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The Herald-Pressi
Saint Joseph, Michigan
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Section Two DEPRESS TH" Area Roundup 11 A iiiLiDiiiLni ST. JOSEPH, SATURDAY, JULY 12, 1969 IYE I 0 WU LJ JUL c9 Blueberry Festival To Continue Whirlpool Tells Role Iii Saga Midwest Newsmen Get Tour Of rS Space Pantry -'Some of southwestern Michi iiSllSBMI? lllillll ilift9P a jlllilill laiSKiiiiBllft Hit -oj South Haven Centennial Group Is Reorganized SOUTH HAVEN Members of the Citizens Centennial commission Friday voted to reorganize as the South Haven Blueberry Festival commission with the purpose of continuing the annual festival in honor of the blueberry industry. "Public support of the recent cent ennial-blueberry festival and an expressed desire by members of our community to expand the project in future years played the instrumental role in our decision," said centennial commissioner Tom Renner. The centennial commission had seven members and it is planned to increase the membership bTffie" blueberry festival commission to 12. the blueberry festival' commission will be Edwin Appleyard, Kenneth Coe, Jerry Gruber, Renner, Addison Robert and Edwin Stieve.

2,000 SURPLUS A final financial report for gan's choicest products and ingenuity will ride to the moon. When Apollo 11 astronauts land on the moon the first meal will consist of peaches grown in this area, bacon squares, sugar cookie cubes, pineapple grapefruit drink and coffee, all of which was produced by the Life Support Division of the Whirlpool Corp. in a laboratory on Broad street, St. Joseph. Whirlpool, in answer to numerous requests, opened its space pantry Friday to newsmen from a large area in the midwest.

Astronauts' Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin will spend about 24 hours on the moon. Bef ween" the two exploratory and rest periods they will eat two meals on the moon. illlSp sSPftS- I jf i2 The second meal will contain" beef stew, cream of chicken soup, date fruitcake, grape punch and orange drink. In addition to the meals other snack items such as dried fruit, candy, extra beverages, sandwich spread and bread will be included. The food items are similar to BLENDER: Dr.

Robert Larson, senior food research scientist at Whirlpool's Life Support headquarters shows newsmen touring the space kitchen a blender that mixes dry materials. Future Looking Bright For National Standard FREEZE DRIED: Mrs. Doris Brock of Benton Harbor spoons fruit cocktail into mold. It Vrill be quick frozen and then freeze dried. At right is Dr.

Norman Roth, director of Whirlpool's Life Support department after newsmen finished tour, space kitchens were cleaned completely to remove possibility the centennial festival will not be available until the end of the month but treasurer Gruber reported a surplus, of approximately $2,000. The centennial commission last February promised to place any profits from the festival in an account for future blueberry celebrations. The commission plans to hold a Second Century club report luncheon in early August. Invited will be all local businessmen and citizens who purchased 100 or more shares of centennial stock. The first task of the new blueberry festival commission will be to select a date for the 1970 celebration.

It has been suggested that the festival be scheduled closer to the harvesting time of blueberries instead of the traditional Fourth of July date. the types used in previous Apollo missions: freeze-dried bite-sized foods (those eaten directljrfrom the package), and rehydratable freeze-dried foods, which are reconstituted with water before eaten. Astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Michael Collins will eat at the command module according to pre-planned menus and will also have pantry items which they can select at will. The meals are referred to as "meal or and are identified to each astronaut's predetermined menu by means of a colored tab of plastic material which mates to a similar textured material on the spacecraft wall Besides iden of germs. New Developments Doing Well tervening processes used in i a considerable time for Europ-current production.

Work has ean radial tire producers," he tifying the food it acts as a been carried on under National- added. NILES With future business prospects described as the "best ever," stockholders of National Standard Co. acted here yesterday to head off any possible takeover by merger-minded "raiders." Past blueberry festivals have been held during the Fourth of July since the Independence Day parade and fireworks display are traditional annual events. Standard sponsorship at the Columbus (Ohio) Laboratories of Battelle Memorial Institute. previously announced During a special meeting, I that stockholders of the Niles-based and pilot operations for wire tubing were expanding," tVl X.

I fv' "and as evidence firm adopted an amendment to Pearce said, the certificate of incorporation Ambulance Stationed At Hospital of this, we have purchased approximately 20 acres of land and a new building to accelerate these developments and extend pilot operations into new areas." Pearce also commented on National-Standard's involve-ment with radial tires. The company previously announced the development of a radial tire GREATER GROWTH Pearce said he is convinced the radial tire will be widely adopted in the United States, although some passenger cars will require suspension changes. He edicted National-Standard's sales volume of radial tire machinery and wire cord will begin to grow rapidly in the early 70's, and even greater growth will follow. "Because of the large wire potential for wire-cord radial tires, we are now investigating how our new metallurgical process could be adapted specifically for this product," Pearce stated. He stated pilot operations would be directed toward wire cord, but that new machinery and plant facilities would have to be started to produce wire by conventional methods.

In summary, Pearce told stockholders "we expect that that increases the percentage of stock required for approval of certain mergers and similar transactions with another company from a simple majority to 80 per cent. The amendment was approved by an affirmative vote of 88 per cent of the company's stock. Preliminary sales and earnings for nine months were holding device which keeps the food packs from floating into space. Unlike other missions, Apollo 11 will carry pre-planned menus for only the first five days of the flight. For the duration the astronauts may select individual food items from a pantry.

These pantry items are foods which are not assembled by meals but merely packaged in catagoriesyincluding desserts, beverages, breakfast items, bite-sized cubes, salads and meats. The pantry system enables the astronauts to select at random whatever food item they desire. Dr. Norman Roth, director of the Life Support systems, said most of the fruits used in the foods that are grown in this area, are procured from local processors and represent southwestern Michigan agriculture products. Dr.

Robert Larson, senior research food scientist said that in the selection of peaches the fruit was brought directly from farmers to obtain a tree-ripened Trooper's House Hit By Burglars Chicagoans Held At New Buffalo NEW BUFFALO An alert state police trooper from the New Buffalo post arrested two Chicago men Friday afternoon shortly after the trooper's home had been burglarized. Police said Trooper Kinny was returning to the post while on patrol, when he spotted a Cadillac car in his driveway on US-12 and a man getting into the car. The trooper followed the car as it headed for Three Oaks and later stopped the car because it was not bearing any license plates. Killy said he saw a shoe box that looked familiar on the front seat of the car. Further investigation revealed a coin collection, and some miscellaneous items and money.

Trooper Kinny arrested William Patrick Rogers and James Lloyd Seals, both of Chicago. He brought the two back to the post and then went to check his home. He found the home had been broken into. Rogers was charged with breaking and entering and being AWOL from the U.S. Army and Seals was charged with breaking and entering.

The two Chicago men were to be arraigned on the charges this morning. idrum. which is a machine on which a radial tire is partially Will Serve Center Of Berrien County i described to the stockholders as good. And President T. H.

I Pearce spoke in glowing terms made. Recent changes in design concepts for reinforcing radial inn AKTonro i of the coiHpanys future as he i tires have resulted in a new Benton Harbor will be station- i explained new developments potential for National-Standard ing one of its three vehicles Srw4th that is equal to or exceeds the the Berrien General Pearce told stockholders final potential for radial tire ma- our present Droduct lines will Berrien Center, starting "'5; "6-- cmnery, accoruing io reaice MOON MEAL: Whirlpool corporation announces the first scheduled meal to be eaten on the moon consists of bacon squares, peaches, sugar cookie cubes, pineapple grapefruit drink and coffee. dav at 8 a.m., according to i nine montns June au, "Tire were not available, but an-lw0rkine manufacturers are gr0w at an annual rate of eight with wire cord tOto 10 Dercent. and the radial Hoi7iali-rTnonc QflH tlPW ian. nii nounced preliminary results.

He replace man-made fibers under tire Thab.ulancJe.wl.1L estimated sales will be about 10 tread of radial passenger! fir fir-a estimated sales will be about 10 tne tread of radial passenger metallurgical process will ac-percent this ernwth within a product. craft. The food has to be stored rnotJr inofl II Astronaut John Glpnn rofriaoratinn anrl hnnrf. iff UVtZl kj IIKU Zl i LZ anH will Si Percent higher than last year's tires, and in the sidewalls and celerate davs a week and will De oroocinm oc. l.

-j higher than last year's tires, and in the sidewalls and i rpWatP proved during the Mercury led and eaten while weightless operated by trained personnel, timatpri will be eisht li saiH "Natinnal- For $26,000 At Buchanan Kuiper said. "By moving one of' the ambulances to Berrien Gen- eral hospital we will be in a program man coum eai in me Rehydratable foods require a weightlessness of space. pertain amount of water to After the Mercury program, knead the mixture into an to nine percent higher than a standard is ideally situated to of he conomv -of year ago, when they were make wire cord for the radial JJJJ are no as vet S5.149.274. or $1.27 per tire in the United States, par- WJ uirreduce fl? a "There are good prospects for ticularly in view of the fact that JJ.i?telKaa the National Aeronautics and edible meal. It must be caloric Space Administration contract-1 distributed by about 17 per Mrs.

Pearl Nelson, of Bu-ed with the Whirlpool Corp. to cent protein: 32 per cent fats chanan, filed a $26,000 damage develop new space foods for the and 51 per cent carbohydrates; I suit this week against Buchanan Gemini and Apollo programs. (low in crude fiber; and resem-, supermarket operator Frank Rigid requirements were set ble the color, flavor and texture Poorman for injuries she al- uuiiaruiaiiuaiu, ouuuu. IldVC UCCIl IlldlVillg wile Vliu 1U1 future better position to serve the people at the southern end of our area." Kuiper said. Tri-County Ambulance Service of Niles serves Berrien county south of Berrien Springs, and Action Ambulance covers the northern half of the county.

Pearce reported mat progress ion the new metallurgical pro- -ju-a ess to which National-Standard lliC 'has exclusive rights, is advanc- ny in As a Decause oi me pecui-; 0f freshly-prepared food. iar conditions dictated by the I harshness of space environ- FUNERAL IS MONDAY ment. POSEN (AP) A mass fun- Sriaee food must be light- eral for the 10 members of a National-Standard is a diversified manufacturer of special wire, steel strip, industrial wire cloth, forgings, erforated metal, fabricated metal products and specialized machinery and equipment. The company has 18 domestic facilities and nine foreign operations. Home office is in Niles.

legedly sustained in a fall at the market oh Aug. 11, 1966. Mrs. Nelson, through Niles Atty. George Keller, claims she slipped on an oily substance at Poorman's Super Dollar market.

Poorman is chairman of the Berrien board of Tree Hit By Auto mg very well. We are even more optimistic now than we were at the annual stockholders meeting in January," he said. The process permits production of finished metal products from specially prepared raw ma- terials, eliminating several in- weight and or compressed be- Posen family who died Wednes-cause of weight and space day in a farmhouse blaze will limitations aboard the space-1 be held Monday. Photos Will Be Displayed At Decatur Action's telephone number is 927-2296. All calls will be received at the Benton Harbor number and transferred to Berrien Center if the ambulance there is closer to the party in need.

Van Buren 'Golden Years' Club To Meet i BANGOR Robert Traxler, Van Buren Courthouse Three Oaks Will Collect Summer Tax Arrested On Ohic Warrant HARTFORD State police at the Paw Paw post arrested DECATUR Bob Rowan will display i pictorial photo- NILES A Niles woman was listed in fairly good condition today in the intensive care unit of Pawating hospital here, after a car she was driving crashed into a 40-foot high pine tree, used annually by the city as its Christmas tree, according to city police. Police said a car driven by Ruby Harris, 40, of 876 Sulli an, Niles, was traveling about 60 miles per hour when it failed to i negotiate a right turn at Main and Oak streets at 2:05 a.m.! Bold Burglar Hit By graphy exhibit at the Webster THREE OAKS Herbert J. Memorial library in Decatur Flick, treasurer of the village through July 31. of Three Oaks, has announced i The display began on July 1. he will begin collecting village Rowan is a graduate of Brooks the monev and leave the build Institute of Photography in San courthouse was locked, but the burglas broke out one glass panel and reached inside to PAW Village police are, working with Van Buren sheriff's deputies and state Diego, Calif.

He has done werk ing: The Friend of the Court's summer taxes on Monday in office is one of few offices Hunerjager's department store, within the building which is! Taxes may be paid Monday completely closed down during I through Friday during the hours the noon hour. Several county ,9: 3j a and 2 m- and on today. police to find the bold burglar unfasten the latch. The car, police said, traveled who broke into the Friend of the Court's office at the Van Buren The money was taken from a drawer inside the office safe which was left unlocked. The which was left unlocked.

The administrator of the Soutn Paul (Pablo) Gonzales, 37, of Haven Community hospital, will El Campo, yesterday at be tlie guest speaker when the the Van Buren county social "Golden Years" club of Van services office in Hartford on Buren county meets Monday. an Ohio fugitive warrant. The club, a newly-organized Ohio authorities sought Gon: group of people who operate zales in connection with a knife small nursing hqmes or licensed assault near the town of Ottawa, private homes for care of the State troopers had sought Gon-aged, will meet at 8 p.m. in the zales for two weeks. They home of Mrs.

Julia DuVerney I arrested him when he came into on county road 215 near Bangor, (the social services office to Traxler will explain the con-inqure about receiving welfare, tinuous care unit of the South Gonzales agreed to waive wavon Viosnital and the home extradition, police said, and is uc tu laaiuruay irom a io a.m. employes in or around the theft was discovered by Donna courthouse but no one reported I gj-g 9' ceoino nr hparmtf anvthino iin. payment ui seeing or hearing anything un-: for Pace Magazine and at the age of 9 had two of his prints accepted into the National Photography Exhibit. In 1964, Rowan began working for a commercial studio in Battle Creek and is now also a student at Kellogg Community college. His exhibits in Decatur is one of several he has given throughout the United States and Canada.

Luce and Bertha Thomas, em usual: PANCAKE BREAKFAST up over a tramc island in tne intersection before it hit the tree. Three passengers in her car, Cyntbia Harris, 12, 876 Sullivan; Otis Martin, 35 and Mae Martin, 40, both of 870 Car-berry, all of Niles, were treated and released at Pawating county courhouse in Paw Paw yesterday and made off with about $300 in cash and checks. According, to village police chief, William Hamilton, the burglary occurred during the noon hour while the office was The door to the office which leads to the outside of the INDIAN LAKE The Indian The courthouse is next door to i ployes of the office when they returned lunch about 1 p.m. Hamilton said that the thief had about an hour's time to gain entrance to the office, take the Van Buren county jail and Lake firf department will serve a pancake and sausage break- about one block from cnHaV fmm a tn on Sunday from 6 a.m. -fast being held for Ohio authorities at the Van Buren county jail.

business district. traiuing classes available at the hospital. iiuuii hi uie in 51.a1.1u11..

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