White, Minister v Sunday, school at 10. MorpJng -.vpriblp-f(t-U» l/Sc4etf,*t?«s80. , ifabject^ tpr the-morning rru r 1 *; SUNDAY - MOHDAY **"-> •v-f^'.^-'Ftf,'' ' Whe«Ier Woolsey on a Big Dame Hnntt SO THIS IS AFRICA . *" > ' , - ^w - J Langfat This (brows f new light on the d*i* continent. added shorty JOc KW fe present. Mr. «nd Mrs. Will gawm of Nevada, Mo. came Friday eveniBg aad visited until Saturday evening In the W. A, Bawsr bonje, Mrs. giafton 1» a sister of Oral and W- A- Sower, Mr. a»4 Mrs. Verue vitwl IB 9 few friends evening for supper ce *ry to Mr*. Harry Bjjrkw days anting asdsj|aj Mr. and Mrs,, daughter of Vli day In, the MW. Clifford H£9ft In OMfthft br, r. »ndM~M. :%ae oj g»e*U t&U wee Mr>- •*•»!«'A£. ^::'^\ >-"" ^ SJ5, k"2f^"

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